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Type: Camping & Caravan site
Category: Service Excellence

Motivation for award: We have been voted one of the top coastal camping destinations for the past few years in other nominations. Our family-owned resort has been ongoing for three generations. Every year we are constantly upgrading and improving our resort. We have a rich history of family-orientated camping with some families having returned as many as 45 years in a row. We strive to be industry leaders in our field and are constantly complimented on the cleanliness of our resort and facilities, as well as our unique private and secure location.

Region: Eastern Cape / Wild Coast

Yellow Sands Caravan Park

The Best in Coastal Camping

Once a coastal dairy farm, now a top rate coastal campsite, Yellow Sands Caravan Park is a private, family-owned, camping resort that offers Prime Coastal camping sites and facilities.

​The Leppan family has successfully owned and run the resort for close on 6 decades.

​Our commitment to constantly improving and upgrading the resort has resulted in Yellow Sands becoming a popular coastal camping destination.

The Resort is located at the mouth of the Kwelera River, just 25km East of East London town (Eastern Cape), Our campsite boasts beautiful sea and river views from well-maintained camping sites.

Our sites are electrified, level and are all within walking distance from both the beach and our well-maintained ablution facilities.

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Craig Jones – 31.05.2022
loved it since 1975

Ronnie Tupper – 30.05.2022
Love everything about Yellow Sands caravan park. Beautiful beach and excellent fishing spots.

Willie Vosloo – 29.05.2022
Yellowsands caravan park top of the tops !!

Wynand – 28.05.2022
Well organized camping venue

Hanlie Kruger – 27.05.2022
This is by far the best resort ever! Home away from home and yet a piece of paradise! Exceptional service and regular upgrades, clean & five star bathrooms. We love Yellow Sands!

Jaco Annandale – 27.05.2022
Wonderful camp site with very good facilities. Great beach, Kids will always be entertained with pool and play areas. Sites are big and well protected from the wind.

Trevor Litkie – 26.05.2022
Yellowsands Caravan Park very cool

Trevor Litkie – 26.05.2022
Yellowsands Caravan Park very accommodating and clean

Russel – 26.05.2022
I absolutely enjoyed my time there & will definitely return in the future

Anneke Swart – 26.05.2022
well-maintained ablution facilities and clean. Just love the atmosphere at Yellow Sands!

STELLA COERTZEN – 26.05.2022
Beautiful spot and well-tended

Warren B – 25.05.2022
Impressed, always a neat and well looked after price could be a bit steep for a long weekend , but overall worth it

Robyn Ackermann – 25.05.2022

Neil & Jenny Laas – 25.05.2022
On our way home after our December holiday, we start counting down the number of days to our return. After 26 years it keeps getting better!

BELINDA WALTERS – 25.05.2022
My best happy space can’t wait to return.

Lizette Nel – 25.05.2022
‘n Pragtige, natuurskone kampterrein. Rustig, veilig en lekker stapplek. Voel soos plaas.

NOEL WILLIAMSON – 25.05.2022
yellow sands the best park around

Arnold Jansen van Vuuren – 25.05.2022
Yellow Sands is ons enigste keuse vir ons jaarlikse wegbreek. Die kamp geriewe en ablusies is uitsonderlik, die terrein is veilg en het die mooiste denkbare ligging.

Bik van ‘t Slot – 25.05.2022
Very safe, secure and clean. Also Very affordable for pensioners. We enjoyed our stay Very much.

Janet Lambrechts – 24.05.2022
We have spent four December holidays at Yellow Sands. We have booked again for this December. Beautiful views, private beach, kids run free, clean ablutions, lots of toilets dotted between main ablutions, amazing atmosphere, no humidity, shops close by … cannot wait!!!

Irma Nitsche – 24.05.2022
Nature depicted at its best!

Marlize Theron – 24.05.2022
The best holiday resort for young and old! The hosts are magnificent, the venue fantastic and continuous improvements ensure that we are going back! Safety is a priority to the owners which is, unfortunately, a must in the days we live in. Kids are roaming and entertained.

Craig Hodgskin – 24.05.2022
One of the nicest, cleanest parks I have been to. We have been caravanning since 2000 and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and with the private beach, made it even more special. When you get there, there are people to help put everything up and the ablutions are very clean. Will be going there soon again for a holiday.

Peet vd Vyver – 23.05.2022
Yellow Sands really is the best of the best! It is well managed and very affordable – especially for pensioners!

Andre du Plessis – 23.05.2022
We spent a month at Yellow sand in February 2020, it was a month we will never forget. Fantastic place, beautiful scenery.

Heidi Groenewald – 23.05.2022
Excellent camping sites

Ulrike Groenewald – 23.05.2022
I absolutely adore this place! It’s super safe and well maintained. Every time my husband and I camp here, we meet new friends.

Renier Groenewald – 23.05.2022
My family has spent our annual 3-week December vacation at Yellow sands for the past 4 years – Peaceful, beautiful views, cleanest ablution facilities, extremely safe, very accommodating staff

Marilize Posthumus – 23.05.2022
An absolute awesome caravan park its always a pleasure to camp at Yellow Sands

Veronica van Ede – 23.05.2022
Best coastal camping facility we have ever stayed at. Toilets around every corner. Clean and well maintained ablution facilities. Good sized and well layed out campsites with ample room. Nicely paved and maintained roads. Beautiful beach, riverside and lovely rock pools. Swimming pool, trampolines and play areas keep the kids busy and plenty of space for them to skateboard, rollerblade and ride their bikes. Pet friendly too. The staff are friendly and helpful. There is a mini shop when the park is busy. The park is well managed and we did not experience any negative security or safety issues. Spar superette is a few kilometers away and well stocked. Access roads do have some potholes and are a bit bumpy but not the worst we’ve traveled and certainly doesnt detract from all the positives. Pricing was also affordable for a large family during school holidays which was the biggest blessing. We could stay for 10nights and had an awesome break. Will definitely be back.

Johan Viljoen – 23.05.2022
Baie goed en veilig , uitetekende uitsig as jy gelukkign is om n staanplek voor op strand te kry .

Natasja de Lange – 23.05.2022
I have so many wonderful memories that was made at Yellow Sands. I look through my pictures and smile. Yellow Sands are truly a place where you always make unforgettable memories. It is a wonderful, peaceful, fun filled camp and caravan park.

Annatjie Starbuck – 23.05.2022
Excellent camping site!!!!!! Clean ablusions Friendly people

Shaun Hodgkinson – 23.05.2022
Awesome park. The ablutions are well maintained and lots to keep the kids busy.

Roxanne Loraine-Grews – 23.05.2022
Beautiful place

Louis Mollentze – 23.05.2022
I am trying to camp where for the last 2 years; I have heard so much about Yellow sands. Hopefully I will be lucky one day?

Shona Smith – 22.05.2022
Yellow Sands is amazing. Love that one can enjoy both the river and ocean, and beautiful views.

Bennie – 22.05.2022
Yellow sands is the bedt

Jan Roberts – 22.05.2022
Yellow sands caravan park provide you the best rest of mind and soul with the view of the ocean to relaxed the body and mind

SF Hgo – 22.05.2022
Wee had a wonderfull time at Yellow Sands its clean safe and relaxing Thankyou for all your hard work

Peter Neethling – 22.05.2022
Stunning caravan park, spent 3 months there

Mr DE Clarke – 22.05.2022
Most stunning facility and natural environment we have ever seen and utilized

Richard Muller – 22.05.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park is the best place we have camped; and we have visited many many caravan parks throughout South Africa. It offers something for everyone – from the young to the old.

Louis Oosthuizen – 21.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best caravan park and is my favourite park to camp at. Excellent super clean facilities with approachable management.

Louis Oosthuizen – 21.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best caravan park and is my favourite park to camp at. Excellent super clean facilities with approachable management.

Louis Oosthuizen – 21.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best caravan park and is my favourite park to camp at. Excellent super clean facilities with approachable management.

