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Type: Experience
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: In January 2022, BirdLife South Africa partnered with MSC Cruises South Africa to take 1500 avitourists (bird enthusiasts) on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage on a cruise ship to Marion Island, one of the Prince Edward Island group and a South African foreign territory. During the 7-night expedition, the guests were treated to lectures from experts in the fields of seabirds and marine mammals, guided by 40 onboard expert guides, viewed a plethora of rarely-seen and endangered marine wildlife including Wandering Albatross and Blue Whales, and treated to the renowned MSC hospitality onboard. Never before has a cruise ship ventured into this part of the Southern Ocean, making this a world first. One further objective of the voyage was to raise funds for the conservation cause ‘Mouse-Free Marion’ ( which aims to restore the ecosystem on Marion Island and save millions of seabirds that are threatened by invasive mice. The total funds raised on the voyage exceeded R3 million, making this trip both a conservation success and a unique, never-before-attempted tourism adventure. The unique nature of this undertaking, the immense amount of organization (especially under pandemic conditions), the success of the wildlife viewing, and the positive contribution to local conservation make this activity most worthy of recognition.

Region: Gauteng / South Africa

BirdLife South Africa

Giving Conservation Wings

BirdLife South Africa is an NGO focused on the conservation of South Africa’s birds and their habitats. BirdLife South Africa is the country partner of BirdLife International, the largest global conservation network. BirdLife South Africa is a registered non-profit, public benefit organization and the only dedicated bird-conservation organisation in South Africa.

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Gail Hope – 31.05.2022
Keep up the good work

Denise Gowar – 31.05.2022
Friends were on Flock to Marion and can’t stop talking about their wonderful experience

Howard Walker – 31.05.2022
An amazing trip!

Merle heasman – 31.05.2022
A worthwhile organization to support

Kathy Prescott – 31.05.2022
Love the hard work that you guys do

Gerrie Jansen van Rensburg – 31.05.2022
Was die beste óóit

Valerie Gemmell – 31.05.2022
This cruise/fund raiser is definitely worth every rand spent. I watched the Kirstenbosch/Struik presentation via Zoom & enjoyed every minute. This type of tour is very worthwhile & deserves all the support from SA TOURISM.

Debra Mattioda – 31.05.2022
Organisations such as BirdLife South Africa are so necessary in SA. Keep up the good work!

Rob Geddes – 31.05.2022
Fantastic, well organized trip of a lifetime!

Mike Lovell – 31.05.2022
What a way to leave a wonderful legacy for future generations. Keep up the sterling work, BirdLife SA.

Matthew Kapp – 31.05.2022
An incredible trip organized by an incredible team dedicated to the conservation of our diverse bird life through the education and inspiration of the masses!

Sheryl – 31.05.2022
Flock to Marion was a unique touridt experience and should win!

Ezanne de Beer – 31.05.2022
I am a birder… and lice what BirdLife South Africa does!!!!

Alex Coode – 31.05.2022
Best trip of my life!!!

Ginny du Toit – 31.05.2022
What an amazing trip for those who experienced it! A once in a lifetime happening! As to the organisers – well you obviously outdid yourselves and would be great to win the award. Well done and good luck.

Carlien Coetzee – 31.05.2022
This is a Bucket list travel dream for me!

Tom Efthymiades – 31.05.2022
The Marion Island cruise – assuming it will happen in the future – goes immediately on my bucket list.

Merrill Joseph – 31.05.2022
Sounds like a good idea.

Joan Treasure – 31.05.2022
Hope you win!

EJ Bartlett – 31.05.2022
It was a fantastic once in a lifetime experience and voyage.

Carel Diedericks – 31.05.2022

Kevin Clark – 31.05.2022
Great nature conservation trip and a tourism special with local and foreign guests

Martin Cloete – 31.05.2022
Keep up the good work and good luck Please send me the R1000 travel voucher

Bev Fraser – 31.05.2022
Well done Birdlife SA

Trish Alexander – 31.05.2022
Great idea.

Gaye Dorkin – 31.05.2022
Would love to do this trip

Sifundo Gumbi – 31.05.2022
Great conservation initiative by BLSA in raising money for the bird species at Marion Island

Deborah Vale – 31.05.2022
Bird Life South Africa – Flock to Marion Island was a world first and raised funds for a very worthy cause Mouse-free Marion

gillian van wyk – 31.05.2022
Flock to Marion Island was an un precedents success for all who went on the trip.

Ian – 31.05.2022
An unbelievable life changing experience

Charleen Bergh – 31.05.2022
BirdLife SA’s unique trips attract foreign tourists to South Africa and raise funds for conservation at the same time

Philippa Robinsoon – 31.05.2022
Once in a lifetime experience

Charlotte Armstrong – 31.05.2022
Birdlife trip was absolutely fabulous.

Monique Diez – 31.05.2022
Thanks to organisations like BirdLife SA our children and their children will learn to appreciate the incredible variety of birds we have in SA.

Julia McCauley – 31.05.2022
Well done Bird Life

Alecia Coetzer – 30.05.2022
Our Birds need ALL the help they deserve in the very cold conditions of Antartika, with the effects of climate change on the world.

John Truter – 29.05.2022
Excellent trip, really enjoyed it.

Susan Louckx – 29.05.2022
Voting for flock to Marion Island.. absolute deserves it.

Dorothy Wheeler – 28.05.2022
Such a worthwhile cause. Hoping for success with this project.

jack de boer – 28.05.2022
We hope you the desired amount of votes

Martie Knoetze – 28.05.2022
S well organized event that attracted International guests. Very good for South African exposure.

Laetitia – 28.05.2022
This was a great initiative to address the mouse problem at Marion Island. I really enjoyed the feedback from the participants.

Thomas Cronje – 28.05.2022
Well done Birdlife South Africa

Gerhard Schoombie – 27.05.2022
Once. In a lifetime event that took years to plan

Bill Mitchell – 27.05.2022
A unique experience

Ian Nolte – 27.05.2022
Very worthy project and extremely informative

albert – 27.05.2022
Well done!!!!!!!!!¡

Magriet Le Roux – 27.05.2022
Giving wings to commendable project like this Mouse-free Marion, is truly admirable. God bless you.

Brian Moreby – 27.05.2022
We have learned a lot more about Sea birds from other people since the trip. We thank all the birds guides for their feedback and thanks to BirdLife SA Hoping we will have another trip soon

Grant Egen – 27.05.2022
One of the most amazing trips I have ever done, so well planned and professionally done.

Daniel Cleary – 27.05.2022
A great trip overall. Next time just could you cock the water with fish oil and offal, just while we are not in Marion Waters.

Daniel – 27.05.2022
I had great trip. I got a few lifers. Next time could you chock the water full of fish oil and offal to bring the birds closer, just untill we are in Prince Edward and Marion waters. Could you please next time try to get a permit for Marion Island, so that I can get a King Penguin on my life list.

Daniel Cleary – 27.05.2022
I had great trip. I got a few lifers. Next time could you chock the water full of fish oil and offal to bring the birds closer, just untill we are in Prince Edward and Marion waters. Could you please next time try to get a permit for Marion Island, so that I can get a King Penguin on my life list.

Daniel Cleary – 27.05.2022
I had great trip. I got a few lifers. Next time could you chock the water full of fish oil and offal to bring the birds closer, just untill we are in Prince Edward and Marion waters. Could you please next time try to get a permit for Marion Island, so that I can get a King Penguin on my life list.

Daniel Cleary – 27.05.2022
I had great trip. I got a few lifers. Next time could you chock the water full of fish oil and offal to bring the birds closer, just untill we are in Prince Edward and Marion waters. Could you please next time try to get a permit for Marion Island, so that I can get a King Penguin on my life list.

Elize Brandt – 27.05.2022
Thanx and keep up the good work, and for bringing the things we can’t reach to our doorstep

Joy Gornall – 27.05.2022
Birdlife South Africa is doing an incredible amount of good for tourism in South Africa – Flock is only one of their exciting attractions. Well done!

Elise Bailie – 27.05.2022
Fantastic bird island that’s desperately needs protection.

Martin Wood – 27.05.2022
Birlife are passionate in bird life conservation and protection of vulnerable bird species. The Flock to Marion shows how these projects go hand in hand in attracting and promoting tourism both locally and abroad.

Martin Wood – 27.05.2022
Birlife SA does and Incredible job promoting conservation and protection of all bird life in SA. As a result of these efforts many Birders come to SA enjoy our special birds.

David Webster – 27.05.2022
An exceptional initiative!

Peter Hamming – 27.05.2022
Such an event is one in its type and can bring a lot of money from birders into the country if done more often. It greatly extents the brand of SA being a birding destination

Dave Stuart – 27.05.2022
Wonderful initiative by the Bird Club to flock to the islands and protect these bird species.

Debbie Hopewell – 27.05.2022
What a wonderful initiative!

Diana Cowen – 27.05.2022
This was a cruise with a mission, of learning, of awe, in short, of a lifetime. Encircled by open skies, open seas, majestic albatrosses, other seabirds and bountiful marine mammals, we travelled to raise awareness of the threat mice pose to the seabird chicks on Marion Island and to raise money towards their eradication. We were privileged to share in the experience of top international guides and experts on the wildlife of subantartic region whose stories both saddened and inspired us. All of this wealth of experience from the comfort of a great cruise liner!

Mike McAra – 27.05.2022
Give conservation wings, great initiative.

Sandy Goodall – 27.05.2022
Sadly couldn’t make it

Christo Venter – 27.05.2022
An excellent under taking to show ordinary people what is out there as this part of South Africa is not accessible for the public. Hats off for Birdlife to manage this feat.

Tracy Armitage – 26.05.2022
Birds are the best! Wish I could do this cruise, which sounds amazing.

