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Type: Destination
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: The Hessequa region offers visitors unique and off-the-beaten-track experiences like Big 5 Game Drives, Forest Glamping, Fynbos Gin, Award-winning Olive and Olive Oils, Award-winning Cheese, Award-winning Wine, Aloe Products, Municipal Camping Facilities, Mountain Passes and 6 Blue Flag Beaches.

Region: Western Cape / Garden Route

Hessequa Tourism

Explore Hessequa

Hessequa Tourism is a department within the Hessequa Municipality in the Garden Route, Western Cape. The Tourism Department operates under the brand, The Explorers Garden Route, and is in charge of the tourism marketing, promotions and development of the Municipal region. The Department promotes the Hessequa region as the ideal holiday destination for leisure and business travel. The region consists of the towns Witsand, Slangrivier, Heidelberg, Riversdale, Vermaaklikheid, Melkhoutfontein, Stilbaai, Jongensfontein, Albertinia and Gouritsmond.

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James Best – 31.05.2022
Vermaaklikheid is a hidden treasure for city dwellers to find peace.

Ina Simons – 31.05.2022
Love the beauty of this area. With warm and welcoming people. Don’t miss out on a sleep over at the Heidelberg Hotel. Great meals at Delish, enjoy!!!

Gwen Wiid – 31.05.2022
Love the area. My Fourie family roots. To find yourself again

Sanelle – 31.05.2022
Pragtige natuurskoon. Vriendelike harts mense.

Nerissa Julies – 30.05.2022
Die Hessequa omgewing is die mooiste,skoonste en vriendelikse ,beste plekke om te besoek

Mart Pienaar – 30.05.2022
Hessequa is definitely the best tourist destination in the country.

Conrad Meyer – 30.05.2022
Let’s do this!

Veronica Meyer – 29.05.2022
Hessequa is a Unique holiday destination to experience and explore.

Annaline Cronje – 29.05.2022
Best place ever!

Louise Harford – 28.05.2022
Boosting the local economy

Chante Pieterse – 27.05.2022
Hessequa Tourism definitely deserves to win this category as the region has some unique breath taking destinations.

Willem Tarentaal – 26.05.2022
Most beautiful scenary and lots of activities.

Leiee Mosesi – 26.05.2022
Small beautiful Garden Route town

Rita – 25.05.2022
Albertinia is ‘n MOET vir die vakansieganger – kom kuier gerus!

Duhne – 24.05.2022
Hessequa is a beautiful area to travel

Ursula van Huyssteen – 24.05.2022
Beauty, Friendly People, Nature, Good Food, Great Service. Come rain or shine, Always something to do.

E Viviers – 23.05.2022
See,sand,son, pragtige natuur, baie om te ontdek en geniet.

Dries de Beer – 23.05.2022
The place to be!

Susanna Prins – 23.05.2022
Best beaches!!

Rowena Philips – 23.05.2022
Goodluck Hesseque Tourism a very good ideal holiday destination you would be sorry

Janelle Uys – 23.05.2022
Land van melk en heuning. Mooiste mooi.

Salomon W Joubert – 22.05.2022
One great destination in Hessequa not so well known is Grootvadersbos Nature Reserve.

Mthetheleli – 20.05.2022
Cape Town is beautiful and rank number 5 in the world for being beautiful

Lindie Janse Van Rensburg – 20.05.2022
Beautiful area with amazing tourism.

Bulelwa Janine Gxavu – 19.05.2022
The Hessequa Tourism offers a very good adventures for tourists.

Nicholas Pietersen – 19.05.2022
Hessequa has some of the most beautiful beaches and places to see.

Stephan B – 18.05.2022
Hessequa the suitable, affordable and safe destination.

Amanda Nelson – 18.05.2022
I vote for hessequa because it’s simply the best.

Sinenhlanhla Wanda – 18.05.2022
Riversdale is where you get the best holiday experience!

Donaven – 18.05.2022
I agree with all the above

Dowayne Koopman – 17.05.2022
Superb Natural Beauty

Siviwe Silinga – 17.05.2022
Hessequa Tourism is the best tourist spot

Zukile Mancipha – 16.05.2022
Beautiful unique experience

Francis Winter – 16.05.2022
If you are looking for an adventurous trip, come to Hessequa region in the Southern Cape. Along the coastline good whale watching spots have been linked together to form the “whale route “ The limestone fynbos and dune fynbos of the region are of great interest to botanists and wildflower enthusiasts. Stilbay has become part of the world literature on the middle Stone Age.. 250 bird species have been positively identified and recorded in this beautiful part of our country. Here you can discover a mix of relaxation and adventure.

lubabalo mokapane – 16.05.2022
Very welcoming place for a vacation and good communities all round.

