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Type: Destination
Category: Service Excellence

Motivation for award: As per our nomination: “The beautiful town of Montagu is situated on Route 62 approximately 2 hours drive from Cape Town. Montagu, and is famous for being the “Gateway to the Little Karoo”, for being the home of Dried Fruit, and for its amazing natural Hot Springs! Follow Cogmanskloof as it cuts its way through intensely folded sandstone mountains until you pop through the hole in the wall into a whole new world of magic and sensual pleasure. This amazing town has a rich cultural and heritage background, a relaxed atmosphere, clean air and friendly town folk! Expect the unexpected!” What makes Montagu extra special is the fact that it appeals to all the senses… Whether it is the sounds of silence only a mountain can provide Birdsongs or friendly chatter at the market The taste of delectable peaches, apricots, apples, pears and good food The sweet aroma of Muskadel and fresh mountain air The warm rays of sunshine or smell of roses The visionary explosion of a Karoo night sky The colourful view of “sidewalk life” Or the touch of cold rock under your fingers, natural spring water on your skin or the feel of a good massage and many different alternative therapies Accommodation varies from 5 star hotels to friendly B&B’s for every taste, as well as exciting Guest Farms, Mountain Retreats and good old camping. Now that the “family holiday” is back in fashion and camping, tents and caravans are all the rage, it is time to rediscover the joy of simple holidays close to home yet far from the rush of the city. Montagu is ideal for these types of holidays where you can again indulge and give your children the privilege to experience the things we enjoyed as children – swimming in dams, braaiing at campsites, walking through the countryside, smelling fresh unpolluted air, eating fruit straight from the trees, experiencing real farm life and generally indulging the senses. Montagu is indeed that authentic magical destination that never fail to surprize, makes you fall in love and at least return again and again. The Montagu-Ashton Tourism office present this destination with pride and confidence and service excellence on all levels.

Region: Western Cape / Cape Winelands District

Montagu-Ashton Tourism Association

Making Montagu a Destination

Montagu-Ashton Tourism Association; Apart from being the INFORMATION Hub ; are a Destination Management and Marketing Organisation
with an ever- increasing important collaborative role to play in an entire community.
As an NPO and very committed passionate tourism association MATA does so much more than the average Local Tourism Association – striving for excellence in everything we do.
We identify and support Community, Skills and our People
We create opportunities for our Youth
We grow local arts
We create platforms for collaboration’
We liaise on all levels – Government, Business, Organisations
We listen
We initiate
We improvise
We make plans
We help create and spread a collective positivity
Local Economic development intrinsically part of our Tourism mandate and thus focus on an entire destination, town and area for economic growth and progress.
We find the answers if we don’t have them
We show direction
We lead and we follow….
………………we are From the community, In the community, For the community
MATA focus on Tourism acceleration and ensuring a collaborative offering – a town and lifestyle visitors envy.

MATA is honoured to drive, with excellence in all we do, a very special magical town and area as a destination for getting away from it all. Rest and refresh….

So when you need to escape the rush and you’re yearning for some basic sensory pleasures, head for Montagu, where you’ll find a wholesome eco- and wellness destination that appeals to all the senses of the visitor – which will make you want to linger longer . . . and remember to expect the unexpected.

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Willie Richards – 31.05.2022
Montagu is most definitely Western Cape Town of the year. They have do much to offer from trails, food, wine, accommodation everything is 5 stars! An absolute gem of a town.

Anika Beets – 31.05.2022
MATA does great work for Montagu as well as the rest of the valley. Always helpful and friendly.

Theresa Davids – 31.05.2022
Beautiful, clean town with such breathtaking scenery. friendly people and just a joy to visit! Feeling refreshed after each visit!

Angela September – 31.05.2022
Montagu, a town with so much character… a Treasure indeed!

Nondyebo Jolingana – 31.05.2022
Montagu has been my family’s favorite picnic and swimming spot from my childhood.

Nondyebo Jolingana – 31.05.2022
Montagu has been my family’s favorite picnic and swimming spot from my childhood.

THANDISWA MBOBO – 31.05.2022
Montagu is a very beautiful place with beautiful Mountain view.

Cape Town, South Africa (CPT) – 31.05.2022
Montagu, my absalute favourite destination.

