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Type: Tour operator & agents
Category: Service Excellence

Motivation for award: We strive provide a unique and excellent services throughout our guests and clients experience with us. From the first contact, throughout our guests journey’s, our focus is in delivering a seamless and memorable experience We pride ourselves in partnering with sustainable, eco friendly and nature conscious travel partners to deliver the best experience possible.

Region: Limpopo /

WanderingThru Safaris & Expeditions

Exploring the wildest places

Boutique safari operator offering tailor-made and privately guided safaris to Southern, East and Central Africa. We specialize in small group departures and our main focus is to connect traveller to the natural world in an intimate and authentic way.
Our privately guided safari are also a great way to travel; our expert guides will assist you and bring to life your dream safari, and personally guide you throughout the itinerary to further enrich your experience.

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Delia Williams – 16.05.2022
Awesome product

DeenaKay – 13.04.2022
Very knowledgeable and friendly

Denise Kemp – 12.04.2022
The Wandering Thru guides are the best in Southern Africa. They would be very worthy winners of this Award.

Karen Bryson – 12.04.2022
A great team of individuals who have one aim and that is to deliver an experience that leaves you feeling like a VIP.

Astrida sadde – 12.04.2022
Wonderful experiencia with wanderingthru

Ray and Earline Rochester – 11.04.2022
Wandering Thru guides are the best of the best. We wouldn’t go with anyone else.

Kathy Sole – 11.04.2022
We were fortunate to be able to take advantage of highly discounted local rates during 2020 and Wandering Thru completely exceeded all expectations. What a wonderful experience from our first contact throughout the entire trip! Amazing sightings – our best ever – with excellent, passionate, highly knowledgeable guides. Absolutely superb experience and I cannot recommend this wonderful company too highly.

Jane Smith – 11.04.2022
Having watched Ale, Tristan and Tayla on Safari Live, I am impressed by their knowledge and passion for wildlife and sharing this with guests. Although I have not been fortunate enough to experience one of their safaris, the destinations and itineraries planned look wonderful and I would love to join them one day soon!

Debbie Friedler – 11.04.2022
You can’t go wrong with having WanderingThru plan your Safari. Guides are top notch and they plan down to the smallest detail. My South African trip was a trip of a lifetime, Went way above and beyond my wildest expectations.

Fiona Combrink – 11.04.2022
Exceptionally knowledgeable and respectful of their environment.

Karen Brown – 11.04.2022
The quids are so knowledgeable and make every safari enlightening and fun

Celia Roux – 11.04.2022
Amazing guides…

Sheena Isobel Wilson – 11.04.2022
I really do not know where to start because everything went so smoothly with WanderingThru. I had one of my best safaris ever! They were so professional and competent. I didn’t have to worry about a thing. They definitely go the extra mile to make their customers happy. I have already started planning another safari for next year with them.

Clare Wilson – 11.04.2022
Being with Wandering Thru on Djuma in 2020 had a huge effect on me. That experience opened a window for me into further wilderness experiences, soul places through which I’ve since wandered far and wide . Thank you WandergThru.

Claire Robinson – 11.04.2022
Delightful, passionate and knowledgeable guides who make ones safari experience something to remember for always.

Pat Ellis – 11.04.2022
Great South African company with amazing guides who are very knowledgeable and will give you the tour of your lifetime

Tina Oliveto – 11.04.2022
With such amazing guides, their knowledge of all things wild, love of nature and such beautiful places to explore, my vote goes to WanderingThru Safaris & Expeditions!!

Lesley Boggett – 11.04.2022
My ideal safari would be with Wandering Thru. Their guides,as seen on Wild Earth,are knowledgeable, passionate and fun. I look forward to one day spending time in the bush learning from these very special people.

Diane Downs – 11.04.2022
The best and most complete safari experience I have had. Tristan is a great personal guide, and Ali was a great detail oriented individual making all the arrangements.

Elaine Vandenberg – 11.04.2022
Wandering Thru is a very experienced safari group with highly knowledgeable guides who are also a lot of fun. A “not to miss” experience!

Mauricia Neeley – 11.04.2022
Outstanding company. Very knowledgeable, committed to excellence and providing the best experience for their guest. Have traveled with them in the past and booked again for the near future. Can’t imagine going to Africa without Wandering Thru.

Jan Powers – 11.04.2022
Wandering Thru is just the best to work with for planning a safari experience!

