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Type: Accommodation – Hotel
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: We are a unigue establishment that offers an experience for everyone and of all ages. Our serene and tranquil environment has allowed for people to “get away” from Covid with the property extending over 16000sq meters with all proper Covid protocols in place. Our highly skilled staff and trained professionals are always on hand to assist guests. Safety is paramount to us and every staff member is trained to handle situations. Parking facilities are inside the property and manned 24 hours by ZSS Security which is also a subsidiary of our Group of Companies. We offer prayer facilities on site

Region: Gauteng / Johannesburg

Qurtuba Hospitality

Memories start here

Qurtuba Hospitality was initially established as a Boutique Hotel with 40 uniquely decorated rooms, with a restaurant on site. We have, in the last 18 months developed into a Resort with amenities such as Live Games, Obstacle course, Horse Riding, Archery, Picnic spots and coming soon an Adventure Golf Course.
We also boast an outdoor heated pool, Hookah Lounge and game rooms for Adults and kiddies, with Pool table, Arcade games, soccer table and much more.
Due to demand we have recently added self catering apartments on the property.
We cater for small events on site and our experience event co-ordinators can create a magical setup for any occasion.
We also have a Travel Company where we can manage anything from flights to shuttle services and even local tours.
Our establishment also offers Venues for large functions, with state of the art design and electronic equipment, seating up to 700 people.
Our onsite Restaurant is Sanha approved and cater for any size function.
Our main family attraction is our Animal Park. We boast Camels, Llamas, a rabbit park, sheep goats, bird sanctuary and many more to come.
We have opened up our business to the International market and have representation in Dubai. We are currently exhibiting at EMITT in Turkey and the only Company representing South Africa.

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Brandonpurdy – 04.04.2024
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Rubeena Moosa – 01.06.2022
love the restuarant, very tranquil facilities are clean.

Irshaad Arbee – 31.05.2022
qurtuba hospitality

Shaheesta Adam – 31.05.2022
Qurtuba is our home away from home. Absolutely love the convenient location and the hospitality. The environment is also really peaceful.

Ahmed Zaid Ebrahim – 31.05.2022
Excellent service. Lovely facility

Gadijah Ahmed – 31.05.2022
Beautiful Place

Jannat Adam – 31.05.2022
Amazing ambience… The decor is luxuriously oriental and the whole place gives me a really peaceful, relaxed feeling.

Muhammad Rawat – 31.05.2022
Great place to visit.

Aakifah Osman – 31.05.2022
11/10 for hospitality

zakir – 31.05.2022
Super nice halaal place

Soomaya Rawat – 31.05.2022
Amazing facilities and attractions

Fagry Peck – 31.05.2022
When you enter Qurtuba Boutique Hotel, you are immediately transported to this beautiful Moroccan setting. You feel as if you are in another country. This place has such a mystical sensation about it. It is easy to forget that you are still in the Northern Suburbs of Johannesburg. You truly feel as if you have travelled.

Ammaarah – 31.05.2022
Lovely halaal destinations

FAISAL THOKAN – 31.05.2022
Beautiful halal location

Farhana Rawat – 31.05.2022
Beautiful location and halaal restaurant

Muhammad Thokan – 31.05.2022
It is a beautiful halaal location

Youshaa Pochee – 31.05.2022
No comment

Ammaarah – 31.05.2022
Beautiful halaal location

Razina Arbee – 31.05.2022
Lovely facilities and best buffet breakfast

Zainub Thokan – 31.05.2022
Beautiful and serene location

Hamza Farooqui – 31.05.2022
Great hotel. Something much needed and well deserving of this award.

Naailah Pochee – 31.05.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality

Mohammed adam – 31.05.2022
It’s like stepping into a whole new world. Thanks for a fantastic experience. Certainly worth a visit

Khaleel – 31.05.2022
Serenity in the city.

Ahmad Pochee – 31.05.2022
Very nice and beautiful architecture.

Yusuf – 31.05.2022
Excellent property

Ali Mohammed – 31.05.2022
Qurtuba Boutique is setup in a very serene country style environment. It is elegantly furnished. The facilities are world glass. I like their Restuarant. The staff are very patient and friendly. The food is wonderful.

Dan – 31.05.2022
Amazing what they have built up

mohammed cassim – 31.05.2022
Qurtuba is beautiful and amazing

Ahmed Soosiwala – 31.05.2022
Amazing food , amazing service & wonderful facilities

Tayyiba – 31.05.2022
Mashallah beautiful

Haleemah Amajee – 31.05.2022
This hotel is nothing short of unique. It has a great Andalusian theme, and a comfortable, tranquil vibe. The best part, its 100% halaal. You could never tell that you’re so close to the city.

Abdul salaam Saeed Ali – 31.05.2022
I was there first day to visit, the environment is amazing facilities quality food and people are very friendly

Rehana Adam – 31.05.2022
Lovely location

Jameel – 31.05.2022

Shaheen Hoosen – 31.05.2022
Qurtuba is beautiful and amazing

Samira Badat – 31.05.2022
Stay at Qurtuba was nothing short of amazing. The wonderful atmosphere coupled with good meals, fun activities and great service was recognised immediately and made our stay over a long weekend well worth our choice.

Muneebah Sujee – 31.05.2022
Excellent restuarant – great food, friendly service and relaxing ambience. The hotel is beautiful and well thought off. With plenty of amenities for both adults and kids!

Tahira Chinsamy – 31.05.2022
I vote for Qurtuba Hospitality

Sabeeha – 31.05.2022
Excellent facilities

Thoko mokoena – 30.05.2022
The resort is very beautiful and inviting!

Mahomed Khan – 30.05.2022
Excellent Venue

Ambreen Umair – 30.05.2022
Beautiful and serene ambiance.

Zeenat Ravat Fulat – 30.05.2022

Imraan – 30.05.2022
Excellent facilities

Muhammed Somrey – 30.05.2022
Excellent service and relaxing look and feel with good facilities

Fatima Teladia – 30.05.2022
Most deserving of this award..thanks

Faseehullah – 30.05.2022
Love to travel in our beautiful country

Salma focrat – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba a wonderful place to kick back and relax A place full of serenity and beautiful spa is just the way to spend ur vacation

Nafeesa – 30.05.2022
Excellent food at Limoni.

Mohamed uzair – 30.05.2022
Love this place

Muhammed bassa – 30.05.2022
Da best ever

Naeem – 30.05.2022
Great service

Moeniera Rajah – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba literally transports you to another world…From the mesmerizing architecture, to the exquisite lighting, every last detail leaves you in awe…They offer an experience, give memories that evoke a smile, and a desire to return time and time again…Highly recommended for a unique experience…#ItsaWholeVibe

Naeem docrat – 30.05.2022
Qurta hospitality Is an awesome place with a relaxing spa treatment and peaceful surroundings is the best way to enjoy your stay

Amatullah Ahmed – 30.05.2022
Lovely competition

Safiyya – 30.05.2022
Awesome- limoni food was excellent. Jee it up

Hufsah Mia – 30.05.2022
Would love to visit the spa at Qurtuba! It looks so luxurious

Salaamah – 30.05.2022
Exceptional service delivery. Keep it up

Yaameena Ismail – 30.05.2022

Juwairiyyah Docrat – 30.05.2022
I recommend Qurtuba Boutique hotel for the SA Tourism awards , as this fine establishment deserves it

Asmaa – 30.05.2022
Best hospitality

Essop Laher – 30.05.2022
One of its kind in the whole of the northern suburb Seeing is believing

Abu Bakr haffejee – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba online is the best homeschool

Nuhaa Ismail – 30.05.2022
I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Qurtuba Hotel and Spa. Everything about this venue is tranquil and relaxing. Enjoyed a lovely meal at Limoni and I look forward to going back to enjoy a lovely spa treatment.

Ali – 30.05.2022
Wonderful and classy venue for functions at the Qurtuba Convention Centre with convenient accessibility for accommodation at the hotel. Enjoyed a 5 star breakfast buffet at limoni restaurant. Highly recommended

Waseem Mohamed Laher – 30.05.2022
Beautiful place.

Humaira – 30.05.2022
Oh this is a dream come true… what an opportunity from beautiful qurtuba

Amina Sheikh – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba has an amazing team. Qurtuba definitely caters the need for people and is a clean, safe and entertaining site for any person including for tourist locally and abroad. I definitely recommend Qurtuba as a tourist attraction. Amina Sheikh

Muhammad – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba is the best!!!

Bilal Hajee – 30.05.2022
Amazing hospitality and great food. A must to visit.

Suhaifa Desai – 30.05.2022
I vote for qurtuba boutique hotel for the warmth and class experienced there . It’s like home away from home

Waseela Alli – 30.05.2022

Husnaa – 30.05.2022
I had a lovely stay with very warm and welcoming staff

Safoora – 30.05.2022
A countryside experience in the modern Sandton. They even have camels in the city!

Zakee – 30.05.2022
A unique experience within a majestic setting, Qurtuba hospitality staff make one’s stay memorable.

Zahraa – 30.05.2022
Masha Allah Amazing Keep up the good work

Ahmed ismail – 30.05.2022
Awesome tranquil with relaxation for mind soul and body

Shamilla – 30.05.2022
What a lovely venue ,my nephew just had his wedding there the 21 st of May . Stunning, stunning ,stunning!!

Asmaa Haffejee – 30.05.2022
I’m going to be attending a wedding in August, and our plan is to sleep the night before at the Qurtuba Hotel. I can’t explain how excited we are, and how we’re looking forward to it. I’ve heard very good things about the hotel and hall etc etc from close family. They are doing a remarkable job with the Qurtuba Online School, so I wouldn’t expect any less from them and the people there

Raeesa Hansa – 30.05.2022
Beautiful setting and excellent hospitality. Great for kids

Kabir Osman – 30.05.2022
Awesome place

Hannah – 30.05.2022
The best place to relax an unwind – the Art of tranquility and Peace!

Abdullah Abdul – 30.05.2022
Best place to visit

Ismail Ahmed – 30.05.2022
Hospitality at its best. Words cannot do justice to the serenity and natural beauty one can experience at Qurtuba resort in Linbro Park.

Muhammad – 30.05.2022
Bea Beautiful place and excellent hospitality

Zeba – 30.05.2022
Food at the restaurant is amazing, had a wedding at the rosemello hall and everything went so well. The hotel was comfortable and took care of all our needs. And made our stay there carefree.

Mohammed Kajee – 30.05.2022
Qurtaba is awesome

Rayhanah Moosa Hassim – 30.05.2022
Beautiful SA. Would love to explore it!

Rayhanah Hassim – 30.05.2022
SA has a lot to offer. Cant wait to explore more of it !!!

Mohammed ilyas – 30.05.2022

Mohammed yaseen – 30.05.2022
Best services in town

Mariam Tilly – 30.05.2022
Abosolutely wonderful stay Would highly recommend to friends and family

Husna Osman – 30.05.2022
Rumaan spa. Fantastic Enjoy the special moments with special people around you

Sulaiman – 30.05.2022
Excellent hospitality and amazing venue.

Mohamed Ravat – 30.05.2022
Enough parking Neat and tidy Friendly staff Excellent food Variety at breakfast Pampered at the spa Great massage

Yusuf – 30.05.2022
An environment to experience?!

Aysha – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality is amazing.

Muhammed Variawa – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba is an absolutely incredible establishment. Has the absolute best amenities, excellent convenience all while being neat and eye pleasing too. May Allaah grant them success in every endeavour

Zaheerah Shafi – 30.05.2022
Absolutely love qurtuba, they have the best entertainment that the whole family can enjoy

Muhammad Haffejee – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba boutique hotel is excellent

Tasneem Motan – 30.05.2022
Lovely venue and friendly staff

Ayanda Mkhwanazi – 30.05.2022
Memories were made here

Nafeesa Khan – 30.05.2022
Beautiful venue with lovely scenery

John Rupert – 30.05.2022
Our Lippies are fantastic

Jhan-Mari van den Berg – 30.05.2022
Just wow

Tessa Hellman – 30.05.2022
Beautiful venue, warm and accommodating hospitality

Muhammed Moolla – 30.05.2022
Excellent stay

Reshma Kila – 30.05.2022
Stunning hotel and venue. Staff are friendly and very efficient.

