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Type: Accommodation – Self Catering
Category: Pet Friendly

Motivation for award: We cater for families with pets. Since covid, most families have developed deeper bonds with their pets as they have spent more time at home. We offer a special place for families with pets to go on vacation together.

Region: Mpumalanga / Dullstroom

Greystone Lodge near Dullstroom

Fenced pet-friendly Dullstroom

Fenced pet-friendly, self-catering chalets near Dullstroom on a beautiful and tranquil property about 28km from Dullstroom.

Greystone Lodge is pet-friendly, we welcome large dogs.
Each chalet is individually fenced.

The chalets are fully stocked for self-catering purposes.

There are numerous activities including fly-fishing, archery and a golf driving range on the property.

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Sibusiso – 22.05.2022
this is a nice place and would love to visit it and recommend people to book

Angela Tshazi – 19.05.2022
Tranquil and pet friendly

Avril – 16.05.2022
Request R1000 travel voucher please

Peter – 03.05.2022
Awesome beautiful place for a breakaway

Annelize Cloete – 07.04.2022
I just love Greystone Lodge. Pet friendly which is a big plus. Quiet, peaceful, great lodge.

Bronwyn de Winnaar – 07.04.2022
Beautiful place, beautiful people

V Pauw – 07.04.2022
Great venue that is pet friendly, a tranquil & relaxing setting. Staff are welcoming and kind.

Davina Cox – 07.04.2022
Such a tranquil place, friendly, accommodating, neat.

Janet May Murray – 07.04.2022
Greystone is fabulous! Great team, perfect accommodation for a getaway with pets and loads of tranquil space to reignite your senses. Affordable and definitely a place I will go back to asap.

Carien le Roux – 07.04.2022
Fantastic people and place!!

Michelle Du Toit – 07.04.2022
Greystone Lodge is the best petfriendly getaway one can go to. And the best place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life.

Les – 07.04.2022
Greystone Lodge is a wonderful place to unwind

Luculle Stols – 07.04.2022
5⭐️ Experience at Greystone Lodge. Their cabins are neat and cosy. Fresh farm milk delivered daily, free. We did many walks with our Yorkies, the scenery is fab and we had stunning mountain bike rides in the area, using the lodge as a base. Love it! Can’t wait for our next visit! #PetFriendly and #PetSafe

Sanette Henninglove – 05.04.2022
Lovely place and pet friendly makes it n place to go

Sinesipho – 01.04.2022
The place is pet friendly

Linandi Barkhuizen – 31.03.2022
On my list of places to visit in 2022!

Mathilda Enslin – 27.03.2022
Thank you that you think also about our 4 leg children an to open your place and your hearts for them and also for their family. I can’t remember when last I was away on a holiday because I didn’t want to go without my 2 little yorkies. I would like to experience your hospitality. – 24.03.2022
beatiful place

James Selemela – 24.03.2022
Beautiful place indeed and everything was super great . Great staff who are very good and they know how to take care of their clients .

Riana Seris – 24.03.2022
It is a big bonus to bring our dogs along. When on holiday without them we miss them a lot and wish they were there

Ronel Sailer – 23.03.2022
Love the accomodation and even more that my 4legged baby’s can come along and play tx Greystone

Thea du Plessis – 22.03.2022
#welovepetssa Greystone Lodge near Dullstroom

Madelein bam – 22.03.2022
The first pet friendly place i love my dogs as my children so they travel with us .

Paige Halgryn – 22.03.2022

Simon – 22.03.2022
I would like to get my travel voucher

Tracy Pritchard – 22.03.2022

Clements Estelle – 15.03.2022
#welovepetssa I vote for Greystone Lodge in Dullstroom

David Hamer – 15.03.2022
What an excellent break-away with you pets….

Charne Donevan Deysel – 15.03.2022
Absolutely Wow!!!

Carmen Oosthuizen – 14.03.2022
Wow! Amazing place to have your pets go on holiday as well!