Benjamin – 31.05.2022
Montagu the most beautiful town ever. Great place with lots of activities, when you need to escape the rush hour

Maud-Mari – 31.05.2022

Charmaine Flandorp – 31.05.2022
The Best Tourism Town that God creates

LORINDA PRINCE – 31.05.2022
Die beste in die weste

E Wagner – 31.05.2022
Montagu with its exceptional rhythm and beauty holds a lot of sentiment for me, my ancestors’ footprints lie deep in the town and the surrounding area

Dianne Ruiters – 31.05.2022
Dis die beste kamp plek ooit!! Die natuur is so mooi en die watervalle…

Jade Swanepoel – 31.05.2022
Montagu my hometown forever and ever :)

Lizel Morkel – 31.05.2022
A beautiful town indeed!

Busisiwe Dlangamandla – 31.05.2022
I Love love this little town

Fatima Karriem – 31.05.2022
My family and I usually take a drive to Montagu to buy dried fruit and to take a scenic drive.

Jo-Anne Otto – 31.05.2022
Go Montagu! One of the best places in the world.. from ghost tours, to mineral baths, ley lines to aligning your chakras, from making wine to tasting it – Montagu you glow!

Adam Lewerlot – 31.05.2022
Montagu is very beautiful and tourism friendly.

Nijmah Petersen – 31.05.2022
I Love Montagu <3 Our favourite family holiday destination! With the wonderful natural Warm Springs :)

Cate O’Rorke – 31.05.2022
Montagu is filled with the most incredible people who bring such amazing value to the town. There are so many groups volunteering to help create the kind of town they want to live in. The breadth of opportunity here is staggering! And best of all, the inspiring tourism board members keep and eye out for absolutely anything that warrants knowing about. They make sure we’re well informed and do everything they can (even during ‘after hours’) to support tourists and locals needing help. They’re like the glue that holds us all together. Thank you MATA.

Esther Groenewald – 31.05.2022
Montagu is a hidden Western Cape gem, nestled between gorgeous mountains.

Christo Swart – 31.05.2022
Montagu is a great place with a lot of activities to keep you busy for a week. You can enjoy the nature, outdoors, wine, dried fruit and hospitality in this small GEM.

Carmen Beukes – 31.05.2022
Such a scenic town with lots of hidden gems and amazing food!

Grant Fielies – 31.05.2022
Best town ever

Samantha Mc Gloughlin – 31.05.2022
Montagu is awesome!

anthea – 31.05.2022
Montagu is one of the most beautiful tourism destination…..

Stephanie – 31.05.2022
The scenic drive from Ashton to Montagu is just beautiful.

Stefnie Titus – 31.05.2022
Montagu…the best the Boland has to offer!!!

Lwazi Mjezu – 31.05.2022
Phenomenal Town which rejuvenates one’s inner soul and place which embodies a large variety of accommodation and activities to ensure a memorable stay.

Nokanyiso Ngcama – 31.05.2022

Anelisiwe Ntloko – 31.05.2022
It is a best town to visit!

Devin Ellis – 31.05.2022
Montagu! One of the most beautiful and scenic little towns in the Langeberg area!

Colin Richard Petersen – 31.05.2022
As an inhabitant of Cape Winelands I am extremely proud of our beautiful town Montagu/Ashton.

Lulama – 31.05.2022
Montagu is such a beautiful town!

Khaya Lalo – 31.05.2022
Montagu beautiful town indeed

Faizel Omardien – 31.05.2022
Beautiful Town

Siphokazi – 31.05.2022
Beautiful town, neat homey…

Elna Von Schlicht – 31.05.2022
A beautiful little town nestled in the Langeberg mountains , with amazing tourism attractions for the whole family.

Abdul Gabier – 31.05.2022
This is so much fun

DF Neethling – 31.05.2022
Montagu Tourism Office makes this gem of an area and all its hidden wonders available to visitors to the area.

George Lotter – 31.05.2022

Melikhaya Hlazo – 31.05.2022
I Have Visited Montagu Town on Several Occasions, I love the town and and I have Visited places like Montagu Springs, woow what a beautiful place it is.

Allezene Engelbreg – 31.05.2022
Montagu – Excellence at it’s best.

Johan Marais – 31.05.2022
To stay in Montagu or just having a holiday, you will never ever find a more Gem of a town as Montagu. Beautiful town with Beautiful people.

