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Type: Accommodation – Lodge
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: A Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve adventure means stepping into another world and discovering a whole new perspective. Each aspect of the Lodge is unique; from the incredible rock formations which make up the region to the Suites, which were constructed to meld into the environment seamlessly to the rich cultural history of the region. Kagga Kamma is not ‘just’ a holiday destination… It is a moment etched into the fabric of South African culture.

Region: Western Cape / Cederberg

Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve

An oasis on the edge of time

Nestled against natural rock formations in the Cederberg and far away from big city lights lies Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve; a location which connects visitors of today with the soulful heritage and landscape once inhabited by the Khoi and San of the past. Kagga Kamma is unique in that it comprises an untouched Karoo-like wilderness: decorated in bursts of wild flowers, scattered and fascinating rock formations and an intriguing ecosystem of small creatures scarcely seen or found anywhere else. Guests to the area are touched by the incredible experience bestowed upon them when visiting the Reserve and often find themselves wishing to return to a place so undiscovered and exclusive. Enjoy a number of modern comforts while reconnecting with the earth. At Kagga Kamma space and time are measured by moments and memories formed in the red sand and of fynbos and endless skies.

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Masego Tlhabetsane – 26.05.2022
So beautiful and adventurous

Palesa Lefofane – 25.05.2022
The scenery, the views, everything is just unforgettable. This is my number one must-visit spot whenever I talk about travel with my friends. A true reflection of South African beauty!

Asanda – 21.05.2022
This looks like an amazing getaway spot. I’d love the opportunity to see all that it offers

Tshegofatso Nyalungu – 02.05.2022
Request voucher

Michael Olk – 07.04.2022
The staff at Kagga Kamma are completely convincing right from the booking stage. They respond to every question with a lot of patience and help with every problem, no matter how small. We are looking forward to getting to know Kagga Kamma next year.

Nicolene – 06.04.2022
I made a booking via email and kagga kamma responded swiftly. I was impressed.

Simonia Julies – 31.03.2022
Please send vouchee

Ann Watkins – 31.03.2022
An unforgettable experience.

Woon Ziady – 30.03.2022
Truly enjoyed our time there in December 2020. Coming out of lockdown into Kagga Kamma was more than magical.

Christopher Underwood – 29.03.2022
Kagga Kamma is truly a beautiful place, I will keep going back!

Tarryn Roland – 24.03.2022
Kagga Kamma was honestly one of the best nights we have had away as a couple. We chose to stay overnight in the open air suite which is definitely one for every couple’s bucketlist! Amazing venue with amazing views and great service :)

Nelisa – 16.03.2022
Before you start to explore the world you must be a proudly south African check your surroundings the Beauty and nature. It gives that energy strength to go far it makes us to see things in a different way the atmosphere and nature it clear up the minds. Could see things in different ways that’s why it’s easy to explore the world and little things we have God say we must share and give so that we can get more.

Charlene van den Berg – 15.03.2022
A definite bucket list destination. Highly recommended – beautiful reserve, exceptional staff, excellent service.

Raymond Dwyer – 15.03.2022
The most beautiful place in the world!

Shazeaa – 14.03.2022
Paradise on earth!

Rhinda – 14.03.2022
A truly unique experience it is so Africa!! Definitely worth a visit!!

Zelda Garzouzie – 14.03.2022
Most beautiful place on earth, with exceptional staff.

Sharoline – 14.03.2022
I am requesting my R1000 voucher

Igna Mynhardt – 14.03.2022

Cindie – 13.03.2022
A stunning resort! a must on our bucket list!

Christa Botha – 13.03.2022
Ek hou van die omgewing. Die ooptes

Jp – 13.03.2022
Excellent service, very relaxing

Claudette – 13.03.2022
Don’t rush to get home…this is better

Pieter – 13.03.2022
Best place on earth

Mariette Grobler – 13.03.2022
Fantastiese plek baie na aan die natuur. N awesome ervaring pratige omgewing

Anna-Mart le Roux – 13.03.2022
Kagga kamma

Chris – 13.03.2022
A very nice place away from all day rushness

Rina de Beer – 13.03.2022
The beauty of Kagga Kamma is magical, night skies with all the stars are something out of this world! At Kagga Kamma you can just relax and enjoy, recharge your batteries. Lots of animals, beautiful plants and natural rock formations to see and appreciate. This place is a must see!

Anne-Marie vd Berg – 13.03.2022
What a beautiful oasis.Full of heritage and awesome Karoo-like wilderness with beautiful flowers and rock formations and the most beautiful sky.What a awesome place

Althea Saunders – 13.03.2022
Kagga Kamma will always be fav. Its so Beautiful and the service from the staff Defnitly Top Class!

