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Type: Attraction
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: Elzabe Kleynhans wrote: “Amazing rehabilitation work is being done here! This is definitely one of the best attractions on the beautiful Spier estate. Besides the amazing bird shows (falcons, secretary birds, owls, eagles). I had the overcoming-fear-experience to hold a snake, to stroke the snake and I am definitely not a fan of snakes! On top of that, I saw the most exquisite owls up close and personal and held an owl and an eagle on my arm! What an amazing experience and day!”

Region: Western Cape / Stellenbosch


Be touched by an Eagle today!

Eagle Encounters is a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation, conservation, education and eco-tourism organization specializing in birds of prey. We believe that more is caught than taught, therefore we provide hands-on interactions between humans and our amazing wildlife in an effort to bridge the gap between our species. Our hope is that this will encourage understanding and foster a will to conserve.

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Anzio – 17.05.2022
A wonderful eco-tourism facility which puts the welfare of animals first by focusing on rehabilitation and release, and raising awareness through well cared for non-releasable ambassadors.

Carol Nicolas – 17.05.2022
Tracy & Hank Chalmers, Co-Founders of Eagle Encounters, do incredible work. They have created a sanctuary animals and a unique destination for people to meet and learn about them. Tops my list of memorable places to visit!

DeeDee Hunter – 17.05.2022
Never fails to impress, educate and winner all round when taking friends and family out to visit. An awesome job done by Eagle Encounters to rehabilitate animals kindly and with knowledge.

van Zyl Lizel – 16.05.2022
The Best experience ever!!

Robert van Veen – 16.05.2022
Best bird off prey center in South Africa

Robynne Jacobs – 16.05.2022
Incredible work done here! Incredible people running the show!

Sashka Peterson – 16.05.2022
I love this place! It’s an amazing experience run by very passionate people. Perfect for locals and tourists.

Kim Scholtz – 16.05.2022
Amazing rescue and rehabilitation centre. Excellent work done! Highly recommended.

Deidre Peterson – 16.05.2022
Awesome place, they do wonderful work and totally deserve this award

Christine – 08.05.2022
A visit to Eagle Encounters is a life-changing experience. The guides at Eagle Encounters are knowledgeable and enthusiastic. They are doing a great job in educating people about birds.

Partha Sekhar Chatterjee – 09.04.2022
It is the best Eagle Encounters I have experienced anywhere in the world.

Hylton Botha – 10.03.2022
This place is absolutely amazing, such a wonderful place for our youth

Mrs Shannon Radford – 01.03.2022
Eagle Encounters is a world class attraction run by a knowledge and passionate team. Definitely a must experience!

Stella – 28.02.2022
incredibel for adults and for kids! Thank you for the amasing experience

Monique Booysen – 27.02.2022
Amazing rehabilitation work is being done here! This is definitely one of the best attractions on the beautiful Spier estate. Besides the amazing bird shows (falcons, secretary birds, owls, eagles)

Mats Kahl – 24.02.2022
Eagle Encounters really is the best attraction near Cape Town. Wonderful place to visit with the family. Amazing to see the rehabilitation work and experience the animals in such a beautiful place!

Charl du Randt – 24.02.2022
The best.

Paul & Margaret Schofield – 24.02.2022
A fascinating place to visit plus they must be applauded for their rehab and educational work. Visit Eagle Encounters as soon as you can to see eagles and a whole lot more!

Vanessa Tillett – 23.02.2022
When next I visit the Cape, I’ll be sure to visit Eagle Encounters. It sounds like an amazing experience! Keep up the good work you are doing there Hank and Tracey!

Aqeel-ahmad – 23.02.2022
Eagle Encounters deserves this award.

Inga Raw – 23.02.2022
Most amazing encounter. I have been many times and what always strikes me is the passion that Hank & Tracey have for wildlife

Anzél Groenewald – 23.02.2022
Love love love it at Eagle Encounters. I felt like a kid each time I visited them! So much to see and learn.

Susan Holmes – 23.02.2022
Amazing place and rehab work that they do

Wyedun Knight – 23.02.2022
Eagle encounters is a wonderful organisation, who work tirelessly to rehabilitate animals. Their shows and animals are well worth a visit!

Anthony van Zyl – 23.02.2022
Not only does Eagle Encounters educate people on birds of prey but the help conserve and rehabilitate these important birds too!

James Du Toit – 22.02.2022
Absolutely amazing place. Not only the wildlife you get to handle yourself, but the staff. Being family owned they go above and beyond caring for their animals aswell as their customers. Cannot recommend Eagle Encounters enough!

