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Type: Media
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: As an owner-run page, I use this to give future travellers an unbiased opinion of the experiences that I enjoy…and hopefully, they will as well.

Region: Nationwide /

Travel & Things

Tourism begins at home

A Blog that features a unique perspective on a variety of different establishments. Fron guesthouses and B & B’s, to game lodges and hotels. In large cities and in small-town South Africa

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Vikki – 30.05.2022
use the info all the time.

Kevin – 30.05.2022
Excellent work

Wayne – 30.05.2022
I hope that this blog gets a flurry of votes as the competition draws to a close.

Thabiso Mwelase – 26.05.2022
I would like to get the voucher

Laura – 26.05.2022
a breath of fresh air.

saul – 26.05.2022
good work

Mark – 26.05.2022
time to travel

Helen – 26.05.2022
great work

Wayne – 26.05.2022
Excellent work

Angelo – 19.05.2022
excellent work

Sharon – 19.05.2022
Very proud of the work that David produces.

Alistair – 19.05.2022
I have always enjoyed this blog.

Dave – 19.05.2022
Great work

Sonia – 19.05.2022
Going to be using this as a teaching guide.

geraldine – 19.05.2022
Road trip time

Lucas – 19.05.2022

Simone – 19.05.2022
Time to hit the road thanks to this blog.

Anne – 19.05.2022

Christine – 19.05.2022
Took me back to our train journey across KZN. Good times.

gary – 19.05.2022
The vote is my birthday present to you…

Clive – 18.05.2022
I do enjoy this blog, its content and images

Maria – 18.05.2022
Lekker like my koeksisters!

Shirley – 18.05.2022

Jarrod – 18.05.2022

Sally Andrew – 18.05.2022
Voting for Travel and Things! An honest celebration of our country and continent.

Mark – 18.05.2022
Use the blog to make my lodge bookings.

michael – 18.05.2022

Hilton – 18.05.2022

reese – 18.05.2022
More please

Annie – 18.05.2022
long time follower of this blog

Jessica – 18.05.2022
Loving the travel stories

Wayne – 18.05.2022
Really enjoy reading this blog

Anthony – 18.05.2022
good blog

Benjamin – 18.05.2022
I hope that manages to climb up the Top 10 list

james – 18.05.2022
Good content.

Juan – 18.05.2022
David is really good when it comes to his bush knowledge

Guy – 18.05.2022
Cool images

Pierre – 18.05.2022

Frieda – 18.05.2022
Excellent Blog!

Olympia – 18.05.2022
Reconnected after a long while. Good to see that David is STILL producing good work.

jon – 18.05.2022
good production values.

Aiden – 18.05.2022
great content

Lynda – 18.05.2022
cool blog content

Tyrone – 18.05.2022

Peter – 17.05.2022
A favourite of mine.

Ronnie – 17.05.2022

hazel – 17.05.2022
This competition seems to have been running for the longest time. I hope that your requests for votes do not fall on deaf ears.

Andrew – 17.05.2022
Many thanks for steering to your blog

Annemarie – 17.05.2022
Excellent blog

Wesley – 17.05.2022
awesome wildlife images.

Desire – 17.05.2022
love this!

Shelly – 17.05.2022
I wish I had found this blog before the holiday from hell that I recently endured.

Cobus – 17.05.2022
this is the one!

John – 17.05.2022
time to hit the road…

Gert – 17.05.2022

Bevan – 17.05.2022
love this blog

Jackie – 17.05.2022

Graham – 17.05.2022
Lekker blog! Keep up the good work.

Sheila – 16.05.2022
A great blog.

Lloyd – 16.05.2022

Mary – 16.05.2022

Peter – 16.05.2022
I am envious of the images.

Maureen – 16.05.2022

Reese – 16.05.2022
I enjoyed reading the posts.

Jayne – 16.05.2022
Great blog

Simon – 16.05.2022
I have already booked my next trip thanks to David

Benny – 16.05.2022

Maria – 16.05.2022
I so wish I could afford to travel. But this blog makes me enjoy the various places that David visits.

Wayne – 16.05.2022

Sally – 16.05.2022

Kayla – 15.05.2022
Inspirational. I want to write like David when I grow up!

Barbara – 15.05.2022
I yearn to visit these places.

Ronnie – 15.05.2022
Bush time calls, thanks to the writing and the pictures.

Edna – 15.05.2022
How does one find out more about this blog?

cameron – 15.05.2022
A necessity when planning a trip.

keith – 15.05.2022
loved it!

Eric – 15.05.2022
I miss Africa, and this blog makes me feel homesick.

brett – 14.05.2022
Stunning images.

Cameron – 14.05.2022
Great blog content and images

Illan – 14.05.2022
Love this blog.

melanie – 13.05.2022
Love it!

debra – 13.05.2022
You won’t find a better run individual blog

saul – 13.05.2022
good images

Stanley – 13.05.2022
Glad to see this blog is doing so well.

