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Type: Experience
Category: Agritourism

Motivation for award: A working strawberry farm that has been developing for the past 20 years to bring you the most authentic country life and berry sweet experience. Families can reconnect with one another, create new memories, and feel like kids again! Redberry Farm is the ideal family destination with a range of fun experiences for everyone. You will be able to spend a full day on the farm while exploring our range of fun activities, restaurants and artisanal eateries.

Region: Western Cape / Garden Route

Redberry Farm

Sweet berry experience

Redberry Farm is a commercial strawberry grower, family entertainment venue and popular tourist attraction in George in the Garden Route. Redberry Farm offers a delightful family outing. Visitors can enjoy the many activities available such as strawberry picking, explore the largest permanent hedge maze in the Southern Hemisphere, miniature train, pony rides, bumper boats, bubble ball and outdoor play area. There is also a variety of eateries available

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Laurie Edwall – 30.05.2022
Redberry Farm is a place not to be missed for young and old and always excellent in every way!

A Pienaar – 28.05.2022
Lovely restaurant, play area and definitely the best strawberry smoothies

Cherry Raymer – 27.05.2022
An awesome spot . A credit to George .

Catherine Granelli – 27.05.2022
The best family destination on the Garden Route or whole of the Western Cape! Family run and always striving for excellence with their guests and their staff. Amazing place!

Jules Venter – 27.05.2022
Amazing venue to spend time as a family with so much to do with the children. Most delicious food, scenic settings and beautiful place for functions. Definitely one of our go to places.

Jules Venter – 27.05.2022
Amazing venue to spend time as a family with so much to do with the children. Most delicious food, scenic settings and beautiful place for functions. Definitely one of our go to places.

Cathy Haldane – 27.05.2022
Redberry is one of our favourite destinations in George. The best part of living in George we can visit as often as we like. Best Redberry smoothies and chicken salad!

Garry Hampson – 27.05.2022
Options for the whole family to enjoy themselves and spend quality time together in a fantastic setting!

Diane Parry – 26.05.2022
Wonderful experience

Odette Rademeyer – 26.05.2022
Redberry Farm….. Best place ever!!

Matthew – 26.05.2022
Amazing place with lots to do and wonderful owners!

Ingrid Hougaard – 25.05.2022
Redberry Farm is an exciting experience from small to old – it is run with passion by a family who is constantly wanting to share their incredible farm with others. They uave grown into a “must do and see” in the Southern Cape. We are so proud and privileged to drop in either for a quick cuppa with friends during the week – or proudly visit with visitors. Thank you Redberry for always wanting to go that extra mile.

Karmen Vladar – 25.05.2022
Redberry caters for the entire family. We struggled to get our kids to want to leave.

Heiko Feddersen – 25.05.2022
Absolutely amazing place for the family. Lots to see and lots to do.

Shauna Seymour – 25.05.2022
Such an amazing venue… much to see and enjoy.

Lettie De Kock – 25.05.2022
Redberry Farm is the best to visit and enjoy and can spend the day there. ALWAYS REDBERRY FARM

Andrea – 25.05.2022
We visit the strawberry farm every year ! It is the most awesome family place with good vibes

Corrie De Witt – 25.05.2022
Love redberry farm. My kids fav play place

Anjenette Klopper – 25.05.2022
Redberry Farm must win!

Lara Bartlett – 25.05.2022
Redberry Farm is the best strawberry farm! Totally geared and catering for families, hungry tummies, and your wallet. Their meals are affordable! Over the years we have never left disapponted, either strawberry picking, enjoying a lovely plate of food whilst the kids play so much, they do not want to leave. My vote goes to them, as they started as a small farm stall, and today they are a bustling family and tourist attraction.

manja jaspers – 25.05.2022
such a great place to visit with the family

Odette Fourie – 25.05.2022
Amazing place! A real gem in the Garden route

Liezel Matthys – 25.05.2022
Love to spend time at the Redberry Farm. They serve the best scones.