Etienne Marais – 18.05.2022
Incredible once in a lifetime event – put together under great difficulty. While I personally had to cancel – I have immensely enjoyed the reports and images that have come from so many of my birding clients and friends. Very very special and a huge congratulations to all involved at BirdLife South Africa

Howard Broughton – 17.05.2022
A trip of a lifetime celbrating our Golden Wedding Anniversary!

Samir BOUAZIZ – 16.05.2022
I support you

Andrew Featherstone – 15.05.2022
This was one of the most amazing trips ever and exceeded my expectations!

Claudia Feltrup-Azafzaf – 15.05.2022
Great job BLSA!

Shan D – 15.05.2022
What an amazing experience!!

Deana Heslop-Mthembu – 15.05.2022
This is an awesome campaign. Well done for raising money and awareness!!

Ali – 14.05.2022

Cheryl Hall – 14.05.2022
Fantastic cruise

Bronwyn Lee – 14.05.2022
The work, the passion and the knowledge is incredible! As is the community.

Mike Lovell – 14.05.2022
Wish I had been there. Sounds and looks awesome.

Anthony vanZyl – 14.05.2022
Incredible organization and the Mouse free Marion is a globally important project!

Christine Moore – 14.05.2022

Vaughan Prost – 13.05.2022
Excellent trip. Amazing.

Susan Sutcliffe – 12.05.2022
Unique tour – important that we keep the knowledge of our birdlife heritage for future generations. Well well worthwhile tours! Highly recommend!

Katharine – 12.05.2022
I’m pleased someone decided to put this trip together and follow through with it – along with conservation efforts. Marion island on the bucket list for sure.

Noni Torrent – 12.05.2022
Fabulous initiative and those on board raved about the cruise.

Patrick Riley – 12.05.2022
Did not go but support initiative

David Winter – 12.05.2022
Amazing experience.

Mardené de Villiers – 12.05.2022
Mouse free Marion

Christian Petrus Neser – 12.05.2022
Birdlife SA deserves all the accolades that it gets for its oustanding conservation efforts.

Ane Caulder – 12.05.2022

Marinda Neser – 12.05.2022
It was an awesome experience! Thank you BLSA.

Marlei Martins – 12.05.2022
Not only did the Marion trip educate but it provided a once in a lifetime opportunity for seeing a range of bird species many never see due to their location. Carry on the brilliant work Birdlife….!

Gustav – 11.05.2022
Hosh jah

Paul Nkhumane – 11.05.2022
Birdlife SA deserve to win this award because they help community by mentoring bird guides all over the country.

S Miller – 11.05.2022
Unbelievable experience

Maddie Mayes – 11.05.2022

Amy Major – 11.05.2022
This is amazing!

Stanley Nel – 11.05.2022
Birdlife South Africa

Caz Haines – 11.05.2022
I’d love to join the next cruise

Kim Webb – 11.05.2022
Unique, positive and fun!

Bianca Hare – 11.05.2022
BirdLife does great work and deserves to be recognised.

Tania Knoetze – 11.05.2022
What a brilliant initiative to raise awareness of Southern African bird and marine life, the need for conservation and restoration of eco systems. Having raised in excess of R3 million in funds and being a world first voyage into this part of the Southern Ocean makes this a significant conservation activity to be recognized..

Nicola Colborne – 11.05.2022
What a wonderful trip! Bucket list item for sure!

Kilpatrick, Errol and Kay – 10.05.2022
Bird Life South Africa is very proactive in supporting many conservation activities. Particularly birding trips, palagic birding, encouraging recording of all sea birds. The Wakkerstroom birding area has many excellently trained bird guides. The monthly Birding magazine has very informative articles supported by excellent quality photos of birds in Southern Africa. We would enjoy returning to Wakkerstroom to find other birds we did not see when previously visiting the area.

Michal Groenewald – 10.05.2022
Unforgettable experience

Taine Goodwin – 10.05.2022
I was not fortunate enough to go on Flock yo Marion but have am an avid birder and have read how incredible and impact full the event is to the community and conservation awareness

Deline – 10.05.2022
An amazing experience!

Aaron Pearlman – 10.05.2022
I birds in South Africa are the best and the wildlife and the game reserves

Dee Fischer – 10.05.2022
Was the most amazing trip

Dominique Rabie – 10.05.2022
Bird Life SA deserves this reward, all the way

Jacqueline Jacobs – 10.05.2022
Birdlife SA is the Best!

Francois Euvrard – 10.05.2022
Combining adventure, education and generosity, all in one, is genius

Annette Versluis – 10.05.2022
This trip created an opportunity for birders all over the world to visit South Africa and join a once in a lifetime trip. It also focused on conservation within South Africa and Marion Island

Hilana Steyn – 10.05.2022
Birdlife South Africa is a respected international tourism draw and they do so professionally and in a very attractive manner.

Emily Mitchell – 10.05.2022
BirdLife deserves this award for its spectacular tourism partnerships

Caldwell Tanya – 10.05.2022
Best NGO and Avitourism champions!

Leagh Mitchell – 10.05.2022
Once in a lifetime trip

Irene Rasmussen – 10.05.2022
Flock to Marion was it only a wonderful experience bringing together people from all over the world but a worthwhile cause as well!

Tsakane Pila – 10.05.2022
Well done -amazing

Meryl-Lynne Harwood – 10.05.2022
Best cruise ever !

Moira Boshoff – 10.05.2022
Birdlife SA so deserve this award, what an amazing contribution to tourism and conservation.

Nicole – 10.05.2022
BirdLife South Africa

Gillian Jensen – 10.05.2022
This has to be the ultimate travel experience of the year in Southern Africa. Once in a lifetime chance to see many different sea birds endemic to the southern waters and to listen to world class lectures along with so many like -minded people on a luxury cruise ship !

Aldo Berruti – 10.05.2022
A brilliant and visionary enterprise which furthers conservation

Amanda – 10.05.2022
birdlife Sa is doing an amazing job and the fotos are amazing and raising awareness

Cornelia Sherratt – 10.05.2022

Brian Vanderwalt – 10.05.2022
Trip of a lifetime, who will ever forget the Wanderers flying past the dining area whilst we had breakfast !!!!!!

Thabang – 10.05.2022
Team Birdlife

Doreen Malan – 10.05.2022
Sounds like an amazing trip. Well done Birdlife SA.

Carel Diedericks – 10.05.2022

Lesley Berry – 10.05.2022
Although we did not make it, friends did, and marveled at what a wonderful an experience it had been. Birdlife South Africa needs to be commended on the huge amount of effort they put into not only trips like ‘Flock to Marion’ island, but to conservation in general.

Dina Orffer – 10.05.2022
It was a awesome experience for me. All the like-minded people on one ship.

Mike Fraser – 10.05.2022
Surely one of the most special ecotours ever run in SA? Gave local and international birders the unparalleled opportunity to experience amazing and difficult-to-see birds, and supported a hugely important conservation initiative. A unique and globally-significant part of South Africa’s natural heritage on display that makes the ‘big five’ look very tame in comparison!

Shirley Uren – 10.05.2022

Pam Miller – 10.05.2022
Wonderful trip!

Selmi Ebersohn – 10.05.2022
Birdlife SA does fantastic work.

Ron Pet – 10.05.2022
Please allow me the benefit of a travel voucher so that I too can partake in this type of activity.

Niall Perrins – 10.05.2022
Incredible effort to pull this off, in the middle of the pandemic nogal.

Retha Brandt – 10.05.2022
Only wish I could have joined… so many fantastic birds! Unique voyage.

Deon Liebenberg – 10.05.2022
Birding Rules!

David – 10.05.2022
Well done Birdlife S A

Debbie – 10.05.2022
Once in a lifetime experience

Trudie Smits – 10.05.2022
Best trip ever

Alison – 10.05.2022

Bobby Budai – 10.05.2022
Unforgettable sights. Simply spectacular.

Debbie Mobey – 10.05.2022
My sister went on the cruise and thoroughly enjoyed it. They learnt so much on the trip

Linda Hardy – 10.05.2022
Fantastic, well done on raising so much for the conservation.

Bernie Lesar – 10.05.2022

Joshua van der Ploeg – 10.05.2022
What an incredible experience!

Fiona McLean – 10.05.2022
Amazing once in a life time bucket list trip

Marlize Muller – 10.05.2022
Amazing organization protecting birdlife and biodiversity.

Allister de Blocq – 10.05.2022

Johan Heyns – 10.05.2022
Wish I could make it! Sounds like an awesome experience!

Fiona Hellmann – 10.05.2022
Sounds loke it was the trip of a lifetime! Wish I could have been there.

Gail Mackiernan – 10.05.2022
This was a unique experience, and for a worthy cause. And everyone had fun!

Cornelius Melanie – 09.05.2022
Brilliant guides. Very passionate people who care alot about birds creating experience for everyone to enjoy and partake in conservation, while learning and capturing the memories

Geoff Lim – 09.05.2022
BirdLife SA is doing important work to conserve biodiversity and wildlife, which enhances the ecotourism environment for the country.

Cathy Acheson – 09.05.2022
Flock to Marion

Sharon Stanton – 09.05.2022
What an adventure!

Christine Moore – 09.05.2022
Truly amazing organization!

Marcel Upfold – 09.05.2022
Well done. Go for it

Reece Moolman – 09.05.2022
Flock should win because they’re pioneers

Craig Thomas – 09.05.2022
Flock to Marion island deserves to win the South African tourism award as it was pioneer voyage and succeed in raising funds for conservation

Cay Hickson – 09.05.2022
Flock is the best bird outing in South Africa

Jim Brown – 09.05.2022
Great organisation

Cheryl Brown – 09.05.2022
Great achievement

Bernice Skinner – 09.05.2022
Epic trip for those who went

Anne Hvidsten – 09.05.2022
Good Luck BirdLife!

Johan Smal – 09.05.2022
An all in one exposure, sightseeing, educational and teambuilding cruise of a lifetime!

