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Type: Media
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: The quarterly popular KRUGER MAGAZINE and the private KRUGER MAGAZINE Facebook Group (67 000+ highly engaged members) are continuously adding value to the lives of nature and wildlife lovers, worldwide. With a focus on wildlife conservation and eco-tourism, the Greater Kruger, inclusive of Kruger National Park, is showcased to the world. Each issue is a collector’s item… competitions are hosted on the integrated Facebook Group and winners are published in the popular magazine! The editor and publisher are ‘hands-on’ and even deliver magazines to KRUGER ‘The PARKS SHOP’ outlets themselves to ensure visitors and tourists have timeous access to the latest editions whilst in the park! In 2019, KRUGER MAGAZINE was acknowledged by SANParks – the publication won the coveted KUDU Award for their contribution to conservation and eco-tourism! The team sponsors the Lapalala Wilderness School by donating magazines to their young learners and also donate magazines to selected rural schools in the Greater Kruger region to enrich their knowledge of nature and wildlife. High quality product, engaging social media platforms and a dedicated/passionate team… a winning formula!

Region: Limpopo / Greater Kruger, inclusive of Kruger National Park


Celebrating Africa’s KRUGER!

KRUGER MAGAZINE has been conceptualised by a team of media experts passionate about wildlife, nature, and sustainable conservation. It is positioned to be the authoritative publication devoted to bringing the Greater Kruger wildlife experience to the palm of your hand, worldwide and cross-platform. This glossy, high-quality publication is anchored by print and optimised across digital platforms.

Seasonally themed quarterly issues offer compelling information and content. With a focus on the issues that matter most, original content is developed in collaboration with expert contributors to enrich the lives of audiences whilst providing effective integrated platforms for:
a. Wildlife and nature education/’edutainment’.
b. Creating and raising awareness of wildlife conservation projects.
c. Showcasing eco-tourism activities and destinations.

The KRUGER MAGAZINE’s impressively broad editorial mix offers engaging reading and satisfy not only the avid wildlife lover, adventurer, passionate photographer, and domestic and international tourist, but also conservationists, researchers, policymakers and armchair travellers, amongst others.

KRUGER MAGAZINE offers essential content for anyone with a passion for wildlife conservation who wants to understand and experience Africa’s Greater Kruger – a celebration of Africa’s wildlife heritage!

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Nolwazi – 23.05.2022
Kruger Magazine, I’ve never been to kruger National park, I’ve only seen it on TV or on Google. I would admire to win the 16 days holding and i will choose it.

Karen – 09.04.2022
Love the magazine, good stories and amazing photos

Mark Fox – 09.04.2022
Always quality content

Rene Coetzee – 07.04.2022
Kruger Magazine attracts visitors to Kruger Park – that’s why I voted for the Magazine

Linda Visagie – 07.04.2022
Àlways something intresting to read.

Jackie Boshoff – 06.04.2022
Fantastic quarterly magazine. Propvol information, features and stunning photographs as well

Mohammed Hassen – 06.04.2022
I Love the Kruger Magazine. Always keeps us up to date with all developments in our Best Place On Earth

Van Wyngaard Louise – 06.04.2022
Best Nature Magazine in SA. Always full if interesting stories and something to learn. Welldone Kruger Magazine!!!

Elaine Corbett – 05.04.2022
The Kruger Magazine is amazing and informative as far as our Game Lodges in the Kruger National Park are concerned. They have so much information they are able to write about in fact it is never-ending.

Adele Malan – 04.04.2022
Great magazine .Educational for all groups. Love it

Jenny Rood – 02.04.2022
The ultimate wildlife magazine. Very informative and up to date with exceptional photography and wonderful stories.

Riana Els – 01.04.2022
Can’t wait for the quarterly Kruger Magazine with its excellent photos and information on trees, plants, birds and wild life.

Maryke Scheun – 31.03.2022
Love Kruger Magazine. Very informative.

