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Type: Media
Category: Child Friendly

Motivation for award: In Africa and Beyond showcases the best of family-friendly travel in South Africa. It has a wide local and international audience and has done wonders for promoting tourism in South Africa.

Region: Nationwide /

In Africa and Beyond

Luxury family travel in SA

In Africa and Beyond is a blog about travel, events and experiences in South Africa and the rest of the world, focusing mainly on family-friendly places and activities. It was created by Sara Essop, a passionate traveller, who usually travels with her family. Although she has been to 47 countries thus far, she especially loves showcasing her beautiful country, South Africa and how much there is to do there.

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Ralphshili – 02.09.2022
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Levy Robby Ngomane – 31.05.2022
I would like to enter into that competition and win it.That voucher I need it to can travel with it.I wish I could get it.I will be happy for that.

Weleminah – 31.05.2022
I wish to win this trip

Keague Williams – 31.05.2022
Phinda Game Reserve

Weleminah – 31.05.2022
I wish to win this competition

Aniqa Rehman – 31.05.2022
Being a Muslim it’s a stuggle to get halal things abroad and following this page is inspiring and informative from every point of view.

Amina Timol – 30.05.2022
Love your content!

Terence Titus – 30.05.2022
Petrol voucher requested please … Thanks!! #NamibiaRoadtrip #Loading …

Shireen – 30.05.2022
I vote for IN AFRICA and BEYOND because I find the information very relevant, interesting & informative . Also it promotes SOUTH AFRICAN tourism which is great for our economy.

Rehana – 30.05.2022
Africa and Beyond. I really enjoy the content. Some interesting places and discoveries that I learn when reading your blog.

Adeela – 29.05.2022
Africa and Beyond , enjoy reading your great travel content.

Iviwe Arunachellan – 29.05.2022
Love In Africa And Beyond sharing of South African/Africa gems

Faeema Ismail – 29.05.2022
Love that she showcases South Africa

Asma Alli – 29.05.2022
Sara always shares such valuable information about travel. My husband and I enjoy traveling and love reading her tips and ideas before booking. It’s really helpful. Thank you Sara for sharing your experiences and knowledge.

Uvisha Rajpal – 28.05.2022
I vote for Africa and Beyond and request my voucher.

Shehnaz Hanif – 28.05.2022
I love reading the posts by @inafricaandbeyond. The articles are very well written and the pictures are so beautifully taken, so graphic and vivid. They really inspire me to visit the places being mentioned and is sure to ignite the wanderlust in anybody.

Ntsakisi Maluleke – 28.05.2022
Your blog is very helpful, especially now that im planning a getaway to Mpumalanga soon. Im definately doing all your 10 things to do there. Thank you

Willie Obasi Machaba – 28.05.2022
Great tourism guide

Nazeerah – 28.05.2022
Loving all In Africa And Beyond content.

Ayesha Kajee – 27.05.2022
Very informative blog

Lesley Kirk – 27.05.2022
Such beautiful descriptions and photos

Sameera Amoojee – 27.05.2022
I’m so glad I have come across your page. It is User-friendly and has all the information a traveler requires. I look forward to future blogs. I have recently booked Kruger National Park, my families favourite destination in South Africa and your page given me so much insite to plan my trip and make it adventurous for my kids. Thank You. All the best with this award i really pray you win may your efforts and passion be rewarded.

Aadil Hoosen – 26.05.2022
Amazing blog capturing true African Beauty!

Areefa Khan – 26.05.2022
In Africa and Beyond has Amazing travel content,Love it!!!

Inshaaf Abrahams – 26.05.2022
I love the travel blogs and all the amazing places I get to see not knowing they even existed so close to home. Keep whisking us away with all the beautiful scenery ✨️

Peter – 26.05.2022
Awesome reviews up to date reports amazing feedback

Amina Teladia – 26.05.2022
Amazing, informative and very useful information shared by In Africa and beyond, absolutely astounding, beautiful pictures and great reviews. Thank you for sharing.

Rasthoem Simons – 26.05.2022
Great content

Chantal Stanfield – 26.05.2022
Love it!

Milly Gareeb – 26.05.2022
South Africa is one of the best countries in the world to visit and explore. Looking forward to experience new adventures and explore the wonders that South Africa has to offer through Sara’s travel lens! Excellent travel blog. All the best… I hope that she wins!

Sumayyah Ahmad – 26.05.2022
Great content for traveling.. Hopefully will book holidays looking at your recommendations ..

Faheem Khota – 26.05.2022
Hands down one of the best travel blogs, look forward to recieving emails from Sara!

Mohsena mia – 26.05.2022
Information and tips are so informative and helpful. Her topics also very relevant and well researched. Sara Bibi has a talent in photography and her description of her experiences

Khudeja Pochee – 26.05.2022
Love the down to earth and affordable holidays featured on this site.

CAROLINE – 26.05.2022
Amazing blog opened my to Africa most beautiful places.Not only is it good to travel but also encourages nature conservation.

Dominique Mthembu – 26.05.2022
Bookap and travel

Sara Edson – 26.05.2022
Love the blog! Super unsightlful and informative!

Salma Takolia – 26.05.2022
Thanks so much ,me please

Shaheed Seedat – 26.05.2022
Cmpetitions are an excellent way of promoting International travel destinations.

Glenda Vries – 26.05.2022
I never had a honeymoon so this win will realize that dream.

Shamiela Ariefdien – 24.05.2022
I vote for In Africa and Beyond :)

Farzanah Dawood – 22.05.2022
Exellant & well written as well as informative

BibiA – 21.05.2022
Just came across your page now and I’m amazed at the content just from the little that I have browsed through. Very informative and makes me feel as if I’ve already been to some of the places, now I really want to visit the places I’ve only read about and seen pictures of. Thank you

Annisha Hoosain – 21.05.2022
I vote got Sara Essop. Her blogs are so well structured and informative. I have learned so much over the last year and wish her continued success.

Tayyibah Mayet – 21.05.2022
In Africa and beyond is a lovely insightful blog, hope Sara wins

Faheema De Goede – 20.05.2022
Enjoying the reviews and travel recommendations

Bongi Thabede – 20.05.2022
Very informative blog. Well deserved award

Jacqui Short – 20.05.2022
Relatively new to Sara’s blog but wishing I had followed her earlier. In African and Beyond deserves to win because of the high quality of the blog.

Mageshwari Govender – 20.05.2022
Travel inspo

Sephanie Lubbe – 19.05.2022

lisa de kock – 19.05.2022
I vote for in In Africa And Beyond

Claudette Hancocks – 19.05.2022
Sara has opened my eyes to what is out there. I never knew that these places were so interesting and that there was so much to see.

Rehana – 19.05.2022
So Inspiring!!!!

RIANA HARTMANN – 19.05.2022

Nkateko Mayimele – 19.05.2022
All the best May you win

Peter – 19.05.2022
Always fresh and up to date reviews and news, beautiful places to see and having awesome memories. In Africa And Beyond are the best!

