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Type: Restaurant
Category: Service Excellence

Motivation for award: Salsify’s multi-course, fine-dining menu – driven by the seasons and grounded in technique- pushes boundaries in terms of delicate yet intense flavours, interesting textures, and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence. Inspired by the Cape’s nature amongst which Salsify is situated (both of mountain and sea), Chef Ryan Cole and his consummate team have created a series of intelligent, restrained and utterly compelling dishes – with spectacular views, premium wines, chic interiors, and top-notch service enhancing the overall experience. Salsify’s, seasonally driven, hyper local approach is sustainability you can taste, the chef constantly changes the menu based on available produce. In addition, all the fish served in the restaurant is either caught by Cole or his brother. Ensuring not only its freshness but also peace of mind that it has been ethically sourced and has a low impact on the environment, underlining Ryan’s dedication to sustainability.

Region: Western Cape /

Salsify at The Roundhouse

Expect the Unexpected

With sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean and the majestic Lion’s Head as a backdrop, Salsify is an award-winning, top fine-dining restaurant serving up modern, classical cooking in South Africa. Within the richly storied walls of national monument, The Roundhouse, an opulent culinary journey that is accented by daring decor and whispers of history – a meal at Salsify is unlike any other.

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Stanley – 25.03.2022
The place is great! Amazing food, wines and service

Hannah Minnaar – 21.03.2022
The Roundhouse was and still are a place of excellance and style

Cathy Brennon – 21.03.2022
Salsify is a special place

Elsa du Plessis – 20.03.2022
Salsify at The Roundhouse are thè best and deserves everyone ‘s vote. Good luck.

Lize-Mari Ras – 19.03.2022
I have traveled the world and been to many restaurants, but Salsify has got to be one of the most wonderful fine dining experiences I have had! Fantastic overall customer experience, and the food, oh the food, you have to experience it!

Cindy – 19.03.2022
Simply the best.

MARIANNE Olwage smit Marianne – 18.03.2022
A truly unique culinary experience,historic monument,surrounded by nature,creative decor,relevant art,combined with great food.

Eileen Steeman – 18.03.2022
I vote for the Roundhouse Restaurant. They are simply the best on all fronts. Taste and sefvice and ambience are tops.

Johan Potgieter – 18.03.2022
Best in South Africa!

Peter James Wiese – 18.03.2022
Probably the best restaurant experience we’ve had in a long time. Cape Town is known for its bad service and latex back staff but at Salsify absolutely every minute we were looked after and tended to

Saxon – 18.03.2022
Working in this kitchen is fantastic – knowing the food that’s goes out to customers from all around the world and knowing that when they leave they are beaming from contentness. Definitely worth the visit

Ndabentle Mdibaniso – 17.03.2022
Wish Salsify at the roundhouse restaurant all the best. I’m so happy to be part of this amazing team, best food that’s made with love and passion

Mike Aldworth – 17.03.2022
Best service and awesome flavours

Zeanne – 17.03.2022
Salsify is absolutely the best fine dining restaurant I’ve ever experienced. In terms of food, staff and location. You can absolutely soo the passion in the food. The fact that everything is as sustainable as possible and the flavor combinations is spot on. The menu is seasonal and the wine recommendations match the meal perfectly. Well done to the Salsify team with their excellence!!

Elize Strauss – 17.03.2022
Excellent service and amazing view. Friendly staff. Top range. Give it a visit.

Kelly – 17.03.2022
The best food, the best service, the best views!

Tasmin – 17.03.2022
I vote Salsify!!

Shane Thom – 17.03.2022
An unselfish pairing of passion and deliciousness from start to finish by Chef Cole.

Carolyn – 17.03.2022
A memorable experience for all the right reasons :)

Trevor Wollheim – 17.03.2022
Salsify is amazing, my best

Sydwell Mayika – 17.03.2022
The best!!

Rogers – 17.03.2022
Can’t wait to expirence the amazing food

Michael – 17.03.2022
The best place to eat, drink and thrive in our beautiful country

Kristen Ryan – 17.03.2022
A truly exceptional restaurant with one of the best views in Cape Town. The food is sublime and the layers of flavours are unmatched. Highly recommend the wine pairing.

Sarah – 17.03.2022
Salsify @ The Roundhouse is an all time favourite. Food/Service/Experience = above and beyond!!

James Sutton – 17.03.2022
A brilliant fine-dining establishment run by the best the Cape has to offer. Chef Ryan and his team are maestros when it comes to putting on a show that will leave a long lasting impression. From food to wine, service to setting Salsify has it all. Really bloody good! Do yourself and your loved ones a favour and book a table! Pay attention to this place and these people, they will take you on a flavour safari second to none. Onwards and upwards Salsify. What a pleasure!

Patrik Patterson – 17.03.2022
Amazing restaurant, views and food are unparalleled to any other experience!

Aren – 17.03.2022
Beauty on beauty. From the food to the views!

Cameron Smook – 17.03.2022
Excellent Service, Even better food!

steven steinfeld – 17.03.2022
Phenomenal experience from start to finish

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