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Type: Accommodation – Hotel
Category: Service Excellence

Motivation for award: Lanzerac prides itself in excellent service, where our guests’ needs are met throughout their Lanzerac experience. From the moment they enquire, the service delivery is world-class. This is the reason why many of our guests are returning guests, while a few of them also book long stays at our hotel. Local guests enjoy our Estate, for lazy weekends filled with fun, comfort, relaxation and deluxe.

Region: Western Cape / Cape Winelands

Lanzerac Hotel and Spa

Where luxury meets comfort

Steeped in history dating back to 1692, Lanzerac Wine Estate is a historic landmark and Stellenbosch icon. The grande dame is synonymous with old-world charm and rich Cape heritage. Positioned in the idyllic Jonkershoek Valley on the outskirts of the historical town of Stellenbosch, the Estate boasts views of dramatic mountain ranges, endless rows of lush vineyards and hectares of gardens shaded by giant Oak trees.

The homestead was transformed into a manor house in 1959 – reminiscent of the traditional French way of fusing a country hotel and wine estate. Today the iconic property hosts an elegant five-star Country hotel, acclaimed bars, restaurants and Deli, a remarkable tasting venue and a chic day spa.

Lanzerac is steeped in spellbinding history, having been established in 1692 – a mere 13 years after Stellenbosch itself and is the third oldest farm in the area. The first owner was Isaac Schrijver who planted the very first vineyards and, unsurprisingly, named the farm Schoongezicht, meaning wonderful view. In the early 1800’s the first cellar was erected and subsequently complemented by the iconic Manor House, which exhibits an unusually high level of sophistication for Cape Dutch architecture of the period with its main gable dating back to 1830.

The Manor House and Werf, which now stands proud as a Provincial Heritage Site, underwent significant changes by one of the property’s most influential owners, Elizabeth Catherina ‘Kitty’ English, who bought Schoongezicht in 1920. Mrs English changed the estate’s name to Lanzerac, rumoured to be after General Charles Lanrezac – a French General, who commanded the French Fifth Army at the outbreak of World War I. She also transformed it during her nine years of ownership into one of the most modern wineries in the Cape, laying the foundations for Stellenbosch’s world-renowned wines. Mrs English passed away in 1929, and in 1934 the Estate was bought by Jacobus Tribelhorn – the builder who had extended the Manor House for Mrs English. He continued her legacy of producing wines of exceptional quality.

The wine farm’s next owner, Angus Batts Buchanan, improved the estate’s reputation to another level by winning several awards for the wines, sherry and brandy that he proudly produced and, in doing so, established Lanzerac as a leading brand.

Buchanan’s nephew, ‘Lord’ David Rawdon, ushered in an exciting new era when he purchased Lanzerac in 1958, by converting the farm into an elegant hotel and landmark. He converted the original cellar and its surrounding buildings into bars, lounges, dining area and hotel rooms.

Since then the Lanzerac become synonymous with Stellenbosch’s social agenda and provided many local and foreign tourists a unique winelands experience, characterised by its heritage and commitment to friendly ‘Boland’ culture and service commitment.

The Lanzerac wine estate has been under current ownership since 2012. Committed to bring the grande dame’s infrastructure and service levels into a 21st century luxury experience without compromising on its heritage, extensive renovations begun early in 2013.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, 28 May 2017, a tragic fire severely damaged the main operational areas of the Hotel, and for the first time since the Rawdon brothers converted the estate to a hotel, the Lanzerac had to close its doors to the public for 13 months.

On the first of July 2018 – the Lanzerac proudly re-opened its doors to the public, characterised by the same glory, legacy and country chic she has been known for over the decades but now being able to compliment its magnificent and unique offering synonymous with period grandeur, with 21st century luxury.

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Andrea van Tonder – 28.05.2022
Excellent service, great vibe and marvelous wines! Would 100% recommend to anyone!

Caspar Venter – 23.05.2022
What an absolutely wonderful and well polished Hotel & Wine tasting. The Spa is magnificent!

Kelley Austen – 23.05.2022
Exceptional service, wine and amenities. We love it!

