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Type: Attraction
Category: Service Excellence

Motivation for award: Many tourists (SA and international) come to Oudtshoorn just to visit our store then travel to their next destination. We have received rave reviews for several years on numerous websites including TripAdvisor. Although we are a retail store, we are actually considered to be an Attraction in the region. (Janet is also a tourism ambassador for the region so offers her services to visitors as well).

Region: Western Cape / Garden Route and Klein Karoo

Cali Craft and Gems (Karoo Jewel)

Best speciality retail store

Speciality retail store based in Oudtshoorn in the Klein Karoo. Established in 2004 and have grown tremendously over time, expanding our product range and knowledge base. Family run business focusing on quality, honesty and integrity.
Key products include a wide range of rare and semi-precious gemstones, jewellery, handcrafted curios, and related items. Very affordable prices while not compromising quality. Recipients of several international awards for global excellence and service.

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Wilhelm – 28.02.2022
Best crystal shop I have visited on 3 continents in a very long time! Awesome stones and amazing service!!

Liz Bekker – 24.02.2022
Beautifull shop. There is something for everyone including beads and the crystals are amazing

Lynic Schreuder – 23.02.2022
Cali craft and gems

Catharina Van der Westhuizen – 22.02.2022
The shop have a big variety of Gems and interesting stuff. I like to browse around as I always walk out with something special that makes my day special.

Jarrod Belstead – 22.02.2022
Excellent quality

Annemarie – 22.02.2022
Please support this incredible store

Roberto – 22.02.2022
Numero Uno! Very good shop

Tanya P – 22.02.2022
Such a fantastic experience

Genevieve – 22.02.2022

Louise Swift – 21.02.2022
Vote for BEST cali graft en Gem in baron van rheede str.

Charmaine – 21.02.2022
What can I say? Awesome people with awesome products and services.

Andrew A – 21.02.2022
We have been supporting this attraction for several years and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Jean – 21.02.2022
Super shop

Rina Petzer – 21.02.2022
Love this shop!

Janet – 21.02.2022
Incredible store – highly recommended

Ronel Blignaut – 21.02.2022
Cali Craft and Gems in Oudtshoorn. The most fantastic, knowledgeable (regarding their product) people I have ever met.

Johanna Oktober – 20.02.2022
I love to brouse through Calicraft.I do crochet earrings I buy my fittings at Calicraft.Lovely people

Vidah – 20.02.2022
All the best cali craft and gems.

Princess Majiki – 20.02.2022
Excellent tour operator

Wendy Moir – 20.02.2022
Exceptionally knowledgeable of their range of products with great customer service. Love the selection of unusual products. Always a pleasure to visit Cali Craft.

Gerda Klopper – 20.02.2022

Brende Brits – 20.02.2022
Most beautiful shop in SA. Excellent quality products, wide range, affordable.

Matt – 20.02.2022
Great option to visit

Helga Krietsch – 20.02.2022
My favourite shop in Oudtshoorn

Ramoraswi Rapetsoa – 20.02.2022
Good luck Cali Craft

Nomakhaya Ntshobane – 20.02.2022
Lovely products and they are doing well for themselves.

Sbusiso Mhlongo – 20.02.2022
Great service

Jacques Vermeulen – 20.02.2022
Always friendly staff and helpful. All the gems you can think of in the store. Beautifully laid out and clean store. A must drop in when your visit Oudtshoorn.

Rob Van Renen – 20.02.2022
Fantastic shop. Amazing gifts and goodies. Very friendly staff. Highly recommend stopping off next time you pass through Oudtshoorn.

Annelien Schoonraad – 20.02.2022
Brilliant workmanship

Sally Fuidge – 20.02.2022
The most accommodating, friendly service and exceptional products

Sandra Stopforth – 20.02.2022
Beautiful shop with many wonderful items at good prices. A treasure cove in the heart of Oudtshoorn.

Hilton Jackson – 20.02.2022
Cali Craft and Gems is truly a Gem in the Little Karoo. The best shop in Oudtshoorn with friendly staff and exquisite products. They certainly have my vote!

Hilton Jackson – 20.02.2022
Cali Craft and Gems is truly a Gem in the Little Karoo. The best shop in Oudtshoorn with friendly staff and exquisite products. They certainly have my vote!

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