Louis Oosthuizen – 21.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best caravan park and is my favourite park to camp at. Excellent super clean facilities with approachable management.

Louis Oosthuizen – 21.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best caravan park and is my favourite park to camp at. Excellent super clean facilities with approachable management.

Louis Oosthuizen – 21.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best caravan park and is my favourite park to camp at. Excellent super clean facilities with approachable management.

Louis Oosthuizen – 21.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best caravan park and is my favourite park to camp at. Excellent super clean facilities with approachable management.

Louis Oosthuizen – 21.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best caravan park and is my favourite park to camp at. Excellent super clean facilities with approachable management.

Wendy van Heerden – 21.05.2022
Best Camping ever!

Richard Muller – 21.05.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park is the best place we have camped; and we have visited many many caravan parks throughout South Africa. It offers something for everyone – from the young to the old.

Christo Jansen van Vuuren – 21.05.2022
Great place to camp with family. 1984 was our first year to visit.

Rose Watson – 21.05.2022
What a place!! We just love spending time there. You can forget the busyness of the world while you are there. The facilities are clean and well maintained, the ablutions are always spotless and showers are always hot.

Peter Johnson – 21.05.2022
Must be one of the best in the country. The sea, river, nature, safe and very well run.

Heepko van Kaam – 21.05.2022
We are one of the regulars there in December and camp there more than 21 years and will still go back to enjoy the camping

Carmen Lyle – Glynn Nicholson – 21.05.2022
The diversity of different types of camping sites offered, affords the camper choosing a site right on the beach, above the beach, under a canopy of trees with a sea view, secluded river view sites, terraced wind protected sites, grassy tree covered sites next to pool, or, secluded veld sites on the river under trees close to boat launching, fishing and nature walks! Five minutes drive from wonderful shopping complex with pharmacy doctors vets etc! This all plus the added blessing of pure fresh air in a well protected environment! It’s THE Winner all year round!

J. P. Viljoen – 21.05.2022
Best caravanpark i’v ever been to. Wil in future camp there again when petrol prices allow from Gauteng.

Alan McKendrick – 21.05.2022
Fond memories of my first holidays with our families home built caravan in the 1960 at Yellow Sands Caravan Park are still cherished. On a recent visit toYellow Sands I was extremely impressed to see how great everything looks and also how well it is being run. The location, management and the entire Yellow Sands team are the best.

Martie Mey – 21.05.2022

Rick Bertossi – 20.05.2022
Clean ,Friendly staff,best location,good fishing and surfing while we were there.

Katie Joubert – 20.05.2022
Best caravan park in the country!

Mike Webb – 20.05.2022
Unbelievable resort with the most incredible helpful staff i have ever seen. Continuous improvements being made all the time and always clean facilities. Not too mention an awesome beach and river to play in.. Even has stunning MTB and trails to run on….

Mercia Gallagher – 20.05.2022
Really the best Caravan Park.

Charlene – 20.05.2022
Lekker, privaat, vriendelik en veilig.

Craig Giese – 20.05.2022
“So where shall we go?” you ask, and that’s a good question With all the Yellow Sands Caravan Park it’s an easy selection Adventure is everywhere and we’re off to go find it See you on our next camping trip make sure you come say “Howzit”

Janet Beth Stott – 20.05.2022
This park ticks ALL the boxes . . . Yellow Sands is just the BEST!!!

Anton Pretorius – 20.05.2022
Yellow Sands by far the best location in SA. Excellent management. Ablution staff really on it. Love the fact that you can pic any stand when you get there. And the N6 route one of the best in SA.

Mike Venn – 20.05.2022
Yellow Sands a well run resort and simply the best.

Julian Seymour – 20.05.2022
The best camping site I have visited in the Eastern Cape. Most accommodating and friendly hosts. Highly recommend Yellow Sands for it’s pure natural beauty.

Marietjie Muller – 20.05.2022
The best of the best! Love Yellow Sands

Johann Beetge – 20.05.2022
Yellow Sands the best!

Irma Oehley-Maree – 20.05.2022
Ons stem gaan vir Yellow Sands! Het al paar keer daar gekamp; terrein en ablusieblok altyd skoon en netjies! ‘n Groot pluspunt is die ekstra toilette wat nou oral in die kamparea opgerig is. Natuurlik is die seeuitsig en mooi strande baie belangrik vir enige binnelander! Dankie aan al die personeel wat altyd behulpsaam en vriendelik is.

Miempie Senekal – 20.05.2022
Dit is pragtig en die ablusies is so skoon en netjies, wat baie belangrik is. Was ‘n plesier om daar te kamp en sal weer daarna toe gaan. PUIK KAMPEER AREA

Piet van zyl – 20.05.2022
I vote for Yellow Sands Caravan Park

Mike Robus – 20.05.2022
Yellow Sands

Lynn O’Kelly – 20.05.2022
Wonderful wonderful Caravan Park. Probably one of the best in the Eastern Cape.

Dirk Coetzee – 20.05.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan park offers excellent value for money expecially for pensioners. There is the sea , great river mouth and walking trails. Its healthy living and no time to get bored.

Michelle Lottering – 20.05.2022
Best campsite by far!!

MB Van Eck – 20.05.2022
Only visited once ,but making plans to visit more often in the future.In my opinion the best resort in the Eastern Cape by far.Clean,well kept,safe,and unbeatable rates for pensioners like myself.Keep up the good work.See you soon!!

Lana Lötter – 20.05.2022
Yellow Sands is by far the best caravan park we’ve visited in 18 years of camping accross the whole of SA.

antonie Botes – 20.05.2022
Best Resort in the Eastern Cape

Magda de Kock – 20.05.2022
Dit is die mooiste plekkie.Dis rustig daar en baie skoon.Mense wat daar werk en kamp is altyd vriendelik,en doen meer as wat hulle moet.

Ruben Adams – 20.05.2022
Yellow sands is the best. We go camping at yellow sands each December.

Ryan Horrmann – 20.05.2022
You have tried the rest, now try the best. Yellowsands will make every holiday an amazing experience…

Francois Venter – 20.05.2022
Fishing is great beautiful view

Ronel pretorius – 20.05.2022
My happy place. Wish i could live there forever.

Francois Ventet – 20.05.2022
So beautiful and the fishing is great

Johan – 20.05.2022
Ons eerste kamp daar was om te gaan kyk hoe lyk die plek. Wat ‘n verassing; dit was baie meer as wat ons verwag het. Silwerskoon ablusies, mooi staanplekke. Alles wat nodig is vir ‘n lekker vakansie, en dan praat ek nie eens van die afslag buite seisoen vir pensionarisse nie. Baie beslis een van die bestes in Suid afrika.

Deon Kriel – 20.05.2022
Ons eerste stop op ons permanente kamp avontuur en baie beslis nie ons laaste kuier op Yellowsands nie. Skoon netjiese kamp met baie goeie ablusiegeriewe en goeie tariewe vir ons ouer garde.

Beverley – 20.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best, facilities are amazing and it is so safe.

Sibulele Ncetezo – 20.05.2022
A very well maintained camp site. Our family favourite

Joos Pretorius – 20.05.2022
Beste kamp waar ek al gekamp het die afgelope 60 jaar

CINDY MAY – 20.05.2022
Excellent resort overall. Have been going to Yellowsands for several years and have always had a brilliant time there.

Theodore Hellawell – 20.05.2022
Best Caravan park ever. Should receive the highest reword.

Nickey Roos – 20.05.2022
Great site! Clean and organised!!

G s Pretorius – 20.05.2022
Best spot in

Bernadette – 20.05.2022
Best in the world

Dalino Fortuin – 20.05.2022
This is by far the best holiday and camping destination in South Africa. My family and I always feel safe and looked after during our getaway to Yellow Sands.

Ricki – 20.05.2022
Breathtaking views, clean and friendly staff. Its a place where your soul finds solace in nature…where the stars are truly in reach…A perfect modern day paradise.