Neil – 13.05.2022

brandon – 13.05.2022
good content and awesome images.

Edgar – 12.05.2022
Great suggestions.

Yannis – 11.05.2022
I enjoy the images.

Melissa – 10.05.2022
Great blog

Saul vd Sandt – 09.05.2022

Lorna Skea – 09.05.2022
Yravel and Things is just great!

Johnny Cohen – 09.05.2022
Great blog

Adele van Graan – 09.05.2022
Even though I am not fluent in reading English, I find that the way David writes makes it easy for me to follow.

Ryan Winterboer – 09.05.2022
AWESOME. Makes me want to pack my bag and travel.

Arthur Holroyd – 09.05.2022
I would still like to see more of our beautiful country

faye – 08.05.2022
wonderful work

wesley – 08.05.2022
lekker blog

jack – 08.05.2022
great blog

Lee – 08.05.2022
What a great blog. Entertaining and informative

Ronald – 08.05.2022
This will be my go-to blog from now on!

Yolanda – 08.05.2022

Rob Joseph – 07.05.2022
Best travel blogger, photographer and writer by far!

Kate Nathan – 07.05.2022
David’s blog is the best. Chatty, intelligent, readable.

Al Prodgers – 07.05.2022
Travel &Things adds unique value and essential information to your trip.

Esther Martyne – 06.05.2022
Travel & Things makes me save for my next trip. I want to explore all these destinations and talk to these people.

Elise Bishop – 06.05.2022
Travel and Things is the No. 1 read for my virtual travel and info on where and what to see, enjoy and expect. The best travel blog in my opinion

Jacques – 06.05.2022
Been following for several months. Well done.

john – 06.05.2022
well done David!

maggie – 06.05.2022
good work

sharon – 06.05.2022
Awesome work

andre – 06.05.2022
Great source of reference

Sara – 06.05.2022
great blog

wesley – 01.05.2022
Great images.

Brigette – 01.05.2022
awesome images

paul – 01.05.2022
Just discovered this blog. Will be following on a regular basis

saskia – 01.05.2022
Awesome work

Jon – 01.05.2022
gerat work.

Eugene – 24.04.2022
great work David

adele – 24.04.2022
Makes me want to return to Africa.

Jasper – 21.04.2022
great work

Emma – 21.04.2022
Do you think that David will allow me to use some of his posts as a school project?

Ross – 21.04.2022
awesome content.

Justine – 21.04.2022
Just read this Blog after a friend recommended it, Super impressed.

Kurt – 19.04.2022
Great blog

mark – 19.04.2022

Grace – 19.04.2022
I find David’s posts inspirational

Sheila – 19.04.2022
Excellent work

James – 19.04.2022
Entertaining blog

Pauline – 18.04.2022
Well done David, Keep up the excellent work

Debbie – 17.04.2022
Great Easter weekend read.

Oliver Smythe – 15.04.2022
well constructed and scrupulously maintained. I look forward to new posts every week.

Melanie – 15.04.2022
Time to travel again I think

Gillian – 15.04.2022
An inspirational work

Eve – 15.04.2022
Travel & Things offers great content.

lionel – 15.04.2022
even though I no longer live in South Africa this blog makes me long for the bush.

Maurice – 15.04.2022
Have a great Easter weekend David. Thanks for the blog.

Yvette – 15.04.2022
I have already make bookings at some of the properties on this blog

Josh – 15.04.2022
Great reference source.

Hanna – 15.04.2022

Fred – 15.04.2022
To quote my namesake, Freddy Mercury, this Blog wants me to break free.

Oona – 15.04.2022
Enlightening for someone who lives overseas.

Lynn – 14.04.2022
I intend to read this blog over the Easter weekend.

jax – 14.04.2022
Great blog

Howie – 14.04.2022
Well done.

Myrtle – 14.04.2022
So glad that I found your blog.

clive – 14.04.2022
I hope my vote helps.

Jonathan – 14.04.2022
Cool content

Nadine – 14.04.2022
great blog content

mel – 13.04.2022

Sidney – 13.04.2022
well done

Cinda – 13.04.2022
great blog

martin – 13.04.2022
time to head back to the bush thanks to this blog

Cherice H – 13.04.2022
when I read this, I miss Africa.

Suzette – 13.04.2022
two thumbs up

Sybil – 13.04.2022

Claire – 13.04.2022

anthony frost – 13.04.2022
I like the images, they tell a story

ray – 13.04.2022
good content

Samantha – 13.04.2022

Liza Jones – 13.04.2022
This tourism competition is a great idea. Well done to Travel & Things.

Jonathan – 13.04.2022
consistently good work

Liz – 13.04.2022
Great work

nadine – 13.04.2022
I want David’s job…

Oona – 13.04.2022

Christopher – 13.04.2022
Great blog

Jarred – 13.04.2022

walter payne – 13.04.2022
Great blog

Philip Manst – 13.04.2022
Awesome work

Dineo – 13.04.2022
So good to meet and talk to David this morning. I am glad that I will now be able to follow his travels.

