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Type: Accommodation – Lodge
Category: Eco & Sustainable

Motivation for award: The Mosetlha Eco Safari is a totally unique once in a lifetime Experience (at a rate that allows it to be enjoyed over and over again). Genuinely sustainable, responsible, and environmentally friendly, Mosetlha was built on and operates with integrity and focus – impacting minimally on our physical environment and energy resources, contributing to the conservation of our land and animals, supporting our local communities, and saving the planet :)

Region: North West / Madikwe Game Reserve

Mosetlha Bush Camp & Eco Lodge

Exclusive EcoSafari Experience

The only authentic bush camp and genuine ecolodge situated in the middle of the Big 5, malaria free Madikwe Game Reserve.
Mosetlha guarantees an intimate wilderness experience and true eco safari adventure – and spectacular, exclusive game viewing with award winning guides!
Come get the dust of Africa on your feet …

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Claire Roadley – 11.04.2022
Pure bliss that has a light footprint on the earth too

Evija Volfa – 06.04.2022
I vote for Mosethla ecolodge

Niels Vestergaard – 06.04.2022
We havevisited many safari camps in South Africa and Mosetlha Busk Camp & Eco Lodge stands out as one of our most impressive and totally real life connection experiences. I would love to ve back tomorrow !!

Geoff and Jean Bolton – 28.03.2022
We have visited Mosetlha 3 times and have had wonderful differing experiences every time. The staff are very friendly, helpful and the rangers very knowledgeable. We are planning to return next April as there is nowhere else to compare with it.

Pierre-Olivier Fortier – 25.03.2022
I’ve had the privilege of travelling quite a bit. I can’t say enough good about Mosetlha and all it’s staff to do it justice. One of the best experiences of my life!

Mara Zerga – 18.03.2022
For us, Mosethla is the magic of South Africa❤️

Tara Turkington – 16.03.2022
Mosetlha is a true eco-lodge in the way the camp is built, the way it operates (no electricity, no running water, no wastage, solar powered, etc). It also embraces the principles of eco tourism by employing local people. I absolutely love Mosetlha and all that it stands for – we need far more lodges like this in South Africa!

Barbara Giacomin – 15.03.2022
Our family was fortunate to find this special place in 2003 after which we never went to view game anywhere else in the country. Mosetlha is unique in the way it provides a bush experience — one will never feel closer to the bush than by staying here. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Diricilla Naidoo – 14.03.2022
Mosetlha Bush Camp was one of the best experiences I have ever had. We loved the fact that the accommodation had no windows so you had fresh air coming in all the time. We loved the donkey that made your water hot for your shower. We loved the food – it wasn’t excessive but just right and eating with fellow guests made it that much more enjoyable. And we loved our ranger – we happened to have John – who made every game drive so special. I still have to see wild dogs in the wild though :).

Deane Parker – 14.03.2022
Mosetiha is the BEST in Southern Africa!

Massimo Ghiringhelli – 13.03.2022
I was there with my family in was fantastic!!

Charlotte – 13.03.2022
Best ecolodge ever

Judy Lehmberg – 13.03.2022
Mosetlha is a wonderful camp with amazing guides, great food, and very friendly staff. Would love to get back there again.

Linda courtenay – 12.03.2022
Best place on earth

Colleen Rutter – 12.03.2022
The most peaceful place on the planted. Disconnect, breath, food for the soul…..

Margaret Shawcross – 12.03.2022
Eco & sustainable does not mean “slumming it”. Mosetlha has developed wonderfully over the years, always with the environment in mind and a passion for people as well as nature.

Emma – 12.03.2022
My family’s happy place – we can’t wait for our next visit.

Shona Bell – 12.03.2022
A very special place which holds beautiful memories for us. I left a piece of my heart there many years ago… would love to go back one day.

Rebecca Quam – 12.03.2022
One of my favorite places to stay in Madikwe. Friendly staff, close to nature, amazing guides.

Nicholas Paul Tompkins – 12.03.2022
A wonderful African Bush experience. Great accommodation, a wonderfully friendly group vibe in camp and brilliant guides on the game drives.