Julian Mann – 31.03.2022
Great magazine for the best reserve in the world!

Dikotla Moliki – 29.03.2022
Kruger is amazing and best experience that will forever be memorable.

Karien Richardson – 29.03.2022
Awesome photography

Elise Ferreira – 29.03.2022
Best online magazine with competitions galore!

Carolien Du Plessis – 29.03.2022
Filled to the brim with everything that lets a Kruger heart bounce!

Victor Labuschagne – 29.03.2022
Love kruger magazine

Jacob Schoeman – 29.03.2022
Great Magazine. Showcasing the real Kruger and fight for the animals

Sheila Clarkson – 29.03.2022
Brings all the magic of Kruger to my b home

Tracy Yates – 29.03.2022
The best magazine for travel venues and photography.

Zethu Damane – 29.03.2022
Nice and quite , very beautiful and attractive

Van Heerden Marietjie – 29.03.2022
If you are a animal/nature-lover, you can’t go without the Kruger Magazine. Absolutely excellent!

Julie healey – 29.03.2022
Best magazine ever.

Elize Oosthuizen – 28.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is definitely the best Magazine ever published in South Africa. Every article is informative. I have every issue and protect them with my life.

Candice McWade – 28.03.2022
Love Kruger Magazine

Greig Lloyd – 28.03.2022
Kruger magazine is the best . I have every issue .

Visser Mariana – 28.03.2022
Fabulous magazine with lovely photo’s and ideas. Nature magazine at its best.

Imke Engelbrecht – 28.03.2022
Amazing publication!

Meriel Rowbottom – 28.03.2022
I love the magazine with the beautiful photos and the stories. It’s very interesting reading about the past history of the Kruger. The articles describing the ‘best’ way to game and bird spot are extremely helpful

Frikkie Pretorius – 28.03.2022
My heart is in the wild

Estie Erwee – 28.03.2022
Love the magazine

Judy Crossling – 28.03.2022
The Kruger National Park is a gem and the Kruger Magazine highlights all the treasures within the park…

Melani Horn – 27.03.2022
Awesome, awesome magazine…just love everything about it! Keep up the good work..

Susan Robinson – 27.03.2022
Awesome magazine…just love everything about it!

Johan Kok – 27.03.2022
For a guy who has only visited Kruger three times in his 54years, your magazine gives me insight into this wonderful park

Lorna van Dyk – 27.03.2022
Awesome magazine

Susan Keet – 27.03.2022
Behind the scenes views add so much more value to a brilliant park. I love your magazine – keep publishing!

Colin perrin – 27.03.2022
Great magazine.You rock.may you have many more years of publishing.

Adele Herbert – 27.03.2022
Love the Kruger National Park, my favourite holiday destination.

Hilary De Fleuriot – 27.03.2022
Kruger is my favourite holiday destination! Love reading about it when I cannot be there in person!

Colin Preddy – 27.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is the best and most informative wildlife magazine available. I love every issue! Also very supportive of nature conservation and the KNP.

Veerle Dufraing – 27.03.2022
Love the magazine!

Hendrik Steyn – 27.03.2022
Nature at its best. Educational, photographic, informative, thought provoking and food for the soul. That is Kruger Magazine.

Robert Patmore – 27.03.2022
Great magazine

Daan van de Wetering – 27.03.2022
Great magazine!

Janet Hulse – 27.03.2022
We love anything to do with Wildlife.. Look at all the pictures sent in on Facebook. We go to the Kruger as often as we can.

Darise Losper – 27.03.2022
Best wildlife magazine with SA wildlife!

Hendriëtte Reyneke – 27.03.2022
I absolutely love this magazine and photos.

Glyn King – 27.03.2022
I am always excited when a new edition comes out. Excellent articles and so much information on our beautiful Kruger Park. Fantastic photos too.