Aadil Fulat – 30.05.2022
Awesome food and location

Isa Dawood – 30.05.2022
I vote for Qurtuba.

Munibah Van Wyk – 30.05.2022
Best hotel in the north.

Abu-bakr Nadat – 30.05.2022
Beautiful boutique hotel with awesome restaurant!

Tayyiba – 30.05.2022
I really like this place it’s halaal accommodation the eating place is also halaal and we don’t get halaal accommodation easily Well done

Za-eemah Brink – 30.05.2022
Sounds like a amazing plan

Latifa Ebrahim – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba really does have something for everyone. An oasis right in Jozi.

Ishaq Ismail – 30.05.2022
Tranquil home away from home

Tasmiya Moosa – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba is a great place, it’s beautiful and very wonderful to go to. I personally love this place and would rate it a 5/5

Mohamed Adam – 30.05.2022
I vote for Qurtuba. How do I claim my travel voucher?

Nizam – 30.05.2022
Awesome. Must visit.

Zanobea Mahomed – 30.05.2022
Lovely staff members Restaurant has great wait staff and food Amazing views Kid friendly Definitely will go back

Waseem Adam – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba hospitality is happiness … everytime

Ayesha Moola – 30.05.2022
Amazing venue!!

Khalida madaran – 30.05.2022
Service delivery is excellent

Talha – 30.05.2022
One of the best hotels with a absolutely amazing experience.

Nabeelah – 30.05.2022

Jabu Kekana – 30.05.2022
Lovely atmosphere, I love the chows! Great staff & a lovely customer service!!!

Muhammad – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba hospitality is awesome

Naideen Cassim – 30.05.2022
Excellent Qurtuba hospitality

Rahimah Banda – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba hospitality is a grand place with beautiful architecture and delicious food, a definite treat for your time and leisure.

Nkupula – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality

Ammaarah Ebrahim – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba hospitality has delivered some of the best service that I’ve experienced to date

Lynda Moses – 30.05.2022
Awesome place

Umm Zaid – 30.05.2022
Facilities were clean and in excellent condition. Beautiful play area and tasty halaal food at Limoni.

Ali Ebrahim – 30.05.2022

Shameem Omar – 30.05.2022
Enjoyed the seren & tranquility of the place. 5 stars for hospitality & presentation.

Rahimah – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba is a beautiful place with great food and architecture for the guest to admire and enjoy

Hamida khan – 30.05.2022
I had such a great holiday here, I especially loves all the activities they have to offer

Sanaa Bibi – 30.05.2022
Amazing experience and friendly staff

Amina Shaik – 30.05.2022
Beautiful place!

Faheema Bilimoria – 30.05.2022
they are just the best.. my kid enjoyed every bit of his time there.the staff are friendly and well maintained place

Asmaa – 30.05.2022
Great service

Sanaa Khan – 30.05.2022
Excellent service and accommodating. Love the scenery, activities and facilities

Pooja Ramcharan – 30.05.2022
Incredible place!

Bonolo Molope – 30.05.2022
A home away from home.

Faheem Ajam – 30.05.2022
Great place

Denise Abraham – 30.05.2022

Saad Bhikhu – 30.05.2022
The best out there!

Ebrahim – 30.05.2022
Excellent venue and amazing food

Rahimah Banda – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba hospitality is a grand place with the perfect food and the place boasts great architecture for the guests to admire

Karachi girl ♥️ – 30.05.2022

Mahatma – 30.05.2022
I vote for Ademjee

Limoni boy – 30.05.2022
Alhamdulillah ♥️

Tyrelle Toorn – 30.05.2022
I vote for Qurtuba hospitality

Mahdiyyah Shah – 30.05.2022
Friendly staff

Yumna – 30.05.2022
Truly well deserved :)

Ismail Osman – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba Hotel is an amazing stay. Great food. Friendly staff. 5 stars from me.

Karachi boy – 30.05.2022

Issac Oscar – 30.05.2022
Great service. Awesome place. Good bang for your buck.

Talha Areff – 30.05.2022
The best! Definitely took my vote

Jade Moses – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba is the best!

Farzana Rasool – 30.05.2022
Excellent facility! Well maintained

Susan Quan – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba Hotel offers unforgettable fond memories of a perfect stay and service.

Pakistani boy – 30.05.2022

Shazia McCloed – 30.05.2022
Beautiful and Serene Venue.

Anusha – 30.05.2022
Beautiful hotel with nice food

Norman nhlanhla Ndlovu – 30.05.2022
What a nice place and lovely place

Ansari – 30.05.2022

Mehamood – 30.05.2022
Amazing venue for leisure with corporate experience

Umair Ansaaaarrr – 30.05.2022

Umair Ans – 30.05.2022
Mashallah ♥️

Sharon Daka – 30.05.2022

Rachima Heilbron – 30.05.2022
I have visited the Qurtuba Boutique Hotel and I must say the food is absolutely 5 star. The place itself offers so much more. It is beautifull.

Ayesha Madaran – 30.05.2022
Loved my stay!

Mateen Essop – 30.05.2022
AFAP ravens is who my vote is for

Umair Ansari – 30.05.2022

Mohammad Uzair – 30.05.2022
Best stay I’ve had!!!

Miranda Mercy Philisiwe Nhliziyo – 30.05.2022
One of the best places I know. Looking forward to the voucher too.

Amina Timol – 30.05.2022
Beautiful place, beautiful hotel. Lots to do from archery lessons, horse riding, obstacle course, Limoni is an excellent restaurant. Would also love to try out the beauty salob soon.

Ebrahim Alli – 30.05.2022
All the best

Queenie Pon – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba Boutique Hotel is unique as it provides world class services and comfortable stays under one roof. A holiday on its own.

Jahaan Osman – 30.05.2022
great Hotel, clean and kid friendly, loved spending time with my kids there and the restaurant is delicious

Muhammad Shakeel Mahomed – 30.05.2022
Awesome food. Serene and Beautiful hotel setup and top class friendly customer service

Ruqaiya Bemath – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality. Comfortable. Elegant. Delicious breakfast

Naseema – 30.05.2022
Ive heard so many good things about Qurtuba and am dying to see it for myself. One day soon InShaAllah

Mohamed Zaheed wajar – 30.05.2022
Beat overall

Yasmeen Adams – 30.05.2022
100% venue

Akhtar Seedat – 30.05.2022
Best accommodation

Yasmeen Adams – 30.05.2022
100% venue

Hassim Khan – 30.05.2022
Great facility. Great location and good food. Keep it up

Edwin van den Bergh – 30.05.2022
Beautiful resort in Sandton.

Martin – 30.05.2022
Amazing place, the Tasneem was the most amazing and friendly host ever.

Yasmin – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality

Najmoonisa khan – 30.05.2022

B, Jogee – 30.05.2022
Excellent, family friendly place

Kola alli – 30.05.2022
Amazing food, amazing place

Bibi Ayesha Mohomed – 30.05.2022
Beautiful and modern setting, friendly staff..

Hamish Jones – 30.05.2022
Matthew 18:6

Bless mvula – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba hotel is number 1 in SA The rooms, food let me say that everything is fine.

Zubair Lorgat – 30.05.2022
A unique experience indeed. You will be treated like family

Brettend – 30.05.2022
this is a nice space for relaxing too

Kaleda Khan – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba is great

Aamena – 30.05.2022

Muhammed – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba Resort,an amazing family friendly atmosphere.

Zhaakira – 30.05.2022
Amazing service, amazing food. Everything is perfect

Abdurrahmaan – 30.05.2022
A unique experience and wonderful escape right in the city.

Yusuf – 30.05.2022
Excellence at its best and couldn’t get better service

Salma Kaka – 30.05.2022
Excellent service, highly recommended

Petro – 30.05.2022
Lovely place

Riyaadh Lawrence – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba Boutique Hotel and Spa

Mahdiyyah – 30.05.2022
Stunning hotel, great staff and service, an amazing selection of activities right in Jhb, a little escape from the city.

Tahseen Karodia – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba boutique hotel and spa truly has it all! Perfect for spending time with the family.

Firoza Suleman – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba is the best

Nabeelah – 30.05.2022
They’re the best

Trishan – 30.05.2022
Stunning hotel and entertainment for family and business.

Mariam – 30.05.2022
Everything is exquisite about Qurtuba hospitality.

Shahida moola – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba hospitality

Raeesa – 30.05.2022

Tasneem Ahmed Hassen – 30.05.2022
A GEM IN THE DISTRICT OF SANDTON Family friendly Atmosphere, halaal catering, lots of activities on site.

Muhammad Asmal – 30.05.2022
Great facility with amazing amenities

Emii – 30.05.2022

Shameema Doola – 30.05.2022
Love this place

Omiee – 30.05.2022

Qurtuba – 30.05.2022
A luxurious getaway in a tranquil serene setting just a stone throw away from home …lots of fun stuff to do …caters for young n old …classic decor and exquisite finishes…super awesome menu and stunning hospitality

Ayesha Bismillah – 30.05.2022
Absolutely beautiful and serene place with warm and welcoming staff

Fayaaz – 30.05.2022
Fabulous place

Nabeela – 30.05.2022
great service, accommodating and clean

Fahmeedah Nadat – 30.05.2022
Beautiful hotel!

Hamzah Fulat – 30.05.2022

Shandukani – 30.05.2022
By far the beat hotel in sandton.. What I also love about it is it helps uplifts and support local small businesses

Mohammed azhar Chohan – 30.05.2022
Beautiful and relaxing

Muhammad – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba is the best

Imtiaz Bey – 30.05.2022
Very serene environment. Excellent service.

Ahmed – 30.05.2022
Welcoming Warm n serene

David De Villiers – 30.05.2022
Excellent all round service, GREAT FOOD, Friendly/Professional Hospitality.

Faheema – 30.05.2022
A stunning place to visit.

David De Villiers – 30.05.2022
Excellent all round service, GREAT FOOD, Friendly/Professional Hospitality.

Salmaan Mohamee – 30.05.2022
Beautiful, scenic facilities and friendly staff..

Hira Majid – 30.05.2022
Best hospitality

Fatima Seedat – 30.05.2022
Beautiful and serene. A very hospitable experience.

Sihle mtshengiseni Khumalo – 30.05.2022
Wow…all I can say your place is neart and clean I book for my wife there and her friend they don’t stop praising the place how clean it is and neat even now they thinking of booking it again for December time keep it up Qurtuba with your hospitality…

Pooja Ramcharan – 30.05.2022
Great place! Stunning facilities Friendly staff

Fathima Vawda – 30.05.2022
Amazing! Takes u to a whole new place, good food, entertainment and relaxing!!!!!

Kaashif-Ahmad Mahomed – 30.05.2022
Not a place that you would just find anywhere or on anyday. Unique. Different. Worth it.

Shameemah – 30.05.2022
An excellent hotel with excellent hospitality

Yakoob – 30.05.2022
Excellent service and facilities

Feroza Khan – 30.05.2022
A beautiful venue with professional staff and top class service. Its a social venue with event diversity & fun facilities. Enjoyed every time we’ve been there

Ozayr Davids – 30.05.2022
5 star service, with brilliant and exquisite finishes. Lots of activities for all ages and sizes of family.

Abdul Haq Lutchka – 30.05.2022
Excellent service

Jan T Ngwenya – 30.05.2022
It’s the best of all the best…what a marvelous place.

Abida Roskin – 30.05.2022
Absolute quality, attention to detail and excellent service!

Moosa Hassim – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality is the place to stay. Reasonable rates. Very clean rooms, friendly staff.

Zain – 30.05.2022
Awesome event, gets better every time.

Muaz – 30.05.2022
Beautiful scenery and comfort surroundings.