Andy Dutton – 13.04.2022
I will use this blog as a guide going forward.

Gillian – 13.04.2022

Sarah – 13.04.2022
I love this blog

Jim Matteson – 13.04.2022
A great blog to plan a South African trip with.

Heidi – 12.04.2022
I enjoyed reading this blog

Paul Schulte – 12.04.2022
awesome blog

Nicole Beyers – 12.04.2022
time to get back on the road. And this blog will be my road map,

Gareth Lourdes – 12.04.2022
great blog

Wanda Styles – 12.04.2022
love this.

Gerald S – 12.04.2022
Time for you to add some video content?

Jane Lovell – 12.04.2022
What a delightful blog.

Graham Wild – 11.04.2022
great wildlife images and awesome articles

Debra Miller – 11.04.2022
Time to plan a trip!

Gary Green – 11.04.2022

Wanda S – 11.04.2022
great blog

Charl v Tonder – 11.04.2022
This is a cool Blog that seems to focus on our wildlife tourist destinations.

Isiah B – 11.04.2022
Awesome images.

Alfred G – 11.04.2022
I cannot wait to visit some of the places that David has been to.

Bernice Cowley – 11.04.2022
Interesting articles and places.

Andy First – 11.04.2022
Hope that you make it to number 1!

Sharon West – 10.04.2022
Well done

Freda Collins – 10.04.2022
great blog

Tanya Green – 10.04.2022
I see David is very committed to producing consistently great posts.

Sarel – 09.04.2022

Tony West – 09.04.2022
well done!

Alisia – 09.04.2022
interesting content and awesome photos.

Terry Heald – 09.04.2022
A great blog to awaken to. Glad that I have discovered it.

Leonor Malan – 08.04.2022
Thank you for your great blog :)

Jeremy B – 07.04.2022
Well done

Nancy Howell – 07.04.2022
Hope that you win

Gregory – 07.04.2022
your blog is great

Alison Fyfe – 07.04.2022
well done

Robert Smith – 07.04.2022
You have my vote David

Wendy v Rooyen – 07.04.2022
looking forward to spending the voucher at places David recommends

Welman Hong – 07.04.2022
Always a great read

Nicole v d Walt – 07.04.2022
Great blog

Ashleigh Heasman – 07.04.2022
Can I please request my R1000 travel voucher

Aiden Z – 07.04.2022

Sebastiaan van Dyk – 07.04.2022
baie mooi werk

Clinton – 07.04.2022
Enjoy the lodge reviews.

Evelyne Sanders – 07.04.2022
Awesome images. Makes me want to travel.

Sydney D – 07.04.2022
good work

Lee Davies – 07.04.2022
good to see quality like this.

Mike Wellman – 07.04.2022
well done David

Darryl Dunes – 07.04.2022
great blog

Lawrence Meyer – 06.04.2022
Thanks for the constant update.

Ashley Manning – 06.04.2022
Been using this blog to plan my upcoming trip around South Africa.

Bruce Wilson – 06.04.2022
great photography. Makes me want to travel.

Lionel Short – 06.04.2022
this blog could be a worthy winner.

Nora Redman – 06.04.2022
A great read and I enjoy David’s writing style.

Julian Black – 06.04.2022
just what I was looking for

Sabine Clarke – 06.04.2022
this will now be my go-to source for local travel info.

Paul Ord – 06.04.2022
Great blog.

James West – 06.04.2022

Jennifer Dean – 04.04.2022
Informative articles & inspiring photos

Di Sparks – 03.04.2022
Always the BEST!!

Bernard Hutton – 02.04.2022
Awesome content and images.

Steph van der Walt – 02.04.2022
Aside from local content, David seems to enjoy visiting the rest of Africa. Keeping tourism within our continent.

Steph van der Walt – 02.04.2022
Aside from local content, David seems to enjoy visiting the rest of Africa. Keeping tourism within our continent.

Ian Phillips – 02.04.2022
Great blog. I await the next post with anticipation

Chris Avant Smith – 02.04.2022
Fantastic and really useful blog, I always consult it for local travel

Guy Sclanders – 31.03.2022
Who else takes amazing photos and gives honest advice?

Des lindberg – 30.03.2022
travel and things keeps South Africa as a prime destination

Colleen van den Heever – 30.03.2022
Great blog

Charmaine Higgins – 30.03.2022
Double thumbs up

Roman Sullivan – 30.03.2022
keep up the good work.

Roman Sullivan – 30.03.2022
keep up the good work.

Sandra Cross – 30.03.2022
Great blog.

Sarah Rose – 30.03.2022
David is brilliant. Privileged to know him personally and enjoy his pictures immensely.