Meriska – 27.03.2022
Awesome Magazine Keep up the good work

Carolyn Tsilimigras – 27.03.2022
Excellent articles and photographs.

Sonja Schutte – 27.03.2022
We love going to the Kruger National Park, since I was a child and my parents took us there every July. The magazine brings back lots of memories of the Park over the years. Also very informative articles and beautiful photographs.

Ruan – 27.03.2022
Truly one of my favorite magazines and always excited for the next issue to be published, personally I think the team behind Kruger Magazine is doing a fantastic job to keep things interesting and to surprise the readers.

Nicky van der Westhuizen – 27.03.2022
Kruger Magazine simply the best.Get yours today and experiences the educational side as well as all the info on certain topics.

Helga Bishop – 27.03.2022
Kruger Magazine By far the best value and such a great read. I can’t wait for each new publication. Helga Bishop

Dylan Barnes – 27.03.2022
The best!

Johan Janse van Vuuren – 27.03.2022
Kruger Magazine. Da Best

Deryck – 27.03.2022
Great magazine and provides lots of up to date info

Rix – 27.03.2022
The Kruger Magazine a brilliant innovative factual interactive publication that is unchallenged in its excellence.

Natasha Bird – 27.03.2022
Absolutely love the quality and informative features of the Kruger Magazine

Karen Krause – 27.03.2022
Always a pleasure to read this magazine. Love it.

Clair Berry – 26.03.2022
Great mag

Fiona Mclachlan – 26.03.2022
A magazine read that transports one to the Kruger!

Soula Christos – 26.03.2022
The Kruger Magazine has great conservation accounts, wildlife photography, accommodation suggestions and tips that are a must for any visitor. It is invaluable

Isabel Boshoff – 26.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is the best

Dieter Beneke – 26.03.2022
Best Magazin by far

léanne aylwin – 26.03.2022
kruger magazine the best

Shannon Melville – 26.03.2022
Absolutely the best. GO KRUGER!

Melani – 26.03.2022
Great magazine!

Elma Kuyler – 26.03.2022
The best!

Maryann Van der Merwe – 26.03.2022

Andre Cronje – 26.03.2022

Lynn – 26.03.2022
Superb magazine and great value for money!

Maryann Van der Merwe – 26.03.2022
This is my favorite magazine…yesterday went to look for the latest issue…was sold out…went to several shops.But i have manage to ask family who is currently the park to bring 2 magazines with them….i learn allot from the topics discussed.

Morne Hamlyn – 26.03.2022
Love reading about our beloved Kruger and absolutely love the great photographs!

Eluse Engelbrecht – 26.03.2022
The best wildlife magazine. Love informative articles and beautiful photos.

Anel Britz – 26.03.2022
Favourite magazine…learn about animals as well as photography. Feel as if I am in the bush when reading all the articles and we have each copy since the magazine started. Thanks for a wonderful magazine!

Michelle Noble – 26.03.2022
A really beautiful magazine which brings the Kruger alive through its pages!

Cherine Burgess – 26.03.2022
I have the app also when I’m not able to get the hard copy!! Have all the issues, incredible magazine with fantastic and well informed articles. Thank you

Ebrahim Patel – 26.03.2022
Informative magazine

Jennie Hill – 26.03.2022
My favourite read!

Inge Steinmann – 26.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is amazing!

Jane – 26.03.2022
Best wildlife magazine ever

Naomi Lupton – 26.03.2022
Lovely magazine – always looking forward to the next edition!

Linda Jooste – 26.03.2022
It has the best wildlife photos and very informative

Lynda Freese – 26.03.2022
Brilliant, well edited and informative content. I wait in anticipation for each publication to be delivered. It takes you into the park so you feel you are actually there!

Pieter Viljoen – 26.03.2022
Kruger Magazine.Excellent Magazine

Russ Dawson – 26.03.2022
Love Kruger Magazine, easy decision.