Ashley – 16.05.2022
Hessequa Municipal area is by far one of the most sought after and calming tourism destinations

Marshant Hoogbaard – 16.05.2022
Hessequa is where you can get the best tourism experience

Yanga Sawa – 16.05.2022
I have been in Stilbaai while i was still working in Langeberg Municipality and i enjoy a long weekend there, the people are friendly and the place is clean and beautiful, I am giving the Hessequa Tourism as the safe and best tourist place.

Nokwethaba Dlungwane – 16.05.2022
I love hessequa Tourism sport because it is the best.

Thembalethu Mtshali – 16.05.2022
Hessequa Tourism is the best tourist spot.

Dr Andre van Tonder – 15.05.2022
Living in paradise

Zukile Zaulana – 14.05.2022
Hessequa Municipal one of the best place

Leentjie Reyneke – 13.05.2022
Hessequa Tourism

Dawid Nel – 13.05.2022
Most beautiful place. It’s home indeed. # gardenroutemustwin

Mawande Yengwa – 12.05.2022
Albertinia is a home to the Cape Aloe it deserves the winning prize

Lampies Lambrechts – 12.05.2022

Sonia Cook – 11.05.2022
Totally deserving of this award.Unspoilt beauty,stunning accommodation,magnificent views and venues to explore. It’s a yes from me!!!

Erica Thiele – 11.05.2022
Thanks for informative website! We live in mosselbay and love exploring. Would appreciate the travel voucher.

Jowen – 11.05.2022
The best tourism experience ever a bit of everything and very clean environment and very relaxing atmosphere.

vuyelwa – 11.05.2022
Garden Route is one of the most beautiful places you can visit for holidays with your family it family friendly .

Sarina Cronje – 11.05.2022
Hessequa omgewing bied so ‘n groot verskeindenheid dinge om te doen. Daar is iets vir almal. Die skoon strande en dorpe is ‘n plesier. Die munisipaliteit kan baie trots wees.

Tinus Barnard – 10.05.2022
Lovely blue flag beaches and well managed municipal infrastructure.

Rina Pretorius – 10.05.2022
The best of destinations in the country. The most peaceful place on earth

Marisa Fox – 10.05.2022
My hartsplek

Linda Fletcher – 06.05.2022
The coastal and inland towns in the Hessequa region are hidden gems! From the pristine beaches and estuaries to the majestic mountains and rolling hills there is so much to explore and discover. The area is a haven for outdoor adventurers and anyone wanting to rejuvenate and enjoy a taste of wholesome, serene country living.

Hanaki Motley – 06.05.2022
Kom kuier gerus , enige plek in die Hessequa omgewing! Die munisipaliteit is uitstekend! Die Mense vriendelik! Baie te sien en Te doen! In ñ veilige omgewing! Hier raak ñ mens nie vervelig nie! Dit sal hou eie skuld wees!

Marina Stadler – 06.05.2022
Sandy beaches, rocky shores, peaceful river. Ideal destination for all age groups with diverse interests. Laze around or keep busy – your choice.

Marianne Steyn – 06.05.2022
It is the best place to visit in SA

Maretha – 05.05.2022
Hessequa is die beste plek om jou batterye te kom laai en sommer vir altyd te bly!!

Chris Pretorius – 05.05.2022
Die beste plek om te wees.

Granwin Scholtz – 05.05.2022
Home of the Sleeping Beauty, Beste innie Weste

Ayanda Feke – 05.05.2022
I love the nature of Hessequa

Jean Smith – 05.05.2022
Die ou Stilbaai gesegde van jare terug Vir Rus,Vis en Plesier geld nogsteeds

Zirk Le Roux – 05.05.2022
I think this is the most beautiful, very well governed and safest place to stay.

Amanda Hardenberg – 05.05.2022
Beautiful City

Gustav Radloff – 05.05.2022
Suid-Afrika se bes bewaarde geheim! Dis nou die tyd om hierdie aardse paradys bekend te maak.

Markus Burri – 05.05.2022
I don’t go anywhere else when I need a breakaway

Danny Vermeulen – 05.05.2022
Hessequa is omgewing is ongelooflik. van die pragtige mooi Stillbaai en Jongensfontein tot dei pragtige landelike dorpies van Riversdal en Albertinia. Die diversiteit van die omgewing het nie sy gelyke nie. Boonop is die plaaslike mense besonders en eie aan die omgewing. Baie geluk met die nominasie.

Pierre FR De Villiers – 05.05.2022
Die plek om te wees!!!!

Carel Olivier – 05.05.2022
Simply the Best

hester frylinck – 05.05.2022
Mooie Hessequa-area is ‘n toerisme paradys!

Bettie en Pieter van Rooyen – 05.05.2022
Stilbaai is n sagte landing vir oud en jonk . Pragtige natuurskoon , veilig , en voorsien aan meeste van jou behoeftes . Uitstekende Munisipale dienste . Dankie Stilbaai

Darryll Harding – 05.05.2022
Stilbaai is die plek. Ek versoek hiermee n vervoer koepon.

Talita Strydom – 05.05.2022
Agree that this is the best travel destination in S.A.