Jennifer Cassell – 09.05.2022
What an experience

Flock to Marion – 09.05.2022
Best trip of a lifetime

Mark H – 09.05.2022
As a BLSA Owlet Award recipient, I thoroughly stand for this conservation organisation. Also it is a community builder based on appreciating birdlife around us. I was not able to join this cruise to the Prince Edward islands but a few of my friends did and I heard all about it. Great stuff. People got to enter a new world of pelagic wildlife where few have been able to venture, and being able to experience the special southern ocean and endangered animal species down there helps citizens of SA appreciate the work that BLSA is doing here even more and understand why Mouse Free Marion is crucial conservation and has to be done!

Erik Iverson – 09.05.2022
THis cruise seems amazing and I have first-hand knowledge that the guides are superb!

Jochen Voges – 09.05.2022
Birdlife South Africa is an amazing organisation with awesome events such as the flock. This raises awareness and generates income for all of south Africa’s tourism industries. For this reason I vote for Birdlife South Africa.

Hegyi Ildiko – 09.05.2022
For a great cause

Bonita Read – 09.05.2022
Worthy Cause! Go for it!

Bedneck Maibela – 09.05.2022
I vote for Birdlife South Africa for best service

Kruse William – 09.05.2022
What a great initiative this cruise was. Thanks to those who donated money to save Marion island and its birds.

Isla Elston – 09.05.2022
I would love this opportunity! Especially as a birding enthusiasts!

Robert Simmons – 09.05.2022
Birdlife richly deserve this award because they cruise with a purpose…conservation. There were 1000s of very enthusiastic participants in this trip to the south seas to ogle at albatross….birds you can never tire of…and require all our efforts to save

Bianca – 09.05.2022
The flock to Marion is absolutely amazing and inspiring!

Tristan Naude – 09.05.2022
Flock sounded absolutely breathtaking and fun

Michael – 09.05.2022
Absolutely amazing cruise for anyone who wants to boost their bird count and just to meet like minded people!!

Tristan Spurway – 09.05.2022
Guided on flock. It was absolutely breathtaking

Ruven – 09.05.2022
Marion Flock cruise is definitely best!

Finn Gretschel – 09.05.2022
The flock to Marion cruise is very inspiring and yet so interesting!

Marlise – 09.05.2022
Best voyage ever on a passenger ship to the remote Marion and Prince Edward Islands, not many people experience these prestine breeding islands.

Callan Cohen – 09.05.2022
What a unique trip!

Robyn Phipps – 09.05.2022
It’s a great organisation and trip.

Henk Nel – 09.05.2022
Amazing experience!

Elfriede Boshoff – 09.05.2022
What an amazing experience with BirdLife South Africa on the MSC Orchestra!

Stuart Beer – 09.05.2022
Well done BLSA

Stuart Beer – 09.05.2022
Well done BLSA

Lorato Trok – 09.05.2022
BirdLife South Africa is doing amazing work to preserve the ecosystem in South Africa.

Linda Kleyn – 09.05.2022
Most amazing experience

Heidi Swanepoel – 09.05.2022
Awesome experience

James Shier – 09.05.2022
Awesome initiative!

Gregg Darling – 09.05.2022
Would like to vote for Birdlife.

Madeleine Malan – 09.05.2022
Great initiative, would love to join a similar future excursion.

Monique Labat – 09.05.2022
Birding supports preservation of our fauna and flora, creates jobs and educates. Here’s to a Tourism Award for BirdLife South Africa

Camsecure – 09.05.2022
Best experience ever…

Malcolm Hepplewhite – 09.05.2022
I wish Monica and I could have been onboard. Maybe next time?

Khanyisa Abdullah JamJam – 09.05.2022
I would like to vote for BirdLife

Janet White – 09.05.2022
An amazing experience.

Theolin Tembo – 09.05.2022
Incredible opportunity

Jeanette Buys – 09.05.2022
Wow, a magic trip

Ross Campbell – 09.05.2022
Amazing organization, great work!!

Laurence Kruger – 09.05.2022
Phenomenal organization.. from their conservation impact, the research through to the development of local talent. A massive impact all round

Liz Gutter – 09.05.2022
Flock to Marion

Arauna Bezuidenhout Arauna – 09.05.2022
Amazing work. Well done

Birdlife SA – 09.05.2022
Most wonderful organisation, effecting the lives of our birds and our people.

Micah Van Schalkwyk – 09.05.2022
This sounds so cool!

Cloete Helena – 09.05.2022
I would love to join a trip. Birds galore!

Barbara Cloete – 09.05.2022
An amazing experience!!

Pieter – 09.05.2022
Best trip of my life.

Stevie Godson – 09.05.2022
A wonderful, worthy project. We should all Flock to Marion.

John McPherson – 09.05.2022
It truly was a unique offering

Gina Hall – 09.05.2022
Our feathered friends need our help to live in safety and thrive. A world without them would be desolate indeed! Bird Life South Africa is innovative in its approach to conservation and deserves all the support it can get.

Thinus Van Staden – 09.05.2022
Amazing amazing amazing trip!

Aafke Mouton – 09.05.2022
Fantastic iniciative from BLSA

Jennifer van Vuuren – 09.05.2022
A unique and wonderful experience!

Colin Morris – 09.05.2022
Incredible opportunity

Bernard Heritage – 09.05.2022
Best trip ever

Natasha joubert – 09.05.2022
Unique and creating birdlife awareness!

Sarah Dreyer – 08.05.2022
The photos from this amazing birding experience look incredible, and the stories from those who were on the trip are just inspiring! My turn next!!

Aird – 08.05.2022
Flock to Marion

Nancy Brown – 08.05.2022
Flock to Marion was reportedly quite outstanding ito : comfort Lectures ; sightings I know numerous people who gave it the highest possible rating

Smartprotect – 08.05.2022
Best trip ever!

Christien Boshoff – 08.05.2022
Best trip ever!

Brenda Horner – 08.05.2022
Wonderful trip definitely on my bucket list!

Peet van Eeden – 08.05.2022
Awesome initiative. Once in a lifetime.

Jerome september – 08.05.2022
The conservation initiative. Would be a dream to take this trip

Alison Blignaut – 08.05.2022
Trip of a life time

Alison Truscott – 08.05.2022
Sounds fantastic! Definitely on bucket list

Jacques Brenkman – 08.05.2022
My Bucket list item

Sue Viljoen – 08.05.2022
My children were on that cruise. I have to vote. The next time I’m also booking !

Banie Engelbrecht – 08.05.2022
From reading the comments and speaking to friends and strangers who were on the trip, one can only give a huge “BRAVO ZULU” to BLSA and MSC for a unique opportunity that also turned out to exceed the expectations of those on board. I sincerely wish you win this award and will continue to create such unique opportunities. Good luck.

Juanita De Jager – 08.05.2022
Best trip ever

Hicardo du Gong – 08.05.2022
Congratulations Birdlife South Africa for pulling off the greatest seabird voyage ever!

Richard du Toit – 08.05.2022
A mighty birding trip by Birdlife South

Tania Janse van Rensburg – 08.05.2022
This cruise was unique, brilliantly planned and should be the nr 1 on everyone’s bucket list!!!

Arulene – 08.05.2022
Best trip ever! Can not wait for the next trip!

David Gilrou – 08.05.2022
We loved flock and can’t wait for the next one

Julia Norman – 08.05.2022
Although I did not go on this trip, my relatives did and had nothing but praise for the amazing experience and great service. It is certainly a trip to be sought after..particularly for birders but in fact anyone would enjoy it, I’m sure..

Alexis Kriel – 08.05.2022
Looks fantastic!

Kersey – 08.05.2022
This was such a great experience. I loved the sense of community, the science, the birds, and the conservation initiative!

Margi Brocklehurst – 08.05.2022
What showed could have been there!

Mariana Steyn – 08.05.2022
Birdlife SA is a flagship organisation that rocks the boat!

Peter Norman – 08.05.2022
A worthy and just cause.

Demi Arrah – 08.05.2022
The best thing I’ve done this year!!! So organised & full of fun! Learnt so much & the albatross is my favourite bird! To see them so close was really so great! Excited to see what other birding trips take place.

Chris Esterhuizen – 08.05.2022
Good luck

Lynette Eyssen – 08.05.2022
What an absolute fantastic journey!

Pamela Isdell – 08.05.2022
The Flock was a wonderful event. Gets my vote!!

Celia Human – 08.05.2022
Most amazing trip. Creating awareness and innovative fund raising.

Elaine Mocke – 08.05.2022
Glad to be part of this unique journey while also contributing to one of nature’s crown jewels, the Albatrosses!

Leoné Marais – 08.05.2022
Keep up the good work !

Eric Ehlers – 08.05.2022
Brilliant birding trip

Viggo Aalbaek – 08.05.2022
Wish I had been on the trip

Chenoa BRENKMAN – 08.05.2022
A bucket list item!

Len van Schalkwyk – 08.05.2022
An excellent initiative. Saving the southern ocean’s biodiversity.

Johann Kotze – 08.05.2022
Trip of a life time!

Sarel Snyman – 08.05.2022
Great, wish I was there!

Ella J Swart – 08.05.2022
Best experience ever!!!

Brenda Biddulph – 08.05.2022
Love Birdlife.

Celeste Gomes – 08.05.2022
Birding communities are avid explorers and travellers that contribute to local tourism.

Val Joubert – 08.05.2022
Birdlife South Africa are entirely conservation driven. The epic Flock to Marion a huge and magnificent adventure finely tuned by organisers. I support them whole heartedly.

Chris Read – 08.05.2022
BirdLife gives wings to all those who enjoy and have a love for our winged creatures

Marilda Wiegand – 08.05.2022
Totally love the innovative of this cruise combining tourism with conservation. Several friends and colleagues joined this adventure and totally loved the experience as well as knowing they are contributing towards conservation efforts. Fantastic initiative and well done to everyone who made this happen!