Linda Szczepanski – 10.04.2022
After exposure to Tristan and Ali (WanderingThru) via Safari Live, I can not imagine a safari with anyone else. Their ethics and love of the animals shines through… Unfortunately, at this time of life ( 71years old), I can not afford one of their safaris….Just dreams.

Kathryn M King – 10.04.2022
Some of the best African guides ever!!! So knowledgeable and passionate about all animals. Good luck…you deserve winning this award.

Claire Rule – 10.04.2022
Wanderingthru guides are some of the best we have ever had. Their knowledge and tracking abilities of all types of animals and places they go is life changing.

John Moseley – 10.04.2022
We enjoy anything about wildlife in Africa especially tours for visitors to go on safari and this site does that. Best of luck.

Shannon Neumann – 10.04.2022
Have had 2 wonderful experiences with Wandering Thru. Experienced, knowledgeable, helpful and fun from begin to end!

Kathy Green – 10.04.2022
I watch WildEarth Live and know the passion for the animals and the expertise and devotion of the guides.

Kaia Sword – 10.04.2022
Incredibly knowledgeable and passionate guides- they are awesome!

John Paine – 10.04.2022
Wandering Thru has the best guides in the business. They are extremely knowledgeable, personable, and fun. They have a passion for wildlife and conservation. You will learn a lot from them and have a wonderful time.

Gustav Appelgryn – 10.04.2022
WAnderingthru goes out of their way to assist with most affordable package within budget

Riandi Appelgryn – 10.04.2022
Definitely Wanderingthru. Always willing to assist with children and providing the best service possible

Stacy – 10.04.2022
A Wandering Thru safari is at the top of my bucket list!

Sandra Evens – 10.04.2022
Wandering Thru has the best guides. Love to see aptly of them.

Ulla – 10.04.2022
Simply the BEST. I have booked my 5th trip with WanderingThru and it will definitely not be the last. They have a very good sense for the interests of their customers.

Leanne Manten – 10.04.2022
I have never done a safari with Wandering Thru, but it is my dream to do so one day. I love the guides and and follow all them on social media and see what goes on. They care about what they do and seem to make a huge difference.

Janet Lee Struss – 10.04.2022
Ale has been wonderful and kind helping with our safari, particularly in view of the cancellations due to Covid. Thanks so much for your help.

Shirley Sword – 10.04.2022
I just returned from my first visit to Africa and elected to do a private guided safari using Wandering Thru. Tayla was my private guide through the whole process, from planning location sites, providing expertise during the trip, and managing logistics along the way and Ale helped navigate some of the tricky last minute logistics issues resulting from COVID issues. The level of expertise, knowledge and professionalism offered by Wandering Thru was invaluable in making my dream trip come true! I want to go back someday, and absolutely will use Wandering Thru again. I have every intent to refer any friends or family members to use their services as well! Most impressive!

Johanna Erasmus – 10.04.2022
Amazing Tour Operator!

Carol Bower – 10.04.2022
Can’t wait to be in South Africa on safari with Brent Leo-Smith

Gloria Cremen – 10.04.2022
African safari on my bucket list!

Jackie Boshoff – 10.04.2022
I haven’t personally traveled with Wandering Thru as their packages seem a bit expensive for the average South African on a budget. But from I’ve heard and seen is that they are a wonderful company to travel with if you can afford to .

Amparo Carrera Leal – 10.04.2022
The Team @ Wanderingthru really cares about every detail of your trip and helps you be well prepared so all you have to worry about during your trip is to enjoy every moment , every event, every drive and sighting!

Mel Chiert – 10.04.2022
Wandering Thru hands down have the best guides to lead and host magnificent safaris not only on South Africa, but the rest of Africa too! Just an amazing group of people to interact with

Kate Slade – 10.04.2022

Donna Nicklis – 10.04.2022
Tristan and Ale are the best!

Lucy Botha – 10.04.2022
Vote for Wandering Thru!!

L. Ross – 10.04.2022
Some of the best guides!

Ivy S Wilensky – 10.04.2022
Wandering Thru not only select the best lodges, they are the best guides and by the end of your adventure – you feel like family. Can’t wait to go again!!

Paula Pisarski – 10.04.2022
I love reading about you tours and hope to be able to take one in the very near future. We love all your guides from years of watching them on Safari Live. I feel like we would definitely know what we are getting with booking a tour through Wandering Thru.