Zuleika Bamath – 30.05.2022
As I have recently been at the resort I would highly recommend a visit here anytime. Well done!

Amir – 30.05.2022
Excellent service!

FAHEEMA AKOOB – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba is my go-to hotel whenever im in Johannesburg. Clean, safe and wonderful environment.

Sajida Simjee – 30.05.2022
So serene and beautiful and everything you could possibly need. Love this place

Muhammad Laher – 30.05.2022
5-star service

Nwabisa Mtyobele – 30.05.2022
An exquisite establishment with world class facilities and service.

Soraya Cassim – 30.05.2022
Am amazingly beautiful venue, Staff we’re extremely helpful and accommodating. Accommodation was fantastic, I’ll recommend it to everyone as a one stop shop. Have no regrets with our function.

aslam Gani – 30.05.2022
I love Qurtuba the hospitality and service is outstanding

aslam Gani – 30.05.2022
I love Qurtuba the hospitality and service is outstanding

Raza Miyanbhai – 30.05.2022
I would recommend Qurtuba as a place to go away for the weekend with the family and is close to a lot of places i have to go work at and service is very good and a very friendly staff is there

Sumayya Motala – 30.05.2022
Choose Qurtuba hospitality as it is so child friendly

Naajida Patel – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba is an absolutely stunning place with amazing things to do

Lebogang – 30.05.2022

abdullah jeena – 30.05.2022
excellent all round

Waswa Baker Vava – 30.05.2022
They have very excellent services. Very neat enviroment. We were able to perform our prayers with my family. Keep it up Guys.

Syed waseem – 30.05.2022
All the best, qurtuba Hospitality.

Unas Gani – 30.05.2022

Siraaj Ahmed Hassim – 30.05.2022
Classy hotel Top service. Fantastic breakfast And lunch was excellent Used conference centre for my daughters wedding and received fantastic comments from guests

Sameera Kara – 30.05.2022
Lovely place

Mohammed – 30.05.2022
Excellent place to stay Excellent service

Riyaadh Rajah – 30.05.2022
World class resort!!

Noor Khatib – 30.05.2022
Customer experience was outstanding

Naima Nur – 30.05.2022
Excellent location

Ismail Lambat – 30.05.2022
An amazing destination. Breathtaking architecture, lush gardens and top notch hospitality.

Fathima Saley – 30.05.2022
Top quality rooms Comfortable spacious Staff are super accomodating and always helpful Breakfast and grounds are 10 star

Sumaiya Hattia – 30.05.2022
A perfect family picnic spot Service is excellent

Naseera – 30.05.2022
Great atmosphere and ambience

Ruwaida – 30.05.2022
Delicious food and outstanding hospitality

bilal rawat – 30.05.2022
Very impressed with qurtuba hospitality

Maxwell mugandani – 30.05.2022
It’s the best of all the best

Fatima Jassat – 30.05.2022
A lovely place to spend the weekend. Lovely breakfast n meals at the restaurant. Peaceful place n lovely relaxing spa. Prices are also very affordable.

Umair tariq – 30.05.2022
Great hospitality & excellent service

Botshelo Dinaka – 30.05.2022

Owais – 30.05.2022
Best hotel and very good cuisine

Owais – 30.05.2022
Best hotel and very good cuisine

Fawzia khan – 30.05.2022
A beautiful humble comfy tasty yummy food.

Nuraan Ramos – 30.05.2022
Great hospitality & excellent service.

Ishak – 30.05.2022
Best gateway in the heart of the city.. Refreshing environment

Ishak – 30.05.2022
Best gateway in the heart of the city.. Refreshing environment

Shehnaaz Yusuf – 30.05.2022
Really beautiful venue

Ahmed – 30.05.2022
Excellent location and hospitality

Abdullah Safodien – 30.05.2022
Wow, truly breathtaking. The Qurtuba brand strives for excellence.

Haroun – 30.05.2022
Awesome hotel and d location

Asmaa safodien – 30.05.2022

Rahim Taib – 30.05.2022
Very reliable and affordable. Best service It’s worth it … Try it once and you will always want to go Again and again

Haseena Moolla – 30.05.2022
Would love to win R1000 travel voucher

AB – 30.05.2022
Great place. Amazing food and friendly staff.

Muhammad H Murchie – 30.05.2022
Excellent destination, world class decour

Fehmida Patel – 30.05.2022
Best hotel in Johannesburg with great hos

Mr Ismail Bata – 30.05.2022
Stunning venue & excellent service

Ahmed patel – 30.05.2022
Best Place to stay with great hospitality and delicious food

Muhammad Haffejee – 30.05.2022
Excellent service and facilities

Ahmed – 30.05.2022
Love the setup and the breakfast. Ideal location for meetings close to Sandton or the airport.

JAN – 30.05.2022

Hooda – 30.05.2022
I would like to say that i have had the privilege to visit the qurtuba estates and giving it just a mere glance sets you three steps back in awe. The exterior and interior of the place is very much aesthetically pleasing and gives off many modern day vibes of the original city Qurtuba in Spain. The hospitality given is heartwarming and the entertainment and fun makes it all the better. Qurtuba is a no.1 recommendation for those who crave a mix of positive feelings

Isaa – 30.05.2022
Best in Jhb

Ashraf Alli siliman – 30.05.2022
Absolute unique experience. Lots of fun and good experience with the animal farm, especially for the kids. Lovely outing and good food.

Da’Neela Govender – 30.05.2022
Very professional and amazing service. I will Highly recommend.

Farzana Majeed – 30.05.2022
Hospitality at its best with a great Team of Staff… A sort after set up serene, beautiful, therapeutic and convenient!

Rehana Amod – 30.05.2022
Great place. Good reviews. Cant wait to get there and experience their hospitality.

Mehreen Fareed – 30.05.2022
I absolutely enjoyed my birthday getaway at the Qurtuba Hospitality hotel and spa. Everything was absolutely immaculate and perfect. From the rooms to the food to the service and facilities. There is something for everyone to keep busy for days with utmost care and thought put into this establishment!

Muhammad asim khalkl – 30.05.2022
wonderfull and lovely place to stay and nice food

Rezina Hassan Jogee – 30.05.2022
I vote for Qurtaba Hospitality

Jean – 30.05.2022
I am impressed With Qurtuba Hospitality Will definately recommend

Aisa Moosa – 30.05.2022
Service was excellent…my stay in this place was bliss

Shenaaz Desai – 30.05.2022
Absolutely a fantastic team wonderful service great job to the Qurtuba team

Nibbles & Yawns – 30.05.2022
I have just recently worked with Qurtuba Hospitality and they truly were the definition of hospitable! Every staff member that I met or passed by, greeted, was cheerful and had a smile. The team was super organized and helpful with regular check-ins on us, if we needed anything or if they could be of any assistance. The outdoor space was well taken care of and clean which added greatly to the experience.

Noorein – 30.05.2022
Assalamualykum, it’s my first time voting. Not sure what to comment

Mohammed Mitha – 30.05.2022
Amazing destination

Mudassar – 30.05.2022
I vote qurtuba

Tasneem Kajee – 30.05.2022
One of the best.. Truly a wonderful experience never to be forgotten!

Firdous – 30.05.2022
Outstanding hospitality!

Mumtaz Bhabha – 30.05.2022
Excellent service

AYESHA ABDULLAH – 30.05.2022
An Amazing place To spend a Family Weekend Amazing Environment and lots For kids to do. Love This Place

Ahmed Akoob – 30.05.2022
Excellent service. Fine attention to detail and very responsive to customer queries online and in person

Nabeelah – 30.05.2022
In Johannesburg there aren’t many get aways like this one. I love the location! It’s such an escape being surrounded by all the nature, animal sounds and being able to be free and outdoors in a safe, clean and friendly environment. Hope Qurtuba hospitality wins this award, the entire team deserves it!

Ebrahim – 30.05.2022
Excellent services

Mohamed kaleem pasha – 30.05.2022
It’s a nice place with good ambience surrounding and rejuvenate

Shehnaaz akoob – 30.05.2022
Excellent facility a

Ismail Omar – 30.05.2022
Great hotel. Awesome amenities.

Nabil Moola – 30.05.2022
Amazing architecture and staff…always willing to assist beyond expectations.

Mohammed Moola – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba hospitality great location perfectly central and great service. Theme and atmosphere absolutely intriguing.

Aakifah – 30.05.2022
A number of fun activities for the family. Excellent service and friendly staff

Adam loonat – 30.05.2022
Lovely hotel ,good service, friendly staff and wonderful atmosphere at the resort

Zaheer – 30.05.2022
Just love how they’ve developed the hotel over the years. Lots of thought and effort placed into improving and making such a pleasant place to go.

Feroza Samodien – 30.05.2022
My children attend Qurtuba Online school and I am extremely impressed with their high standards and always striving to better the Qurtuba Brand. Having visited several of their premises, I would compare their facilities to some of the best international resorts. Truly spectacular. Proudly South African, Proudly Muslim owned.

Fatima – 30.05.2022

Haamid Mulla – 30.05.2022
Excellent venue with great ambience.

Mohammed Shaikh – 30.05.2022
Wonderful stay, hosts and facilities in the country yet in the city

Boeta J – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba hospitality is great for a city getaway and within close proximity to Major JHB areas of interest. Give this place a try…

Ani – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba Boutique Hotel is the most beautiful venue for family and friends to getaway.

Farzaana – 30.05.2022
Beautiful and serene

Muhammad Rassool – 30.05.2022
I vote qurtuba

Phathiswa Mashinini – 30.05.2022
Very top class nd full Coartneous hospitality!!

zaheer – 30.05.2022
5 star accomodation, 5 star service, 5 star food

Saffiyah Seedat – 30.05.2022
I vote for Qurtuba hospitality. They have everything that a person needs on a daily basis. No need to travel out. Wonderful areas for kids as well. Best thing is safety and security that they have

Carl Naidoo – 30.05.2022
5 star experience

Ayesha Moosa – 30.05.2022
Beautiful Qurtuba Thank you

Aneesa Limalia – 30.05.2022
All the best

Paul Simon – 30.05.2022
Best venue for business meetings, birthdays, and any other special occasions. Food is excellent and the staff is always friendly and welcoming.

Aaliya Panchbhai – 30.05.2022
Beautiful and unique

Saleh – 30.05.2022
I give them 10 out 10

Suhail Yusuf – 30.05.2022
One is left wondering if they’ve arrived into another dimension, the peace, serenity, cleanliness and ambiance is one unmatched by most places I’ve visited. This resort has beautiful open spaces and well maintained facilities all encapsulated by friendly, well trained staff.

Fatima Docrat – 30.05.2022
A leading boutique hotel! I love the overall ambience and the uniquely decorated hotel rooms.

Akbar Suliman – 30.05.2022
Best service ever love the place love the vibe feels so comfortable well organised state of the art a must visit Resturant is to die for food is finger licking good

zahir – 30.05.2022
Excellent Service Quality Finishing touches

Ismail Ebrahim – 30.05.2022
Top Boutique Experience at Qurtuba

Abdurrahmaan – 30.05.2022
Great hotel

Yasmen – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba is unique with all the facilities

Fatou – 30.05.2022
Qurtuba hospitality best place ever to go with family and friends ❤. Restaurants, hotels, spas… all is wonderful with the best prices. The staff is attentive and friendly

Patrick kasambandopa – 30.05.2022
I vote for qurtuba hospitality

Aakifah – 30.05.2022
Our experience with Qurtuba on the whole has been very efficient and their hospitality has been comforting !!! Looking forward to great things from their expansion

Moosa Chohan – 30.05.2022
Beautiful place, that’s comfy and good food. Alot of activities

Usman Mulla – 30.05.2022
Best hotel, Good service, Great food, Close to everything.

Afsana – 30.05.2022
Excellent service for Tasmeen

Ferhana Loonat – 30.05.2022
Fantastic hotel,with lovely restaurant,really clean, friendly staff and lots of activities for kids and adults alike.