Firdos Abdul Karim – 19.05.2022
In Africa and beyond travel blog shares so much about travel locations,you feel as if you are there.It teaches about new places and things to do.It is so inspirtational.

Melishia – 18.05.2022
In Africa and Beyond is simply amazing and I absolutely enjoying the experiences that they share.

Haseena – 18.05.2022
Great travel blog !

Farhana Ismail – 18.05.2022
Thanks I’ve benefited a great deal from your travel experiences. The way you show is the way I prefer to go. Way to go.

Rookshana Hassim – 18.05.2022
Love their awesome and honest reviews. Simply the best!

Fathima Vawda – 18.05.2022
Your blog is inspiring and makes us want to travel to every place. Makes us see the beauty in South Africa and that South Africa has so much to offer.

Zurayda Minty – 18.05.2022
Saw the page for the first time today,love the information and photography. Always looking for information on Travel,from personal experiences. Thank you for sharing your experiences

Shaista Jassat – 18.05.2022
Very informative

Danielle Taute – 18.05.2022
Africa is the most magical destination with views, culture, heritage and love that stretches beyond it’s breathtaking horizons. I am proudly South African and after reading this blog, I could feel the hair on my arms rise, that is how much I can relate. Beautiful!

Vani – 18.05.2022
In Africa and beyond

Yoonus Esmailjee – 17.05.2022
Very Informative

Kameron – 17.05.2022
In Africa and beyond

Tarryn Kromhout – 17.05.2022
Sara has a way of transporting the reader into her post, taking them along with her whether she is staying in a luxury hotel or on a 21day trip through 5 countries!

Nooroolhudda Ayob – 17.05.2022
She does excellent reviews of halaalrestaurants and hotels

Shaeena – 16.05.2022
In Africa and Beyond

Hafiza – 16.05.2022
I love following her and iv been to quite a few places she has recommended

Ruaida Makda – 16.05.2022
In Africa and Beyond is my favorite account. It is very informative and always gives you travel tips and ideas.

Ruaida Makda – 16.05.2022
Excellent and very informative

Mubina Bambawala – 16.05.2022
Best page on Instagram. South Africa Halaal

Sarah – 14.05.2022
South Africa has so much beauty and splendor to offer, therefore would love to showcase our country. Who better to do that, than ourselves – the citizens!

Rosa Da Silva – 13.05.2022
My vote goes to Sara Essop

Fathima – 12.05.2022
Informative blog with great recommendations

Nkosinathi Mlangeni – 12.05.2022
Ssra Essop is the best travel blog

Prof Glen Bright – 12.05.2022
African and beyond has in-depth recommendations and great travel options for people who want to explore South Africa.

Nurina Khan – 12.05.2022
Brilliant reviews and recommendations, the kind that makes you want to get up and explore our beautiful country. Thank you Sara!

Tyrone Bright – 12.05.2022
African and beyond has in-depth recommendations and great travel options for people who want to explore our awesome country!

Nyasha Bowora – 11.05.2022
Truly informative, well written and shows how beautiful our own country is!!!

Aboobsker seedst – 11.05.2022
Africa and beyond is spot on with reviews

Fadilla Suliman – 11.05.2022
Absolutely love the site. May not be able to visit all the places in real time but love the digital get aways it provides. Keep at it, you’re amazing.

Areefa Khan – 09.05.2022
I’m loving the travel content on this page!!

Abby Buchanan – 07.05.2022
All the best

Sameera – 07.05.2022
Informative page with exceptional photography

Debbie Halliday – 07.05.2022
Well written blog that showcases amazing events and destinations.

Sue-Ellen Schutters – 07.05.2022
First time to read a post of yours, very inspiring, makes me want to jump in my car now and make the journey. Augrabies has been on my list, since having fetched my puppy in Upington.

Rehana – 07.05.2022
Thank you for showing us how beautiful our country is

Zahira Alli – 06.05.2022
Absolutely amazing….

Sharifa Daniels – 06.05.2022
South Africa is always a great choice, says this local. Thanks for the reviews, hints and tips.

Nadia Mias – 06.05.2022
Superb content! Although I don’t travel much I still love getting an almost firsthand look at the wonderful destinations on the blog! Hope you win this one!!

Nazrene Salie – 06.05.2022
Casting my vote for Africa and Beyond!

Binte Mahomed – 05.05.2022
Amazing content

Farhana – 05.05.2022
An extremely helpful and informative travel site

Siddiqua Jassat – 05.05.2022
Would love to travel and explore with my family. It would be their first holiday

Ikanyeng Matloko – 05.05.2022
I too love to travel with my family and have many dreams to see our beautiful country as well as outside our borders. We have a love and a passion for the outdoors and our country has so much to offer. Thank you, Sara

Allan Theron – 05.05.2022
I vote for Sara Essop

Raeesa Moolla – 05.05.2022
This is a wonderful travel blog. I hope it gets the tourism award

Mariam Vawda – 05.05.2022
Great blog, discovered much of SA through it!

Muhammad – 05.05.2022
Love travel in SA … Tops

Sharon Chirau – 05.05.2022
Best travel blog! Absolutely love it!

Aamnah Mohamed – 05.05.2022
Augrabie falls

Aneesa – 05.05.2022
A vacation to escape the the Grey’s of the week is much needed

Aneesa – 05.05.2022
A vacation to escape the the Grey’s of the week is much needed

Farzanah – 05.05.2022
Hi, thank you for being part of my new journey. I moved to a different province and Sara’s blog was my go to ,to discover my new territory

Goodwill – 05.05.2022
Best travel blog. Sara has helped me and my family immensely on recommendations for best travelling experience destinations.

Lizelle – 05.05.2022
Have always been subscribed to this newsletter. So informative and relevant!

Chelsey Hale – 05.05.2022
Would be great to see Sara’s blog win! Always meaningful content which the world certainly needs more of.

Bryan M – 05.05.2022
Thanks to a friend for sharing, this looks like a superb Blog to read.

Bryan – 05.05.2022
Sara’s blog is literally the only blog a regularly read and follow, it adds to my bucket list almost every time. All others I have un-subscribed after a month or two

Fathima Sheik – 05.05.2022
Sara Essops blog is very helpful and useful.. keep it up

Shireen Razak – 05.05.2022
We currently live in the United States, however I have learned so much about places to visit and in see in South Africa, just by reading Sara’s blog. We look forward to visiting some of these places whenever we in South Africa.

Maymoona Patel (Bint Ya’qūb) – 05.05.2022
Amazing! Love reading up your local travel ventures Sara! Hoping to follow up on many of them soon.