Tertia Amos – 08.05.2022
I am joining the next flock!!

Elise Varga – 08.05.2022
My vote is for the Flock to Marion trip

Pitso Mojapelo – 08.05.2022
Birdlife South Africa redefined tourism with this voyage to Marion Island for it was for a good cause and not just leisure. Make it an annual event Congratulations to everyone at Birdlife South Africa

Melinda Smith – 08.05.2022
Flock to marion the best

Laureen Bertin – 08.05.2022
Flock To Marion was an incredible once in a lifetime initiative!! Friends who went still dont stop talking about it!! World class adventure AND critically needed conservation in one package!

Erna Cronjé – 08.05.2022
Save the birds!

Karel Marais – 08.05.2022
Brst trip ever

Dena van den Bergh – 08.05.2022
An incredible gathering of global bird experts and enthusiasts doing what they love, sharing what they know, learning from each other and actively contributing to nature conservation

Felis Telo Ungerer – 08.05.2022
In my opinion, this deserves first prize!

Robert Aspeling – 08.05.2022
A once in a lifetime experience

Jen – 08.05.2022
I vote for the BirdLife Flock to Marion Island

Bokamoso Lebepe – 07.05.2022
Great work….

Kevin Phelan – 07.05.2022
Wishing you all the best for the win.

Michelle Boshoff – 07.05.2022
What an amazing opportunity!

Kathleen Robson – 07.05.2022
A very worthy cause deserving of a South African tourism award.

Carel Diedericks – 07.05.2022
Was amazing

Frankie Murrey – 07.05.2022
A friend of mine went on this cruise and the photographs are incredible.

Zelda Champion – 07.05.2022
Birdlife South Africa is great . Life dream of my love to go to Marion ,must be a great experience

Elizabeth Burger – 07.05.2022
This is a voyage I should have been on and couldn’t due to Covid, This Company deserves the Win, super organised abs unique. I missed out on a once in a life time opportunity

Joe Holmes – 07.05.2022
Great work Birdlife South Africa!

Kanthan Pillay – 07.05.2022
Fantastic concept!

Casper Van Eck – 07.05.2022
Great work. Thank you. Bucket list for me too.

Britten – 07.05.2022
An amazing experience and also a very clever way to raise funds. I love out the box thinking when it comes to tourism!

Debbie Moss – 07.05.2022
Wonderful initiative, worth voting for

John Bradshaw – 07.05.2022
A worthy cause and a wonderful trip. Here’s wishing the Marion team and Birdlife SA every success.

Amanda Mc – 07.05.2022
Thanks. The earth needs these initiatives.

M van Niekerk – 07.05.2022

Gill Bentley – 07.05.2022
An out of this world experience.

Ronel Pistorius – 07.05.2022
My biggest dream on the bucket list!

Julia – 07.05.2022
A once in a lifetime unique experience

Julia Coldham – 07.05.2022
A once in a lifetime unique experience

Gerrie Horn – 07.05.2022

Alison Grant – 07.05.2022
Tourism needs these Unique experiences

Anita Lee – 06.05.2022
Keep up the great work. My dream trip. My son and daughter in lawis are in the Falkland islands and have a lot to do with the albatross, bird life and fisheries there.

Rita de Wet – 06.05.2022
The best!!!!!

Terror Jones – 06.05.2022
Best experience ever!

Gaye Dorkin – 06.05.2022
A fabulous concept of birding, cruising, concern and charity. Hope it happens more than once in a life time.

Sandi de Souza – 06.05.2022

Chris – 06.05.2022
A BIG bucket list experience to remember a lifetime!!!

Riaan Naude – 06.05.2022
Best event ever!

Sylvia van Heerden – 06.05.2022
Unique, once in a lifetime experience!

Geraldine Schoeman – 06.05.2022
The Marion Island trip is not only worthy of winning this competition, it is worthy of being on the bucket list of every single person who seeks an extraordinary once in a lifetime birding experience. It’s on my list and I’m saving up for it.

J B Hunter – 06.05.2022
Save the birds

Susan Gie – 06.05.2022
The Flock to Marion surpassed all expectations. It was comfortable, well organized, fun, entertaining, relaxing, educational and just awesome!

Rita DM – 06.05.2022
Whole trip dedicated to birding, awesome experience.

Lester Niss – 06.05.2022

Rolf wiesler – 06.05.2022
Best cruise (Flock)ever

Walker Janice – 06.05.2022
Great trip, great conservation planned amid the Covid backdrop! Well done to all

Neva – 06.05.2022
Sounds absolutely amazing

Phillippa Wagner – 06.05.2022
Such a great and worthwhile organisation

Sina – 06.05.2022
Birdlife SA and Flock to Marion

Willem – 06.05.2022
Flock to Marion, Birdlife SA

Willem Luyt – 06.05.2022
The SA nature is a big winner. People travel thousands of miles to see those special species of birds. Birdlife SA is a major contributor to benefit SA Tourism. It is not the big ones who need recognition right now, but the small obes, the birds. Our secluded islands are rare gems and Birdlife SA have unlocked this treasure trove.

Nohline L’Ecuyer – 06.05.2022
The survival of the birds is a key to our future. Please contribute toward their conservation.

Eileen Shepherd – 06.05.2022
What a wonderful experience

Lisa Martus – 06.05.2022
BirdLife South Africa achieved a conservation and birding success!

Shelli Marx – 06.05.2022
I vote for Bird Life South Africa

Jaco den Oudsten – 06.05.2022
Would have loved to join

A Lak – 04.05.2022
Well done!!!

Leigh Wolfaardt – 04.05.2022
BirdLife SA’s Flock to Marion was a fantastic success, well done!

Roy McGrath – 03.05.2022
The most amazing trip of a lifetime. Hopefully we do something similar again!

Clinton Carbutt – 03.05.2022
Trip of lifers!

Wendy Visagie – 02.05.2022
Go go go!!!

Lezanne Bezuidenhout – 02.05.2022

Elma Salt – 02.05.2022
Wonderful experience

Colleen Ireland – 02.05.2022

Christo – 02.05.2022
Absolutely the best!

Jacqui Ikin – 02.05.2022
Great initiative!

Douglas Armstrobg – 02.05.2022

Brendan Armstrong – 02.05.2022
Most amazing trip to see these beautiful birds

John Austin—Williams – 02.05.2022

Jennifer Armstrong – 01.05.2022
I was privileged to have embarked on this journey.. and what a breathtaking experience it was!

Penelope Brown – 01.05.2022
Birdlife South Africa is a great organization and the ‘Flock to Marion’ cruise was fantastic – ticked all the boxes, and raised money for the ‘Mouse Free Marion’ project too!

Tom Riffel – 01.05.2022
Best voyage ever

Ted Kroon – 01.05.2022

Wilfred Chivell – 01.05.2022
Beautiful sightings.

Susan Visagie – 01.05.2022
Fantastic trip

Hendrik Peters – 01.05.2022
Innovative and boundary setting!

Kefilwe Ndaba – 30.04.2022
Voting for tourism

Blessing – 30.04.2022
You deserve the best ❤️

Petro Potgieter – 30.04.2022
Fantastic trip well organised

Petro Potgieter – 30.04.2022
Fantastic trip that BirdLife organised

Dawie Rotteveel – 30.04.2022
Flock to Marion was a marvelous adventure! It was excellently organized and loads of fun!

Anita Divall – 30.04.2022
Wonderful cruise and can’t wait for the next Flock at Sea.

Peter Divall – 30.04.2022
Fantastic event.

Michael Ashby – 30.04.2022
Looks like a super voyage for a worthy cause !

Allan Gien – 30.04.2022
Saving the planet one boat at a time

Sandy Schmidt – 30.04.2022
I was apprehensive about going as I’m scared of the sea. However it was a wonderful experience in every respect. I loved it. Well done Birdlife and all the others who worked so hard.

Coral Birss – 30.04.2022
Definitely on my bucket list.

caroline Gabb – 30.04.2022
Sounds like the trip of a lifetime!

Otto Schmidt – 30.04.2022
A great trip worthy of winning the award.

John Magner – 30.04.2022
I was on board, a wonderful trip

Jane – 30.04.2022
Awareness of birds, protecting rhem. Educating people. Birdlife… You get my vote.

Hilary Beeton – 30.04.2022
An amazing cruise with 1500 enthusiastic birdwatchers and incredible lectures to enhance a cruise experience!

Sandra de Swardt – 30.04.2022
Brilliant cruise. Once in a lifetime.

Helen – 30.04.2022
Fantastic voyage to see awesome birds.

Paddy Garrett – 30.04.2022
This is such an important project, that it needs to be highlighted, so my vote goes to this project!!

Linda McIntosh – 30.04.2022
Fabulous trip and conservation efforts

Hugo Voigts – 30.04.2022
A fantastic and well organised birding adventure to an area I would otherwise never have gone to. Many new birds and lots of fun

Naomi De Carvalho – 30.04.2022
Sounds amazing

Susan Louw – 30.04.2022
Definitely a cause worth voting for!

Susan van Heerdeb – 29.04.2022
Well done, you do excellent work to protect our wildlife

Bonita Read – 29.04.2022
You are doing great work for the sake of conservation , keep it up!

Botes Willem – 29.04.2022
Wish I was part of this experience

Kwanda Dlamini – 29.04.2022
Wish I could’ve been there but definitely saving up for the next one!

Ann Green – 29.04.2022
Excellent work should always receive recognition.

Ann Green – 29.04.2022
Of course BirdLife must get recognition for amazing work done.

Gidion Swart – 29.04.2022
Wonderful trip. Lifetime experience.

Lynette Rudman – 29.04.2022
A trip of a lifetime. Best birding trip ever!

Lennard Vroom – 29.04.2022
Luxury cruise combined with a birding and conservation experience, definitely gets my thumbs up. Very well organised and managed by Birdlife SA, and thanks to MSC Cruises for the opportunity.

