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Type: Accommodation – Resort
Category: Child Friendly

Motivation for award: As a holiday destination with the great outdoors, quality family time and the best possible hospitality service front of mind, Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve aims to create the environment for everlasting holiday memories that families and friends will cherish for a lifetime. This Resort is a place where holidaymakers can lose their hearts and replenish their souls; a must stay for any vacation enthusiast.

Region: Mpumalanga / Carolina

Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve

The gem of Mpumalanga

Sweeping views across the rolling hills and valleys are highlighted by glistening, mirror-still dams and bright African skies. Wildlife abounds and birdsong provides the perfect soundtrack to the idyllic escape back into the heart of nature. Situated near Carolina, Mpumalanga, along the Swartspruit River, Doornkop is a place that celebrates the spirit of “Creating the Environment for Everlasting Holiday Memories” and a zest for the natural world. Romanticism is not lost on Doornkops’ self-catering, thatch chalets; each stylish chalet offers every homely comfort and is well-equipped for a comfortable breakaway. The accommodation at Doornkop Fish and Wildlife Reserve was designed with the family experience in mind, affording ample space indoors to cosy up around the fireplace and a private patio outdoors from which to soak up the sunshine and blissful views.

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LIZETTE – 07.04.2022
Fantastic , relaxing outdoor resort a Pure gem!!

Marisa – 30.03.2022
One of my favourite places in SA!! lovely grounds with beautiful dams and scenery.

Michael Jordaan – 29.03.2022
Hidden gem!


Jan Coetzee – 14.03.2022
A relaxing, back tonature holiday destination.

Aligasen Naidu – 13.03.2022

Esias Bootha – 11.03.2022
We love the peace and quiet at Doornkop where one can really relax and rest. Doornkop offers various activities such as mountain biking with some challenging routes, fishing, game and bird watching, hiking etc.

Edwin Crocker – 10.03.2022
Great place for family holidays!!

Keith Young – 10.03.2022
Beautiful place, very peaceful and well maintained.

Jean Schoeman – 10.03.2022
We love Doornkop, the tranquility, beautiful scenery & well maintained chalets are something to be experienced. We have been going there every year for 11 years and we never get tired of it!

Mike Goodman – 10.03.2022
Been going there for over twenty years – never get tired of the peace and tranquility, fresh air, walks through the veld, and beautiful views and scenery from highpoints, fishing and other activities more than enough for all age groups

Gerald Voutsas – 10.03.2022
A unique destination to relax, read, enjoy nature at its best, with good accommodation facilities and good management. always a good family holiday.

Merlin Smart – 10.03.2022
A great getaway

Crocker – 09.03.2022
I would recommend Doirnkop any time, to anybody!

Sonja Crafford – 09.03.2022
Doornkop is really a gem. We can’t wait for our time of the year to explore the absolute bliss of nature, quiet, peace and quality time spend with friends. For a week we are blessed with no human noise or stress. The units are beautiful, private and the surroundings are beautiful. The animals are a bonus and the fly-fishing dams especially at dawn or sunset the perfect spot to be.

Lloyd Edwards – 09.03.2022
Love Doornkop

cjp – 09.03.2022
awesome place, we go every year for the last 19 years. we have an album of our kids from 1 years of age to present. My dad starts counting the days at least 3 months before we go its the highlight of his year! Watching a full moon over the dams from our bedroom window, is priceless.

John Gibson – 09.03.2022
A wonderful resort for fishermen, families and lovers of the outdoor

Gavin Mack – 09.03.2022
Great place for fishing, cycling, game viewing and hiking

Jurian Killian – 09.03.2022
An amazing getaway for the family, or for the weekend fly fisherman. Highly recommend to anyway that want to escape from the normal houldays.

Keith Beattie – 09.03.2022
We have owned a week for more than 20 years.

Roy Lubbe – 09.03.2022
1.5 hrs from Joburg. Excellent amenities for a relaxing self-catering break. Activities focus on fly-fishing but also variety of flora and fauna. Available is horse riding and trails for mountain bikes, walking, running and hiking to sites and views with a variety of flora and fauna en route. Tennis with a pools to cool down on those summer visits. A bucket list item indeed. Enjoy!

