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Type: Accommodation – Resort
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: Besides the unique character the design and interior has to offer, the experience encourages guests to rejuvenate & connect to yourself, others and nature through multiple disciplines such as the creative arts, mindfulness, programmes & design.

Region: Gauteng / Cradle of Humankind


“a place to connect….”

The development concept is inspired by, respectful of, its history,
converting an old dairy, farmhouse and shed to create consciously
aligned mixed-use, multi-dimensional spaces that are foundational
components of the project58 and NIROX ecosystem.
The rooms, lounges, co-working space, reading & writing rooms, lapa
and shed restaurant (under construction) pay homage to the land,
re-imagining its function.
Drawing inspiration from multiple diverse disciplines such as, Japanese
Wabi-Sabi philosophies and Ancient African settlements we are
grounded in nature… in the Cradle where it all began.
The design was developed in-house. Our building process has up-skilled
the local communities and extensively used rammed earth techniques,
up-cycling and recycling what we found here.
Our interiors, linen and bedding are all sourced locally, whenever
possible, re-purposing what we already have. The arts are integral to
the FARMHOUSE experience. The walls are hung with work from the
NIROX collection and artists move seamlessly between the
properties. Guests will inevitably find artists amongst them – writing,
composing, rehearsing…with FARMHOUSE programs embracing diverse

Our menus and venues are ever-changing,
driven by the seasons, the weather and availability from
local producers.

What we eat, what we drink, and how we do so is important to us.
Our aim for the food at 58, is to choose the food that is the least
harmful, the lightest interventions; where possible restorative to land
and communities. It’s a process we’re only starting, and at this point
the boldest claim we can make is that we aim to make conscious,
considered choices.

Our programmes are our essence.
FARMH USE is not only a place to comfortably lay your
head. It encourages you to take part in carefully curated experiences: Guided walks in nature, hiking trails, diverse well-being
practices, storytelling, art, farming workshops and many more that
we are developing.

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