Johan Eyssen – 29.04.2022
Very worthy cause indeed

Anneke Pienaar – 29.04.2022
Birdlife does fantastic, outstanding work, their contribution is preserving birdlife in South Africa for the future, all the generations to come!

Gerda Peschel – 29.04.2022
Wow…well done! A unique experience, for a good cause.

Andre Van Eck – 29.04.2022
Experiencing the albatrosses were incredible

Andre Van Eck – 29.04.2022
Experiencing the albatrosses were incredible

Andre Van Eck – 29.04.2022
Experiencing the albatrosses were incredible

Andrew McDonald – 29.04.2022
Wonderful voyage for a good cause

Heinrich du Toit – 29.04.2022
I vote for Birdlife Flock to Marion

Tracy Bromfield – 29.04.2022
A once in a lifetime voyage with amazing Birding experts and fellow enthusiasts!

Gerhard Barnard – 29.04.2022
Trip to Marion turned me into a birding conservationist

Jane Magner – 29.04.2022
A once in a lifetime experience for birders. We had a wonderful trip.

Carel Diedericks – 29.04.2022
It was amazing

Anton – 29.04.2022
Had the privilege to attend this journey, wow wow wow!

Annatjie Slabbert – 29.04.2022
Best trip ever

Cees Volmer – 29.04.2022
It was an awesome trip with MSC Cruises and am so glad to have had the opportunity to do a bit for conservation and having a new found love.

Stacy van Wyk – 29.04.2022
BirdLife South Africa

Brett Horley – 29.04.2022
Was on it. Incredible!!!!

Petrus van Eck – 29.04.2022
Voting for Birdlife SA for the SA tourism awards

Tebello Tsotetsi – 29.04.2022
I am voting for BLSA

Rochelle Lubbe – 29.04.2022
A cruise & conservation combined, what could be better!?

Maans Booysen – 29.04.2022
Was a great experience and well organized weldone to all involved cheers Maans Booysen

Debra Coetzer – 29.04.2022
What an awesome trip!

Jeff Lanham – 29.04.2022
MSC cruise to Marion Island

Laura Klapwijk – 29.04.2022
The trip of a lifetime

Daleen – 28.04.2022
Conservation and tourism working together.

Archer Estee – 28.04.2022
Fantastic tourism and conservation initiative. Next year I want to go too!

Ineke – 26.04.2022
I was there! It was great! Everyone should have the opportunity. Thanks to you

Susan Williams – 26.04.2022
A brilliant travel experience for birders!!

Sue Temple – 24.04.2022
My vote is for Flock to Marion 2022

Chris Von Holdt – 22.04.2022
Loved the Flock to Marion. Novel experience and very professional.

Jan Pienaar – 22.04.2022
An amazing initiative from a leading conservation organization.

Susan Louckx – 21.04.2022
Brilliant initiative .BLSA definitely deserves to be the winner.

William Webber – 21.04.2022
What an awesome trip that was, Flock to Marion.

Martie Mc Taggart – 21.04.2022
Let us not loose another bird species.

Sandra de Swardt – 20.04.2022
Brilliant, once-in-lifetime voyage. Excellent.

Charles Hardy – 20.04.2022
Unique and inspirational experience

Ebbie – 20.04.2022
Life changing event! Imagine a safari, but on a moving 5 star hotel, in a vast ocean, for a whole week, going to a rare place, seeing animals and birds you won’t see somewhere else…

Robin Naude – 19.04.2022
An amazing and unique birding adventure which supported conservation.

Peter Treloar – 19.04.2022
A great advert for SA conservation and fund raising.

Phillip Cronje – 19.04.2022
Flock was fantastic

Will Radue – 19.04.2022
BLSA would be a worthy winner.

Dave Grant – 19.04.2022
Flock to Marion sounded like an awesome trip that has really inspired me to visit SA, hopefully soon!

Rachel Adendorff – 19.04.2022
An absolutely incredible voyage which was once in a lifetime! Traversing our deadly seas whilst remaining safe and enjoying avitourism, marine tourism and all the fun to be had on a cruise liner. A successful effort by Bridlife South Africa and MSC Cruises.

Pieter Lotter – 19.04.2022
Sadly missed this brilliant initiative

Martie Van Dyk – 19.04.2022
Unique travel experience

Karen Norman – 19.04.2022
Sounds like an awesome way to spend a holiday

Leandri de Kock – 19.04.2022
This was the best programme to provide tourists with exposure to one of South Africa’s most protected gems!

Erica Smythe – 19.04.2022
Sad to have missed what appears to have been an excellent event. I will be looking out for details of the next cruise.

Gerrie Jansen van Rensburg – 19.04.2022
Best tourism experience in years

Anita Blount – 19.04.2022
This was our 2nd Flock. We really enjoyed it. Hope to go on the next one.

David Weaver – 19.04.2022
The most awesome birding experience ever and unbelievably well organized. Well done BLSA

Nyika mary – 18.04.2022

Nyika Nyika – 18.04.2022

Jill Wilcock – 18.04.2022
An experience difficult to equal

Annemey Heyns – 18.04.2022
My parents enjoyed it immensely and felt is was a once in a lifetime opportunity

Arina Heyns – 18.04.2022
My parents went and enjoyed every second. Came back with great memories

Lizanne Heyns – 18.04.2022
Once in a lifetime, new passion for pelagic birds

Michael Heyns – 18.04.2022
Was on the cruise, once in a lifetime experience, but just as important: great for the environment and birdlife specifically. Saw many overseas birders on the cruise and I some told me they would return for something like this!

Fransie O’Brien – 18.04.2022
Very inspirational!

Pav Johnsson – 18.04.2022
An experience of a lifetime, socially, and spiced with strong experiences of a threatened and beautiful part of the world, out of reach for most of us!

Lindsey Macdonald – 18.04.2022
Friends who went on this voyage made me extremely jealous. It was well organized and very safety conscious.

Janeeka Pillay – 18.04.2022
Kindly provide R1000 travel voucher. Thank you

Desiree Davis – 18.04.2022
The best voyage ever

VENTER ANNETTE – 17.04.2022
Awesome initiative to promote tourism. And birding. Such a great opportunity for SA

Toni Geddes – 17.04.2022
Once in a lifetime experience!

Kobie Van Eeden – 17.04.2022
Once in a life time opportunity that broadened my horizon and ignited a passion for seabirds

Melinda Smith – 17.04.2022
Loved the flock to marion trip

George Guest – 17.04.2022
Besides being a fantastic once in a lifetime experience. it was so rewarding to see the the overwhelming desire of our fellow travellers commitment to right the wrongs we have done to Mother Nature in the past.

WAYNE PETERSEN – 17.04.2022
FLOCK TO MARION! Awesome will never forget this memorable expedition cruise!

Fern – 17.04.2022
Outstanding organization, both in the work it does, its administration and its contribution to tourism

Wilkens Victor – 17.04.2022
This was once in lifetime! It cannot be beaten for total unique experience.

Val Thomas – 17.04.2022
BirdLife South Africa’s cruise to Marion created memories that will last a lifetime

Diane Willis – 17.04.2022
So enjoyed the post trip webinar, have put it on my “todo” list!

Sandra Homann – 17.04.2022
Flock to Marion was the best!

Sara Cooper – 17.04.2022
On my bucket list!

Blignaut – 17.04.2022
Epic experience

Peter Moore – 17.04.2022
BirdLife South Africa doing fantastic conservation of birds in South Africa. Trip to Marion Island offered new opportunities for all birders.

Rowan Jordaan – 16.04.2022

Bruce ward-smith – 16.04.2022
Great organisation to achieve this fantastic trip to Marion Island.

Gerhard Barnard – 16.04.2022
The trip of a lifetime

Werner van der Walt – 16.04.2022
Flock to Marrion was an amazing idea executed to perfection

Loretta Jakubiec – 16.04.2022
Incredible Opportunity. What a unique trip.

Carol Thompson – 16.04.2022
Surprisingly enjoyable for me accompanying my husband who is the keen birder in the family. The ship, service, food and even the lectures were top drawer.

John Thompson – 16.04.2022
A fantastic experience especially as a birder with a life list. Struggling to get to 600 but this trip put another 19 on in a week!

Peter Berglin – 16.04.2022
Flock to Marion..

Celeste du Plooy – 16.04.2022
Wonderful cruise!!

Mike T – 16.04.2022
Voting for Flock to Marion

Gaynor Donovan – 16.04.2022
Really amazing experience

Helet Botha – 16.04.2022
Amazing enviro tourism adventure

wilna van Tonder – 16.04.2022
Best tour ever

Martin Alexandersson – 16.04.2022
Pro service, explore new sea and social activites in uniqe combo! 11 of 10 stars!

Angela Wessels – 16.04.2022
Birdlife SA organized an amazing voyage to Marion Island

Marie Paterson – 16.04.2022
An excellent, exceptionally well organized trip. Amazing sightings, excellent lectures fantastic food. They deserve to win!!

James Hogg – 16.04.2022
A well organised and superb experience. Well done BirdLife SA.

Hamiedah Abdullah – 16.04.2022
I wish I could have joined BrdLife South Africa flock to Marion Island.

Rick Nuttall – 16.04.2022
This was truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I shall never forget!

Cadence Pietersen – 16.04.2022

Sandi de Souza – 16.04.2022

Steve Woodhall – 16.04.2022
Wish I could have gone…

Christien Boshoff – 16.04.2022
Birdlife South Africa Flock to Marion

John Sterling – 16.04.2022
Amazing trip with great guides to a remarkable remote part of the planet. Excellent birding along the way.

Sharlene van der Slikke – 16.04.2022
Our privilege to be part of the most important Conservation Expedition

Hanti Mathews – 16.04.2022
Travel is more about the experience, than what you can buy!’

Alfie Curling – 16.04.2022
Certainly the most unique experience out there.