Lisa Marier – 10.04.2022
Experienced, passionate and ethical guiding at its best. Ale recently planned a seamless last-minute safari, only 2-weeks from departure. I am now planning my next trip, with Tristan guiding. The best!

Gillie Minett – 10.04.2022
The dream holiday ❤️

Deborah Brandon – 10.04.2022
WanderingThru are the best travel guides one could choose for a fully epic African safari! Whilst there are some truly great ones, WanderingThru is exceptional.

Guido Cremie – 10.04.2022
Run by the most wonderful people you’ll ever meet. Their passion for wildlife is just infectious, no pun intended. If you’re looking for that amazing time in the bush, surrounded by the best in the business, give these guys a call. An adventure awaits you.

Roberta Record – 10.04.2022
Phenomenal company. The most responsive and personable personnel with well planned and amazing adventures.

Sherry Sigmond – 10.04.2022
Wandering Thru Staff, the Awesome Guides and the ANIMALS are the BEST!!

Lori Mumblo – 10.04.2022

Neeta Dave – 10.04.2022
Amazing company commuted to wildlife conservation with very passionate staff

Janet Marchie – 10.04.2022
They are the best!

Kev Kenyon – 10.04.2022
Safaris are second to none, there destinations, communication, professionalism and very genuine people

Jennifer Lewis – 10.04.2022
I love South Africa, beautiful country, beautiful people. Support tourism, anti-poaching and wild-life; go on this amazing safari and have the experience of a lifetime.

Patricia Cain – 10.04.2022
Great agency with the best guides!

Gustavo Perez Ara – 01.04.2022
Wandering Thru is the best agency, no questions asked!

Jhonathan Eduardo Miranda T. – 31.03.2022
The best birds never seen in Africa

Patricio Rodriguez – 31.03.2022
Amazing service

Marianella Perrone – 31.03.2022
Wandering is the Best way yo Discover Africa

Diana Dominguez – 31.03.2022

Rafael Iglesias – 31.03.2022
Excelente personal Excelente servicio Excelente apoyo

Yajaira Paiva – 31.03.2022
They are the best!!

Emilia Galavis – 31.03.2022
They are the best!!! Marvelous trip with perfect organization.

Karina Salas – 31.03.2022

Maria Alcira Rivas – 31.03.2022
Excelente service.

Ria Martens – 20.03.2022
Best safari tour company ever!

Diane – 20.03.2022
Best safari experience ever!!

Pamela Shute – 19.03.2022
Top Safari Experience is Wandering Thru! Leopards, lions, elephants and giraffes are my favorites. The guides ensure you see what you admire. A dream come true – Wandering Thur!

Olivia – 18.03.2022
I vote for WanderingThru Safaris!

Maria Rossi – 16.03.2022
Best trip of my life!!!!!!!!!!!

Beverly McCauley – 15.03.2022
You guys are the best guides out there. Hope you win, it will be well deserved!

Antony Imoit – 15.03.2022
You are the best

Fabiola – 14.03.2022
Best of luck!!

Elmarie Malan – 14.03.2022
Wandering Thru, what a great push of people!

Tatiana Sadde – 14.03.2022
Best company all around.

Julia D’Alesandro – 14.03.2022
Wandering Thru Safaris & Expeditions provide a unique experience with some of the most knowledgeable guides on the business.

Carey – 13.03.2022
Stunning place

Sandra TAMBLYN – 13.03.2022
South Africa is blessed with 3 of the best guides in the world, all working at Wandering Thru. Tristan, Ale and Tayla are the best. Their knowledge of animals and the bush is outstanding. They need to be noted for the fantastic guiding they do as well as for their love for our rhinos, wild dogs and pangolins.

Charmaine McCance – 13.03.2022
I m voting for Wanderinh Through as Tayla is an awesome guide.

Tamryn Dicks – 13.03.2022
Fantastic service!

Caryn Pereira – 13.03.2022
Love their knowledge and enthusiasm

Diane Weideman – 13.03.2022
Enthusiastic people who love their jobs.

Saneli – 12.03.2022
I like to exploring my country

Connie ONeill – 12.03.2022
Voting for Wandering Thru Safaris and Expeditions. The talent, knowledge, devotion, and conservation to all creatures large or small by this group is unsurpassed.