Riedwaan Amanjee – 26.03.2022
Very informative makes me feel in touch with Kruger when I can’t be there

fiona – 26.03.2022
Top magazine for all Kruger park lovers. Great articles and top class photos. The best wildlife magazine around.

Larissa Coetzer – 26.03.2022
Kruger Magazine: very high standard in terms of quality and value for money as well as contribution to conservation and tourism

Phyllida McGrath – 26.03.2022
I really want to win this.

Tish Hopwood – 26.03.2022
Love this nagazine

simonette venter – 26.03.2022
I just have to get this beautiful magazine in my house and allways buy them! Love the Kruger so much. We go every year. Thank you editors!

Mirek Sisak – 26.03.2022
Great magazine, congratulation and thank you for your entusiasmus.

Hayley Ivins-Downes – 26.03.2022
A collectors magazine

Lael Richards – 26.03.2022
A great magazine

Inge Steinmann – 26.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is the absolute best!

Ina Knoetze – 26.03.2022
Great Magazine.Worth reading and supporting!!

Matt Pauline – 26.03.2022
Superior reader content

Hanna Venter – 26.03.2022
Best in South Africa

Lizel Du venage – 26.03.2022
Best magazine

Haroon Ismail – 26.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is always an amazing read

Carol Williams – 26.03.2022
Great magazine

Deirdre Byrne – 26.03.2022
We are avid visitors to the Kruger and love this magazine. Looking forward to our next trip in October this year.

Elizabeth – 26.03.2022
Awesome and best wildlife magazine

Chris herbst – 26.03.2022
Awesome hours of viewing all the fotos

Nortier Charene – 26.03.2022
Love the magazine

Mari-lize Searle – 26.03.2022
Stunning photos

Ernest Sanders – 26.03.2022
Great mag, a very good read

Marina Davis – 26.03.2022
Just love the Kruger Magazine … superb articles, magnificent photos and so well put together. The only magazine that I buy!! As a wildlife lover, it ticks all the boxes and covers a wide array of fauna and flora… from big to small, the Kruger magazine has it all!

Danie Pretorius – 26.03.2022
Truelly providing a live heartbeat and experience of the Kruger promoting our love for, and responsibilities to take care of our wildlife heritage. Thank you for keeping us well informed and intrigued.

Zowie Colwell – 26.03.2022
Stunning pictures and very informative

Wilma Hadiaris – 26.03.2022
Love this magazine won’t miss an issue

Wilma Hadiaris – 26.03.2022
Love this magazine won’t miss an issue

Jenny Purchase – 26.03.2022
A beautiful representation of all the us the Kruger.

Louis Botha – 26.03.2022
Best Wildlife Magazine. Most relevant and awesome FB group, daily bringing us in touch with the place we love, the KNP.

Jill Ovens – 26.03.2022
Love this magazine

Arnold van Zyl – 26.03.2022
A true quaterly gift for all Kruger and nature lovers.

Nikki Bolleurs – 26.03.2022
Brings Kruger to your doorstep where ever you are in the world.

Zander Rautenbach – 26.03.2022
We love the Kruger magazine and love there Fb competitions

Robyn – 26.03.2022
A true showcase of our wildlife

Arné – 26.03.2022
Love the magazine and also the platform they created for photographers to display their work.

Laetitia Van den Berg – 26.03.2022
Just Love this Magazine and the stunning photos

Gail Fox – 26.03.2022
Beautiful magazine

Erica Potgieter – 26.03.2022
Best magazine with exellent articles and photos

Annemarie Joubert – 26.03.2022
Best magazine ever

Luch Tonetti – 26.03.2022
The only magazine which my partner and I read from page 1 until the end – even the adverts. Every article is of such interest to any KNP lover. The articles on the camps in the Park, the Ranger Diaries, readers experiences,whether first visit or favourite places, detailed articles of mammals, birds, trees etc. We look forward to every edition. We have them all, issue 1 to 19. For goodness sake, don’t ever stop

Michelle – 26.03.2022
Best Magazine!!