Nicky viviers – 20.05.2022
Best Caravan park by far along the most beautiful coastline.

RJ Mellor – 20.05.2022
Excellent resort well run and neat park. The views from most campsites are well worth a stay.

Marius Heunis – 20.05.2022
Great, great place. A must have experience. Save, clean and well orginized.

Andrew Dunn – 20.05.2022
A great site, will go there again when I want to be in that part of the country

Magda Millies – 20.05.2022
Yellow Sands the best

Tiaan du Plessis – 20.05.2022
Very good resort had a brilliant time there

Helene du Plessis – 20.05.2022
What an amazing place, The landscape is awesome, the facilities perfectly clean, awesome people all over, just the best of the best, well done Yellow sands Caravan Park the place with a BIG heart.. hope to seen you soon very soon

Augusta Pretorius – 20.05.2022
Yellow Sands – My happy place!

Lynne Wiggill – 20.05.2022
We have been camping there since Nov 2019 and have loved every minute of it. There are amazing river. sea and coastal forest walks which we thoroughly enjoy. The sites are well maintained and the ablutions are spotless. Well done to all

R Badenhorst – 20.05.2022
Awesome place

Harry Welby-Cooke – 20.05.2022
Easily the best Caravan Park in South Africa.

Magda + Burghard Millies – 20.05.2022
best camp site ever. very safe. best management and affordable price. pensioners well look after

Luanne krog – 20.05.2022
Simply awesome for a beach caravan getaway, the father and sons team are always seen busy taking care of grounds and willing to help with setup of tents etc. The beach is clean. There is also a small shopping centre not far from the caravan site – to do necessary shopping instead of going into centre town – which is also not far – and for me which is No1. on my list – is that they also allow for dogs on arrangement, which is awesome for dog lovers and owners – especially for those who cannot leave their dog at home, its just important that dog lovers remember to clean up after their fur-kids as our obligation to the resort to ensure that it is kept as beautiful as it is and to continue to allow this wonderful privilege). A GREAT WELL KEPT RESORT…one that I will definitely recommend to all lovers of the outdoors.

Luanne krog – 20.05.2022
Simply awesome for a beach caravan getaway, the father and sons team are always seen busy taking care of grounds and willing to help with setup of tents etc. The beach is clean. There is also a small shopping centre not far from the caravan site – to do necessary shopping instead of going into centre town – which is also not far – and for me which is No1. on my list – is that they also allow for dogs on arrangement, which is awesome for dog lovers and owners – especially for those who cannot leave their dog at home, its just important that dog lovers remember to clean up after their fur-kids as our obligation to the resort to ensure that it is kept as beautiful as it is and to continue to allow this wonderful privilege). A GREAT WELL KEPT RESORT…one that I will definitely recommend to all lovers of the outdoors.

Luanne krog – 20.05.2022
Simply awesome for a beach caravan getaway, the father and sons team are always seen busy taking care of grounds and willing to help with setup of tents etc. The beach is clean. There is also a small shopping centre not far from the caravan site – to do necessary shopping instead of going into centre town – which is also not far – and for me which is No1. on my list – is that they also allow for dogs on arrangement, which is awesome for dog lovers and owners – especially for those who cannot leave their dog at home, its just important that dog lovers remember to clean up after their fur-kids as our obligation to the resort to ensure that it is kept as beautiful as it is and to continue to allow this wonderful privilege). A GREAT WELL KEPT RESORT…one that I will definitely recommend to all lovers of the outdoors.

Trevor Feyt – 20.05.2022
Best run park offering amenities for the whe family and offering. specials to pensioners during off season

The best resort we have ever visited.

Alet Cronje – 20.05.2022
I love Yellow Sands, they consider the pensioners with affordable rates, the ablutions are the best, the caravan park is neat and tidy and you feel very safe once the gates close behind you. the staff are very accommodating and lovely beach excellent place to camp.

Andre Muller – 20.05.2022
Awesome place to be over December holidays!!!! Definitely my favorite camping spot by far.

James Gall – 20.05.2022
Awesome place for Holidays been going for 20 years now love it

Jenny Aitken – 20.05.2022
I’ve heard so much about Yellow Sands and wanted to go for nearly a year. We will definitely be going soon and really look forward to it.

Martin Smith – 20.05.2022
A piece/peace of paradise…

Gerrie Lombard – 20.05.2022
Yellowsands is one of the most convenient and best organised caravan Parks in SA. Ablutions is 5 star and always clean. Close to a lot of amenities and the environment is very relaxing. Security the best I have seen. Owners is very pleasant and accommodating. And there is a pool as wel. Rates are also affordable.

Mandi Brown – 20.05.2022
We as a family have been going to Yellow Sands for many years and have always had an amazing time. We have met so many people who return year after year, almost a home away from home. The resort is lovely, beach beautiful and people so friendly, we will be back again this year.

Frank Taylor – 20.05.2022
Lovely family camping resort, great for young children

Johan Helberg – 20.05.2022
The best resort ever!

Willie van der Merwe – 20.05.2022
Yellow Sands is great. Wonderful setting with multiple star ammenities.

Johannes Von Gordon – 20.05.2022
Yellow Sands is a family camp site with lots of activities offered for every one, beautiful views and beaches and space to do fishing. Staff are very friendly and willing to assist ablutions are kept clean at all times only negative is if you want to book over December you have to book for 20 days

Karen Pitt karen – 20.05.2022
Awsome place.Safe with magnificent beach and river

Melanie Van den Heever – 20.05.2022
Best place to camp, absolutely beautiful

Stefan Human – 20.05.2022
Excellent Excellent Excellent!

Anneli Greyvenstein – 20.05.2022
Best Resort ever.

Merryl Timms – 20.05.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park is the best caravan and camp site, ablutions beautiful and clean always, loads for children to enjoy as well

Chantel Wewege – 20.05.2022
This place is amazing as my husband and I went there for our first time and it was for our honeymoon and I fell inlove with this place and I wouldn’t go anywhere else just love it so safe.

Liezel Gouws – 20.05.2022
Best camping ground anywhere! Amazing views and staff.

Rudi Kotze – 20.05.2022
Best in SA!!

JudyTasmer – 20.05.2022
We are dying to go to Yellow Sands. Heard so much about this park. We live in KZN so need to plan a trip.

Neil Newman – 20.05.2022
Tremendous views!

Thian Joubert – 19.05.2022
All time favorite!

Aidan Pienaar – 19.05.2022
Amazing Staff and Excellent camp grounds, always clean and friendly campers and staff.

Nellie Myburgh – 19.05.2022
Best place to camp and very safe

Suzette vd Schyff – 19.05.2022
We luv Yellow Sands ….the BEST

Brian Townsend – 19.05.2022
Paradise by the sea

Wilhelm Erasmus – 19.05.2022
Great place

Rudolph Jordaan – 19.05.2022
Yellow sands is the best caravan park been camping there for many years

Viani Erasmus – 19.05.2022
We always went there as kids. Such an awesome place for camping. Always a favourite to return to.

Cheryl Smith – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is our favourite camping park. Is exceptionally well run.

Jannes Bester – 19.05.2022
The stuff that family holidays are made of. Yellowsands should’ve been called “Golden Sands”!

Adrian Wittstock – 19.05.2022
Top class caravaning and camping resort. Money made, is put back into the park . Well run and friendly place to be. Safe aswell. I vote yellow sands.

Elzanne Bester – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park is by far the best camping resort in South Africa. You don’t get better than this. We have been going there since my own childhood, and now, many years later, my own kids are enjoying the great facilities and awesome outdoor experiences they have to offer. Yellow Sands keeps getting better and better every year. Outstanding in every way!

Gert Viljoen – 19.05.2022
Pragtige, karavaan eienaars vriendelike kampterrein. Alles wat ‘n lang sttaander wil hê.