Roelof Van der Merwe – 04.05.2022
Thank you very much!

Karin Nelson – 04.05.2022
Hessequa gets my vote

Mervin – 04.05.2022
Hessequa is the best

Clifton Donald – 04.05.2022
Best town in SA

Hendie Grobbelaar – 04.05.2022
Hessequa, the best destination!

Margie Jordan – 04.05.2022
Witsand – check it out

Wouter De Villiers – 04.05.2022
your the best

Jenni Muir – 04.05.2022
Witsand – quiet beauty and beautiful beaches.

Veronica Jansen – 03.05.2022
My favourite towns in district Giuritzmound and Albertina. The friendliness of the community really make me feel at home every time I visit my friends.

NAAS SCHOLTZ – 03.05.2022
Hessequa where the criminals are caught and eradicated, and the people are free to walk in their streets and sleep safely at night. That is why tourists love the place

Khayelihle Kunene – 02.05.2022
Hessequa region has some of the greatest holiday destinations.

Amanda Lievaart – 02.05.2022
I love Hessequa as a Tourist Destination.

Terence Lievaart – 02.05.2022
Hessequa is definitely the best tourism destination. Something for everyone to do!

De la Rey Knoblauch – 01.05.2022
Everthing for Anybody.

Wesley Adams – 01.05.2022
Indeed the Best Tourism attractions in our region. Hessequa is Top in Tourism.

James Donald – 29.04.2022
A special experience all around

P Borchardt – 28.04.2022
Best place to stay in the whole Southern Cape.

Reg Le Sar – 27.04.2022
Unspoilt and beautiful area. From GOURITSMOND to WITSAND and everything in between

Shereez Visagie – 27.04.2022
We reside in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape. Whenever we visit the Western Cape, we can not leave without visiting the Hessequa region, ie Riversdale. We go visit the Lutheran church whenevre we are on holiday there. My family is completely in love with the area as the people there are very friendly and welcoming.

M Gauche – 27.04.2022
Excellent run Municipality. Beautiful beaches and some of the best campsites in the country.

Annalize Vries – 26.04.2022
The region have the most beautiful beaches (all blue vlag) and nature reserves.

Jo Ann – 26.04.2022
It is a privilege to live in the Hessequa region. Beautiful nature and people. We have mountains, nature reserves and the beach. What more do we need? Every town in the region has something unique to offer.

Mate – 26.04.2022
I have visited one of the hessequa tourism place Grootvadersbosch it was an amazing nature place will defenatly visit other bext time keep up the good work hesseuqua tourism

Griet Gouws – 25.04.2022
Hessequa is the best holiday destination…it will suit everyones needs…the municipality does an outstanding job

Barendina Jacobs – 25.04.2022
Excellently run Municipality with outstanding vistas and unique experiences

Marleen – 24.04.2022
Best place to relax

Nakita – 22.04.2022
Hessequa the route that has given me back my life , the route that brings joy and new friendships . There is definitely something magical in the connection between all the towns on the Hessequa Route

Nelis Basson – 22.04.2022
I think it is a great well run munisipality. Area looks great. Roads are well kept. Safety, Security and Law Envorcement is active and very visible. I actually havent no negative comments

glen mafilika – 22.04.2022
i stay in robertson but visits riversdale frequently what a beautiful town

Santa-Marina Friederich – 22.04.2022
Hessequa is a Hidden Gem … take a day trip or few days trip and go explore a bit the towns of Hessequa Region

Tersia Maree – 21.04.2022
Ek is woonagtig in Stilbaai en dit is die mooiste en skoonste strande wat jy sal vind in die hele Suid Afrika.. Hessequa julle is die beste… Dankie

Suzette NIEUWOUDT – 21.04.2022
Stilbaai is the best kept secret ad a top tourist destination! Let the world know!

Rodney Jackson – 20.04.2022
It feels great to know that the municipality do a great job and advertise the great landscapes and amenities of the area to forfil its mandate through participation to the benefit of all communities..I vissit the area regualrly and intend to pension there due to its performance.

Zas van Eeden – 19.04.2022
I vote vir Stilbaai tourism because of tge excellent service and marketing they provude for Stilbaai

Anne marie – 16.04.2022

Anel Troost – 16.04.2022
We often spend time in Stilbaai and explore the surrounding areas. Beautiful!!

Gerard Damstra – 15.04.2022
Best place

Bonita Coetzer – 15.04.2022
Heaven for the weary city slickers

Sandi Scholtz – 14.04.2022
Great to be part of the Garden Route Tourism helping to get Hospitality back on its feet.

Christelle – 13.04.2022
Hessequa is amazing. Lots to do and see. Friendly towns with loads of diversity.

Sandra – 13.04.2022
Absolutely fabulous area to visit! There’s always something to do or see, and there are so many fantastic indepenedant reataurants and shops to experience. The scenery is unbeatable and it is amazing in all seasons! Always looking forward to returning!

