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Motivation for award: Forest, fun, adventure, interactive conservation education, and cable sliding is some of the words one can use to describe our eco-adventure forest Tours Operating for over two decades Stormsriver Adventures offers visitors the opportunity to help protect and sustain afro mountain indigenous forest. Stormsriver Adventures Pty Ltd. is an International Award-Winning Company that offers products of exceptional standards and whose product safety standards are aligned with the safety requirement standards of Lloyds of London. In 2003, Stormsriver Adventures was one of the 1st Fair Trade Tourism accredited activity companies and 19 years later we still share the value and ethos of responsible tourism. Stormsriver Adventures offer a First of its Kind in Africa experience with the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour. Based on the Canopy Tour concept that originated in the lush forest of Costa Rica, Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour is the Originator of Canopy Tours in Africa!!! Twenty-four years ago we started with only 4 employees and pre covid we employed 38 permanent staff, 23 annual and 60 seasonal casuals; this was a great achievement for our entire team of dedicated professionals. During the pandemic, we had to retrench staff permanent staff and place them on contract. Stormsriver Adventures emerged as one of the largest job creators in the Eco Adventure industry in South Africa. The organization has self-funded the training of guides from the local community since 1998. The Government’s commitment to promoting active labor market policies is well demonstrated in the Skills Development Act, 1998, and the Skills Development Levies Act, 1999. Our community initiatives go beyond the economic impact of only employing locally; we fed about 235 scholars three times a week with our school feeding scheme, our HIV/AIDS and Animal Welfare awareness projects championed by our staff are well received and appreciated by our adjacent communities. The operating company is now 36% employee-owned endorsing our commitment to transformation. The company will continue to champion the principles of Responsible Tourism in its operations and will continue to use its activities (Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours, Woodcutter Journey, and Guided Hikes) as a platform to protect and sustain time-sensitive afro mountain indigenous forest. Although often associated with the word “zipline”; Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour does not offer “just another zipline” experience. A Canopy Tour is an established route through a wooded and often mountainous landscape making primary use of ziplines and aerial bridges between platforms built in trees. Tsitsikamma is home to Outeniqua Yellowwood trees that are over 600 years old and we are fortunate enough to share this with visitors from all over the world. The similarity between a Zipline and a Canopy Tour is the fact that both use cables and similar safety equipment, while you can Zipline anywhere else in the world. You can only Canopy Tour in Tsitsikamma – having experience indigenous forest, birdlife, and environmental education once done. Compare to the average zipline, the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour system is in a pristine wilderness area with unsurpassed beauty. Visitors are accompanied by two qualified guides from our local Villages to not only make sure you’re safe but to give you the best Africa experience making sure that when you leave you to know kumnandi eTsitsikamma – Local is Lekker. Tour duration is depended on group size and can take 1½ to 2hours during which your guide will explain the ecology of the forest and not only mention but show you sustainable tourism and environmental practices. While some Ziplines offer single runs on one cable and are not continuous, Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour is the only continuous tree-based Tree Top Canopy Tour taking clients to 10 platforms, strategically designed to blend in with its natural environment. Suspended 30m above the forest floor you are attached to the main cable and backup cable; our three-point attachment system ensures visitors are safe and gives you peace of mind to go “monkeying” around. While Ziplines are focused on height, pure adrenalin, length, and speed; at Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour groups are kept small ensuring personal experiences. Intervals between the groups allow for visitors to enjoy the natural beauty of the indigenous forest, time to explore, and get value for money in nature. Our added value service includes environmental education, a meal discount voucher, a certificate, and bottled water. In our effort to continue practicing responsible tourism and respect for cultures, Stormsriver Adventures is the first eco-adventure company to offer an Outdoor Prayer Room for its Muslim clientele. Other facilities include an onsite restaurant that caters to everyone; whether vegan, vegetarian or halaal. The complimentary meal and drink offered at the end of each tour, make the Stormsriver Adventures a must-stop on the Garden Route, one-stop-shop for a lunch stop on the way to Cape Town or Port Elizabeth. Other activities offered by Stormsriver Adventures include a tractor ride through the Plaatbos Nature Reserve of the Garden Route National Park called the Woodcutter Journey. Our guided hikes and team-building activities make sure we have green family fun activities suitable for all ages and fitness levels. At Stormsriver Adventures we turn Tourism Activities into Tourism Experiences.

Region: Eastern Cape / Tsitsikamma

Stormsriver Adventures – Tsitsikamma Canopy Tours

Experience You’ll Never Forget

Turning Tourism Activities into Tourism Experiences

Stormsriver Adventures is a responsible tourism company and professional market leader in cable sliding (or zip-lining). Based in the heart of the majestic Tsitsikamma National Forest, we offer several eco-adventure activities including the Tsitsikamma Canopy Tour (a “FIRST IN AFRICA”), Woodcutters Journey, Guided Hikes, and Team Building.

More than just an adventure company in the Stormsriver Village, we have been deeply committed to upliftment since 1998, employing, training, and empowering members of the local community: 90% of our staff is from the area and our Equity and Skills Development Plan has resulted in staff members becoming shareholders (currently owning 48%) as well as progressing to senior management positions within the company. It is our ethos to actively invest in both our people and our environment.

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