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Type: Accommodation – Self Catering
Category: Service Excellence

Motivation for award: We strive for customer service excellence and provide high standards of cleanliness and immaculately maintained grounds where our guests are able to relax and enjoy a getaway in nature. We are a small team of hardworking and dedicated staff. Income generated by the reserve is used toward Conservation projects in order to protect this highly biodiverse area for future generations.

Region: Kwazulu Natal / Midlands

Cumberland Nature Reserve

The Ultimate Escape

Situated just outside of Pietermaritzburg, this Natural Heritage Site is not hard to fall in love with.
Cumberland Nature Reserve is home to a variety of Fauna and Flora including over 300 bird species, over 50 Butterfly species, more than 200 wild flower species, 30 mammal species and an abundance of indigenous trees and grasses.
Extensive cliff faces, deep valleys, waterfalls and well-wooded gorges provide unrivalled landscape photography opportunities. A network of trails allows one to explore all that the Reserve offers.
Cumberland offers exclusive campsites and self-catering accommodation at affordable rates, equipped for a convenient and comfortable stay.

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Asanda Rigala – 19.05.2022
What a beautiful and adventurous spirit

Anne – 08.05.2022
The best ever time-out spot!

Sheenagh Lawlor – 02.05.2022
Stunning reserve. Hidden gem for nature lovers.

bobby keal – 29.03.2022
A gem that needs to be appreciated more

Anna-mare Mac Gregor – 18.03.2022
Nice place to relax and unwind

Danisha Kernekamp – 10.03.2022
Love the outdoors.

Gavin Hazell – 08.03.2022
Spent an absolute perfect weekend at the Krantz Hut at Cumberland. Such a stunning reserve

Margaret lancaster – 08.03.2022
Fabulous place to stay. Clean and comfortable

Kogie Nagesar – 08.03.2022
Cumberland Nature Reserve

sithembele Majaja – 08.03.2022
Lets travel together

Ana Barbosa – 08.03.2022
A special piece of Africa

Ryan – 06.03.2022
Looking forward to visiting :)

Athol hamblin – 04.03.2022
Cumberland nature reserve is outstanding

Dianne Hamblin – 04.03.2022
Cumberland nature reserve is outstanding place to rest and relax and take us all nature has to offer

Lauren Venske – 04.03.2022
Such a special place run by remarkable people!

Irene Dugmore – 03.03.2022
such a special place!

Lizette Dirker – 03.03.2022
Cumberland is a fantastic getaway where you can unwind and become one with nature. There are lovely hiking trails, abundant birdlife, wildlife, a variety of scenery and picnic areas to enjoy. An amazing, caring and friendly management team keeps this gem well run.

Patricia Walsh – 02.03.2022
The best kept secret in the whole of KwaZulu-Natal!

Frank Bingel – 28.02.2022
very relaxing venue.

Jo Douwes – 27.02.2022
Cumberland is a very special place – an opportunity to be still in nature, and only 15mins from Pmb!

Mrs PC Lowe – 26.02.2022
I love spending time at Cumberland. The bird life is increadible; such a natural and peaceful environment.

Sandile Zondi – 25.02.2022
Keep on doing the great work

Marianne de Jager – 25.02.2022
A jewel in the Natal Midlands. I love it!

Michelle Charlton – 25.02.2022
Fantastic weekend Everything so well kept and thought out!

Sarah Reynolds – 24.02.2022
We are fortunate to live close by, so while we have never slept over, we have often enjoyed a days outing to this beautifully, well maintained nature reserve,

Meredith – 24.02.2022

Mandy Nevay – 24.02.2022
Voting for Cumberland

Megan Wright – 24.02.2022
Such a special place to visit

Kimberley Bingel – 24.02.2022
Our family had wonderful holidays here, thanks to the friendly owners and stunning landscape!

Monique van der Walt – 24.02.2022
Excellent choice!

Ian Lawson – 24.02.2022
One of the most peaceful getaways in SA.

Celuzuze – 24.02.2022
Keep on providing great service.