Len van Schalkwyk – 16.04.2022
An incredible opportunity for those who could go! Bucket list trip for me for sure!

Wendy de Bruyn – 16.04.2022
Fantastic opportunity!

Jody de Bruyn – 16.04.2022
Excellent trip!!

Norman Lok – 16.04.2022
Flock to Marion all the way for the winner.

Marlize Marais – 16.04.2022
An once in a lifetime trip that I will cherish forever.

CATHERINE C LEDEC – 16.04.2022
Wonderful trip.

Kelly – 16.04.2022

Emma van Heerden – 16.04.2022
Birdlife SA Flock to Marion is a once in a lifetime experience! I would love the opportunity to go!!

Renee Whittle – 16.04.2022
What does the travel voucher entail please?

Willem Boshoff – 16.04.2022
Probably the most exotic, exciting and affordable excursion imaginable.

Marc Solomon – 16.04.2022
An amazing experience that I will never forget

Lucia Lotter – 16.04.2022
Please arrange another Flock.

Ingrid Sinclair – 16.04.2022
Always the best experience

Prentice Prentice – 16.04.2022
A truly unique experience.Albatross Thursday will be remembered by every passenger.

Tracy Minnie – 16.04.2022
I wish I was one of those passengers! It looked amazing! Followed social media along the whole trip

Tracy Minnie – 16.04.2022
I was unable to go on the trip but followed every Facebook post and loved seeing the trip through other passengers eyes!

Justine Hardy – 16.04.2022
A unique experiemce

Justine Hardy – 16.04.2022
A unique experiemce

Rolene Grant – 16.04.2022
Flock to marion was an awesome experience. Seen birds I never dreamed I’d see. Thank you

Olivier Hamerlynck – 16.04.2022
With a family of four we had the best “working” holiday ever. Up every day at first light, scanning the skies and the waters, enjoying the guides’ directions, loving the scientific exposés, the terrific food and drink. Ready to go back tomorrow morning.

Mark Boorman – 16.04.2022
A unique opportunity which will be talked about for years to come

Shirley Kokot – 16.04.2022
All brilliantly organised, a wonderful effort from Birdlife South Africa

Michael Kokot – 16.04.2022
A once in a lifetime experience, very well organised and operated. Must happen again!

Natasha Govender – 16.04.2022
Flock to Marion for the win! Looking forward to winning!

Gregory de Klerk – 16.04.2022
Fantastic organization of the Flock 2 Marion cruise into the Southern Ocean that provided unprecedented access to the incredible wildlife seldom seen by the average traveller. A once in a lifetime experience planned and managed despite the shifting Covid goal posts.

Leon Lotter – 16.04.2022
Great trip please arrange another one….

Paul Fleischack – 16.04.2022
One of the best opportunities to see pristine habitats and unique birds while enjoying South African hospitality

Bonita Read – 16.04.2022
Thank you for all that you do to Conserve !

Jane – 16.04.2022
BirdLife SA organised an incredible cruise down to Marion Island and gave hundreds of birders a trip of a lifetime!

Patrik Rhönnstad – 16.04.2022
Had to cancel my booking due to covid, but really hope there will be another voyage

Ben Smit – 16.04.2022
A fantastic trip…even though I missed the opportunity.

Vivienne Holden – 16.04.2022
Making a difference

Peter Ring – 16.04.2022
Was an amazing experience

Ronald Brown – 16.04.2022
The cruise into the Southern Ocean was an awesome (ad)venture that very few people will ever experience. To have so many knowledgeable people to act as deck guides, the interesting lectures we heard as well as the birds and sea animals we saw was a lifetime memory maker. The organization between BirdLife SA and MSC was amazing as Covid “kept changing the rules” over a 2 year period. Passengers came from many countries for Flock to Marion and most spent time in South Africa either before or after the cruise (or both) thereby supporting local tourism.

Hannah Buschert – 16.04.2022
It was a fantastic trip that contributed so much to conservation!

Steve Benbow – 16.04.2022
Great initiative to bring awareness to bird conservation.

Peter Ring – 16.04.2022
Absolutely fantastic

Carolyn Baker – 16.04.2022
What a wonderful experience it must have been!

Kari De Lange – 16.04.2022
What an incredible trip this would be!

Wiggie ELLENBERGER – 16.04.2022
This once in a life time journey to a seldom ventured part of the world should have no competition in a local Unique Experience category. It is more deserving to be highly recognised internationally for the audacity of venturing to the Southern Ocean, where no cruise ship has gone before!

Rebecca lynam – 16.04.2022
A once in a life time trip for birders and wildlife lovers to see an incredible range of bird species and cetaceans while encouraging awareness of endangered marine life and raising funds to protect it. An extremely worthy cause and an asset to South Africa.

Rebecca lynam – 16.04.2022
A once in a life time trip for birders and wildlife lovers to see an incredible range of bird species and cetaceans while encouraging awareness of endangered marine life and raising funds to protect it. An extremely worthy cause and an asset to South Africa.

Ann Braine – 16.04.2022
It was an amazing experience.

Ronel Bestbier – 16.04.2022
Such a wonderful birding experience

Gill Lee – 16.04.2022
It was great!

v – 16.04.2022

v – 16.04.2022

Newby Garith – 16.04.2022
Flock to marion

Mike ODonoghue – 16.04.2022
Great trip

Erika Vorster – 16.04.2022
Amazing experience!

Matt Pauline – 16.04.2022
Flock to Marion Island what a lifetime experience…… may the lotto gód smile in me to experience this in real life.

Keanu Canto – 16.04.2022
A great initiative drawing attention to Marion Island’s plight

Di Fahn – 16.04.2022
Birding tourism at its best.

Lynne Reid – 16.04.2022
Flock to Marion is a lifetime peak experience

Fiona Evans – 16.04.2022
BLSA is best!

Kurt Martin – 16.04.2022
What an incredible way to see part of South Africa that almost no one ever gets to visit! An untouched territory with incredible bird life

Richard Smith – 16.04.2022
Gathered birders of all levels

Melissa Demaio – 15.04.2022
Birdlife SA flock to Marion deserves to win because of its immense contribution to conservation

R Moonia – 15.04.2022
An inspiring initiative by BirdLife South Africa! Their conservation success will definitely aid in saving millions of threatened seabirds.

Yash Jayram – 15.04.2022
An inspiring initiative by BirdLife South Africa! Their conservation success will definitely aid in saving millions of threatened seabirds.

Wilma Wiid – 15.04.2022
Love the link between tourism and birding,

Ryan Willoughby – 15.04.2022
Good job, BL SA!

Although I could not be on the voyage this time, from all accounts it sounds like the most wonderful experience for all birders and those of an adventurous spirit. Congratulations to BirdLife for organising such a brilliant trip.

Phillip Williams – 15.04.2022
Flock to Marion

Riana Mostert – 15.04.2022
What a great and meaningful initiative

Roger Milligan – 15.04.2022
Well done BirdLife SA for organising such a top notch event.

David Weaver – 15.04.2022
It was the most brilliant birding holiday ever.

Sue Beard – 15.04.2022
An innovative, sharing knowledge and amazing trip

Eva Noble – 14.04.2022
What a way for people to be able to travel to an island that is not usually possible. Also to be able to see the birds with experts at hand. Remarkable

Enrique Wells – 14.04.2022
Great work

Estelle Smalberger – 14.04.2022
I believe this was indeed a trip of a lifetime. My bucket list will forever have a tick missing as I was not able to join. But I soaked up all the aricles and drewled over all the photos I could lay my hands on. Oh boy, if only I had the opportunity to have been on this trip, in books definately THE trip of a lifetime!

Zelna van Schalkwijk – 14.04.2022
I hope you are the number one ❤️

Elizabeth Burger – 14.04.2022
I am sorry I missed this trip due to a positive PCR test but it was a great success and very worth of winning

Brenda Neall – 14.04.2022
Simply superb adventure into the Southern Ocean, that it came off so successfully in pandemic times was remarkable. A privilege to have been part of it – kudos to BirdLife SA, what a fantastic NGO!

Hester Van Wyk – 14.04.2022
It was definitely an unique experience. Filled with excitement. If this opportunity comes around again, a not to miss experience.

Nico de Bruyn – 14.04.2022
Wonderful opportunity in support of a truly worthy cause!

Hester Van Wyk – 14.04.2022
It was a once in a lifetime experience that was filled with excitement 24/7. If there is any change to do this again I would even if it is double the price. I will borrowoney for the experience.

Christine Randall – 14.04.2022
A bucket list experience made possible by BirdLife SA.

Wright Carol – 14.04.2022
My son Dale Wright and his wife Esti have been on a few Flock trips .Said this trip was amazing, well organized,and altogether a fantastic experience!!

Elsje – 14.04.2022
Absolutely amazing work done by Birdlife! Nothing stands in their way.

Bonita Du Plessis – 14.04.2022
Great travel experience with once in a lifetime opportunities.

Kenneth Mullins – 13.04.2022
I sadly missed the 2022 sailing but went on an earlier 4 day MSC Flock at Sea cruise which was excellent and afforded me a few species not seen on a 2010 Antarctic birding cruise. I’ll be sure to attend the next cruise and look forward to it with great relish.

Adene Reubenson – 13.04.2022
What an incredible adventure and life altering trip for those privileged to attend!

Greg Bishop – 13.04.2022
I was fortunate to be on this once in a lifetime trip. Loved every minute of it.

Willie van den Heever – 13.04.2022
Super trip, was there!…incredible knowledgable and committed experts and fantastic hosts of MSC…

christine sapsford – 13.04.2022
BirdLife SA is beyond compare in its care and conservation of birds. We cannot do without the organization.

Bruce van den Bosch – 13.04.2022
I support Birdlife S A

Ronel Pistorius – 13.04.2022
My no 1 on wishlist

Martin Vleggaar – 13.04.2022
Support BirdLife SA

Joan Snell – 13.04.2022
A great birding Experience

Dianne van den Bosch – 13.04.2022
Support BirdLife SA

Pauline May – 13.04.2022

Yolande Steenkamp – 13.04.2022
Birdlife South Africa – Flock to Marion deserves the award!

