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Type: Destination
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: Robben Island Museum, is not just a living museum, it is a museum that inspires change, morality and integrity. Robben Island Museum is the institute that had an impact on apartheid history. Robben Island resembles the history and the impact of change it had on our Country and many people across the world. Every person deserves a chance to experience the legacy of this rich history we have to offer.

Region: Western Cape / Cape Town



ROBBEN ISLAND MUSEUM EXPERIENCE – “The Triumph of the Human Spirit”
About Us
Secluded just less than 12km’s away from Cape Town lies an Island of historical significance – Robben Island World Heritage site.
There are few places in South Africa that bear the weight and sheer historical significance of Robben Island, and a trip to the former prison serves as a jarring reminder of country’s troubled political past. At the same time, it reveals itself as a powerful symbol for the triumph of the human spirit. Robben Island Museum offers fascinating insight into the reconciliation and resilience that played such a key role in the development of a new South Africa.
A melting pot of cultural and natural heritage, Robben Island’s history dates back as far as 1400s right through to the 1900s where South Africa’s democracy was pioneered through resilient Ex-political Prisoners.
Unique Selling Points
• Jetty 1 (Mainland)
• The visitor’s Center
• Maximum Security Prison
• Robert Sobukwe Complex
• The Village Precinct
• The Banishment fields
• The Ou Tronk
• The Kramat
• Garrison Church
• World War II Relics
• Flora and Fauna
The Tour
The tour consists of the Prison and the Island tour. For the Prison leg of the tour, you’ll receive unparalleled insight into the significant role that each of Robben Island’s Ex-Political Prisoners collectively played throughout the Apartheid era. As the home of various seabirds and wildlife such as the endangered African penguins, Bank Cormorants and Cape Cormorants, Springboks, and other species. The Island leg of the tour will see you experience the multi-layered history in full spectrum.
Services and Offerings
• Private Tours
• Private boat chatter
• Helicopter Landing
• School Educational Tours
• Events & Function Venue Hire
• Self-Catering Accommodation Facilities
• Guided Walking Tours
The Robben Island experience is enjoyable with the calming sea breeze and beautiful scenery of the island’s flora and fauna with a spectacular backdrop of the Mother City!

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Shannon Debiky – 08.05.2022
History teaches us that we should be better human beings – let’s not forget our past as we venture into our future.

Delicia Appel – 03.05.2022

Tshegofatso Nyalungu – 02.05.2022
Request voucher

Tauriq Fataar – 30.04.2022
Pick Robben island

Portia Chilwane – 28.04.2022
Beautiful Heritage site. It’s the rich history for me.

Vuyokazi Menye – 28.04.2022
A beautiful place to be.

Morakabe Seakgwa – 28.04.2022
Place to be, place to see!

Fazlin Hoosen – 27.04.2022

Phumla Mahlanyana – 24.04.2022
This is one of the most rare places with interesting history in SA and the world as the whole I’m blessed to have visited Robben Island .

Emile Hallaby – 14.04.2022
Robben Island is a must do for all, loved it!!

Athenkosi Jombile – 14.04.2022
Every South African should visit Robben Island once in their lifetime.

Natacha dickens – 08.04.2022
One of the best museums i have ever been to. From all the staff on the tour, everybody was friendly and helpful. Will love to go again

Sipokazi joloza – 31.03.2022
Im a very big fan of ROBBEN ISLAND MUSEUM because i carries our rich history that everyone from ourside south africa wants to experience when they visit our country

Rosanna – 30.03.2022
A very historic site filled with unparalleled insight and a world heritage.

Londiwe Sibiya – 30.03.2022
Robin Island is a historic itself because our former president Mr Nelson Mandela was arrested

Olwethu Mhaka – 23.03.2022
Great place to recap on the countries history and struggle, with magnificent views too.

Daniela Garcia Morabito – 22.03.2022
One of my dreams is to visit Robben Island. I was in South Africa in 2018 but I didn’g get to visit it. I’m from Argentina.

Shante Williams – 22.03.2022
Robben Island is one of the best and most historical sites in the Western Cape. It is one of the biggest parts of our apartheid history and has so much impact on our country and many people across the world. I Love Robben Island and would love to show my kids one day this beautiful history part in our land.

Jermaine Damons – 21.03.2022
My Family and I and all or overseas visitors love the history and the experience at Robin Island.