Susan Venter – 25.05.2022
Redberry Farm

Leigh-Ann Klinck – 25.05.2022
Redberry Farm

Teresa Fourie – 25.05.2022
I absolutely love this place and take all my friends that come to visit here. Their Strawberry Daiquiri is to die for. They also have amazing berries like the Kiwi berry.

Sello – 25.05.2022
Perfect place and farm to relax your mind and body.

Matthew Coetzee – 20.05.2022
Always improving never had a bad experience. Absolute must if passing or live in George

Janelle Miller – 19.05.2022
Perfect outing for the whole family!

Mrs S du Plessis – 16.05.2022
Redberry Farm is by far the most pleasant and affordable tourist destination in the South Cape area!

Jon – 15.05.2022

Gert Erasmus – 15.05.2022
Integrity and passion of owners are displayed in management of the concern.

Marié Erasmus – 15.05.2022
Worldclass destination for the whole family.Not only an attraction for locals but also a preferred destination for every visitor to the Garden Route. Management strives to make it an unforgettabke experience.

Michael Du Plessis – 15.05.2022
Best place to be

Lenro Fraser – 15.05.2022
Thank you RedBerry Farm for the Spirit in which you develop, encourage and influence! You’re fruitfulness is evident in more than just your amazing berries! The Garden Route is a better place because of you!

Maderi – 15.05.2022
Lots of activities for the whole family! Grew into a large business with lots of individual restaurants and shops.

Sarita van Greunen – 15.05.2022
Outing for the whole family, friendly staff, clean. Menu for everyone! Landmark with biggest stawberry. Peaceful outing!

Bernadette Rooy – 15.05.2022
Love strawberries

Charles Hay – 15.05.2022
Been incredible to watch this business grow from strength to strength and be such a positive influence in our community. We’ll done all.

Charles Hay – 15.05.2022
Been incredible to watch this business grow from strength to strength and be such a positive influence in our community. We’ll done all.

Lindy Gordon-Brown – 15.05.2022
I’m so proud of our neighbors RedBerry Farm. I love taking visitors there. It’s a world class experience.

Riaan Weideman – 14.05.2022
Redberry farm, an inspiration for all of us. Well Done!!

Karen De Villiers – 14.05.2022
Redberry Farm is the only place to go with children

Shirley Searle – 14.05.2022
Lovely well kept farm with numerous things to do ,friendly ,close to George and very involved in our farming community

Catharina Venter – 12.05.2022
What a lovely outing for the family. Great fresh strawberries and delicious food!

Amanda Brocker – 12.05.2022
Such an Icon in George.

Wilma – 12.05.2022
Beautiful location & scenery, fun activities, delicious food & drinks. Just a fab ambience!

Elizma BOTHA – 12.05.2022
Just love this place. Calm and peaceful. Fantastic service and products all year round. The strawberry juice is to die for. All my visitors get taken there to experience it.

Simoni Bennett – 12.05.2022
The redberry farm in George is absolutely amazing. It has the best entertainments you can think about. There are just amazing shops and a great customer service. My favourite is walking trough the shops drink a milkshake at the restaurant, go into the maze and enjoy the day while I forget every-time where to go to. And lastly buy me +- 3 buckets and pick my own strawberries.

Suzanne Van der Westhuizen – 12.05.2022
Redberry farm

Esmeralda de Meyer – 12.05.2022
The Redberry farm is the best. Quick coffee with coworkers after school, redberry farm. Fun Saterday with family, redberry farm. School trip for the learners, redberry farm. Always something great to do, eat, enjoy and you will always be welcomed with a smile.

Marie Vermaak – 11.05.2022
Wholesome fun as well as filling up tummys of the hungry.For ages 1 to 100

Mark – 11.05.2022
Amazing team who inspire many !!Thank you for journey and all those who have supported and contributed to the growth and success of Redberry Farm.