Tertius Haak – 12.03.2022
Amazing eco lodge with fantastic guides. You arrive as a guest and leave as a friend.

Maria Henly – 12.03.2022
We loved every day we spent at Mosetlha! Great guides, accommodations, and food!

Caroline Smith – 12.03.2022
I love this camp

Mike Harty – 12.03.2022
Mosetlha is a slice of heaven. With a tiny footprint on the earth but a huge one on the soul.

Paul Koot – 12.03.2022
The best safari expierence ever. No stress. No internet and Phone. Time to relax and have wonderfull gamedrives. Enjoying homemade cooking.

Jolien de Groodt – 12.03.2022
It is all you could wish for!

Simon Fleishman – 12.03.2022
Absolutely incredible place, fantastic staff and well worth several visits!

sue morrison – 12.03.2022
an lovely eco lodge worthy of the award

Per Munk Nielsen – 12.03.2022
Mosetlha Bush Camp, best Camp in SA

Mike McNamara – 12.03.2022
Twice I’ve stayed at Mostlha bush camp. Best holidays, best people, best safari guides, best of South Africa.

Nicky McNamara – 12.03.2022
I have travelled quite widely and this place is magical. I have stayed there twice and sadly had to cancel my third trip last year due to travel bans. Looking forward to rebooking soon.

Charlotte Kennedy Domínguez – 12.03.2022
Best way to enjoy nature

Mary Rowe – 12.03.2022
I visited Mosethla just before the pandemic and was impressed by the ecological footprint, the remote feel, the warmth of the staff and the amazing critters.

Margi Brocklehurst – 12.03.2022
A wonderful, peaceful lodge, also amazing wildlife sightings Home from home, super staff and just plain awesome!!!

Michael Flebbe – 12.03.2022
Focus on what matters. More Nature and People less unnecessary luxury.

Jane Sinclair – 12.03.2022
Mosetlha Bush Camp Lovely experience

Vicki McCoy – 12.03.2022
Love the eco friendly simplicity, the amazing landscapes and animal encounters…….. there is no other camp that compares.

Amanda Clark – 12.03.2022
Amazing place. We can’t wait to return.

David Purnell – 12.03.2022
Visited 3 times – better every time!! Incredible, because 1st visit 15 years ago was fantastic!

Tamar – 10.03.2022
I’ve been to this stunning camp around 6 times already. Each time more magical than the previous. I cannot recommend Mosetlha enough!

James Davies – 09.03.2022
Three wonderful stays which if I can afford now I am in my 70s I will come again.

Jeanne Ebling – 08.03.2022
What an amazing lodge and experience. Thank you

Lauri Lepik – 07.03.2022
I and my wife had an exceptional experience at Mosethla Bush camp two years ago. Everything was just brilliant- accommodation , the food and game drives . Very good vibe :)

Michelle Mummery – 06.03.2022
Mosetlha provides an experience like no other! Can’t wait for my third visit from Australia.

Richard Mack – 05.03.2022
Fantastic place! Been there several times and it’s always a memorable experience.

Lucy – 04.03.2022
Mosetlha is the most extraordinary place where you truly connect with nature and switch off from the hustle and bustle of daily life. I stayed 3 nights in Feb 20 and wish I could have stayed longer. The hospitality is incredible, the guides unparalleled, the whole experience is a once in a life time experience. I cannot wait to return.

Shaun – 04.03.2022
The camp and the team are extraordinary. No better place to feel so close to the bush.

Hector Agraz – 04.03.2022
nice place we been there 4 x times !

Pieter ten Bosch – 04.03.2022
I have never seen so many different animals in a three days period, thanks to the very experienced guide. Mosetlha is a very nice camp with very durable facilities. A recommendable experience!

Zanna Foley-Davies – 04.03.2022
We have visited Mosetlha 3 times from the UK. Each visit has given us unique experiences and marvellous Mosetlha memories. Although we are now in our 70s, we took our daughter in January 2019 and she has vowed to continue the family tradition as she too, fell in love with Mosetlha and all that it does and stands for.

Mike J – 04.03.2022
Visited in February 2020 from the UK. Fantastic place with great hosts, fabulous drives and a genuine focus on respecting the local environment.