Shantel Rossouw – 31.05.2022
beautiful landscape

Hannah La Grange – 31.05.2022
Montagu is ‘n lekka plek!

Priscilla Pietersen – 31.05.2022
Montagu is a smaller but beautiful upcoming tourist destination that is worth a visit……your can definitely plan a few hours of a road trip.

Edward Stuart – 31.05.2022
Most scenic town ever. A hidden gem.

Johanna Plaatjies – 31.05.2022
Best town ever!!!

Suwel Booysen – 31.05.2022
Best Town Ever!!

Tamson – 31.05.2022
Montagu is s Gorgeous Town!

Joan Da Luz – 31.05.2022
Beautiful town

Sarette van Zyl – 31.05.2022
Montagu is the best place to be called HOME ❤

Hennie Swanepoel – 31.05.2022
Montagu ♥️

Tamsyn – 31.05.2022
Montagu is such a magical hidden gem. I just love it there.

Azola Manjati – 31.05.2022
excellence at its best

A lovely town of beautifully cared for houses and gardens, populated by lovely friendly people and surrounded by awesome scenery

Myrna Staal – 31.05.2022
Montagu – Most beautiful town

Mariska Moses – 31.05.2022
Montagu is known for a large variety of accommodation and activities to ensure a memorable stay. Great outdoor destination in the Klein Karoo. It’s charming town with historic buildings, places to eat and plenty of places to stay, from campsite to more luxurious guest houses and hotels. The best tourism for everyone.

Tracy Brunings – 31.05.2022
Montagu – magical Montagu!

Janelle Vermeulen – 31.05.2022

Andriesa Denysschen – 31.05.2022

Andriesa Denysschen – 31.05.2022

Blain van Wyk – 31.05.2022
Beautiful town!

ESME BLIGNAUT – 31.05.2022
The most beautiful town in the Western Cape, with breathtaking scenery, warm hearted and loving people with so much passion for everything they do. Montagu has the best restaurants and wine tasting routes available and is truly a town that can be rated as one of the jewels of South Africa!

Jaco Kuhn – 31.05.2022
Montagu is like a baby that finds a place within your heart and you feel like you have come home to your mother.

Renier Blignaut – 31.05.2022
Just a beautiful town and a real GEM indeed.

Johanna Nel – 31.05.2022
MATA – simply the best and Montagu simply the best town.

Alecia Marsh – 31.05.2022
Montagu is indeed worth visiting.

Annette Rootman – 31.05.2022
Montagu Tourism Office

Marisa Stuart – 31.05.2022
Beautiful, clean, quiet, history ….

Tshidi Nel – 31.05.2022
The best indeed!

JLouw – 31.05.2022
God se skepping, natuur bly maar die mooiste.

Rhian van Wyk – 31.05.2022
Montagu represents the best in tourism for everyone.

Selena Stevens – 31.05.2022
Montagu town fantastic area for traveling and tourism

Wilko – 31.05.2022
Montagu-Ashton Tourism Association

Adriana Swarts – 31.05.2022
Most beautiful, green and refreshing Town…..

Willy-John Gordon – 31.05.2022

Riaan – 31.05.2022
Montagu – the best of the best

ayanda mati – 31.05.2022
Montagu-Ashton Tourism Association

Christa Gous – 31.05.2022
What a privilege to live in this area.

L Viljoen – 31.05.2022

Prudence January – 31.05.2022
Montagu is a very pretty little town, and as the presenter said on the programme last week, a town with character. I must also say that my mother loves this town especially when we take this route to her home town on the Route 62. All of the best Montagu!

Masibonisane Nyewuza – 31.05.2022
Montagu-Ashton Tourism Association

Priscilla – 31.05.2022
MATA the ONE stop information centre! Always up to date with the activities and happenings in Montagu! Just love you all!!!

Dave van Schalkwyk – 31.05.2022

Christo Rootman – 31.05.2022
Go Montagu.!! Montagu has a vey active and dynamic team at the Tourism office that does wonders for tourism and foreign visitors.

RONEL NEETHLING – 31.05.2022
Montagu graps you by the heart and you feel like you have come home….