Helene Ferreira Fensham – 11.05.2022
Best fresh strawberries, best strawberry syrup, best strawberry jam and many more! Fantastic place to visit for everyone small to old. We just have to go there when we are there on holiday.

Hall Ingrid – 11.05.2022
Such a lovely place to visit with lots to do for old and young. Beautifull backdrop of the Outeniqua mountain range.

Rika Oberholster – 11.05.2022
The Strawberry farm is unique. Huge strawberry structure, amazing craft shops and restaurants, shop selling all locally produced jams, fresh fruit and syrups as well as activities for the whole family.

Nothemba Qina – 11.05.2022
REDBERRY FARM A great place to take your family and friends.

Elize Barnardt – 11.05.2022
Best for kiddies

Megan Van der walt – 11.05.2022
Redberry farm!!! This is my friends and I number 1 spot to go to! For a coffee, the best strawberry milkshake, or to have a fun day, the Redberry farm always supplies!

Barbara Hage – 11.05.2022
Redberry Farm is always a wonderful experience!

Sonja Steyn – 10.05.2022
A visit to George is incomplete if you haven’t been to Redberry Farm

Chizelle Massey-Hicks – 10.05.2022
Redberry farm

Lezette – 10.05.2022
Redberry Farm the best family get together destination in George.

Sharon Weideman – 10.05.2022
A wonderful family friendly place to go to with my two grandchildren who always have a great time even though they’re only one and three years old.

Hendrien Booysen – 10.05.2022
My favorite place to visit when in George

Lizette Breytenbach – 10.05.2022
Best place for family time

Marline – 10.05.2022
Always a treat going to the berry farm

Fern Bonny – 10.05.2022
Redberry Farm is always a pleasure to go to. I recommend it to anyone visiting the Garden Route. We’re fortunate to live quite close to it, so it’s our first option when we’re looking for a weekend treat.

M Theart – 10.05.2022
Awesome place to visit

Carrie-Lee O’Connell-Maritz – 10.05.2022
A wonderful place to spend time with your family. Strawberries are definitely the best.

Theo Hammond – 10.05.2022
Best place in george

Dakalo Ramanugu – 10.05.2022
Beautiful place to live alone or with friends or family.

M du Toit – 09.05.2022
Amazing place to visit and relax, eat outside, pick your own strawberries or buy in the store. Loads of goodies in store as well and friendly staff. Various activities throughout the year as well

Caroline Louw – 09.05.2022
This is the ultimate family experience. We enjoyed every moment at the Redberry Farm. We had a train ride, picked Strawberries in the lush green fields. We saw bunnies. We went for a Strawberry farm stroll and drank the healthy Strawberry fruit shakes. The farm shops also is a must visit. The Redberry farm is world class with very friendly staff. The is so much to experience and all in the warm South African sun!

Chantelle Willemse – 09.05.2022
A place not to be missed when you visit the Garden Route!!

Loelia Matthews – 09.05.2022
Redberry farm a must stop for us when on holiday in the WC lovely vibe and food for both parents and kids our kids enjoy themselfs every time we there❤️

Van wyk – 09.05.2022
Beautiful place

Nadia Du plessis – 09.05.2022
Redberry Farm for the win. They invest alot in the community- creating a safe and fun family affair. They deserve this award!

Erin Joubert – 09.05.2022
Love the Strawberry Farm! Such an amazing place and environment!

Laetitia – 09.05.2022
Absolutely love Redberry Farm

Nosiphiwo Sogiba – 09.05.2022
Redberry Farm is the best Agritourism in the southern cape and in South Africa. It cater for all ages.

Maxime Mondon – 09.05.2022
Best experience we and all our family ever had. Excellent Strawberries and Kiwi’s. The food is to die for and their is something for everyone to do from old to young. Friendly staff and the owners Mark and Janelle is the most Amazing people we have ever met. George is truly blessed with people like them in their community.