Marilyn Coetzee – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands definitely a winner

Justin smith – 19.05.2022
Yellow sands

Sindy Smith – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best holiday resort in the world. Top class in absolutely care about security and people on holiday at Yellow Sands. The best ever!!!!!!!

Candice Smith – 19.05.2022
I vote Yellowsands

Jason Gladwin – 19.05.2022
Paradise on earth!

Johan Bester – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands the best camping site on the East Coast

Richter Melissa – 19.05.2022
Such a Beautiful paradise…. so well layout… best Beach… feels like home!!!

I Radloff – 19.05.2022
Yellow sands the friendliest, safety ,best camping and relaxing place

Andrew Smith – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park is the best resort that we have camped at, it is a safe and very affordable place to stay.

Barry Becker – 19.05.2022
Excellent resort

Dinita Bronkhorst – 19.05.2022
Pragtige skoon kampterrein.

Nona Keet – 19.05.2022
The best place ever for peace, beauty and tranquility in nature

Nick Yell – 19.05.2022
Had a brilliant stay at Yellow Sands a while back, best Caravan Park I’ve stayed at by far!

Wille Heckroodt – 19.05.2022
Top class resort

Ruann Deetlefs – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands, Excellent service, well maintained premises, security a top priority and one of the best Beach and Rivers in the country.

Chante Vorster – 19.05.2022
Definitely the best place to go too!!!

Marinda van den Berg – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands

AnneMarie Helberg – 19.05.2022
Amazing camping!!

Buks van Rensburg – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is our favorite caravan park. Friendly staff and beautiful area with lots to do. Safe to camp there with super ablution facilities, heated pool, beautiful beach area and river to swim or fish.

Kevin – 19.05.2022
Yellowsands offers the best.

Nick bronkhorst – 19.05.2022
Best park in the Eastern cape, Easy access to river and sea. Always neat and clean

Mientjie van der Walt – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park is for sure the best place to enjoy a camping holiday.

David Louw – 19.05.2022
Lekker by die see, YS

Susanne Jansen – 19.05.2022
Puik, puik woonwa park. Personeel vriendelik en is altyd behulpsaam. netjies, dit is ń plesier om daar met jou woonwa te ksmp!

Roelien Kidson – 19.05.2022
Best caravan resort !!!

Margaret Kotze – 19.05.2022
Lovely park – return every so often!!

Mariska De Jager – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands♥️

Schalk – 19.05.2022

Gordon Kirkhoff – 19.05.2022
See you next weekend!

Bryan – 19.05.2022
Awesome place to stay, Great Facilities

Anne Muller – 19.05.2022
Love Yellow Sands best camping spot ever

Richard Collocott – 19.05.2022
Great family resort, kids run free

Louw Van Niekerk – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands are the best holiday resort in South Africa

Sharon Bredenksmp – 19.05.2022
Yellowsands, we keep on coming back, and we always extend our stay when we are there. Just loving it!

Desiree Webster – 19.05.2022
Best campsite in the Eastern Cape. Friendly and always helpful staff. The campsites are well maintained and the ablutions are always clean. Great options of campsites for every kind of camper.

Alice Lennox – 19.05.2022
Best Resort!!!

Jan Smit – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park is the BEST!!! Friendly staff and clean ablution facilities.

Annamarie Weyers – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands,the best,safest and most prestine and peaceful camping resort

J. Armstrong – 19.05.2022
Everything is top notch at this park.

Klaus Muller – 19.05.2022
Simply the best

Leandra Lombard – 19.05.2022
We are fascinated about the ongoing upgrades at Yellow Sands. The family is constantly striving to improve the experience for the campers. Had our best holidays there.

Marthinus Oosthuizen – 19.05.2022
Only one sand and that is Yellow sands

Wayne Hayward – 19.05.2022
I would like to vote for Yellow sands Caravan Park. They do a fantastic job and we always enjoy our holidays in their park. They get a 9 out of 10 rating from me.

Alexander Michael Sechiari – 19.05.2022
You can’t beat Yellow Sands! #bestcampinginSA

Annamarie Weyers – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands the best and safest for me as a widow, a pensioner and my puppy is always welcome

Elmarie Geer – 19.05.2022
My best escape camping venue ever

Carol Orpen – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the most idyllic holiday venue & the best kept secret on the South African coast. We absolutely LOVE it – a real gem!

Irene – 19.05.2022
Nestled in nature with river and sea, it’s the most relaxing and rejuvenating park!

Wally Drysdale – 19.05.2022
Our no 1 caravan park

Gary fouche – 19.05.2022
Amazing place with wide variety of activities

Melanie Schmidt – 19.05.2022
Simply the best!

Bruce Steyn – 19.05.2022
The best park by far my first visit to the park was 50 years ago

Ed Johnston – 19.05.2022
Simply the Best…

May Fouche – 19.05.2022
Piece of paradise !!

May Fouche – 19.05.2022
Piece of paradise

Elizabeth Botes – 19.05.2022
Clean, well kept camping sites. It is a pressure to visit Yellow Sands it makes you feel safe and you can relax. Owners and staff are friendly and helpful.

May Fouche – 19.05.2022
Piece of paradise

Abrie Barker – 19.05.2022
awesome place

Marie Conradie – 19.05.2022
Simply the best.

Chanelle Bredenkamp – 19.05.2022
My family and I love yellow sands. It is a great camping spot with easy access to the beach and an amazing pool area with lots of space for the kids to play. The ablution facilities are always clean.

Linda Kleynhans – 19.05.2022
Beautiful resort

Santi Mostert – 19.05.2022
Best camping site we have ever visited very neat premises and perfect service from the staff

Abie Pienaar – 19.05.2022
Better than best camping site!

Tracy Burton – 19.05.2022
Yellow sands, such a well accommodated place to go camping with friends or family

Philip Meiring – 19.05.2022
Cleanest, safest caravan park with the friendliest staff. Gives you that real family feeling when visiting.

Adele Wild – 19.05.2022
Yellow sands are the absolute best for meeting family camping needs

Sonja Le Roux – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands the best ! Don’t wants to go home as this is like home!

Sheree Kruger – 19.05.2022
Best caravan spot for the whole family

Sonja Le Roux – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is Top

Wayne Behrens – 19.05.2022
Awesome camping!

Robyn le Roux – 19.05.2022
This really is the best caravan park I’ve been to. The beaches are beautiful and clean. The park staff are just fantastic!!! The Leppan family have made their resort the friendliest and safest place to camp ❤

Lee – 19.05.2022
I have been enjoying December holidays at Yellow Sands for 47 consecutive years. A better endorsement I couldn’t give.

D Lombard – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is our home away from home, all the way from Gauteng. Here we experience peace en freedom in a very safe environment. The resort is well maintained and ablutions are neat and tidy.

Johan van der Merwe – 19.05.2022
You won’t know until you’ve been at Yellow Sands

Lindy Vermaak – 19.05.2022
Wonderful camp sites with great views of the ocean and river and surrounded by nature and wildlife. Very well maintained camp sites, as well as ablutions which are also kept neat and clean, always a great stay at Yellow Sands with lots of activities to keep the family entertained.

Geo – 19.05.2022
Beautiful location. Great views of the sea

Renaldo Scheepers – 19.05.2022
Best of the best

Arnold Buckley – 19.05.2022
Great holiday destination.

Johan Schnetler – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands by far the best camping holiday as all its amenities are of top quality and situated in a paradise setting

Mandy Meise – 19.05.2022
The perfect family camping resort.Lovely facilities and beaches.

Lynette Van Der Linde – 19.05.2022
Best camping site ever!!!!! Thank you guys for a fantastic destination.

Vanessa Moss – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the most tranquil place to go. Amazing place for both young and old. The suroundings are breath taking no matter what season. Yellows is the place to go. Beautiful well kept grounds amazing staff.