Ignatius Douglas – 13.04.2022
Mooi area.

Abraham Christiaan Koekemoer – 13.04.2022
Baie lief vir die Suid Kaap en in besonders die dorpe in die Hessequa streek waar die Munisipaliteit hulle uitstekend kwyt in die verskaffing van diente aan al die inwoners in die streek. Waar dienste ‘n hoë preoriteit vir die Munisipaliteit is en waar hulle ‘n ” hands on ” beleid aan die dag lê.

Angeline Daries – 13.04.2022
Beautiful area to live in!!

Gwebs Qonde – 12.04.2022
Wish the Municipality all the best.

Lelwa – 12.04.2022
Great place for leisure and activities. Great municipality with clean beaches.

Nicolene Botes – 11.04.2022
Hessequa Munsipaliteit is die beste Musipaliteit om te he. Ons is baie bevoorreg om hier te kan bly. Hou so aan!!!

Garthen Fortuin – 11.04.2022
The Hessequa district is well managed and the towns is well maintained, its always a pleasure to visit any of the towns in the Garden Route.

Winnie-Isabel Le Roux – 10.04.2022
Lovely area.

M M Cairns – 09.04.2022
All age groups from all around the world can enjoy the peace and beauty of Hessequa.

Khuthala Mpi – 08.04.2022
The area is amazing, its like a one stop shop, fantastic for both leisure and cooperate travel. Camp sites, food and also perfect for road trips.

Quintin Lottering – 08.04.2022
The Garden Route area is trully beautiful and i will always go visit that area when im on holiday.keep it up

Andile Shoko – 08.04.2022
The Municipality running this region its service standards and excellency are no match. A haven for outdoors ventures from its beaches, camping sites, game drives and bikes and hiking terrains, perfect for odyssey experiences. Once experiencing its beauty and fun you will fall in love with the region no doubt.

Johannes Pretorius – 07.04.2022
Amazing place

Johann van Rensburg – 07.04.2022
Fantastic! Hessequa deserves to win. The “Sleeping Beauty” on the Langeberg mountain range at Riversdale is nowhere else to be found and the hand operated ferry on the Breede river which has been discontinued recently, was always a “must see” for many tourists from all the corners of South Africa

Dawie Prinsloo – 07.04.2022
Ek woon in Stilbaai.Gelukkig om in die Tuinroete te kan bly en die mense te kan geniet

David Baatjies – 07.04.2022
Die Heel Beste Kamp terrein in Suid -Afrika Stilbaai!!!!! Altyd netjies met die vriendelikste persoon op planeet aarde!. Welgedaan Hessequa Munisipaliteit

Waseef Allie – 06.04.2022
The hessequa region has always been my go to place for relaxing. off road with the boys or camping with my family. its offers all that we as a family and as a individual enjoy. Camping and beach summer days or offroad with the bikes through the gravel and mountain it

Deon Serfontein – 05.04.2022
Best caravan Park in South Africa

Muriel Hau Yoon – 05.04.2022
The Hessequa region is a treasure trove of discovery for eco-tourists, adrenalin junkies and culture vultures alike. Its pristine coastline and magnificent mountains are home to this cradle of human culture which includes the archeological wonders of the Blombos cave, the Strandloper shell middens and the ancient tidal fish traps.

Shaun Saayman – 05.04.2022
Great Municipality service standard is excellent and a beautiful area to live.

Laurenzo Joseph – 05.04.2022
The Hessequa is one of the most unique places in South-Africa to visit and to experience with it’s rich history and beautiful mountains , the blue flag beaches and a drive with the big 5 of our country make it so special and everything along the Coast of South-Africa. Hessequa district is an breathtaking place to visit as a tourist but for the people living in the Hessequa you can see how they embrace the beauty of their surroundings.

Ursula Oosthuizen – 05.04.2022
Love living here. The best place with beautiful people and stunning places.

Basson Nelis – 05.04.2022
Great Munisipality clean beaches and well organised

Walter Scheffler – 04.04.2022
Hessequa werk. Dit word uitstekend bestuur, deur die plaaslike regering in samewerking met inwonerverenigings. Die juweel van hierdie juweel is natuurlik Jongensfontein, nie net een van die mooiste kusdorpe in die wêreld nie, maar ook ‘n dorpie met aktiewe inwoners wat saamwerk en dinge laat gebeur.

Liezel – 04.04.2022
‘n Verfrissende en unieke ervaring vir almal wat hierdie area besoek. Dankie aan die Stadsraad, inwoners en mede-besoekers vir jul bydrae!

Antoinette Hayman – 04.04.2022
A clean, safe and well run town with a wide variety of activities for all ages, and the beauty of nature as the jewel in the crown!

hugh duncan-brown – 04.04.2022
i have been amazed at how well Stilbaai works.The roads are fixed, the verges are mowed and the town is cleaned. It is a pleasure to live here.

berenice breda – 04.04.2022
baie pragtige en mooie omgewing (dorp) met n liefdevolle gemeenskap!!!!

