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Type: Guided Adventure Activity
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: EcoTraining is the Pioneers and leaders in nature training. Formally accredited training courses – the most recognised of any training school in Africa. The greatest variety of nature training courses – from 7 days of Animal Tracking to our one-year Professional Field Guide programme. Camps Located in 6 pristine wildlife reserves in 5 African countries – Including the Kruger National park Due to our longstanding relationship with many of Africa’s top game reserves, our graduates readily find jobs at exceptional lodges, Singita Game Reserve has indicated that it prefers EcoTraining graduates.

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Leader in nature training

Operating for 27 years, EcoTraining is the pioneer and leader in safari guide and wildlife training in Africa. EcoTraining is widely recognised by the safari industry for its credibility and standard of excellence in nature guide training. We offer accredited career courses, gap year and sabbatical programmes, nature programmes, high school and university study abroad programmes, custom courses and on-site professional guide training at safari lodges. All courses are run directly from EcoTraining’s unfenced bush camps in prime wilderness areas across South Africa

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Karina Suter – 31.05.2022
Eco training is the best.

Christa Niederer – 31.05.2022
A unique learning experience in the bush with professional and skilled instructors, highly recommended!

Colin Hamilton – 31.05.2022
Leader in nature training

Gomotsegang Motitswane – 10.03.2022
I had the opportunity to be part of the 55dayscoirse for field guide. And it changed my life. Anton Lategan is a visionary.

Deanne Jones – 10.03.2022
EcoTraining is the perfect candidate for this award. No doubt that they are a leader in nature training.

Jaclyn Marx – 08.03.2022
EcoTraining is one of the top guide training companies in the country, with training camps in the most amazing locations.

Lizaan Viljoen – 08.03.2022
Go above and beyond to create a great learning experience for the participants.

Zandra Louw – 08.03.2022

Dylan Buss – 07.03.2022
Best top class nature cause of its kind an awesome experience never to be forgotten. A once in a life time experience

Melissa Verwey – 07.03.2022
A unique experience, highly recommended, intense nature guide course.

Helena Higgins – 07.03.2022
The most amazing training company with talented and informed instructors. Ecotraining offers the best in experience and varied learning methods to train their students to be the best in the industry.

Marie Schmidt – 07.03.2022
EcoTraining give so many people an incredible experience in the bush. After training with them, my life completely changed and I now work in the bush as well. Very professional and skilled instructors!

Denis Costello – 07.03.2022
I have taken EcoTraining courses online and in the field, top notch experiences.

Denis Costello – 07.03.2022
I have taken EcoTraining courses online and in the field, top notch experiences.

denis costello – 07.03.2022
Have taken EcoTraining courses online and in the field, top notch experiences.

Adelheid Celliers – 07.03.2022
EcoTraining the best! My son did his training with them, safe and skills acquired. Professional and so helpful!

Lelethu Leletu – 07.03.2022
Best on producing guides in South Africa

Charmaine Bronkhorst – 07.03.2022
Unlocking the wonders of nature and guiding to all….

Simeone Kohrs – 07.03.2022
Ecotraining is a fantastic experience!! I spent 2 months at their Mashatu and Karongwe camps and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Pridelands is next to Hoedspruit and a must visit for everyone!!

Marton Csomor – 07.03.2022
Best team!

Lionel Theron – 07.03.2022
EcoTraining’s mission to not only be an excellent provider of various training options within the wildlife field, but to also promote and bring people much closer to nature. Being in tune with the bush/nature is so critical for so many reasons and EcoTraining does a great job doing exactly that.

Lotter Ian – 07.03.2022

Annemi Zaaiman` – 07.03.2022
Best guiding company in Africa

Wesley – 04.03.2022
Awesome camps with awesome experiences!

Arno – 04.03.2022
Awesome operator

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