Valerie Weber – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park in East London is a real gem. The best in South Africa

Vivienne Nel – 19.05.2022
A wonderful resort which caters for all ages and interests. From first class fishing spots, to shell collecting, swimming and the ablutions are pristine call for a relaxing, happy holiday

Lorraine Pienaar – 19.05.2022
Best family camping in SA – clean ablutions, private beach, excellent security… what more to ask?

Lucky Charalambous – 19.05.2022
We camp alot my favourite place always

Wilson Natalie – 19.05.2022
Beautiful Yellows – we have this camp site right on our doorstep.

Linda Carstens – 19.05.2022
My favourite camping resort

Warrick Stewart – 19.05.2022
Beautiful locational setting, great facilities, simply awesome.

Derek Bradbury – 19.05.2022
Yellow sands caravan park is the best park I’ve stayed in all my camping . The bathrooms are always clean and neat all the time.

Lisa Bekker – 19.05.2022
Beautiful beaches and facilities.

Warren Laas – 19.05.2022
Best place for family camping, we have made life long friends camping at Yellows

Dylan – 19.05.2022
Yellow sand best camping experience you can ever have , right on the beach nice swimming pool

Carol Steyn – 19.05.2022
Lovely caravan park

Dana le Grange – 19.05.2022
Will return every year. One of our favourites.

Valerie Marais – 19.05.2022
Family place to camp and relax. Safe for all.

Rentia Ellis – 19.05.2022
Great location, open beach, sea and river. Oh and their ablutions blocks are much smarter than my own! :) They are always busy upgrading and adding to their portfolio.

Sarel van der Linde – 19.05.2022
ek was nog net eenkeer daar maar sal definitief nog baie gaan dit is n fantasiese rustige oord

Jaco van den berg – 19.05.2022
Best resort!!!

Denzel Fuller – 19.05.2022
All round best caravan site in East London.

Noleen – 19.05.2022
The resort has really upgraded and looks so beautiful now…

Ros Coltman – 19.05.2022
Such an amazing resort to stay at. The facilities are always clean and kept in peak condition. The grounds are spacious and well kept. Management is visible and nothing is too much for them or the staff.

Hein Terblanche – 19.05.2022
We always enjoy ourselves at Yellowsands and the safety is we important for us.

Ian Krebs – 19.05.2022
Amazing venue

Stewart Tagg – 19.05.2022
The most magnificent coastal camping spot in the country, without question. Perfect for family holidays at the beach!

Wannie Wannenburg – 19.05.2022
The best caravan park by far

Yvonne Krebs – 19.05.2022
Simply the best!

Liz Attwell – 19.05.2022
We have always enjoyed our stays at Yellow Sands over the past few years. Definitely one of the top resorts in the country combined with its stunning beach and the Kwelera River.

Kevin mckay – 19.05.2022
Spent 7months there and can’t wait to get back.Spotless ablutions

Wilma Weyer – 19.05.2022
This is a wonderful camp ablusion block clean and tidy. The people is friendly and a well organized camp. The pool is a great feature for the camp it is always clean on a windy day.

Santie Smit – 19.05.2022
Best camp ever….

Lorraine – 19.05.2022
Beautiful views of the sun and moon rising over the ocean. Peaceful and tranquil. You can choose a beach or a river walk with other walking trails too. Lovely place to be

Tisanie Alberts – 19.05.2022
The best place to camp. The bathrooms are clean. It is very safe for the children ro play The beach is very accesible.

Shane Osborne – 19.05.2022
Yellow sands camping….. The most awesome atmosphere from everyone, and the most fantastic place to pitch a tent and unwind

Izel kirsten – 19.05.2022
Best camp site ever

Annemarie Jordaan – 19.05.2022
Excellent camping site! Secure, clean, well positioned, just one magnificent camping experience.

Johan van Heerden – 19.05.2022
We as family have fantastic memories together at Yellow Sands – a hidden diamond camp site!

Donovan Pautz – 19.05.2022
Generational Destination. Been going there for years. So many memories. Everyone that has been there can tell stories of the Beach Bonfires, Surfing, Fishing and Chillaxing in the River

Greg Haward – 19.05.2022
Great memories at Yellow Sands for over 43 years, magnificent beach, river & great vibe

Jenny Du Preez – 19.05.2022
Best views, best spot. Love camping there

Gail Willemse – 19.05.2022
The most amazing caravan park the management team and staff are always willing to help

Engela pretorius – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park is the best

Louise Sheasby – 19.05.2022
Yellowsands is the best!

Anthea Els – 19.05.2022
The best of the best Yellowsands

Selma Boshoff – 19.05.2022
Yellow sands are the best! We love the place and the kids wants to go back every year

Mike Morgan – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is definitely the best caravan Park that I have stayed at.

Jamie – 19.05.2022
This place is the absolute best. The family who own and run this site have the biggest hearts and are always so accommodating. As a small business owner, I was privileged enough to trade on the yellow sands resort premises to see it all first hand how incredibly run the resort is.

Craig Le Roux – 19.05.2022
Best camp site in S.A

John Kenworthy – 19.05.2022
We chose to stop off at Yellow Sands caravan park for a day or so and ended up staying for over a week. Always a peaceful stay with everything kept tidy and clean and perfectly safe. Its an amazing holiday spot….try it!

Amelia Nel – 19.05.2022
The best caravan park that we have visited and, believe me, there have been many

van Eek – 19.05.2022
Best caravan Park by far

Jaco Geldenhuys – 19.05.2022
Superb camping resort.

Jane Stuart – 19.05.2022
My husband and I thoroughly enjoy camping at Yellow Sands, the park is well maintained, clean ablutions ,lovely clean pool and the beach is great.

Rolf Nel – 19.05.2022
An absolutely awesome caravan park

Lizzie Hartzer – 19.05.2022
The best of the best…The only place we go camping, clean, save and it feels like home….❣️

Cathy Mwekassa – 19.05.2022
We are regular December guests for 3 weeks of bliss. My teenage son has the most amazing holiday, he is free in a safe environment. I have peace and quiet to enjoy my books, the beach and a braai in the evenings. Facilities are so clean and top class. Staff are friendly :)

Kobus – 19.05.2022
The Camping facilitues at Yellow Sands is so convenient and reasonably priced that we and our friends love this place.

George Wetselaar – 19.05.2022
Just a pleasent experience from begining to end, run by real people.

Willem Snyman – 19.05.2022
The very best you can get.

G Mackelina – 19.05.2022
Camping there last 4 years

Marie Griesel – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best Caravan park in South Africa! Beautiful right on the beach and safe for everyone.

Robyn De Sousa – 19.05.2022
Love Yellow’s!! We have been going forge the lady 30 years!

Annarie Lerm – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is by far the best caravan park. We love camping there. Owners very friendly, helpfull and the resort is very neat. I will advertise this caravan park to every person

Engela Erasmus – 19.05.2022
Wonderfully managed caravan park.

Martin CALITZ9 – 19.05.2022
Yellows. a step above the best. Our home away from home

Danie Jansen van Rensburg – 19.05.2022
This is the most exelent and well maintained caravan park in South Africa.Pensioners paradise!!!!

HM Pretorius – 19.05.2022
Beste kamp nog in my 50 jaar van ksmp

Ian Coltman – 19.05.2022
An amazing experience for well travelled campers as well as rookies. Fabulous ablutions that are well maintained and cleaned. Sites are constantly being upgraded and serviced. The gem of the Eastern Cape camping.

Glynis Swart – 19.05.2022
The best caravan park, Well kept, super clean and modern ablutions , lovely large sites and well maintained . Could not wish for better. Cant wait to visit again this year

Marius Hugo – 19.05.2022
It is a awesome caravan park develope around the camper for a werkend and or long stand campers. A family breakaway park and lots of entertainment

Jacques van der Spuy – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is a safe well situated Caravan Park with a beautiful river and sea front.Ablution well looked after and always hot showers.Very high on our list of Caravan Parks to stay.