Pieter Rossouw – 04.04.2022
Extreme well run municipality. Beautiful clean beaches and lagoon. The municipality and residents take great pride in the cleanliness of our town

William Howard – 02.04.2022
Dienslewering by uitstek. Toerismevriedelike mense en fasiliteite met pragtige blouvlagstrand. Daar is iets om te doen vir alle smake en ouderdomme. Van die beste winkels in die omgewing.

Annette – 02.04.2022
Dedicated Tourism Team!

Eugenie Wiggins – 01.04.2022
‘n Stukkie paradys. Pragtige natuurskoon, veilig en skoon. Effektiewe munisipaliteit wat topgehalte diens lewer. Dankie!

BARRY MULDER – 01.04.2022
Great variety of activities for young and old. SAFE SAFE SAFE

Antha Serfontein – 31.03.2022
What a pleasure to know that we have a well run municipality, ensuring our towns are kept neat and tidy and an absolute pleasure to visit. Well done, Hessequa!

Alida van Rooyen – 31.03.2022
Best run municipality in South Africa!

Marie Theron – 31.03.2022
Netjies, mooi, rustig en ‘n plesier om by te gaan kuier

Nathaniel Marais – 31.03.2022
Safe, clean, well managed infrastructure and a beautiful area – what more do you want?

Johan le Roux – 31.03.2022
Hessequa – A bit of Paradise catering to each and every taste!

Eben Venter – 31.03.2022
Excellent run Municipality, lots to do and beautiful area. Hessequa soothes your soul

JA van Rooy – 31.03.2022

Mark Jantjies – 31.03.2022
One of the most beautiful municipal regions. From rivers to beaches, from class accommodation to camping and so much more. Definitely worth your money if your decide to visit Hessequa.

Marie van der Walt – 30.03.2022
Mooiste natuur en skoon dorpies op die Kaapse Suidkus. Veilige vakansie hou karavaan parke. Lief STILBAAI.

Sabina Michaels – 29.03.2022
We live in the most beautiful part of the world

Fanie Havelaar – 29.03.2022
Best run municipality in the country

Andre Avenant – 29.03.2022
Ablsoluut die beste, mooiste en veiligste vakansie bestemming.

Andre Beugger – 29.03.2022
A superb variety and options for a wonderful experience! From the sea into the Langeberg mountains!

Robyn Learmonth – 29.03.2022
Best place to visit….. beautiful beaches, magnificent mountains, great game lodges, somrthing for everyone.

Christo Lombard – 28.03.2022
The best

Visit the Hesseque municipaility jurisdiction a few times and I must see everything is so clean and in place, and you do so much more to the experience even better well done

Silent Chikamhi – 28.03.2022
Hessequa is definitely tops in all areas, from best beaches, amazing scenery, clean pavements but mostly wonderful people!

Raeez Masoet – 27.03.2022
The best beaches,campsites,grape vineyards,game reserves and many more, such as the friendlies people and most definitely felt welcome visiting this region.

Mariette Basson – 27.03.2022
Coming to Stilbaai for more then 5 decades, still tops. Well done Hessequa!

Anthonie SJ Ferreira – 27.03.2022
Gouritzmond, my all time favorite camping destination! Anthon Ferreira, Reebok, Mosselbaai

Sibusiso Mbethe – 26.03.2022
I have travelled to Hessequa Municipal jurisdiction with a number of friends who have never seen big five, it was a great experience seeing smiles in the faces. Its a great place to visit. Many people have never seen big five animals but only on TV or online.

Anthea Harms – 26.03.2022
Hessequa tourism has the best website with amazing information for tourist in the whole of South Africa. I don’t know if I will get old enough to do everything there is to do!

steven – 25.03.2022
hessequa is the best place to visit. the municipal keep there work going. and the towns are really superb clean. the people are very generous and the whole atmosphere is excellent. I rate this area a 100% in south africa. it’s the beuty of the country and the beautiful destinations. camping. fishing. and cycling. even 4×4 trails that’s literally next level of experience. keep it up hessequa for your hard work and your best adventures awaits. hessequa the best in africa. away to explore.

Hestelle Mostert – 25.03.2022
Excellent restaurant!

Nomfundo Mdingi – 24.03.2022
nice place

Ayakha keyi – 24.03.2022
Let’s travel around together with Hessequa Tourism

Tamaryn Larkman – 24.03.2022
Did an Epic Adventure Race in the Hessequa region – what an incredible space to have as our adventuring playground

Fanie Potgieter – 24.03.2022
Best holiday destination

Adu Pantsi – 23.03.2022
Number one

Louis Lotz – 23.03.2022
Elke dorp met sy eie geskiedenis en baie oop strande.

Donovan Plaatjies – 23.03.2022
There is no better region along the cost than the Garden of Eden

Penny Symington – 23.03.2022
Heaven on earth, really is the Garden Of Eden!

