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Type: Restaurant
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: Our dining experience is unique and like no other in SA. Our intimate 18-seater restaurant brings together an incredible mix of people from all over the world and encourages conversation. In a time where most people have been speaking to a screen, we take you back to a time where getting together around the dinner table was a daily tradition. Our lives involve an incredible amount of decisions every day, we invite you into a space where there is no need to make any decisions at all besides on which seat to sit and allow us to take care of the rest. Our meals are prepared with lots of love from local, seasonal, sustainable produce and each course introduced in person. Please consider Reverie for this category of Unique Experience.

Region: Western Cape / Cape Town

Reverie Social Table

Social Table Dinner Party

At Reverie, we invite guests to switch off from the world for the evening and just be wined and dined around our Social Table. Our dinners bring together an intimate group of strangers from all over the world, joining the table through a common love of food and wine- and more often than not, leaving with new-found friends. Our meals are prepared with lots of love using local, sustainable, seasonal ingredients and supporting small-scale and regenerative farming practices wherever possible. The local wines which we showcase are thoughtfully chosen and mostly from smaller, lesser know farms and regions. Our dinner parties are a festive and memorable, whole night affair where conversation is on the menu.

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Vinayak Singh – 29.05.2022

Lindsay Persons – 31.03.2022
Oh, what a night! After a week in South Africa, we were THRILLED to finish our trip with an evening at Reverie Social Table. Our experience from start to finish was top notch. I reached out with several inquiries before booking our reservations, knowing we had 2 vegans and a tree nut allergy in our party. I wasn’t sure if accommodations were possible, and I was assured that knowing that information ahead of time, would make for a delightful evening. So, we booked, and I’m happy to say, all 4 of us said it was our favorite experience of our ENTIRE trip! When entering the restaurant for the evening we were greeted with wine, given time to mingle among the other guests (2 from France, 2 from Dubai/US, 3 from Denmark, 2 from US, and then our party of 2 from the US and 2 from the UK). After happy hour we gathered around Julia’s beautiful custom made 18-seater table for the most wonderful 5 course meal. Almost all of the dishes fit everyone’s dietary needs (there were 2 meat dishes but Julia prepared gorgeous vegan options for our 2 vegans and 1 vegetarian in the group). My brother said, “You could have convinced me that this aubergine dish was pork belly, and I’ve never said that about vegan food before!” In addition, the space was spectacular for this exact experience. The library area was quaint and lovely, the terrace was refreshing and clean, and the restrooms were clean, homey and cozy in the best way! The entire team (3 individuals) made the night perfect. Each individual was friendly, personable, and kind. Their hard work, making the entire evening (about 5 hours) smooth, seamless, and enjoyable, does not go unnoticed. Thank you! We HIGHLY recommend this experience to anyone looking for something different, an emersion of cultures, a social gathering with the most remarkable strangers, and the most beautiful evening of laughing, talking, eating, and enjoying each other. We were honored to have a unique experience of bonding the chef with the guests and the food. A win-win for everyone! Cheers, Julia!

Lisa Kretzschmar – 19.03.2022
Great restaurant, fabulous food, awesome vibe!

Jorina Maas – 19.03.2022
One of the best food and wine experiences in Cape Town. Julia and her team are brilliant hosts and the food is out of this world.

Lara van Dyk – 19.03.2022
Without a doubt the BEST restaurant in Cape Town! Always a unique food and wine pairing and the most fun group of people! Love it!!!

Richard Gamble – 18.03.2022

Juergen Strunz – 18.03.2022
great food, interesting wine, always a craft beer for the road, Julia and team are simply the best.

Jacob Berget – 16.03.2022
Most amazing place!

Viviana Aldous – 15.03.2022
Absolutely loved Reverie Social Table. The food was delicious, the wine paired perfectly, and the experience was amazing. Can’t wait to go back when we return to Cape Town!

Cynthia Aspeling – 15.03.2022
Julia and her team consistently tick all the boxes – wine, food, atmosphere and great customer service. Julia’s wine pairings are carefully considered and complement the food perfectly ! An experience not to be missed.

Jessica Hoseus – 15.03.2022
Reverie is by far one of our favorite experiences in Cape Town and we have enjoyed Julia and her teams exquisite food and atmosphere many times. Each evening has been unique and equally as memorable! I can’t recommend it enough!

David Joseph Manley – 15.03.2022
Always a fantastic experience with Julia and her team.

Gillian – 14.03.2022
Love Social Reverie – the food, the team and the vibe. Eat great food, try local wines and make new friends. A must visit when in Cape Town.