Kirsty Botha – 21.03.2022
Vote for the Robben Island museum What a wonderful tourist attraction and part of our South African history

Ifthiqar Mahomed – 21.03.2022
Best and most educational tour museums in the world, should be 1 of the 7 wonders of the world

Bongani Makohliso – 21.03.2022
I love the history of Roben Island

Sindisiwe – 21.03.2022
My family and I we love Robben Island

Abigail – 21.03.2022
One of the best and most interesting tourist attractions in the Western Cape

Mcatsha Nelisiwe – 21.03.2022
I love Robben I sland and I would love to visit it

Pourier – 20.03.2022
Robben Island is the best holiday destination, I is why i give my vote to the island. Once traveled to Robben Island in 2018 I would love to return there again!

Bulelani – 20.03.2022
Once traveled to Robben Island in 1999 as a kid. I would love to return there again as an adult.

Siphokuhle Mnqanqeni – 20.03.2022
Robben island is one of the best museum where one would enjoy while visiting and learn more about South African host.

charlene adams – 20.03.2022
Robben Island is the cradle of south african history

Kariema Hattas-Ferris – 20.03.2022
Good luck Robben Island. Well see deserved Robben Island Museum, is not just a living museum, it is a museum that inspires change, morality and integrity. Robben Island Museum is the institute that had an impact on apartheid history. Robben Island resembles the history and the impact of change it had on our Country and many people across the world. Every person deserves a chance to experience the legacy of this rich history we have to offer.

MINENHLE – 20.03.2022
Robben Island is the best holiday destination, I is why i give my vote to the island.

Tsitsi Taruvinga – 20.03.2022
Robbed Island is a place where one would like to visit time without number,

Nicky Stander – 20.03.2022
Robben Island is a unique tourism destination, due to the vast history and the biodiversity is presently hosts, including endangered populations of African penguins, Cape & Bank cormorants.

Madelaine van Niekerm – 19.03.2022
Great adventure for the whole family

Samkelisiwe Constance Mkhonto – 19.03.2022
Impressive museum

Zuziwe Mrubata – 19.03.2022
Great historical place that reminds me of how selfless Mr Mandela was…

Melissa Riordan – 19.03.2022
Our annual pilgrimage to Robben Island has inspired respect for our nation’s heroes in my children and awe for the resilience of those who have shaped our democracy. We are so grateful for the excellent guides who have shared the stories of Robben Island with us.

Denver Andrews – 19.03.2022
On visits to the island it was always clean, crisp and very inspiring after a visit to Nelson’s cell.

Danelle Meyer – 19.03.2022
This would be a lobely experience to discover what lies within Robben Island

Natasha may – 19.03.2022
Robben island museum number 1 I had a opportunity at school to go there on island for a weekend was awesome would like to take my kid

Dina Smit – 19.03.2022
Robben island is the best! It inspires others to be better everyday. And live in a world where everyone is equal.

Cindi Hadio – 19.03.2022
The best historical place to visit for better understanding of south african history

Francois – 19.03.2022
It would really be the perfect gift or suprize to give to my friend i would win the voucher cause its been on our bucketlist for too long.

Ilze williams – 19.03.2022
I really hope to win so that i cud experience the historical feeling again ive been there in gr.10 with the school but it was 1 memorable experience

Abel – 19.03.2022
I would love to get the voucher.

Dumase Sara Lwando Shawa – 18.03.2022
Hoping to win, I wish to visit Robben Island Museum again

Busisiwe Plaatjie – 18.03.2022
Best with an amazing History

Koena – 18.03.2022
My dream is to win a holiday to the historic island where our first African president was detained for 27 years in prison fighting for freedom. Before I can travel oversees I have to start locally as our country is so beautiful I

Rhulani – 18.03.2022
Visiting Robben island teaches one about humanity. Most educational place in South Africa. Its history will live forever

Amanda – 18.03.2022
Robben Island is the best in the world and I’ll definitely vote for it

Johannah Ntovholeni – 18.03.2022
Beautiful place,I was there 14 fen 2022,I learn lot of things,I will come back soon

Llewellyn – 18.03.2022

Shaun Stemela – 18.03.2022
Robben Island Museum is a World Heritage Site with a rich layered history dating back to early 1600s. #RICH_HERITAGE #RICH_HISTORY

Matee Moshidi – 18.03.2022
I vote Robben Island as the Historic place which preserved our World Icon Nelson Mandela ,Our star.

Riana Jones – 18.03.2022
Robben Island is fabulous

Vuyiseka Mhlanga – 18.03.2022
It is a number 1 touring site

PEARL NOJIYEZA – 18.03.2022
Love the place#Proudly south african

Vanilla Gopaul – 18.03.2022
Robben Island was the home and prison for Nelson Mandela for 27 years. It’s fantastic to have it a Robben Island Museum. He was an amazing man.

