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Type: Media
Category: Innovative

Motivation for award: Our product sits at the unique intersection between the visitor and the supplier. We offer both physical display and digital marketing options.

Region: Nationwide / South Africa

Go.See.Do. South Africa

Visitor Information Leaders

Go.See.Do. Media (Pty) Ltd is a niche media and marketing company with a 27-year track record in delivering market leading results predominantly to clients in the visitor market. Our collective experience in this segment gives Go.See.Do. Media (Pty) Ltd a distinct competitive advantage. We’re able to match our clients marketing DNA and their short, medium and long-term goals with highly effective and relevant platforms. With over 3000 information boards placed at strategic venues countrywide and utilising tradition print brochures alongside digital brochures, we keep visitors informed of Things to See and Do 24/7/365. The innovative QR Digiscan brochure brings technology directly to Information Boards. The website contains unique content, blogs, listings, news and featured articles and a regular newsletter. We create visitor-related posts on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and TikTok. Our affiliate programmes with strategic partners leverages our online reach for better conversion rates.

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Jaime Jolliffe – 26.05.2022
Go. See. Do. South Africa keep doing great

Nicole Dickie – 25.05.2022
Amazing travel opportunities – So informative and great service

Gill Dickie – 25.05.2022
love what they do and how they market

Frederik van Zyl – 25.05.2022
Best info site and synonymous to what they stand for. Go See and Do! the listings are endless.

Nicole Dickie – 30.03.2022
This sounds fantastic – you have a great offer!!! Definitely going to share with friends and family!!

Terry Theron – 28.03.2022
Excellent company

Brian Bode – 14.03.2022
Great tourism service

Gill Dickie – 12.03.2022
Great company

Daniela – 12.03.2022
Vilakazi Street Soweto, basically the whole of Soweto. – bike tour rides – soweto theatre poetry sessions – vilakazi street – graffiti art – thesis lifestyle brand and restaurant – Ubuntu kraal event – Kota king … and many more

Christelle Vermaak – 28.02.2022
Just enjoy every moment

Sinead Power – 26.02.2022
Congratulations on the well deserved nomination. I really hope you do win as you’ve worked tirelessly during this challenging time!

Jenny Mocke – 26.02.2022
South Africas best visitor information provider. User friendly with helpful and friendly staff

Dianna Martin Martin – 24.02.2022
Great site to promote SA esperiwnces

Lynne – 23.02.2022
Go See Do

Mariselle – 23.02.2022
As a Tourism teacher I would love to thank you for all you do to promote the Tourism Industry in SA

Shanice – 22.02.2022
#Go.See.Do.South Africa

Barry – 22.02.2022
Great for Tourism in the country. Awesome work…

Stacey Briggs – 22.02.2022
Love seeing innovation shows in these types of platforms as it can sometimes be difficult in these environments

Riaan – 22.02.2022

Wendy Theys – 22.02.2022
Very informative & easy to access

janet pillai – 21.02.2022
a beacon during trying times in our industry – a great resource to get information on our product out

Elize Zietsman – 21.02.2022
Great for SA Tourism

janet pillai – 21.02.2022
a beacon during trying times in our industry

janet pillai – 21.02.2022
a beacon during trying times in our industry

Ronell Nicholette Roux – 20.02.2022
professional pattend website

Eileen Pieters – 20.02.2022
Professional pattend webside

Letitia Louw – 19.02.2022
I vote Go See Do

Neil Mac Donald – 19.02.2022
We have so many beautiful places of heritage and history in South Africa.. So many to see in this beautiful country..

Paula – 19.02.2022
Always the best place to find hidden gems.

Willene Langenhoven – 19.02.2022

Monique – 19.02.2022
Best way to find new destinations. Very innovative!

Reggy Sibusiso Buthelezi – 18.02.2022
Best local marketing company I’ve ever come across as a tourism management student i say I’m looking forward to working for a company like Go.See.Do. The company deserves this. Well done on your nomination

Christelle – 18.02.2022
Best place to get all info on traveling and exploring our beautiful country!