Sebabatso – 12.03.2022
I love exploring my country ❤️

Nomonde – 12.03.2022
South African tourism is the best in the world ❤️

Christina Coates – 12.03.2022
Voting for WanderyThru

Kim Stone – 12.03.2022
Voting for Wandering Thru

Nicky Bartlett – 12.03.2022

Mary Farrell – 12.03.2022
Deep knowledge. Passion for wildlife. Engaging personalities. Respect for guests. Wandering Thru has it all!

Donna Nicklis – 12.03.2022
Wonderful guides and extremely experienced. Can’t wait to get back to Africa with you!

Masingita – 12.03.2022
Good Luck

Tarnia Sabbadin – 12.03.2022
Voting for Wandering Thru

Arlene Levin – 12.03.2022
Very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Mariana Sadde – 12.03.2022
Some of the best experiences of my life were made possible by this organization. I would want nothing more than for them to get the recognition they deserve for doing this for me and many others on a daily basis… thank you!

Debra Dazet – 12.03.2022
Ale, Tristan, Tayla and the rest of the Wandering Thru staff made our trip to South Africa the most wonderful experience. The personal touch to our itinerary trip preparations demonstrated their professionalism. We are looking forward to our next trip.

Rosmarie – 12.03.2022
the whole crew are so knowledgeable and special. Good luck!

Laura Dicks – 12.03.2022
Congratulations and good luck!

Elna Rubinek – 12.03.2022
Wonderful Team.

CAROLE GEDDES, – 12.03.2022
Ale, Tristan and Tayla are a strong team putting together wonderful packages for their guests to enjoy. They also put a lot of emphasis on conservation in their trips.

Glenda McMurray – 12.03.2022
Voting for wanderingthru

Helen Keown – 12.03.2022
Awesome Achievement ❤️

Shrivant Rajgarhia – 12.03.2022
The most knowledgeable & friendliest safari outfit in Africa!

Nicki Kirton – 12.03.2022
Wandering Thru and Ale are amazing! So knowledgable. My vote is for them

Magda du Plessis – 12.03.2022
I vote fir Wandering Thru Safari’s

Sharon Hirson – 12.03.2022

Valerie McIntosh Smith – 12.03.2022
Best locations, wonderful as guides, special people.

Judy H – 12.03.2022
Ale, Tristan and Tayla are knowledgeable, skilled, thoughtful, interesting people.

Michael Moss – 12.03.2022
I used Wandering Thru in September. Tristan and Ale are great. I plan on using them again next trip.

Darryn Chaplin – 12.03.2022
Go Tayla!!!!!!

Dee Dee Dhein – 12.03.2022
Tristian and Ale & wandering thru are amazing

Julie McInnes – 12.03.2022
Amazing people doing amazing things! Always have the wildlife’s best interests at heart! ❤️

Atenas Bello – 12.03.2022
Ale is the best. Her work is excellent! Wandering Thru deserves for its extraordinary work.

Liz Wolff – 12.03.2022
A stellar company that will take care of every need and want of the traveler.

Sylvia Aldrich – 12.03.2022
The best team ever! So helpful and fun to be with!

Kristin Hotti – 11.03.2022
The main reason I want to go to South Africa is because I watch Safari Live

Ryan McCurdy – 11.03.2022
They have the best guides!

M Sturges – 11.03.2022
Wonderful, hard working people

Lisa Vickers – 11.03.2022
Congratulations on a well deserved nomination!!

Jennifer – 11.03.2022
WanderingThru Safaris & Expeditions

Annie Howard – 11.03.2022
I used WanderingThru for a trip to the Sabi Sands and they were incredible! Highly recommend!

Gianfranco Gonnella – 11.03.2022
Outstanding work.

Una Schultz – 11.03.2022
WanderingThru will make all your Safari dreams come true!

Terri Almond – 11.03.2022
An amazing experience from start to finish!

Rarchive – 11.03.2022
Fun! and exciting!

Anneke de Zinger – 11.03.2022
Wonderful guides. We live the SA bush

Avicapri – 11.03.2022
Best ever!

Ricky – 11.03.2022

Monika Gierschik – 11.03.2022
Best Safari Operator ever! Outstanding expert guides!!! Good luck Ale, Tayla and Tristan

Ricardo Coppola – 11.03.2022
Great. Thank you

Maureen Rule – 11.03.2022
Wishing you all the best in this competition. Receiving a travel voucher would be amazing!

Heather Chrystal – 11.03.2022
Well done Wandering Thru!