Belinda Vermeulen – 14.03.2022

Maddy Wolmarans – 14.03.2022
Greystone Lodge near Dullstroom have been on our doggies wish list for a while.

Lesyl Potgieter – 14.03.2022
I love to go on vacation with my active, outdoor-loving Belgian Malinois (mom), White Swiss Shepherd (dad) & Shepinois (their Son) – it’s a family affair #welovepetssa

Charnay Pelser – 14.03.2022
Doggies would love a country get away…..Owner’s need a break from the city as well:)

Tanya Labuschagne – 13.03.2022
Would love a break and take our furry family with us xx

Anischka Tosen – 13.03.2022
10 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Sanette Henning – 13.03.2022

Sanette Henning – 13.03.2022
Awsome place

Jeneane Bezuidenhout – 12.03.2022
Wow.. Breath takingly beautiful And of course the best part is my.. only.. Four legged kiddies can enjoy it with me..

Thelma Schutte – 12.03.2022
Greystone Lodge near Dullstroom

Tammy Dawson – 12.03.2022
Greystone Lodge near Dullstroom

Ronnie James – 12.03.2022
Greystone was the most personal and professional experience ever. Beautiful owners!!

Jenna rudy – 11.03.2022
Greystone lodge looks absolutely breathtaking and I would be delighted to be able to take my furr child who has cancer with me on a trip somewhere special!

Tegan Hammerich – 11.03.2022
Would love to be able to have an opportunity to get away with my pups!!! They love being out and about and we love having them with us. They complete our family . Grey stone lodge would be amazing

Heather Peter – 10.03.2022
I have a small yorky she would love to travel with us

Magda Grebe – 10.03.2022
We don’t have pets but would love to visit and enjoy nature.

Thato Senokwane – 10.03.2022
I vote for Greystone Lodge. Thank you

Belinda Smit – 10.03.2022
Would love to win this

Sherryl Reid – 09.03.2022
I vote for Greystone Lodge and request my R1000 travel voucher

Jennifer Maher – 09.03.2022
Awesome place to visit!

Ellen Prinsloo – 09.03.2022
I votw Greystone Lodge

Ellen Prinsloo – 09.03.2022
I wote Greystone Lodge

Yolandé Pieterse – 09.03.2022
Awesome little dog free place.

Jessica Holloway – 09.03.2022
Such an amazing advantage in the hospitality field for pet friendly! And in a amazingly beautiful area of SA. Would love to visit

Nadia – 09.03.2022
Greystone Lodge Near Dullstroom for the win, so awesome if you can take your pets with you on holiday to a safe place

Martha van Biljon – 09.03.2022
Dit lyk soos n fantastiese plek om vakansie te hou

Yolanda van Zyl – 09.03.2022
Bark bark wohoooooo we loved it And we loved it as well, peaceful and tranquil most beautiful views

Cameron Maryanne – 09.03.2022
Wow simply the best prize ever.What an awesome getaway

JUDITH – 09.03.2022

Taryn – 09.03.2022
I request my R 1000 travel voucher

Jonathan Van der westhuizen – 09.03.2022
Greystone lodge is awesome, great views ..

Natasha Talocchino – 09.03.2022
I vote for Greystone Lodge

Irene Slabbert – 09.03.2022
Please Greystone Lodge

Etrecia Visagie – 09.03.2022

Tamirin Mynhardt – 09.03.2022
Lovely composition

Peter Fortuin – 09.03.2022
Fly fishing my favorite

Strydom Hayley – 09.03.2022
Absolute convenience for families traveling with their pets! We don’t go anywhere without our dogs and always struggle to find dog friendly accommodation that is both adequately fenced and safe. The lodge is absolutely beautiful as well and perfect for people who enjoy the outdoors. Both aestetic and practical. Staying there would be a dream come true.

Marlet Van Wetten – 09.03.2022
We love our pets. Would love to take them with us on holiday

Bonita Lutzka – 09.03.2022
This place looks beautiful, I have had my eye on it for a while but have not had the opportunity to stay there. My pup is now 5 months old and ready for travel

Judite Lamb – 09.03.2022
We love to take our 2 mini rescue Yorkshire Terrier on holidays with us. We have been forced to move from our house due to development and it would be a brilliant way to relax with beautiful views in Dullstroom.