Jessica Sandell – 18.05.2022
Lanzerac hotel and spa

Lindi – 17.05.2022
Great food and customer service..

Priscilla Mashao – 15.05.2022
Always a pleasant experience at Lanzerac!

Robert – 14.05.2022
What a great experience !

Ryan Phelan – 13.05.2022
Fantastic, quality wine tasting guide

Brendon – 06.05.2022
Great place

Helen vd Westhuizen – 06.05.2022
I keep coming back for their tastings. The staff are well educated on their excellent wine. Always a comfortable experience.

ER – 03.05.2022
Luxurious spa!

Stefan van der Westhuizen – 28.04.2022
Great experience, wonderful wine

Janine – 25.04.2022
Absolutely amazing and tranquil! Thank you

Andreas Stephanou – 25.04.2022
A true 5* experience

Gwen Ubben – 25.04.2022
Lanzerac is just a stunning place to go to.

Lizette Conradie – 19.04.2022
Excellent service

Ruan – 19.04.2022
Excellent service

Ruan – 19.04.2022
Excellent service

Ruan – 19.04.2022
Excellent service

Lucia Raubenheimer – 17.04.2022
My absolute favorite space, love the spa, love the wine and LOVE the staff.

Bianca Kies – 16.04.2022
Some great wines , servers are very passionate. The dessert have a wide variety of lovely pastries.

Stephanie Nussbaumer – 15.04.2022
Wonderful place. Good food. Good vibes.

Sabrina Kindschi – 15.04.2022
Awesome place! Will definitely come back. Thank you.

Zulithe – 15.04.2022
Absolutely amazing service and views !!!

Zoë Titus – 14.04.2022
Great service and amazing and a beautiful estate!!

Mabel Aryee – 12.04.2022
Lanzerac is a fantastic estate with excellent wine

Jamie Norman – 12.04.2022
Amazing place, best wine around & wonderful service!!

Kerry Norman – 12.04.2022
Lanzerac had amazing food and a beautiful wine tasting that perfectly paired. The food was tasty and we had a great waitress. All in all a really great experience at lanzerac deli.

Jonathan Norman – 12.04.2022
Absolutely top drawer, will be back again soon

Alexander Kristiansen – 10.04.2022
Excellent service and amazing wine. 10/10 would come back

Josi Hofmeyr – 10.04.2022
Had the most amazing experience!

Rudolf Louw – 09.04.2022
The most beautiful place I’ve ever been at!!

Rikus Bezuidenhout – 09.04.2022
Great service

Roseline Amanda Timbe – 06.04.2022

Roseline Amanda Timbe – 06.04.2022
Was there today the services I got amazing and extremely good

CT – 05.04.2022
Luxurious wine estate. Excellent service.

Waltteri Niemi – 04.04.2022
Amazing service in a peaceful environment. Leroy was very knowledgeable about the wine.

Danika – 01.04.2022
Love the service waiters are really friendly love the food

Anil – 01.04.2022
Heaven on the earth

Cameron – 30.03.2022
What an experience with amazing service! (Thanks Brian) Lanzerac has awesome and informative wine tasting selection in a beautiful setting.

Diane White – 30.03.2022
Absolutely beautiful setting, and fantastic service! So worth the visit!!

Lisa Scheepers – 28.03.2022

Eden-Lee Scheepers – 28.03.2022

Janine – 27.03.2022
Impeccable service indeed. I had the opportunity to attend a training course at Lanzerac and was ever delighted for the durationfl. ❤️

Shannon Decker – 25.03.2022

Honest Matiza – 25.03.2022

Robyn Williams – 21.03.2022
We are always exceptionally pleased with the service at Lanzerac!

N Singh – 20.03.2022
Excellent service at lazerac

Sahil Singh – 20.03.2022

Wadia Janse van Vuuren – 20.03.2022

Lance Mackridge – 20.03.2022
Great food

Kyla Swanepoel – 20.03.2022
Very pretty & such good food!

Jana – 20.03.2022
Beautiful and delicious!