Foster Deirdre – 22.02.2022
Very professional service and very important. Best informative yet fun encounter

Cecil Acton – 22.02.2022
Really an amazing place

Keean Eksteen – 22.02.2022
Love all they are doing !!

Claudia and Dave HARVEY – 22.02.2022
Simply the best

Charlene Rossouw – 22.02.2022
Super Amazing!!

Swati Foster – 22.02.2022
It’s an utterly unique experience.The birds are so well looked after and the conservation work important

Elma Lintz – 22.02.2022
They are amazing!!!

Rene Will – 22.02.2022
Keep up the great work you do! Truly amazing!

Greg Meaker – 22.02.2022
Incredible work that they do there and amazing encounters!

STEPHANIE – 22.02.2022
A fantastic opportunity for education and learning to respect nature and how ecosystems work.

Tarryn Saville – 22.02.2022
Where passion and commitment meet, birds of prey flourish. Excellent work!

Khaya – 22.02.2022
The awesome work done at the Eagle Encounters is selfless and too important in the conservation of the Birds of Pray in South Africa.

Bev Ritchie – 22.02.2022
An informative and entertaining experience! Their valuable conservation work is deserving of support.

Tracy Rossouw – 22.02.2022
The Eagle Encounters team truly love their birds and animals and dedicate their lives to protect them and educate the public about them. I would definately recommend a visit, their interactive shows are incredible. Love love love Eagle Encounters!!!

David Heyneke – 22.02.2022
Eagle encounter has always been such an amazing and welcoming place and the owners truly have a passion for what they do.

Craig Walkden – 22.02.2022
Eagle Encounters is always the first place we visit when traveling to Cape Town. The staff are always helpful and friendly. The interaction with the owls, birds of prey and other animals is a great experience.

Heather Smart – 22.02.2022
Your work is priceless, well done !!!

Caroline Bradshaw – 22.02.2022
Awesome affordable place doing amazing work for Wildlife. The owners are passionate about what they do, and this shines through.

Rupert Rossouw – 22.02.2022
Unbelievable professional set up – the work they do is priceless – Your contributions in saving the birds of pray and other animals is really heartwarming. Well done guys

Colleen whitecross – 22.02.2022
Keep up the great work

Tina Borgstrom – 22.02.2022
Definately worth a visit. Top facility which does amazing work in rescue, release and education. Up close and personal with raptors, owls, reptiles.

Craig Austen – 22.02.2022
I have been associated with Eagle Encounters for many years and their passion for wildlife and education is unending! Thanks for all you do for the community especially when it come to educating our children 10 out of 10!

Tanja Theron – 22.02.2022
Eagle’s Encounter is a well run organisation by people who really care about birds and animals. They are passionate about what they do. I love going there. My kids have all gone their on school outings and have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and learnt valuable lessons.

Roberta Williams – 22.02.2022
I have known the management of Eagle Encounters for many years. The dedication and commitment shown by all who run EE and work there is astounding. There is a strong professional ethic employed in how the wild, injured or compromised birds, reptiles and other animals are handled. It is a safe haven for so many creatures, but also a place of learning and enjoyment for visitors. One leaves feeling energised and Des-stressed!

Shirley Louw – 22.02.2022
Amazing rehab work done with birds thank you. Keep your good work up.

Ursula Carstens – 22.02.2022
Such an amazing rehab center. With very dedicated staff and owners. It is an amazing experience and a must go to in Cape Town.

Sandra Chalmers – 22.02.2022
Amazing to get so close to some awe inspiring birds!

Joshua McIntosh – 22.02.2022
An excellent array of different beautiful birds. Immersive experiences with these birds will leave you awestruck. The people working there are passionate and knowledgeable to the highest degree. It is a truly profound experience!

Rodney Harvey – 22.02.2022
Eagle Encounters is a wonderful endeavour and should definitely be commended on their hard work.

Lizel van Zyl – 22.02.2022
Wow! What an experience. They definitely deserve this award!

Jennifer Buhrmann – 22.02.2022
Wonderful experience, well worth a visit!

Sandy – 22.02.2022
Amazing work being done at Eagle Encounters and a fabulous experience for the whole family.

Erna Odendaal – 22.02.2022
Amazing conservation work and support for other wildlife rescues.

Natacha Chalmers – 22.02.2022
Amazing place!!

Comien Grobler – 22.02.2022
They do amazing work!

Danilla Hunter – 22.02.2022
Amazing experience!