Carlos Vidal – 03.03.2022
Amazing Vacation during January of 2020. Just before the confinment! Me and my wife are look forward to repeat the experience sometime in the near future, no matter the distance and the time devoted to travel to get SA. I worths all efforts.

Lucie Schima – 03.03.2022
I stayed in Mosethla Bush camp back in March 2020 and it is still to this day one of the best place I’ve ever been to.

Sharon Thirkettle – 03.03.2022
Good luck. I am requesting the voucher. Thanks

Werner and Susanne Bueeler – 03.03.2022
We were allowed to spend a few days here 2 years ago. Right at the beginning of our 4 weeks in South Africa we experienced personal hospitality, super guided drives and very fine local food. Looking back on the whole South Africa trip we can say that Mosethla Bush Camp was outstanding. We long to relive this wonderful experience! Our journey went from northeast to southeast, then west to Cape Town, a total of 5200 km. We love this country, had many contacts with the population and always felt welcome. Susanne and Werner from Switzerland

Markus Walzer – 03.03.2022
We stayed at Mosetlha in January 2020, and the experience was extraordinary!

Markus Walzer – 03.03.2022
We stayed at Mosetlha in January 2020, and the experience was extraordinary!

Markus Walzer – 03.03.2022
We stayed at Mosetlha in January 2020, and the experience was extraordinary!

Markus Walzer – 03.03.2022
We stayed at Mosetlha in January 2020, and the experience was extraordinary!

Markus Walzer – 03.03.2022
We stayed at Mosetlha in January 2020, and the experience was extraordinary!

Markus Walzer – 03.03.2022
We stayed at Mosetlha in January 2020, and the experience was extraordinary!

Markus Walzer – 03.03.2022
We stayed at Mosetlha in January 2020, and the experience was extraordinary!

Markus Walzer – 03.03.2022
We stayed at Mosetlha in January 2020, and the experience was extraordinary!

Markus Walzer – 03.03.2022
We stayed at Mosethla in January 2020, and the experience was extraordinary!

Markus Walzer – 03.03.2022
We stayed at Mosethla in January 2020, and the experience was extraordinary!

Johannes – 03.03.2022
Mosetlha Bush Camp was truly a memorable experience. It is a very special place.

Andrew Templeton – 03.03.2022
Mosetlha is one of the most magical places we’ve visited: great hospitality, tranquil setting and amazing wildlife.

Jules Newton – 03.03.2022
This is my soul place!!

Craig Marsh – 03.03.2022
My visit to Mosetlha was my 1st at a safari park. A fantastic experience, made even more humbling by the team’s commitment to the animals and eco stance.

Hanneke Nielen – 03.03.2022
We have been there for over 5 times and each time we really loved the place. Very experienced guides and a lovely, friendly team.

Steven dance – 03.03.2022
Mosetlha a fabulous place!

Jens Neumann – 03.03.2022
It´s a “MUST-STAY” for everybody, who loves the bush.

Jacques Swanepoel – 03.03.2022
Mosetlha, is a piece of heaven. Have been at the bush camp numerous times. From the moment you arrive and are greeted by the team the experience is five-stars, the accommodation, all the fire cooked meals, breathtaking game drives with the worlds best guides (and no where else have I experienced the up-close encounters with wildlife), the whole eco experience with donkey-lit fires for the showers etc, is unparalleled and all that for a fraction of the price that other lodges charge in Madikwe. See you soon Mosethla.

Dagmar Lawton – 03.03.2022
Best camp I have ever been on, staff were the best

Claudia Lloyd – 03.03.2022
Mosetlha Bush Camp is an awesome Eco Lodge where everything works and everyone is friendly and efficient

OLIVIA HOUSE – 03.03.2022
Moseltha was the most amazing experience. From the superb food, the magical eco lodges, to the amazing staff.