Jimmy Lourens – 13.03.2022
Ideale en unieke en spesiale plek om weg te breek en jouself en vrede weer te vind in n deesdae deurmekaar wereld en tyd!! – hoogs aanbevelend!!!!

Mia Liebetrau – 13.03.2022
My favourite break-away destination! The wonderful surroundings, provided by Nature, herself combined with amazing accommodation, food and activities provided by friendly and professional people!

Danie kotze – 13.03.2022
The best

Felicia – 13.03.2022
Always the best and a unforgettable staff ❤❤❤

InaGunter – 13.03.2022
Always the best.

Jan GG Horn – 13.03.2022
Never experienced this awesome before

Jacques – 13.03.2022
Amazing place with lovely people..

Danie – 11.03.2022
Kagga Kamma is a beautiful resort, fit for a great relaxation

Carlynne Barnard – 11.03.2022
With the hustle and bustle and stress of everyday life, this is the best place to unwind and forget about all your worries (and electronic devices). Get pampered under the African skies and be 1 with nature.

Andre du Plessis – 11.03.2022
The pure natural beauty of the fynbos plains and intriguing rock formations is enough for me to give Kagga Kamma 10/10.

LOUISE – 11.03.2022
Wow stunning resort!!!

Annelien Pelser – 11.03.2022
Kagga Kamma is a stunning resort and very unique. I believe it is a great escape from the rushed city life.

Hannelie de Klerk – 11.03.2022
Breath taking resort! Would love to visit, vote for Kagga Kamma!

Ronel Engelbrecht – 11.03.2022
Amazing Resort and staff.

Jason – 11.03.2022
Stunning views, beautiful skies and amazing people to put the cherry on the cake.

Bernese van Deventer – 11.03.2022
It is a wonderful resort

Bernese van Deventer – 11.03.2022
It is a wonderful resort

Megan Pretorius – 11.03.2022
I have never seen any other resort that even comes close to the views you get to experience at Kagga Kamma. So unique!

Keana Kruger – 10.03.2022
Amazing and unique property.

Helen – 10.03.2022
Stunning resort and amazing friendly staff.

Leandri Klopper – 10.03.2022
Kagga Kamma is the definition of a Unique experience. It’s the best escape from City life and provides the best setting for complete relaxation. This resort “Rocks”, pun intended!

Charmaine Newman – 10.03.2022
A beautiful area of Southern Africa which is on my bucket list.

Sam – 10.03.2022
Kagga Kamma for the win

Fredie Becker – 10.03.2022
Beautiful resort

Richard Legge – 09.03.2022
Awesome place for a relaxing break. We loved it

Richard Legge – 09.03.2022
Awesome place for a relaxing break. We loved it

jan – 09.03.2022
Hard working staff

Fanie Mattheus – 09.03.2022
Kagga Kamma has very efficient, friendly staff and with plenty to offer, especially for nature lovers.

Rudi – 09.03.2022
Stunning holiday location, Amazing.

Kelli TenBrock – 09.03.2022
On our bucket list! Amazing place.

Janneke – 09.03.2022
Most magical place on earth!

Angela Saunders – 09.03.2022
Bucket list location!

Neels Kleynhans – 09.03.2022
Just excellent!!

Debbie Du Toit – 09.03.2022
Most amazing star gazing experience! Wonderful and very unique getaway.

Desmond Locker – 09.03.2022
Always wanted to go here. On my bucket list of adventures!

Chanel – 09.03.2022
Amazing!!! I love it.

Bianca – 09.03.2022
Best staff ever, a great resort and amazing views.

Sonja Louw – 09.03.2022
I love nature, and this was the best nature holiday that I have ever been on. It is a great resort with the most amazing view.

Jana – 09.03.2022
Pragtige plek in die natuur waar jy rus vir jou siel kan kry

Angelique Bouwer – 01.03.2022
Gorgeous views and excellent service!

Leilanie De Jager – 27.02.2022
Eden of the Mountains

Deon Gouws – 27.02.2022
Found peace for my soul at Kagga Kamma

Jan GG Horn – 27.02.2022
Most enjoyable time.

Thomas – 27.02.2022
What and amazing experience. Highly recommend!

Pipeta Constance – 24.02.2022
A great place,everybody is so friendly and they gave us great service.

Raymond Constance – 24.02.2022
The resort is beautiful and the people is very professional.