Lerato Phore – 05.05.2022
Sara Essop is the best travel writer I’ve come across , very informative and well researched information. In Africa amd beyond

Matt Letyet – 05.05.2022
The best travel blog ever

Numan – 05.05.2022
In Africa And Beyond

Nedzamba Khathutshelo Lucia – 05.05.2022
Wooow I would love to win this voucher so I can take my partner to birthday getaway..this is the right platform to start traveling

Ebrahim Akoojee – 05.05.2022
Sara Essop’s posts are very informative and the site contains information that is extremely helpful for travelling

Thulani – 05.05.2022
Always alerted on new stuff keep up the great communication work.

Umme Habibah Khan – 05.05.2022
Sara Essops blog posts are very informative and reliable. Her love for traveling come across in her posts.

Natalie Vos – 05.05.2022
Love hearing about all these beautiful places and inspires me t visit them

homera shaikh – 05.05.2022
One of the best traveling sights in the country.

Rene de Klerk – 05.05.2022
Lovely source of information!

Murendeni Magaba – 05.05.2022
I love the place because is rich with history

A.K. Osman-latib – 05.05.2022
Lovely hotel and I stayed there over 20 years ago. Pleasant cool very friendly service excellence

Nkosinathi Mlangeni – 05.05.2022
Sara Essop

Shaheen suleman – 02.05.2022
Amazing experience and winnings .A must do

Ndifelani Radzuma – 01.05.2022
It’s very useful, when I want reliable information on travelling. It’s user friendly and doesn’t require too much from me, as all information is available in one place

Chloe Lynch – 29.04.2022
Such an amazing place for a family ❤ can’t wait for a holiday there!

Aneesa – 28.04.2022
Well done on a beautifully presented and informative blog!!

Michelle Wakefield – 27.04.2022
I love it! very informative and enjoyable. Thank you so much.

Ubaidullah Ibrahim – 27.04.2022
One of the best traveling sights in the country. Not a cent wasted

Tamiyya – 27.04.2022
I guve this place a good recommendation for holidays

Winnie Ramovha – 26.04.2022
Very informative, a go to blog for things to do and places to visit filled with detailed information about places and accommodation options

Evans Mulaudzi – 26.04.2022
The best travel blog in Mzansi, providing rich preview to weekend getaway and family holidays, to go to site when you wanna pick a short left. Very informative.

Quratul Ain Parker – 26.04.2022
In Africa and Beyond

Natalie Vos – 26.04.2022
Love the info, It encourages me to travel and explore all the beautiful places that you visit

Geeta – 26.04.2022
Useful and detailed information.

Zohra Karrim – 26.04.2022
Good Luck

Fatima Kola – 26.04.2022
I love your stories and newsletter Super super well done

Alistair Fredericks – 26.04.2022

Megan Theart – 26.04.2022
Very informative, showcases the best of South Africa with deals that citizens can afford as well

Mohsena mia – 26.04.2022
Informative and interesting blog

Hildegard Bellingan – 26.04.2022
Just love it, very informative and love the pictures, good luck, have fun and remain safe!

Soraya Daniels – 26.04.2022
Very informative info shared as well as inspiring and exciting locations, that makes one want to just pack their bags.

Soraya Daniels – 26.04.2022
Recently diagnosed cancer patient ‘dying’ :-) to have a beautiful getaway to mentally recharge.

Raheema – 23.04.2022
Informative and diverse…. Love it!!

Aneesa – 22.04.2022

Fazila Mussa – 21.04.2022
I love this blog – 21.04.2022
Awesome service

nicolleen swartz – 21.04.2022
we have wonderful scenes around our country, love seeing them, SARA ESSOP

Joan Rossouw – 21.04.2022
U ain’t see nothing, until u travelled through SA.

Noleen Dirk – 20.04.2022

Safiana Akimu – 20.04.2022

Lameez Patel – 20.04.2022
Love reading your blog and viewing your instagram page

Hamza Akimu – 20.04.2022
Traveling is

Sapiya Jafali – 20.04.2022
All the best on this competition. I would absolutely love to travel and explore our country. Such beautiful places but I’ve never had the opportunity to travel.

Sumaya Lakhi – 20.04.2022
Love seeing these gems of ZA

Singh Shobanie – 20.04.2022
Sara Essop

thulisile – 20.04.2022
travelling has always been my passion…love what you do….continue with the great job

Peter – 19.04.2022
It’s a amazing feedback and up to date reviews on what’s happening.

A.K. Osman-latib – 19.04.2022
Too nice this program Very informative

Kerrie Leigh Govender – 19.04.2022
Sara Essop

SAMANTHA CHOLES – 19.04.2022
I love the recommendations on this blog.

Armaan – 19.04.2022
Great content, and very relevant to discovering local gems and activities!

Dilshad Parker – 19.04.2022
Great local travel blog. Been following her for years.

Muhammad – 19.04.2022
Really Impressive content here. I personally feel that a lot more people should be exposed to such mind blowing content and such beautiful write ups… I take my hat off to you for your wonderful presentation…

Ntombizakhona Angel Dlamini – 19.04.2022
Your blog is very amazing and lovely.

Louis Van Rensburg – 19.04.2022
Fantastic blog! Informative, current and relevant – a pleasure to read!

Abu-Bakr Nadat – 19.04.2022
Amazing job at promoting local tourism! Great posts with really helpful information.

Ebrahim Bodiat – 19.04.2022
Very Insightful Blog

Alicia – 19.04.2022
Lovely blog. Very insightful

Muhammed Yaseen – 19.04.2022
Insightful and and helpful to anyone looking to explore and travel.

Sisipho Mhlontlo – 19.04.2022
Great agency indeed, love it to bits.

Ayesha Kajee – 19.04.2022
A wonderful & insightful blog that makes even the laziest person want to be a wanderlust. I look forward to reading your real life experiences and tips and make good use of it when travelling. Thanks! Looking forward to more, always.

Ayanda Lee – 19.04.2022
Amazing blog!

Mohammed – 19.04.2022
Love it

Zeenat Khan – 19.04.2022
Awesome blog, very informative.

Julia Pews – 19.04.2022
Bucket list not complete but age taken over

Marilyn – 19.04.2022
Love your books etc

Tshenolo Meruti – 19.04.2022
Sara Essop! Fantastic!

Hunaynah Suleman – 19.04.2022
Love Sara’s posts they always look gorgeous and makes us want to go to those places.

Sir Thuso Moloi – 15.04.2022
From Africa and beyond.

Nasreen Goolam Hoosen – 14.04.2022
Well Done Sara on your Blog! I’m a newbie and looking forward to reading more about your exciting travel adventures!

Pinkie Moodley – 13.04.2022
awesome fantastic feedback on all your adventures eagerly await your experiences on your updates weekly.

Soraya Kader – 13.04.2022
I simply love your informative travel blog. Your review of Harties was spot on

Mannie Naicker – 13.04.2022
Africa and Beyond, certainly has my vote for being very informative especially for a seasoned traveller like me.