Rukaiya Banu Alli – 30.05.2022
Beautiful peaceful serene

Humsheera Bey – 30.05.2022
Awesome hospital. Treated like kings and queens. Will definitely go back again and recommend family and friends. JAZAKALLAH ONCE AGAIN

Azeera – 30.05.2022
Brilliance at every step

Ebie Abed – 30.05.2022
Awesome hotel love their hospitality

Sahair adamjee – 30.05.2022
Love the vibes

Mohamed Khan – 30.05.2022
Always my first choice

Saleh – 30.05.2022
The best when it’s comes to Hospitality

Faatimah – 29.05.2022
The most beautiful setting ever.

Muhsin – 29.05.2022
Excellent services offered.

Shamima – 29.05.2022
Simply stunning. Excellent service and facilities

Asia Nabbi – 29.05.2022
Absolutely beautiful.

Aysha Latib – 29.05.2022
I have personally been to Qurtuba with my family and was impressed with the uniqueness and atmosphere of what Qurtuba has to offer. The architecture of the buildings, the stunning farm animals, relaxing hotel and restaurant, friendly and professional staff. Worth a visit.

Yusuf Hassim – 29.05.2022
Qurtuba hotel is amazing

Fahiemah Ganie – 29.05.2022
I love visiting Qurtuba, there’s so many amenities and the restaurant is great for any meal!! Looking forward to the improvements currently underway!!

Hafsah Kajee – 29.05.2022
If you are looking UNIQUE experience, something unlike the others, different from the norm, Qurtuba offers a different take on Holiday Accommodation.

Ummimuh – 29.05.2022
Amazing resort, lovely for people looking for halaal accommodation

Most Amazing And Beautiful Environment a Definite

Saeeda – 29.05.2022
Excellent Service

Ibtisaam Hafiz – 29.05.2022
Qurtuba hospitality

Muhammad Karolia – 29.05.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality

Farzana Khan – 29.05.2022
We had a picnic and kids party at Qurtuba Hotel and we were very impressed with the hospitality and various activities available at the venue.

Safiya Essop – 29.05.2022
Had a memorable experience. F The food is delicious .Friendly staff . Beautifull environment sooo relaxing & entertainment for all ages .

ST – 29.05.2022
Beautiful grounds, relaxing ambiance and a haven for kids. A hidden gem in the midst of city life!

Mohamed Rangila – 29.05.2022
Awesome place to be, great service

Naeema – 29.05.2022
Best hospitality by far

Aaliyah – 29.05.2022
Excellent Service. Great Location Affordable

Muhammed Khatib – 29.05.2022
Excellent Hotel, resort and restaurant.

Taahir – 29.05.2022
Very well developed with many interesting places that you can dine by… Enjoy nature and take life easy… The qurtuba hotel houses many animals such as horses,camels,goats,lamas,rabbits and many more

Zahraa Motala – 29.05.2022

Ayesha Seedat – 29.05.2022

Liyaaqat Mohamed – 29.05.2022
Amazing place to be

Anas – 29.05.2022
Amazing food and outstanding hospitality

Zaheeda Khan – 29.05.2022
Amazing place to be and most welcoming and comfortable Love the vibe always My favorite place always

Fahmeda Randeree – 29.05.2022
Excellent all-round hotel, hospitality, atmosphere, friendly staff n always accomodating

Aarifah Kathrada – 29.05.2022
Best experience and lovely environment

Nadia – 29.05.2022
Amazing amenities and staff

Idris Suleman – 29.05.2022
Wonderful facilities

Tayyibah Suleman – 29.05.2022
Beautiful facility

Mohamed Jassat – 29.05.2022
Excellent service

Liyaaqat mohamed – 29.05.2022
One of the most exquisite experiences to experience

Alaudeen – 28.05.2022
Awesome place for a getaway

Ayesha Adamjee – 26.05.2022
The best excellent service Warm ambiance n the Best place to stay modern and halaal

MH Goga – 26.05.2022
Staff are talented and professional. Accommodation clean and well maintained. Grounds are beautiful

Ruqaiya B – 26.05.2022
Comfortable, luxurious,excellent breakfast!

Farzana Khan – 25.05.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality u guys are thee best simply luv everything

Almas – 25.05.2022
Best holiday place ever! So relaxing excellent service!

Mohamed Raouf – 25.05.2022
Experienced to be desired. Little Madina. Marsha Allah

Yousuf Pandor – 25.05.2022
A beautiful and relaxed vibe with delicious and tasty meals to enjoy with family and friends. It has style, eloquence and most of all you feel awesome when you sit and capture those amazing moments.

Amena Ahmed – 25.05.2022
Definitely a wonderful stay and superb hotel and restaurant.

Ayisha Moosa – 25.05.2022
Luxurious accommodation with lovely staff. The venue is very calm and scenic.

Lebogang Raseala – 24.05.2022
Well done You already won our hearts

Ameena Hlungwani – 24.05.2022
I am hooked to their food, be it buffet or take aways- the meals prepared at the hospitality is divine. You get value for money at Qurtuba Hospitality.

Suleman – 24.05.2022
Great Hotel

Farouk Seedat – 24.05.2022
one word…EXCELLENT!

Imtiaz Saib – 24.05.2022
Excellent facilities and memorable experience.

Me-aad Moolla – 24.05.2022
Qurtuba Hotel has never disappointed

Ahmed – 24.05.2022
Very good location and wonderful hospitality.

Fatima – 24.05.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality is an amazing location

Muhammed Khatib – 24.05.2022
Excellent hotel and facilities

Mushuda Seedat – 24.05.2022
Heard great reveiws of this stunning estate.. would like to experience it myself soon.. Thanks !!

Yasmin – 24.05.2022
Qurtuba is my favorite getaway…A soul of hospitality and a heart of humanity..Qurtuba service is a promise that touches every being

Mohammed Suliman – 24.05.2022

Shameema Mukada – 24.05.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality

Aadil Adamjee – 24.05.2022
Awesome place

Mohammed – 24.05.2022
Amazing staff Family friends Kids love the mini farm

firdaus lunat – 24.05.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality

Aadila – 24.05.2022
Qurtuba is awesome

Farieda – 24.05.2022
This is truly an amazing place to take the family or just go and relax with your hubby. It is fun for the kids and the staff is just so warm and friendly. You feel like you are in a different place. Love the peacefulness and tranquility.

Husna – 24.05.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality is an amazing place

Adeeb Basha – 24.05.2022
Beautiful hotel… Friendly staff great food and very hospitable and great location for eazy acceast to all majoy routes. I haven’t booked at any other hotel for the past 3 years since i discovered Kurtaba.

Yusuf Amod – 24.05.2022
Absolutely beautiful , serene and peaceful resort. Spacious and suitably located. Warm and accommodating staff. Hotel restaurant has an amazing and delicious menu with great ambiance.

Omar – 24.05.2022
Fantastic place

Tasneem – 24.05.2022
Loved our stay here .. a perfect family friendly hotel

Akbar Suliman – 24.05.2022
Best service best hotel

Nasreen – 24.05.2022
Qurtuba is known for there good hospitality n welcoming geust friendly they make u feel right at home .it’s home away from home

Muhammed Saeed khan – 24.05.2022
Amazing place wonderful staff beautiful views everything you need or want close by home away from home today tomorrow everyday stay welcome be welcome enjoy the welcome

Shakerah Shaik – 24.05.2022
Love the tranquility and spaciousness

Raees Gathoo – 24.05.2022
Excellence Perfected

Yahya Jeebhai – 24.05.2022
The best hotel and service thus far . Always a pleasure to be there . Wish I could be there on a permanent vacation

Yaaseen Laher – 18.05.2022
The greatest staff A very welcoming environment Love the resort

Shaakira Rahiman – 18.05.2022
Qurtuba will transport you to the much needed break and “distant lands” you seek without leaving Johannesburg! It’s such a pleasent surprise finding this gem on our door step for a weekend getaway. I have also experienced professional service with facilitating corporate events as well with Qurtuba. You have a number of halls and settings to choose from depending on the nature and size of your event. Your guests/attendees will be “wowed” – a bonus is the safe overnight accomodation should your guests require it. Qurtuba is conveniently situated close to OR Tambo International

Badat – 18.05.2022
Best accommodation by far…excellent hospitality….friendly staff…..clean…. A home away from home especially for us muslims

Mohammed – 17.05.2022
Excited to have my wedding at Qurtuba in August

Aaliya Panchbhai – 17.05.2022
Unique and beautiful

Sumaya basha – 17.05.2022
Love love this escape so close to home. It’s experiential. I find a step into the qurtuba space brings a new fresh and rejuvenated self.

Aabidah Takolia – 25.03.2022
We spent 2 nights spontaneously at qurtuba hotel few months ago.excellent service. Particularly appreciate the sanha certified restaurant and complimentary breakf,due to halaal food always being one of our main concerns when travelling.would definitely recommend and visit again.

Sherin bibi Ebrahims setar – 25.03.2022
Voting for qurtuba hospitality

Jameelah Omarjee – 25.03.2022
Beautiful place

Ayyoob Saloojee – 23.03.2022
Qurtuba was super affordable, convenient and worth the buck. Will definitely return

Abeda – 23.03.2022
Relaxing tranquil beautiful setting … with service excellence n hospitality for d whole family

Sarika J – 23.03.2022
Tranquil and relaxing environment. Great amenities.

Precious Ntuli – 23.03.2022
I highly recommend Qurtuba Hospitality If you an adventurous person like me, this is definitely the place to come vist. It’s also accommodates the corporate world for conferences & also have alot of activities to choose from etc… Check out the website for more info.

Abigail – 22.03.2022
Qurtuba hospitality is one of the best places to ever find yourself. They cater for every kind of person that walks in from the food to accommodation.

Gertruida De Kock – 21.03.2022
This would be the perfect getaway for a tired soul.

Martie Schoeman – 18.03.2022
Best place for a family or couple getaway.

Aarifah – 17.03.2022
Good Service, Lovely Accommodation, Great breakfast. Overall perfect getaway!

Tahera Mangera – 17.03.2022
Nearby getaway..lovely facilities, spa is well priced, my home away from home. Love this place! Tranquil and serene

Cassim Bayat – 17.03.2022
Exceptional service and beautiful place to stay

Shouneez Bulbulia – 17.03.2022
It’s a beautiful and wonderful experience and hospitality

Bilaal – 17.03.2022
Sumptuous breakfasts, delicious food Tranquil atmosphere

Ridwan Kriel – 17.03.2022
Very good service an excellent. Treatment to me an my family

Siddika – 17.03.2022
I personally love this place it has the perfect balance of everything from friendly staff to great food good facilities amazing decor. I always enjoy my stay here

Nadia Shaik – 17.03.2022
Best hotel and service in South Africa

Mariam – 17.03.2022
A truly amazing venue , absolutely value for money.

Rahemah Ali Khan – 16.03.2022
Heard lots of good stuff about Qurtu a Hospitality… My friends brother got married there he had he’s reception there. They only had good stuff to say ✨✨✨

Firdows – 16.03.2022
This place is 101% the best place! Qurtuba hospitality!!!

Faizal Mahomed – 16.03.2022
Always tops

Khadija Akoob – 16.03.2022
Amazing experience at qurtuba hospitality with great service

Zakkiyya – 13.03.2022
Qurtuba hospitality has outstanding service, from booking right up to check out. Pleasant welcomes, always checking in with guests, and accommodating all requests. The property ensures guest’s safety and security, while also offering tranquility at the spa and plenty to do for families with younger children-from their petting zoo to their multiple play areas. The restaurant was exceptional-from service, to time to the quality of food.

Shaheeda – 12.03.2022
What a beautiful hotel with a fantastic restaurant linked to it.

Halima Cassim – 12.03.2022
This boutique hotel is a favourite for me, just 45mins from home..

Aadila Latif – 12.03.2022
Looks awesome. Can’t wait to try it out.