MIKE SMALLBONES – 24.02.2022
I have been a regular Cumberland visitor for 10 years. It is the best maintained and most relaxing place I know, run by a wonderful team of knowledgeable a dedicated staff.

Derek Portlock – 24.02.2022
Cumberland nature reserve is a place I visited many times while living in SA and every time I come on holiday Cumberland Nature Reserve top of the list to visit

John Edmonds – 24.02.2022
Simply stunning scenery!

Bronwyn Stead – 24.02.2022
We have had many happy family days at Cumberland Nature Reserve. One of my favourite places to go too.

Hester GURR – 24.02.2022
Beautifull camping and cottages, some a little quaint which adds to there enjoyment. The entire place is neatly maintained and safe as well as the river cottage which is for your exclusive use.

Cari-Anne Audie – 24.02.2022
Holding Thumbs for an award Cumberland deserves

The Birding Life – 24.02.2022
Cumberland is one of our all time favourite destinations for birding.

Tyron Dall – 24.02.2022
Cumberland Nature Reserve is an absolute hidden gem.

Ashley B – 24.02.2022
Incredibly well-managed reserve with fantastic staff and clean accommodation.

Ashley B – 24.02.2022
Incredibly well-managed reserve with fantastic staff and clean accommodation.

Ashley B – 24.02.2022
Incredibly well-managed reserve with fantastic staff and clean accommodation.

Ashley B – 24.02.2022
Incredibly well-managed reserve with fantastic staff and clean accommodation.

Gayle Gotte – 24.02.2022
A beautiful reserve- very special place

Angela – 24.02.2022
Cumberland Nature Reserve

Wayne dos Santos Niz – 23.02.2022
Awesome bird life great hosts and magnificent views

Karen – 23.02.2022
Love Cumberland

Jenny Mason – 23.02.2022
Wonderful place to stay.

Ashleigh Fincham – 23.02.2022
Looks and sounds amazing!

Roy McTaggart – 23.02.2022
A fantastic reserve for hiking and birding.

Brigette Hicks – 23.02.2022
Best place to revive the soul! Cannot recommend Cumberland enough!!!!

Brandon Danks – 23.02.2022
Cumberland is a unique and quaint gem, a true diamond in the rough so to speak. A piece of natural haven hidden nearby a bustling city. When visiting you’re reminded how important it is to reconnect with nature. To experience the biodiversity and plethora of fauna and flora it has to offer.

Cathy Jones – 23.02.2022
Cumberland is truly a piece of paradise!

Andrea Abbott – 23.02.2022
Stunning, biodiverse reserve, excellently managed, and with various accommodation options. So scenic and peaceful. A gem of a place and a wonderful surprise.

Rebecca Wright – 23.02.2022
Cumberland is my happy place, many amazing memories have been made here!

Misha – 23.02.2022
Beautiful, serene place – so close to the city but feels like hours away! :)

Brendan Maguire – 23.02.2022
Great place. Worth a visit.

Viv O’Neill – 23.02.2022
Such a very special place – beautiful, and beautifully maintained and managed.

Pat Viljoen – 23.02.2022
A place to restore your sole in this crazy world.

Debbie – 23.02.2022
Magical place.

Wendy Wright – 23.02.2022
Our favourite place on the planet!

Wendy Pope-Ellis – 23.02.2022
Cumberland holds a very special place in my heart.

Flett Judy – 23.02.2022
Wonderful place to stay and visit

Gugulethu Tshabalala – 23.02.2022
Would be really awesome to win a voucher and travel hey. SA is truly beautiful

Flett Judy – 23.02.2022
Wonderful place to stay

Bridget Edmonds – 23.02.2022
An absolutely magical place, would definitely recommend!

Kate – 23.02.2022
An all in 1 :) Stunning stunning stunning

Tatiana – 23.02.2022
Great place to unwind

Nicole Gold – 23.02.2022
Beautiful scenery!

Chantel Ash – 23.02.2022
Such a wonderful place to spend a relaxing day with family. Lovely little hikes to enjoy and experience the beauty of nature.

Lisa Cowden – 23.02.2022
Cumberland is my go to place for regrouping of my mind and soul. It has been the setting for many special occasions. It is a little piece of heaven not far real life. The management and staff are amazing and very accommodating.