Kevin Shaw – 22.02.2022
Eagle Encounter does fantastic rehabilitation, extension work and educational work on raptors.

Darren – 22.02.2022
The facility is quite by far the best place I have been to of its kind and considering the need for proper education in wildlife and human interaction , it is of vital importance in my opinion. Thank you

Nasreen Rhoda – 22.02.2022
The passion , love, dedication and care shown by the Eagle Encounters team is amazing. This is not just a business. It is their life’s work and passion .

Madi Butler – 22.02.2022
Best experience, learned a huge amount kids loved it and want to go again.. highly recommended!

Uthmaan Rhoda – 22.02.2022
Dedication and Commitment always shows!!

Zolani Mahola – 22.02.2022
I love the energy, the vision and the care with which Spier have brought this into being!

Alexander – 22.02.2022
Incredible experience, hands down the most invigorating animal encounter in the Cape.

Mariota – 22.02.2022
Incredible experience with committed team

Lyndsay Gassert – 22.02.2022
A wonderful day out – so educational and such amazing work being done.

Allan Petersen – 22.02.2022
Hank and his team is inspirational, the knowledge they have and the work they do is exceptional.

Marchelaine Uys – 22.02.2022
Excellent initiative

Lyndsay Meaker – 22.02.2022
Simply the best!!! Outstanding experience. The passion and love is beyond words.

Kim Scholtz – 22.02.2022
Excellent establishment. Taking great care of bird rescue and rehabilitation! Creating awareness through tourism.

Rozanne – 22.02.2022
We love visiting Eagle Encounters. Fun and educational experience for the whole family. They do an amazing job and the staff are very friendly and forthcoming with loads of interesting information. The interactive shows and experiences are brilliant.

Morné de Beer – 22.02.2022
Fantastic experience and encounters with amazing creatures. Can not help to get more involved and protect our environment more.

Brent – 22.02.2022
Love the place friendly staff beautiful animals what more could you ask for.

Joshua Chalmers – 22.02.2022
A place unlike any other!

Christen Eksteen – 22.02.2022
Eagle Encounters deserves a huge win. Amazing work and the best people!

Ivor – 22.02.2022
Love Eagle Encounters

George and Ann Schofield – 22.02.2022
Hank Chalmers, owner of Eagle Encounters, is a second generation falconer with a deep respect for raptors. His entire animal-living family are all devoted to Eagle Encounters and it’s amazing work in rehabilitation and education. Visit and support this worthwhile organization.

Rigardt van Rooyen – 21.02.2022
Love this place and the amazing conservation work they do! Rehabilitation of birds and creating a sense of awareness amongst the public.

Ashley – 21.02.2022
Lovely place with awesome, hardworking staff. They try their best to accommodate all sorts of creatures.

Mr Gary Probert – 21.02.2022
Just Awesome Eagle encounters

Asana – 21.02.2022
Such an incredible center, great for learning and having fun. With the added benefit of being a conservation effort

Mikeryn – 21.02.2022
Excellent staff with great attitude towards life and to the animals that come in on almost on a regular basis. Excellent way of working with people and patience along with understanding for people with little knowledge of English. Really the best place to be!

Mikeryn – 21.02.2022
Excellent staff with great attitude towards life and to the animals that come in on almost on a regular basis. Excellent way of working with people and patience along with understanding for people with little knowledge of English. Really the best place to be!

Katherine – 21.02.2022
A wonderful experience. I love what they do and what they stand for. It’s great to see people care about wildlife.

Gillian – 21.02.2022
Such an amazing and unique experience! A brilliant place to meet all sorts of gorgeous animals. Definitely a place to make a ton of memories!

Chanita – 21.02.2022
Such a great and unique experience paired with the beautiful work of rescuing and preserving such amazing animals.

Angela Mitchell – 21.02.2022
Wonderful experience

John Stuart – 21.02.2022
A must-visit in the Western Cape. What the Chalmers have built here is just amazing, and being surrounded by raptors is a mystical experience. Allow plenty of time to enjoy the experience.

Shane Gibson – 21.02.2022
We loved our eagle encounters visit three years ago so much that we are visiting them again this weekend from Durban. Our children loved the bird shows and interaction with the owls.

Michelle Walkden – 21.02.2022
We love this place! Suitable for young and old. With the biggest variety of Raptors on display. The live interactive shows are entertaining and educational and all the staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and engaging -This is the best interactive experience you can have. There is always something new to see there with the different animals that are been cared for and the Centre and the Birds are all being well maintained. Eagle Encounters is always on the top of our list of places to visit when in Cape Town and we recommend that people pay them a visit. You won’t be disappointed!