Ayesha Dhooma – 12.03.2022
Qurtuba hospitality…. tops Definitely a winner

Raeesa – 12.03.2022
Good luck

Tsholofelo Sambo – 12.03.2022
Best hotel over… The service is out of this world.their staff is very friendly and always goes an extra mile to help

Ammarah – 12.03.2022
Lovely Experience staying at Qurtuba. Will deffinitely love to book here again

Veronicca Motaung – 11.03.2022
So many entertainment options are offered to the guests. Mini paradise.

Melba Kgongwana – 10.03.2022
great hotel

Christel-Michel Kruger – 10.03.2022
Absolutely stunning property!

Raeesah – 09.03.2022
I’ve just been to the limoni restaurant on Saturday night for the first time. My parents went a few weeks back n said they really enjoyed the food so we must go when we in JHB. We enjoyed it too. And the pool!! Ooh it looked so awesome, felt like jumping in. So clean, so blue, so inviting. Altho I got a shock to see how deep it is lol. The whole building is stunning. mashaALLAH.

Muhammad – 08.03.2022
Qurtaba hospitality is the best!!

Nthabiseng – 08.03.2022
It’s a good hotel

Firdows Patel – 08.03.2022
Qurtuba hospitality for the win so luxurious!!

Rahemah Ali Khan – 08.03.2022
Cant Wait To Win A Prize

Feroza Ebrahim – 08.03.2022
Only visited the convention Centre which was beautiful experience was amazing but hoping to visit the hotel and spa soon.

Swalihah – 07.03.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Zakira – 07.03.2022
Qurtuba – An absolutely stunning establishment, with the most beautiful environment. Accommodates all ages and has some interest for everyone. A unique getaway for a serene and peaceful time that you will surely love. Come and enjoy the beauty of lovely Qurtuba, you will never regret!

NAZIR MALEK – 07.03.2022
efficient Management with peace of mind for Muslim Patrons

Ayesha Adamjee – 06.03.2022
Qurtuba hospitality

HLONI NDLOVU – 06.03.2022
Very nice, warm and inviting atmosphere

Juleikha Moti – 06.03.2022
Would love a break

Mohammad Talha Abed – 05.03.2022
Qurtuba is one of the best place, We were deeply touched by your warmth and hospitality during our visit.

Faaizah – 04.03.2022
Sounds awesome

Mariam loonat – 04.03.2022
Excellent service

Tasneem Moosa – 04.03.2022
I vote for qurtuba hospitality

Naseema kader – 03.03.2022
Qurtuba is beautiful and the best that caters for the muslim family

Asmaa Cajee – 03.03.2022
A beautiful getaway from city life. Just to unwind, enjoy and adventure, Qurtuba Hotel and Boutique is the place to be. Excellent service everytime!

Humera – 03.03.2022
Wonderful place to be. Staff is friendly and very clean

Baderia Zahoor – 03.03.2022
I vote for Qurtuba Hospitality

Mubz Kardamey – 03.03.2022
Amazing place

N Seedat – 03.03.2022
Great hospitality

Murieg van wyk – 03.03.2022
Very clean,lovely and beautiful hotel

Nooreen khan – 03.03.2022
Amazing atmosphere with lots to do for the whole family

Nazeerah Ebrahim – 03.03.2022
Absolutely fabulous,staff extremely friendly and warm.they go beyond to make your stay comfortable. The building is gorgeous and as you explore it gets better! The amenities were great. definitely recommend this hotel Halaal food was delicious.

Aaishah Pandor – 03.03.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality was an amazing experience especially the horse riding facilities.

Rashida Ahmed – 03.03.2022
Lovely hotel, great food and ambience

Naajida Patel – 03.03.2022
Beautiful Hotel

Humairaa – 03.03.2022
Great place

Raziya – 03.03.2022
Luxury, peace , tranquility. A getaway for the whole family

Ahmed Moosa – 03.03.2022
Great place to be

Hira – 03.03.2022
It’s very peaceful place to stay Beautiful decorated mosque Amazing farm experience for the kids Traditional food menu Swimming pools We love it

Muhammed Aqueel – 03.03.2022
Great facility for all familys with various activities for all.

Ahmed – 03.03.2022
Had the pleasure of being spoilt at qurtuba we throughly enjoyed our experience… Will definitely recommend qurtuba

Yakoob Mehtar – 03.03.2022
Will not find a Friendlier atmosphere and delicious meals than at Limoni Qurtuba Will recommend anytime !

Z. B MOHAMED – 03.03.2022
All should get a chance

Mohamed Shezad Sheik – 03.03.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality

Abdullah – 02.03.2022
Excellence at it’s best!

Fatima pandor – 02.03.2022
Very beautiful

Mohammed – 02.03.2022
I love Qurtuba

Ayesha – 02.03.2022
Qurtuba hospitality is simply exquisite and it has this warm whimsical overall feeling to it. I absolutely love it.

Yasmin Cassim – 02.03.2022
Stayed 2 days at Qurtuba, nice peaceful atmosphere, clean and neat The breakfast was tops with a big variety of yumminess.Highly recommended.

Zaid Cassim – 02.03.2022
Wonderful setting. Tranquil and relaxing..

Shamshad – 02.03.2022
Excellent personalized service and hospitality

Nadema ahmed – 02.03.2022
Excellent location, services , security and wonderful people to deal with. Accommodation is excellent and warm welcome always received

Aadilah Chothia – 02.03.2022
Love the set up,the spaciousness and the unique architecture at this hotel

Ayesha Moola – 02.03.2022
Wonderful establishment with amazing amenities!

Quraisha Khan – 02.03.2022
The place is beautiful and the food is divine

Sulaiman Patel – 02.03.2022
Exceptional quality, wide range of exquisite product and great pricing

Shabeer – 02.03.2022
Champagnes Sports and Resorts

Riaz – 02.03.2022

Rehana kadwa – 02.03.2022
A stone throw from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet a perfect serene getaway. Family orientated environment. A superb restaurant, with friendly efficient staff. Vote Qurtuba

Jauhara Sheriff uddin – 02.03.2022
Qurtuba on point!

Fozia – 02.03.2022
I vote Qurtuba

Faaiqa Sheriffuddin – 02.03.2022
I vote for Qurtuba

Erwin Prem – 02.03.2022
Friendly staff and a wonderful family environment

Kamil.M.Zubhar – 02.03.2022
Love this establishment. Serene,fun for the whole family.excelent hospitality.

Fathima Hassim – 02.03.2022

Fatima Geewabhay – 02.03.2022
Vote for qurtuba hospitality

Farzana – 02.03.2022
Qurtaba. Peace and tranquility!

Aamirah Adam – 02.03.2022
Really great place

Muhammad Bey – 02.03.2022
Excellent amenities. Salt of the earth people.

Aneesah – 02.03.2022
Qurtuba is awesome!!

Frank lafayero – 02.03.2022

Mohammed Raees Gathoo – 02.03.2022
Amazing setting and amenities coupled with well trained, friendly and professional staff. Notes: – Hooka Lounge is spacious and well equipped. – Spa is tranquil and relaxing.

Natures healing – 02.03.2022
Best hospitality

Nadeemah Moosa – 02.03.2022
Beautiful family orientated resort

Tasneem Cassim – 02.03.2022
The perfect getaway from the city bustle. Qurtuba Hospitality is a place you can go to to slow down, reflect, and engage in enjoyable activities.

Rushda Abdullah – 02.03.2022
I am from Gqebergha. Was taken for lunch. Just such a beautiful place. My family who live in Johannesburg goes there to the Spa regularly. They just love it Qurtuba. Just so amazing. Everything under one roof. Proudly South African. I am just so proud to be voting for Qurtuba Hospitality and doo much more. May Qurtuba grow from strength to strengh & fly our Proudly South African flag higher & higher

Shakerah – 02.03.2022
Beautiful tranquil location. Home away from home. Great hospitality.

Saajida Jogee – 02.03.2022
Qurtuba hotel.. The perfect getaway close to home

Muaaz seedat – 02.03.2022
One of the best hotels I’ve been to thus far

Ayesha Ismail – 02.03.2022
I am voting for Qurtaba hospitality, excellent service

Ismail – 02.03.2022
Look forward to visiting your boutique hotel soon

Ayesha Adamjee – 02.03.2022
Qurtuba hospitality

Khadija – 02.03.2022
A most serene setting for the walima that we attended. Beautiful, landscaped gardens reminding one that marriage can be a ‘heaven on earth’!

Fathima Zahra Hajee – 01.03.2022
The best of both worlds being in the city and enjoying the serene atmosphere and relaxing environment at Qurtuba.

Gulshan Hajee – 01.03.2022
It’s all in the name. Such a hospitable atmosphere. You will never know you’re in the middle of the city , with the tranquil vibes and fresh air. A perfect relaxing getaway in an ideal location.

Khadija – 01.03.2022
Tranquility enjoyed

Abdurrahman – 01.03.2022
Relaxed, spacious, calm, tranquil, peaceful, serene, enjoyable

Farook Ahmed Adam – 01.03.2022
Very tranquil and relaxing

Hasan Haffejee – 01.03.2022
We found Qutuba boutique to be a hidden gem of the northen suburbs, possibly gauteng, one small step away from a mini vacation with unique style, a country experience with a bit of glamor. We found their location exceptionally ideal, close enough to the places we like to go, especially the airport is quite close. Hospitality is the name of the game here, but what shines most would be the constant drive to give us a better experience, each stay fimilar enough but yet intriguingly different, sometimes time there are camels, the next we enjoying archy or delightful surprise like a Farmers mark, literally on your door step. Overall, value for money and we would definitely recommend others to share in this expriance.

Aisha – 01.03.2022
Haven’t been to qurtuba hospitality. It’s been on my bucket list because of the loads of good reviews I heard

Naseerah – 01.03.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality is truly a home away from home experience. The one thing i absolutely love is the design and feel of the Hotel, it can make anyone checking in feel like they are on a holiday in a different place/city!!

TARIQ SOOLIMAN – 01.03.2022
Excellent service and hospitality

Farida Minty – 01.03.2022
Excellent accommodation. Beautiful tranquil setting.

Rashid Minty – 01.03.2022
Excellent Hotel.

Zahida mayet – 01.03.2022
Very nice and we had a warm welcome and will go back anytime

paul ngondo – 01.03.2022
I used to visit this hotel. The staff are very great and quality sevices. I also got fascinated with its location and its environment. it’s actually good for the people that likes to visit the town or vacations. I actually recommend this hotel to all the people that loves to travel around Johannesburg city. The staff at this hotel are so friendly. I even remembers they names till now. They all go above and beyond to make your stay comfortable. Please Qurtuba Hospitality give your staff awards!! They deserve it

Nabeel – 01.03.2022
Excellent service and atmosphere.

Muhammed Uzair fakir – 01.03.2022

Fatima Rajah – 01.03.2022
Well deserved IA!

Abdullah Daya – 01.03.2022

Azraa Rajah – 01.03.2022
Lovely atmosphere and ambiance

Muaaz – 01.03.2022
Recommended for sure !!!

Shaffia ally – 01.03.2022
Best ever

Hamzah Fulat – 01.03.2022
Where quiet and comfort is a home a away from home.

Aziza – 01.03.2022

Azhar – 01.03.2022
Truly a relaxing experience

Attique – 01.03.2022
I do recommend this place ,it’s awesome

Kabir Osman – 01.03.2022
Absolutely amazing place

Yaseen – 01.03.2022
I vote for qurtuba as best under the sun experience

Yusuf Amod – 01.03.2022
We love Qurtuba Hospitality , love coming to the Hotel and it’s my home away from home. The staff is very welcoming and friendly and I wouldn’t book anywhere else. Compared to my other travels and the hotel’s I stay at , Qurtuba Hospitality is above the rest. We are happy with the kind of service we get all the time. Keep up the good work..!!

Razeena Meera – 01.03.2022
Beautiful Hotel, with awesome amenities, a home away from home.

Mohammed chodree – 01.03.2022
Enjoyed the horses and archery

Shireen chodree – 01.03.2022
Been to the venue and i really enjoyed myself

Fatima mayet – 01.03.2022
Amazing hotel with the friendliest staff. Decor that makes you transcend into feels of Morocco and south of Spain. Safe environment for the whole family to enjoy

Ishaaq – 01.03.2022
Excellent hospitality

Shameem – 01.03.2022
The ultimate get away for fun and comfort.