Craig Cowden – 23.02.2022
Cumberland Nature Reserve has provided a special place for our family’s milestones, events and getaways over the years. It provides awesome accommodation options, catering for different needs/desires, in a beautiful setting. The management team are dedicated and have always made our family feel at home.

Andrea Lancaster – 23.02.2022
Beautiful reserve with amazing hiking trails. The relaxing atmosphere is unmatched!

Linda Stead – 23.02.2022
Well run Excellent response All so good!!!

Kevin Wright – 23.02.2022
The most stunning reserve, right on our door-steps!

Megan – 23.02.2022
Cumberland Nature Reserve

Elisabeth Toerien – 23.02.2022
Cumberland nature reserve

Holley Bromehead – 23.02.2022
What a gem this place is. Just a short drive outside of Pietermaritzburg, Cumberland Nature Reserve is a little piece of paradise. We stayed in the Horse Shoe Cottage on the banks of the river, surrounded by beautiful trees and incredible birdlife. There are lovely walks along the riverside and hikes down into the gorge for the more enthusiastic hikers. The whole reserve is teeming with birds, butterflies and a variety of wildlife. Such a beautiful place to spend a weekend…

Queenie Moonsamy – 23.02.2022
Cumberland Nature Reserve

Jason Tame – 23.02.2022
Cumberland is a well-run beautiful nature reserve

Nicky Shaw – 23.02.2022
Cumberland Nature Reserve!!!

Ailsa Young – 23.02.2022

Wendy Taylor – 23.02.2022
Comfortable accommodation in beautiful l natural environment

Hilary Bruss – 23.02.2022
A beautiful reserve and situated on one of the best sections of the Umgeni River to paddle on :)

Marcelle Danks – 23.02.2022
Cumberland is an amazing place. Beautiful views, awesome camp spots and great service. Would recommend them over and over!

Simangele Msweli – 23.02.2022
I have stayed and visited Cumberland many time, starting when I was a student at UKZN, and really the place is worth this award!

EJ Bartlett – 23.02.2022
A gem of a reserve!

Olga Thangavay – 23.02.2022
Simply love this magical peaceful place.

Frances Burke – 23.02.2022
Cumberland is fabulous. A real escape from the noise and bustle of everyday life. Lots of birds to spot and towers of giraffe – my favorite

Douglas Lang – 23.02.2022
A beautiful and special reserve doing a great job protecting some very important biodiversity, the accommodation options are unique and perfectly comfortable giving Cumberland a special charm which can be enjoyed is all season.

Amber Daly – 23.02.2022
Cumberland Nature Reserve – absolutely beautiful!

Nikki Pears – 22.02.2022
Extraordinary revamp ! Beautiful !

Merilee – 22.02.2022
Amazing place! Beautiful scenes and wonderful staff.

Kathleen Dorkin – 22.02.2022
An extremely special place. I have wonderful memories here, picnics and walks with family and friends, tranquility and huge doses of nature! Thank you.

Charles Theron – 22.02.2022
Amazing staff,and a beautiful destination

Joe – 22.02.2022
A beautiful and well run destination

Matthew Temlett – 22.02.2022
Best staff, and such a beautiful reserve. And affordable prices.

Michael Temlett – 22.02.2022
Paradise: where fabulous staff, great service and untouched natural surroundings are blended into a single word… Cumberland. Well done Gareth and Candice and team!!

Hennie Jordaan – 22.02.2022
Cumberland is a nature paradise.

Rochelle Kloka – 22.02.2022
Beautiful place to get away from every day life.

Tremaine Brislin – 22.02.2022
In Addition to the natural bush beauty, Cumberland encourages a wide range of experiences, with birding walks, art exhibitions , geological talks, retreats and the like on offer. Community involvement and education are high on the list of priorities!

Nola Price – 22.02.2022
A haven of peace and tranquility

Justin – 21.02.2022
A really well run establishment with great staff and immaculate grounds.

Nikki Blore – 21.02.2022
Magnificent scenery and biodiversity situated close to Pietermaritzburg

Angela woensdregt – 21.02.2022
Beautiful place with stunning views, love it there!

