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Type: Tour operator & agents
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: Our enterprise does offer and promote unique Karoo experience to our visitors from around the country and beyond.

Region: Northern Cape / Karoo region

Victoria West Tours (Pty) Ltd

#VictoriaWestTours #KarooExper

Victoria West Tours is registered tour operator enterprises in Victoria West, Northern Cape. We offer unique Karoo experience to our tourists ranging from walking tours, hiking, adventure and wildlife excursions. Our tourist guide are well informed about our location and provide memorable moments.

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Augustine Kgoro – 14.03.2022
I would suggest this place for any holiday…

This is the place I will say is the best but Northern cape in the best to visit

Adrian Tony – 12.03.2022
Victoria West Tours (Pty) Ltd, all the way

Charles Simema – 12.03.2022
Lovely place and great people. Full of rich history with many tourist attractions, such as the Apollo Theatre which is great.

Hugo Vorster – 11.03.2022
Ricardo Akhona Pieterse is THE BEST OF THE BEST Tourist Guide you can get Victoria West Tours (Pty) Ltd – South Africa are Privileged to have Him

Lutfiyya Basson – 11.03.2022
Good day I love Victoria West Tours. Ricardo Pieterse really provides more than value for money. His enthusiasm and thorough manner in introducing and explaining Victoria West. Thanks so much for what you do Regards Lutfiyya Basson

Charles Simema – 11.03.2022
Great experience with the town. Loved the experience of being able to inherit the unique experience of the Karoo. Many historical sites such as the ‘Groot Trek’ settlement and the Apollo Theatre.

Henrijames – 11.03.2022
I just love the architecture and history of the beautiful Karoo

Joseph Hlasa Mofokeng – 10.03.2022
I love Karoo

Innocent Gopolang Nako – 09.03.2022
Number 1 !!!

Innocent Gopolang Nako – 09.03.2022
Victoria West Tours is the Best !!

Otshepeng – 09.03.2022
It will be a nice experience

Reinette – 09.03.2022
I vote for Victoria Wes because it’s such a beautiful place and the people their a always very friendly, cant wait to go back there again.

Bathobile Ngubane – 08.03.2022
I’m voting for Victoria West Tours Pty Ltd

Joshua Neo Modise – 08.03.2022
#Vitoria west Tours is a great place to get a lifetime experience on tourism

Matshego malepe – 08.03.2022
Can not wait for the experience

Sanele – 08.03.2022
I vote for Victoria West Tours

Mphoentle Modungwa – 08.03.2022
Very beautiful place to be

Naledi Difatlho – 07.03.2022
The best tourists I have ever came across

Obakeng Jacobs – 07.03.2022
Victoria West Tours is an amazing trailblazer in local tourism in the Northern Cape. It fuses history and current..

Ezette Pool – 07.03.2022
The most amazing tourist guide and his tours are fun, exciting, informative, interesting and great experience. Therefore every Northern Cape Tour I do, Victoria West and Ricardo’s tour is included in my itinerary. I am so proud of my tourist guide colleque.

Ricardo Akhona Pieterse – 07.03.2022
Unique experiences

Ellanza – 06.03.2022
This is definitely a good place to be and not expected,connects u with nature

Kagiso Pine – 05.03.2022
Northern Cape has more interesting tourist attractions. A very nice and historical province. You can still watch a sunset until late at night.

Thelma Motokolo – 04.03.2022
There’s never a full moment when u visiting the Northern Cape province my pride

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