Natasha Gertzen – 09.05.2022
Redberry farm is an incredible place filled with love, adventure and of course the most AMAZING strawberries you will ever find! A must visit place for everyone – young, old, local or international. They are constantly looking for ways to improve and ensure that everyone leaves the farm smiling!

Janine Pretorius – 09.05.2022
Redberry farm and the people are great! Awesome place to visit and they support various charities with the trail run once a month. They are one of the few places giving back to the community

Amelia – 09.05.2022
Great vibe and always something interesting

Jessica naude – 09.05.2022
Awesome place to visit! Love the people and the food they provide !

Greta Smagghe – 09.05.2022
Was at Redberry farm this morning, lovely choice of fresh fruits – not only strawberries – stunning place for young and old, tourists and locals.

Angela Llewellyn – 09.05.2022
What an amazing place and people .

Helga Vermeulen – 09.05.2022
A visit to the Garden Route cannot be viewed as complete if you’ve not visited Redberry Farm. Pick your own strawberries with stunning views of the Outeniqua mountains, grab a bite to eat at any of the many eateries, take part in all the fun activities or simply take a stroll and enjoy the beauty and “vibe”. Redberry Farm is a “must have” experience.

Fiona de Villiers – 09.05.2022
Redberry Farm is truly a great family experience with so much to do, places to eat and strawberry products to buy. Just love the whole experience at Redberry

Mirvan Ryno Aspeling – 09.05.2022
Activities for all ages,various activities to do.

Charlotte du Raan – 09.05.2022
Best in the Garden Routr

Annika Venter – 09.05.2022
Fantastic place to visit.

Christine Pretorius – 09.05.2022
The best! Proud to have such a well organised, neat and ‘catering for all ages’, tourism attraction in George!

Andre Bruton – 09.05.2022
A tourist destination that does it right. We always bring our friends and family there when they are visiting the Garden Route area. Something for everyone.

Johan du Toit – 09.05.2022
GR8 and pleasant experience waiting for Young, Old and just for everyone

Gerhard Dresselhaus – 09.05.2022

Sisonke Tindleni – 09.05.2022
The Red Berry farm is an experience and a half. I love how it accommodates the entire family. Something for the kids Something for the adults and def something to create those memories together. Thank you Red Berry Farm. When you leave you gotta stop for ice cream

Kathrine Heigan – 09.05.2022
We visited your place whilst on holiday recently in George. Spending the day there, the time went quickly as there were lots of activities and treats to enjoy. Lovely atmosphere, and we are missing the sweet strawberries already! The food is just amazing!

Carrol Harrison – 09.05.2022
The best outing .. always a treat! Redberry Farm had so much to offer. Whether it’s tea and scones (with strawberry jam of course), waffles, ice cream or burgers, they never disappoint. Aldo have the best cocktails ever – strawberry infused. Absolutely one of our favourite places to go ..

Nour Alakhras – 09.05.2022
A safe and well maintained environment that has lots of entertainment for the entire family. Well done to the redbeery farm team

Raydene Baxter – 09.05.2022
Best family destination

Nicole Reynolds-Frasca – 09.05.2022
We got to experience 10% of what the farm has to offer and we’re amazed. Definitely going back and taking friends and family and recommending to our guests!

Taryn Rotthaus – 09.05.2022
Recently stayed on the farm. Great to stay so close to all the activities, from farm activities to eateries. Kids loved it too. Whole family destination.

Anneline Williams – 09.05.2022
Redberry Farm is the best!!!

Naomi de Ponte – 09.05.2022
Best family experience

Jacqui Killian – 09.05.2022
Best food and service. Amazing experience, kids love it there. And most definitely the best strawberries. Can’t wait to taste the kiwi’s.

Melanie Engelbrecht – 09.05.2022
Relaxing, Tranquil atmosphere Great experience to pick your own (delicious) strawberries Great food and THE BEST strawberry milkshake

Heinie Louw – 04.05.2022
Best family destination in the Garden Route!