Richard Weilers – 31.05.2022
Montagu has an incredibly driven Tourism Leadership for the community and investors of the tourism infrastructure. . Our visitor numbers are well in excess of the regional achievements as a result of our Tourism Offices drive and marketing support

Oortman Kiewietz – 30.05.2022
All roads leads to Montagu!

mike folan – 30.05.2022
The MATA office is the epicentre of Montagu

Hennah – 30.05.2022
Vote for Montagu the Most Amazing and Beautiful town ❤️❤️

elsa Willemse – 30.05.2022
montagu tourism, is the best team with the most beautiful town and people.

Henk Venter – 30.05.2022
Extremely dynamic Team ensuring the gem called Montagu rises above all other little towns.

Hilton Preston – 30.05.2022
Go Montagu!

Mitzi Knipe – 30.05.2022
On the ball sharp and efficient always looking ahead with new ventures. Montagu Tourism makes things happen they don’t wait for it to happen!

Jackie Nortjé – 30.05.2022
Simply the BEST

Carol Bruton – 30.05.2022
The best tourism office ever. We have seen how things evolved over more than a decade. Always assisting our charity for us to be optimum in what we can do. Truly a very caring group of angels. They deserve to win. ❤❤❤

Montagu is right next to the entrance into Heaven…..

Wanda – 30.05.2022
Thank you

Debra Dougall – 30.05.2022
Best town to holiday and live in…

Lemmy David – 30.05.2022

Charlene Wardle – 30.05.2022
Most beautiful, clean town I have lived in, just an absolute pleasure

Marie Steenkamp – 30.05.2022

Brendan Connellan – 30.05.2022
Montagu Ashton’s Tourism office are really excellent – very accessible, very passionate, very professional and very efficient. They truly do shar a passion for creating a world class tourism region and are always coming up with protactive and interesting ways of assisting local business. Montagu and surrounds is a stunning area with high tourism potential!

David Melvill – 30.05.2022
Montagu has a dynamic team of tourist officers. They are caring and most helpful, they are always ready to assist and make known the quaint village to their visitors.

Helen Steyn – 30.05.2022
The BEST Tourism Office ever! Their passion for Montagu and her people is exceptional. They are doing a fantastic job of promoting our beautiful town. I am very proud to call Montagu my home!

Jodi Singer – 23.05.2022
Montagu-Ashton Tourism have always been amazing aids when planning our trips to Montagu, especially during festivals when accommodation is scarce.

Christine Hughes – 11.05.2022
MATA have given service excellence to the Business and Tourism sectors of Montagu and we are so privileged to be supported by this excellent team.

Jacques Bruwer – 01.05.2022
Beste dorpie met beste weer.

Natasha Ouwenkamp – 30.04.2022
Ain’t no place like home! Safe, beautiful and awe-inspiring – what more can you want in a town? Stunning views of nature and the best people!

Ivonne Koen – 30.04.2022

Mitya Sargeant – 29.04.2022
This is the best Tourism Office out there run by a dedicated and passionate team of professionals.

Brendan Connellan – 29.04.2022
Very proactive and always willing to go the extra mile and assist.

Lisa Wernich – 29.04.2022
Montagu-Ashton tourism deserves this award!

Chris – 29.04.2022
Happy, Godly ,safe amazing place to live in and visit.

Siya Mpini – 29.04.2022
One of the beautiful small town in the country side I’ve been to Montagu as I also say its an historical town.

Hugo Bornman – 29.04.2022
Montagu is a beautiful town.

James Burnett – 29.04.2022
Montagu. Please send voucher.

Lee-Anne Geldenhuys – 29.04.2022
The town is so great because the people are so great! Coming from Swellendam this is the most close to home town I’ve ever been.

Caro Hodges – 29.04.2022
The pristine entrance to Montagu makes such a good impression and the small town does not disappoint. There is a pride of place and being which is demonstrated in the excellent service and the preservation of the historical buildings. Around every corner there is an unexpected surprise from restaurants to quirky and unique shops. The town nestles between the mountains and the air is fresh and invigorating and a great break from the city-slicker life!

Hermien Pieterse – 13.04.2022
I think besides what a town can offer and it’s beauty, the Tourism office can make or break it and our Tourism Office make our town even more wonderful. We are so proud of our safe and clean town where everyone still cares for one another. It is just an amazing place. No wonder everyone that visit wants to come back again and again.

Hermien Pieterse – 13.04.2022
I think besides what a town can offer and it’s beauty, the Tourism office can make or break it and our Tourism Office make our town even more wonderful. We are so proud of our safe and clean town where everyone still cares for one another. It is just an amazing place. No wonder everyone that visit wants to come back again and again.

