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Type: Experience
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: To increase food sources for our wildlife we have over 800 active bee hives on the Private Nature Reserve to assist with pollination. With an average of 2 500 bees per hive, that equals to over 2million bees that do their work on an 2000 hectare active Nature Reserve and Game Farm. When COVID19 struck and our doors were closed for tourism and accommodation, we started to offer Honey Tasting sessions with bee education & Bee Hive visits to the public. For the Bee Hive visits, guests are suited up and spends the day out in the field, cleaning hives and harvesting some golden goodness and bottling their own honey to take home. Honey comes in different tastes, tones and colours and has a tasting wheel just like ‘wine tasting’. It can be light or dark in colour. It can be sweet, sour of salty to taste. As South Africa only has 2 types of Honey Bees we are delighted to tell people about our Capensis bees, their importance to our everyday lives and the health and medicinal value of honey, beeswax, propolis and pollen found in honey. Pure Raw Honey cannot expire. A worker bee lives on average between 22-42 days and she works her whole life to provide you with just one teaspoon of honey. The Queen bee lays on average 1500 eggs daily. The drone (male bee) cant sting! Bees are of utmost importance to our daily lives and so their story should be told! We are proud of what we have achieved and all our visitors walks away with an experience and education like no other! This unique experience, that Pabala offers, put us apart from any other experience as its new and fresh. Besides the sweet goodness of pure raw honey, Bees have an impact on everyone; from young to old. Pabala have also extended its hives to neighbouring farms to assist with pollination for the vegetable and fruit farmers that surrounds our Nature Reserve. We are teaching rural workers how to work with bees and service their bee hives. When honey is produced, we buy it back and provide either the monetary value or we extend their bee farming to increase the population in each 3km radius.

Region: Eastern Cape / Gamtoos Valley

Pabala Private Nature Reserve



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Cherynn Halgryn – 04.03.2022
Amazing place. Would go any day. Best place in the eastern cape

Juandi Van Rooyen – 04.03.2022
Sooo proud of the way that invest in nature and recourses voting for you all the way!

Leilani Coetsee – 04.03.2022
Pabala Private Nature Reserve is a haven to the soul. Stunning views, excellent accommodation as well as lots of game and walking trails. Another special experience is the honey tasting, a one of a kind. The perfect getaway.

Anne-Marie Olivier – 27.02.2022
Pabala instills a growing love for nature conservation in all visitors! They have managed to combine tourism and hospitality in a unique setting and cater for all types of nature lovers – once visited you always go back and become part of the family!

Bonile – 26.02.2022

Alain Mc Allister – 25.02.2022
Pabala Game Reserve offers the best outdoor experience in the Eastern Cape. Also, the hosts at the venues are beyond awesome.

Chermon Mc Allister – 25.02.2022
Pabala Private Nature Reserve is the best experience in the Eastern Cape. The views are breathtaking, the staff is exceptional and there is always something new to learn. Loved it so much, I even got married there!

Geoff Applewhite – 24.02.2022
Pabala is worth a visit. They deserve every accolade they get.

Geoff Appkewhite – 24.02.2022
I look forward to receiving a travel voucher. Pabala deserves the award for all the good work they do under extremely trying circumstances

Leonora Kapank – 24.02.2022
Pabala Nature Reserve

Jonker Fourie – 24.02.2022
Pabala really has an extraordinary product

Johan Swiegers – 24.02.2022

Dean Strydom – 24.02.2022
The peace and quiet of nature that the soul needed

Gerrie Ferreira – 24.02.2022
Pabala is one of the best businesses I have dealt with

Gizelle Schoeman – 24.02.2022
Beautiful place just outside Hankey, LOVELY weekend away break not far from Port Elizabeth

Nichola-Anne – 24.02.2022
The most interesting and informative tour and tasting one can experience, the only one of its kind in the Gamtoos Valley! Great benefit to AgriTourism not only in Gamtoos Valley, in Kouga, Sarah Baartman District, Eastern Cape and in South Africa!!!

Anna van Zyl – 23.02.2022
Pabala is a gem. Beautiful scenery, wild life, peace and tranquillity. Whatever your need… you will find it here! An experience nobody should miss.

Leandre – 23.02.2022
Best place Most friendly staff

Andre Adendorff – 23.02.2022
What a nice and informative experience.

Andre Adendorff – 23.02.2022
What a nice and informative experience.

Madelein Booth – 23.02.2022
Amazing place to stay! Love love love

Chief Johannes Maarman – 23.02.2022
Pabala is the Best

Heidi L Halgryn – 23.02.2022
We have visited Pabala in the past and it’s truly an must visit. The Honey & Craft Gin Tasting is so informative.

Jeanne Botha – 23.02.2022
Best and friendly service. Most amazing place and the people are so friendly and helpfull

Charlene van der Walt – 22.02.2022
Pabala is just the best

Bonile – 22.02.2022

Beatrice Viljoen – 22.02.2022
Tranquility at its Best …………………..

ve-antonique haarvoor – 22.02.2022
Pabala is one of the amazing places i seen from the activities up to there house and the nicest honey en gin

Johan – 22.02.2022
Pabala Private Nature Reserve

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