Relene Nel – 09.03.2022
Please could I request the R1000 travel voucher. Awesome competition.

Louise Jacobs – 08.03.2022
Pet friendly. Enough said. Thank you

Ashleigh Tetley – 08.03.2022
We absolutely love travelling with our rescue dog, but since she’s nervous of others, we choose private, fenced-off spots. Greystone Lodge ticks all the boxes! #welovepetssa

Annelize Cloete – 08.03.2022
What a great place to go with your pets.

Sarah Brauns – 08.03.2022
This place looks incredible. Also situated in one of the best towns in Mpumalanga.

Chad Van Der Rheede – 08.03.2022
Greystone Lodge Near Dullstroom

Azaria Van Rooyen – 08.03.2022
This looks so amazing

Megan Marais – 08.03.2022
Hope you win!

Elmarie – 08.03.2022
Hoping to get married later this year. This would be the perfect honeymoon

Megan Marais – 08.03.2022
Greystone Lodge

Yasmeen Ibrahim – 08.03.2022
Lovely giveaway

Anna Stander – 08.03.2022
Greystone lodge, absolutely superb

Sonia Lotterkng – 08.03.2022
Greystone Lodge! Hope you win! Would love to visit….looks beautiful!!

Louise jacobs – 08.03.2022
Greystone lodge

Wilmarie – 08.03.2022

Nequita Coker – 08.03.2022
What a beautiful place to unwind and love the fact that fur babies are welcome to join! There’s activities for everyone!

Marie Hattingh – 08.03.2022
This will be the first time to visit Dullstroom

stacey Grobbelaar – 07.03.2022
Greystone lodge

Elmarie Diederiks – 07.03.2022

Chantal Page – 07.03.2022
This will be a first, as hubby & I always go to the coast for our alone time getaways, our kids are big & are out about living their own lives, we now have our little fur babies & this will be an even better experience to have them join us on a new adventure & their 1st getaway

Dirk abrolat – 07.03.2022
Would love the voucher do I can take the fur babies on a well deserved holiday

Annemarie Nieuwenhuizen – 07.03.2022
Love Dullstroom and Places like Greystone Lodge that Love our 4 leg children!

Melanie Venter – 07.03.2022
Best place ever. Friendly people

Dominque Ribeiro – 07.03.2022
Voting for Greystone Lodge – what a beautiful escape!

Didi Booysen – 07.03.2022
Amazing to stay at Greystone Lodge we are so excited to be there in April. Friendly staff and quick responses to bookings. They go out of their way to make you feel at home, i love that they also give you options or advise on the perfect breakfast or places to see with your pets in Dullstroom!! You guys Rocks!

Elisma Botha – 07.03.2022
My winter weekend home away from home

Chantelle Fourie – 07.03.2022
Would really love to win a break away, and to be able to take me dog with will just be the cherry on the cake!!!

Sandra Jeffree – 07.03.2022
Awesome place

Claire Schnepel – 07.03.2022
Stunning holiday accommodation, best part is we can take our babies with

Diana Bollweg – 06.03.2022
One of the best places I have visited with my dogs. Happy memories of a wonderful holiday at Greystone Lodge!!

Tammy Dawson – 06.03.2022
This would be such a wonderful little holiday after the year we have had. Feb 2021-Hubbies lung collapsed and displaced his heart Dec 2021-Pregnancy loss and almost lost my life Jan-2022-hubby lost his job

Tanya Geyer – 06.03.2022
Lovely lovely tranquil place

Verena Neethling – 06.03.2022

Mariet Lange – 06.03.2022
What better thing than to enjoy peaceful time with your furry ones.

Candyce Miranda – 06.03.2022
Beautiful and pet friendly ❤ what more could you want!?

Joanne – 06.03.2022
Greystone Lodge

Marthie Meyer – 06.03.2022
I love Greystone Lodge very much.