J. Louis Wilson – 21.02.2022
Cumberland is a fantastic place to visit. Self catering accommodation and camping sites are in pristine condition. Well maintained by Candice and Gareth and their staff. This is a special place in the bush close to Pietermaritzburg. We just cant stay away. To be with nature, walks and the animals is very precious to us.

Ant Edmonds – 21.02.2022
Cumberland provides affordable access to a hidden gem so close to Durban and PMB

Brett Markwell – 21.02.2022
Love this reserve. Well managed with great biodiversity. Keep up thr excellent work.

Shannon – 21.02.2022
Cumberland is gorgeous

Rene – 21.02.2022
Cumberland is such an amazing, special place. Our favourite retreat from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Susan Edmonds – 21.02.2022
Cumberland is a magical place.

Fanie van Heerden – 21.02.2022
A wonderful nature reserve.

Felicity Mostert – 21.02.2022
What an incredible nature reserve. Beautifully neat and cared for and the animals are in great condition. So many birds! We got engaged there so this will always be a special place. Well done to Candice and Gareth!

Sheila Davidson – 21.02.2022
I can highly recommend Cumberland as a place of priceless unspoilt natural beauty. The courses which are held there are enjoyable and educational.

sally ovendale – 20.02.2022
Candice is so welcoming and organises amazing outings.A lovely place to stay.

Lisa Aspden – 20.02.2022
Loved thee walk and our picnic(a perfect place for a lunch date to get good perspective!) with eagles soaring below us. Beautiful scenery and such a clean environment that is well taken care of.

Jimpy Kilburn – 20.02.2022
So peaceful and scenic. Worth visiting often.

Neil Robinson – 20.02.2022
Time spent at Cumberland is the epitome of seclusion and being hidden in nature. Your experience there is literally private and special and you are treated as special.

Corri hook – 20.02.2022
Cumberland is a gem. Its a retreat, its beautiful and dramatic and gentle with intriguing floral and fauna surprises and delights. It’s unspoilt, untouched nature with a team of dedicated, passionate staff who pour heart and soul into the land and the accomadation and the welcome. We just love it.

Kayle Ormshaw – 20.02.2022
Lovely place

Jenny Sole – 20.02.2022
This place is fantastic and awesome. Great value for money.

Libby Deysel – 20.02.2022
Cumberland Nature Reserve is one of my most favourite places to hike. Such beautiful scenery, plenty of animals, very well kept picnic areas and excellent ablution facilities.

A Siepman – 20.02.2022
Cumberland is one of my favourite places to visit. Beautiful views, clean facilities and friendly staff.

Heidi Taylor – 20.02.2022
Cumberland is a happy place for me. Only wish I could get there more often.

Cindy Van Der Spuy – 20.02.2022
Such a beautiful and tranquil place to visit with plenty animals to see.

Penny Purchase – 20.02.2022
A gem of a reserve run by friendly people. Very popular with hikers for the variety of trails and well maintained picnic spots.

Jono Bailey – 20.02.2022
Hard working little reserve, with an emphasis on providing access and information of the natural wonders to its surrounding communities.

Nick Evans – 20.02.2022
One of the province’s most beautiful reserves, being so well run, ensuring that the land is a conservation haven and very visitor friendly.

Liz Taylor – 20.02.2022
We love Cumberland Nature Reserve. A spot of paradise. Steep valley, beautiful cliffs, Umgeni River, special Geology, natural indigenous vegetation, wild animals and a very good area for bird watching. Fantastic guided walks with knowledgeable guides.

Jessica Courtoreille – 20.02.2022
A gem of a reserve run by beautiful people

Michele jonsson – 20.02.2022
Cumberland is an amazing treasure

Tezz – 20.02.2022
Cumberland is a beautiful nature reserve, which is superbly managed by Gareth & Candice – it is a very special place!

Andre van der Merwe – 20.02.2022
We travel to off the grid camping sites frequently, and still need to find a venue and staff that can equal the standard as set by Cumberland nature reserve. Never a dull moment whilst camping there.