Ravi Naidoo – 18.03.2022
Awesome place …. been there in 2019 beautiful scenery . So much history on the island a must see place .

Llewellyn Damon – 18.03.2022
Visit Robben Island Museum, a world heritage site which is of significant value not just to South Africans but to the international community

Ncata Natasha – 18.03.2022
I’m voting 100 times

Lavina dookan – 18.03.2022
Robben Island museum

Lavina dookan – 18.03.2022
Robben Island museum

Leboea Jennet – 18.03.2022
The Museum is beautiful and historical.. tour guides are kinds and very accommodating..

Thulisea Mxi – 18.03.2022
Can I please get the travel voucher

SandresanThandroyan – 18.03.2022
Eye opening experience learning about the hardships that people faced for South Africa’s democracy and freedom.

Kenny – 18.03.2022
Has been the reasons I travelled back to the Western Cape a month ago. Beautiful scenery but mostly the rich history and cappled with social attractions and great tour guides the day was well spent.

Lucas Fass – 18.03.2022
Robben Island is the best place for holidays

Rabia Damon – 18.03.2022
Visit Robben Island Museum for a unique and memorable experience

Douglas Wagenstroom – 18.03.2022
The real history of SA is on Robben Island. Been there a number of times but every time is like the first time

Sanele Gamede – 18.03.2022
Robben Island Museum is one of the most amazing destinations. The people who work there are amazing and the site is interesting.

La’eeqah Sylvester – 18.03.2022
Robben Island Museum

GULDEN AKTUGAN – 18.03.2022
Robben Island is one of the legendary icon of South Africa and Nelson Mandela history. ıt is a amazing experience for both foreigners and locals to understand the real history of South African people .

Florence – 18.03.2022
It’s in my wish list to visit ROBBEN ISLAND MUSSEUM-South Africa one day I grew up in the Eastern Cape.

ntombekhaya – 18.03.2022
Robben Island is amazing

James Tumba – 18.03.2022
Great place and guides are excellent

Khanyisile Wendy Matshangeni – 18.03.2022
Best place ever and I would like to take my son there as well for his birthday in July.

Jerome Viljoen – 18.03.2022
Love it

Nathalia Viljoen – 18.03.2022
Love Robben Island Museum

Roman Mikal – 18.03.2022

Lilitha Gxumisa – 18.03.2022
Visited once as a kid, and now being an adult I definitely wanna go back and experience such beauty.

sibulele buthelezi – 18.03.2022
Robben Island is the best and historical place, great experience and very informative to learn about the background of our South African history & to physically be in place where so much has happened. i am hoping to take my kids there during march holidays.

Nikiwe Skele – 18.03.2022
I visited Robben Island with my sister and my friend. What an experience! It was so informative and I enjoyed learning about my history. It was emotional for me but nonetheless, it would would definitely go back again.

Mbali – 18.03.2022
Robben Island

Thokozani Masango – 18.03.2022
Awesome experience on our world heritage site

sibusiso khoza – 18.03.2022
I Request the 1000 travel voucher

Luxolo – 18.03.2022
Robben island is the best, it needs to be rated in the world. All most every december holidays i spend some days visiting with my family

Siyalizo Mtalana – 18.03.2022
Robben Island has a great history and it’s exciting

Franzisce Carelse – 18.03.2022
Visiting this museum is an experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Kamugelo Langa – 18.03.2022
Robben Island Museum is the best South African Tourism Destination

Sedzani – 18.03.2022
Robben Island it’s beautiful place not just a meseum but a life inspiring place.

Luluto mdutyana – 18.03.2022
Best island with great history

Lesodi Mashilo – 18.03.2022
Thank you

Nonhlanhla – 18.03.2022
Robben Island is great

Amanda – 18.03.2022
Best museum in Africa!

Busiswa Nkutshu – 18.03.2022
I’m looking forward to winning this voucher because I have never been to Robben Island before so this would be a lifetime experience for me.

Atisha Ambapersad – 18.03.2022
Robben Island Museum

Lydia Munene – 18.03.2022
I vote Robben Island

Yolanda Koopman – 18.03.2022
Robben Island is so amazing.Its part of our history,it definitely has my vote.I would love to win this travel voucher.

Stephen Faro – 18.03.2022
I’m very proud of our Island!!!