Umaimah – 01.03.2022
Just wanted to share my experience that I had. Qurtuba was so hospitable and amazing. Would definitely recommend for someone.

Altaaf – 01.03.2022
Mashallah it’s an amazing experience for young and old people.. the relaxation and the beautiful views are amazing..

Aamina – 01.03.2022
Amazing hotel, restaurant and resort

Mohammed Suliman – 01.03.2022
Best Halaal Muslim resort in Jhb

Fuzlin Matthews – 01.03.2022
The most beautiful place for a family taking into account each family members needs from young to old.

Nazeem – 01.03.2022
Loved the service. Great place.

Uthmaan Fareed – 01.03.2022
One of the most hospitable places I have stayed at in SA

Sarah Bibi Asvat – 01.03.2022
Beautiful place, excellent service with a serene environment. Would definitely recommend

Faheem Patel – 01.03.2022
Excellent hotel with very unique amenities

Bhai Ismail – 01.03.2022
Best halal friendly accommodation in Gauteng. Recommended anytime.

Fadila – 01.03.2022
Beautiful place, an amazing experience

John – 01.03.2022
It’s best hotel ,even the food the have its best food, we love it.

Ismail Gardee – 01.03.2022
What a place! Just like home…..

Zakariah – 01.03.2022
Great place to be. Clean and friendly staff.

Mustapher fasili,kwitende – 01.03.2022
Wonderful hotel. Halaal Food and is for everyone. It’s a place to be.

Juma – 01.03.2022
Amazing place . The hotel is beautiful.

Rayhana Karodia – 01.03.2022
Stunning hotel and great food !

Ayesha Adamjee – 01.03.2022
Qurtuba hospitality

Riyaadh – 01.03.2022
7 star service

Samira – 01.03.2022
Qurtubas architecture is absolutely stunning ! It’s a must visit. Has all the amenities you can think of. Luxurious, warm and inviting.

Zariena Nathie patel. – 01.03.2022
Friendly staff

Ahmed Zaid Ebrahim – 01.03.2022
A lovely tranquil environment.. Excellent service and friendly staff.

Ayesha Loonat – 01.03.2022
A serene, blissful and enchanting place.

Faizel Dadoo – 01.03.2022
A truly unique hotel experience

Zaakier Booley – 01.03.2022
Beautiful environment serene and peaceful, staff were exceptionally helpful.

AB – 01.03.2022
Awesome venue, home away from home. Exceptional service

Reza Lakhi – 01.03.2022
Great restaurant!

Uzair Kaka – 01.03.2022
My kids love the animals, we did horseriding and archery with my students here, which was excellent I’ve done art classes here and love the place And the food at limoni restaurant was great

Mohammed Bata – 01.03.2022
Service was excellent. Truly amazing hospitality, friendly staff allround, with the food at Limoni restaurant, mouthwateringly delicious. A must for every couple or family to visit. Lotz of activities for the kids, including the play area and the animals, horse riding, just to name a few. WOW!!!

Shamima Ebrahim – 01.03.2022
A beautiful place in a serene setting

Kaashif-Ahmad Mahomed – 01.03.2022
Something different,something great. Highly recommended!

Shafique Ismail – 01.03.2022
Great service and hospitality

Ismail Abba – 01.03.2022

Nicolene – 01.03.2022
Looks like an amazing place to sit back and unwind after a hectic week, month or year.

Aaminah – 01.03.2022
Staff are friendly and very helpful.

Yahya jeebhai – 01.03.2022
One of the best experiences I have had. Totally worth a visit. A home away from home

Tyrah – 01.03.2022
Beautiful accommodation and friendliest staff ever. Truly international

M.patel – 01.03.2022
Centrally located, peaceful haven.

Reyaaz – 01.03.2022
Exquisitely decorated with impeccable service .

Abida Yusuf – 01.03.2022
Qurtuba is great, it has a little of everything, amazing views, fancy building structures, horse riding and other pets and an anazing spa

Ashraful Aid – 01.03.2022
Excellent service, friendly staff we have only recieved 5 star treatment at all our events

Mohamed Sohail Cassoo – 01.03.2022

AZEERA KHAN – 01.03.2022
Brilliance in every sense of the word.

Mariaan – 01.03.2022
Beautiful peaceful and very welcoming Food delicious and outstanding service

Nooruneesa nelson – 01.03.2022
It has been the best hospital

Omar kathrada – 01.03.2022
I nominate QHH for the excellent service and outstanding hospitality

Yasmien – 01.03.2022
Excellent service

Ismail Abba – 01.03.2022

Ismail Abba – 01.03.2022

Zaahida Mahomed – 01.03.2022
my experiences staying at the Qurtuba Boutique Hotel were nothing short of amazing…warm hospitality by staff and the variety of choices for breakfast was top drawer. also was impressed by amazing architecture and facilities available. all in all a very pleasant stay on both occasions that my family and i stayed there.

Ayesha Adamjee – 01.03.2022
Qurtuba hospitality

Ayesha Adamjee – 01.03.2022
Qurtuba hospitality

Tahir Salloo – 01.03.2022
Amazing hospitality that deserves awards. Personal attention and perfection at its best.

Omar Essop – 01.03.2022
Certainly the most tranquil, clean and safe place to go to in Johannesburg. Good food, friendly staff and top class.

Mohyuddin – 01.03.2022
So happy to hear and we love to join inshallah

Auret Morolo – 01.03.2022
Beautiful and tranquil property

Fyzel Kaloo – 01.03.2022
As a event coordinator i have created many Beautiful Memories for Brides in this venue. Beautiful Ambiance, professional organization, friendly staff. Definitely a five star establishment.

Shaeeb ahmad – 01.03.2022
Wonderful, well kept place and top class services

Aziyara – 01.03.2022
Beautiful decor, serene atmosphere.

Sumayya – 01.03.2022
Great place

Asmahaan Zardad – 01.03.2022
Sounds unique and exciting! Eager to see more.

Layla V – 01.03.2022
Beautiful, relaxing environment. Good food and friendly staff. A wonderful getaway!!!

Doralda – 01.03.2022
Would love the voucher

Abdul Hurk Lutchka – 01.03.2022
Great Venue

Sumayya Essop – 01.03.2022
Qurtuba is our go-to place for a staycation and breather even on weekends. we love the atmosphere and really appreciate the outstanding hospitality and service.

Ayesha – 01.03.2022
Beautiful place and amazing accommodation

Tasneem – 01.03.2022
I vote for Qurtuba hospitality

Nabil Moola – 01.03.2022
Amazing Atmosphere,Staff are Friendly and Welcoming…

Miriam Ebrahim – 01.03.2022
Wonderful place

Muhammad I Waja – 01.03.2022
tuba Hospitality outstanding service and always had the best interests of their clients at heart. They have all the outdoor activities you could ask for, Sunday buffets and the best staff I have ever come across. Their service is immaculate. Their taste in cuisine is impeccable. Their decor is unmatched this is an A-Grade hospitality establishment which boasts awesome South African styles all round.l round. round. round.ound…..

Fatima jogee patel – 01.03.2022
Beautiful. Attention to detail. Fine dinning.

Nabeelah jogee – 01.03.2022
Very very relaxing place to go to Da pool are the best Its very beautiful

Hamida Adam – 01.03.2022
Beautiful place

SHAMILA DADOO – 01.03.2022
Amazing ambience

Mariam Chopdat – 01.03.2022
Beautiful tranquil place to unwind and have a peaceful holiday.

Fatima Loonat – 01.03.2022
Beautiful, serene setting.

Thando – 01.03.2022
The hospitality I put of this world, amazing service

Rahima Ebrahim Mohamed – 01.03.2022
Excellent establishment. Neat and clean. Friendly staff that’s willing to go the extra mile. Absolutely enjoyed my stay.

Mohamed Saloo – 01.03.2022
Beautiful. Good luck

Faiyaz – 01.03.2022
Excellent establishment

Rezana Karim – 01.03.2022
Absolutely enjoyed my stay.

Mahomed Zaid Laher – 01.03.2022
Qurtuba is a unique brand which caters for a a unique clientele excellent venue and services provided

Lutfia – 01.03.2022
Qurtuba exceeds all expectations. A comfortable and pleasurable experience for businessmen/ women as well as families on vacation.

Mohamed Nomani – 01.03.2022
Absolutely unique and fantastic accommodation with 7 star service. Would recommend to anyone looking for accommodation in Johannesburg

Shireen – 01.03.2022
I highly recommend qurtuba hospitality it’s a beautiful place although it’s in the heart of the city it’s so tranquil n peaceful n the staff are so friendly the rooms are spacious n neat n clean.

Rabai Rajah – 01.03.2022
Best of luck

Rabia Rajah – 01.03.2022
Best of luck

Ismail – 01.03.2022
Perfect staycation during the lockdown period. Kids loved the facilities and the restaurant was great. Kids keep asking me when can they go again.

Haroon Rajah – 01.03.2022
Venue where every stay has a different experience

Sajeda – 01.03.2022
The best ever Attention to detail

Arshard Fakir – 01.03.2022
Best & affordable boutique hotel in the area.

Khadija – 01.03.2022
The food is very yummy there it’s one of the best places I have been to.

Safwaan Navlakhi – 01.03.2022
Destination of choice in JHB.

saajida ellahi – 01.03.2022
This was the perfect escape from the city life. Staff were really friendly, the food was tasty.

Zaheer Mulla – 01.03.2022
Home away from Home

Yasir Ubaid – 01.03.2022
Qurtuba is all you need put together in one place!

Saajida Verachia – 01.03.2022
Awesome vibe, good food.. Home away from home.

Kathija Vahed – 01.03.2022
Looking forward to coming an experiencing the qurtuba hospitality!

Rehana khan – 01.03.2022
Very relaxing and warm atnosphere. The hotel is beautiful and the staff warn and friendly

Husna – 01.03.2022
A beautiful hotel, not too far from the hub in Sandton. It has great entertainment for children and a lovely spa providing a relaxing atmosphere for adults.

Raakin Rawat – 28.02.2022
Beautiful place

Yunus Hassim – 28.02.2022
All the positive comments have hit home with me Looking forward to similar experiences very , very soon.

Taibah Meat Centre – 28.02.2022
Excellent Service. Warm Hospitality.

Shenaaz – 28.02.2022
Qurtuba Boutique Hotel.

Hajira – 28.02.2022
Lovely place to be, home away from home. Grandkids love the tasty waffles and their milkshakes, ;and all the outdoor activities. With a Heated pool as well Ideal place to just chill.

Ashraf – 28.02.2022

Sumayyah Saloo – 28.02.2022

Khadija Hassen Ragie – 28.02.2022
Qurtuba is a stunning jem tucked into a bustling urban area. With beautiful scenes, world class cusine, and a hospitality that makes every guest feel as a VIP. Their range of activities ticks every box and ensures there’s something for everyone. This is truly a wonderful part of South African hospitality.

Mohamed Lambat – 28.02.2022
A unique and homely experience. Definitely a recommendation to anyone wanting that personal touch

Atiyya – 28.02.2022
I had an absolutely amazing experience at Qurtuba. From the hotel rooms to the restaurants and to the atmosphere itself. Everything was absolutely perfect. Would definitely recommend this beautiful place to friends and family.

Faatimahbhamjee – 28.02.2022
Stunning great service

Ebie – 28.02.2022
Architecture at its best

Ebrahim adamjee – 28.02.2022
Beautiful environment serene and peaceful

Muhammed Z Vallee – 28.02.2022
Excellent place

Mehrun Mohamed – 28.02.2022
What a beautiful setting. The staff also ensure that all your needs are met and more. Fantastic establishment.

Me-aad – 28.02.2022

Aalia Sher Ally – 28.02.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality is one of a kind! Everything done to perfectionism.

