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Type: Tour operator & agents
Category: Service Excellence

Motivation for award: Family owned business going beyond service levels in South Africa. Perseverance and gratitude through this lockdown has kept in business, but also having extremely loyal clients have been extremely rewarding. Our promotion of South Africa has brought many clients in South Africa even in these trying times. Our outlook for tourism is very positive and we await new clients to SA.

Region: Gauteng / Western Cape

The Evoque Group

Your premium transfer company

Family owned tours and transfers company based in Gauteng & Cape Town.
Specializing in unique tours and premium transfers with luxury vehicles giving you peace of mind when visiting South Africa.

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AZam osman – 01.03.2022
Always on point

Zunaid kotwal – 01.03.2022
Best travel company Always on time and courteus

Dr Gustav J Gröpp – 28.02.2022
Professional, punctual and friendly service.

Nasiema – 28.02.2022
Great experience and excellent service

AHMED SULIMAN – 28.02.2022
Excellent service.

Haroun Noor-Mohamed – 27.02.2022
The finest tours and transfer company. They are very reliable and punctual.

Hasina hassen – 27.02.2022
Prompt and perfect service

Shabnam Hassim – 27.02.2022
Excellent Service

Aysha Osman – 27.02.2022
The most reliable and efficient tour agency!

Moaaza Gani – 27.02.2022
Beat service

Nabila Esat – 26.02.2022
Best in South Africa!

Faraz hassam – 26.02.2022
Excellent service ! Reliable !

Salmah – 26.02.2022
Very reliable service and amazing tours. Wishing you all the best for the future.

Gratitude – 26.02.2022
The best

Ayesha muhammad – 26.02.2022
Your service is the best n punctual all the time your prices beat all travel agencies I’m happy client at The Evoque Group

Muhammad – 26.02.2022
Always on time

Farrah Ismail – 26.02.2022
Best company ever

Agtari – 26.02.2022
Excellent service

Aadil – 26.02.2022
Excellent service always

Rubina Karodia – 26.02.2022
Great experience

Shabbir Tar – 26.02.2022
Excellent service…. Efficient ,prompt and always accommodating

Farhana Nuruddin – 26.02.2022
Excellent service

Riaz Vallee – 26.02.2022
Excellent service always. Highly recommend.

Naheed Mulla – 26.02.2022
Very good service , efficient & friendly

Faheem Moola – 26.02.2022
Excellent service.

Nico Narain – 26.02.2022
Best service Friendly staff Affordable pricing

Memoona Mahomef – 26.02.2022
Excellent Service

Memoona Mahomef – 26.02.2022
Excellent Service

Naseera Abdool wahid – 26.02.2022

Pema – 26.02.2022
Excellent and reliable service

Hasina Petkar – 26.02.2022
Excellent service every time

Fatima – 26.02.2022
Amazing work! Amazing services!

Safiyya Patel – 26.02.2022
Best operator by far

Mahmood Desai – 26.02.2022
Friendly, punctual and professional, what more could you look for. Would Definitely recommend

Amina – 26.02.2022
You have my vote

Zaheer Rassool – 26.02.2022
Used them for airport transfer. Were there before time.. waiting for us

Aisha Kamdar – 26.02.2022
Brilliant service every time.

Nausheen – 26.02.2022
Always excellent service Faeez Evoque

Ziyaad moosa – 26.02.2022
Top tier assistance

Zakiyya Hassan – 26.02.2022
Excellent service, Always helpful and accommodating

Sumaya – 26.02.2022
Used them twice. Excellent service

Sumaya – 26.02.2022
Used them twice. Excellent service

Shaahid – 26.02.2022
Great service

Mumtaz Wazar – 26.02.2022
I can’t praise ‘The Evoque Group’ enough! The service is impeccable. Always on time. Always with a smile. They go the extra mile in whatever you require. Well done and keep moving forward !

Ismail Mansoor – 26.02.2022
They always provide me with reliable airport shuttle service that is Professional, polite and affordable. Vehicles are clean, comfortable and up to standard.

Rashida mukadem – 26.02.2022
Best service Very punctual

Zeenat – 26.02.2022
Excellent service and always professional. The Evoque Group is the best.

Treven Gopal – 26.02.2022
Heart warming service, with the best safety.

Ebrahim Mohamed – 26.02.2022
Wonderful service

Farzana Aboo – 25.02.2022
Best tour guide operator in the world not only South Africa.

Shirazudyn Mahomed – 25.02.2022
Always punctual and on time, most helpful and friendly safe, comfortable service at its very best.

Muhammed Mahomed – 25.02.2022
Excellent service

Nasima – 25.02.2022
Excellent service

Nazima – 25.02.2022
Very efficient transport service

Zahid Noordin – 25.02.2022
Taking customer service to the next level. Professional and reliable.

Fahima – 25.02.2022
Excellent service always!!!

Firoza – 25.02.2022
Excellent service, reliable & frien6

Shamim Dawood – 25.02.2022
Excellent, Professional service

Imtiaz Ebrahim – 25.02.2022
Excellent service, always

Moomtaz Ahmed – 25.02.2022
Excellent service

Arshad Sacoor – 25.02.2022
Excellent Service !!