John Stewart – 03.03.2022
I have been to Mosetlha Bush Camp many times and have never ever been disappointed. A genuine Eco Lodge that supplies good food cooked on the fire, comfortable accommodation, stunning service and unbeatable game drives supplied by the best rangers in Madikwe. I have no hesitation in recommending Mosetlha Bush Camp to both South African residents and overseas visitors, knowing they will be supplied with the experience of a lifetime by this fantastic lodge and it’s staff. A must for anyone wanting to visit the African Bush

BRENDAN O’REGAN – 03.03.2022
A perennial favourite

Lorraine White – 03.03.2022
I’ve come from the US 3 times to enjoy Mosetlha bush camp and can’t wait to return. It’s a wonderful eco safari experience

Gabriela Agraz – 02.03.2022
Best lodge ever! We have been there 3 times and every time we love it more and more.

Gaynor Schofield – 02.03.2022
This place is outstanding in every way! By far the best holiday we have ever had. All the staff are amazing at what they do. Top food, top hospitality and the most unbelievable experience! We will never forget sipping G&Ts in the African Bush watching the stunning sunsets. We can’t wait to gk back!

Ben Chalmers – 02.03.2022
Mosetlha Eco Safari is our favourite place to visit in South Africa. We return every year from Canada and always look forward to wonderful tours with Justice and Jonny.

Ruth Verhelst – 02.03.2022
Best Holiday ever, a very special place, nice people and most of all we loved our guide Jonny !!

Steve Johnson – 02.03.2022
The Mosetlha experience is the best safari I have ever had. The team are so friendly and knowledgeable. Add a sustainable approach and for me it’s the winner every time.

Charles Rolfe – 02.03.2022
Mosetlha is amazing, sipping red wine in the Bush by a camp fire with the old brown hyena for company

Paul McGovern – 02.03.2022
Mosetlha Bush Camp provided a magical, unforgettable experience. Wonderful staff, brilliant guides and such a peaceful place. I really hope to visit again!

Matthew Burke – 02.03.2022
Mosetlha Bush Camp & Eco Lodge

Charles Fowler – 01.03.2022
Such a special place, amazing wildlife, great people. A very special 2 weeks.

Caroline Lucas – 01.03.2022
Mosetlha is my whole world. Each and every staff member is family. A wonderful legacy rooted in community upliftment and ecotourism- growing from a training camp for field guides to an award winning safari experience today. I could not be prouder of the Mosetlha team.

Detlof-Wismer Jacki – 01.03.2022
Mosetlha ALL the way!!!! Best experience in my life!!!

Beale Chris – 01.03.2022
Great place, friendly staff and good food. Throw in an excellent guide and it’s a winner. It will change your mind about a eco friendly resort.

Ilka – 01.03.2022
Mosetla is my little piece of heaven.

Rebecca Ward – 01.03.2022
Mosetlha is the best at providing the most amazing interactions with all of the wildlife on the reservation and taking care of their guest during their time there. Absolutely brilliant!

Nicky Smith – 01.03.2022
Brilliant Eco lodge in a beautiful area. Personal attention from the staff.

Gail Venter – 01.03.2022
Mosetla is the best, just spectacular xxx

Christopher Sugden – 28.02.2022
Had three wonderful stays at Mosethla whilst living in Botswana. Should we return to SA for a holiday Mosethla will be the first place we would book.

Susan Swart – 28.02.2022
Had an amazing time – best ranger i’ve ever had the pleasure of spending time with in the veld!

Heather Maclean – 28.02.2022
The best wildlife eco experience with fully committed guides and hosts. Wonderfully peaceful.

Kramer – 28.02.2022
Never mind best Eco and Sustainable Lodge, the best place on the continent

Tamrynne Willers – 28.02.2022
A truly special experience of the African bush. Would definitely recommend to anyone and cannot wait to go back!

Ute Schuchardt – 28.02.2022
The most authentic bush experience. The best Guides. Awesome.

Melanie van Zyl – 28.02.2022
An authentic and honest bush camp.

Tony Allingham – 28.02.2022
Throughly enjoyed our time at Mosetlha back in 2017. Hopefully will get back in the not too far distant future.