Genevieve Richards – 21.02.2022
I love visiting Eagle Encounters when I visit South Africa. To learn about the wildlife they have at the Centre, and to be able to interact with them is a unique and wonderful experience.

Gary Buhrmann – 21.02.2022
Excellent work being done by incredibly dedicated, experienced and passionate owners and staff. Top of the list for anyone visiting Cape Town and Stellenbosch – will be a memorable experience.

Wernich Kuhn – 21.02.2022
Our entire family absolute love Eagle Encounters. We took our 7 year old son there for a visit and he had a blast. Also took our extended family there when they visited us over the holidays. They couldn’t get enough. The interactions, the live shows and the variety of animals to observe just serves for an amazing fun-filled day. Once our twins are old enough to appreciate the beauty of the animals, we will definitely be taking them there too!

Monique Jacobs – 20.02.2022
Eagle Encounters is the perfect place to bring your family and friends. Perfect for people of all ages. The birds and other animals are well looked after, with amazing staff that have a great passion for what they do. It is such a amazing experience interacting with the animals and very educational as well. I would 100% recommend people to visit Eagle Encounters.

Mikhail Pridgeon – 20.02.2022
What an amazing experience…I would highly recommend it for all ages..staff is extremely passionate for all the animals there..they are really committed to giving their 100% at all times…I would really return there and could spend days there

Melandrie Valentine – 20.02.2022
What an exquisite place! The staff is friendly and has great passion for what they do. It is very educational as well. And the birds and animals are in very good condition. Would 100% recommend visiting them, it is worth the money.

Heidemarie Fölscher – 20.02.2022
Not only a great place to enjoy the beautiful birds of prey, but also a great education platform.

Julius Koen – 20.02.2022
Fantastic experience and work they do.

Ronelle Visagie – 20.02.2022
If you like raptors, go to Eagle Encounters.

Leone Du Plessis – 20.02.2022
Really a fantastic experience and worth the money. Really educational learning about the eagles and the owls. Will most definitely visit again!

Kerry Feldman – 20.02.2022
Awesome place – great conservation, fun family experience every time!

Belinda Keppler – 20.02.2022
Heard only positive reviews.

Ineke – 20.02.2022
We had a blast. A definite must do in CPT.

Stef de Bruyn – 20.02.2022
Amazing staff and location Staff is super friendly and helpful Great experience – highly recommend

Alexander van der Westhuizen – 20.02.2022
A wonderful facility dedicated to the animals and education of their protection. A must see experience in South Africa!

Danie – 20.02.2022
What a great place. I have so many great memories of taking my family to Eagle Encounters.

Walton – 20.02.2022
I love learning about the animals there

Tabitha du Randt – 20.02.2022
Brilliant work being done

Michael Chalmers – 20.02.2022
Amazing place, the owners truly love their animals.

Rob Barrie – 20.02.2022
Will be a worthy winner of this award. Wonderful place, wonderful birds and wonderful rehabilitation of wildlife! We love going there, again and again!

Awesome facility; beautifully maintained. All animals healthy and is super condition. Knowledgeable and passionate guides and staff. Absolutely worth a visit!

Anzio Abels – 20.02.2022
Eco-tourism centred around education, rehabilitation and release, not just for the entertainment of visitors.

Astra Ferguson – 20.02.2022
An absolutely wonderful experience to see the incredible work that is done at Eagle Encounters with rehabilitation. The shows are amazing and so educational too, learning about the different types of owls, eagles, hawks, etc.

Lalainya Mitchley – 20.02.2022
Love love love Eagle Encounters. I buy memberships for gifts, I introduce new people to this incredible experience often and that they rescue is most important!

Stu Summerfield – 20.02.2022
Love our visits to Eagle Encounters. Great work guys!

James Williams – 20.02.2022
Very well run operation by a dedicated team.

Cheryl Fowler – 20.02.2022
Most amazing place. Awesome rehabilitation program in place. Good showcase of beautiful event

Francois Kemp – 20.02.2022
Many of these birds I’ve only seen on TV, so for me see them up close and to touch them, was a very special experience for me. I will definitely be back!

Tessa Brits – 20.02.2022
So much respect for each and everyone at this centre. They do amasing work. Giving the animals a second chance caring and loving them .

Nicky – 20.02.2022
Incredible education & rehabilitation

Christo van Niekerk – 20.02.2022
Awesome place to visit with amazing conservation effort with rehabilitation and release

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