Radiyya Mayet – 28.02.2022
Most awesome experience and a wonderful vibe

Naazia Khan – 28.02.2022
Stunning would love to just have a weekend away

Muhammad – 28.02.2022
In complete agreement with the claim of quality. An entry well deserving of winning

Fadil Khan – 28.02.2022
Great service provided at Qurtuba. Very accommodating

Shamiso Ramasia – 28.02.2022
Qurtuba hotel a home away from home

Haamid Mulla – 28.02.2022
Having visited hotels in several countries, the only venue that compares with Qurtuba Hotel’s understated elegance and warm friendly atmosphere is the Conrad on Manila Bay. Ticking all the Halaal boxes, viz: Halaal certified restaurant (SANHA), Salaah facilities, Sunnah sports and activities, etc. Qurtuba Hospitality is an ideal venue for Muslim travelers.

Khadijah Yusuf Shaik – 28.02.2022
Outstanding facilities with excellent service.

Ismail Jamal – 28.02.2022
Qurtuba has made enormous strides in creating a world class facility catering for a wide range of activities. Skys the limit for this great Institution.

Yusuf Mohamed Seedat – 28.02.2022
Great hospitality, and great location

Humaira Docrat – 28.02.2022
Excellent hospitality at qurtuba hotel. We always stay there , the feeling and comfort is amazing , the breakfast is so awesome. Well done Qurtuba . You deserve the best

Soraya Lutchka – 28.02.2022
Great venue

Hamida fakir – 28.02.2022
Serene comfortable spacious rooms… Excellent food…. The most humble n friendly staff…Outdoor activities n farmyard for kids is amazing.. The spa tops it all.

Shaaista – 28.02.2022
Beautiful clean set. Delicious food. And loads of activities for kids of all ages.

Taslima – 28.02.2022
Hoping to experience Qurtuba Hospitality soon. It’s comforting to know it’s fully Halal

Moosa – 28.02.2022
Best experience ever

Rehana – 28.02.2022
Glad to have much needed halaal hotel

Zaida Moosa – 28.02.2022
A beautiful venue for any occasion. The boutique boasts an ambiance of warm hospitality nestled in the heart of nature with awesome views of sun rises and basically a home away from home.

Muaaz Omar – 28.02.2022

Juleikha Moti – 28.02.2022
Can’t wait to visit

Muaaz Omar – 28.02.2022

Halima Ismail – 28.02.2022
Love Qurtuba

Dr Shenaaz Chodree – 28.02.2022
Lovely hotel and friendly staff .central to all amenities

Gulshan Hoosen – 28.02.2022
I have booked a room at the highly recommended hotel on the day of my son’s wedding which will be hosted at the Qurtuba convention centre.

Ashraf – 28.02.2022
Unique experience for a wonderful relaxation

Ozzy – 28.02.2022
Masha Allah very beautiful clean and the staff is so friendly and helpful.

Kaamil Nadal – 28.02.2022
Awesome hotel. Really love the obstacle course, you can enjoy with family or even have team buildings. There is lots to keep entertained with friends and family. Also I great place to just sit back and relax

Fatima Bismillah – 28.02.2022
Great value for money

Bilkish Jogee – 28.02.2022
Very beautiful place, has a calming effect, as well as excellent service,

Mohammad Zaheer Zardad – 28.02.2022
بارك الله فيكم

Haroon Ismail – 28.02.2022
Mashallah well done

Faisal Duffin – 28.02.2022
A truly wonderful establishment, excellent service and lovely food

Shiraz Moosa – 28.02.2022
Beautiful…. entertainment for the whole family !!!

Azeema Hoosen – 28.02.2022
Amazing experience at Rumaan spa, beautiful gardens and fun activities.

Zaheera – 28.02.2022
Beautiful and serene. An awesome place for the whole family

Husna Omar – 28.02.2022
Lovely experience and makes you feel like you’re in another country away from home.amazing experience especially at Rumaan spa

Imtiaz Saib – 28.02.2022
I used the facilities to host my Australian guests for a conference and to host family members who attended a wedding. On both occasions, I was impressed.

Najma Jassat – 28.02.2022
Request for travel voucher

EBRAHIM – 28.02.2022
Perfect location Very neat and clean

Fatima – 28.02.2022
Qurtuba hospitality is amazing

Aaisha Suzanne Moosa – 28.02.2022
Most beautiful and tranquil place in Joburg

Fathima Akoob – 28.02.2022

Zaakirah – 28.02.2022
If you would like to feel like you overseas but still in the comfort of your own surroundings Def qurtuba hospitality

Ahmed Mahomed – 28.02.2022
Qurtuba hospitality is a tranquil chilled place, they have a great restaurant and outdoor facilities. Beautiful scenery as well.

Khashiefa Martin – 28.02.2022
Excellent services, perfect getaway with great food and lovely Islamic environment

Firdaus Lunat – 28.02.2022
A beautiful hotel. A perfect weekend getaway for the entire family. Food is delicious.

Mohammed Dangor – 28.02.2022
Hope to visit Qurtuba soon as the comments are great.

Ayesha Moola – 28.02.2022
A perfect getaway for the family! Amazing food and amenities for all!

Muhammad Dawood – 28.02.2022

Ameena Hlungwani – 28.02.2022
QBH is top of the range.

IRINE SITHOLE – 28.02.2022
Excellent services

Ahmed salloo – 28.02.2022
A place out of this world, fusion food delicious.

Raheema Amiroodeen – 28.02.2022
The hotel rooms along with its amenities are amazing… Always something to do for everyone!

Iqbal salloo – 28.02.2022
Excellent experience. very delicious food. Beautiful place. Will be back soon.

Ihsaan Valli – 28.02.2022
An out of this world experience!

Aadila Khan – 28.02.2022
I vote for Qurtuba Hospitality.

Ismail – 28.02.2022
A venue and hotel for the entire family.

Mohammad Uzair – 28.02.2022
The best one out here!

Tasneem Motan – 28.02.2022
Lovely, tranquil atmosphere

AB Mahomed – 28.02.2022
An exhilarating experience

Sumaya Gathoo – 28.02.2022
Qurtuba hotel is absolute serene n the food is to yummy for words Rooms are beautiful n the service is excellent

Azhar – 28.02.2022
Excellent experience. Large property has a lot of space to take walks. Elegant decor and a great restaurant.

Ruwaida Patel – 28.02.2022
Absolutely beautiful establishment in such a tranquil setting.

Somayya Gamieldien – 28.02.2022

Fatima Laher – 28.02.2022
excellent accommodation and world class service

Gatiem Kafaar – 28.02.2022
I spent the weekend at Qurtuba, it was an extremely rewarding experience

Fatima Akoojee – 28.02.2022
Peaceful serene and beautiful environment.

Yoosuf – 28.02.2022
Peace in the city.Secure and serene atmosphere.

Ozayr – 28.02.2022
Wonderful experience. Great venue . Beautiful atmosphere

Waheeda AGJEE – 28.02.2022
Amazing tranquil setting..good service both in hotel and restaurant. Rooms are super clean, beautiful decor and peaceful. So many activities to enjoy. Worth every bit!!!

Zak – 28.02.2022

Fazila Bala – 28.02.2022
Beautiful holiday resort

Hasina – 28.02.2022
Beautiful venue – you don’t get any better than this.

Imaan – 28.02.2022
I go there for the waffles and fun activities with my friends!

Mohamed Ebrahim Dhoda – 28.02.2022

Aaisha – 28.02.2022
My favourite hotel and restaurant- best milkshakes and wraps !

Anisa – 28.02.2022
Well deserved !!

Ayesha Hathurani – 28.02.2022
A Beautiful setting. Tasty buffet breakfast and loved the children’s activities and play areas.. Alhamdulillah.

Farouk Minty – 28.02.2022
Qurtuba for value of money, time, service, food, accommodation

Farouk Minty – 28.02.2022
Qurtuba simply the best

M Haffejee – 28.02.2022
A soothing, relaxing ambience .

Munira Mahomedy – 28.02.2022
Beautiful hotel in tranquil surroundings!

Aamena Lambat – 28.02.2022
My family’s favorite hangout spot! Always clean and well maintained. Stunning gardens, delicious food and the animal park is the cherry on top.

zaheda sayed – 28.02.2022
Convenience, value for money, excellent cuisine, friendly staff and luxurious accommodation, Qurtuba Hospitality is indeed deserving of such an accolade.

Sahair – 28.02.2022
Beautiful serene place

Sanaa Khan – 28.02.2022
Qurtuba hospitality

Sanaa Khan – 28.02.2022

Aaliya – 28.02.2022
Absolutely beautiful setting

Sajida – 28.02.2022
Qurtuba hospitality is always my favourite place to visit, fresh and beautiful surroundings.

Cassim Wazar – 27.02.2022
Excellent venue. Good value for money. Very well planned.

Naeema – 27.02.2022
Beautiful hotel

Asma saloojee – 27.02.2022
Beautiful place,halaal friendly and expect the best service

Muhammad Asad Bassa – 27.02.2022
Great Establishment, Fully Halaal, A wonderful family experience

Aslam Wadee – 26.02.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality

Naailah – 25.02.2022
Clean and comfortable Quiet and nice location

Sajida Mahomed – 25.02.2022
Complete peace of mind knowing that it is a 100% halaal facility that caters for all age groups. A relaxing and pleasant stay. One stop shop.

Zahra – 25.02.2022
Qurtuba Boutique Hotel

Suhayl Hamid – 25.02.2022
Gorgeous establishment and wonderful staff.

Husain haffejee – 25.02.2022
QHH is definitely a winner.

Razeena – 25.02.2022
Delicious food and a comfortable stay in a warm environment with friendly staff.

Ferhana Loonat – 25.02.2022
Beautiful Hotel,tons of activities for kids and adults alike,delish food, excellent service, awesome venue for functions, Qurtuba Hospitality deserves to win

aslam Gani – 25.02.2022
I stayed at Qurtuba the hospitality is outstanding keep up thr excellent service

Zulaikha Osman – 25.02.2022
Excellent and professional service. This place prides itself on providing a memorable experience for guests. Stayed here twice and the first time was really good and yet there were many improvements the second time. The staff are amazing and the owners too are always ready to serve. I look forward to staying here again.

Zeenat Daya – 25.02.2022
Our perfect weekend chill out spot! Great food and lots for the kids to enjoy

Lungile Maseko – 25.02.2022

Sahair adamjee – 25.02.2022
Tranquil and serene setting,a home away from home

Azraa – 25.02.2022

Ismaa’eel Mahmood – 25.02.2022
Very nice and peaceful. Perfect location.

Fatima Osman – 25.02.2022
Lovely place with a relaxing atmosphere perfect for a staycation

Aamina – 25.02.2022
My all time favorite go-to place for the best vibes in the week and the weekend; amazing spa treatments, great service with a personal touch (goes to show that I ate my way through the delectable menu there) and so chilled, it always transports me out of SA. Love it and will forever recommend!

Nomfundo – 25.02.2022

Munibah Van Wyk – 25.02.2022
The best place to have a meal and stay in halaal environment

Fatima Seedat – 25.02.2022
Amazing atmosphere

Nafisa Kassim – 25.02.2022
Beautiful hotel, great for the entire family Good food and friendly staff

Tayyiba Mahomed – 25.02.2022
I live in JHB but love going to Qurtuba for the escape! Beautiful hotel and I love the serenity!

Shuayb Mohamed – 25.02.2022
A truly one of a kind hotel! My family and I thoroughly enjoy ourselves each time we visit the Qurtuba Hotel and are in constant fascination of the attention to detail in all the designs of the hotel!

Mustapha Khan – 25.02.2022
Awesome every day environment Peace of mind and tranquillity which is smoothing to ones heart Delicious food Dedicated staff and friendly

Moosa Chohan – 25.02.2022
Stunning hotel with friendly staff. Good food and much to do with kids

Quraysha Patel – 25.02.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality never disappoints. The service, food and atmosphere as well as the staff are incredible.

Sumayya Chothia – 25.02.2022
Amazing place!