Patricia – 28.02.2022
We had an amazing visit at Mosetlha in 2017 on every level you can imagine: wildlife sightings and guides, camp staff/friends, food, accommodation, AMBIENCE, and the gift shop. We often reminisce about this ‘stop’ on our trip and definitely plan to return. We look forward to being greeted by familiar friendly faces some time soon.

Etienne Rousseau – 28.02.2022
Many a great memory at Mosetlha!

Carlien Roodt – 28.02.2022
Best eco lodge ever!

Louize Bezuidenhout – 28.02.2022
Wonderful Bush Camp. Cant wait to go back one day.

SARAH STEVENS – 28.02.2022
Saving my pennies to experience this wonderful Bush Camp..

Anne-Marie Moore – 28.02.2022
The best way to return to nature: ‘Collect your own (hot) water’ for showers. Warm and friendly staff. Excellent and knowledgable staff. Not forgetting the exceptional game viewing.

Terry Gould – 28.02.2022
A Great Place. Best New Years Eve ever.

Graeme Mitchley – 28.02.2022
Best wildlife experience ever!

Jacqueline Labuschagne – 28.02.2022
A most amazing experience, with excellent hospitality and the best game drives. For anyone who wants a break from it all Mosethla certainly restores peace and tranquility. Highly recommended.

Gail Richardson – 28.02.2022
The staff at Mosetlha are amazing

SJ Morrison – 28.02.2022
Stunning place, friendly staff and exceptional Game Rangers.

Lana le Roux – 28.02.2022
Best ever!!

Ana Flores – 28.02.2022
Bliss and excitement at the Mosetlha Bush Camp & Eco Lodge! Cant wait to visit!

Diricilla Naidoo – 28.02.2022
Mosetlha Bush Camp was one of our all time favourite stays. We loved that animals wandered around the camp creating a real sense of adventure…risky visiting the loo at night :). We loved that the accommodation had no windows so you slept with wonderful exhilarating bush air every night. We loved John our amazing guide who always surprised us on our game drives. We loved sitting round the fire at night sharing stories of the day. We loved the food and the care taken to ensure a absolutely perfect stay :) x

Paula Cohen – 28.02.2022
Vote for Mosetlha Bush Camp & Eco Lodge

Raoul Canetti – 28.02.2022
Best way to get back to nature, great hospitality and excellent game viewing

Fiona – 28.02.2022
A beautiful eco driven place of rest

Claire Garman – 27.02.2022
An unbelievable experience. Such magical Touches like the secret hot water bottle and donkey boiler hot water open air showers. Friendly accommodating and knowledgable fun guides.

Erwin de Boer – 27.02.2022
We love Bush Camp. Not only for the wildlife, the staff is great and we love them. All trips to JB we plan a visit.

Ilka – 27.02.2022
The best lodge, guides and staff I ever experienced

Amanda Reekie – 27.02.2022
Mosethla bush camp and Eco safari is the most amazing way to experience the African bush. Low environmental impact, the best rangers and the friendliest staff. Loved every second

Bronwen Harty – 27.02.2022
Am absolutely amazing experience

Claire Roadley – 27.02.2022
Love that this is a family owned lodge that sticks by its principles of being an eco lodge – off grid, unplugged and all about reconnecting with nature.

Donna Moreau – 27.02.2022
I vote for Mosethla! Fabulous.

Daryl – 27.02.2022
Stayed at Mosetlha many times over the years. Always a treat. Home from home. Always safe and comfy

Helen Long – 27.02.2022
Excellent lodge with high eco credentials- the real bush experience!

Colin Roadley – 27.02.2022
My idea of heaven.

Verhagen Wendy – 27.02.2022
A place with a warm welcome, where ECO is not just a word but a way of life. In all means of the word. In a magnificent area of the world you are guided by awsome, knowledgaeble , and superfriendly guides and you get the safari’s of a lifetime. Gameviewing is spectacular. And I just love the crew!!!!!!!!! The co-work with the rural communities gives hope for a sustainable future together. This is a well deserved nomination.

Allison – 27.02.2022
Integrity in terms of working with the rural communities with education and employment and recognition of the employees contribution to sustainability of the environment and tourism industry

Stunning camp= has to win!

