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Type: Tour operator & agents
Category: Service Excellence

Motivation for award: I deeply love what I do and and I do it with utmost professionalism and great attention to detail. On a weekly basis I speak to hundreds of people till often late hours of the night. I try to ensure that each client gets what they require and that everything runs smoothly. I put around 14 hours per day into my work and I am very passionate about marketing the beautiful accommodations. I also advise the guests that wish to book, about nearby attractions, the environment and the climate. I provide my guests with as much information as possible and I try my utmost best to meet every single persons needs. I am always working, always in meetings with my hosts and my sales clients, and I always do my very best to help small businesses such my own, to grow and flourish. I have built up a very large client base for all the things I market and I can hardly keep up, but I really do love it and will continue on this path happily so.

Region: Western Cape / Garden route

Luna’s Marketing

Lunas Holiday Accommodations

I market a wide range of things such as cars, real estate, specialty items and I do marketing and bookings for vacation accommodations.
My main passion is doing marketing and bookings for the various accommodations I have on my list. They are all very unique and very beautiful and caters for everyone’s needs and taste. This is my absolute love. I pride myself on excellent customer service and I take pride in my work.

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Carly W – 26.05.2022
Friendly, professional & great service!

Cariston – 26.05.2022
Awesome places to stay! Good luck Luna, my votes goes to you.

Darren – 26.05.2022
Oooh, beautiful scenery the accommodation is set in. Extraordinary views to die for which leaves you in awe and wanting for more!!! The service offered is top notch and caters to all your needs. Must say professionalism at its finest

Garth DP – 26.05.2022
Amazing accomodation options. Will hopefully try them soon.

Felicity – 26.05.2022
All the best! Your accomodation is lovely!

John B – 26.05.2022
Unique accomodation. Can’t wait to try it.

Desnay Du Plessis – 26.05.2022
Excellent communication & service. Lovely & tranquil accomodation options.

Brendon – 24.05.2022
I vote for u

Ben – 23.05.2022
Friendly and professional Amazing!!!!!

Marcelle Meyer – 23.05.2022
Just love the quaint little place advertised by Luna’s marketing Cloud Cottage in Avontuur. Will share all over. It’s an amazing place, heaven on earth.

Romilly de Buck – 23.05.2022
Such prompt, friendly, informative service and we love Luna’s selection of unique accommodation offers!

Nico Venter – 23.05.2022
Excellent service and good communication

Riska – 23.05.2022
Luna’s Marketing is proffesional and very helpful.

Tanita Murdoch – 23.05.2022
I’ve been fortunate enough to space a few time in the wilderness forest chalet. It is so peaceful and lovely to stay there. Nothing beats the sounds of nature and the quiet from technology and life. I would really recommend staying there.

Barend van Tonder – 23.05.2022
Amazing accommodation options,in a class of its own. Wonderfull experience.

Hewitt Quinton – 21.05.2022
You accomodation is unique we really enjoyed our 2 night stay with you

Ayavuya Mantshongo – 19.05.2022
Your accomodations are very unique and I can’t wait to stay at one of them. Keep doing the good work.

Esme Jefferys – 19.05.2022
Your accommodation units are all amazing, can’t wait to stay at some of them. Keep up the good work

Chante – 19.05.2022
I vote for Luna

Sikhumbuzo Nomyayi – 19.05.2022
A greatful appreciation

Thando – 19.05.2022
I would be grateful to get this voucher just to go out and relax a bit after a hectic 6 months of my pregnancy

Nadia – 18.05.2022
Lunas Holiday Accommodations

Jeany Bulawa – 18.05.2022
I vote Luno’s accommodation…

Josephine Chuma – 18.05.2022
They have one of the best services.

kgetha Bopape – 18.05.2022
very professional..keep up the good work ..may God bless u ❤❤

Carika – 18.05.2022
Luna’s Marketing – Go for Gold.

Anene Van Rensburg – 18.05.2022
Keep up the amazing work.

iwanese apollos – 18.05.2022
Lunas Hollodays Acommodation

Keleabetswe Makala – 18.05.2022
All the best on winning the award . Keepbup the good work.

Nthabeleng Monnahela – 18.05.2022

Maxine – 18.05.2022
Keep doing what you doing and be awesome.

Londolani – 18.05.2022
Best service ever, ❤️

Wilhelmina Cronje – 18.05.2022
Awesome services very professional

Timothy Trow – 18.05.2022
Fantastic service

Nolwazi Zama – 17.05.2022
Very efficient and they are the best

Tembeka – 17.05.2022
I can’t wait for my voucher

Dawn Berry – 17.05.2022
Luna’s Holiday Accommodations offers a superb service!

Vinolia – 17.05.2022
Luna holidays you the best

Toby Megaw – 17.05.2022
Luna is highly efficient, with a lovely down-to-earth, comfortable way of handling her guests and hosts she deals with. She has increased the bookings for my guest cottage substantially. Go girl!

Sharon Willey – 17.05.2022
By all accounts Luna sounds very good and passionate.

Palesa Msibi – 17.05.2022
Luna’s marketing is very convenient, with great catering that’s accessible for every individual’s needs. It contributes to the GDP of the country through the job offered to sales agents and support given to small businesses. Luna deserves the award

Sagree Moodley – 17.05.2022

Trevor Naidoo – 17.05.2022
Luna’s Holiday Accomodations

M.C Welgemoedt – 17.05.2022
Luna’s accommodation is the best

Simphiwe Khoza – 17.05.2022
A traveling agent with charisma and great clientele. Very professional, Reliable and have extreme attention to detail. Definitely gets the job done!