Janet Marchie – 11.03.2022
Good luck!

Janet Marchie – 11.03.2022
Good luck!

Darlene Carroll – 11.03.2022
Wandering thru is the best!

Jo Ridley – 11.03.2022
I’ve been in two safaries with WanderingThru and loved it so much that I’ve booked two more safaries this year and am planning to do the same next year

Lorraine Thompson – 11.03.2022
Wandering Thru have the most passionate feel for the wild and it shows in their love of nature. They have my vote for sure!

Beryl Keil – 11.03.2022
So knowledgeable, so relaxed and a pleasure to be on a trip with out in the open air.

Colleen Lombard – 11.03.2022
Extra cash is always needed on holiday! Thank you!

Deborah Allen – 11.03.2022
yay Ale

Clare Wilson – 11.03.2022
The time in the bush that I spent with WanderingThru (Tristan and Ale, and at another time, Tayla) has become embedded in my heart and soul and will always be accessible to me as lifetime memories. The wilderness filtered and facilitated through their presence makes for wondrous experiences.

Margaret Gaut – 11.03.2022
Great people to travel with

Susanne Vierth – 11.03.2022
Outstanding guides, highly knowledgeable, enthusiastic and genuinely kind.

Federica – 11.03.2022
The best

Alicia Mendoza – 11.03.2022
I have been in South Africa just once but I can tell you it was the best experience ever. They are very profesional and provide a personalized and unique service, Ale, makes a big difference, she is always focusing in your needs, making sure you have a fantastic experience.

Diane Faria – 11.03.2022
Wishing you the best of luck. May you go from strength to strength. xx

Roberto Pujol – 11.03.2022
Excellent. Good luck !!!


Marco Assandria Roiatti – 11.03.2022
The best one

Ryan Hill – 11.03.2022
Wandering Thru is a wonderful travel company with really great and knowledgeable guides !

Donna Mccurdy – 11.03.2022
They are dedicated and genuine woman with a passion for wildlife conservation and giving guests a lifetime experience ❤

Edward Osborne – 11.03.2022
Tristan, Ale and Tayla You guys are great! I want to come out to meet you guys at some point. See you soon, Aloha!!

Glynis Roversi – 11.03.2022

Hilary Cooke – 11.03.2022
Wandering Thru Safaris and Expeditions are the best Safari Operator offering tailor made safaris in Southern Africa. The expert Guides are dedicated and personable and fulfill the clients/travellers’ every request 100% and nothing is too much trouble for them. Wandering Thru deserve this award.

Helen Skinner – 11.03.2022
Amazing company ran by very professional and friendly people. Couldn’t be more accommodating when my safari had to be postponed and rearranged due to COVID 19. Emails always responded to quickly, they will do everything they can to make sure that your holiday is perfect and memorable.

Michael Gulbraa – 11.03.2022
Wandering Thru provides experts for everything a guest could want. Excellent service, professional photographic advice/support, stunning locations, and all done with a warm smile and the best of “family” treatment. All the best!!

Jodi Stanley – 11.03.2022
Love Ale!!!!

Matteo assandria – 11.03.2022
Excellent tour operator

Sheila Thomas – 11.03.2022
Good Luck!

Oswaldo Rodríguez – 11.03.2022
The best

Siobhan Dawson – 11.03.2022
Would just love to go on safari with Wandering Thru – the most knowledgeable, enthusiastic and fun group of naturalists/ guides in SA. Good luck to you all.

Chaney Long – 11.03.2022
Amazing experience

Valeria Straticzuk – 11.03.2022
Please may I request my R1000 travel voucher

Lindsay Slogrove – 11.03.2022
Amazing people!

Ivy S Wilensky – 11.03.2022
Wandering Thru is the best! Not only are the guides fantastic – you feel like you are with family. Every need was taken care of =even last minute changes during COVID. Highly recommend!!

Karen Brown – 11.03.2022
Tour guides are outstanding!!

Deborah Friedler – 11.03.2022
Traveled with Wandering Thru in 2019, Amazing trip and you can’t go wrong with Ale and Tayla as your guides. They are more than just a tour operator, they treat you like you are family. Can’t wait to go back on safari with them someday.

Sheila Lance – 11.03.2022
Wandering Thru has planned three safaris for me and each one was excellent in every way. Ale and her team are incredibly knowledgeable, and willing to do whatever it takes to make sure you have the best time. I have been on many other safaris but none have come close to the incredible experiences Wandering Thru has provided. I would never use anyone else now.

