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Type: Experience
Category: Innovative

Motivation for award: Soon after the start of the pandemic and initial lockdown, it became essential to adapt the way we do business, not being able to host our horse riding safaris in person – first completely during hard lockdown, and then with limited guests as we opened up. We launched a live virtual safari on horseback in July 2020 and this has grown and evolved over the last year and a half. I’ve hosted many well known global brands for teambuilding experiences, families and friends for birthday and other celebrations, as well as individuals and couples wanting to experience a bit of African sunshine during cold winter months up north or when confined due to lockdown.

Region: Western Cape / Online – Stellenbosch

Live Virtual Wildlife Safari in South Africa

Teambuilding & family events

This is an online experience – LIVE (not pre-recorded) – where you will join me from the comfort of your own home or office as I bring you some blue skies and African sunsets as I send a bit of South Africa across the airwaves to you during this time of limited travel. Spend 90 minutes driving with me through a 240ha wildlife reserve as I share my passion for wildlife and love for my country and wide open spaces.

We are great for groups, great for teambuilding, and family friendly and you are able to chat with me, engage with fellow attendees and ask questions.

We start at the entrance to the 240ha wildlife reserve where we will go in search of a variety of South African Wildlife that inhabit the area, such as giraffe, zebra, eland, wildebeest, springbuck, waterbuck, bontebok & a variety of birds.

I will share the history of the reserve, teach you about the various types of animals we will encounter and tell you stories about those living in the area that I’ve grown to know. We get close enough to observe free-roaming wildlife in their habitat but we maintain respect for their space at all times and keep a distance they are comfortable with and do not drive off the designated roads.

When we get back to the horse camp, I will introduce you to our 13 gentle horses, a South African breed called a Boerperd.

For teams – engage in some friendly competition with an interactive quiz with live leaderboards.

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Kristal Fields – 22.04.2022
Dierdre leads such an amazing tour. She really has so much knowledge to share about the animals and their history. She keeps you engaged the entire time. I loved learning about the animals and their conservation efforts. I only wish I could see it in person. Maybe one day!

Lisa Zimmermann – 22.04.2022
What an INCREDIBLE event. My team was so excited to participate in this South African Safari tour, and Deidre showed us an amazing time! I was so surprised how great the wifi was – we could see the animals perfectly, and Deidre was such a wonderful host, asking our questions and narrating the entire journey so beautifully. Would recommend to anyone!

Alyssa Arora – 12.04.2022
One of the best virtual tour experiences I’ve encountered!

Kevin McCreavy – 07.03.2022
Two thumbs up – Informative – Virtual safari really got up close and personal with te animals.

Tarryn and Jake – 27.02.2022
Absolutely wonderful!! Highly recommend!

Leigh ann – 25.02.2022
I vote fot deidre as she doing a super job and she id a amazing woman

Christine Bakker – 25.02.2022
A great tour by a superb person. During Covid-19 she offered everyone an experience like no other. she is very knowledgeable about the animals and surrounding areas and she always respects them by not going in to close to them. Would recommend this or the in person tours as it well worth the time and money.

Bodin Camminga – 25.02.2022
Deirdré is an incredibly experienced rider and her love for horses is truly remarkable. If you want a unique virtual safari experience in South Africa, then get in touch with her to make a booking!!!

Lindsey van heerden – 25.02.2022
I have not been on the trips but I have seen Deirdre’s funny and lovely interactions with the horses – on social media – and seen many beautiful stills of the wildlife that she takes her tour groups to in this beautiful, natural African setting!

Ellen Lombaard – 24.02.2022
Hats off to this lady for turning a crisis into an opportunity and creating memorable experiences for people all over the world

Anton Van Heerden – 24.02.2022
Absolute yes

Melissa Bailey – 24.02.2022
Local is Lekker Whether in a different province or country, this is a unique way to experience our wildlife and outdoors if you can’t experience it in person

Aimee Lentz – 24.02.2022
What an incredible experience

SM Barrath – 24.02.2022
Deidre chose the right horse my UK guests. Patient with photo taking, fun, relaxed and knowledgeable.

Pippa – 24.02.2022
Worthwhile experience

Razia Hisham – 24.02.2022
A fabulous tour. We did the main tour with family and did the pony breakfast experience with our nieces as a birthday gift. We’d recommend Deirdre as a tour guide anytime. She’s passionate and extremely knowledgeable about the animals.

Ashlyn Sweatman – 24.02.2022
What a creative idea and so much fun for the participants. This is amazing Live virtual wildlife Safari in South Africa gets my vote!

Sonja Higham – 24.02.2022
Deidre is an incredible entrepreneur. She has made the best out of a tough situation for tourism during the covid period and has created an amazing experiance!

Sonja Brand – 24.02.2022
Virtual riding safari is an awesome idea

Christie Kruger – 24.02.2022
So impressed with the entrepreneurial spirit, through such trying times, that has helped keep tourism on the front foot. A fantastic opportunity for so many people to experience an unforgettable adventure!

Carmen Thompson – 24.02.2022
Such an innovative way to keep the tourism flag flying high during such a difficult time. Well done.

Labuschagne Evamarie – 24.02.2022
Would love to learn more About wild life. And enjoy the freedom the animals hace

Melissa – 24.02.2022
Such a wonderful experience!

Ruth – 21.02.2022
This was an absolutely incredible experience! I’m sure my family will be talking about the virtual safari for a long time!

Nicola Prangley – 18.02.2022
Incredible views and beautiful wildlife. Incredible all round experience.

Ceris Ellerbeck – 18.02.2022
A wonderful idea for those who can’t make the horse back tours.

Tammy Ellerbeck – 18.02.2022
Breathtaking views and amazing guides, what more could we ask for?

Rebecca – 18.02.2022
Deirdre is truly a creative entrepreneur and is always mindful of what is best for the people, animals, and natural environment with which she works.

Lise – 18.02.2022
Deirdre is a wonderful host and she shares her knowledge in a warm, gentle and enlightening way.

Christelle – 18.02.2022
Definitely unique and so amazing!

J coetzee – 18.02.2022
Entrepreneurial spirit at start of Covid 19 when the world had shut down by one individual Deidre Gower. The over come of technology challenges. Just remarkable achievement and commitment in sun and thunder storms. Well done. Well done

Elrisa Jacobs – 18.02.2022
What an amazing idea and experience.

Marna Lloyd – 18.02.2022
This virtual safari was such a treat, would highly recommend!

Esther van Niekerk – 18.02.2022
A truly unique and innovative idea,spreading joy across the world. Well done Deidré!

Michael Van Niekerk – 18.02.2022
Truly next level. Deidre is a great ambassador for Cape Town.

Rulinde – 18.02.2022
What an amazing experience! Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Alan Van Niekerk – 18.02.2022
The safari was an unforgettable experience.

Shereezia – 18.02.2022
Amazing experience took my wedding pictures there

Herve Truniger – 18.02.2022
Fantastic experience :)

Morne Faulhammer – 18.02.2022
Brilliant experience

Kim Pospech – 18.02.2022
Such an awesome experience

Peter – 18.02.2022
An unforgettable experience

Monika Barnes – 18.02.2022
Amazing experience

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