Lourens Kritzinger – 24.02.2022
Best vacation ever. Best staff,amazing service and most beautiful scenery in the land. Absolutely Amazing

Carina Jordaan – 24.02.2022
Wonderlikste plek waar ek nog ooit was wonderlike personeel en n plek wat jy altyd sal onthou

Luyanda Kama – 24.02.2022
Kagga Kamma is a resort like no other. If you want to relax with the ascents of nature around you then this is the place for you. It is a must visit destination and must have on your to go to busket.

Francine van Heerden – 24.02.2022
Soon i will attend a wedding Kagga Kamma Nature reserve…

Jay-Lynn – 24.02.2022
By far the best lodge ever!!! Visited a few times and will definitely go back. The food, the services, the accommodation and everything else is excellent! Thank you Kagg

Lee-Mark – 24.02.2022
Kagga kamma is die plek met die mooiste vakansie ontspaning geriewe.

Lee-Mark – 24.02.2022
Kagga kamma is die beste

Gordon Milne – 24.02.2022
This is the place to go if you want to get away from it all. Great atmosphere and freindly staff.

Katriena van Schalkwyk – 24.02.2022
One of the best places to go and just enjoy yourself with your love ones

Lerato – 24.02.2022
Kaga kama is the place to be. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful. Exceptional service and a great place for a karoo getaway. Highly recommend.

Glo-ann – 23.02.2022
Great staff love it

Georgia Fullard – 23.02.2022
Kagga Kamma is a beautiful place for a nice holiday

Angelo Forbes – 23.02.2022
One of the best accommodation and wonderful hotel.

Allistair Modisie – 23.02.2022
Love the nature

Fariedah Dollie – 23.02.2022
The most breathtaking romantic couples destination. Perfect for honeymoons as well as couples getaways anytime of the year.

Louis Loubser – 23.02.2022
Truly an unique and amazing experience. Definitely a bucket list destination.

Luther Steyn – 22.02.2022
Karoo sprokies land. Waar die rotse met jou praat en jy weer jouself en God kan hoor.

Gail Basson – 22.02.2022
Perfect destination where we spent our honeymoon – both from a romantic through to a historic, nature conservation,, spectacular geographical area, panoramic views, through to service excellane ensures a unsurpassed experience! Love Kagga Kamma!!!

JLC Erasmus – 22.02.2022
A very special place and excelent food a absolute must. Aweson,went there several times. Beste plek ooit, vriendelikste staff en mooiste natuurskoon

Helene le Roux – 22.02.2022
Kagga Kamma is the best.

Nino Puccini – 21.02.2022
A great place to get away plus fantastic staff.

Muchelle Fullard – 21.02.2022
Kagga Kamma is simply the best

Ashlin Bell – 20.02.2022
Such a beautiful place for a romantic gateway with it’s breathtaking views and friendly staff

Christine Alessandrini – 20.02.2022
Excellent accommodation. Beautiful landscape. Friendly and helpful staff.

Naomi Janse – 20.02.2022
Love nature

Zaida Essop – 20.02.2022
Real gem in the Karoo.. Nowhere else got these beautiful stone houses and breath taking views

Masego Maritshi Maritshi – 20.02.2022
Kagga Kamma is a gem in the wilderness

LD PIENAAR – 20.02.2022
Kagga Kamma Nature Reserve for the win. Beautiful isolated place with so much Reptile diversity

Elsonia – 20.02.2022
Nice place

Lexa – 20.02.2022
My favorite place in all of the world

Garry – 20.02.2022
Absolutely fell in love with this place whilst camping there

Jen Botha – 20.02.2022
Stunning! I hope they win

Lorrensia Erasmus – 19.02.2022
Friendly staff, a unique place with such presentation and flavors outstanding…love the place with all his rocks format.

Cecily Cridland – 19.02.2022
Kagga Kamma is one of my all time favourites holiday destinations. I love spending my birthdays there because they always make it an extra special occasion. From the accommodation, to the food, to the staff, to the surroundings all make for a memorable holiday. I love the hikes, the rock art, the 4X4 trails and best of all the restaurant. Everything they serve has been made with love. Kagga Kamma comes highly recommended.

Diane Naidoo – 19.02.2022
I stayed at Kagga Kamma with my girlfriends and husbands. We had a blast. We had two lodges, swam all day, did a 4×4 drive through the reserve one evening and a hike one morning. Of all the places we’ve been, this one is the one we always remember and refer to.

Rachelle Petersen – 19.02.2022
Peaceful and scenic place and great getaway from the city hustle.

Karen Lubbe – 19.02.2022
Pragtige plek

Ryan smith – 19.02.2022
Kagga Kamma is absolutely stunning and combines nature with hospitality and luxury travel in a variety of ways 10/10

Cari Du Preez – 19.02.2022
Such a special and unique experience!