Cobus Langeveld – 19.05.2022
Excellent facilities and very friendly staff. Right on a beautiful beach and fantastic seaviews. Ablution facilities are the best i ever experienced.

Jackie Neethling – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park. Awesome caravan park. Safe and clean and personnel friendly and helpful. We will definitely camp there in the future again

Bertus Van Der Westhuizen – 19.05.2022
I love Yellow Sands. Best caravan park by far

Morne Herselman – 19.05.2022
Yellowsands is the best camp site for December family holidays.

Julie – 19.05.2022
Beautiful caravan park. Very well maintained. The safest I’ve ever felt at any caravan park. Beach is stunning and kids have the best time ever!

Nellie Redelinghuys – 19.05.2022
Best caravan park in Cape

Sharon-Eve MacKelina – 19.05.2022
Yellowsands is the best camping site. Clean, neat, spacious sites and ablutions. Top class entertainment. Lovely families to meat. A well run resort.

Wessel Visser – 19.05.2022
Best run resort in South Africa. Safe, clean and kid friendly.

Sam Naude – 19.05.2022
We camped at a lot of resorts,inland and coastal.Yellow Sands Resort is the only Resort that meet all our needs and the fellow campers are also very good people.

Desiree – 19.05.2022
Please may a request a R1000 travel voucher

Lenie Heystek – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best camping site in RSA.

Piet vd Walt – 19.05.2022
Yellow sands is the only resort where we and our friends go camping, 5 star camping resort and very safe.

C du Randt – 19.05.2022
Well maintained.safest and beautiful resort

Anthony 5 – 19.05.2022
Yellow sands is home from home Been going there for 60 years . Annual visitor. Best facilities and beaches

Ben Jansen van Rensburg – 19.05.2022
Amazing sea view. Clean bathrooms. Friendly staff, always willing to help. We can recommend camping at Yellow Sands

Sharon Olive – 19.05.2022
A brilliant camping destination. We’ll run with upmarket facilities. Great wildlife and safe beach with magnificent lagoon

Gert Nel – 19.05.2022
My wife and I have been camping in and around East London for over 20 years, and still prefer Yellow Sands as our no 1 go-to place. It ticks all the boxes and provide for a relaxing and safe camping experience.

Susan Terblanche – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands the best Caravan Park in South Africa, well managed and maintaned . Amazing place to camp – beach, Lagoon and nic swimming pool. Management and Staff are ftiendly, helpful and willing to walk the extra mile with their guests!

Magda Streicher – 19.05.2022
It’s absolutely fabulous here…. Utopia!

Ernest van Biljon – 19.05.2022
This is like paradise for us. Beautiful well maintained park.

Ian Sutherland – 19.05.2022
Spacious stands with sunny & shady choices. Well maintained resort (Grass covering kept short, Shrubs cut back. Clean upgraded ablutions. In season tuck shop. Laundery services available. Well mannered, friendly & approachable resort staff. Willing to listen to guests.

Derik Ingram – 19.05.2022
We had an extended stay courtesy of Covid lock down. Absolutely fantastic under difficult circumstances. Sorry when it came to an end.

Des Baker – 19.05.2022
An unbelievable destination. Superb surrounds and camp sites. Updated ablutions and good pool

Susan Havenga – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sand is an outstanding camping site specually with regards yo safety.

Norman Steyn – 19.05.2022
YS……our home from home!

Lucie pascoe – 19.05.2022
Best campsite in the country by far!! You can be tucked in the trees out the wind but still have a magnificent sea view!

Johann Potgieter – 19.05.2022
Wonderful place to be the best caravan park !

Heidi Shrive – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park

Anton Rossouw – 19.05.2022
Best caravan park of all.

Ros Coltman – 19.05.2022
An amazing place to camp. The ablutions are outstanding and the continual upkeep makes the resort a gem amongst resorts. Nothing is too much trouble for the managers and staff.

Zylma Olivier – 19.05.2022
Being avid campers we have toured and visited many camps. Yellows is definitely in a league of it’s own. Defiitely worthy of the 1st price!!

Judith Keys – 19.05.2022
My vote is for Yellow Sands Caravan Park. My husband are pensioners and live love it here.

Amanda Potgieter – 19.05.2022
The best caravan park! Management and staff friendly and helpful.

Paul Brent – 19.05.2022
Best campsite in the country. An amazing place for a family holiday. Safe and secure with modern facilities

Gavin den Heyer – 19.05.2022
We have been camping at Yellow Sands for over 35 years and it keeps on getting better.

Louis – 19.05.2022
10 out of 10

Vicky van Dyk – 19.05.2022
The best Camping site. The staff s helpfully and friendly. Clean bathrooms and camping site. Best views.

Maria Gladwin – 19.05.2022
We thoroughly enjoyed our camping experience at Yellow Sands, they offer just the right combination of beautiful coastal scenery and well maintained facilities to ensure a fun and relaxing family holiday. A true Eastern Cape gem.

John Hassall – 19.05.2022
Excellent Caravan Park .

Willem – 19.05.2022
Yellows is the best

Hannes Myburgh – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is the best caravan park

Diane Loock – 19.05.2022
In our caravaning days this was our most beferenquented place to relax.

Cheryl Birch – 19.05.2022
A very well run camping and caravan site. Staff very helpful and extremely clean always.

Trevor Harth – 19.05.2022
Best camping experience ever ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Helene Van Zuydam – 19.05.2022
Best caravan park in the world

Lewis Sandham – 19.05.2022
Awesome campsite, awesome views, stunning stands and facilities

Shannon Bright – 19.05.2022
Excellent camping spot all year round

J H Kruger – 19.05.2022

Malcolm Smith – 19.05.2022
A wonderful camping holiday spot for the whole family. A bit of paradise.

Liesl Keen – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands are our go-to camping spot! Bathrooms are impeccable and sparkling clean. Sea, sun & fresh camping air… soul food!! Friendly and helpful staff, even willing to help pack up the “golden oldies” caravans/tents. There is just no other campsite near or far that’s up to Yellows standard. They totally deserve this amazing tourist award!

David Peinke – 19.05.2022
Beautiful caravan park with multiple offerings, river, beach, rock pools, swimming pool and beautiful forests, best part almost private sandy beach with safe swimming. Well maintained and friendly staff. Highly recommended

ANGUS BARBER – 19.05.2022
Yellow Sands is our annual holiday venue. Awesome place

Marie Coetzee – 19.05.2022
As a lady camping on my own I not only enjoy the luxuries of Yellow Sands Resort I also enjoy the safety it offers me and recommend it to all the single woman campers out there.

Gerhard De lange – 19.05.2022
Best family resort in SA, but don’t tell everyone.

Justin Cope – 19.05.2022
Best camping vacation ever! it has the best beach and lagoon .It’s safe for the kids .Multiple December holidays spent there …fondest memories!!!

Piet & Willy Smit – 19.05.2022
Want to visit again

Marianne – 19.05.2022
Absolutely fantastic destination with top class facilities

Charmaine BOTES – 19.05.2022
We love yellowsands.

Ian Reynolds – 19.05.2022
Home away from home, always my 1st choice when wanting to go for a proper outdoor session

David Molony – 19.05.2022
Best, cleanest, friendliest campsite. Best beach, best lagoon, best views.

Tiekie Armstrong – 19.05.2022
The best all round resort. Lovely stands, clean ablution and friendly staff.

John Bubb – 19.05.2022
Best place for camping and enjoying family time together.

Michael Parker – 19.05.2022
Very nice caravan park

Willie Heckroodt – 19.05.2022
Best resort ever

best of the best, will go to Yellowsands Over and over and recommend to everyone. Clean, tidy, lovely atmosphere and staff.

Gideon Haasbroek – 19.05.2022
Most beautifull camping site in South Africa.

Edie Lombaard – 19.05.2022
Yellows is our favourite!!!!

Roux du Toit – 19.05.2022
Best family holiday destination you can wish for! Go Yellows!