Petra Hoole – 09.03.2022
A special place -Lovely memories for 19 years

Karl Tickle – 09.03.2022
Fabulous holiday destination for the whole family. If you like peace and quiet then this is the place to be. We have been visiting Doornkop for year’s and it’s only 3 hours from Johannesburg. It’s become our first choice when we need a quick break.

Wayne Haw – 09.03.2022
Doornkop is a great escape and a unique resort offering exclusivity with private luxurious units but still plenty to do. Also a create venue to just relax and unwind in the bush. Close enough for a weekend break but also comfortable for a longer stay. Great fishing, wildlife and nature experience.

Colin Kahn – 09.03.2022
Beautiful, serene and perfectly maintained. Peace and quiet to restore the soul!

Pieter du Toit du Toit – 09.03.2022
Nice place to stay

Brian Le Sar – 09.03.2022
A special place!

Malcolm Sims – 09.03.2022
Our children have grown up with annual visits to Doornkop and are still going back to enjoy the place 20 years later. Great escape from the hustle and bustle of City life.

Vaughan Coertzen – 09.03.2022
we have been visiting the resort annually for the last 10 tears and enjoy every minute. Great for a short or long break.

Kevin Scanes – 09.03.2022
Most peaceful destination you could wish for. Great fishing, and plenty of wildlife.

Sean Christensen – 09.03.2022
Love Doornkop!

Annemarie Campbell – 23.02.2022
Beautiful, peaceful, natural, authentic

Keith Van Dyk – 19.02.2022
One of best holidays I have with my family. So much to do.

Cynthia Lubbe – 18.02.2022
Doornkop is a wonderful, peaceful as well as tranquil place to visit. Near enough to visit just for the weekend but then when it is time to leave you regret not having booked for a longer period. You can opt to do “nothing” but admire nature or keep yourself very busy climbing up to the waterfall, ride the MTB trails. The chalets have all the creature comforts.

Kerry Garcia – 18.02.2022
I been to Doornkop few times over the years. It’s a wonderful place to get away from the crazy city life It a wonderful place for kids to be in touch with nature.

Ryan – 18.02.2022
Best place to relax but also so much to do outdoors. Kids absolutely love Doornkop, summer or winter.

Gareth – 17.02.2022
Favourite place in the world

Francis – 17.02.2022
Doornkop Breath taking

Leoni Malan – 17.02.2022
This is an awesome resort..the greatest place to relax and unwind.

Tsakane Modau – 17.02.2022
Very peaceful and private place away from the city

Cindy Southwell – 17.02.2022
If you are looking for peace and tranquility there is no better than Doornkop fish and wildlife resort. Dams are well stocked for the fishermen. Trails are awesome for walking or cycling. Gorgeous fresh air… And only 3 hours away. All seasons have their own charm.

Anton Wessels – 17.02.2022
Doornkop is definitely one of our families favorite places

Shahkera Esmailjee – 17.02.2022
Great place

Corinne Ashurst – 17.02.2022
Cannot wait to visit awesome resort in March.

Kelsea – 17.02.2022
A place not far to get away for the weekend and is one of the most peaceful, beautiful places to go. We absolutely love going there! Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve gets my vote FOR SURE!

Tanya Steyl – 17.02.2022
What an amazing place, from long nature walks to watching the waterfall streaming down, to amazing horse back rides and sun set views

Anton Marx – 17.02.2022
One of the most peaceful places you can go to, an absolute gem.

Alett du Plessis – 17.02.2022
Doornkop is fantastic, houses are awesome, fishing out of this world!

Zipho Noranga – 17.02.2022
I visited Doornkop in October 2021,I really enjoyed myself there with my friends. The staff is so friendly and the resort is beautiful.

Natasja – 17.02.2022
we absolutely love Going to Doornkop. It is beyond beautiful and exceeded our tranquility experience

Promise nkosi – 17.02.2022
Best resort I ever went to, friendly staff and best customer service

Ebrahim Daya – 17.02.2022
Doornkop Fish & Wildlife Reserve gets my vote

Ncobile nkosi – 17.02.2022
Love doornkop Such a peaceful wild life place If get another chance Wil come by any time

Lizelle Smith – 17.02.2022
My favourite resort in the area.

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