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Type: Experience
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: Come explore the wine and olive estates of the Robertson Wine Valley in a fun and unique open- air Safari vehicle as your dedicated transport. Feel the wind in your hair, sit back, relax and enjoy the sightseeing and wine tasting adventure, without the worry of driving .

Region: Western Cape / Robertson

Wine Valley Safari

Fun tour and transport

The Best way to tour and explore the Robertson Wine Valley in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

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Yolandé Hagen – 31.05.2022
What a nice experience! You get to know the Robertson wine valley with all its wonderful wine farms! A must do when visiting the region!

Heidi Taljaard – 30.05.2022
Best way to explore the beautiful Robertson Wine Valley

Marlize – 30.05.2022
An absolute MUST when visiting the area!! Great wine and a great experience!!

Ivor – 30.05.2022
Wine Valley Safari is an one and a million wine safari,its unforgettable a tour worth to remember, and don’t Forget Andi your Tour guide and Driver providing an excellent and out of this world experience, and then there is Melissa Peterson with a smile and personality that spark like a bottle of sparking wine on a hot summers day. Love Tour Mama Africa international

HN Engel – 30.05.2022
Great experience and the service is excellent

Gerda – 30.05.2022
Die BESTE toer en wyn!

Raiel le Roux – 30.05.2022
Organized, fun, and well-priced!

Highly recommendable and affordable. An over all Great experience and contribution for Robertson Town and Tourism.

Rowan – 30.05.2022
Amazing experience and tour! if you haven’t done it yet…what are you waiting for!?

Renate Le Roux – 30.05.2022
Fantastic experience. Custom trips for all occassions,

Michelle Botha – 30.05.2022
Flippen awesome wyntoer bus! Absoluut die beste in ons wyn distrik!!

Stephanie King – 30.05.2022
Wonderful experience. So well organised

Melinda Loubser – 19.05.2022
This is definitely on my bucket list! What an absolute cool way to explore the Robertson Wine Valley, without the hassle of driving. Cant wait to do this!!

Ram – Rescue Among Many – 02.04.2022
A wonderful experience! Try it soonet

Karen Loubser – 22.03.2022
A wonderful & guiltfree way to enjoy the valley & what it has to offer!!

Elzette – 21.03.2022
Coolest way to travel between wine experiences in the Robertson Wine Valley.

Dave van SChalkwyk – 18.03.2022
greatest tour ever

A great way to enjoy the Robertson wine valley, without the concern about drinking and driving!

Chantal Jones – 17.03.2022
Such a great experience. Definitely something for your bucket list. They have friendly staff who goes the extra mile.

Amelita Friedrichsen – 17.03.2022
Would love to explor the beauty of Robertson.

Hanrie Fourie – 17.03.2022
Wonderful experience for the whole family with excellent service and a well intellectual tour guide. Great fun! Will highly recommend Wine Valley Safari

Hedley – 17.03.2022
Great service !

Muki Venture – 17.03.2022
The best wine ever

Marchelle van Zyl – 17.03.2022
An unique way of exploring the beautiful Robertson, Ashton, Bonnievale and McGregor wine valleys. Great guides and great experience.

Marisa Naude – 17.03.2022
Best destination Wine Valley Safari.

Kiss kissala Ngobola – 17.03.2022

Nadine Rosslind – 17.03.2022
Excellent Wine Tour Experience

Tania Van As – 17.03.2022
Best tour guide/experience ever!

Arzalia Wantza – 17.03.2022
Best tour ever. Good serves.

Wilhelm Jones – 17.03.2022
Awesome business with friendly staff!

Lynette Jones – 17.03.2022
Wine Valley Safari is a fun experience for the whole family. I love it that they also keep the needs of the children in mind while touring between cellars.

Ricardo taute – 11.03.2022
Will love a safari

Dakalo Ndou – 04.03.2022
My wish is to be there with my friends so that we can have more funny

Denga – 03.03.2022
Best service ever

Raquel – 03.03.2022
Absolutely a great Experience

A Sanders – 01.03.2022
Robertson has to be the most beautiful valley in the country! I can think of nothing better than great local wines, excellent food and hours of laughs with friends on this safari!

Jenny Louw – 01.03.2022
Robertson Wine Valley is an awesome place to relax and enjoy the best wines from the Cape.

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