Christine Laubscher – 11.04.2022
A village big enough to be small enough and small enough to be big enough. Heart, sole and a soft and caring hand for our bespoke heritage.

Irene Blom – 04.04.2022
Simply the best. Montagu offers crystal clear sky, natural beauty, some of the best accommodation and restaurants with a hands-on Tourism Office. Expect beauty, peace and tranquility at it’s best.

Jinx Louw – 04.04.2022
Montagu must IS the best town out there, from spectacular beauty, to activities to the close-nit community. MATA has done the incredible job of showcasing all these aspects to the world, with a ton of knowledge and enthusiasm. Simply the best, thank you!

andre van dyk – 04.04.2022
Montagu, n pragtige baie veilige dorp met goeie infrastruktuur. Die perfekte plek om te ontspan en te besoek.Ondersteun deur n kreatiewe toerisme kantoor (Mata) vol energie, entosiasme en kreatiwiteit wat net die beste voorsit vir besoeker, gas en toeris.

Santie Joubert – 02.04.2022
What can ever beat the splendor of the Montagu mountains? It truly makes you feel like breathing and sing of you. My town, my happy place!!!

Ram – Rescue Among Many – 02.04.2022
The best Tourism Office ever!! Always going the extra mile for locals and tourists alike.

Charles Bentley – 01.04.2022
MATA is an active , enthusiastic and vigorous tourist office at the hub and heart of Montagu, and mark it out for tourists and residents alike as a place to visit, return to, and live.

Hilton Preston – 01.04.2022
The Montagu Ashton Tourism Association brings the most amazing energy to the table. They are doing a fantastic job of putting the town on the map!

Mary Zimmermann – 01.04.2022
Montagu-Ashton Tourism operates with heart and soul, their work is outstanding!

A Townsend – 01.04.2022
Montagu has to be on everyone’s bucket list – again and again. Montagu-Ashton Tourism continue to create our story to the world.

Vangie van der Merwe – 01.04.2022
Just gotta love our town!! Offering the very best in tourism. Well done MATA!!

Gary Smith – 01.04.2022
What’s not to love!

Hanno – 31.03.2022
High five for Montagu Tourism office!

Martly Calitz – 31.03.2022
I can honestly not imagine Montagu without the formidable women that makes up the tourism office. Their dedication and hard work ensures massive positive impact not only for visitors but also the local community. They do so much more than most traditional tourism offices. Their passion for our village and her people is exceptional. They truly deserve to win the tourism award.

Dorisca – 31.03.2022
MATA – Friendly, helpful, accommodating and “oppit” to ensure guests have and experience everything Montagu has to offer.

Jane Phillips – 31.03.2022
A friendly town with many activities.

Basil Galletis – 31.03.2022
Surrounded by beauty, from the mountains to the streets in the town. The friendliness and helpfulness of our community makes this the best town in the little Karoo to visit. A safe town that offers 5 star establishments to wild camping there is something for everyone to immerse themselves in a Klein Karoo experience.

Stuart Whitehead – 31.03.2022
I have been visiting Montagu for many years now. It is such a magnificent place, I am now moving to Montagu to make it my home.

RONEL NEETHLING – 31.03.2022
BEST PLACE TO BE! feel relaxed and enjoy nature

Norbert Engel – 31.03.2022
Montagu ticks most of my boxes and is a special place to live

Brendan Connellan – 31.03.2022
Montagu as a destination is a fantastic town with beautiful surrounds and top notch facilities. The Tourism Office is excellent and really go the extra mile. They are certainly deserving of an award nomination (and the award) for their efforts in promoting their members and this beautiful area.

Martin Reynolds – 31.03.2022
Brilliant Destination

Schalk Maas – 31.03.2022
Montagu = Diversity + Creatives + History + Hospitality + Fun + Beauty + Dreams

Albert Coetzee – 31.03.2022
I feel relaxed the moment i arrive in Montagu on weekends!

Francois Tredoux – 30.03.2022
MATA is a truly unique local tourism association. The extraordinary effort the staff and committee put in benefits the whole community, because MATA’s vision is about so much more than simply making sure that visitors get all the information regarding accommodation, sightseeing, adventure outings and other local happenings: it’s a vision in which tourism is an essential part of creating a vibrant and more equitably shared local economy. As a result, Montagu and Ashton and their communities benefit greatly.