Muhamad Latif – 25.02.2022
5 star service. In a league of their own. No other competitor reaches the attention to detail that the Evoque group offers to their clients.

Ahmed Jamal – 25.02.2022
Great company

Asma – 25.02.2022
Excellent services

Gulzaar Omar – 25.02.2022
Very reliable and professional.

Dr Rowaida Ahmed – 25.02.2022
Excellent Professional and safe service

Jawad – 25.02.2022
Best service ever!

Nafissa Suliman – 25.02.2022
Best ,safe, most clean travel transfer company. Always on time!!

Farana Dudan – 25.02.2022
Excellent service. Punctual, vehicles excellent and comfortable . Will diffinately use again and recommend

Fazila Dudan – 25.02.2022
Outstanding service . Definitely will use Evouge again and have recommended them to friends and family too

Shaeen Osman – 25.02.2022
Great company.

Zeenat Gani – 25.02.2022
Best company to deal with. Excellent service. Very professional.

Fharhana – 25.02.2022
The best and saffest company Evogue

Serisha Moodley – 25.02.2022
Fantastic service

Niesar Hassen – 25.02.2022
Great company to travel with will recommend anytime

Kantha – 25.02.2022
Highly recommend

K.Moodley – 25.02.2022
Execellant service

Shakeera – 25.02.2022
Excellent service

Nabeela Joosub – 25.02.2022
The Evoque Group

Zeenath Dockrat – 25.02.2022
Excellent service. Always punctual, vehicles pristine and always pleasant to deal with.

Nishaan Singh – 25.02.2022
Team Evoque all the way

Zaheda – 25.02.2022
Excellent service

Femidah Bobat – 25.02.2022
Excellent service

Muhammed – 25.02.2022
Excellent service

Ayoob Sheikh – 25.02.2022
Excellent service

Nazima – 25.02.2022
Top Notch Service.

Shainal – 25.02.2022
No comment

Shehnaaz Tayob – 25.02.2022
Excellent service

Saranna Smith – 25.02.2022
Best shuttle ever. Faeez is knowledgeable, understanding and gets you there on time

Nikshani Bhoola – 25.02.2022
Most reliable and luxurious airport transfers.. Amazing customer service. Very highly recommended

Muhammad Hamzah Soondka – 25.02.2022
Best in the business! Excellent service always.

Sohana Sular – 25.02.2022
Great service always, you guys helped me when the pandemic was really bad to get home.

BHAWNA GOVAN – 25.02.2022
Excellent Service and very friendly and efficient

awais sahib – 25.02.2022
excelent service very friendly people

Zakiyah sahib – 25.02.2022
Excellent service. Friendly people. Will be my go to travel service

awais sahib – 25.02.2022
excellent and fantastic service

Alpa Bhana – 25.02.2022
Best chauffeur service in Pretoria/Johannesburg. They are so reliable and fun to travel with!

Raees – 25.02.2022
I recently used Evoque Group and there was no issues.

Mustapha – 25.02.2022
By far one of the best

Ikraam Jaffer – 25.02.2022
Excellent service

Veereka Rampershad – 25.02.2022
Excellent Service, friendly staff, super reliable

Burhaan Kaka – 25.02.2022
Most reliable and efficient on airport transfers. Provides all services and high comfortable luxury cabs. Exceptional professionalism and great for personal and families.

Maryam Ayob – 25.02.2022
We’ve used Evoque group on numerous occasions to and from the airport. Always on time, excellent service and comfort guaranteed.

Shoaib – 25.02.2022
Awesome and reliable service

Joedache – 25.02.2022
Great customer service and friendly staff.

Suleiman hassan – 25.02.2022
Reliable safe shuttle.good new vehicles

Yasmin Banu joosab – 25.02.2022
My favorite reliable transport service

Aboobaker Jaffer – 25.02.2022
Great country

Irfaan Noor Mohamed – 25.02.2022
World class service. Would recommend always

Masood Kholvadia – 25.02.2022
Excellent service Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Sherry – 25.02.2022
Excellent, reliable and professional service by The Evoque Group. The team is considerate and accommodating.

Veereka Rampershad – 25.02.2022

Mohammed mikaaeel Peer – 25.02.2022
Service excellence !

Amirah ahmed – 25.02.2022
Service outstanding

Sajeda Osman – 25.02.2022
Excellent service

Irfaan Ramzan – 25.02.2022
The Evoque Group was a great company to deal with. Everything was very simple, professional and we were given all the information we required. Thank you for the great service

Subhaan Cassim – 25.02.2022
Top class service , very friendly and safe. Vehicles are well looked after and reliable

Mohammed Azhar – 25.02.2022
Please send 1000

Bibi – 25.02.2022
Excellent service . Punctual.

Hasiena Dawood Hassen – 25.02.2022
Excellent services…..with international standards!!!!

Sabiha – 25.02.2022
Wishing you the best

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