Mohammad – 25.02.2022
Qurtuba Hotel, Linbro Park Superb Service Superb Atmosphere

Yusuf daya – 25.02.2022

Mohamed Patel – 25.02.2022

Sakina – 25.02.2022
Qurtuba hospitality

Naushad Goberdan – 25.02.2022

Ameera Hajat – 25.02.2022
Excellent facilities

Mohamed Jogee – 23.02.2022
Awesome Professional staff State of the art Delicious food

Muhammed Abdullah Jogee – 21.02.2022
It is a beautiful place to live viste or tour a must see attraction ✨ hospitality and entertainment up to date

Hajira – 20.02.2022
Love the environment. Very relaxing, peaceful and quiet. Delicious Food.

Shamina Jogee – 20.02.2022
Good service, friendly staff. Good food. Excellent

AZEERA KHAN – 20.02.2022
Brilliance in every form of the word!

SALMAN ALI – 20.02.2022
Very well done and this restaurant really deserves more then 5 stars it’s a beautiful place and has great service and I hope they keep they standards!!!!

Mohamed Shezad Sheik – 20.02.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality

Ayesha – 20.02.2022
Qurtuba boutique hotel is amazing. I got proposed to in this amazing place. It makes for a romantic getaway. As well as a family friendly chill spot!

Zaheer m Hoosen – 19.02.2022
Comfortable and clean

Zainab – 19.02.2022
Lovely atmosphere, beautiful scenery and amazing food.

Yusuf – 19.02.2022
Excellent in every way Great place for the entire family Food is really good Pleasant staff

Tasneem – 19.02.2022
We had one of the most memorable stays at Qurtuba … they have the most pleasant staff.. and went all out to accommodate our every need …

Ebrahim Saloojee – 19.02.2022

Muawiya – 19.02.2022
It is amazing hotel no complaints

Zaakirah – 19.02.2022
Lovely atmosphere. Beautiful scenery. Wonderful experience.

Abdurrahmaan loonat – 19.02.2022
Great spot hidden away in the city. Very central with great staff and awesome food

Muhammad – 19.02.2022
10 star rating!!!!!!

Yasmeen – 19.02.2022
lovely atmosphere ..great food and service ..beautiful estate and scenery..a definite destination to recommend .

Yasmeen Saleh – 19.02.2022
Has a wonderful stay. Enjoyed the buffet breakfast..Will definitely go back!

Norman nhlanhla Ndlovu – 19.02.2022
It was so nice and good service in your hotel I appreciated

Franck sauze – 19.02.2022

Shamina Jogee – 19.02.2022
Great service. Friendly staff. Excellent food. Amazing play area and Braai area. Recommend it to others.

Shamina Jogee – 19.02.2022
5 star services. Hospitable and friendly staff. Excellent food. Play area for kids. Prayer facilities. I would rectify to anyone to go.

Shamina Jogee – 19.02.2022
Great two nights stay. Hospitable and friendly staff. Excellent staff. Great ply area for kids. Prayer facilities. Would recommend 5 star.

Shamima Subjee – 19.02.2022
Best stay ever.

Naseeha Khan – 19.02.2022
Service is excellent and very hospitable. Very friendly staff It’s always a great experience each time spent there.

Shamina Jogee – 19.02.2022
Best stay I had for two days. Very supportive staff at the hotel. Excellent food. Play area for kids. Prayer facilities. I would recommend to is place to anyone.

Ridhwaana Moosa – 19.02.2022
Qurtuba is amazing and will always hold special place in my heart as it’s where my husband and I spent the week after our wedding. Truly memorable.. staff are amazing and accommodating and the overall appearance of everything is clean.

Rossa Ayesha – 19.02.2022
QHH home of enjoying and peace

Rossa Ayesha – 19.02.2022
QHH is a home away from home a beautiful place that you can enjoy with your family

Somayya Hansrod – 19.02.2022
Absolutely gorgeous boutique hotel, meets international standards most definitely. Beautiful decor, amenities n ambiance

Nabeelah Mitha – 18.02.2022
A stunning atmosphere with the most innovative and inspired architecture, friendly staff and great food! Definitely a place you’d love to find yourself in!

Faheema Hassen – 18.02.2022
Beautiful surroundings Great ambience

Shandukani – 18.02.2022
This hotel deserves to be nominated as best hotel, their efforts and support they give to small businesses thru hosting events is trueli unique

Adilah Vally – 18.02.2022
Excellent resort . Exquisitely furnished with a lovely ambience .

Safeera – 18.02.2022
Love the staff and atmosphere.

Fahima essop – 18.02.2022
Absolutely stunning. Great kids activities and excellent location

Uzair Essop – 18.02.2022
Rooms are decorated beautifully and there’s a variety of amenities available to keep everyone entertained at all times.

Sabeeha Kaka Cassim – 18.02.2022
A beautiful resort in the heart of the city!

Emara Sheik – 18.02.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality for the win!

Rubina Essop – 18.02.2022
Lovely ambiance.. family friendly.. delicious food.. tranquil atmosphere in the heart of Linbro Park ❤

Aarif – 18.02.2022
Brilliant place neat, clean, love the atmosphere

Kauthar Salie – 18.02.2022
Stayed there for my honeymoon in 2020 and we’ve had a wedding held at Limoni last year as well. My parents stayed there when they came from Cape Town. We were there for the market day recently and from time to time we order food from them.

Fameeda Hoosen – 18.02.2022
Simply the best!

Yusuf Mahomed – 18.02.2022
I have stayed at Qurtuba many of times. The atmosphere you get from arrival at this place puts you into an instant relaxation.

Nazim Bey – 18.02.2022
Great food buffet. Peaceful setting. Play area to keep the kids entertained

Muaz Lorgat – 18.02.2022
A world on its own, with the most beautiful scenery and atmosphere to be at ! Fabulous and great service.

Mehanoid – 18.02.2022
The Qurtuba Boutique Hotel & Spa is an established unique and special with all amenities.

Taskeen – 18.02.2022
Keep all the good vibes coming!

Fadeelah Tilly – 18.02.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality gets an A+. Awesome service, picturesque setting, scrumptious food and loads more

Fatima Osman – 18.02.2022
A beautiful, serene setting perfect for a staycation

Sumaya Gathoo – 18.02.2022
Beautiful place,delicious food,lovely rooms n serene setting Excellent service

Sumaya Gathoo – 18.02.2022
Beautifully place with excellent service,delicious food ,lovely rooms and serene setting

Sahair adamjee – 18.02.2022
Love the tranquil and serene environment

انيسة – 18.02.2022
A place where memories are made – memories that are sure to stay long after you’ve left the serene precincts of QBH.

Aneesa Amod – 18.02.2022
We had an absolutely wonderful time. Thank you

Adam – 18.02.2022
Qurtuba Hotel and Limoni restaurant transports you to an awesome Arabian world.

Suleman lakhi – 18.02.2022
Excellent facility.. top notch experience…

Saifullah Hassim – 18.02.2022
A part of the city that feels like you’re away from the city. Very relaxing with brilliant decor and exceptional food.

Abida Jassat – 18.02.2022
Serene and beautiful environment with a dash of great food, relaxation and comfort

Saifullah Hassim – 18.02.2022
A part of the city that feels like you’re away from the city. Very relaxing with brilliant decor and exceptional food.

Anisa Patel – 18.02.2022
My sons absolute favorite destination: Qurtuba Boutique Hotel… from the warm and friendly smiles, to the amazing animals and play areas. QBH has it all. Delicious food, coffees and hands down the best milkshakes ! Everything for all members of the family – it’s definitely an awesome destination !

Safoora Bhyat – 18.02.2022
A gem in the city, everything you need for a tranquil get away

Aadila Rajah – 18.02.2022
I enjoy the relaxed ambience of the boutique hotel especialy with the surrounds of being able to watch the horses, animals and gardens makes me feel I am out of the city within the city, always feel relaxed and calm being there. Kids especially enjoy the play areas and watching the animals, Parents feel good knowing their kids are safe in a protected and secure environment this way the entire family is stress free and can have good time.

Aadila Rajah – 18.02.2022
I enjoy the relaxed ambience of the boutique hotel especialy with the surrounds of being able to watch the horses, animals and gardens makes me feel I am out of the city within the city, always feel relaxed and calm being there. Kids especially enjoy the play areas and watching the animals, Parents feel good knowing their kids are safe in a protected and secure environment this way the entire family is stress free and can have good time.

Aadil Adamjee – 18.02.2022
Authentic decor. Great personal service. Safe location.

Aadila Rajah – 18.02.2022
I enjoy the relaxed ambience of the boutique hotel especialy with the surrounds of being able to watch the horses, animals and gardens makes me feel I am out of the city within the city, always feel relaxed and calm being there. Kids especially enjoy the play areas and watching the animals, Parents feel good knowing their kids are safe in a protected and secure environment this way the entire family is stress free and can have good time.

Aadila Rajah – 18.02.2022
I enjoy the relaxed ambience of the boutique hotel especialy with the surrounds of being able to watch the horses, animals and gardens makes me feel I am out of the city within the city, always feel relaxed and calm being there. Kids especially enjoy the play areas and watching the animals, Parents feel good knowing their kids are safe in a protected and secure environment this way the entire family is stress free and can have good time.

Sahair adamjee – 18.02.2022
Love to win

Anas – 18.02.2022
Beauty at its best

Hamida Khan – 18.02.2022
I vote for qurtuba hotel

Zubair Ravat – 18.02.2022
Brilliant atmosphere Great food Exceptional staff Competitive pricing Perfect getaway in the city

Hamida Khan – 18.02.2022
I vote for qurtuba to win

Hafsah Kajee – 18.02.2022
Qurtuba Hospitality is a very Family oriented holiday accommodation.

Khadija – 18.02.2022
Amazing vibe

AZEERA KHAN – 18.02.2022

Khadija Hattia – 18.02.2022
Amazing vibe!

Muhammed – 18.02.2022
Excellent Hotel, friendly staff & top food.

Muhammad Lambat – 18.02.2022
Highly rated Place would recommend to please come visit

Sumaiya Khatib – 18.02.2022
Amazing restaurant & friendly staff.

Sajida Khan – 18.02.2022
Qurtuba hospitality is my favourite place to unwind, and have family get togethers, will be hosting our family reunion on the 26/02 /22…everything is clean fresh and peaceful. Will always recommend qurtuba hotel.

Suhayl Hamid – 18.02.2022
Excellent property and friendly staff

Nadeemah moosa – 18.02.2022
A beautiful and tranquil hotel with wonderful amenities and fantastic restaurant! Great for families

Fazel Wadiwala – 18.02.2022
Excellent service, rooms comfortable, food is great.

Ayesha Asmal – 18.02.2022
Beautiful place

Hajra Soosiwala – 18.02.2022
Amazing food , great entertainment. Cosy and relaxing

Aneesa – 18.02.2022
Great destination!

Yusuf Amod – 18.02.2022
Exceptional client service and world class facilities. Safe, secure and fun for everyone

Haroon – 18.02.2022

Sameera.Amiroodeen – 18.02.2022
Great place to stay. Excellent hospitality and service. Will definitely stay again

Aslam Rajah – 18.02.2022
Yay Qurtuba Hospitality !

Fatima Seedat – 18.02.2022
Qurtaba has a distinctive ambiance of the east with modern hospitality in every service. Receptive to young and old, the atmosphere is vibrant and charming. The location is central. Kids love it. Ideal holiday destination for families and business travelers.

Jaweed Amiroodeen – 18.02.2022
Comfortable, relaxing, definitely a place to stay

Agrinett – 18.02.2022
Its a nice place to be peaceful and quiet.

Saajida – 18.02.2022
I enjoy visiting this place atleast once a month to get away from the city feeling. Lovely ambience, friendly staff, tasty food.

Yusuf Ebrahim – 18.02.2022
Awesome place

Muhammed Asrif Jogee – 18.02.2022
A family friendly hotel with a variety of activities.

Devani Govender – 18.02.2022
A great home away from home.

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