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Type: Experience
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: When you visit The Old Biscuit Mill, you will be blown away by the wide variety of exciting experiences that await you. Live Music, excellent dishes, delightful decor, stunning outfits, eye-catching gifts and artists from all walks of life come together to make sure that a day at the Mill is one you shan’t soon forget!

Region: Western Cape / Cape Town

The Old Biscuit Mill

A bustling and creative hub

The Old Biscuit Mill boasts some of the city’s best creative enterprises, where local and artisanal goods and craftsmanship are on constant display.

Find one-of-a-kind fashions, quirky travel mementoes, local artisanal products and gifts and an impressive trove of other unique Cape Town Treasures.

Encounter eclectic artworks and intriguing designs showcased by the dynamic community of artists, designers and craftsmen that call the Mill home. This is where décor, fashion, furniture and lifestyle boldly take centre stage.

The proud home of some of South Africa’s finest and most celebrated dining establishments, the Mill is a real foodie hotspot. Highlights include award-winning eateries and the best pizzas, pastas and burgers in town. You’ll also find an inviting wine outlet showcasing a carefully curated selection of local wines, craft beers and gin.

Prior to its redevelopment into today’s dynamic and creative hub, the Old Biscuit Mill functioned as an actual biscuit mill for the Pyott’s biscuit company. John Pyott opened the factory in the early 1900s and it remained in operation until 1946.

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James DJ – 16.04.2022
The Old Biscuit Mill is the perfect trip for the best of Cape Town food and design shopping. The weekend markets are also a must-visit.

Wessels Ciska – 06.04.2022
Awesome place, fun for family and friends to get together

Richelle – 31.03.2022
YES! awesome place to visit

Tara M McGovern – 31.03.2022
A must see whenever I’m in CT

Kayleigh Woodman – 31.03.2022
Such an awesome venue with great stalls and so much to see. A must for anyone visiting or living in Cape Town!

Jonathan Lechtman – 31.03.2022
One of a kind venue!

Bradley Laubscher – 31.03.2022
Such an amazing place! Awesome shops and delicious food options all around, as well as a fun weekend jam.

Eugenie Drakes – 30.03.2022
The old biscuit mill is a must to see. there are quaint shops, amazing award winning restaurants and the transformation of what was a factory into a ‘shopping’ precinct is inspiring

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