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Type: Guided Adventure Activity
Category: Unique Experience

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Region: Nationwide / South Africa

Geocachers of South Africa

Exploring through tech

A blend of tech and yearning for adventure that allows you to go treasure hunting all over South Africa, learning about various places as you find caches. Geocachers of South Africa builds the community of geocaching, which is a worldwide activity, within South Africa, assists in setting up local events and ensuring the games is amazing to play for locals, out of towners and foreigners alike. With over 44000 caches placed in South Africa, one is likely to be near you right now.

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Helen Mackay – 30.03.2022
We are relatively new to geocaching and as a family are thoroughly enjoying the adventures we have been taken on whilst on holiday in the berg and locally around our home city.

Kevin Fraser – 09.03.2022
Geocaching is a wonderful outdoor activity with few age limits. It is enjoyed be people from all walks of life, all age groups and from many professions. It takes one to Historical, Geological and many other interesting places in our country. I’ve been taken to places in the city I live in that I hadn’t seen before.

Angus Stewart – 02.03.2022
I have received so much joy from Geocaching because one of the benefits is that it exposes me to so many untjought of places to visit. One can just look at the Geocaching map, zoom in to any area and see popular places by looking where past Geocacher logs provide a realistic viewpoint of their experiences. This often culminates in me finding nany “hidden gems” – places that are off the beaten track, or places that I would never have known existed.

Howard Richardson – 01.03.2022
Geocaching has seen me go to places I would never have to to, all over the world !! And it’s tremendous fun…

Neilke Pretorius – 01.03.2022
Geocaching is so amazing, its a fun way to explore a new town, learn about the history and for all ages to do! I love it!!!!! Thank you team, so grateful for people with ambition and ideas like you guy’s!!!

Myfanwy Bohler – 01.03.2022
Geocaching is the best!

Myfanwy Bohler – 01.03.2022
Geocaching takes you to places you never knew existed!

Inge Neumann – 01.03.2022
This is the best way to learn about some of the more hidden locations in SA

JanMich – 01.03.2022
Geocaching since 2013 and have seen many places of interest we would not otherwise have known about. From historical to quirky…..all amazing places.

Theunis Schutte – 27.02.2022
For the last 12 years, (since I discovered geocaching), travel plans were made around locations where geocaching would be an option. I have met many geocachers from abroad, and is often asked to guide on remote or difficult to reach caches.

Jonker Fourie – 26.02.2022
I love Geocaching ❤

Howard Crouch – 21.02.2022
A great fun activity.

Bryan Human – 21.02.2022
It is probably the most enjoyable way to see the suburbs!

Jill – 20.02.2022
A wonderful way for families to enjoy time together

Mike Harty – 19.02.2022
One of the best adventure activities for the whole family taking people to many exciting unmapped places

Steveni Tammy – 18.02.2022
Fun filled family adventure!

Chris larkin – 18.02.2022
Great fun

Kalvin – 18.02.2022
Love the Geocache experience.

JP Meintjes – 18.02.2022
Geocachinh is an awesome family friendly activity and the GOSA team is great.

Ceinwen Oosthuizen – 18.02.2022
Simply the best activity to get both young and old outdoors and having fun! We’ve been to awesome places and met fantastic people all thanks to Geocaching!

Ginette Potgieter – 18.02.2022
Geocaching has made me see SA with such new eyes and truly allows us to explore and experience this beautiful country.

Dominique – 18.02.2022
We absolutely love Geocaching. It’s a great activity for the whole family to spend quality time together outdoors.

Andrie Krokos – 18.02.2022
I can’t even begin to describe the places geocaching has taken me. It has opened a whole new world for me.

Dwaine – 18.02.2022
GEOSA is the best

Gareth Tiedt – 18.02.2022
An amazing activity that gets the whole family outdoors, and a great way to meet new friends!

Neil Erasmus – 18.02.2022
Go for geocachinf

Patricia Kooyman – 18.02.2022
Geocaching is an awesome experience!

Annelie Panter – 18.02.2022
I am a geocacher and I love it! It takes you outdoors. You get to discover places you didn’t know existed. And you meet like-minded people too.

Richard Chemaly – 17.02.2022
I love geocaching!

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