Loré Opperman – 03.05.2022

Nicholas Dunn – 03.05.2022
Wonderful experience. A real gem

Karen Dunn – 03.05.2022
Redberry farm is an extraordinary family owned farm that produces the highest quality produce. The perfect place to visit with your family. A gem of a tourist attraction.

Tanith De Reuck – 03.05.2022
Beautiful family owned farmed and lovely experience and activities to do for all

Mitchell Dunn – 03.05.2022
Awesome Place for the whole family!!!!

Alretha van Rooyen – 03.05.2022
Best place. Lovely tourism attraction. You can spend the whole day on the Farm with alot of activities to do. Best part it’s a entertainment for Husband, kids and wife. No one will be grumpy everyone have something to keep them busy for the whole day! Well Done to the Miller Family for such a Blessing to make this a Blessing for the rest of the world

Heloine America – 02.04.2022
Redberry Farm is a fun filled attraction with loads of activities to do for young and old.

CHARLENE Vito – 01.04.2022
Excellent vibe and service

Tate Smith – 01.04.2022
For years this farm has been my iconic road trip stop. I have watched it grow and blossom over the past 12 years and cannot wait to see it continue. I ALWAYS make a point of having to stop there, no matter the driver! I really hope that the Red Berry Farm wins this, as they genuinely deserve it!

Taryn Alcock – 01.04.2022
Red berry farm!

Charlene Muller – 31.03.2022
Redberry farm best local attraction ever!

Corrieann Rattray Taylor – 31.03.2022
Beautiful family owned spot. Feel so “at home” at Red Berry Farm.

Elre Venter – 31.03.2022
I vote for the Redberry farm in George, Western Cape. And would love to visit them with the travel voucher. Awesome service.

Marisa Barnard – 31.03.2022
I think this is a must see for any person

Odile Joubert-de Kock – 31.03.2022
We love this place, it is amazing!

Esethu Tyilana – 31.03.2022
Red berry Farm

Jacqueline Beukes – 31.03.2022
Beste plek vir ouers en kinders!! Vele aktiwiteite om te geniet en die lekkerste aarbeie!!!

Corrinne Potgieter – 31.03.2022
The Redberry Farm is an extraordinary place to visit, especially with your family. They offer so many activities and there is a variety of food shops. I love that they cater for every age group.

Andrea Fourie – 31.03.2022
We love visiting the redberry farm The staff are so friendly and helpful A great place for kids of all ages A must visit when in George

Julia Miller – 31.03.2022
Redberry Farm!!

Anovuyo plaatjie – 31.03.2022
Best place to visit for fun activities and delicious food.

Andrea – 31.03.2022
Amazing place to take kids of all ages. The Strawberry Farm is clean, safe, fun and has some delicious food options including their infamous strawberries.

Zehanna – 31.03.2022
The best place you can go to to enjoy your day out with family or friends, and you get great service.

Noxolo Mbomvana – 29.03.2022
Family friendly place to be…..accommodates all age’s…Redberry farm!!

Marian vd Nest – 25.03.2022
Red red red it should be as this strawberry farm is the best to be found with so many strawberry dishes, strawberry events, strawberry gifts and strawberry vibes will leave you feeling like a strawberry. Go MAD at the Redberry Farm in George

Chantal Julie – 24.03.2022
I vote for the Redberry Farm

Jean Pretorius – 22.03.2022
RedBerry Farm is a relaxing outing for the whole family

Lize Lubbe – 22.03.2022
Redberry farm! Every child’s ideal “playdate!” We enjoy everything at the RedBerry Farm. From the food to all the activities. A great way to entertain the whole family for hours!

Lizette Van Zyl – 21.03.2022
Best family entettainment

Nadene Whatley – 21.03.2022
We just Love Redberry Farm

Shanel Appels – 21.03.2022
RedBerry Farm…Every visit to the Reberry Farm is a special and exciting experience for the whole family.