Christa Caldwell – 11.03.2022
Count my vote for Wandering Thru!!

Katy Ciula – 11.03.2022
I have used WanderingThru and have found to be very helpful and booked me a wonderful safari to share with my friends.

Glenn Harrop – 11.03.2022
Amazing stunning service simply the best.

Elize Roets – 11.03.2022
The Best Safari and guides in the industry

JGroom – 11.03.2022
Good luck Guys

Stefan Steyn – 11.03.2022
Awesome company. Ale is great

Sharon Grod – 11.03.2022
Wandering Thru The best guides, best destinations, best times.

Jane Harwood – 11.03.2022
Seamless, flawless and spot on – even having to postpone 1 yr due to covid. Highly recommend!

Kerstin Björklund – 11.03.2022
Love to se all the leopards.

Mary Kay Mason – 11.03.2022
I travelled with Wandering Thru last summer. I can’t say enough how marvelous our trip was! Ale and Tristan took extra special care of my senior Mama and myself after an accident. For the whole trip in truth. . I am traveling with them again this summer. Both of us can’t wait. Wandering Thru is also my Grade 2 outreach project in South Africa. Last year, they helped deliver almost $2000USD of school supplies to Hananani Primary in Dixie, South Africa. They will help do the same again this year. Wandering Thru is more than just my/our Safari Specialists, they are family. I always recommend Wandering Thru to those friends considering a trip to Africa.

Lori Butler – 11.03.2022
Loved our trip to South Africa planned by Wandering Thru. They are fantastic at their job. Can’t wait to return with their guidance.

Kelly Cunningham – 11.03.2022
Good Luck WanderingThru!

Tina Codeghini – 11.03.2022
I was in Sudáfrica and i loved this country. The Best was Wandering Thru.

Sandra – 11.03.2022
Can only be the best boutique guided safari offering with Tayla McCurdy as a guide. Would love to win. Wandering Thru, may you enjoy showing off your treasures to the world, with or without Tayla.

Heidi Teeling – 11.03.2022
All the deserve to win

Lize Jeffrey – 11.03.2022
WanderingThru the best.

Barbara Williams – 11.03.2022
I have had the most fantastic experiences with WanderingThru. They make your experience on that you’ll remember for life time.

Barbara Cairns – 11.03.2022
Worthy of awards!

Yajaira Paiva – 11.03.2022
They are the best!

Marianella Perrone – 11.03.2022
The best agency

Rosa Napolitano – 11.03.2022
The best.

Debbie Kempton – Jones – 11.03.2022
Best operator ever@

Cindy Dowdle – 11.03.2022
Have the best ever!!

Nicole – 11.03.2022
Good luck! Can’t wait to plan a trip with Wandering Thru Safaris one day, I follow them on social media and see all the great trips!

Sandra – 11.03.2022

Narjis Moledina – 11.03.2022
I dont need the voucher, thks

Youla cohen – 11.03.2022
What an amazing organisation – an experience of a lifetime !!!!

Helena Libietis – 11.03.2022
Wondering Thru Safaris great company with a very personable attention. Great way to get to know SA!!! Hope they win!!!

Belinda Dissinger – 11.03.2022
No need for a voucher, but thanks.

Alma Kerr – 11.03.2022
Looking forward to our Chitwa safari in July. Good luck.

Diana – 11.03.2022
The best tour operator

Dianne – 11.03.2022
Wondering thru

Giuseppe Dirani – 11.03.2022
Las mejores vacaciones

Jesus Alfaro – 11.03.2022
The best

Maria Grazia Roiatti de Assandria – 11.03.2022
Amazing safari

Maria Grazia Roiatti – 11.03.2022
Amazing safari

Claudia Sadde – 11.03.2022

Gabriela Grinsteins – 11.03.2022
This is the best tour operator! Wonderful in terms of knowledge, languages, eco-consciousness and quality of the experience.

Ilske – 11.03.2022
Wandering Thru are absolutely phenomenal at what they do!

Vittorio Assandria – 11.03.2022
The best wildlife guide are in Wandering Thru. Suerte

Roberto Olivieri – 11.03.2022
I have travelled with wanderingthru a few times in south africa. The knowledge of african wildlife and conservation is what really sets them a part from others!

Astrida Sadde – 11.03.2022
Good luck!

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