Mark Hawkins – 30.03.2022
Always a ‘Go To’ blog when planning travelling….He says it as it is and beutifully written, honest and informative!

Wendy Jennings – 30.03.2022
Always great composition a nd clarity

Merrick – 30.03.2022
Fantastic blog.

Colin Jennings – 30.03.2022
Always uses a variety of approaches to the subject matter, giving an interesting viewpoint. Refreshing photography within the media sphere.

Val Silva – 30.03.2022
Fascinating to learn about all the awesome, luxurious places to stay in our game parks. Really highlights just how beautiful our country is. Stunning wildlife photography as well. It would be a well deserved prize.

Selwyn Maren – 30.03.2022
What an awesome blog. I will certainly continue to follow it.

Marianne Smith – 30.03.2022
I just want to pack a suitcase and head off down the road. Thanks David.

Sonja van Heerden – 30.03.2022
I do like this blog!

Shelley Russell – 30.03.2022
Great work!!

Desere Segal – 30.03.2022
Good website

Paulo Areal – 29.03.2022
Love your take on thing, great pics and insights

Tonya Black – 29.03.2022
Waiting for the results with bated breath. I am sure that you are as well.

Elizabeth West – 29.03.2022
Well done David

Allan Smith – 29.03.2022
I have followed this blog for a while and I am in awe of David’s talent as a writer and photographer. I wish him the best of luck

Rita M – 29.03.2022
An excellent blog and one that I will be following.

Julian Levitt – 29.03.2022
Wonderful blog. Good luck David

Mandy – 29.03.2022
David’s blogs are so informative and delightful to the eye that inspires the desire to go and explore more for yourself.

Terry Ostrowiak – 29.03.2022
Great Ambassador for SA

Jacki van Heerden – 29.03.2022
Keep up the good work David.

Helen Hays – 29.03.2022
Good luck, David! Great blog.

David Bristow – 29.03.2022
Go Batz Go!

Mark Weiner – 29.03.2022
A worthy winner

Elizabeth Osman – 29.03.2022
Hope you win david!

Martin – 29.03.2022
Great job, Dave

Kate Nathan – 28.03.2022
Consistently interesting blogging, compiled with depth, understanding, empathy and maturity. Great pics too

SJ Pretorius – 28.03.2022
I absolutely love David’s blog articles and beautiful, professional photographs capturing moments in time.

Steve Besl – 28.03.2022
Practical advice, fair reviews, with some good humour

Cassandra – 28.03.2022
Great stuff

Dave – 28.03.2022
I vote. Fantastic blog.

Rob Joseph – 28.03.2022
Love David’ wry sense of humour and to the point advice…. always.

Sally W – 28.03.2022
Good luck. This Blog is a joy to follow.

bronwyne – 28.03.2022
Trying to get you to the finish line, this blog deserves to be in the TOP 10

Michelle – 28.03.2022
cool blog!

Ellana Slotar – 28.03.2022
Best of luck David. Love “traveling” with you.

sharonne – 28.03.2022
Well done David.

Leonard – 28.03.2022
Great work and fab destinations.

Caroline H – 28.03.2022
A well-structured Blog. I am so glad that I found it.

Johan K – 28.03.2022
I have just read the post about Antbear Lodge. The place looks awesome! I think that a visit is in order.

Conrad C – 26.03.2022
As a fellow photographer, I admire David’s work which has been an inspiration to me.

Winston Bailey – 26.03.2022
I am glad that I stumbled upon this competition and this Blog. Well done David

Adam Wood – 26.03.2022
A great blog.

Rick Loveland – 26.03.2022
Always a great photographer. I wish I had his skills. Best of luck David.

Otto Werd. – 25.03.2022
As someone who enjoys being in the bush, I find this an interesting blog with awesome photographs.

Claire W – 25.03.2022
Most interesting blog and has a variety of ideas for me to mull over.

Zander Van – 25.03.2022
I have just read this blog for the first time and see that David has interesting guest writers as well. The article by Don Pinnock about Kruger was interesting.

Joanne M – 25.03.2022
Although I live in the USA, I visit South Africa and I tend you use David’s blog as a ‘road map’ when I plan my trips.

Laurence – 25.03.2022
Great work. Makes me want to visit Africa! Thanks. David

Anthony N – 24.03.2022
A great blog and a well-deserved nomination. Best of luck David

Eugene N – 24.03.2022
Great blog and deserving of the nomination.

robert dentin – 24.03.2022
Great to see a blog like this. Gives me travel destinations to aspire to. Well done david

Frans v Loggerenberg – 24.03.2022
Baie lekker skryf werk and fotos.

Lenore Whiting – 23.03.2022
Now that travel restrictions are being relaxed, it is time to take advice from this Blog and travel once again.

Stephan Kuhn – 22.03.2022
Voting for David Batzofin

Gary Reider – 22.03.2022
It is a great blog and has good content. I like the way that he promotes the various properties using his personal experiences.