Michaela Hammond – 21.03.2022

Fiona Tobias – 21.03.2022
My kids, and family visiting from outside of George, just loves Redberry Farm.

Claire Geldenhuys – 21.03.2022
Redberry Farm, George

Hendrine Kriel – 20.03.2022
Family friendly with lots of activities and lovely food and drinks

Johnsen Karen – 20.03.2022
One of the best places to visit. Always clean, the personel are always friendly. Food is superb en die play ground and attractions for the kids is some of the best i have seen in South Africa.

Beverly Bothma – 19.03.2022
Wonderful place to visit for young and old. Various eating places. Activities for kiddies. Biggest maze in Southern Africa.

Freddy Trout – 19.03.2022
The place to go to when you want to spend quality time with your kids and feel like a kid yourself. So much to do in one place

Wilna van Wyk – 19.03.2022

Raymond van Wyk – 19.03.2022
Awesome place for the whole family! It’s clean, lots of things to do and always offer the freshest strawberries!

Choné Adrianzen – 19.03.2022
Redberry Farm is by far one of the most attractive, fun-filled activity sites with family friendly events to keep everyone entertained. Whilst do so, they offer the yummiest food, beverages and of course strawberries, all in one amazing place, Redberry Farm. With this I would vote them a must, along the Graden Route Tourism.

Cecil Wooff – 19.03.2022
Such a great place to enjoy a meal and family time. Love it.

Natalie – 19.03.2022
Beautiful spot, stunning views and great variety of food

Makana Eracia Tshikombeni – 19.03.2022
This is beautiful place I have visited since I relocated to George.

Cindy Oudshoorn – 19.03.2022
Lovely place for family quality time.

Dave – 19.03.2022
Awesome place eveytime in George.

Dave – 19.03.2022
Awesome place eveytime in George.

Miems Oudshoorn – 19.03.2022
Redberry Farm is an absolute must-visit! It is the ideal place to enjoy quality time with family and friends, whether you take part in all the fun activities, or just relax and chill at one (or more!) of the eateries. One visit to Redberry Farm is definitely not enough!

Jonel Ackermann – 19.03.2022
‘What can we do around here?’ visitors ask. Red Berry Strawberry farm is the first thing we proudly mention with confident, sincere enthusiasm. The views, the activities, the restaurant, the produce! But mostly the owners’ hearts for the community!!! Never wavering to help local charities….

Adrienne – 19.03.2022
Redberry holds precious memories for my family and I. We make a point of going there every time we’re on holiday in George.

Larissa DeVries – 19.03.2022
I love taking my nieces and nephews to the strawberry farm! There are so many things to do, and the adults get to do some yummy wine tasting as well.

Philene Smit – 19.03.2022
A visit to Redberry Farm is always a highlight!

Charlotte NOEMDOE – 19.03.2022
Redberry farm is the best! Its our favorite place for family outings. Lots ofcthings for children to do. Great food. Good service. Beautiful setting. Its got everything!

Magda – 19.03.2022
Redberry Farm is one of the first destinations visitors see when they land at the George Airport and rightly so! We are sooo proud of this showcase for George and the Garden Route.

Laurie Edwall – 19.03.2022
Redberry Farm is a superb place to enjoy the beauty of the Southern Cape while enjoying lots great activities and food. Highly recommended for all!

Chanene Spanneberg – 19.03.2022
This is the best place to take family and friends . I’m not even from George but we love this place. It has lots of activities and their food are exquisite. Last year was our 1st visiting but we will surely be going a lot more!!

Wayne Enslin – 19.03.2022
A great place for a family outing. We have never been disappointed when visiting red berry. Fun activities for the children to awesome food experience. One of our favourite places to visit as a family.

Alta van Zyl – 18.03.2022
Soul catcher.

Patrick Cairns – 18.03.2022
Awesome place

Gaby Le Roux – 18.03.2022
A must “go to” venue in George. It will not disappoint!