Ruan Mackridge – 20.03.2022
Great food and big portions

Anje Dorfling – 20.03.2022
Lanzerac has the most amazing spa and Resturants ! Love it there!

Alida Swart – 19.03.2022
The best!

Wayne Chinembiri – 19.03.2022
Lanzerac is one of the country’s best hotel, restaurant and spa conglomerate. It’s attention to service excellence is out of this world. I can only recommend it to all travellers with pride

Hendrietta Sarila – 19.03.2022
Lanzerac is definitely the best!

diego Perelman – 19.03.2022
Excellent service and huge come back from the fire. Pinotage among the best in SA

Megan van Schalkwyk – 19.03.2022

Donna – 19.03.2022
Lanzerac definitely gets my vote. Absolutely stunning!

Jobert Baraniuk – 19.03.2022
Lanzerac is the Best winery in Stellenbosch. Good wines, Good food and beautiful place

Michelle – 19.03.2022
What a wonderful experience! Lovely wine estate with lots to offer. I highly recommend Lanzerac.

Ian Boyd – 18.03.2022
Always a great place to be.

Yolanda Dastile – 18.03.2022
Lanzerac has the best service. Their wine and is amazing. Even the location is the best.

Malan – 18.03.2022
Lanzerac is a great place to be

Georgina Wilson – 17.03.2022
Yay can’t wait to visit!!

Lonwabo Ulana – 17.03.2022
Gorgoeus estate and lovely food

Lucille – 17.03.2022
Lanzerac’s the best!

Zanele Ulana – 17.03.2022
Will never get used to just how beautiful this estate is, and i can prooudly say 2016 31st march i married the man of my dreams in that gorgeous venue,

Michael Fernandez – 17.03.2022
Haven’t been at Lanzerac in years. Was great when I was there. Would love to go again!

Marisa Calvert – 17.03.2022
Best hotel!

Marisa Calvert – 17.03.2022
Best hotel!

Marisa Calvert – 17.03.2022
Best hotel!

Zach Eustace – 17.03.2022
Lanzerac is the best

Dionné – 17.03.2022
Beautiful hotel and spa

Nicola Bestbier – 17.03.2022
Lanzerac is the perfect combo of old an new, vintage and modern and they make the best scones you’ll ever eat

Yolanda Olwage – 17.03.2022
Got married at Lanzerac and they definitely get my vote!

Elke Matthee – 17.03.2022
Lanzerac Hote and Spa

Elke Matthee – 17.03.2022

Samantha – 17.03.2022
Lanzerac is so beautiful and opulent you feel like you’re living in a dream. Each stay is absolute bliss and every need is anticipated and catered for.

Sacha – 16.03.2022
A piece of heaven on earth! Lanzerac is by far my favourite hotel as well as wine farm! The food is absolutely incredible and the attention to detail is breathtaking. A beautiful place with so much meaning to me and my family! No better way than spending my Saturdays at Lanzerac.

Tracy Myer – 16.03.2022
Lanzerac is by far the beds Hotel I have stayed in

Fred – 16.03.2022
Without a doubt, Lanzerac is our favourite

Luan Havemann – 16.03.2022
Lanzerac is so special. Can’t wait to have our honeymoon there at the end of the month.

Kurt Rose – 16.03.2022
Excellent service 10/10

Rukshana Parker – 16.03.2022
Lanzerac Hotel And Spa

Zoë Kohler – 16.03.2022
Brilliant service, from the moment you arrive everything is taken care of. Really nice touch is the complementary bar fridge.

Pamela – 16.03.2022
One of the best hotel and spa in the country.

Mariza Nel – 16.03.2022
Best 5*+ experience in all of South Africa! Accomodation, service, restaurants, Deli and Spa is truly excellent.

. – 16.03.2022

Marshe Abrahams – 16.03.2022
Beautiful property with 5 star service!

Gill Goosen – 16.03.2022

Diana Najjar – 16.03.2022
The service is more than perfect in the Lanzetac Hotel. Pure Luxus.