Julie Pay – 20.02.2022
Cumberland Nature reserve is such a beautiful relaxing place. Fantastic for bird watching and also to see bugs, butterflies and mammals

Lynne Schwan – 20.02.2022
Beautiful trail walks at Cumberland.. I really like the area

Doug Burden – 20.02.2022
Amazing reserve and facilities – managed by a great team of nature lovers

Andrew Loots – 20.02.2022
Awesome place to stay and visite. Love it.

Dot Van Der Merwe – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is our green peace home, we love to explore and learn so much about bitds, trees rocks and every little creepy crawly. Camping with my hubby is just awesome. And a huge thank you goes to Candice and Gareth for making each stay special.

Gael Whiteley – 19.02.2022
Right on our doorstep….an absolute must for even just a days outing…

Lynn Roper – 19.02.2022
Absolute gem !! We thoroughly enjoyed our stay and recommended to friends who also enjoyed !

Paul Eric H – 19.02.2022
We love the grace and peace this little space holds, there is healing for body and soul and John Roff is the inspiration and mentor we love, and all the staff who keep it as it should be. Thank you

Paul Hildyard – 19.02.2022
Just the most sublime unassuming place just outside a buslting city. We love it each and every time. Thanks

Claudine – 19.02.2022

Rebecca Manning – 19.02.2022
A lovely place to see.Safe to visit alone ..birds ,walks, cliffs waterfalls,game, always rewarding

Ian Dickinson – 19.02.2022
A beautiful and well-maintained reserve tucked away on the fringes of PMB. The natural splendour and diverse bird life are topped off with a dedicated and passionate team that make every stay at Cumberland extra special.

marion spence – 19.02.2022
Perfect in every way. Scenery, accomodation, management,birding, trees, and so so peaceful

Gordon Turmer – 19.02.2022
A fantastic quiet place for a holiday!

Edla Chinn – 19.02.2022
The perfect place to experience the diversity that our province offers.

Anne Duthie – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is the most special piece of paradise – exceptionally well managed & maintained, the epitome of tranquility and – the cherry on the top – affordable!!

Rhona Lang – 19.02.2022
A wondrous, peaceful place to spend time. So well run and maintained. We’re incredibly fortunate to have Cumberland on our doorstep.

Shannon Bromehead – 19.02.2022
This is an amazing scenic get away. Perfect for a great escape. Super relaxing, beautiful views. What a beautiful gem on our doorstep!

Alan Taylor – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is an excellent birding destination within close proximity to Durban and Pietermaritzburg. The walks and picnic area is well maintained. Our tranquility has never been spoiled but other rowdy visitors. The campsite and Chalet accommodation are always a pleasure.

James Rawdon – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is such a wonderful little reserve with incredible birding and stunning walks. The reserve is run exceptionally well with all facilities always in good working order and perfectly clean. Highly recommended.

Brigette Hicks – 19.02.2022
This place is incredible! The perfect getaway to reboot the soul! We go all the time, can’t recommend Cumberland enough!

Jane Morris – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is a haven of peace and tranquility and an absolute birders delight. Candice, with her sunny demeanor and willingness to accommodate is an absolute gem. She and her team are amazing and whether you are camping or hutting the attention to detail is incredible and the service impeccable and so you can be assured of a wonderful and relaxing stay. Cumberland certainly gets my vote.

graham barratt – 19.02.2022
Very special place, where one can with reconnect with nature. Well run and efficiently maintained reserve.

John Hinck – 19.02.2022

Trevor Perks – 19.02.2022
Been coming to Cumberland for over 10 years and still cant get enough of it. We have made a point of staying through all the seasons of the year. There is always something new to see!

Immie Mostert – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is a consistent joy to visit – The sheer beauty of the place. The staff’s love and care for the reserve plus their warm welcomes, which make you feel as if you are part of their special family.

Angela – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is a wonderful peaceful spot with great walks. Lucky its fairly close by

Joe Lüdemann – 19.02.2022
Best camping place ever!!!

Tracy Perrett – 19.02.2022
What a gem for us that live in KZN.