Matshidiso Rasehlapa – 18.03.2022
Robben Island remains part of us. Not just our history but our identity

Bridgett Moleko – 18.03.2022
I had visited Robben Island in 2020 with my daughter & my mom. It was our first time there. It was a great experience& very informative to learn about the background of our South African history & to physically be in place where so much has happened back in the days. We were all so emotional about was actually took place at the island, especially my mom because she knew a little about the history but to be physical be there to witness and get a feel of what our freedom fighters actually went through was overwhelming for her. I would definitely take them & friends again. The entire experience and the tour guide were awesome. Robben Island deserves this award!!! Period!!!

Khalieda – 18.03.2022
The history is amazing.

Beverly – 18.03.2022
Robben Island resembles important SA history and as such it need to be protected and treasured

Samantha Mupariwa – 18.03.2022
Simply the best

Khanyiso – 18.03.2022
It’s exiting being in robben Island

Sherese – 18.03.2022
My hubby and I would love this getaway since we married we’ve never had a getaway due to covid impacting financially

Claudia Moodley – 18.03.2022
A must visit when in Capetown. The kids can also learn about South African history in the process. Definitely the best museum

Khanyiso – 18.03.2022
Yes it’s leading and all the best with the awards

Khanyiso – 18.03.2022
Yes it’s leading and all the best with the awards

Khanyiso – 18.03.2022
Yes it’s leading and all the best with the awards

Wesley – 18.03.2022
Robben Island. Seeing pictures is one thing but actually been in and around the island is just amazing

Phumudzo Nedzharata – 18.03.2022
I wouldn’t love to win this holiday destination since I haven’t been to robben Island before

Desire Combrinck – 18.03.2022
My vote goes for Robben Island Museum

Sharlain Govender – 18.03.2022
I have been to robben Island, at first I thought it wasn’t for me it is filled with South African history strongly recommended, the upkeep of the place is immaculate, scenery is beautiful

Leonie – 18.03.2022
Thought provoking experience, Its worth the journey and worth the experience

Noluphelo Kaba – 18.03.2022
Robben Island is the best historical tourist attraction in Western Cape Capetown South Africa

Carolina Antunes – 18.03.2022
Very unique place. Definitely a must see and lovely tourist attraction.

Nurden Cross – 18.03.2022
You cannot visit South Africa and not visit the Robben Island Museum. It should be an essential item on every tourist’s agenda!

Unathi Velile – 18.03.2022
When you go to Robben Island you always come back emotional of the things that our freedom fighters had to go through for us to be where we are today.

Nozipho Masinga – 18.03.2022
I have voted… I would love get the R1000 voucher

Velma Mullins – 18.03.2022
Robben Island

Maroshaun De Villiers – 18.03.2022
I really enjoyed the Robben Island experience.The sea breeze is so calming and the scenery is beautiful.The backdrop op the Mother City is the reason I like to do the tour so much.

bradley davids – 18.03.2022
Robben Island for the win

Shuping Gert Monokoa – 18.03.2022
My best vacation place ever

Geornelle – 18.03.2022
I first experienced Robben island through a book and it was a journey but my visit to the island was magical. One could feel the richness of all the history it had kept in its walls.

Tovhowani Francinah Mutshinyali – 18.03.2022
Robben Island is the most leading tourism destination, because it carries the true information of our South African heroes like Nelson Mandela.I visited the place in January 2022 and it was very informative and fun at the same time.

Elize – 18.03.2022
Emotional, informative, liberating lesson in history with breathtaking views

Van der westhuizen Nadine vd westhuizen – 18.03.2022
The best place…. love the island.

Mogamad-Noer Amardien – 18.03.2022
Robben Island, the place worth visiting, breath taking views and captivating memories of our south African history! Best tourist attraction in the whole of South Africa.

Zanele – 18.03.2022
Robben Island is the best tourist destination

Nandipha – 18.03.2022
Robben island it’s very beautiful, I only went once with a primary school trip. I think that was 20 years back .The workers were very friendly,willing to assist.Hoping that they are still the same or more. I would like to go again soon.

Matthews Kepe – 18.03.2022
The Best in the world, Professional STAFF.

Lunga bunyonyo – 17.03.2022
It’s historic,fundamental also teaches the world if what south Africa comes from

Zukiswa Tsewu – 17.03.2022
It is always good to visit the Island as it is very rich in our history and the experience of it is just amazing to get to see the prison cell of tata Mandela is just so amazing.

Khanyisa Mtingeni – 17.03.2022
What a wow entertainment!!!!!