Allan McMaster – 27.02.2022
Mosetlha has always been a favourite of ours. Just love the fact that their impact on the environment is minimal and that there is a conciousness about the way the Mosetlha operates their business….everything from the small footprint, low impact way they have built there camp, to the way all the staff think and do their bit for the environment. It isn’t always easy without the luxury of instant power or water, yet they do it in such a seamless manner which actually increases the guest experience…..when it comes to ones carbon footprint, less is more! Well done Mosetlha… are the best. Al and Yvonne

Sandy Levy – 27.02.2022
Best place !

Marianne Kuehnast – 27.02.2022
Mosetlha Bush Camp is my happy place. The tranquility and peace allows one to quickly recharge one’s batteries. The staff are awesome and the guides are extremely knowledgeable about the bush. Always had awesome animal sightings.

Brett Berry – 27.02.2022
Committed to excellence – special people and a special place

Pegi McCartney – 27.02.2022
My daughter loved her stay at Mosetlha. Stunning place to go and relax.

Lil Bowden – 27.02.2022
I have stayed at this friendly, soulful amazing place, from the moment you arrive it is like being admitted to a special family that offers a unique and exciting experience. Mosetlha delivers everything it promises plus much more…

Rosalie Meakin – 27.02.2022
Best place ever. Can’t wait to go again. I still want to go back there again when we can start travel again from Australia. .

Gail Richardson – 27.02.2022
Have stayed here 4 times for a total of 19days and loved every minute of it.

Karl Wearne – 27.02.2022
The best Ecolodge in Madikwe National Park.

Colleen Rutter – 27.02.2022
Still my best bush place to really unplug comfortably

Alison – 27.02.2022
Wonderful bush experience

david – 27.02.2022
One of the best Eco lodges I have stayed at. Friendly staff, comfortable accommodation and some of the best field guides in the business. If you have never had a bucket shower before, then this is the place to fulfil that desire. I wish the team all the best for these awards. Well deserved nomination.

Jo Nieman – 26.02.2022
Amazing lodge with incredible staff! Highly recommend.

Hennie Peters – 26.02.2022
Great place to visit; authentic eco credentials.

Margaret Shawcross – 26.02.2022
Mosetlha – a very special place.

Dawn Schallock – 26.02.2022
Mosetlha Bush camp is the best!

Clare – 26.02.2022
Mosetlha provides a most wonderful experience of being in the bush in a comfortable yet simple way.

Kerstin – 26.02.2022
A place were you can combine holiday and ecological thinking and acting. I‘m looking forward to come again

Thomas Bleile – 26.02.2022
Best Camp ever!

Veronica Thiel – 26.02.2022
A very pleasant stay, at a well run lodge. It was a wonderful holiday, with many exciting game drives experienced.

Roger – 26.02.2022
The best experience you can have, at a price that makes it accessible to the majority. Good food, very friendly staff and the best drivers. What more could you want?

Gill McCain – 26.02.2022
Mosetlha is our favourite bush escape, always a treat to visit when a destress is required.

Michael Goth – 26.02.2022
This place is so fantastic. Best camp I have ever been and the best and most friendly staff you can think of. I already make plans to get there again.

Camille-Frederique Blind – 26.02.2022
Such a beautiful peaceful respectful place ❤️

Helen – 26.02.2022
Had an amazing stay. Its the perfect place to take a break from the hustle of everyday life. But what makes Mosetlha the best is how the staff members will go the extra mile for each guest individually. They will definitely be seeing me again.

Lauren – 26.02.2022
The most beautiful lodge

Marion – 26.02.2022
Mosetlha eco bush camp

Claire Roadley – 26.02.2022
Love the Mosetlha team and how it is one of the few true eco camps left. Jonny also recently won top 3 guides in the World from Wanderlust UK – huge respect!

Anne Randle – 25.02.2022
Wonderful place. Environmentally friendly. Totally sustainable in a time of climate crisis.

Sarah McFarlane – 25.02.2022
The most wonderful ecological setup and experience in all aspects. Also saw more of the wildlife at this game reserve more than any other reserve.