Jaco de Beer – 16.03.2022
It is the most spectacular hotel capturing the true spirit of the Cape Winelands so finely! The views are splendid, postcard views. It is a place where your soul finds peace again.

Madson Costa – 16.03.2022
Fantástico! Maravilhosa!

Ferdi – 16.03.2022
Best hotel and spa in Western Cape! Highly recommend them.

Akira Singh – 16.03.2022
I vote for Lanzerac wine estate.

Cara Laubscher – 16.03.2022
Lanzerac #1 – best hotel nationwide! Home away from home… friendly staff, good food & wine, old world charm, spa with the best service and views! An absolute gem in the winelands!

Marié – 15.03.2022
I have do my internship at Lanzerc. What a amazing place. After covid it’s not in my budget to go for any luxury treatment. This will make a few gray day seams brighter. Therfore I request my voucher

Tshepiso – 15.03.2022
Stunning hotel in a beautiful setting!

Thando Magwebu – 15.03.2022
By far thee best lifestyle and opulence offering stay in the winelands. I enjoyed the wine cellar tour and wine tasting experience, with the best pinotage in the land. A warm welcome to my stay from a swift check-in process to an absolute amazing all round experience! I look forward to visiting again soon! My vote is going to a well deserved win!

Petula Bastian – 15.03.2022
I went there for a shoot with Minki! It was so beautiful and I enjoyed being there. Lanzerac is #1

Jamie-Lee De Wet – 15.03.2022
Lanzerac all the way!

Kyle Leonard – 15.03.2022
Lanzerac is absolutely incredible. The wines are amazing not to mention fantastic. Accommodation is absolute bliss and beautiful. The restaurant and Deli has mouth watering food. This property deserves ever vote Emile GM of Lanzerac and his team are incredibly friendly and run the estate with loads of passion.

I have voted for Lanzerac and request my R1000 Travel voucher

I have voted and hereby request my R1000 travel voucher

Robyn Harvey – 15.03.2022
LOVE Lanzerac. Very special place.

Bern Jacobson – 14.03.2022

Tayla Bluff Moore – 14.03.2022
Lanzerac has such a tranquil setting in the heart of the winelands. The food is excellent, the rooms are lush and luxurious, and the staff always go above and beyond. Loved our stay there!

C J Collins – 13.03.2022
Great spot to send all our guest and knowing 100% that they are going to have a amazing experience –

P J Daly – 13.03.2022
My late wife and I always used to enjoy sundowners, so have some amazing memories here

Carol Collins – 13.03.2022
Have awesome memories from my student days, and to what a graceful venue it is now today

Amanda Smit – 13.03.2022
The beauty and serenity is unreal.

Megan Dodds – 13.03.2022
Amazing estate

Gibson Chitakunye – 13.03.2022

Nivasha Pather – 12.03.2022

Kim – 12.03.2022
Lanzerac so deserves to win – holding thumbs!

Lyndon – 12.03.2022
This is a very good and excellent property that my wife had lunch at with a friend. Left a great impression on her. Would love to return there.

Jandré – 12.03.2022

Ntombizonke – 12.03.2022
Amazing place

Bongani Khumalo – 12.03.2022
Impeccable service.

Fiona Angelico – 12.03.2022
Outstanding service at each touchpoint. Amazing food, great ambienz, fabulous location. Fabulous for events.

René Meyer – 12.03.2022
Best place ever…

Raymond bou gebrayel – 12.03.2022
It’s Ana amazing culture and nature.

Anelia Venter – 12.03.2022
Lanzerac is the best!!

Michelle Dupré – 12.03.2022
We got married at Lanzerac.The rooms each have their own theme and it’s luxury speaks a thousand words!The service is incredible and the spectacular views make it a place forever in your heart.Lanzerac for the win!

Chereze – 12.03.2022

ANGELIQUE Portelli – 12.03.2022
Lanzerac is the most beautiful, peaceful place to visit

Kabeya kabangele – 12.03.2022
Very nice and excellent service.

Birte Mindermann – 12.03.2022
Excellent service,! Beautiful atmosphere! Everything you want!