Lizzie Sigidi – 17.03.2022
Traveling to the island with a boat is a good experience as well as visiting the meusium

Anyhea – 17.03.2022
Robben island give me 5star , treatment. I will choose Robben Island , Than s my vote

Toyer Smith – 17.03.2022
Worth a visit

Buki Mtoba – 17.03.2022
Ivwould love to visit robben island and get a tour if this heritage site

Thembisa – 17.03.2022
The best museum

Thabisa Bunyonyo – 17.03.2022
It’s a Iur Historic place tht has all the beauty of Nature as it has all the Legends Historic we love you Roben Island let’s keep the beauty shine

Suzi Gibson – 17.03.2022
An inspiring museum, such an important place for future generations

Pontso – 17.03.2022
Best place to Get the taste of our History.

Delucia Daniels – 17.03.2022
What a great experience!

Ntombizanele Bila-Mupariwa – 17.03.2022
I support

Rethabile Sabasaba – 17.03.2022
I have visited this multiple treasure numerous times, and each time I learn something new. Proud to be part of such a historic country

Mortimer Daniels – 17.03.2022
Robben Island Museum, an awesome world icon!

Lungile Shandu – 17.03.2022
Robben Island is History on it’s own, I’m proud to be South African Citizen

Andiswa Stoto – 17.03.2022
Great and powerful story of our heroes told in an informative and inspiring manner by Robben Island Museum

Grant Shezi – 17.03.2022
Robben island…two stories in one = Symbol of oppression & Symbol of freedom How? # JOIN THE TOUR.

Nomatshayina Noah – 17.03.2022
Ribben island experience is a must not just to see especially for South African, because it is on Robben Island where the history of South Africa began with the arrival of Jan Van Riebeeck and where the new dawn began with the release of Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki and many others.

Tabisa – 17.03.2022
I request a R1000 travel voucher

Yvette Kruger – 17.03.2022
Wonderful experience while upholding a big part of the South African struggle.

Thembakazi Solwandle – 17.03.2022
Vote for Robben Island

Peter Pote – 17.03.2022
I vote for Robben Island Museum

Jayden – 17.03.2022
hi Robben island:l am well thank you we are back to busy life after our amazing trip.thank you for all your organization of the tour we had a fantastic time.l’ve spoken with my family about any feedback they have and this is what they came up with.we were very happy with the amazing experience you shared with us .thank you

Vuyokazi Shezi – 17.03.2022
Robben Island’s historical significance is not attached to South Africans only, but is cherished by several countries of the world, hence it is regarded as the world heheritage site.

Brian Penicela – 17.03.2022
Scenic! memorable! Amazing bird species…I could go on but I think you just need to experience it yourself.

Nosipho Blacky – 17.03.2022
Visit Robben Island Museum,the World Heritage Site ,Walala wasala

Nomvuzo Mayongo – 17.03.2022
Robben island museum world class experience is thought provoking and fulfilling which I recommend everyone to go through.

Gretta Makhwenkwe – 17.03.2022
It’s a tourist attraction with none like it in the whole world. Rich with heritage and insightful history and lessons for other nations. South Africans turning a lemon into lemonade.

Vusimuzi Bila – 17.03.2022
A lot of people sacrificed their lives for the freedom we enjoy today. Robben Island Museum is doing well to preserve that memory and share it with the world.

John Masilo – 17.03.2022
Excellent walking tour with best views of Cape Town CBD, Table Mountain and CT Stadium. Great passionate tour guides, great learning experience and a definite bucket list for everyone young, old, disabled, local, international and otherwise… Good Job RIM, keep up the good work!

Khayisile pheza – 17.03.2022
Robben Island Museum

Mdutyana Yolanda – 17.03.2022
Roben Island Museum is multi-layerd in history. A symbol of resilience, hope and freedom. Looking forward to receiving the R1000 Voucher

Siyabulela – 17.03.2022
Robben Island is a world heritage site and you get a historical history at excellent service #Robben Island

Mfundo Mancayi – 17.03.2022
I vote World Heritage site

Ayanda Woji – 17.03.2022
Robben Island is a true reflection of the triumph of the human spirit, reflected in the history of all who were banished on this island.

Dede Ntsoelengoe – 17.03.2022
The experience is unique and compelling. The place invokes emotions that are both positive and negative but always thought provoking I request my R1000 travel voucher

Linda Penicela – 17.03.2022
Unique destination because of its layered history that clearly depicts the Triumph of the human spirit over adversity.

Joan Allin – 08.03.2022
An awesome sobering museum

Sisipho Tembile – 02.03.2022
This place is so Historical , I love the history n story it has to tell

Nusha – 25.02.2022
Robben island museum

Zinhle Mbatha – 24.02.2022
Can I request a R1000 travel voucher

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