Mary Ann du Preez – 13.04.2022
Flock to Marion is a dream of any keen birder.

Collleen McLachlan – 13.04.2022
I honestly don’t know what this country will do without BirdLife South Africa. It is the lifeblood for our birds. And for conservation. It’s easy to give them the thumbs up for their hard work.

Tamanna Patel – 13.04.2022
BirdLife South Africa

Wendy Wentzel – 12.04.2022
Absolutely awesome! Lots of logistics handled superbly, and a wonderful opportunity for birders, and Birdlife SA.

Fiona MacAlister – 12.04.2022
Wonderful initiative!

Bridget Venter – 12.04.2022
For the birds!

Maria Strydom – 12.04.2022
Once in a lifetime experience. Luxorious accomodation, outstanding sightings, best lectures and knowledgeable guides – all of this at at a too-good-to-be-true price. Thank you Birdlife SA for an unforgettable experience

Bruce Templeton – 12.04.2022
Well worth the vote – wonderful initiative.

Petro Smit – 12.04.2022
Flock the Marion

Michelle van Niekerk – 12.04.2022
Vote for Birlife SA

Leanie Roux – 12.04.2022
Birdlife South Africa – Tourism and Conservation in partnership.

Nico Roux – 12.04.2022
A voyage helping bird conservation!

Riana Naven – 12.04.2022
Birdlife SA always provide extraordinary birding events.

Marylou Bawden – 12.04.2022
Birdlife does such amazing, critical and crucial work!

Derick Vosloo – 12.04.2022
Please arrange another voyage!!!

Brett Hickman – 12.04.2022
Support BirdLife SA

Roger Horner – 12.04.2022
Unique. Excellent.

Renee Wolfaardt – 12.04.2022
Created awareness for our birdlife…

Jared Harding – 12.04.2022

Sean Connolly – 12.04.2022
A truly fantastic experience fantastically put together amidst the current pandemic.

Sean Glynn – 12.04.2022
Flock to Marion

Wilna Van Tonder – 12.04.2022
Vote for BirdlifeSa

Wilna Van Tonder – 12.04.2022

Manie – 12.04.2022
Love birds!

Strydom Sandra – 12.04.2022
This was the most awesome experience for us. Amazing Albatross sightings . More than we could ever have wished for. Definitely a trip of a lifetime 1

Magdalize – 12.04.2022
BirdLife has done and is still doing so much for SA birdlife. The Marrion Island trip is one amazing is only one example.

Sean Stephan – 12.04.2022
Great initiative – I would love to support another trip like this

Calitz Amanda – 12.04.2022
BIRDLIFE south africa for the win

Terry Cohen – 12.04.2022
Won’t the pesticides cause a bigger problem?

Tess Janse van Veuren – 12.04.2022
Well done!

Mary Peel – 11.04.2022

Michelle Beetar – 11.04.2022
I love that this was a unique experience that also made a real difference!

Mary Willemse – 11.04.2022
What an amazing initative. Certainly a bucket list opportunity – well done to all involved!

Karin Ortmann – 11.04.2022
The Flock to Marion receives my vote as my husband and I were so privileged to be on this extraordinary trip of a lifetime. Seeing so may seabird species and marine animals was absolutely astonishing and beyond our wildest dreams. The trip was also ever so important as a fundraiser for the conservation of seabirds most notably the “Mouse-free Marion Project”. With so many expert guides and fellow birders on board, we learnt so much about species we had not ever dreamed of seeing. Being able to sail into the “Roaring 40’s” and experiencing the rough sea conditions was another unforgettable experience.

Jeanne Kothuis – 11.04.2022
So grateful I’m the winner of the holiday worth R100 000!!

Edgar Ortmann – 11.04.2022
Travel voucher please

Annarine Farquhar – 11.04.2022
SA Birding is just the best! So wonderful!

ME Erasmus – 11.04.2022
I think it is a wonderful way to raise funds for the conservation of these special and wonderful birds and sea wildlife.

Kirsti Connolly – 11.04.2022
Birdlife SA

Peter Smulik – 11.04.2022
the Bird Life cruises are just so special, and everyone cooperating to benefit the participants and the beneficiaries.

Nadine Clarke – 11.04.2022
Attended the talk at WTM, so inspiring, so much good work being done.

Almari Robbertse – 11.04.2022
Birdlife SA the best.

Nolwazi Ngcobo – 11.04.2022
Flock to Mario

Ada Olwage – 11.04.2022
It will be an honour for the Bird Life SA attend who does excellent conservation work in SA.

Henrico Julies – 11.04.2022
Hi for me to win this price will mean the world to me. Working in cape Town Port and see the agulas going on its voyage every time make me want to join the team on board but one day is one day

Hendrik de Swardt – 11.04.2022
It was fantastic. Surpassing all expectation.

Annette Naude – 11.04.2022
Birding to Antartica

Chris Esterhuizen – 11.04.2022
Good luck

Liesl De Swardt – 11.04.2022
It was the most amazing trip. It was such a privilege to be able to go on this cruise. We saw such special bird and mammal species.

Annelie Lutzkie – 11.04.2022
So inspiring by all the input Thank you

Jeff Wason – 11.04.2022
Fly robin fly….all the way to Africa. A dream come true to breathe this air once again.

Ronald Wainwright – 11.04.2022
Birdlife has my vote

Prentice Prentice – 11.04.2022
Fantastic experience ,unique sightings.

Kelby Barker – 11.04.2022
An absolutely incredible experience – Flock to Marion deserves this!

Teresa Da Mata – 11.04.2022
Love it! Sounds like it was an amazing time!

Sheryl Halstead – 11.04.2022
We are stewards of our beautiful blue-green planet. Please assist where you can. The needs are enormous. I wouldn’t want to live in a world without birds. Let’s do this.

Carron Hinchley – 11.04.2022
Flock to Marion

Stefan Oosthuizen – 11.04.2022
Being able to travel to such an incredible destination to view the birdlife, ocean mammals and southern ocean will be an incredible experience.

Jennifer Bisgard – 11.04.2022
What a super concept!

Rob Geddes – 11.04.2022
Amazing trip all-round, unique and an experience of a lifetime, put together by an awesome group!

Dean Wrigley – 11.04.2022
It’s very important to have a dedicated bird-conservation organisation in South Africa such as BirLife to invest the time and resources into the preservation of the beautiful species for the next generation and protection of the ever changing enviroment.

Lawrence Boatwright – 11.04.2022
What an amazing travel concept!

Renee Van Aardt – 11.04.2022
Sounds like an awesome experience. Would love to see more of these types of packages where one can combine luxury accommodation or even family accommodation with spending time in nature guided by experts and contributing through citizen sciences.

Jessica Bauer – 11.04.2022
My vote goes to BirdLife South Africa- what an amazing trip and all in support of Bird conservation!

Jaco Den Oudsten – 11.04.2022

Jenna Maree-Kipling – 10.04.2022
A holiday adventure of a lifetime! One day I would love to travel

Linda Chivell – 10.04.2022
Unique voyage!!

Denise Gowar – 10.04.2022
Birdlife SA deserves to ein!

Jane Louw – 10.04.2022
I think you deserve the win!

Dawn Els – 10.04.2022
It is amazing and heart warming that caring people exist – and especially those who are persevering to fix the wrong that culminated through the years, devouring our precious Nature. The “Flock to Marion 2022” excursion is indeed a tremendous venture to have raised funds for the invaluable work done and yet to be done and beyond that, it is a genius way to get public involved in things that they care about. One can only hope more of this kind of travel excursions will pop up for the good of our Earth. Just having a voyage out on sea is one thing, but offering such a marvelous package to educate/inform the caring inquisitive mind is a winner. It has many profits into many directions. Then, with the uncertainties and all taken into consideration, sure has brought BirdLife South Africa into more light as how they managed to pull this excursion off…. Mind blasting to say the least. So very many tourists with all the arrangements. Wow. But, when the heart is into something, success shall follow. I vote from the bottom of my heart for BirdLife South Africa with all hope that they win for they sure deserve the highest recognition with what they managed to do.

Debbie Jewitt – 10.04.2022
An innovative approach to a unique tourism event with a great conservation outcome – a win win situation!

Sue S E Gomes- Luis – 10.04.2022
Ecotourism like never before! Hope i can make the trip sometime!

John Mostert – 10.04.2022
BLSA should be congratulated for this unique experience it provided for so many people.

Gert Maree – 10.04.2022
Hopefully there will be another opportunity to this unique destination.

Rita de Wet – 10.04.2022

Michele Nel – 10.04.2022
Hopefully I can attend the next one.

Sheleph Burger – 10.04.2022
We were part of this wonderful experience. Looking forward to the next voyage. Wish BLSA the best!

Janet du Plooy – 10.04.2022
Great conservation and tourism initiative by BLSA.

Debbie Coldham – 10.04.2022
What an amazing birding travel experience.

Isabel Nel – 10.04.2022
My dream …

Meredith Thornton – 10.04.2022
Such a great iniative to enable access under strictly controlled conditions to a stunning part of the world!

Annie Sugrue – 10.04.2022
Brilliant tourism idea

René Risch – 10.04.2022
What a uniquely awesomeness experience.

Louise Gadney van Zyl – 10.04.2022
Vote for Flock to Marion

Ruth Miles – 10.04.2022
Fantastic trip! (I believe)

Bryan Ashe – 10.04.2022
On my bucket list one day

Elise Ferreira – 10.04.2022
Go go go for gold!! I vote for you!

Tonia Schonken – 10.04.2022
The experience of a lifetime for an exceptional cause!!!