Rachel Wall – 22.03.2022
Possibly the best holiday destination and place to live in the Country. It provides an unique experience with its tranquillity and serenity, most amazing people, and great municipal service delivery

Johan Pienaar – 22.03.2022
a truly unique and beautiful region.

Tracy Jarman bernhardt – 22.03.2022

Mandy Tooley – 22.03.2022
The best

Romeo Kennedy – 22.03.2022
We are now not “people of the trees” which the name Hessequa means, but we are people of the Garden Route and so proud and great full to live in this piece of paradise :-)

DIRK VAN BREDA – 22.03.2022
Amazing area of the country offering a large variety of attractions. Functioning and well run too.

Bernadette Blakeley – 22.03.2022
The Hessequa region has many gems to offer. With its tranquillity and serenity, I can’t help to return time and time again!

Barrys Holiday Accommodation – 22.03.2022
We wholeheartedly support Hessequa Tourism for the wonderful work they are doing in promoting tourism in our region.

Louisa H Maritz – 21.03.2022
Fantastiese omgewing. Beste ooit. Looove dit ❤️

Louisa H Maritz – 21.03.2022
Trots om in hierdie area garden route the bly. Looove dit en die beste ooit.❤️

Genie Mienie – 21.03.2022
Hessequa has lovely pristine beaches. Love travelling there

Jacques – 20.03.2022
Hessequa offers a wide variety of attractions for all age groups. The indigenous fynbos, our beaches as well as numerous hiking trails offer splendid walks

Kobus Joubert – 19.03.2022
This are is rich with talent

Anné-Lize Uys – 19.03.2022
Hessequa Tourism works actively to promote our unique, tranquil, scenic and beautiful area.

Liezel – 18.03.2022
Great location

Marcel Cronje – 18.03.2022
Hessequa Tourism is amazing!! Love the concept of the Explorer, love the Facebook posts showing all the activities in the area!

Ria Dell – 18.03.2022
Hessequa is the best place in South Africa

Ria Dell – 18.03.2022
Hessequa is the best place in South Africa

Cara-Linda Van Zyl – 18.03.2022
Hessequa is a peaceful and tranquil place to find rest but also offers adventure and fun. It has seas, velds and mountains. Something for everyone

Ashwell – 17.03.2022
Hessequa tourism is the best there is, with thee most amazing people and breathtaking surrounding. The best holiday destination for a simple relaxing holiday.

Ashwell – 17.03.2022
Hessequa Tourism is the best extraordinary place that there is, surrounded with thee most amazing destinations there is to see.

Leslie Potterton – 17.03.2022
Everything in the Garden Route is beautiful

steven van lier – 16.03.2022
Most beautiful piece of coastline not to be outdone by the inland treats on offer

Charmaine Raaths – 16.03.2022
Hessequa Tourism. The best there is!

Elize Garlick – 16.03.2022
Witsand, is my favourite with its prestine white Beach Hessequa Tourism deserves Gold for promoting so many fantastic holiday destinations.

Wilmarie Pretorius – 15.03.2022
any where in the Garden Route is by far the most Beautiful and cleanest place to go for a nice relaxing holiday

DS Knipe – 15.03.2022
I have lived in Cape Town, Gauteng and KZN but must admit the municipality in Stilbaai is tops for keeping infrastructure and beaches in an excellent condition. The beach town of Stilbaai is known for its pristine beaches, coffee shops and friendly residents. tThe Goukou river that slits the town into East and West, is suitable for swimming, boating and fishing. Walking along the river and on the beaches one experiences peace and tranquility. The nearby towns of Riversdale and Albertinia have many historical sites and larger retail shops.

brian barbers – 14.03.2022
Hessequa is the best holiday destination,very clean and friendly area.

Anthony – 14.03.2022
Quiet, tranquil and clean. Beautiful place to visit

Irma Huysamer – 14.03.2022
Superb service from dedicated staff!

Danie Nieuwoudt – 14.03.2022
Hessequa is number ONE and dont need competing. A wonderful tranquil and clean area with beatifull beaches and great camping sites

Ronel Barkhuisen – 14.03.2022
Stilbaai so mooi jy staan sommer stom voor die natuur. Hessequa wegsteek lekker blyplek.

Alma swartHessequa – 14.03.2022
Hessequa is the best holiday destination ever. We visit this region at least once a year. People should really be made aware of the clean and friendly towns under Hessequa. Hessequa number 1

Sonelle Lombard – 14.03.2022
Go Hessequa! Best Municipality! Hessequa for the win!

Gill Simpson – 14.03.2022
Hessequa offers a unique environment with its biodiversity of the Cape Floral Kingdom, especially adapted to this part of the Western Cape, and many species only found here. Different character little towns, farms and nature reserves, offer personal service and friendship. Major paleontological, and archaeological discoveries are indicative of the depth of culture here. Hessequa is also proudly green, and working at a sustainable future for all people, flora and fauna.