Fatima – 13.04.2022
Sara Essop – In Africa and Beyond

Renee Schoombee – 12.04.2022
I vote for In Africa & Beyond. Sara writes stunning reviews on her travels & experiences throughout Africa. Well done !

Devan Pillay – 12.04.2022
Love your travel adventures.

Suraya Pandor – 12.04.2022
African and Beyond gets my vote. An Africa travel expert who inspires with her emails.

Tiisetso Sekgwelea – 12.04.2022
Vote for in Africa and Beyond I always follow they’re content to review venues we visit and to know of activities to do. 5 stars

Gavin Monama – 12.04.2022
Awesome content for those who love travelling.

Lehlogonolo Mogomane – 12.04.2022
You’ve never stopped giving us travel content even during the hard lockdown. You’ve shown us what a gem South Africa is and all the different facets in it.

Aneesa Moolla – 12.04.2022
I vote for IN AFRICA AND BEYOND. As we’ve been stuck indoors due to the pandemic, I feel like it’s been such a great escape for me by just reading the blog.

Fahmeedah – 12.04.2022
Great content and wonderful travel experiences through Sara.

Rashida Kalake – 12.04.2022
Very information & great reviews

Fathima Peer – 12.04.2022
Lovely blog So informative Love the content

Ricky Pillay – 12.04.2022
Excellent coverage always and appealing.

Yaseen Choughuley – 12.04.2022
The most amazing travel blog with the best advice and tips for travel

Rumeezah – 12.04.2022
The best travel blog, with the best insight into amazing travels and exciting adventures

Peter – 12.04.2022
I vote for In Africa And Beyond its very informative and interesting to read amazing articles and keep you up to date on what’s happening in around you going places.

Abeda Nana suliman – 12.04.2022
In Africa and Beyond- thanks Sarah .Your Blog truly inspires us ..why go Abroad when we have have The Best around Us..Beautiful S.A.Very informative.

Zaheda Dudhia – 12.04.2022
Vote for africa and beyond .. Always reminds me of my youth and the days of exploring .

Mariam – 08.04.2022
Great, well written and informative. Always look forward to seeing an email from “In Africa and Beyond” pop up in my inbox. The articles have invoked within me a passion to travel this beautiful country.


Ayesha Rawat – 05.04.2022
Excellent information. Exciting experience.

Yusuf Omar – 04.04.2022
My vote definitely goes to “In Africa and Beyond” blog, the content is great and always so relevant and applicable. Holiday advice for all different but great holiday adventures.

Penny Rab – 04.04.2022
Sara’s blog makes one feel she is sitting with you over a cup of coffee or glass of wine. The photographs help tremendously and I look forward to further info as she continues her travels.r

Louise Cloete – 04.04.2022
Sara’s passion for exploring is contagious! Thank you, Sara, for sharing the magnificence of your adventures with us. We are inspired by, and intrigued with your work! Travel truly rocks!

Samanthra Govender – 04.04.2022
Lovely blog very informative

Zahieda Ryklief – 04.04.2022
I thoroughly enjoy Sara’s travels. It makes me want to visit and experience them too. Thank you Sara

Yumna – 04.04.2022
Sara @ in Africa and beyond has very detailed descriptions of places she visited. Her recommendations are always informative and interesting

Mannie Naicker – 04.04.2022
Thank you for the awesome information, There is still so much beauty in our wonderful country Thanks Sara.

Farzana Rassool – 04.04.2022
Wish you all the best!! My vote is for Sara for the InAfricaandBeyond Blog.

Megan Pringle – 04.04.2022
Great reviews

Pierre Burger – 04.04.2022
Thank you Sara. Promoting our wonderful country South Africa is awsome.

Harrison – 04.04.2022
Beautiful province and with your UpToDate information makes it easy to travel

Hajra – 04.04.2022
Would love ❤ to receive a travel voucher

Fatima Laher – 04.04.2022
In Africa and Beyond – Sara. The content posted inspires my next holiday. I enjoy going through all the posts. Can’t wait tonsee more.

Yumna – 04.04.2022
Sara definitely goes “beyond” she is always available to advise, and her posts are much inspiration on where to go especially with littles

Shumeez Hendricks – 04.04.2022
Amazing work Sara – well done!

Fazila – 02.04.2022
Lovely content

Kristy Carlisle – 31.03.2022
In Arica and beyond – Interesting and inspiring and informative!

Farah Wally – 31.03.2022

Humerah Cassim – 31.03.2022
Detailed reviews and awesome recommendations.

Naznin Ahmed – 30.03.2022
I absolutely love your posts. Very informative and lots of great ideas

Najma K – 30.03.2022
In Africa and beyond because love the south african content

Ayesha Timol – 30.03.2022
Lovely reviews, interesting, new destinations, and very informative

Saajida – 30.03.2022
In Africa and beyond

Saajida – 30.03.2022
In Africa and beyond

Bakari Hawa – 30.03.2022
I enjoy the info and refreshing take this account provides. I also enjoy the South african content.

Jessica Morolong – 29.03.2022
With finances being so tight, this will be great for recharging!

Litha – 28.03.2022
Can’t wait to put a tick on my bucket list.

Ayesha Rahiman – 21.03.2022
In Africa and Beyond gets my vote! Posts super intriguing and mesmerising

Suraya – 20.03.2022
Love all the blogs of all the places you have traveled so many beautiful places in our beautiful country which we don’t even know about thanks for sharing with us

Zaakira Mangera – 18.03.2022
Found this by chance but have been so helpful when deciding and planning our holidays.

Naseema Vahed – 12.03.2022
Sara Essop thank you for the great content.

Faheema – 12.03.2022
An authentic view of places to visit and specifically halal food to eat based on location

Fatima Solomon – 11.03.2022
Thank you for this opportunity

Raeesa – 11.03.2022
Great reviews and awesome content

GB Riajoodien Allie – 11.03.2022
Enjoy good reviews to make appropriate decisions

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Great content and reviews!

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Thank you for highlighting and bringing us the beauty that is right on our doorstep….

Jannat Adam – 10.03.2022
You all make South Africa look beautiful as it is, we will never stop exploring.

Rosbin Syed – 10.03.2022
South Africa is on my bucket list

Aasiya – 10.03.2022
Amazing.. Accurate in the reviews.. My most trusted guide that i follow..

Halimah Williams – 10.03.2022
In Africa and Beyond Highly informative Great content

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In Africa and beyond

Zaheera Desai – 10.03.2022
Love her content!

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This will be a really great opportunity to ttravel around south africa cos we are not aware of many places that do exist

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Very informative and thorough in her content

Bibi ayesha Suleman – 10.03.2022
Excellent and useful travel information. Thank you!

Tayyiba bhoola – 10.03.2022
Great holiday blog

Nobuhle – 10.03.2022
This year started on a bad note …and right now a change of scenery is exactly what I need to go relax and unwind, I just need to recharge.