Morné – 19.02.2022
I love camping . So it’s home away from home. Great place and friendly staff.

Zahn – 19.02.2022
Flippen love it!!

Morne – 19.02.2022
I use too work there and it was amazing

Jacolene Van Rooi – 19.02.2022
Absolutely Amazing!!! Overload with friendlyness. Delicious food. The most amazing sundowners. Everything is just beaula!!!

DeV Du Toit – 19.02.2022
Kagga Kamma is a globally unique resort nestled in the extraordinary Cederberg mountains where nature is experienced in its original and timeless state Lovely and romantic open air facilities are professionlly managed where amongst others you can enjoy lovely food with excellent and complementing wines as well as five star overnight facilities

Pedro Philander – 19.02.2022
Absolutely Stunning

Junita – 19.02.2022
Most beautiful

Francois loots – 19.02.2022
Great place for a getaway or just to clear the mind.

Jill Naude – 19.02.2022
Most Beautiful Place of All and Amazing Getaway from The Busy City

Annaline Weitz – 19.02.2022
Best place to have a getaway. Spectacular views and always neat with the most friendly staff members

Kevin kamfer – 19.02.2022
Kagga Kamma nature reserve is die beste in die weste gaan en geniet die stilte en di mooi nature

April – 19.02.2022
Kagga kamma nature reserve

Gerhard Hogendoorn – 19.02.2022
Absolutely stunning venue with unique accommodation, including the famed outdoor rooms, Sky Suite and Star Suite! Great food, great service. My favourite SA destination to go relax. And the staff just takes it to the next level. All without Eskom power. Hybrid solar power so a environmentally friendly lodge as well. Can’t wait to return later this year!

Ayanda maseti – 19.02.2022
The most beautiful place in the world amazing staff awesome hospitality

Andrew Meleni – 18.02.2022
The place is breath taking. Beautiful scenery, friendly staff, cleanliness is on top and their food lue you to extend your stay. Everything was just superb. That place deserves to be a 5 star.

Leonardo Christiano Louw – 18.02.2022
Kagga kamma is die beste vakansie plek ooit.Die beste staff en baie vriendelik wow i love this place KAGGA KAMMA

Sanna Ambraal – 18.02.2022
This place is just amazing..the scenery is a must to experience,the staff overall is very attentive,polite and so professional!This should be a bucket list you have to experience.

Renè Lombard – 18.02.2022
This resort is the best to disconnect from the city live and explore the beautifull scenery it has to offer!! such friendly and professional staff and the best decor you can imagine.

Jasmaine Frye – 18.02.2022
Such an exquisite and beautiful scenery reserve!!.

Wikus Rupping – 18.02.2022
Greatest, most unique Nature Reserve in South Africa with amazing staff.

Antonia – 18.02.2022
The best vacation place ever! A real Romantic getaway. Friendly staff and amazingly yummy food ❤️

Marchillino Ambraal – 18.02.2022
The very best Lodge/Nature reserve you could experience!!!

Marchillino Ambraal – 18.02.2022
The very best Lodge/Nature reserve you could experience!!!..

Marchillino Ambraal – 18.02.2022
The very best lodge/Nature reserve you could experience!!!!

Erin Adams – 18.02.2022
My husband and I went to Kagga Kamma for our honeymoon in 2020. It was a really amazing experience, we went for the hikes and on game drives and had a resident jackal that visited us at night. We have great memories there :) Kagga Kamma deserves this award!

Faldelah Mackenzie – 18.02.2022
Great place to break away for family and couples from busy city life, lovely game drives and beautiful night sky’s. Peaceful and tranquil.

Japie Fourie – 18.02.2022
Dit is ongelooflik mooi en rustig.

Elizabeth – 18.02.2022
Vote kagga kamma

Sussana van der westhuizen – 18.02.2022
Die beste vakansie plek ooit.

Mariette van Tonder – 18.02.2022
Absolutely breathtaking.

Ian Cridland – 18.02.2022
Wow what an experience. The best staff I’ve dealt with. Units are well kept. Peace and tranquility phenomenal. Definitely the best

Deon – 18.02.2022
What a place, nature and quite at the best

Marilyn Hallett – 18.02.2022
They care for senior citizens by offering One of the best pensioner discounts in South Africa. A truly fabulous, relaxing, authentic destressing, beautiful, fascinating lodge to spend a few days. Excellent food, service with a smile. Top lodge in the western cape. Love it!