Sue McAlpine – 19.02.2022
This is as close to heaven as you’ll get on earth. Exceprionally well run, clean, neat and affordable…animals, hikes, beautiful scenery.. Cumberland is simply the best.

Kelly Watson – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is just the best!!

Stacey Willcock – 19.02.2022
Cumberland has been our go to place for over 20 years! Love that Reserve

Michelle Arenz – 19.02.2022
Cumberland Nature Reserve

Kirsten Mostert – 19.02.2022
The team at Cumberland is welcoming and so knowledgeable about the flora and fauna in their reserve. Cumberland is beautifully maintained and a lovely reserve to spend time in nature and relax and unwind from the stress of everyday life

Margie Carrick – 19.02.2022
A very peaceful and relaxing holiday anytime of the year. Wonderful scenery and great birdlife and walks

Andy Gibbs – 19.02.2022
Wonderfully quiet

Tam Stoop – 19.02.2022
We love Cumberland. It is one of the best destinations around.

Titus Thomba – 19.02.2022
Cumberland nature reserve provide excellent service to tourists from all over and stand a chance to win the award as deserved.

Peter Dye – 19.02.2022
A spectacular reserve which is so well managed!

Hester Bruce – 19.02.2022
A clean nature retreat with friendly staff. Beautiful views. We have always enjoyed our time at Cumberland.

Suzette Wilmot – 19.02.2022
This place sounds amazing Glad to hear such amazing places still exists. Hope to go there soon.

Kayleigh Timmer – 19.02.2022
The best place!

Kayleigh Timmer – 19.02.2022
The best place!

Andrea de Lange – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is absolutely beautiful and peaceful

Trevor – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is a beautiful spot with amazing campsites

Heather Tredgold – 19.02.2022
Cumberland truly is a wonderful place!

Jenny Armour – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is incredible. So beautiful with amazing camping spots and the best memories!

Jesse jacobs – 19.02.2022
Cumberland has such an amazing camp site with wild life every where , so close to pmb

Bernadine Everett – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is such a wonderful bit of paradise.

Kimashia Moodley – 19.02.2022
Absolutely stunning views. Wonderful place to visit, a must for all tourists and locals.

Mandy – 19.02.2022
Cumberland is a true hidden gem – an easily accessible, birders paradise providing a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere only minutes away from the busy-ness of Pietermaritzburg.

Michelle Nel – 19.02.2022
Beautiful place with the most wonderful walking trails.

Clive Salter – 19.02.2022
You got to see it to love it

Jane Troughton – 19.02.2022
Beautiful place to visit. Incredible host. Love Cumberland

Mary Landsberg – 19.02.2022
Beautiful well managed Reserve …

Caroline sculley – 19.02.2022
Our favourite escape! Perfect for our family with lots of space for our girls to explore, have picnics and watch the giraffe!

Robert Taylor – 19.02.2022
A well managed beautiful reserve with fantastic staff.

Murray Hodgskin – 19.02.2022
What a beautiful escape from the busy city life

Christina Curry – 18.02.2022
Such a lovely getaway with caring hosts and great accommodation. A naturs lover’s paradise.

Ronwyn Kieck – 18.02.2022
Absolutely Amazing!

Karin Els – 18.02.2022
Amazing place, spotlessly clean, magnificent nature and lovely staff. So well run. A little piece of heaven on earth

Peter Smith – 18.02.2022
A really wonderful place to visit, a ture piece of paradise.

Liz Thomson – 18.02.2022
A magic area of wilderness and peace close to the city Well run. The ecocottage is an adventure all by itself

Sarah Allan – 18.02.2022
Such a special place! Cumberland is so close to Pietermaritzburg and yet it could be a million miles away it is so peaceful! Every visit is different, there’s always a new experience

Samantha Foulkes – 18.02.2022
Cumberland Nature Reserve is the best. Great facilities & friendly staff. You feel at home

Tina Regnard – 18.02.2022
Well equipped kitchen facilities and the staff members are friendly and helpful. Beautiful venue for birdwatching with the added bonus of giraffes in the nature reserve.