Marius Frederick Ferndale – 14.03.2022
Hessequa is no 1 for me. I relocated here about 4 years ago and wouldn’t exchange it for the world. Low crime rate, low unemployment, active participation of councilors in the community and great municipal service delivery.

Sibulele Landzela – 14.03.2022
As someone who resides in Western Cape, I have visited the area once, however, I wouldn’t mind coming back again :)

Chante – 14.03.2022
The Hessequa Tourism is the best and Gouritsmond is a very beautiful and quiet place, so I’ll suggest that the Hessequa Tourism should win this award

Adrian Antha – 14.03.2022
Hessequa bo !

Gertwin Felkers – 14.03.2022
Go Hessequa !!

Jethro van Niekerk – 14.03.2022
I have been camping in the stilbaai( jongensfontein, gouritsmond) area for most of my life and it is truly a amazing place the people the atmosphere there is no better place and i see it as my home away from home the Hessequa municipality region is really the best place if you truly want expierence nature at its best.

Anthea Louw – 14.03.2022
The best in the west….HESSEQUA!!

Lizani Muller – 13.03.2022
Hessequa: A little piece of heaven. I am in love with this part of SA!

Letitia Cable – 13.03.2022
Hessaqua municipality rocks

Rachell – 13.03.2022
Hessequa rocks!

Megan Gelant – 13.03.2022
Hessequa for the win

Daniel – 11.03.2022
I never been anywhere outing, thank you for giving people to explore other places. These past two years has been very though this will really make a difference.

Cheslin Esau – 11.03.2022
Love Hessequa

Magda Vlok – 11.03.2022
Hessequa Tourism works hard to promote our beautiful area, placing it on the map as the top tick on your travelling bucket list!

Lilian Nomdo – 11.03.2022
I’m from Hessequa and just want to vote for it there Tourism is really stunning and kids friendly #HessequaTourism is the best

Adele de Lange – 11.03.2022

Marlene Prins – 11.03.2022
Die Beste In die Geweste – Sleeping Beauty…

Shagon – 11.03.2022
Go Hessequa Tourism

JOHN-ASHLEY THYSE – 11.03.2022

Ruwayda Levendal – 11.03.2022
Heaven on earth!!! Beautiful green landscapes and so much to see.

Gys Hough – 10.03.2022
Hesseqa the no, 1 destination in South Africa

Rina Snyman – 10.03.2022
Here in the Hessekwa you can enjoy the nature, the relaxation and forget all about your worries

Betsie van Noordwyk – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is the best

Sonja le Roux – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is the best place to live in!!!

Gerald Boezak – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is the best

Lemona Kleinhans – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is a beautiful, WOW place to visit.

Wessel van Brakel – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is the best holiday destination in the Garden Route!!

Marcel Vosloo – 10.03.2022
Great Hessequa!

Sakeena Francis – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is the MOST beautiful and safe town to visit with six Blue Vlag Beaches and the most beautiful mountains.

Roland Daames – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is just simply the best!!

Ntosh Songongo – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is the BEST place to be at!!! If you want a place to just take a breather and soothe your soul, this is THE place! So many sights to explore and enjoy.

Anneline Kistoor – 10.03.2022
Hessequa has the most beautiful mountains and beaches. Fynbos is also a big part of our Nature attractions and Puntjie is a Heritage site…a must see!!. Winter time is Canola Time in our Hessequa area , a beautiful eye sight of yellowness…

Bertrandt – 10.03.2022

Allison Carelse – 10.03.2022
This unique destination offers you a once in a lifetime experience. From meeting interesting people and places away from the busy tourism attraction that you will normally explore. Most of the experiences are native to the area and will definitely make for unforgettable memories!

Candis Jacobs – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is thee best!! It has the most amazing nature attractions and is a great region to come and relax.

Clayton Arendse – 10.03.2022
It’s a fantastic place to visit.

JC Oosthuizen – 10.03.2022
Hessqua is WoW!!

Adrian – 10.03.2022

Davian Arries – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is unique and has the best scenery to take in and enjoy

canet – 10.03.2022
still bay

Angelique Jaftha – 10.03.2022
Hessequa has the most beautiful scenery from beautiful mountains to the beautiful open sea and river activities

Conville saayman – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is the best place to be.

Danielle – 10.03.2022
Hessequa Municipality are Known for his beautiful mountain “Sleeping Beauty” alongside its Peaceful and Safe Accommodation, Parks and Playgrounds. As our region offers visitors unique and off-the-beaten-track experiences like Big 5 Game Drives, Forest Glamping, Fynbos Gin, Award-winning Olive and Olive Oils, Award-winning Cheese, Award-winning Wine, Aloe Products, Municipal Camping Facilities, Mountain Passes and 6 Blue Flag Beaches. This is Surely the best place to be.

Wendy Miller – 10.03.2022
This area is definitely the most professionally run and well looked after area in our country – with no litter and people obeying the rules of the community

Evangeline Fielies – 10.03.2022
You don’t get any better than Hessequa Municipality !!!! The best in SA !