Dora Oliphant – 22.03.2022
This is a lekker blog!

Louie Bodenstaff – 21.03.2022
My vote is for David Batzofin, from a fellow Pentax photographer. Thank you.

Alan Cole – 21.03.2022
I especially enjoy David’s reviews of Game Reserves in South Arrica & occasionally beyond, all accompanied by his excellent willife photography. Great armchair safaris!

Nora Pritchett – 21.03.2022
Pleased to vote for this gifted man-David Batzolin

Diana Ludwigs – 21.03.2022
I vote for the above mentioned Travel &Things

Lazarus – 21.03.2022
Great images and writing

Lizzie – 21.03.2022
Great images and writing

Ines – 21.03.2022
Great images and writing

Orven – 21.03.2022
Great content.

Colin – 21.03.2022
Great blog! Very informative

Kirsten – 21.03.2022
We need this in Canada!

Mark – 21.03.2022
Helping keep tourism alive.

Katie – 21.03.2022
Well done

Norman – 21.03.2022
I wish that you would start curating tours to join you at the places you visit. I am certain that you would make an awesome guide! Good luck.

Kobus – 21.03.2022
David, I see that you only post twice a week. I enjoy your writing so much, I wish that you could add in a mid-week posting. Might you consider that? Best of luck with the competition.

freda – 21.03.2022
I really don’t know how I have not found your blog before this competition. You have a new follower.

Johan – 21.03.2022
I have just read your latest post and I was enthralled. Not only by your elephant images but the spider and the Shongololo as well. Onwards and upwards. I am hooked!

Benny – 21.03.2022
My go-to blog for great content and images. I do enjoy the way that David writes.

Jerome – 21.03.2022
Good to see such a well-constructed blog. Great information and award-winning images. I think that many of the lodges visited should be buying David’s images to use on their websites!

Sue – 21.03.2022
Well done David. Awesome blog and consistent updating. Always good to provide fresh content.

Sue – 21.03.2022
Well done David. Awesome blog and consistent updating. Always good to provide fresh content.

Sue – 21.03.2022
Well done David. Awesome blog and consistent updating. Always good to provide fresh content.

lesley – 20.03.2022
Gret blog and awesome images. David has a way of transporting his readers that makes them feel as if they too have visited the various places that he goes to.

brent – 20.03.2022
There you go…voted for you! Looking forward to reading about your 2022 adventures.

maria – 20.03.2022
I love Travel & Things for all the awesome photographs as well as the manner in which David writes about his experiences.

Lyzelle Chaffey – 20.03.2022
Best travel blogger and photographer.. go David Batzofin

Francois – 20.03.2022
David uses his personal experiences to weave stories about the places that he visits.

jennifer – 20.03.2022
A great travel writer and an awesome photographer!

Selwyn – 20.03.2022
So glad that David has been nominated. Well done!

jeff – 20.03.2022
If only I had started reading this blog years ago! It would have changed the way I looked at travel. Well done and a deserved nominee.

Natalie – 20.03.2022
I so enjoy reading Travel & Things. David has the knack of finding interesting aspects of the places he visits to photograph and write about.

Jaco – 15.03.2022
We love reading Travel&Things’ blog. Well done!

Kleyweg Cheryl – 14.03.2022
David Batzofin

Gustav L Skippers – 14.03.2022
Totally love being in the media industry and get to explore South Africa with this show. Love it. Informative and vibrant.

Anne Williams – 14.03.2022
Informative, individually descriptive and fresh, excellent photography

Howard Rogerson – 14.03.2022
Informative and well written. A MUST READ.

Louise Diesel – 14.03.2022
Love it!! The images always share more than words giving you a real feel for the various destinations. Easy and inspiring!!

MacMurray MoiraT – 10.03.2022
Travel and Things is tops.

Simon McDonnell – 10.03.2022
Well researched & well written…. My favourite travel blog by far!

Eugene Relling – 07.03.2022
Good luck David

John G – 07.03.2022
Good luck David

Gerda Chambers – 07.03.2022
Well done on your nomination.

Mutswana Ntanganedzeni – 06.03.2022
Good luck david, we are so proud of you

Diane Ashimwe – 04.03.2022
Wow we are proud of you south African tourism as whole africa

Diane Ashimwe – 04.03.2022
Wow! Am a Rwandan and we are also developing our Hospitality but south Africa l see you as a good example African tourism show up we are proud of you.

Tuyisenge Jean Valois Pacis – 04.03.2022
You are the best

Fast Store – 04.03.2022
Good luck David!

Vincent Uwitonze – 04.03.2022
The best blog writer ever! Travel & Things is awesome

Chris Reinders – 03.03.2022
Great work David!

Monika Marshall – 02.03.2022
Original, honest, ‘been there, done that’ authenticism. So very readable! Here’s to many, many more valuable words from you, David!

