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Type: Tour operator & agents
Category: Innovative

Motivation for award: In October 2020 we ran an innovative online Social Media Campaign via FaceBook, Instagram and Linkedin called “Spotlight on” – where we travelled around the country (KZN & Western Cape) and filmed different accommodation facilities readiness around COVID-19 and health regulations. The reason for this innovative campaign was to showcase South Africa’s accommodation and destination readiness to open up to tourists to travel. We shared the post with both our domestic and International customers and in turn they boosted the campaign on their side. The campaign, though amateur filming was a resounding success and it was entered and considered for the WTM Africa 2021 Awards. Regretfully we were not successful. Hopefully we will be for the South African Tourism Awards 2022 :) We are a medium sized company that wanted to make a difference as best we could to bring back that travel confidence that South Africa was indeed “Travel Ready” The net result is we got the following clicks and views: 10789 Views and Likes on Face Book 8765 Views and Likes on Instagram 1450 Views See below links as evidence on Facebook which fed off Instagram:

Region: Kwazulu Natal / Southern Africa

Inspirations Travel & Tours (PTY) LTD

We Inspire Dream Holidays!

Inspirations Travel & Tours is a diversified Inbound (Southern Africa) and Outbound (East Africa, North Africa, Middle East, Mediterranean, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia and Cruise Holidays) DMC travel group.

Both the Inbound and Outbound divisions operate separately to one another serving a variety of international and domestic wholesale markets.

After 36 years operating in Southern Africa and abroad, Inspirations Travel & Tours is well established, knowledgeable and trusted.

The companies headquarters are in Durban, with representation offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town, and supplier partners in Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Mozambique, with International representation in Germany, United Kingdom and Scandinavia.

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Mary Alfred – 12.03.2022
Promote South Africa , promote sustainable tourism

Inge Beadle – 01.03.2022
They are not called INSPIRATIONAL for nothing- they are a truly special agency that looks after us clients wonderfully well!

Colette Bailey – 01.03.2022
All the best ITT !!

Mari Snygans – 01.03.2022
Inspirational Travel and Tours

Karin Stoss – 28.02.2022
We have a long partnership with Inspiration Travel & Tours. Great people and work over the years. Good luck and all the best!

Yvonne Caroto – 28.02.2022
Friendly and know their product

sandra mackintosh – 27.02.2022
Amazing company!

Gwendoline – 26.02.2022

Fozia Sheik Omar – 25.02.2022
Inspiring dream holidays

Doina – 25.02.2022
It’s a pleasure to work with ITT, excellent team, friendly and professional. They knew provide best services for VIP travellers too. Thank you to all of them !

Joan du plessis – 25.02.2022
Inspirational company who provided an inspirational tour of the Norwegian Fjords.Brilliant!

Claudia – 25.02.2022
great DMC!

Juergen Linder – 25.02.2022
Great Campaign!

MICHELLE LOWES – 25.02.2022

Armin Bischoff – 25.02.2022
Excellent Service!

Sonia Kruger – 25.02.2022
Inspirational and innovative!

Matthias Milla – 25.02.2022
great service and wonderful people to work with.

JACQUI BOWYER – 25.02.2022
Great Service and Top Notch Consultants

Veronique de Robillard – 25.02.2022
Thank you for keeping us the travel trade updated with your beautiful products inbound and outbound

Mesh Sen – 25.02.2022
Great work ITT.

Meshall Sen – 25.02.2022
ITT is amazing at what they do.

Shouvik Sen – 25.02.2022
Good luck

Vicky Mittan – 25.02.2022
We have had a long relationship with Inspirations Travel & Tours. Good Luck.!

Neermala Gounden – 25.02.2022
Among the best operators internationally providing a world class service locally

Tara White – 25.02.2022
ITT are a well established and reliable agency that will always go the extra mile for their agents and clients.

Roshin – 25.02.2022
Excellent service!

Gail Scott – 25.02.2022
ITT always has amazing specials and are always willing to help us with quotes for our clients

Shanaaz Patel – 25.02.2022
good luck

Susan Ganancial – 25.02.2022
The named itself “Inspirations Travel & Tours,” gives more enthusiastic and motivation to the agents as well as the enlightenment to the clients or travellers. Keep it up and we will support you.