Lynelle – 18.02.2022
Fabtastiese plek

Denise Geldenhuys – 17.02.2022
Best place for pure relaxation…

Lize Strauss – 17.02.2022
I have been to Kagga Kamma once and it was a lifetime experience!! Beauty all around.

Sherry – 17.02.2022
Kagga Kamma for the ultimate win! The most unique and amazingly beautiful place

Muriel Weber – 17.02.2022
It looks lovely

Jacky Grassman – 17.02.2022
Breathtaking beauty, amazing facility and accommodation, competent, knowledgeable and friendly staff. Custome Service is the best

Tiny Lirumo – 17.02.2022
This place is the magic of Africa

Morne Barnard – 17.02.2022
I am looking to take my wife there for our 10 year wedding anniversary. Looks stunning!!

Pfariso Thuso Koena – 17.02.2022
Maybe turkey or Kenya where you would sleep so beautiful in rock, modify into a luxurious room. I had a experience of a life time, I can’t wait to go back

Helen Smit – 17.02.2022
Kagga Kamma is the Best

Wynand Bezuidenhout – 17.02.2022
A very special place and excellent food a absolutely must

Mandie – 17.02.2022
Awesome place!! Go there every year

Samantha Faria – 17.02.2022
Kagga Kamma is one of my favourite places to explore and somewhere I always find myself coming back to. A true hidden gem!

Audra Ross – 17.02.2022
Place looks like a dream come true. One of the places on my bucket list for my Husband and Myself.

Leilanie Ferullo de Jager – 17.02.2022
Simply the best ..better than all the rest

Wessie Maree – 17.02.2022
Pragtige plek enige mens se droom

Charnice Herbert – 17.02.2022
Absolute beautiful scenery. Interesting rock discoveries and so much more. Love their friendly staff that

Hanlo Jordaan Viljoen – 17.02.2022
Kagga Kamma is a wonderland for any nature enthusiast.

Tertia Els – 17.02.2022
I Vote for Kagga kamma, the place is stunning, clean and neat. Friendly staff and they walk the extra mile for everyone. . Thank you Kagga Kamma.

Rudi Zeeman – 17.02.2022

Piet Steenkamp – 17.02.2022
Beste plek ooit, vriendelikste staff en mooiste natuurskoon

Lourens Kritzinger – 17.02.2022
Most amazing getaway i have been too ever

Paul Avenant – 17.02.2022
Simply the best place to relax and get away from the city noise.

Wonita Cloete – 17.02.2022
Dit is n wonderlike plek asemrowend.

Nicolene Viljoen – 17.02.2022
Kagga kamma is ‘n fenomenale plek! Die mense is so vriendelik en gasvry. Die plek self is so mooi, sal beslis enige tyd weer daarna toe gaan.

Chantell Steenkamp – 17.02.2022
This is truly a magical place, such brilliant hospitality and a location out of a fairytale

Carina jordaan – 17.02.2022
Beste vakansie wat ek al ooit gehad het, beste bestuurspaar en personeel. Pragtigste skoonste en mense wat uit hul pad gaan om dit die tyd van jou lewe te gee.

Tara King – 17.02.2022
Best Lodge with the beat services and experiences !

Adrean – 17.02.2022
Kagga Kamma is an absolutely incredible and unique place to visit. From the staff to the landscapes and experience, all-around a class experience.

Seamus – 17.02.2022
Stunning holiday location. Can’t fault anything at this place.

Chantal Jansen – 17.02.2022
Love nature

Simone – 17.02.2022
Amazing service and beautiful views. Definitely a must stay!!!!

Charlene – 17.02.2022
Awesome place

Luhan – 17.02.2022
Beautiful place to visit. Staff and Manager are amazing.

Stephan Bouwer – 17.02.2022
This is a really unique place. Views are amazing staff are friendly and the best.

Martin Yssel – 17.02.2022
I voete for kwagga khama

Dale – 17.02.2022
A complete escape from the world! And the landscape is something else – otherwordly and completely breathtaking! The staff are wonderful! Nothing is too much trouble. Authentic, warm, ‘platteland’ hospitality. Delicious food with yummy vegetarian and vegan options.

Ansie Dreyer – 17.02.2022
What a WOW!!! place!

Frederik Dreyer – 17.02.2022
It’s an Incredible log, they even have Award winning coffee complementary in the rooms!

Ruan – 17.02.2022
Simply the best

Tania Steenkamp – 17.02.2022
Best lodge in the world!

Marisa – 17.02.2022
Beautifully unique holiday breakaway! Will recommend to anyone

Leendert Dreyer – 17.02.2022
Great place with best coffee

Jennie Nelson – 17.02.2022
Best service, facilities and amazing staff

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