Riaan Gelderblom – 10.03.2022
Hessequa has it all

Judith Nel – 10.03.2022
Hessequa has a unique variety of activities to explore

Rhuschan Manho – 10.03.2022
Hessequa region a time to relax and explore natures beauty

Leanne Windvogel – 10.03.2022

Chrisna Hough – 10.03.2022
If you want to unwind and just breathe in the scenery and relax, Hessequa is just the place to be.

Grant Riddles – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is the best place to visit.

christina zana – 10.03.2022
The best of the best municipalities in the western cape!

Lenichia Willemse – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is the BEST. Amazing tourist attractions and beautiful nature – ABSOLUTE MUST VISIT DESTINATION

Zanette Bothma – 10.03.2022
Hessequa is the BEST!!!!!

Sonia Louw – 10.03.2022
The Tourism department in particular Riaan Malan has done exceptional work to co ordinate the region and to point out unique tourism opportunities in each area. He is always well prepared, listens carefully and actions. It has been an absolute pleasure to work with him. He answers email officially and always well on time. My vote is 100%

CLIFTON DONALD – 10.03.2022
The best municipality in SA.

Tshepiso Lerefolo – 10.03.2022
Great holiday destination

Deon Lewis-Michaels – 10.03.2022
Best in the west

Wesley Pillay – 09.03.2022
well done

Bertus Hayward – 09.03.2022
Come and Explore the Beauty of Hessequa at the foot of Sleeping Beauty!

Rona Coetzee – 09.03.2022
Great holiday destination to explore

Ian Rothery – 09.03.2022
There is so much to see and experience here. It’s at the foot of the Garden Route don’t drive by. The big five, blue flag status beaches, adventure and thrill seekers will get that dopamine high. Or consider the mindful walks in the protected parks next to meandering rivers. First class selected accommodation from homes to motels or in tents or caravans. Come see for yourself.

Maximilian – 09.03.2022
Thank you for this dynamic tourism department of this jewel of an area in the Western Cape. It offers so much to experience. The people are friendly and the destinations and experiences offers a variety that caters for all needs.

Kelebogile – 09.03.2022
I think its best placd to win

Natasha Doherty – 08.03.2022
Great area to explore!

Rachel Didloff – 08.03.2022
The best region with the most stunning picturesque views to be savoured throughout your journey.

Mart-Marie – 08.03.2022
Hessequa is the best region in the Western Cape!! Has everything to offer!

Nolene Windvogel – 08.03.2022

Denise Lloyd – 08.03.2022
At the beginning of the Garden Route you will find the mostly undiscovered and unexplored treasurers of the Explorer’s Garden Route/Hessequa. The diversity of the region as well as the hidden treasurers make for an awesome destination with a unexpected surprise around every corner and bend. An adventurer’s paradise and a destination worthwhile exploring.

Archie vd – 08.03.2022
Definitely the best unspoiled region or area in the whole of South Africa (Garden Route)

Jocelynne Pieterse – 08.03.2022
The Hessequa Municipality is beautiful, my ultimate favourite holiday destination, with the serine destination having a variety of scenic views. This area is blessed with forestry, the ocean, estuaries which leads into beautiful rivers and lagoons.

Dolphina – 08.03.2022
I love my town

Somari van Niekerk – 08.03.2022
Hessequa is ‘n besonderse omgewing en altyd lekker dinge om te doen. Regdeur die jaar voel dit soos vakansie in Hessequa.

Annette Matthee – 08.03.2022
How priviledged are we to live in SA’s favourite holiday spot? Where you can ‘holiday’ every evening after work and enjoy daily EVERYthing that Hessequa has to offer?! Best beaches, best mountains, best rivers, best farm experiences – the list is endless!

Didi Budricks – 08.03.2022
Best holiday destination ever!

Roelof Van der Merwe – 07.03.2022
Lekker om in die lekkerste omgewing te bly sterkte Hesseque!!

Shahida Kennedy – 07.03.2022
So much beauty to explore in the Hessequa area.

Hendie Grobbelaar – 07.03.2022
Requesting my R1000 travel voucher please? Good luck Hessequa!

annelene hartnick – 07.03.2022
Hessequa is indeed a gem that still need to be discovered with a wide variety of exquisite places for every tourist to experience

Marilise lombard – 07.03.2022
Well done!!!!! Explorers garden route the best!!

Desiree – 07.03.2022
It is such a beautiful place and offers great variety of activities that to die for! I’d love to experience its beauty.

Melissa Holmes – 07.03.2022
Possibly the BEST part of South Africa to visit and play and rest and holiday! So much to offer!!!

LERATO TSHEFU – 07.03.2022
Hessequa is the ultimate play area for the adventure.

Linda Oosthuizen – 07.03.2022
Simply the Best destination!

Aileen Anderson – 07.03.2022
Awesome adventure spot

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