Gwenda Versfeld Turner – 18.02.2022
Cumberland is such a beautiful well run reserve. Many happy memories have been made there.

Angie Mayo – 18.02.2022
Yes please I would love a voucher. Cumberland is a beautiful spot with lovely nature walks. A place to escape reality for a while. A Soul filling happy place to be.

Christine Horley – 18.02.2022
Cumberland Nature Reserve is a very special place which I have been visiting for many years. It is in the most beautiful setting and is great for birding.

Sandra Streak – 18.02.2022
KZN’s best kept treasure, Absolutely magnificent scenery,well managed and attention to detail make Cumberland our number one favourite local getaway.

Harmina Pontier – 18.02.2022
Cumberland is Kzn’s secret. It is a gem…..the diversity of flora and fauna is something to treasure for future generations. Derserves to be put on the tourism map.

Norma Wilson – 18.02.2022
Was taken to Cumberland Nature Reserve by my youngest brother, it was a very special place for him and his late wife. What an outstanding place to visit and explore. So glad he took us there, will be returning to once again experience the beauty and peace.

Dominique Christian – 18.02.2022
A beautiful and well maintained piece of African bushveld!

Jon Stevens – 18.02.2022
Lovely place. I remember many new year’s eves fondly. Fun trail down to the waterfall.

Cheryl Sol – 18.02.2022
Beautiful setting, many hiking trails, great accommodation and hosts. Spent many weekends here with my hiking club.

Stella Wells – 18.02.2022
I have visited this reserve many times over the last 30 years,staying in an assortment of accommodation.It has never failed in any respect.Thanks to Jon and Stella and their management team for maintaining Cumberland at a high standard without losing the closeness of nature.

Neville – 18.02.2022
Cumberland is the perfect place to unwind from the rat race

Fiona Eggers – 18.02.2022
We have had some of the most memorable trips to Cumberland. The facilities are always spotless and the staff are always accommodating.

Wayne Usher – 18.02.2022
Stunning reserve right on our doorstep with wonderful and different accommodation options to suit most tastes.

Matt Craig Preiss – 18.02.2022
Amazing management team. Clean, tidy, stunning fuana and flora and the reserve is in amazing condition.

Alison Hollow – 18.02.2022
Fantastically clean and so much attention to detail@

Emilio Chiccaro – 18.02.2022
The place to go for peace and quiet!!

Megan Scrooby – 18.02.2022
Lovely rustic getaway

Greg Labuscagne – 18.02.2022
Cumberland is truely a special place, easily accessible from PMB and even Durban. Gareth and Candice are passionate about what they do and go out of their way to ensure that you have an amazing experience at Cumberland.

Tania Kühl – 18.02.2022
This gem of a place is so well run and maintained with the perfect combination of warmth and professionalism. It’s truly a spot of paradise that you feel you have to yourself when staying there.

CLIVE COWIE – 18.02.2022

Kathy Grobler – 18.02.2022
A wonderful place to take a school group, cubs and scouts even have a 40th birthday party. Many special memories made at Cumberland. An amazing place so close to Pietermaritzburg, KZN. Thank you

Kirsti De Jager – 18.02.2022
Cumberland nature reserve is a magnificent natural area which never fails to delight! The excellent service makes every visit a pleasure!

Oosthuizen Iris – 18.02.2022
A piece of heaven. Tranquil, peaceful, clean. Hosts make sure you want for nothing. Hikes are safe. And walking among the animals the best.

Shirley Moore – 18.02.2022
Such a little unspoilt gem! A piece of paradise!

Philip Collyer – 18.02.2022
Really enjoyed my stay at Cumberland, value for money. Where does one get wildlife and accommodation at this price?

Barry swaddle – 18.02.2022
Arriving at Cumberland is like coming home after a long absence.

Robin Gould – 18.02.2022
What an amazing place to stay! Peace and quiet along with fantastic birding, wildlife, flora and trails. Add on great hosts and Cumberland is an all-round top spot!

Mandy – 18.02.2022
Such an amazing place to relax and unwind for a weekend getaway or holiday. A variety of comfortable and clean accommodation options. A very well maintained reserve all round.