Faatimah Patel – 10.03.2022
Always gives great travel advice

Farida Mokgabudi – 10.03.2022
I’d really love to win this holiday for me and my family. My husband and I have been married for 5 years now and haven’t been on a holiday. We have a beautiful daughter and another bundle of joy on the way Inshallah.

Farida Mokgabudi – 10.03.2022

Shakeera Barry – 10.03.2022
Goodluck, Hope you win!

Glenda Mpyana – 10.03.2022
When going for vacation you don’t stress much because of people like Sara Essop. Already you would have an idea of where to go in the country and which sites to visit. We appreciate you.

Yaameena Ismail – 09.03.2022
In Africa and beyond.. Very helpful and informative.

Kelly Kramer – 08.03.2022
Its so awesome to hear about all different things to do and see here in our beautiful country!

Amanda Mthembu – 08.03.2022
I would like to vote

Fauzia – 08.03.2022
Very useful information and advices for traveling always needed as we always regret when we hear of things we should’ve done and we totally missed it.

Kalpana Gowan – 07.03.2022
Informative, love the travel suggestions and places to visit

Shehnaz Goolam Mahomed – 07.03.2022
Highly recommend as Sara is widely traveled and shares positive tips

Sadiyah Bhabha – 07.03.2022
Planning a holiday is almost as fun as going on holiday. We always enjoy browsing through the blog when deciding where to go. We also always check the website when we want to go for a hike or a family day out, somewhere not too far from home.

Komathire Ramjogi – 07.03.2022
An awesome way to travel in Gauteng. Rating the Gauteng train a 100%.

Judy Naidoo – 07.03.2022
excellent travel mod of transport

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Love her content so much

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I am a holiday dog…. Just need someone to guide me

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Absolutely love the blog! Amazing content!

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A very informative website, showcasing some hidden destinations in and around South Africa

Aadila – 05.03.2022
Best content

Ayesha Timol – 05.03.2022
An informative blog, showcasing some hidden destinations in and around South Africa.

Dedre Muller – 05.03.2022
I vote for In Africa and Beyond. Love Sara’s writing style and her blog makes me want to travel more and see more of South Africa and the rest of the world. Itvs the first place I look for travel inspiration.

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I would like to vote for Sara essop In Africa and Beyond Love the blog

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Very excited

Annisha Hoosain – 05.03.2022
I vote for Sara Eason.

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I have discovered new places and activities in South Africa by following her blog … Also by her showcasing it, I also enjoyed and rediscovered places in Africa and beyond.. ❤

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Fantastic blog, so much useful information.

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Best travel information! Love this blog!!

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Best page is In Africa And Beyond!

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voting for in Africa and Beyond

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Amazing blog, can dream and imagine being with her on her tours!

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Amazing read …

Prudence Tshabalala – 04.03.2022
Beautiful family friend place

Lakshmi Nair – 04.03.2022
Tourism catered for the family. I especially love nature, so I thoroughly enjoy all the nature reserves that are featured.

Trinity Bhembe – 04.03.2022
Voting voting voting

Natasha – 04.03.2022
Love reading Sara work and seeing all the amazing adventures in south africa

Koketso Bantobetse – 03.03.2022
In Africa and Beyond deserves to win!

Abdullah – 03.03.2022
Love this blog

Candie Lee – 03.03.2022
Great info on her blog

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Love your travel blog, Sara Essop !

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Maxrintia wilson-Delport – 03.03.2022
Love to read about my future travels can’t wait to live the dream I read about

Odette Tolksdorf – 03.03.2022
Wonderful travel writing about a great variety of interesting places and experiences in South Africa. It’s always a good and informative read.

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In Africa and Beyond provides useful information and intriguing travel ideas. Plus cool competitions

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Incredible writing that excels at showcasing the beauty of Africa.

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great travel information, love this blog

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Fantastic Content. Pleasure to read. Always look forward for the next update

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the best travel blog making adventures easier to choose

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Lovely to read this blog

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Awesome blog and great content!!!

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Great blog with amazing content

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Awesome content and great advice for travels

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Great content. Definitely has inspired a few holidays/vacations

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Brilliant information and a sense of true feel for the ambience of a place.

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Request R1000 voucher awesome

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Africa and Beyond

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I always check out this blog before booking a holiday!

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In Africa and Beyond

Peter – 03.03.2022
I vote for – “In Africa and Beyond”

Estelle – 03.03.2022
I vote for – “In Africa and Beyond”

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If this ain’t the best then show me the Rest. Always they go beyond expectations.

Le-André Sheldon – 03.03.2022
In Africa and Beyond definitely has the most up to date family vacation destinations. Really appreciate the reviews on establishments.

Michelle – 03.03.2022
Love the blog as it is relevant and user friendly and her ‘showcases’ are affordable places/activities for the average families. Use a lot of her info for our 4×4 Outdoor club

Zara Bromfield – 03.03.2022
I love following In Africa And Beyond for travel ideas and inspiration!

CELESTE JACOBS – 03.03.2022
I VOTE OR Sara Essop

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Well done to Sara Essop and her team.In Africa and Beyond are amazing

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Lovely blog to assist one in planning for trips

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Margaret Olivier – 03.03.2022
South Africa has many hidden gems and its lovely to have them show cased on this blog to interest travellers.

Gavin Monama – 03.03.2022
Nature has a way of reviving the body as such being surrounded by our beautiful South African nature does revive us. #InAfricaAndBeyond

Nqobile Thwala – 03.03.2022
Very informative blog. I even tried out one of the resorts after reading about it on this blog

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A very informative blog, Love it

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Travel would be great

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AmAzing blog

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Love your posts

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A very informative blog. Discovered some places in my local area I was not aware of.

Tlhompho Pule – 03.03.2022
Travel opens up the heart and mind. I believe we all need to just pack up, take the kids with and go where the heart takes us. #Family bonds#Adventure#happy moments.

Sisipho Mhlonto – 03.03.2022
Africa and beyond offers the best trips at affordable prices.

Janine Brothers – 03.03.2022
In Africa and Beyond

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very informative blog! helps a great deal in planning a trip to a particular area

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Lovely and very informative blog! Makes me want to explore my own country through information provided by Sara Essop on all aspects of travel in SA.

Dawn Wallenkamp – 03.03.2022
Sara really shows us the most beautiful parts of South Africa making us proudly South African, amazing blog showcasing not only SA but other places as well, Sara is a definite winner!!!!

Hajira Bibi Essop – 03.03.2022
In Africa and beyond

Sixolile Gatya – 03.03.2022
Nothing compares than arriving on time Gautrain always on time. I’ll always choose it to commute from Park to Sandton and OR Tambo International

Karin Bosch – 03.03.2022
Five Five to Sara Essop hope she wins.

Farzeenat Hassen – 03.03.2022
I do not always get the opportunity to travel-budget and time constraints.But travelling with Sara motivates me to take a ‘shot left and save to experience and collect memories rather than buy unnecessary stuff. Keep inspiring us with your travel memoirs!