Anischka Tosen – 06.03.2022
5stars Petfriendly, neat and only place where u can be part of nature and be as a family with our pets

Rita cook – 06.03.2022
Haven’t had a holiday in 10 years

Quinten – 06.03.2022
Just a awesome break away.

Catherine Botha – 06.03.2022
Beautiful and peaceful pet friendly lodge!

Ida – 06.03.2022
I would like to vote for this lodge

Nicole Uya – 06.03.2022
Greystone has my vote

Susan Botes – 06.03.2022
Good dag Please send me a travel voucher. Thank you

Kobus – 06.03.2022
Vote for greystone lodge

Lisa – 06.03.2022
Vote for Greystone Lodge

JoLinda van Vuuren – 06.03.2022
It would be a dream coming true, as a dog lover, we love our Dobey girl, our 4 legged kid!, and as pensioners a getaway would be awesome!!!

Genene – 06.03.2022
We love pets!

Zani – 06.03.2022
Greystone Lodge is one of my favorite places to visit. There are lots of things to explore with your dogs in the area and the hosts are exceptional.

André de Nysschen – 06.03.2022
On our bucket list to visit this year. Great to see that it is pet friendly, then Phoebe can go with.

Ella Gustafson – 06.03.2022
Absolutely a beautiful place to get away from everything. We are in love with Greystone Lodge. And love having our pets with us on a getaway.

Shonel Narayan – 06.03.2022
I heard so many good reviews about Greystone lodge . I’m hoping to visit soon with my fur baby and husband.

Christian Smith – 06.03.2022

Cindy Treges – 06.03.2022
Beautiful Lodge

Jackie Seitz – 06.03.2022
#bestpetfriendly #finntheboxerdog #bestweekendaway #greystonelodge #petssafetyfirst

Ewa Hyra – 06.03.2022
Love this place

Jorica Van Heerden – 06.03.2022
We appreciate pet friendly holiday accommodation. Our furkids are kids, not just pets, and they deserve to join us on holiday. #Welovepetssa

Anja Du Toit – 06.03.2022
My two Jack Russels would love it… Us too of course….

Joanne – 06.03.2022
Greystone lodge

Vincent Cloete – 06.03.2022

Chelsea – 06.03.2022
Always looking for thought out pet friendly accommodation, and this is it!!!! Ticking all the boxes!!

Abbygail Van wyk – 06.03.2022

Stefan van Wyk – 06.03.2022
Beautiful pet friendly getaway!

Jamie Stacey – 06.03.2022
Greystone Lodge

Meloni Smit – 06.03.2022
We absolutely love Greystone Lodge, hubby can fly fish, I can go mountain biking and the four legged kids love to just chill The best for the entire family!

Suzette Viljoen – 06.03.2022
My daughter and I would LOVE to take our furkids on a holiday to Greystone Lodge. They deserve it just as much as we do! It looks like a fantastic place to let your hair down and RELAX!

Andre – 06.03.2022
Greystone looks awesome, perfect breakaway for dad to flyfish and fur kids to enjoy nature, they will love it.

Marisca Harris – 06.03.2022
This is on my list for a winter breakaway. <3

Johanita – 06.03.2022

Davina Cox – 06.03.2022
Awesome that our fur babies can come a long

Maree Smith – 06.03.2022
As a foster mommy, I would love to take my own fur kids on a holiday

Leanne Coetzee – 06.03.2022
Greystone lodge is filling a gap for people with large dogs!

Claire Knoechl – 06.03.2022
Greystone Lodge

Caterina Cannone – 06.03.2022
Greystone Lodge Caterina Cannone 0824684222

Ashnee Ramsoomair – 06.03.2022
Can’t wait to check out the resort

Sherryl Cutler – 06.03.2022
Looks lovely and peaceful. Love that youPet friendly and that the hound can join the family holiday.

Karolien Nell – 06.03.2022
Best pet friendly place to stay!