Christa du Plooy – 26.03.2022
Love my magazine!!!! Stunning pics, informative articles and dedicated contributors to preservation!! Well Done!

Andries Buitendach – 26.03.2022
Great magazine

Sanra Oosthuysen – 26.03.2022
Best magazine ever

Christelle Swanepoel – 26.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is amazing and we love it. Always such informative articles and lovely photographs.

Van der Walt Cornell – 26.03.2022
This is the ONLY magazine that we buy. BEST EVER!! Educational, ceative, nostalgic, days that we were unable to travel, we had our Kruger Magazine and dreams.

Petro Pretorius – 26.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is the best!

Angele – 26.03.2022
Best wildlife magazine on the planet!!! A vast array of thoroughly researched, in-depth articles that every nature enthusiast will appreciate and love. We’ll done to the editorial team!

Willem Pretorius – 26.03.2022
Awesome magazine.

Large Luzaan – 26.03.2022
Awesome awesome magazine my favorite ✨

Melissa Ladeira – 26.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is amazing!

Natalie Chiasson – 26.03.2022
I love the magazine.

Anne Cousins – 26.03.2022
Superb magazine

Mary Glyn – 26.03.2022
Vote for Kruger Magazine.

Tony Kanaris – 26.03.2022
Living in Australia, the Kruger Magazine has been a life saver! Allowing me to get my dose of Africa bd the amazing Kruger Park and wonderful wildlife. I count down the days to each issue.

Tristan Masterton – 26.03.2022
A prestigious publication with incredible editorial, interesting and informative articles and the most incredible photography.

Martin – 26.03.2022
What an awesome magazine.

Michael Teubes – 25.03.2022
I’ve been a member of the Kruger Magazine Facebook group for a number of years, & love receiving all the newa & fantastic wildlife photos

Sharlene Cathro – 25.03.2022
Love the magazine.

Danie Calitz – 25.03.2022
Im passionate about the eduction, awareness and conservation of the Kruger.

Stefaan Bouwer – 24.03.2022
Concentrated relavent wildlife info for wildlife lovers.

Martin While – 24.03.2022
Have collected Kruger Magazine since Issue 1, such a fantastic publication that I read from cover to cover. It fills the gaps between visits to KNP

Guy Scott – 24.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is “THE” premier hi quality publication for quality nature stories, amazing photos & wildlife conservation. Exciting interactive photography contests for all levels. Open to all who want to share their special memories with unique content. They touch on every aspect of what goes on in Kruger Park preserving its history and keeping its readers up to date on the latest news & offerings. Simply put they are ” Cutting Edge “Leaders” in this exciting field. Thanks for all the hard work and raising the bar in publishing. Gets my vote !

Jenny Bell – 24.03.2022
Awesome magazine. Such great information on a fantastic Park.

Carol Barry – 24.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is Simply the Best!

Leighton Ferreira – 24.03.2022
Fantastic Magazine!

Lizzy Gerritsen – 24.03.2022
Kruger Magazine

Danelle Myburgh – 24.03.2022
One of the best speciality magazines around! Paging through it (or reading specific pages) is like a mini-holiday at home.

Madelaine Goetsch – 24.03.2022
Can’t wait for this mag to hit the shelves! The photography is stunning and the articles Re informative and enjoyable! Love it love it love it!

Ronel Badenhorst – 24.03.2022
Great Magazine

Andie Kriel – 24.03.2022
The Kruger Magazine is a great source of information regarding the kruger national park and surrounding areas and conservation.

Bets Ferreira – 24.03.2022
Best magezine on the market!!

Jackie Naude – 24.03.2022
An incredibly exciting and informative magazine!