Anton Roux – 19.05.2022
Best caravan park in SA, what a jou

Heidi Leppan – 19.05.2022
Such a wonderful affordable family getaway and amazing memories.

JP Janse van Rensburgurg – 10.05.2022

Bongani Dladla – 06.04.2022
I am voting for them they are the best

alistair sparg – 19.03.2022
simply the best!

Palesa – 14.03.2022
Traveling is my favorite

Jacques Blignaut – 10.03.2022
Best coastal campsite in the world

Wendy Cock – 08.03.2022
We have really enjoyed our camping experience at Yellowsands. The team is attentive, pleasant and helpful. Really are deserved winners

Blackie Swart – 01.03.2022
Best caravanpark on the East Coast.

Jenny van Jaarsveld – 01.03.2022
Johan and I have been camping at Yellow Sands for the last 17 years in succession. Our late parents also camped here for many years in succession. Why always Yellow Sands? Simple – well maintained facilities, beautiful views, pet friendly and most importantly, very good security. Allows one to go for long walks along the sea and river without having to lock anything away. Thank you Yellow Sands for the peace of mind we enjoy!!

Esther Venter – 27.02.2022
What a pleasure to know when you prepare, save and get your motorhome ready for the most affordable, relaxing and family like holiday at Yellow Sands, all the way from Danabay. Would never have guessed that this will become a yearly thing after an overnight stay from Natal on ourway home in 2018. Thank you for treating us campers like family every time and especially thru the covid period in 2020.

Andy Anderson – 22.02.2022
My grandparents, Cathy and George Spence moved to yellows and stayed there for 17 years. We were kids and went to visit every Easter .Best holidays of my life ever.

Dave Glennie – 22.02.2022
The most awesome camp sites ever.

Ryno – 21.02.2022
Definitely yellow sands .It truly is fantastic

Belinda Brits – 21.02.2022
coming Dec 2022 and can’t wait. have read only positive reviews and the photos and videos look amazing

Allan Knickelbein – 20.02.2022
Such amazing times spent camping there. Lovely river for paddling.

Graham Johnston – 20.02.2022
A beautiful location with outstanding service

Amanda Griffin – 19.02.2022
Such a beautiful, peacefully, place. And such friendly staff, awesome place and people.

Simone Whittington – 19.02.2022
The best ❤️

Denise Morgan – 19.02.2022
Very clean, friendly caravan park. It has lots of of trees to protect you from the see winds. The pool is always very clean with shady places to sit with tables and benches. Nice beach to take long walks on.

Dewald Herselman – 19.02.2022
Wonderful place to camp.

Rose Herselman – 19.02.2022
Wonderful camping spot.

Lee – 19.02.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park is the very best- I have just enjoyed my 48th consecutive December holiday in their beautiful park.

Samantha – 19.02.2022
Surrounded by nature as well as a clean and friendly enviroment, its the perfect place to relieve stress from our everyday lives.

E Nel – 18.02.2022
Puik, veilige en pragtige karavaanpark.

Amelia walters – 18.02.2022
The best resort

Edie Lombaard – 18.02.2022
Best best ever!!!

Edie Lombaard – 18.02.2022
Best best ever!!!

Rudi Kotze – 18.02.2022
The Best!!

Noel Williamson – 18.02.2022

Noel Williamson – 18.02.2022
We camp for months of the year year in and year out . Wonderful and secure camp and the campers coming to YS are the most friendly you’ll ever meet. The management are always available to help wherever possible.

Wade McDonald – 18.02.2022
Amazing resort.

Nolan – 18.02.2022
Love yellow sands

Anton Pretorius – 18.02.2022
We camp all over SA and we are yet to find a park with better location and better staff.

Jaco – 18.02.2022
Yellow Sands

Len Kruger – 18.02.2022
We’ve been going there for a couple of years now, for the 1 month pensioners special. Had many happy times.

Christa Barber – 18.02.2022
Yellow Sands is the best of the best. It is safe and always clean.

Barbara Flugel – 18.02.2022
Best camping site by far. Friendly and helpful staff from management to ground staff. Well-maintained facilities with constant upgrades. Best of both worlds – river and sea to enjoy.

Lauren Mansvelt – 18.02.2022
Amazing spot! Clean and best times had by young and old

Harry – 18.02.2022
Yellow Sands is truly special and so well managed. Every year there’s even more put into the park and whilst it was always world-class it just gets better and better. You’ll really struggle to find a better park that’s for sure.

George Eybers – 18.02.2022
Beat place ever. Clean and friendly staff. Amazing views

Bennie and Maria Cilliers – 18.02.2022
A very neat maintained resort, management staff always helpful and friendly.

Susan du preez – 18.02.2022
Lekkerste kampplek met privaatstrand Love yellow sands

Paul – 18.02.2022
We’ve been telling all our friends about Yellow Sands when camping conversations come up, and so many also know the place and has the same fond memories of their stay. YS keeps on improving and upgrading the place.

Sharon Verreyne – 18.02.2022
First time month campers, and we do enjoy the quite and just lisening to the sound of the sea.

Magda Louw – 18.02.2022
Best coastal resort!

Marien Gasson – 18.02.2022
The best place to be close to Nature and the cleanest facilities! Makes camping an absolute dream…

Charles Nuyten – 18.02.2022
Yellow Sands is by far the best of the Best! We have travelled RSA flat and keep going back here. Value for money, friendly, top class facilities great sites, private, safe and lots more.

Lynne Wiggill – 18.02.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park is awesome. Beautiful beach, amazing river and the camp sites are really great. We love it here.

Norman Steyn – 18.02.2022
Yellow Sands

Craig Le Roux – 18.02.2022
Best camping in SA, safe, clean and amazing beach

Lizel Pagel – 18.02.2022
Fantastic family resort to camp. Safe. Easy to book. Beautiful clean modern bathrooms. Lovely pool. Grass sites. On the beach. Fishing.

Heidi Leppan – 18.02.2022
A little slice of paradise!

Mary Miller – 18.02.2022
Yellow Sands is just simply beautiful. There are few camping spots nationally or even internationally that come close to its unique location.

Leach Jacky – 18.02.2022
One of THE best caravan parks in SA

Gail Nuyten – 18.02.2022
Well organized and clean ablution blocks . Lots of space between sites. Bird life good and of course the private beach. A excellent way to relax.

John Walters – 18.02.2022
Yellow Sands best park in the world

Riana Crous – 18.02.2022
Best resort ever. Well managed

Kyle Rehse – 18.02.2022
Great facilities, team and view

Olivia Pestifield – 18.02.2022
The best camp site with the most amazing beach!

Marc Boyes – 18.02.2022
The best place to go camping, friendly staff and just an awesome place to be on holiday.

Robyn De Sousa – 18.02.2022
It is most definitely the best place, we have been going for 40 years!! Love love love it!

Valerie Weber – 18.02.2022
The best caravan park in South Africa.

Cassandra – 18.02.2022
Absolutely amazing. The facility is great and such wonderful staff. Love it

Stewart Tagg – 18.02.2022
Magnificent jewel on the Eastern Cape Coast.

Jacques Husselmann – 18.02.2022
Best camping in SA

Jackie Reed – 18.02.2022
Great campsite!

Kirsten Erasmus – 18.02.2022
Most beautifull camping grounds ever

Alice Lennox – 18.02.2022
Awesome place! Yellow Sands are the best!

Retha van Zyl – 18.02.2022
Yellow Sands Best resort ever!!!! Clean, friendly people and just the best place to be!

Tim Waters – 18.02.2022
Awesome campsite Wishing you good luck

Andreas Greeff – 18.02.2022
Yellow Sands

Johan van der Merwe – 18.02.2022
Yellow Sands Caravan Park.

van Heerden Marius – 17.02.2022
Yellow sands is where Holidays are made. A family paradise

Ros Coltman – 17.02.2022
A wonderful place to stay. Old fashioned resort atmosphere combines with modern conveniences. Well maintained, spotlessly clean ablutions and sites, all with their own power and water points. Wonderful walks and amazing scenery.