Brian Linforth – 06.03.2022

Tanya De Villiers – 06.03.2022
Seen such amazing reviews about Greystone. Have done a lot of research. It’s so super Pet friendly and seems to cater for everyone’s need brilliantly. It’s on the top out bucket list

Yolanda Potgieter – 06.03.2022

Debbie Linforth – 06.03.2022

Ayushie Rajkumar – 06.03.2022
I love that its pet friendly!

Alet Meyer – 06.03.2022
Love Greystone Lodge

Sarah Jones – 06.03.2022
Most incredible place

Jenna Odendaal – 06.03.2022
Been dying to go to Greystone Lodge! In serious need of a vacation after a very rough few years. They cherry on top of the cake would be to bring our gorgeous Yorkie furchild Pebbles with!

Rita Velleman – 06.03.2022
awesome place to stay with ones furbabies

Louise Addis – 06.03.2022
Lovely place

Joey Du Pisanie – 06.03.2022
Greystone Lodge

Jomé van der Merwe – 06.03.2022
We love taking our 2 furbabies on holidays with us. They love any sort of walk/hike and cuddling with mommy and daddy

Selma Grobler – 06.03.2022
The most beautiful place to stay with your pets, knowing that they are safe and welcone…

Natasha Barnard – 06.03.2022
This place has been on my travel list for a long time! Would love to take my two pups for a much needed getaway. #welovepetssa

Charmaine James – 06.03.2022
Best stay. Going to greystone since 2019 for every birthday and wedding anniversary. They even made a special memorial garden for my mom that passed away in 2019. The owners interaction is wonderful. Chalet is so beautiful and clean. Staff is wonderful. It’s my family’s only holiday destination!!!

Aileen Rodel – 06.03.2022
Allowing pets to stay at holiday accommodation is such a help especially for people like me who own special needs pets that need 24hour supervision and cannot be left with normal house sitters. Plus just look at this place! #welovepetssa

Allan Webber – 06.03.2022
The most beautiful place to stay with your pets, knowing that they are safe and welcone.

Marlene Drummer – 06.03.2022
I would love to take my two fur babies to Greystone lodge. Everything looks so peaceful. Safety is a number one rule for my babies and I can see that with the fenced off cottages

Tanya Kleinhans – 06.03.2022
Like that we can bring our great danes

Anthony Welle – 06.03.2022
Great Place To Relax

Hazel Titterton – 06.03.2022
Just awesome

Bacara Ashleigh Spruit – 06.03.2022
Amazing place to relax

Zelda de Clerck – 06.03.2022
Greystone Lodge…heaven on earth! The most beautifull surroundings, perfectly comfy accomodstion and the most wonderfull hosts. I have been there with my fur babies a few times, the best pet friendy place in Highlands Meander! #welovepetssa

Isabel Potgieter – 06.03.2022

Isabel Potgieter – 06.03.2022
Love that large dogs are also welcome

Matt Van Der Merwe – 06.03.2022
Absolutely love Greystone Lodge as do my two Boxers, Finn and Daisy

Natalia Ting – 06.03.2022
Greystone Lodge is a wonderful self-catering, pet-friendly holiday destination! My husband, furnabies and I had an amazing stay there in Feb 2022, and we will definitely be back!

Cheriźe Stark – 06.03.2022
Greystone lodge

Corlize Luttig – 06.03.2022
This is a lovely break-away location. Perfect for our yorkies. #welovepets

Colleen Taylor – 06.03.2022
I vote for Graystone Lodge and request a R1000 travel voucher

Magda Jordaan – 06.03.2022

Suné le Roux – 06.03.2022
Greystone Lodge looks like an amazing way to go on holiday with your pets, they can be secure in beautiful surroundings!

Merinda Allam – 06.03.2022
The best ever!!!

keleigh Coertzen – 06.03.2022
Love this place.

Trudie Swanepoel – 06.03.2022
Would love to take my two Yorkie furbabies!

Amy Turner – Helena – 06.03.2022
We absolutely love weekends away at Greystone with our two Labradors! They always have the best time!

Strydom Lizelle – 06.03.2022

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