Lynette Dubber – 25.02.2022
This has to be on your bucket list ! Amazing experience and amazing camp x

Ann Brunskill – 25.02.2022
A brilliant eco camp, we spent two unforgettable nights there.

Mark Küh – 25.02.2022
Mosetlha bush camp is the best.

Helen Vesty – 25.02.2022
The best eco camp with the best guides bar none. I can’t rate Mosetlha highly enough. We’ve been visiting for years and it never ever disappoints – wonderful

David Hall – 25.02.2022
Fantastic Eco bush resort!

Gillian Hazell – 25.02.2022
Beautiful camp run on authentic eco principles- so deserve this award

Paul – 25.02.2022
This is an Amazing place.

Jose – 25.02.2022
This is a wonderfull place to be

Vimala Ariyan – 25.02.2022
Beautiful experience

Vimala Ariyan – 25.02.2022
Wonderful experience.

Georgina Worsley – 25.02.2022
One of the most memorable experiences I have had in all my travels. Hope to be back one day.

Miranda Isaskidis – 25.02.2022
A true eco lodge and exceptional experience!

Marilyn Young – 25.02.2022
One of our best safari experiences. So authentic with the best atmosphere and services. Wonderful.

Louize – 25.02.2022
The absolute best camp I have ever been!!!

Lategan Bronwyn – 25.02.2022
Only the best from nature

Bernice Kelly – 25.02.2022
One of the most beautiful tented camps with all the “comforts” of rustic. And the welcome back lanterns at night are magical.

Carp; Dickey – 25.02.2022
This is a spectacular and peaceful place I have ever been. I wish I could return but now because of age and health problems will never get another chance. However it is forever in my dreams

Helen Randall – 25.02.2022
I’ve stayed at many Eco lodges around the world. Including 2 in the top 50 lodges in the world. Mosetlha Bush Camp far surpasses the eco credentials of any lodge I have stayed in. It’s hospitality and guides are superb. It’s employment and training of an all South African team, many of whom are from the local villages, sets an example all Madikwe Game Reserve lodges should aspire to emulate.

Manuela Heigl – 25.02.2022
I had my best time there during my vacation in South Africa. The staff is very friendly, The kitchen fantastisch, The bungalow and the sanitary facilities very clean . We come back!

Janet Pell – 25.02.2022
I’ve visited here on a number of occasions and I keep returning because of the friendly expert, welcoming and authentic experience.

Linden Porter – 25.02.2022
A true eco lodge – and I have stayed in a few around the world. Mosetlha beats them all. I have now stayed at Mosetlha 5 times and have a 6th visit planned for later in the year.

Penny Fraser – 25.02.2022
Mosethla is the most incredible Lodge both with staff, guides and food. It is the ‘real deal’ in the African Bush.

Catherine Otto – 25.02.2022
This is the most amazing experience. Mosetlha is absolutely beautiful, with the most incredible staff.

Sally Quick – 25.02.2022
An eco gem in the heart of Madikwe. Visited once you are always eager to return which I have, many, many times. Where else would you want to go. A definite winner.

Saenen Francine – 25.02.2022
Mosethla Bushcamp & Ecolodge is a place where one goes back to the source, life as it was. It also shows that you can enjoy the wild life in a sustainable and ecologic way. Staff are very friendly and helpful, you feel at home from moment one. We’ve been there 3 times and will surely go back.

Jeanet Luiten – 25.02.2022
We had a great time there on our visit to SA. Lovely hosts.

Judy Sunasky – 25.02.2022
A true eco experience, the game viewing is amazing, great position in the middle of the reserve. If you want to escape from the modern world these no better place

Cathy Dwyer – 25.02.2022
A place I will return to over and over. Such a low impact camp, but with everything you need. Best guides and staff. Amazing wildlife. What more could you ask for.

Bindi Davies – 25.02.2022
We first visited in 2005 and have been back several times with family. Mosetlha offers an amazing bush experience leaving little to no footprint on the country the owners, management and staff so clearly love. Wonderful bush drives, great food, convivial atmosphere and a level of comfort you wouldn’t expect from an eco lodge. You will return wondering why you use so much water in your home shower! Mosetlha is a magical place, in an awe-inspiring region, run by amazing people. You have to visit at least once in your lifetime. But once may not be enough.