Rick Loveland – 02.03.2022
Brilliant images and makes me envious of all the great places he get to.

Reeva Forman – 02.03.2022

Des Lindberg – 02.03.2022
unrivalled blog for foreign visitors and South African travellers , a constant invitation to travel to and inside SA

Jonathan – 02.03.2022
Great writer, great stories… what could one look for more?

Elise Bishop – 02.03.2022
Literally the best travel blog – fabulous writer, insightful, amazing photography, which makes you want to pack your bags and leave for the countryside

Eugene Vorster – 02.03.2022
Simply brilliant!

Andrew miller – 01.03.2022
Love this page , ❤ Fabulous writer

mzingenkosi Sibanda – 01.03.2022
very insightive blog. love it!

Godfrey – 01.03.2022
One of the best blog writter I know in South Africa….

Michael de Jager – 01.03.2022
The only travel blog worth following.

Bridget van Oerle – 01.03.2022
Love David’s blog!

Paul K Simmons – 28.02.2022
Travel & Things is my go-to blog for matters related to travel & things! Dave’s blog is an absolute pleasure to read!

Elaine Bylos – 28.02.2022
Dave Batzofin – absolutely the best in the business. Knowledgeable, creative and professional. Always!

Richard Jones – 28.02.2022
Dave is a fabulous chap

Roger de la Harpe – 28.02.2022
awesome blog

Werner Winterboer – 28.02.2022
Love the content

Mike Kendrick – 28.02.2022
Full of info and a great read

Ainsley – 28.02.2022
David for the win

Liezel Coetzee – 28.02.2022
Very interesting

david – 28.02.2022
An informative Blog that is updated with fresh content regularly.

Piet Nel – 28.02.2022
David Batzofin

Brian Chambers – 28.02.2022
Awesome posts. Very informative.

Ken Hamilton – 28.02.2022
Travel & Things – an asset to the travel industry! And has endured the test of time.

Adél du Plessis – 28.02.2022
David, I surely love all your photos and info given about all the wonderful places in the world! You make me feel like a tourist again!!

Neilwe Mashigo – 28.02.2022
Fantastic blog! Best of luck to David!!

Venise – 28.02.2022

Wilma Alberts – 28.02.2022
Travel & Things informative and a great read.

Sarah Bergs – 28.02.2022
Always a good read David! Well-done on your!

Christine Weston – 28.02.2022
Always enjoy David’s take on the experiences he showcases as well as the captivating images. We hope o make it back to beautiful South Africa in the near future. Best of luck in the awards David, from Perth, Western Australia.

Ben Meisner – 28.02.2022
Travel & Things is a remarkable site, run by an exceptional team.

Barry Stuart – 27.02.2022
Awesome blog, very informative

Tony Rubin – 27.02.2022
The best!

Naude Renchia – 27.02.2022
Simply the best!

Eileen Bezemer – 27.02.2022
Wonderful blog!

Bruce Sanderson – 27.02.2022
Great blog. Deserves to win.

James Scott – 27.02.2022
Well done

Nerise – 27.02.2022
An ambassador for South African Tourism and its people working in the industry!

Charita Venter – 27.02.2022
Travel & Things is a very informative blog and is helping to uplift and promote South African Tourism.

Wayne Riback – 27.02.2022
Entertaining, informative, up-to-date and relevant!!

Carol hardie – 27.02.2022
Always relevant and interesting information. A great read. David is a lovely man.

Dorianne Bery – 27.02.2022
Up to date with good information and great photos, this is the blog that you need when researching travel to the region.

Tacia Vakaloudis – 27.02.2022
Awesome blog!

Gerdiri Kilian – 27.02.2022
Love it and Dawid is amazing .

Glasson Ashwell – 27.02.2022
Davids passion for the tourism sector is pretty amazing. It is not just in his writing, but in his fave to face engagement, with tourists, guides and hospitality staff. He is an absolute Mmensch battung for Team Tourism South Africa. We are blessed to have him as a Campion for all things tourism.

Antoinette Humpel – 27.02.2022
I vote for Travel &Things

Antoinette Humpel – 27.02.2022
Travel &Things

Nicky Vakaloudis – 27.02.2022
David’s work is incredible and SOJO has had the privilege of engaging with him in the South of Joburg, showcasing some of our prestige destinations.

Rob Joseph – 27.02.2022
Informative and full of interest blog.

Chad Cocking – 27.02.2022
A wonderful informative blog with great guest blogger contributions

Megan Galvao – 27.02.2022
Please send me a R1000 travel voucher.

Togara Charingira – 27.02.2022
I was privileged to meet David on an event Safari Guide of The Year Competition which was highlight in my career.His sense of humour and motivation to the contestants was amazing.His ability to take epic pictures and understanding of photography is excellent.Thank you for your support David.

Enrico Testi – 27.02.2022
Great blog and great pictures with loads of different ideas for travels in southern Africa! A great resource for travellers looking for their next adventure.

