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Type: Media
Category: Innovative

Motivation for award: Being a ground breaking, world-first video technology platform launched here in South Africa, our itineraries have completely changed the way that our country and continent are presented to clients. We’ve changed the Quotation and Confirmation process from an exchange of information into a key marketing and sales opportunity – for travel companies, suppliers and most importantly, our country. We’re seing single video itineraries being shared up to 200 times – a volume of exposure never seen before TripClip. African Innovation is leading the way.

Region: Kwazulu Natal / Southern Africa (rest of Africa being launched later this year)

TripClip (Pty) Ltd

The TripClip Revolution.

TripClip is a revolutionary world-first platform that allows travel companies to create unique, personalized & branded video itineraries for their clients in less than 30 seconds.

In addition to standard documentation, guests will now also be receiving a breathtaking visual representation of their journey; an invaluable digital asset that allows our industry to truly sell using the most powerful medium: video.
Our platform packages powerful content into a single, consumable video that truly engages viewers, saving them the time and effort required to endure through generic individual channels or numerous video links.

We’re changing the way that Africa is presented to and shared with the world – ensuring that our itineraries are more engaging, shareable and effective than any other format.

Proudly South African – from conceptualisation to development and distribution.

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Heidi Mielke – 18.02.2022
What a engaging and innovitive initiative. This exciting and dynamic approach enables the world to experience the true treasures of Africa.

Kyle – 18.02.2022

Bernice Beach – 18.02.2022
The most exciting and innovative way of selling travel and experiences!

Laura Mitchell – 18.02.2022
Highly recommend!

Kenji Suwanthong – 18.02.2022
Setting the standard – very innovative. Well done!

Grant Machanik – 18.02.2022
Honestly, this is remarkable innovative marketing on a whole new level! It deserves all the credit and makes the business to client experience so much more personalized!

Jacques Booyens – 18.02.2022
What Tripclip is doing matters. Aside from the incredible entrepreneurial spirit that they show, they are allowing people to share their excitement about traveling again. This is much needed after the last two years of restrictions and lockdowns.

Jake – 18.02.2022
A truly one of a kind travel itinerary

Gerhard – 18.02.2022
Brilliant innovation

Nicholas da Silva – 18.02.2022
Changing the game!

Calvin – 18.02.2022
Innovative and useful , adding value to your travel experience

Jason Donnison – 18.02.2022
Very good!

Jessie Setzkorn – 18.02.2022
Trip Clip is the most creative and innovative means of itinerary on the market at the moment. It’s cutting edge video content really captivates any viewer and is one of the best forms of media advertisement available for both the properties involved and the travel companies associated. Trip Clip is the first of its kind and is proudly South African!! So what better way to celebrate than to receive the South African Tourism Award.

Scott – 17.02.2022
I love TripClip!

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