Sheila Mansell – 25.02.2022
Best eco lodge. A wonderful experience. Hotly vote

Mick Pearce – 25.02.2022
Simply the best camp of many I’ve stayed at in Madikwe and across South Africa. Caroline and the team do it just right, and the “eco” ethos creates a special adventure for all. BTW, the guides are simply amazing as well. I’ve visited 8 times, and will always head back when I can.

Miems Oosthuizen – 25.02.2022
Mosetlha was the best holiday experience I ever had. I felt like family. I recommend this little heaven in the bush.

Mike Thiel – 25.02.2022
Mosetlha would be a worthy winner of any eco lodge awards

Mario Milani – 25.02.2022
One of the best!

Jill Drake – 25.02.2022
Mosetlha is the embodiment of an eco / sustainable lodge. It doesn’t get any better!

Natalie Kock – 25.02.2022
Best Eco Lodge in South Africa

Valentina Valentini – 25.02.2022
The best eco camp!

Paul Koot – 25.02.2022
Visit in november 2021. Warm welcome. Friendly and helpfull staff. A very relaxed camp. Excellent meals. Adventureous game drives. A place to Come back to.

Penny Hill – 25.02.2022
Perfection in paradise.

Margaret yarr – 25.02.2022
Excellent Eco lodge

Roos Thelma – 25.02.2022
You feel so at home when visiting Mosethla with it’s friendly staff and the guides are extremely knowledgeable.

Trevor Smith – 25.02.2022
Always feel so welcome when visiting Mosethla. Nothing is too much trouble for the friendly staff. The guides are extremely knowledgeable and the food great

Gillian – 25.02.2022
Mosetlha Camp is incredibly well run and offers an incredible authentic lodge experience. They definitely have my vote.

Maria Henly – 25.02.2022
Mosetlha was the best 5 days of a 28 day trip to Africa. Fabulous staff, guides, food!

Michael Pelletier – 25.02.2022
Truly the best-ever vacation experience for me and my family. Caroline and her crew are incredible hosts!

Sara-Jane McCartney – 25.02.2022
Best Bush Lodge Ever..

Gail Williams – 25.02.2022
Wonderful stay at eco camp. Best game variety, with experienced rangers. Warm hospitality, a special place indeed.

Tabitha Hume – 25.02.2022
Proper African experience with the knowledge that ones carbon footprint is tiny REALLY feels special. Love this place.

Aloma Stevens – 25.02.2022
A fabulous Eco lodge with such wonderful hosts and knowledgable and informative guides

Coll Frost – 25.02.2022
Mosetlha is a little piece of heaven! The Eco Lodge is something very special where you can truly relax and switch off! Every need is taken care of by the fantastic, warm and friendly staff! The most amazing bush experience!

Patricia Czakan – 25.02.2022
A wonderful, eco-friendly experience in the bush. Highly recommended if you want to get away from the madness of modern life, and reconnect with nature and your soul.

Briony – 25.02.2022
Mosetlha is a soulful experience – I always reconnect with myself through the simplicity of the camp experience and the exquisite sightings on the game drives!

Kirsten Zellmer – 25.02.2022
Mosetlha Bush Camp has got to be one of the most magnificent experiences in the South African bush. A genuine eco-friendly lodge, with gracious hospitality, professional staff, scrumptious food and exemplary game-viewing.

Prudence Miller – 25.02.2022
A beautifully unique experience

Char Cress – 25.02.2022
Quite the most fantastic bush experience, extraordinary personal hospitality from the bush drives to the delicious candle-lit evening meals with the owners. Delightful.

Linda courtenay – 25.02.2022
A truly special experience, personal touch , authentic and warm.

Nicola Chaning-Pearce – 25.02.2022
We need to take care of our earth and Mosetlha Bush Camp & Eco Lodge are certainly leading the way in driving eco travel.

Mandy Laemmle – 25.02.2022
Mosetlha Bush camp is magical. What a spectacular bush experience. Great to get off-grid and connect with nature. Truly a 5-Star game experience.

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