Annie Hodes – 27.02.2022

Kuhn Daphne – 27.02.2022
Vote for David Batzofin

Andre Tobin – 27.02.2022
Loves Trevor’s blog

Frank Resnik – 26.02.2022
Great blog.

Martin Muyenzi – 26.02.2022
Have met David of Travel & Things. I think they are doing a great work….

Nkateko – 26.02.2022
David Batgozin, an awesome man, I was very privileged to have met him and spend time with at one of the lodges in Kruger national park

Marten Dempsey – 26.02.2022
Spot on and always relevant. Good reading!

Kevin Collins – 26.02.2022
The best blogger is David Batzofin

Brad – 26.02.2022
Amazing man amazing Blog WOW

Taran Warner – 26.02.2022
Travel and Things is a unique and informative blog! David is a knowledgeable and humorous chap

Julius Mkhize – 26.02.2022
Visit South Africa and discover it’s wonders. Meet wonderful people like David that are the true ambassadors of the country.

Lawrence Katz – 26.02.2022
David is awesome. His blog is inspiring and his love of nature and the way he shares it is incredible!

Sarah – 26.02.2022
Travel & Things

Ross – 26.02.2022
Congratulations David all the best for you sir

Cassandra Purdhouse – 26.02.2022
Awesome Blog

Lisa Loeb – 26.02.2022
Travel & Things sharing unique South Africa with the world

DAVE – 26.02.2022
I wish you the best of luck

Kate Emmerson – 26.02.2022
My favourite all time blog. David is simply awesome

Anthony Fridjhon – 26.02.2022
Outstanding and informative blog!

Mark Stavrakis – 26.02.2022
Always unique and interesting content.

Bridget van Oerle – 26.02.2022
Love this blog !

Ingrid Parkin – 26.02.2022
Best blog – Ive been to many places due to Travel and Things’ recommendation!

Robert – 26.02.2022
Well done David, and most certainly deserved. May victory be yours..!

David Yates – 26.02.2022
Excellent choices of venues and accurate blogs of the subjects.

Benjamin Waldron – 26.02.2022
A very accurate and interesting travel blog Most suitable for such an award.

Di Rosen – 26.02.2022
You deserve this. We are always well informed

Tossie Stander – 26.02.2022
Congratulations David. Over many years I followed your blogs and was always surprised by your wonderful photos. David you should be voted the best. Cream of the crop.

M Zlotnick – 26.02.2022
Donate my voucher to your charity of choice.

Mandy Wainwright – 26.02.2022
David Batzofin shares some of the most interesting places to spend a restful and enjoyable time away from home.

Faith – 26.02.2022
David Batzofin deserves to win, his blogs are amazing.

Paul Putter – 26.02.2022
A true passionate person who writes from the heart. A deserving winner.

Chris Avant Smith – 26.02.2022
A unique perspective on travel that is always so refreshing

Jacques Botha – 26.02.2022
David’s blog always provides insight into new places to visit & experience

Liza-Mari Meyer – 26.02.2022
David Batzofin

Annemi Zaaiman – 26.02.2022
David shares his perspective in such a unique manner through his blog. All the best.

Pieter – 26.02.2022
Very entertaining and informative

Sandra Caldecott – 26.02.2022
We have an incredible country. I wish to travel more

Lorraine King – 26.02.2022
Excellent read. We have these little gems right in our own backyards.

Michelle Atkins – 26.02.2022
Great blog!

Joanne Matson – 25.02.2022
Vote for Travel and Things

Gordon Froud – 25.02.2022
Great blogs! All of them!

Jack Devnarain – 25.02.2022
Insightful, informative and trustworthy. Not just the blog, but David too!

Simon – 25.02.2022
David is a legend in the true sense of the word!

Alli Heyns – 25.02.2022
A good travel blog can only be written by someone who knows how to travel and who has been around. Better than David Batzofin is hard to find…!

Desere Segal – 25.02.2022
David Batzofin – excellent website and presentation plus user friendly.

Petra Middleton – 25.02.2022
Keep travel alive !

Melanie Walker – 25.02.2022
David really does do the work when it comes to promoting local travel for locals. Which is so important in this day and age. Who needs to go international?!

Marguerite – 25.02.2022
Awesome blog!

Dave Cathrall – 25.02.2022
Well done David!

Bianca Schulte – 25.02.2022
Great blog !!!

Lindsay Rogerson – 25.02.2022
Well-deserved nomination, David!

Stuart Loxton – 25.02.2022
The best ever

Carolyn – 25.02.2022
A great Blog that makes me want to travel. So many places and too little time!

carolyn – 25.02.2022
A great Blog with a lot of attention to detail

Al Prodgers – 25.02.2022
David Batzofin’s Travel & Things is fascinating and reliable.