Seyiso Mayekiso – 12.03.2022

F. Tippens – 12.03.2022

Conradie Liesl – 11.03.2022
Voting for Lanzerac. Can’t wait to visit again in May

Leanne Beattie – 11.03.2022

Jon Diboll – 11.03.2022
Supplied operating products to the hotel in the past. Always enjoy going there.

Dané Muller – 11.03.2022
Absolutely Stunning!

Niel Bruwer – 11.03.2022
The most special place for us!

Tarry Marufu – 11.03.2022
This place is a dream!

Alet Ransom – 11.03.2022
Vote Lanzerac!!

Popo Mfubu – 11.03.2022
One of the most amazing places we have ever visited.

John Niemand – 11.03.2022
Lanzerac hotel & spa for best service 5 star hotel

Angelika Koritzius – 11.03.2022
Awesome location , excellent service, very nice people, delicious food, fantastic champagne …. we loved it. We’ll come back!

Cathy Dreyer – 11.03.2022
Stunning Hotel, still my favourite after 30 years!!! Best was the cheese lunch which we enjoyed as students. Now we love the coffee and pastries in the courtyard. Thank you Lanzerac!!

Gaokgakala Letebele – 11.03.2022
Beautiful hotel.

Janine Josephs – 11.03.2022
Lanzerac Hotel and Spa

Richard Moorhouse – 11.03.2022
Best hotel every time. The personalised service is seldom experienced anywhere else

Allanah – 11.03.2022
Lanzerac Hotel & Spa

Olinski Snyders – 11.03.2022
Lanzerac Wine Estate hands down has the best service delivery, we had the best culinary experience and wines in South Africa. It is luxury at it’s best.

Lehlohonolo Thamahane – 11.03.2022
Lanzerac hotel is truly an amazing place, such great food and service they offer patrons.

Michael Bentley – 11.03.2022
Great hotel

Morgan Volkmann – 11.03.2022
Stunning Property, steeped in rich history!

Haleema Rawoot – 11.03.2022
Most amazing Hotel and Spa ♥️

Tuanette Juby – 05.03.2022
Lanzerac is absolutely just amazing – from the breathtaking venue, the world class cuisine (compliments to the very talented Chef Stephen Fraser and his team), beautiful accommodation and the most friendly and accommodating staff. My vote most definitely goes to Lanzerac!

Aubrey Forbes – 02.03.2022
Best View ever

Caren Lino – 02.03.2022
What a fabulous venue. Stylish and romantic. Proud to be South African!!!

Ivan Van Aswegen – 01.03.2022
Lanzerac hotel is truly an amazing place, such great food and service!

Gwendoline – 01.03.2022
Super proud to part of the Lanzerac team!!!!!!Great staff with excellent service.

Gracian – 01.03.2022
Beautiful hotel with great views!

Taswell Heubner – 01.03.2022
Never disappointed at Lanzerac. Consistency is definitely the name of the game.

Philip Jacobson – 01.03.2022
Staff are very friendly and helpful. Great food, will see you soon for a second round!!

Philip Jacobson – 01.03.2022
Amazing staff and 5star plus service!! Will visit soon again.

Milandri – 01.03.2022
Great facilities and amazing staff!!!!

Barlodien Kotze – 01.03.2022
Most amazing hotel. The attention to detail is inspiring. The staff are friendly and 5star service is effortless.

George Jardine – 25.02.2022
My vote goes for The Lanzerac Hotel, we spent a quick break from the kids there during lock down. The room and facilities where immaculate we even had a steam room and plunge pool in our suit. We have since been back numerous times to the Spar which is truly a 5star experience, the restaurant and the bar, which is the perfect place for a GnT if you’re having a lazy afternoon. Overall after every visit I am impressed by the level of service, the attentiveness and care comes across during every interaction. All of this and I haven’t even mentioned the surroundings and views. A truly wonderful destination for any occasion.

Alta langenhoven – 25.02.2022
Just the BEST!