Rhoda Negus – 30.03.2022
Montagu, is the most amazing town to be in. I love it!

Kim Geffen – 30.03.2022
Amazing Destination! Amazing Collabation! Montagu and Ashton are true gems!

Christine Hughes – 30.03.2022
Montagu is a unique and very beautiful town with so much to offer and so much love to share.

Eugenie Drakes – 30.03.2022
This is an amazingly beautiful part of our country and the town is quaint and welcoming. Great walks, scenery, friendly people and beautiful town. A great getaway and knowing that the community is supported is a plus

Fida Hess – 30.03.2022
Best Tourism Office Ever!!

Tony Lourens – 30.03.2022
Best adventure town in SA!!

Sharon van Dalen – 29.03.2022
Live the little town if Montague

S Esterhuyse – 29.03.2022
Best destination in the Little Karoo

Johan Olivier – 28.03.2022
Best info office ever visited. Helpfull and imformative

Deidre Van Dyk – 28.03.2022
Montagu tourism gets my vote.

Stefani Simons – 28.03.2022
The best xxx

Mariana – 24.03.2022
Montagu is the best small town, so special. Yes the history and surroundings are great, but it is the people that makes the difference xx

Marlon Kennedy – 22.03.2022
Enjoyed every moment when visited here, will come again over and over again. My family just love the place :-)

G Turner – 21.03.2022
Well worth visiting! Lots to do in the area too.

Elzette – 21.03.2022
Montagu tourism office have the most helpful and friendly staff in the area.

Mariza Klein – 21.03.2022
This perfect getaway in the Langeberg, near the Robertson Wine Valley and not far from the Breede River Valley, takes some time to explore. The beautiful town of Montagu, famous for more than its Hot Springs is the perfect retreat for eco, wellness and adventure sports, as well as golfing holidays, wine and food! Montagu is situated on Route 62 approximately 2 hours drive from Cape Town and leads into the Little Karoo. Look forward to a whole new world of magic and sensual pleasure as you pop through the hole in the wall at Kogmanskloof with its amazing geological folds, faults and a British fort from 1899. Accommodation in Montagu for all tastes is as diverse as Montagu itself.

Aurelia Nell – 20.03.2022
The best place to grow up.

Anthea Faulds – 19.03.2022
Such a unique and special destination

Nel Debbie – 19.03.2022
Lovely town

Kamin – 18.03.2022
I love it here!

Karin Coetzee – 18.03.2022
Love everything about Montagu

Patti van Dyk – 18.03.2022
You will be amazed by everything this small town offers!!

Anne-Marie Coetzee – 18.03.2022
The best investment of my live.. the day I moved to Montagu!

WENDY STEYTLER – 18.03.2022
Montagu is beautiful and not to be missed. It has so much to offer – the hikes, the baths, the gardens, lovely guest houses and restaurants, wine farms not far away. I love coming to visit.

Hennah Flesch – 18.03.2022
Montagu is the Most Beautiful town on the R62 drive ..spectacular mountains and warm hearted people

Nadine Van Zyl – 18.03.2022
Montagu-Ashton-Tourism-Association is the best!

SANDILE – 18.03.2022

MATA is a hub of information about things to do around Montagu and where to stay. The three ladies “manning” the office are very knowledgeable and helpful.

Gavin H – 18.03.2022
An awesome town, with the friendliest people on the planet!! Something for everyone – from the amazing hot springs at Avalon, to the art galleries and museums, wonderful restaurants, incredible scenery and action packed activities. You name it, Montagu has it all!!

Lemmy David – 18.03.2022
Montagu tourism office is tops!

Renee Thomas – 18.03.2022
Voting for Montagu Ashton Tourism

Cate O’Rorke – 17.03.2022
MATA is like the backbone of our thriving community, always there to create opportunity, support and encourage the myriad of groups, events, concerns and quick as a flash to respond to any immediate need. They get the word out to help rally response teams. They bring the visitors in and are constantly finding ways to improve not just our visitors experience of the town but that of all the locals too. PS Don’t be surprised if you find yourself living here after visiting this town.

Annie Wigmore – 17.03.2022
Our beautiful town has something for every tourist to enjoy!

Jan van Zyl – 17.03.2022
Go Montagu!