Tessa Ziegler – 25.02.2022
So proud of you David!

david – 25.02.2022
I have worked really hard at keeping my Blog fresh and making certain that the content reflects the best that South Africa has to offer in the tourism sector

Jenny Smith – 25.02.2022
your blog nails it!

dave – 25.02.2022
Travel & Things has to be one of the most long-lasting individual Blogs around. A unique writing style and excellent images are what sets this apart from others in this category

norman – 25.02.2022
I really like the way the Blog goes about sharing experiences.

Lavelda Conrad – 25.02.2022
My vote is for Travel & Things with David Batzofin! His show is incredibly interesting and covers diverse subjects and interests.

Elizabeta Trajkovic – 25.02.2022
Thank you

Matthew Nicholls – 25.02.2022
Travel and Things – David Batzofin

Trevor Sturgess – 25.02.2022
Love David’s blog.

Janine Daniel – 25.02.2022
An awesome blog!

Megan McTaggart – 25.02.2022
Wonderful African travel reporting

Jenna Kaufman – 25.02.2022

Allison – 25.02.2022
Love it

Helen Hays – 25.02.2022
I vote for Travel & Things!

Kevin Ritchie and Associates – 25.02.2022
Brilliant blog, deserves to win

Mike Karantonis – 25.02.2022
David has a great holistic view and approach towards the tourism industry. Always wonderful to be around someone who enjoys their job and the environment we are so blessed to be given as South Africans. Good luck David.

TammyGarner – 25.02.2022
I love readingDavid’sblogs.He’s honest and straightforward and paints pictures of the places that he makes me want to visit them all

Mike Jankelowitz – 25.02.2022
David transports you to his experience. If you close your eyes after reading his blog, you can taste the entire experience.

Kathy Wundram – 25.02.2022
Love David’s honesty and variety in his blog – covering everyday places that we can make our way to, to enrich our lives!

Goran Trajkovic – 25.02.2022
The best there is

Isaiah Banda – 25.02.2022
Excellent blogger

Ian Seggie – 25.02.2022
My vote goes to David Batzofin for Travel & Things

Eloise Acx – 25.02.2022
My vote goes to David Batzofin for Travel & Things!

Ruth Weiner – 25.02.2022
My vote goes to David Batzofin, Travel and Things.

Belinda van der Merwe – 25.02.2022
My vote goes to David Batzofin for Travel & Things!

Belinda van der Merwe – 25.02.2022
My vote goes to David Batzofin for Travel & Things!

Sophia Lindop – 25.02.2022
My favourite blog!

Bruce Dennill – 25.02.2022
The regularity of David’s updates and the variety of venues visited makes Travel & Things useful as a resource for up-to-date information and insight into which destinations are most worth visiting.

Heather Setzen – 25.02.2022
I vote for

Colin Holman – 25.02.2022
Insightful and full of articles leaving one wanting. Wanting for travel and exploration of our beautiful country.

Bernard Ridge – 25.02.2022
David’s unique writing style makes for a great read always

Louise Diesel – 25.02.2022
Love it!

Dive Inn Guest House Pongola – 25.02.2022
We love Travel & Things !! You are Family !

Johan Badenhorst – 25.02.2022
Ek geniet ook die ‘ou man’ se stories & praatjies. Voorspoed.

Marie-Tinka Uys – 25.02.2022
David is making a difference to our Landscape! Inspiring people to sharpen their products! We appreciate him!

Les – 25.02.2022
Love reading about David’s travels

Pierre Pienaar – 25.02.2022
Travel and Things

Annali Dempsey – 25.02.2022
Well researched. Well written. Well done

Lyzelle Chaffey – 25.02.2022
Best blog ever!!

Jennifer GOMEZYay – 25.02.2022
YAY !! Always somewhere exciting to go on Travel.and Things

Jaunne van Tonder – 25.02.2022
Fantastic Blog

BJ DE KLERK – 25.02.2022
David knows this industry like nobody else. His vast experience in all the levels of travel destinations couples with his unique writing style to make for a hugely useful, informative blog. No need to look elsewhere… David Batzofin has the info!

Phil – 25.02.2022
Fantastic Article

Mel owtram – 25.02.2022

Graham Shipway – 25.02.2022
imaginative blog always fresh and interesting

Ian Owtram – 25.02.2022
Fantastic reading, thank you

Alan Glass – 25.02.2022
Great blog I hope it wins.

James R A Hendry – 25.02.2022
Great Blog

Daz – 25.02.2022
Great reviews from David

Jeremy Kaufman – 25.02.2022
Travel and things is brilliant

Cindy Walker – Extraordinary – 25.02.2022
Awesome blog

Bill Kelland – 25.02.2022
David Batzofin definitely deserves this award, due to his insight and dedication to his art

Howard Rogerson – 25.02.2022
Great blog. Very informative. Best in the industry.

Grace Huang – 25.02.2022
Travel & Things is the best blof for South Africa

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