Sinish Kuni – 25.02.2022
ITT, always happy to assist with a smile, which you can hear over the phone & fantastic rates

Tanya Holtzhausen – 25.02.2022
Great reliable company offering so many different destinations and products

Francesca Corna – 25.02.2022
ITT kept everyone up to date with the latest Covid information, which is and was a great help to everyone.

Rolanda Meintjes – 25.02.2022
A great company to work with and an excellent team whom have a passion for their destinations.

Sheryl Moodley – 25.02.2022
Vote for Inspiration Travel and Tours

Frauke Kreitz – 25.02.2022
Inspirational professionals

Mark Glanvill – 25.02.2022
Inspirations Travel and Tours, a truly professional Company offering the best advice in Tourism !

Christoph Kadlubski – 25.02.2022
Great Service and great Staff!

JEANETTE BANK – 25.02.2022
A company always producing outstanding service for many many years!!!

David Dix – 25.02.2022
Professional staff always helpful and willing to go the extra mile, an absolute pleasure to do business with.

Ilse Olivier – 25.02.2022

Pieter Pienaar – 25.02.2022
Beautiful packages. Great service!

Gail Louw – 25.02.2022
Inspirational Travel and Tours

Amy van Rensburg – 25.02.2022
ITT has always been a reliable operator and offers great service.

Reliable and trustworthy.

Fowzia Davids – 25.02.2022
All the best

Abel Acuna – 25.02.2022
Thank you ITT for a very well organized and executed Greek island hopping package.

Selina Rampurshad – 24.02.2022
Excellent service, pleasant staff.

Jan le Roux – 24.02.2022
I have had the pleasure of working with ITT for a long time – great company to deal with

Margot Speed – 24.02.2022
I have dealt with ITT for many years and have always had wonderful service and happy clients

Kalsie – 24.02.2022

Daniella Csar – 24.02.2022
always helpful and they go the extra mile.

Neville – 24.02.2022
The staff are very efficient and effective.

Cynthia Oodith – 24.02.2022
Wonderful staff very helpful and courteous. They make traveling much easier!

Cynthia Oodith – 24.02.2022
Great company always a pleasant experience.

Kim Oodith – 24.02.2022
Excellent service! Great staff, very helpful and efficient.

Raeesa Ebrahim – 24.02.2022
ITT provide excellent rates and great service!

Thembile Mkalipi – 24.02.2022
One of the best outbound tour operators in South Africa and have lots of good deals. I always recommend them to friends and family.

Rozanne Gibson – 23.02.2022
The best!

mohamed – 23.02.2022
One of the best companies

Deanne Hunter – 23.02.2022
Professional service, great products and product knowledge. An absolute pleasure to deal with.

MARTA LENDVAI – 23.02.2022
Perfect service, quick confirmation

Established and well know company who specialise in Mediterranean, Europe and South Africa and they know thier product

Ayesha Bibi Seedat – 23.02.2022
I will book with Inspirations Travel & Tours because it is an established know company.

Abbas Hashmani – 23.02.2022
Amazing and inspirational Travel professionals. Always a pleasure to work with ITT.

Michael Wilcox – 23.02.2022
This is a truly Southern African Tour Operator who takes all requirements into consideration.

Clemens Walzl – 23.02.2022
Inspirations Travel and Tours kept us regularly informed about the situation in South Africa during the Cororna period. That was very helpful for our decisions. We hope to have guests for South Africa again soon! Our best wishes for this year!

Marion Heidenreich – 23.02.2022
Long time reliable partner, great staff that went out of their way during the pandemic

Piet Du Plooy – 22.02.2022
A company you can trust and rely on for all your travel needs !

Bart Meijer – 22.02.2022
ITT has always provided excellent service and creative packages at competitive rates! The groups and incentive programs have been applauded by our clients. The personal commitment of the staff makes the difference!

KZN Gravity – 22.02.2022
Best for tours!

Mandy Preston – 22.02.2022
Good Luck!

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