Tamryn Kuhn – 18.03.2022
This is actually a very awesome place. Very nice play area for kids while the grown-ups enjoy a cold beer or even just shopping.

Telana De Necker – 18.03.2022
Redberry farm in George is always a treat for the whole family. Great food, strawberries, lots of fun activities and great vibe

Mare Veinece – 18.03.2022
Love Redberry Farm

Maryna Lubbe – 18.03.2022
My little girl love Strawberry farm with the best strawberry milkshake

Juanique Jacobs – 18.03.2022
Wonderful place to go with family and friends!!

Luzanne Scholtz – 18.03.2022
We just love and adore Redberry farm…..It’s our second home….We can’t stay away…. We support all the restaurants and little curio shop when we visit. We recommend to everyone all the time. Awesome activities for young and old. Genuinely family orientated. There’s some New exciting things coming soon to Redberry Farm and our son JP 8 years old can’t wait to explore… See you soon Redberry Farm we are so excited to walk/run in the next race…..

Harriette – 18.03.2022
Redberry farm have a lot of activities for young and old. Whenever I get visitors Redberry farm is the first place I take them to.

Van Rooyen Madeleine – 18.03.2022
Redberry farm, George the best family outing

Laetitia Kotze – 18.03.2022
I love Redberry Farm!

Olivia – 18.03.2022
Rasberry Farm in George is the best so much to do. We always go when we go on holiday from JHB to George

Geraldene November – 18.03.2022
Redberry Farm (Garden Route) The Best

Beauhla van Wyk – 18.03.2022
Vote for Redberry farm. Love it.

Lizelle Jansen van Vuuren – 18.03.2022
We were at redberry farm in February 2022. So many activities for the kids, yummiest strawberries and amazing food and drinks. Can’t wait to go back

Noluvo Plaatjie – 18.03.2022
Vissited the farm and the family experience is exceptional. the food and the picnic pleasures of enjoying the fruit fresh from plant to mouth truly delicious.

TRISH ELIZABETH – 18.03.2022
You guys do an amazing job, excellent place. Thank you for the calm and tranquility

Marichelle Hough – 18.03.2022
Strawberry farm is definitely a stunning place. My son of 5 enjoy it there, always fun. So much to do there. It is a family friendly place and always clean.

Hendrina Booysen – 18.03.2022
Love Redberry farm, especially the strawberry milkshakes

Vernol Claassen – 18.03.2022
Best experience I have ever had, treating and spoiling the kids especially in nice weather conditions.

Zascia Brown – 18.03.2022
Only had the best service at the farm! There is so much to do! The best of all is the fact that it is so peaceful and absolutely breathtaking. Beyond beautiful! I’ve been living in George for 17 years now and in this past 17 years the Redberry Farm is the attraction that I can’t get enough off and definitely will never get tired of it! Keep it going Redberry Farm! You are more than just amazing! I appreciate and applause you!

Kay Le fleur – 18.03.2022
very family orientated that is what i love the most …it has a clean earthy vibe to it.

Lettie de Kock – 18.03.2022
Redberry Farm, the best!

Marie Koekemoer – 18.03.2022
Very special place for my daughter and her grandparents

Celeste van Wyk – 18.03.2022
My family have been visiting this farm from day one over the past 20years.

Tebello Maloka – 17.03.2022
I haven’t been there myself but the people I know personally that has cannot stop going on about how amazing the place it. Its authentic nature

Lemise Essop – 15.03.2022
The strawberry farm has always been very intriguing for me, and although I have not yet had the pleasure of being able to visit the site I will nominate it for its captivating beauty as it is an ideal family destination suitable for all.

Mochochoko Itumeleng – 14.03.2022
The best of the best

Ansune Louw – 14.03.2022
Redberry Farm is the ideal family destination in the Garden Route! They have a wide range of fun activities for all ages to enjoy.

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