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Type: Experience
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: We garantee that this experience will not only change your life but also enrich it, making you fall inlove with South Africa and her fauna and flora in the process. This is a hands on program where students and volunteers are given the chanse to see what happens behind the scenes. They are given a chanse to take part and to really make a difference.

Region: Western Cape / Garden Route

Umkhondo Big5 and Wildlife Volunteering

Life changing experience

We have 2 programs.
1. Wildlife Capture and Care Course, designed for vet students or qualified vets and nurses. This course is for 3 weeks and in this time students can treat up to 400 animals themselves (under supervision of a wildlife vet). This course is extremely fast passed and exciting and a life changing experience for people hoping to work with wildlife. This course will give you confidence and an entirely new way of seeing wildlife medicine.
2. Our second program is our Big5 conservation program, this program is run year-round and teaches volunteers the importance of what happens behind the scenes. The part tourists do not usually see. Volunteers can really be part of wildlife conservation and feel that they have made a difference.
It is a life changing experience. We show volunteers and students what happens behind the scenes, they can see the difference they are making. They are actively involved in all the projects.
When our students leave they all wish they could stay longer or return soon.
Our wildlife capture course has an huge amount of practical work, we have had programs where students have treated more the 400 animals per 3 week course.
We custom make our programs to fit our current volunteers or students.

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Selma Pansegrouw – 15.03.2022
This programme not only provides wildlife experiences. It also teaches amazing facts about South African wild, birds, plants and much more. Students get to do and see things that others may never have the privilege to do and see. Opportunities to the next level. Guided by an experienced organizer/leader, and worth every moment!

Jamie Leigh Abanes – 15.03.2022
Being able to gain the type of wildlife experience would be amazing and like no other!

Chantelle Woodward iles – 15.03.2022
Once in a lifetime opportunity!

Kirsten Nielsen – 15.03.2022
I was in the voulenteer program, and not only did it change my life it gave me amazing experiences, knowledge and friends!

Mercy Jebet – 15.03.2022
I am a vet student and i am encouraged by the work that you do.I would really like you to win because you deserve it.

Mohit mitharwal – 15.03.2022
I’m intern vet student from India, I have travelled and work all over India during CoViD time for many small animal NGOs abd wildlife NGO. This course will be perfect opportunity for me to learn more skills and gain a lot of adventurous experience!!

Jasmin Prise – 15.03.2022
Wildlife Capture and Care Course would be the perfect opportunity for me to gain experience as a vet student in conservation medicine.

Thea Isaksen – 15.03.2022
Great program and seems like an amazing experience

Katrine Moum – 15.03.2022
I vote for the wildlife capture and care! Would have bern an anazing experience

Keerthi – 15.03.2022
I always dreamt of learning something new in wildlife so here is a chance me to go for it

Shahad AlMakki – 15.03.2022
I vote for Tina @travelingvetstudent

Mauritz Eklund – 14.03.2022
Couldn’t have experienced South Africa in a better way than on this course! Perfect way to get to know the culture and wildlife. Will forever remember and cherish the memories from here!

Malin Skaret – 14.03.2022
Lovely people and unforgettable memories! The wildlife capture and care program teaches you wildlife medicine and capture methods, it gives you a deep understanding for wildlife conservation and provides lots of hands on experience. With no doubt I’ll do it again!

Pernille – 14.03.2022
Had an amazing time with umkhondobig5 that I will nevrr forget!

Inger Katrine Eriksen – 14.03.2022
Wildlife capture and care course

Amelia Heichel – 14.03.2022
The most amazing experience of a lifetime!!!

Erwan DEGORCE – 14.03.2022
I have heard of the Vet X program through my research of a one of a lifetime veterinary internships in South Africa and through my girlfriend Tina Hansen. I have to say that now participating in this program would be a dream come true as I have wanted to become a wildlife vet since I can remember

Tina Hansen – 14.03.2022
Was there last year and I absolutely LOVED it!!!

Antje Nahnsen – 14.03.2022
Fantastic program! Fantastic team!!

Diane de Beer – 14.03.2022
Umkhondo big 5 and Wildlife Volunteering is an awesome program!!! Unforgettable experience and huge benefits for wildlife conservation in this beautiful country.

Kelvin Phillips – 14.03.2022
Great program!!

Madré du Plessis – 14.03.2022
This is an awesome experience!!

Shelly Lourens – 14.03.2022
I think this program is an amazing oppertunity to make a difference in Wild life conservation.

Manfred sykora – 14.03.2022
I would like to be in this program

Veronica gerber – 14.03.2022

Mia Carstens – 14.03.2022
Excellent program!

Hein Schoeman – 14.03.2022
Great place!

Gerber Chantelle – 14.03.2022
Best experience ever!!!!

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