C. Diel – 14.03.2022
Perfect Service. Friendly Chef. Good experience

Stephen Rooke – 14.03.2022
Been here several times when visiting Cape Town. Chef Julia and her staff prepare unbelievably delicious dishes using fresh, locally sourced ingredients and paired with local wines. Despite the challenges of COVID-19, the social table concept continues to be a unique and enriching dining experience—maybe even more so after two years of social distancing.

Jacqueline – 14.03.2022
Julia simply is the best chef!!!

Pia Wojciehowski – 14.03.2022
When I found your restaurant and read about it, I knew we had to make reservations! It was easy to contact you and get the date and time we wanted! Can’t wait to be your guest!

Naomi Jones – 14.03.2022
What an amazing experience. The food and wine pairings were just out of this world. We met new friends and enjoyed a wonderful evening.

Garth Aspeling – 14.03.2022
Incredible proudly South African Chef ! Julia strives to wine and dine her guests by engaging all the sensors for a unique pairing experience.

Nokukhanya Mncwabe – 14.03.2022
Reverie is consistent in delivering outstanding food and exceptional service. I always leave pleasantly surprised by the conversations enjoyed around the table and introductions to off-the-beaten track drinks. Julia and her team are outdoing BrandSA!

Michelle – 14.03.2022
A truly unique dining experience!

lisa grobler – 14.03.2022
Incredible food , you can taste the love

Amy Rheeder – 14.03.2022
I have been to Reverie three times and am blown away every time! The amount of love, and effort that goes into the experience is amazing. The food is always delicious, the wine pairings thoughtful and generous, and the service is incredible.

Andrew Goldman – 14.03.2022
In a country full of fabulous dinning experiences Reverie Social Table is without a doubt the best.

Marie Ange Baudoin – 14.03.2022
Great restaurant concept, intimate venue, and superb food adapted to your taste!

Lesley – 14.03.2022
Best. food. Ever! Julia is amazing!

Fran Gebhardt – 14.03.2022
A brilliant concept, fantastic food and wines and a great team under Julia’s direction. I love it and enjoy showcasing it to my overseas friends.

Dion Martin – 14.03.2022
Great food , great atmosphere, love the concept.

Val Hattingh – 11.03.2022
Fabulous food and wonderful evenings! Julia is so good at what she does! Such passion and perseverence!

Bridget Schuter – 10.03.2022
A totally unique experience awaits you! Superb food and wine pairing. Chef Julia is incredibly talented.

Marian – 10.03.2022
We had an amazing evening at the Reverie SocialTable. Delicious food and getting to know a bit more about the flavours and smells of various wines.

Pia Wojciehowski – 10.03.2022
Found this place and made reservations. Very very friendly quick email response and confirmation. Can’t wait to be there In August.

Kari Cousins – 09.03.2022
My favourite food experience for small groups.

Elloise du Toit – 09.03.2022
Reverie Social Table is out of this world! I attended a Halloween themed dinner here and the details that Julia put into the food was outstanding. I also had my hen party here – absolutely extrao-ordinary!

Devon Swingburn – 09.03.2022
Great concept with amazing food and wine ! Unique experience !

Val Perry – 08.03.2022
Chef Julia has an amazing talent with food and wine pairing. A wonderful dinner experience not to be missed when visiting Cape Town

Nicolene Swingburn – 08.03.2022
Reverie social table is a dining experience I’ll never forget! Service, food and atmosphere is exactly what you want when you want a dining experience! Chef Julia is professional and friendly!

Isabell – 07.03.2022
Unique concept with wonderful food prepared by beautiful people. Feels like home!

Marianne Pyrke – 07.03.2022
It’s a great concept and the delivery is spot on – food, wines, atmosphere. A brilliant and different night out in Cape Town

Avril Reitz – 07.03.2022
Julia and her team at Reverie Social Table are absolutely phenomenal. Warm hospitality, delicious food and wine and wonderful ambiance. Award-winning across the board!

Michael Distler – 07.03.2022
My favorite restaurant in Cape Town!

Brenda Distler – 07.03.2022
Best food, hospitality, wine and the entire experience from start to finish was absolutely superb. Kudos to Chef Julia and her great staff!

gerald – 07.03.2022
Always an amazing experience!! A lot of great flavours and paired with good wines

Kayla – 07.03.2022
My vote is for Reverie social table

Michele McIntyre – 07.03.2022
Voting for Reverie Social Table

Buntu Matole – 07.03.2022
Best restaurant ever.

Mashudu – 18.02.2022
It’s the best place to be

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