Kariema – 03.03.2022
Love travel blogs !!!

Kariema – 03.03.2022
Love travel blogs !!!

Kim Fourie – 03.03.2022
Great blog and prizes

Tlhompho Pule – 03.03.2022
Travel is the best!!!

Farhana – 03.03.2022
Love your reviews!

Zahira Abdulla – 03.03.2022
Africa & Beyond: Informative

AANISAH Abdool hameed – 03.03.2022
I vote for the gautrain and also for gauteng and capetown

Anisa Mohamed – 03.03.2022
Excellent and informative blog! Makes you want to explore your own country by knowledge provided by Sara Essop on all aspects of travel. Specially the halal food stuffs

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Zakkiyya – 03.03.2022
Africa and beyond

Beverley Freemantle – 03.03.2022
Excellent and informative blog! Makes you want to explore your own country by knowledge provided by Sara Essop on all aspects of travel.

Naziruddeen Oodally – 03.03.2022
Thank you for all the useful info on travelling. Specially the halal food stuffs

Danny Africa – 03.03.2022
South Africa’s best travel blog. Enjoy reading the weekly email. Keep it up.

LoisCarol Wessels – 03.03.2022
Always something new and informative – very addictive! Love the content so interesting!

Marelize van den Berg – 03.03.2022
Best place!

Shanaaz Rawat – 03.03.2022
Thk u soo much my your business grow from strength to strength Ameen love the blog

Zaahidah Choonara – 03.03.2022
Africa and Beyond!!

Khadija – 03.03.2022
Love this blog Enjoy reading about other peoples travels at times when I can’t

Bilqees Mansoor – 03.03.2022
Very interesting blog …amazing stuff

Ntombikaise – 03.03.2022
I love to travel

A.K. Osman-latib – 03.03.2022
I wait for this program every konth. I enjoy the wild and beyond

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Love her blog!

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I love Sara’s blog!

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Well done. Just love your blog.

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Love the content she posts!

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Great infomation and great content .

Zaahidah Choonara – 03.03.2022
In Africa and Beyond!! Excellent travel blog

Fahmeedah – 03.03.2022
In Africa And Beyond

Collette Michelle Ar – 03.03.2022
SA tourism is a beautiful place to go n have fun n see beautiful stuff.n the staff is awesome too.i give it 10/10

Kabelo Rametse – 03.03.2022
In Africa and Beyond has my vote

Nasreen Moosa – 03.03.2022
In africa and beyond

DEBBIE PIENAAR – 03.03.2022

Rashida – 03.03.2022
I like that these places are child friendly.i would love a holiday

Nitasha Seeparsad – 03.03.2022
Would love to spend a getaway with my family

Zakariyah Khan – 03.03.2022
In africa and beyond

Zakariyah Khan – 03.03.2022
Amazing content and informative

Saadikah Ebrahim – 03.03.2022
Africa and beyond

Mariam – 02.03.2022
In africa and beyond

Kim Davids – 02.03.2022
Interesting places

Leigh-Anne Michael – 02.03.2022
In Africa and Beyond

Rukaya Khan – 02.03.2022

Marcia Mellis – 02.03.2022
I vote for Sara Essop.

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In Africa and beyond

Shakira – 02.03.2022
I vote for – In Africa And Beyond

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My Vote is for In Africa And Beyond. The best of family-friendly travel in South Africa.

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In Africa & Beyond she is the BEST, very informative & helpful Thanx Sara Essop

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All the best and good luck!!

Zakariya Hamid – 01.03.2022
In Africa and beyond, good luck

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My Vote is for In Africa And Beyond

Amena – 01.03.2022
In Africa and beyond

Safiyya kotwal – 01.03.2022
Excellent travel blog!

Michelle Venter – 01.03.2022
Best travel account! So informative with the most beautiful pictures

Eden Naicker – 01.03.2022
Why I think this amazing blog should win the award is because whenever I look at local getaways or ideas for travel this blog never fails me . It is so informative and leaves no unanswered questions. Even just for a good read and to stay informed this is the go to blog without a doubt. You’ve found your winner.

Maryam Haniff – 01.03.2022
Fantastic to see a Muslim woman succeeding on this front! :)

Safiyya – 01.03.2022
Love that family-friendly places are showcased

Tinaye Lesedi P Monakaladi – 01.03.2022
In Africa and Beyond.. I have had the opportunity to follow this amazing travel blog on Instagram and it has been great to see the South African wildlife showcased like this, she made me want to see rhinos in SA.

Hamieda Khan – 01.03.2022
Sara Essop for the win!

Scarlett du Preez – 01.03.2022
Please send me a R1000 travel voucher

Carolyn Brett – 01.03.2022
In Africa And Beyond

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I have personally used this website to look for places for my sister to visit when she comes with husband and my niece.

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Very informative blog!

Haseena – 01.03.2022
Best of luck

Zeenat Singh – 01.03.2022
Sara’s blogs are amazing and inspiring and makes you want to visit these destinations and engage in activities.

Yolande Geel – 28.02.2022
Love travelling with you. Your posts bring everything to life. Well deserved!

Bibi Ayesha Kadwa – 28.02.2022
Well done and here’s to more success in the future!u go girl!

Bilal – 28.02.2022
I love traveling and exploring new places in south africa

Ahmed Mahomedy – 28.02.2022
All the best

Ammaarah Sheik – 28.02.2022
As a travel enthusiast I love taking a peek through your lens of South African gems I can someday visit!

Farida – 28.02.2022
Always have such wonderful posts

Mohammed Jameel Sirkhote – 28.02.2022
Great family holiday destination…very informative

William Hindle – 28.02.2022
Excellent travel blog. Definitely deserving of this award!

Sabeeha – 28.02.2022
I vote for In Africa and Beyond Travel blog I would really love the R1000 travel voucher.

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Great travel account informative

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In Africa And Beyond is the best for travel information!

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Your’ll are awesome,fingers crossed for the R1000

Anisa Chohan – 28.02.2022
Good luck!

Zaheda – 28.02.2022
Love the content on Sara’s page…. Makes me appreciate what Africa has to offer and it just makes me want to travel and explore….

Aayesha Makda – 28.02.2022
Excellent blog.In Africa and beyond for the win!

Somayya Essop – 28.02.2022
A very informative account love it…

Yusuf – 28.02.2022
Excellent blog, always updated content and very informative. As a follower , makes me feel like I’m part of the travel adventure. Creating a feeling of wanting to explore our beautiful country

Naseema Sirkhote – 28.02.2022
Love the way she explores new places, the info she provides and her way capturing nature. Makes us want to explore some more! …

Grant Read – 28.02.2022
In Africa and Beyond deserves this accolade

Zaheera – 28.02.2022
Very informative blog. Always lovely to learn about different parts of our country. The pictures are amazing.

Joshna Ameen – 28.02.2022
Excellent and informative page.