Thys Smith – 24.02.2022

Wazha Dube – 24.02.2022
Most amazing hotel & estate I’ve ever been to

Katherine Fraser – 24.02.2022
Lanzerac treats you like royalty alongside making you feel at home. The food is out of this world and the wine pairing is great.

Santa Sternsdorf – 24.02.2022
Humbly request my R1000 voucher.

Sanette strydom – 23.02.2022
Best place to visit. Beautiful venue.

Corlia Langenhoven – 23.02.2022
Lanzerac is the most beautiful and serene getaway place to be! The service is excellent and the surroundings is peaceful and gorgeous. And that which Lanzerac has to offer, can only be described as pure luxury! Lanzerac is the best!

jenive Moses – 23.02.2022
Indeed Premium plus. committed to making your stay memorable.

Stefan Langenhoven – 23.02.2022
Lanzerac The Best

Johan Spykerman – 23.02.2022
Beautiful Hotel with excellent service and friendly staff.

Grace – 22.02.2022
Beautiful setting to relax with good food, wine, excellent service surrounded by family and friends after the devastating pandemic.

Stephen fraser – 22.02.2022
World class

Karl Lambour – 22.02.2022
It is quite the most spectacularly beautiful and sophisticated place to spend time.

Hilde-lee – 22.02.2022
Beautiful Estate with award winning service and facilities. Great getaway to enjoy with friends

Ashleigh Bell – 22.02.2022
Outstanding service, spectacular decor and breath taking views. This is truly a 5 star hotel and spa. From their food to their rooms. Nothing could possibly be more luxurious than Lanzerac.

Esté – 22.02.2022
Lanzerac provide time and time again an experience that one will never forget. From stopping with your car infront of the hotel, to booking in at reception, thru the beautiful gardens, to an immaculate room to awesome food at Manor Kitchen and to end it all, in a most relacing SPA with food and green smoothies to die for! An experience gor life!

Mandana Tagbakhsh – 22.02.2022
I have traveled all around the world and have stayed in many prestigious hotels and Lanzerac is by far my favorite place to go. The architecture and the landscape is absolutely spectacular , the SPA is fabulous the restaurant and Deli have a wonderful choice of food and drinks, the Staff is always so helpful and professional .

Z du Toit – 22.02.2022
Privilege to be part of the team. Amazing place, wine and people.

Werner – 22.02.2022
It’s simply put a majestic hotel in the heart of the rich Stellenbosch Wine lands. It looks even more amazing now with the upgrades since the fire but the food is what makes the experience even better. I’ve had the privilege of knowing chef Stephen Fraser through the industry and personally and his attention to detail is simply put… masterful.

Lezaan Martin – 22.02.2022
Best Hotel & Spa! Most luxurious experience ever!!

Jeanine Nieuwoudt – 22.02.2022

Teddy Hall – 22.02.2022
Excellent establishment with first class service.

Bjork Swart – 22.02.2022
They pay lot of attention to detail to reinsure a good experience, so i love lanzerac.

Mariaan Viljoen – 22.02.2022
Super friendly staff, great spa!

Suzette Wandrag – 22.02.2022
Beautiful place. Well worth this award

Sam Hall – 22.02.2022
Truly luxurious & comfortable!! Exceptional experiences at Lanzerac!

Mpho Maphate – 22.02.2022
Great estate!

Lihle Qulu – 22.02.2022
A hotel that offers exquisite experience from accommodation, dining or Spar experience. The mountain view catches one’s breath while its geographic position in the Jonkershoek Valley offers tranquility money can not buy. The wine farm is rich in history dating back to 1652. The service is indeed five star let alone the wide range of winery on offer that complements the food you find while hoping from bar to bar.

paula jorgensen – 22.02.2022
WORLD CLASS with a touch of South Africa amazing property

Collin Makore – 22.02.2022
well maintained grounds, splendid rooms set up not to mention excellent eversmiling Staff. Home away from home

Kumbirai mamvura – 22.02.2022
Best hotel ever excellent staff

Kenda Lang – 22.02.2022
Its a beautiful wine farm and estate. It was my first wine farm I went to after moving to Stellenbosch and i can still remember every detail!