Courtney – 18.02.2022
I love following my local Go.See.Do on social media to find the best travel spots in my area. Always such a great way to find hidden gems! Thank You!!!!

Robert Richards – 18.02.2022
Very innovative and vibrant. Just what we need. Keep up the good work.

Jabulile – 18.02.2022
Unique traveling experience

Anneke van der Merwe – 18.02.2022
Lovely places to see and travel to.

Anneke van der Merwe – 18.02.2022
Lovely places to see and travel to.

Grant Little – 18.02.2022
Great option for SA Tourism

Patrick Power – 18.02.2022
Essential service for tourists

Esme Hough – 18.02.2022
Fantastic initiative.

Thabo Lietsiso – 18.02.2022
Voting for GO. SEE. DO

morne – 18.02.2022
awesome marketing tool

Cemelia Davids – 18.02.2022
A vote

Jackie Sutton – 18.02.2022
A worthwile marketing tool

Paul Malebati Mashia – 18.02.2022

Henry Moorcroft – 18.02.2022
We need to bring tourists back in big numbers

Martie van Wyk – 18.02.2022
Your advertising are absolute outstanding we can find any information that we looking for The displays are very good and vissable keep on with the good work

Malande Conradie – 18.02.2022
Go.See.Do the best

Shane Bezuidenhout – 18.02.2022

Elanda – 18.02.2022
Go check out their page now!!!

Maritha Wagner – 18.02.2022
They do have unique content over a broad spectrum over all social media platforms!!!

Eddie van Jaarsveld – 18.02.2022
A very unique concept that works.

Abbey Hudson – 18.02.2022
Go.See.Do. Media provides an excellent service to both tourism-related businesses AND to tourists. Their brochure displays showcase a huge variety of activities and adventures, which makes visiting an area much less stressful and much more exciting for a tourist like me. They’ve definitely saved my bacon when I haven’t had ideas on what activities are available at a new location, and I must admit that I’ve sought out their boards in my area when I am short on date ideas as well!

Mariana – 18.02.2022
Baie handig en volledig die bosjures

Raymond Rampolokeng – 18.02.2022

Raymond Rampolokeng – 18.02.2022
#Go.See.Do is dope

Ramoraswi Rapetsoa – 18.02.2022
You Goseedo……gospreadyourwings

Melanie – 18.02.2022
Can’t go wrong with . Totally awesome

Paige Bezuidenhout – 18.02.2022
Great website! Very informative. Definitely ping to use this to plan my next trip!

Kym Clegg – 18.02.2022
Absolutely brilliant

Tumi – 18.02.2022
I would like to vote for Daring Adventures for their unique travel experiences.

Bruce Clegg – 18.02.2022
Go see do – outstanding service provider.

Maxine Blane – 18.02.2022
Fantastic tourist company!

Onalenna – 18.02.2022
Mathakgong Travels

Michael Usher – 18.02.2022 are everywhere and provide the most up to date and relevant information!

Brad Stuart – 18.02.2022
Go. See. Do. South Africa are winners

Zoliswa Mazibuko – 18.02.2022
Thank you for the amazing work that you do, providing valuable information and promote tourism in South Africa.

Brad Cameron – 18.02.2022
South Africa’s best visitors information site.

P – 18.02.2022
Excellent visitor information service provider.

PJ Vos – 18.02.2022
Best visitor information platform in SA

Francois – 17.02.2022
South africas best information provider.They cater for various information needs and keep updated with the latest trends.

Deirdre van Jaarsveld – 17.02.2022
South Africas best visitor information provider. User friendly

Henry Goldsmith – 17.02.2022
Planning is the key for a successful trip and this is the place to start. Always excellent.

Paul Vos – 17.02.2022
Best visitor information business in South Africa.

Christian Düren – 17.02.2022
Very reliable, good portfolio of information, clean racks/displays.

Bill Deering – 17.02.2022
Very creative and appealing

Hester van der Merwe – 17.02.2022
Just love brochures…useful information on a small piece of paper

Paul Vos – 17.02.2022
Best visitor information service provider in Southern Africa.

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