Khutaijah Patel – 28.02.2022
Amazing blog

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Luv local

Tania – 28.02.2022
Loved your blog Sarah!! Keep them coming…

Harley – 27.02.2022
An inspiring travel blog

Elizabeth – 27.02.2022
Totally the best, I didn’t know just how amazing South Africa is until I saw all this from her blog just WOW!! and now I feel Africa is an entire universe on it’s own that needs to be explored

Shaheen – 27.02.2022
Thank you.

Farzana kolia – 27.02.2022
Excellent blog love the posts

Abed Ahmed – 27.02.2022
An absolutely fantastic blog and social media account. It truly is a valuable resource for travellers in South Africa.

Maryam Moosa – 27.02.2022
I’ve learnt so much from In Africa and Beyond. Love the content!

Roshne Reddy – 27.02.2022

Sakeena – 27.02.2022
I vote south africa halaal regardless of the voucher /

Lutfiya Abdool – 27.02.2022
I follow In Africa and beyond on Instagram and love her posts. From hiking spots to interesting tourist attractions as well as hidden gems in South Africa, the information provided is relevant and beneficial.

Safiyya – 27.02.2022
Good page

Hawabibi – 27.02.2022
An informative and inspiring travel blog

Aasiya – 27.02.2022
Excellent for reference and good advice and always has best choices

Fehmida Patel – 27.02.2022
I enjoy following in Africa and Beyond She gives us all the info on the beautiful places in South Africa

Farzanah – 27.02.2022
Best travel blog. Love reading the recommendations.

Fatima Suleman – 27.02.2022
This is an excellent blog. My go to place for all the information about travel in South Africa and beyond

Barbara – 27.02.2022
Sarah, always inspiring and finds the gems in the destinations!

Zainab – 27.02.2022
Well written blogs

Juliet McAra – 27.02.2022
Sarah Esopp

Nafeesah – 27.02.2022
South Africa. Halaal

Zoereena Matthews – 27.02.2022
I enjoy Sara’s blog posts. It captures beautiful hidden gems across South Africa and motivates me to travel within SA before traveling abroad.

Malikah Hendricks – 27.02.2022
South Africa Halaal for the win !!!

Muhammed – 27.02.2022
In Africa and beyond deserve the win for their excellecy

Fatima – 27.02.2022
South african halaal for the win!

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Good luck. Hope you win. Really enjoy reading your blogs

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My go to travel blog for South African holidays!

Mahdiya Amla – 27.02.2022
Most informative and proactive page I’ve seen in a while. I’ve had the opportunity of finding getaways in places I didn’t know existed. Well done and keep up the amazing work!!

Vanessa Naidoo – 27.02.2022
Makes your travel vision come alive!

Azraa – 27.02.2022
Best in south african tourism, informative and excellent content

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The best!

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In Africa and Beyond is a most informative travel blog. Found the online passport application guide extremely useful

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Ooh, a R1000 travel voucher. Yes please!

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In Africa and Beyond

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Latifa Lakhi – 27.02.2022
Great content… so many places we had no idea existed in SA…

Khathala Majija – 27.02.2022
South African Halaal foods it the best

Shaakira Ayob – 27.02.2022
Best content , showcasing South Africa at its best

Mariam Amin – 27.02.2022
Very informative showcasing beautiful pics all the places she visits.

Nadia – 27.02.2022
Best blog, especially info on all the halaal eateries

Abdurachmaan – 27.02.2022
South Africa Halaal is very informative especially with travel options and Halaal eateries.

Zahraa Desai – 27.02.2022
Voting because I love South Africa Halaal but the voucher would be perfect as well

Fayaaz Cassim – 27.02.2022
Most definitely the best in travel

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I love @southafricahalaal !!! Awesome page

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This blog is amazing. I have actually used the travel tips and recommendations a number of times.

Taskeen Cason – 27.02.2022
South Africa Halaal always sharing the best spots to check out

Fatima – 27.02.2022
South African Halaal

Maseehullah – 27.02.2022
Inafrica and beyond is simply the greatest

Muhammad Jogee – 27.02.2022
Best travel blog!!!

Aadila – 27.02.2022
Vote for africa in and beyond love the blogs use it when I’m travelling

Carol Mitchley – 27.02.2022
Love Sara Essop’s blogs. Takes you to places never knew of.

Marc shaw – 27.02.2022
Well Done In Africa and Beyond

Fateema Ravat – 27.02.2022
Most interesting and practical advice on traveling and day trips as well.

Samantha Mantshiu – 26.02.2022
Best tourism page to follow. You would want to pack and leave for holidays because of their content.

Nomfundo Gina – 26.02.2022
I’ve learnt so much about our gorgeous country through this blog. I absolutely love how passionate they are

Shakila Aziz – 26.02.2022
Thank you for sharing, it’s amazing how many places we didn’t know about in SA let alone globally

Fathima Haffejee – 26.02.2022
Best tips by far

Davina Wakefield – 26.02.2022
Well done! Excellent work.

Shakerah Haffejee – 26.02.2022
Love the blog and the detailed travel posts.

Shameera – 26.02.2022

Sajidha Naeem Mohamed – 26.02.2022

Hamzah – 26.02.2022

Annie Hodes – 26.02.2022
Well done

Mellissa Pandya – 26.02.2022
Very informative and interesting.

Naseerah Makda – 26.02.2022
Our go-to blog when planning adventures!

Halim Rowayda – 26.02.2022
Showing off my country is a favourite pastime. We have everything we need to experience on travels right here. On my travels through the roads less travelled, I cannot help but feel sad for those who do not have the necessary transport to experience it to the fullest. For example how many SAns know the feeling and experience the beauty of Meiringspoort. It’s for me one of the most beautiful passes in the world. And Augrabies? Oh my word, what an experience. However very few of us can afford the cost of traveling there. It needs private transport which is out of reach of the ordinary SAan. It would be great if affordable transport can be made possible.

Nkurunungi Howards – 26.02.2022
The reputable travel company

Ayesha Desai – 26.02.2022
In Africa and Beyond has been a favourite travel blog for many years. Her posts are always detailed and accurate and packed with relevant info!

Lindi mogale – 26.02.2022
Love the travel details and the South Africa. Relevance of the info

Zeenat Mia – 26.02.2022
Sara Essop – In Africa and beyond

Zaheeda Deen – 26.02.2022
Would definitely use you for our next trip.

Anisha Fakir – 26.02.2022
Amazing blog

Rose Bischoff – 26.02.2022
Best ideas for family outing. Great for inspiring travel around SA.