Kirsty Kyle – 18.02.2022
Special place where you can relax and focus on appreciating the small things without worrying about dangerous game.

Hannes Bezuidenhout – 18.02.2022
Good luck!

Anne Wilson – 18.02.2022
A wonderfully relaxing much loved place to stay, very quiet but not far from the beaten track.

Janet Taylor – 18.02.2022
A real gem of a reserve! Cottages are beautiful: clean, fitted with everything one needs and amazing views! Love the fantastic walks among the animals and flowers.

Donne Shannon – 18.02.2022
Secluded and incredibly well run and maintained. Well done to the team at Cumberland for their fantastic work! We have been coming to Cumberland for many years and every time we leave, we have fond memories to reminisce and special times with our friends and families. We will continue to visit and enjoy the serene environment. Good luck Cumberland. I hope you win!!!!!!

Derek – 18.02.2022
Gareth and Candice have an extraordinary talent which is evident in the way they run Cumberland Nature Reserve. They have transformed the guest experience into something so special. Combined with the exquisite setting of this incredible reserve, makes Cumberland an absolute gem. Candice is a superb host with the guest experience being all that matters to her. Grounds, paths, picnic spots, camp sites etc are maintained to an exceptionally high standard by Gareth and his small team. Cumberland stands alone as the nature reserve to stay over at where your experience will be the most important factor and nature your constant companion.

Eugen – 18.02.2022
Amazing spot!

Mart Oberholzer – 18.02.2022
A beautiful well-maintained gem. This beautiful nature reserve is one in a million. The staff are very friendly and helpful. The accommodation is super clean and well maintained. If you need a break from your busy life, this is the place to unwind and connect with nature. Beautiful walking trails and scenery await you with abundant wildlife. Candice and all the other personnel are very professional and are committed to making you feel welcome and enjoy your stay. This very well-run reserve is a must on any nature lover’s bucket list and will always be one of our favorite places to go unwind.

Nicole Joubert – 18.02.2022
Amazing establishment. Great staff with a real, and genuine love for nature. Every trip is always so enlightening and rewarding.

Debbie Preiss – 18.02.2022
Such a beautiful reserve. Incredibly well maintained grounds. Super clean sanitized accommadation. Incredible friendly personal service. Excellant and outstanding Management!

Ravena Naidoo – 18.02.2022
They were amazing We had a fabulous time at the reserve

Alyssa – 18.02.2022
I have visited this lovely reserve many times! Camping is top tier and a therapeutic experience. Candice is an exceptional host who has a noticeable passion for conservation and teaching others to appreciate nature more. The teaching programs are innovative and a creative way to educate city dwellers on the importance and beauty of nature. I have never been disappointed on a trip here and always recommend a visit to Cumberland Nature Reserve to family and friends. Definitely one of my favourite places to become one with nature.

John Roff – 18.02.2022
The staff commitment and professionalism make this a place where it is so easy to connect deeply with nature and to fully relax. The people and the place welcome you, and time spent at Cumberland is powerfully refreshing for body and soul.

John Roff – 18.02.2022
The staff commitment and professionalism make this a place where it is so easy to connect deeply with nature and to fully relax. The people and the place welcome you, and time spent at Cumberland is powerfully refreshing for body and soul.

John Roff – 18.02.2022
The staff commitment and professionalism make this a place where it is so easy to connect deeply with nature and to fully relax. The people and the place welcome you, and time spent at Cumberland is powerfully refreshing for body and soul.

Alyssa – 18.02.2022
I’ve visited this lovely reserve many times and have never been disappointed! The camping experience is top tier and so therapeutic. Candice is such an awesome host who genuinely cares for conservation and teaching others the first steps to appreciating nature. Their teaching programs are innovative and such a creative way to educate city dwellers on the importance and beauty of nature. Definitely one of my favourite reserves !

Colleen Trollip – 18.02.2022
An amazing venue with a variety of accommodations to suit every style. I absolutely love the Zebra cottage, and the management on the reserve are outstanding! Nothing is ever too much!

Matthew Preiss – 18.02.2022
Amazing place. Service is impeccable and the reserve is incredibly well run.

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