Amelia van Zyl – 17.03.2022
Cycle through Montagu on a e- bike with Flying feet is magic!

Sydney Harris – 17.03.2022
Montagu Ashton Tourism Assosiation

Debra Dougall – 17.03.2022
MATA really do a wonderful job promoting this area and the people and businesses who live and work here. It really is a very special place with a wonderful community that care and get involved.

Louise Bowker – 17.03.2022
Beautiful town. Best and friendliest Tourism officr

Philip Armstrong – 17.03.2022
Tourism Office that is very much part of the community, in both spirit and contribution. Great service, ready with information and advice, always ready to help. Makes an important contribution to making Montagu what it is and committed to the welfare of the broader community with its feeding schemes, calling for public support as with recent bush fires, etc. Deserve recognition.

REX MARTIN – 17.03.2022
Montagu is a place not to be missed! Switch off from the hustle and bustle of big towns and jam-packed roads. Have lived in Montagu for 19 years and they will have to eventually carry me out of here! MATA does a sterling job in Montagu.

Jayson George – 17.03.2022
Montagu is a beautiful town with lovely people! Everyone is so welcoming and takes pride in their town! Once you go through the hole in the mountain coming from Cape Town, it’s very difficult to return!

Juanita Child – 17.03.2022
R1000 would be wonderful! Need to go to Cape Town to see my brand new grandson !!

Corrie Hahndiek – 17.03.2022
MATA is really involved in making community part of tourism. It promotes our beautiful town Locals are also included. Excellent work. Keep it up.

Dean Blacklaws – 17.03.2022
Out town is looking forward to seeing you.

Marchelle van Zyl – 17.03.2022
Montagu Tourism is a MUST stop. They do so much to promote the town as destination and those who stop by, gets great suggestions on how to improve their stay in this beautiful village. Truelly and inspiration to all tourism associations.

Eve Layton – 17.03.2022
The ladies at Montagu’s tourist office show such commitment to promoting Montagu among locals and tourists alike. It’s great to live in a town where tourism is valued and developed with such consistent dedication. Thanks Ladies!

Geraldine Fourie – 17.03.2022
Montagu- Tourism is the best tourism office in South Afric. Always friendly, respond on mails, help with marketing on social media. Give the best service when you look for a place to sleep or eat. Give daily feedback on events and what to do when you visit Montagu. What a privilege to have a tourism office like that. You are the best.

Anmiray Opperman – 17.03.2022
A magical town with so much diversity !

Nicky Cowper – 17.03.2022
My family and I moved to Montagu a little over 12 months ago, at a time where Tourism was struggling through the effects of the global pandemic. Montagu was truly affected in so many ways by the down turn in overseas tourism but to see the drive of The Montagu Ashton Tourism Association you would never think this was the case. This town is the epitome of togetherness and sense of community and this is driven by MATA. Mareletta Van Zyl Mundy and Anne-Marie Coetze live and breathe this town and you can’t help but get caught up in their passion and drive for Montagu. This town is thriving and we are loving seeing the number of South Africans discovering our little piece of Karoo paradise.

Thea Stopforth – 17.03.2022
Our Tourism office is very supportive and going the extra mile to attract tourists to our town and marketing all events and establishments! TOPS!

Melissa Verreynne – 17.03.2022
MATA is really involved in making community part of tourism, promoting our beautiful town to tourists, as well as keeping us locals up-to-date. Great work you all!

Karen Hendricks – 16.03.2022
The best town ever, my hometown

Ida – 16.03.2022
Montagu is the best!

TP Pushman – 16.03.2022

Septi Bukula – 16.03.2022
I have two sentimental reasons to love Montagu. First, the landscape of the place is incredibly beautiful, truly breathtaking. Secondly, it is the town where we made our last mortgage payment for our house at ABSA Bank. Go find your own reasons for celebrating your visit to Montagu.

Penny Haasbroek – 16.03.2022
The Montagu-Ashton Tourism team work with so much pride and enthusiasm for the beautiful town.

Lizel Fisher – 16.03.2022
I vote for Montagu – Especially Avalon Springs – Such a beautiful Town.

Mitzi Knipe – 16.03.2022
Best mountain bike and outdoor destination!

Carol Bruton – 16.03.2022
A tourism office who embraces feeding schemes and assists in every way. Truly so proud of this town and this Tourism office.

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