Shenaaz Motan – 26.02.2022
Well Done

Sarah – 26.02.2022
Love the blog – packed full of travel inspiration

Farzanah Laher – 26.02.2022
Love her writing with all the details abd descriptions

Rosemarie Hart – 26.02.2022
Love the blog and learning about our beautiful country. South Africa and would lve to receive a travel voucher.Definitely voting for Sara Essop

Faheemah – 26.02.2022
I vote for Sara Essop

Govender Samira – 26.02.2022
Love your detailed emails on different types of safari spots

Rubina Kotwal – 26.02.2022
Love this , very informative

Nireshnee – 26.02.2022
Love following these posts

Bongane Masilela – 26.02.2022
I’d love to to explore more of historical places here in South Africa,we’ve so many places to explore. I’m a such passionate traveller.

fatima shaikjee – 26.02.2022
All the best

Ayesha Cassim – 26.02.2022
Most informative blog

Patrycja Oosthuizen – 26.02.2022
As always Sara delivers informative reads that we all look forward to. Good luck! A well deserved nomination.

Abdia Waggie – 26.02.2022
Love Sara’s travel blog

Joy Sepp – 26.02.2022
Thanks so much for the voucher.Good luck.

Naazneen Dajee – 26.02.2022
Always love reading Sara’s blog!

Melissa Javan – 26.02.2022
I love the info I get from In Africa and Beyond. Big ups to you.

Marise Banks – 26.02.2022
Congratulations and hope you win

Dheepa Singh – 26.02.2022
In Africa And Beyond

Justin Mc Kinley – 26.02.2022
Great working with in Africa and Beyond.

FATIMA ADAMS – 26.02.2022
I vote for Sara Essop

Tasneem Cassim – 26.02.2022
Best Blog and Travel info

Harrielall Saras – 26.02.2022
A really informative and easy to follow blog. Always updated

Catherine Retief-Neil – 26.02.2022
Sarah Essop is a travel writer who takes you on her travels with her, with her descriptive postings during her travels. Her passion for travel is inspiring.

Mashooda Hafez – 26.02.2022
Good luck Sara thanks for sharing to FB

Faheem – 26.02.2022
@in Africa and beyond. Very informative, detailed reviews practical to all genres of people

Faheem – 26.02.2022
@in Africa and beyond. Very informative, detailed reviews practical to all genres of people

Faheem – 26.02.2022
@in Africa and beyond. Very informative, detailed reviews practical to all genres of people

Ligia du Toit – 26.02.2022
Always a great read and informative

Suayda Rampaul – 26.02.2022
My favourite travel blog

Naeema chicktay – 26.02.2022
Love the blog

Muneerah Kriel – 26.02.2022
Keep up the excellent work!

Ismail Makda – 26.02.2022
I love this blog. I honestly cherish it and always go through its posts when I’m planning a holiday. It’s very informative and correct from my experiences.

Tasneem Abrahams – 26.02.2022
African and Beyond has always provided informative and useful content

Fatima Khan-Wise – 26.02.2022
In Africa and Beyond blog is inspirational and informative. It’s allows you to experience places you may not have been before in a real tangible way.

Saadia Bodiat – 26.02.2022
In Africa and Beyond

Ferzana Raoof Akhalwaya – 26.02.2022
It’s our family’s go to place when planning our weekend’s and holidays. There’s always something for everyone in the family from the kids to the grandparents.

Nadia Xavier – 26.02.2022
Sara Essop

Saudah Bassa – 26.02.2022
We have not used Sara as yet but I find her content incredibly informative and appealing and always look forward to seeing her posts and articles

Lizelle Babo – 26.02.2022
Sara Essop has a way of describing her travels one can but only wish to visit the places. Keep up the great work.

Anisa Dawood – 26.02.2022
All the best

Chantal Croaster – 26.02.2022
Hope you win!

Zanele Portia Nkosi – 26.02.2022
I vote for you To Africa and beyond. Such a lovely account, you deserve all the love.

Layla – 26.02.2022
In Africa safaris by Sara essop

Bilkis Magid – 26.02.2022
In Africa & Beyond

Safiyya Kader – 26.02.2022
In Africa and Beyond – Sara Essop

Christel-Michel Kruger – 26.02.2022
Consistently great content.

Mohammed Raihaan Angamia – 26.02.2022
Awesome. Well organized and helpful.

Ruaida Makda – 26.02.2022
Very informative and amazing pics. Lots of great ideas.

Zakira De Lange – 25.02.2022
In Africa and beyond

Tasneem – 25.02.2022
Great content all the time and very informative

Zakiyya – 25.02.2022
Very informative

Ubaidah Asmal – 25.02.2022
In Africa and Beyond gives you a taste of all experiences in our beautiful country. Her reviews and hidden gems have come in handy time and time again. Love her content

Osman – 25.02.2022
Unbiased reviews. Very informative

Nadia Coovadia – 25.02.2022
Amazing profile to follow!

Hassem Fahmeeda – 25.02.2022
Good luck

Dockrat Fahmeeda – 25.02.2022
Best of luck

Umme Habibah – 25.02.2022
The best family friendly content

Shameema Munshi Hoosen – 25.02.2022
Love In Africa and Beyonds posts and Blogs.Awesome reviews

Naseema Karolia – 25.02.2022
Very helpful and informative

Muhammed – 25.02.2022
One of most informative travel bloggers out there… Something for everyone…

Yumna – 25.02.2022
Awesome blog

Zunaid Khan – 25.02.2022
Awesome blog

Zain Patel – 25.02.2022
In Africa And Beyond

Leslie Smith – 25.02.2022
inafricaandbeyond is award winning blog and information travel platform. ❤

Nasrin jardine – 25.02.2022
I vote for inafricaandbeyond. Their posts are so informative and

Mumtaz Moosa Saley – 25.02.2022
In Africa and beyond has been my go to travel guide to discovering SA

Zahra – 25.02.2022
In Africa and Beyond

Anisha Shaikh – 25.02.2022
Sara Essop is my go to person whenever I have travel questions especially halaal food places. She’s kind and always answers my messages.

sarabibi varachia – 25.02.2022
Love the content of this page, so much is shared

Naazima Mia – 25.02.2022
very to the point posts

Fatima Vanker – 25.02.2022
Always love the informative posts!

Farzana Wadee – 25.02.2022
Such informative posts making travel easy

Muhammad Akhalwaya – 25.02.2022
The best travel and tourism blogger in South Africa

Bibi Ayesha Dinath – 25.02.2022
In Africa and Beyond is a very informative blog. Sara shares posts have reignited the wanderlust in me. All the best Sara!

Leon Foutie – 25.02.2022
Great recommendations

Hawa Moola – 25.02.2022
A beautiful blog and page with such great info, making us all crave to be constantly on holiday, be it in Sa or other countries shown.

Abdulrehman – 25.02.2022
Best of luck

Zainab – 25.02.2022
Sara poats elvery detailed and educative posts that I used and refer to when planning any travels.

Valentine Bilankulu – 25.02.2022

Famida – 25.02.2022
Always sharing local experiences and as well local destinations with reviews ,guides and tips very useful

A.m.seedat – 25.02.2022
The best reviews

Laila – 25.02.2022
In Africa and Beyond

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