Patrick Oreilly – 17.02.2022
The best place to go for the holidays.

Marthinus J du Preez – 17.02.2022
Yello sands are the best!!! Sien julle een van die dae.

Susan du Preez – 17.02.2022
Die lekkerste kamp met die veiligste strand,baie netjies

Patricia Hutchison – 17.02.2022
Yellowsands is the best camping ground to spend holidays with family, the staff are so welcoming and make you feel like family, the grounds are spotless and ablution blocks kept neat and extremely clean. Def a must

Santie Smit – 17.02.2022
The best place for you holiday…and long term camping…

Mientjie Van Der Walt – 17.02.2022
Really the best of the best camping sites.

Anna Bonthuys – 17.02.2022
The best camping site

Johan Joubert – 17.02.2022
The best place to camp

Katie Joubert – 17.02.2022
Yellowsands is the best caravan park in South Africa!

Jan – 17.02.2022
Yellow sands is the best place for families to camp our kids absolutely love it and it is 100% secure

Fourie Jo – 17.02.2022
Lovely place with beautiful stands

Brendan Lawson – 17.02.2022
My last trip away in South Africa was to Yellows and I can’t wait to go back one day. Yellows gets me through cold rainy days in the UK when I remember the amazing walks along the beach at sunset, core memory stuff.

Cois Bekker – 17.02.2022
Yellow sands was our first long term caravan camping trip and we got caught in the first outbreak of covid and had to spend the first lockdown there. The Leppan team was absolutely fantastic and everybody in the park at that stage was catered for at looked after. Yellow sands is for sure the best resort in South Africa and will always be highly recommended by us.

Andre Burger – 17.02.2022
Yellow sands caravan Park

Glynis Bowker – 17.02.2022
Have been going to Yellow Sands for long breaks and weekends away since 1995.. never disappointed, brilliant staff and always, always a relaxing amazing time .. best ever

Ryan Oliver – 17.02.2022
beautiful camp site. It has it all. Sandy beach, River, rocks, waves. Everything for an amazing beach holiday.

Craig – 17.02.2022
Yellow Sands is the best

Johann Potgieter – 17.02.2022
What a wonderful place to camp, the best!

Amanda Potgieter – 17.02.2022
Yellowsands absolutely the best caravan park!

Tiekie Armstrong – 17.02.2022
Best resort. Clean, safe and well managed. Lovely stands and ablusions.

Rochelle Clarke – 17.02.2022
Yellow Sands is a well maintained and beautiful camping resort. Throughout each year, improvements are put into place. Family run, the staff go out of their way to assist and make sure that we feel welcome. Yellows offers beach and river access, a swimming pool with shaded seating areas and trampoline. Ablutions are always clean. Due to the lay out of the camp, each time one camps it can feel like a totally different experience. We have been camping there for 13 years.

Kaylee – 17.02.2022
Great place to just sit back and relax

Yolande Kruger – 17.02.2022
Friendliest, cleanest most beautiful camping site

D Lombard – 17.02.2022
Netjiese en veilige karavaan park.

Tracy Louw – 17.02.2022
Our favourite destination for the last 21 years.

Lindy Vermaak – 17.02.2022
The camp sites at Yellow Sands Resort are always well maintained and the ablutions are always immaculate (never had a cold shower). Not to mention the view whether it be sea or river, as well as the heated pool this resort has alot to offer, we love camping here.

Nicola – 17.02.2022
The best by far!! Have been camping at Yellows ever since I can remember. Definitely the best campsite with something for everyone to enjoy. #yellowsands ❤

Gail Willemse – 17.02.2022
An amazing experience and the staff are all very helpful the best caravan park by far

Hanli Labuschagne – 17.02.2022
Very well looked after camping site. Clean and safe

AIDAN DE LANGE – 17.02.2022
Yellow Sanda of good value for money, it’s safe, the hosts understand the needs of their customers and assist beyond favorable expectations.

Craig Giese – 17.02.2022
Yellow Sands resort is the best camping spot on the Easy Coast

Annarie Lerm – 17.02.2022
Ongelooflike lekker, skoon en veilige kamp oord. Baie vriendelike en behulpsame Eienaars en personeel.

Marie Coetzee – 17.02.2022
When looking for a place to start my Longstanding camping I was welcomed at Reception and helped with friendly information about questions and was told o could go into the resort and see everything with no rush. I knew then this was where i was going to start my exciting new life.

Gerald Mackelina – 17.02.2022
The best

Tappie Labuschagne – 17.02.2022
Very nice campsite

Klaus Muller – 17.02.2022
The best by far, no if, no but, thanks for being Klaus Müller

Terry – 17.02.2022
The best camping resort in the Eastern Cape!!!

Andrea Lodewyk – 17.02.2022
Yellow Sands the absolute best campsite

Leane Le Roux – 17.02.2022
Beautiful resort and friendly Staff. Owners very dedicated

Celeste Mc Ewan – 17.02.2022
The best holiday destination in South Africa. Always safe and secure. A piece of paradise for us to enjoy and unwind after a long year

Domoney Moira – 17.02.2022
Beautiful, safe & clean facilities. Lovely beach. The ideal family & kid friendly destination. We always have a great time!

Gavin – 17.02.2022
Will always love Yellow Sands – Best Campsite ever.

David Louw – 17.02.2022
For the past 21 years every December we are there and we will keep going, safe, clean, friendly and helpful apersonel

Annetjie du Randt – 17.02.2022
Yellow Sands is the best.

Carika – 17.02.2022
Best holiday destination. Family friendly and orientated. Just amazing

Kobus Horn – 17.02.2022
The people is always ready to serve. Camp sites clean and space. Toilets And bathroom clean always hot water. Simple things but very imported for a camper.

Frikkie Senekal – 17.02.2022
Love Yellow sands the huge beach, the peace. This wil be my 3rd year camping there

Melanie de Man – 17.02.2022
Awesome holiday site!

Amelia Williams – 17.02.2022
Best park by far. Will not go anywhere else

Jo-Anne Oosthuizen – 17.02.2022
Simple the Best camping spot. Love love Yellow Sands

Riana van Heerden – 17.02.2022
Yellow Sands = Simply…..the Best camping experiece anyone can ever ask for! Yeh!!!

Riana van Heerden – 17.02.2022
Yellow Sands are: Simply…. the Best in all aspects for camping!!

Walda Huysamen – 17.02.2022
Mooiste, beste en lekkerste!

Lyn Larkan – 17.02.2022
My favourite place to camp…everything is 100%..Love Yellow Sands Caravan Park❤

Marina Gillmer – 17.02.2022
Die beste

Chelsea – 17.02.2022
Yellow Sands is the best Caravan Park ever!

Gerrit Bonthuys – 17.02.2022
Simply the best.

Pam Forbes – 17.02.2022
Yellow Sands is such an amazing place. So tranquil and relaxing. Best place for families

Ian Reynolds – 17.02.2022
Spectacular setting, friendly staff

Louis Nel – 17.02.2022
The best!

Ferreira Martine – 17.02.2022
Yellowsands is just the most perfect place to relax and revive. The view alone is to die for.

Liezel Crossman – 17.02.2022
Location 100% cleanliness 100% facilities 100% top notch!

Trish Watson – 17.02.2022
Absolutely the most beautiful, pristine, diverse and safe camping destination in South Africa.

Ian Sutherland – 17.02.2022
Well run, clean secure resort with friendly staff and Management.

Lorraine PIENAAR – 17.02.2022
The best!!

Nadia Myburgh – 17.02.2022
Wonderful resort, catering for each and everyone!!

Matthew Field – 17.02.2022
Best resort in the country.

Stephanie de Lange – 17.02.2022
Yellow Sands is an amazing, well-kept and relaxing place to stay. One of my favorite places to visit.

Andrew – 16.02.2022
Love camping on the wild coast

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