MF Schoeman – 22.02.2022
Immaculate estate with top notch staff, service and facilities

Jacquin – 21.02.2022
Lanzerac hotel&spa

Gaylord T M Witcho – 21.02.2022
A great place to be ,awesome service

Kyle MacFarlane – 21.02.2022
The best escape in the winelands.

Justin Davie – 21.02.2022
I go back to lanzerac yearly for a weekend away and it is always amazing! Love it!

Roubaix – 21.02.2022
We return every year to celebrate out anniversary weekend at Lanzerac, what an absolute treat.

Pieter van Nieuwenhuizen – 21.02.2022
We would love to receive this voucher, which we can use after my wife’s chemo treatment.

R. Lutjens – 21.02.2022
What an amazing venue!!!

Jo-Anne Dreyer – 21.02.2022
Lanzerac more than just a hotel.

Justin Van Rooyen – 21.02.2022
Lanzerac Estate is always a treat. Love the beauty of this Estate. Staff are friendly and accommodating. Loved the experience of Wine Tasting at the Deli.

Milandri Jacobson – 21.02.2022
Great hotel with excellent staff. If you want to get out of your everyday routine, Lanzerac is the way to go !!!! Definitely a visit worth.

Johan van Zyl – 21.02.2022
Amazing estate with the most amazing staff

Lourensia Bronkhorst – 20.02.2022
Such a privilege to be a part of the Lanzerac Team, creating special memories for each and every guest, regardless the occasion, we make dreams come true #ForeverLanzerac Thankful to call this more than just a job, but rather a family working together with the same passion and towards the same goals.

Tracy Thompson – 18.02.2022
Always such an amazing experience…Definitely the gem if Stellenbosch

Tyler LaMont – 18.02.2022
An absolutely stunning property!

Ailsa Tavares – 18.02.2022
Lanzerac offers everything you could wish for in a Winelands stay.. the service, rooms and suites are unique.

Ailsa Tavares – 18.02.2022
We couldn’t be more proud to work alongside the team at Lanzerac who deliver a consistently high stardard for guests, time and time again.

Ailsa Tavares – 18.02.2022
We couldn’t be more proud to work alongside the Lanzerac team who deliver consistently high standards for guests, time after time.

Wynand Lategan – 18.02.2022
Awesome place, people and wine!

Julia Isaacs – 18.02.2022
That place is beyond beautiful.Was there last Saturday for breakfast at the Main restaurant service was good.Will definitely go again ☺️

Estee Ntotera – 18.02.2022
Beautiful , classic , historical hotel. Service is very warm, welcoming and professional.

AZIPHELI – 18.02.2022
Lanzerac Hotel & Spa is a world-class hotel that delivers so much more than you ever imagined. The friendliest people, most amazing wine and stunning views. Best of the BEST!!!

Tessa – 18.02.2022
Best place with the most amazing staff.

Kelly Cupido – 18.02.2022
Best hotel

Chantelle – 18.02.2022
Lanzerac Hotel & Spa is a world-class hotel that delivers so much more than you ever imagined. The team truly cares about every guest, visitor, and staff member. Your exclusive destination experience in the Winelands, Cape Town.

Hillary Isaacs – 18.02.2022
It’ s a pleasure to be a part of the team and always looking forward to making each occasion a memorable one! ☺

Marisa Calvert – 18.02.2022
Best hotel ever!

Francois du Toit – 18.02.2022
Absolute pleasure and privilege to be part of this team. The picturesque setting and facilities make every day a treat.

Brittney Moolman – 18.02.2022
Lanzerac is a stunning estate tucked away behind rows of trees and lush vineyards, almost like something out of a fairytale. The friendliest people, most amazing wine and stunning views – you’ll never want to leave!

Marisa McLaren – 18.02.2022
Stunning hotel, best service, memorable experiences!

Stephen Fraser – 18.02.2022
Stunning hotel and Facilities

Emile Langenhoven – 18.02.2022
Proud to be part of the team and serve every guest that comes through our gates with the same passion, friendliness and care.

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