Jenny De Klerk – 24.03.2022
Kruger magazine – truely a celebration of Africa’s Wildlife heritage*****

Ursula Brown – 23.03.2022
Excellent Publication

Billy Hindshaw – 23.03.2022
Brings Kruger into my living room, keeps me up to date with amazing articles and pictures.

Danee Thompson – 23.03.2022
This truly is an amazing magazine! I’m always excited to see it on the shelves

Large Luzaan – 23.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is one of the best magazines

Marietha Swart – 23.03.2022
The Brilliance of this publication in relevance, accuracy, content , quality & interactive platform, is what positions THE KRUGER MAGAZINE as a trailblazer!

Maryke Van Vuuren – 23.03.2022
This is one magazine I will not miss. I have all issues thusfar. Very informative magazine with awesome photographs and fantastic quality!

Sanders Francesca – 23.03.2022
Fantastic magazine.

Jacqui McKnight – 23.03.2022
I have every single copy of Kruger magazine, great informative articles, wonderful photos, love the updates about the camps, and young children like to learn about the animals and trees. Have a special collection. Sure it inspires traveller’s. Thanks Jacqui

Hitesh Dave – 23.03.2022
Great Magazine and FB group

Adele Steyn – 23.03.2022
I have a passion for wild life please keep this going for the Kruger

Fransie Smit – 23.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is the best wild life publication on th South African market. Informative, educational, brilliant with master class photo’s.

Jacqueline Jacobs – 23.03.2022
Kruger Magazine

Michelle Thiele-Lategan – 23.03.2022
Excellent Magazine! High quality with grwat informative articles and stunning photos! We love this magazine!

Johan Smit – 23.03.2022
Stunning Magazine.

Quintus Strauss – 23.03.2022
Great lodge

Riandi Jacobsz – 23.03.2022
Amazing magazine, very informative!

MAVIS CRUNDWELL – 23.03.2022
The KRUGER MAGAZINE is the finest wildlife magazine with such interesting articles – I wish it was a monthly magazine because I read it from front to back and then have to wait for 3 months for the next issue !!

Jennifer – 23.03.2022
One of the most amazing magazines ever

Desiree Schlooz – 23.03.2022
Popular magazine in my home. Very informative articles not only on fauna/flora but the park as well. Good quality paper so go down in generations. Photography is top notch and I love the competitions. Hard copy or digital is super. Missing out if you dont get your copies

ZIETS VAN OENE – 23.03.2022

Rare Encounters – 23.03.2022
This truly is an amazing magazine, highly recommended!

Felicity Massyn – 23.03.2022
Kruger magazine is the best pubication ever from the fantastic articles to the photographs.

Geraldine Morelli – 23.03.2022
Having visited this park so many times and a big wildlife lover, it is always an immense pleasure to read Kruger Magazine. Simply brilliant!

Elsa Maree – 23.03.2022
Kruger Magazine is the best of the best.

Doreen Krause Grobler – 23.03.2022
Die Kruger tydskrif is wonderlik ten opsigte van inligting oor die natuur en waar om te gaan. Hou veral van die foto kompetisies.

Tobie Oosthuizen – 23.03.2022
Well done

Danienne Fritz – 23.03.2022
Briliant magazine

Adele Sneyd – 23.03.2022
Best magazine ever!

Karin Van Zyl – 23.03.2022
Just love the Kruger magazine when open it feeling you are in kruger itself

Kerryn Du Toit – 23.03.2022
By far the best and informative magazine to stay up to date on Kruger, conservation and news in the wildlife sector

Warren – 23.03.2022
Love this magazine!

Michelle Wright – 23.03.2022
Best informative wildlife magazine ever!!

Langutani N’wamba – 23.03.2022
The best magazine

Erika Alberts – 23.03.2022
KRUGER MAGAZINE is a unique media product! The content is enriching! The ‘reach’, worldwide! A collector’s item! Popular in PRINT, popular in DIGITAL! A most worthy contestant to be proud of! KRUGER MAGAZINE gets my vote!

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