Sylvia Daries – 17.05.2022
My vote is for Luna’s Holiday Accommodation!

Dorcus Madisha – 17.05.2022
l love Luna’s Holiday accommodation

Gigi Wewege – 17.05.2022
Great service!

Annelise deolal – 17.05.2022
Luna’s holiday accommodation

Meralyn Barry – 17.05.2022
Voting for Luna’s marketing

Annelise – 17.05.2022
Luna’s Marketing

Marisa De wit – 17.05.2022
Great service and very kind person

Amelia Japhtha – 17.05.2022
Request my voucher

Emily Coetzee – 17.05.2022
Request my voucher

Donovan – 17.05.2022
Luna is always friendly and does what she can to support and help her clients and those around her..keep it up

Anastasia – 17.05.2022
Very unique and beautiful 4 me to visit.

Andre Hannie – 16.05.2022
Local is lekker.

Elize Smit – 16.05.2022
Haar werk is haar trots! Wel gedaan!

Jane – 16.05.2022
Nice to hear

Marinda – 16.05.2022
I recommend Luna for anyone. She is attentive and highly professional.

Norman Ferris – 16.05.2022
I support Luna

Kamiela Odendaal – 16.05.2022

Nick – 16.05.2022
On a recent camping trip to the Harkerville area, Luna proved to be a great help by giving us a lot of background info regarding the area we were to be based in. Then she was an excellent host once we arrived!

Wendy van der Merwe – 16.05.2022
Thank you for your wonderful dedication to finding the most awesome getaways. Without you we would not know about Wildernis Forest Chalet, a beautiful place where we found our souls :)

Andile – 16.05.2022
Tour Operator & Agents

Marlene Smith – 16.05.2022
Request my voucher

Nehemia Japhtha – 16.05.2022
Request my voucher

Keanen Coetzee – 16.05.2022
Request my voucher

Kim Japhtha – 16.05.2022
Request my voucher

Kelly Japhtha – 16.05.2022
Request voucher

Lauren Noble – 16.05.2022
Excellent service in our industry needs to be recognised. Wishing you all the luck with the awards.

Lucinda Bowes – 16.05.2022
Luna is professional and can take care of all your traveling requirements.

Amelia Japhtha – 16.05.2022
Request my voucher please

Themba – 15.05.2022
I vote for Luna marketing as it’s one of the best

Kgomotso Ramodike – 15.05.2022
I vote for Luna as one of the best marketing in South Africa.Luna marketing is the best my friend was pleased with their service.they never disappoint.i would love to win this voucher to explore on of the accommodation to rest and reset a bit.

Yolande Strydom – 15.05.2022
Passionate about marketing.

Sandy DU PREEZ – 15.05.2022
Brilliant service by someone who listens to what you want.

Neil Jacobs – 15.05.2022
I booked a place with Luna and she was very efficient and helpful. Thank you

Gerhard Basson – 15.05.2022
Luna marketing helped us with a hassle free booking.

Avril van der Merwe – 15.05.2022
Excellent service and follows up after service has been completed. Highly recommend

RENE TUPPER – 14.05.2022
Luna is an absolute gem to have in the industry, information is spot on, response is speedy and I am super grateful we found her…she is the best !!

Nadi Truter – 14.05.2022
Excellent and sufficient! Everything you need when booking travel.

Mandy Murray – 14.05.2022
I have known and worked with Luna for years in Real Estate so can genuinely express absolute admiration for her. She is an honest, loyal, creative, absolutely unique, precious human whom we love dearly. My husband and I have also had the privilege of holidaying at one of the Lodge/Resorts under her management and had only the very best professional service. Thanks again Luna for always putting us your customers first and making our stay so memorable!

Anton – 14.05.2022
Gr8 service thank you

Annelie van Heerden – 14.05.2022
My brief interaction showed only professionalism. Clearly someone that is passionate about what they do

Schalk – 14.05.2022
One-of-a-kind soul

Tersa Blyk – 14.05.2022
Can’t thank Luna enough for helping us through tough times when we needed marketing for our business. Very professional and caring. Always goes beyond the call of duty.

Jaenne Van der Merwe – 14.05.2022
Excellent service. Always friendly and most helpful. Thank you Luna.

Alison van Schalkwyk – 13.05.2022
I can highly recommend Lunas Holiday Accommodations. She has marketed our guest cottage in an extremely professional and innovative manner.

Donovan Van Rensburg – 13.05.2022
Excellent , dependable and friendliest service received from Luna’s marketing. I can highly recommend her.

Karen Duvenage – 13.05.2022
Better than Tiffani

Travis – 13.05.2022
Working with them has been convenient

Anton Mans – 13.05.2022
I’ve known Luna for years. She has marketed my place with utmost professionalism. Highly recommended

Anton Mans – 13.05.2022
I’ve known Luna for years. She has marketed my place with utmost professionalism. Highly recommended

Kristin – 13.05.2022
This darling really loves what she does. She has very unique places to offer, prides herself in customer care and finding the perfect place for you. She has really dug out hidden gems of South Africa!!

Loubser Hardy – 13.05.2022
Luna is the best !

Gill Land – 12.05.2022
Super responsive and helpful going beyond what I could ever have hoped for

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