Elouise Kalmer – 10.04.2022
What a fantastic trip – the birding, the lectures, the MSC hospitality and most of all the opportunity to meet up with all our birding friends again

Bernard Heritage – 10.04.2022
It was amazing

Peter Devey – 10.04.2022
A family member went on this once in a life time trip into the Roaring Forties where few dare to venture.

Jamie Hart – 10.04.2022
Sorry I had to miss the trip, sounds fantastic!

Susan Scott – 10.04.2022
Sounded so amazing. Wish I had known about it earlier before it was all booked up. Will definitely go on the next one. Amazing cause that raised so much for Marion Island. Well done Bird Life!

Megan Browne – 10.04.2022
Go BLSA!!!

Annelize Roos – 10.04.2022
The BirdLife SA Flock to Marion Voyage was a flagship export travel product for South Africa to be proud of

Lynette Eyssen – 10.04.2022
Fantastic initiative and experience!

Sandy Sutherland – 10.04.2022
True ecotourism for a very worthy cause.

Helmo van der Schyff – 10.04.2022
A unique experience that ticked all the boxes. From comfort to nature and conservation with excellent guiding with no hidden costs.

Justine Bolton – 10.04.2022
A birders dream!

Ruth Aereboe – 10.04.2022
Would have loved to have been on this trip. Maybe one day I will have this opportunity.

Terence Bestwick – 10.04.2022
Good luck!

Maddy Ross – 10.04.2022
An unforgettable trip that provided insight into the necessity of a mouse-free Marion Island and exposure to the harsh beauty in which the seabirds survive.

Alex Aitkenhead – 10.04.2022
From the preparation for this voyage of a lifetime to the actual experience on board the MSC Orchestra, very professional is all we can say. Entertainment via the on board lectures then on deck with a wonder group of likeminded birders, this was an adventure that provided all with memories that will last a lifetime. The majestic Wandering Albatross effortlessly appears around the vessel, a sight to behold. These are some of the magic that was in store for all who joined.

Dennis Calldo – 10.04.2022
What a great idea, woulh have loved to be on this trip

Carlien Coetzee – 09.04.2022
Dis ‘n DROOM wat wag om waar te word! Ja, asb. vir die R1000 “travel voucher”!

Susan Rossington – 09.04.2022
I’m crossing fingers for BLSA here in France! If I qualify for a R1000 travel voucher, please donate it in my name to the Mouse-free Marion project. Keep up the good work.

Linda Doms – 09.04.2022

J D Austin – 09.04.2022
Sorry to have been unable to go because of medical problems

Neels Jackson – 09.04.2022
Wish I could have participated in Flock to Marion.

Marcelle Hoffman – 09.04.2022
Brilliant trip

Tamara Butler – 09.04.2022
Looks fantastic

Dirk Norton – 09.04.2022
Once in a lifetime opportunity – Flock to Marion, Birdlife to Marion

Mario Paul – 09.04.2022
An amazing achievement and product!!

Marié Pretorius – 09.04.2022
Awesome trip!!!

Sharon Hunink – 09.04.2022
Wonderful initiative- trip looked amazing and definitely worth repeating

Judy Norton – 09.04.2022
I followed the trip and will definitely be on the next on. An unusual and once in a lifetime experience.

Shirley Reynolds – 09.04.2022
South African tourism authorities need to focus on the slaughter of the rhino in our various game reserves , these creatures are close to extinction, we cannot allow this to happen on our watch

Sandi de Souza – 09.04.2022
amazing trip

Marthinus Heystek – 09.04.2022
Did not do the trip but followed every post about the trip.

Jeremy Mann – 09.04.2022
Wonderful achievement BirdLife SA!

PaddyB – 09.04.2022
I vote YES ! For Flock to Marion.!

Jeanette Buys – 09.04.2022
When is the next trip?

Ian Bloxam – 09.04.2022
Unforgettable experience well organized and enhanced in the company of experts and like-minded people.

Leslie Hoy – 09.04.2022
Birdlife SA has my vote.

Goodman Susan – 09.04.2022
Wonderful initiative

Meg Borelli – 09.04.2022
BirdlLife SA deserves every accolsde for organising Flock to Marion taking1500 avitourists (bird enthusiasts) on a once-in-a-lifetime voyage on a cruise ship to Marion Island, one of the Prince Edward Island group and a South African foreign territory. During the 7-night expedition, the guests were treated to lectures from experts in the fields of seabirds and marine mammals, guided by 40 onboard expert guides, viewed a plethora of rarely-seen and endangered marine wildlife including Wandering Albatross and Blue Whales, and treated to the renowned MSC hospitality onboard. Never before has a cruise ship ventured into this part of the Southern Ocean, making this a world first. One further objective of the voyage was to raise funds for the conservation cause ‘Mouse-Free Marion’ ( which aims to restore the ecosystem on Marion Island and save millions of seabirds that are threatened by invasive mice. The total funds raised on the voyage exceeded R3 million, making this trip both a conservation success and a unique, never-before-attempted tourism adventure. The unique nature of this undertaking, the immense amount of organization (especially under pandemic conditions), the success of the wildlife viewing, and the positive contribution to local conservation make this activity most worthy of recognition.

Charl Oettle – 09.04.2022
A fantastic trip, extremely well organised.

Lynne Patterson – 09.04.2022
Vote for Birdlife Flock to Marion

Michael Sole – 09.04.2022
Excellent initiative! Kudos Birdlife South Africa

Lorraine Wilson – 09.04.2022
Sounds wonderful

Andy York – 09.04.2022
All credit to Birdlife South Africa for this global achievement

Sally MacLachlan – 09.04.2022
Birdlife has my vote. This was a dream of my husband Stewart. I’m so glad he got to do this special trip together with Birdlife South Africa. All I’ve heard about is how awesome the trip was and all the Bird guides were great. Special mention to Daniel Dankwertz. Once in a life time trip..

Linda McIntosh – 09.04.2022
Fabulous trip and such a good cause

Esther Lourens – 09.04.2022
Wonderful initiative. I hope the island is mouse free niw or in the near future.

Robyn Luyt – 09.04.2022
BirdLife has my vote

Jeanne Vorsatz – 09.04.2022
Well done Birdlife SA

Marie Delport – 09.04.2022
Well done Birdlife South Africa and Flock to Marrion. You certainly are an excellent contributer to tourism and conservation.

Mark – 09.04.2022
BirdLife South Africa is well worthy to be a winner

Cath Shutte – 09.04.2022
I was privileged to be apart of this adventure and was amazed everyday with the breathtaking scenes we saw and excited by everything I learnt along the way. Meeting the dedicated staff of Birdlife, the amazing guides and the experts who gave their time to provide educational presentations was another highlight and it says a lot about Birdlife. They went over and above to make the trip memorable and and the knowledge of the team was shared freely with all of us. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime :)

Judy Wilkins – 09.04.2022
Birdlife south africa is tge only dedicated bird conservation organisation in South Africa

Karin Huysamer – 09.04.2022
I wish I knew about the Voyage

Anne Buchanan – 09.04.2022
To pull this trip off in the aftermath of a pandemic deserves lots an award! Well done BirdLife – you are amazing!

Peter Hey – 09.04.2022
An absolutely superb trip into the Southern Oceans. It was extremely well organised despite all of the issues surrounding the Covid pandemic. Can we go again next year please?

Karin – 09.04.2022
A unique experience for travellers and a great way to raise money for conservation

Philippa Westerveld – 09.04.2022
An amazing event

Ansie Coetser – 09.04.2022
I wouldn’t say no to the R1000 travel voucher! Go big Birdlife South Africa!

LeighAnn Moffayy – 09.04.2022
Voting for Birdlife South Africa, they do amazing work for our South African birds and communities

Karabo – 09.04.2022
Well-done BirdLife SA

John Bayley – 09.04.2022
This was a unique birding and holiday experience. Would have loved to be there. Have friends who joined Bird life South Africa on this trip.

Hilary Aubert – 09.04.2022
BLSA provided a unique experience for the ever-growing world wide birding fraternity to experience the privilege of seeing the sea-based group of birds. It was of a high professional standard and it continues to attracts worldwide interest for another such trip.

Antje Lenhard – 08.04.2022
Would love to join a pelargic cruise

Jean Cook – 08.04.2022
BirdLife do so much towards conservation, and a big Thank You to all the dedicated staff members who are doing such sterling work. Well done on the success of Flock to Marion too Sounded an absolutely amazing trip and experience.

Lindsay Wells – 08.04.2022
What a privilege to be part of this historic cruise, thank you, BirdLife SA and MSC Cruises ! A heart-warming experience being amongst such passionate, generous, conservation-minded people enjoying a cruise into the Southern Ocean.

Averil Slater – 08.04.2022
A fantastic achievement BirdLife South Africa and MSC Cruises South Africa!!

G M Wright – 08.04.2022
I have been stuck in Europe since 2020. Otherwise I would have been on board. If you consider repeating, once all COVID constraints have gone, I would definitely be interested.

joc guest – 08.04.2022
a wonderful initiative bringing national and international tourists together,giving us a chance to view incredible birdlife, attend informative lectures, and assist our environment while enjoying a holiday cruise. it blew international visitors away many taking the chance to visit birding hotspots in our land before or after the cruise.

Daphne Seigal – 08.04.2022
How wonderful to be a bird with complete freedom of the skies bringing such joy with their colourful plumage and cheerful chirping. Flock to Marion has my vote.

Linda McKenzie – 08.04.2022
Flock to Marion was an incredible initiative and superbly organised, well done Birdlife SA!

Michael McSweeney – 08.04.2022
Once in a lifetime experience, never to be forgotten.

Peter Sharland – 08.04.2022
A once-in-a-lifetime event

Keith Thiele – 07.04.2022
I just wish I had the funds to enjoy the experience.

Michael Wright – 07.04.2022
The ‘Flock to Marion’ cruise is a magnificent avitourism experience well deserving of the top tourism award.

Clas Mellby – 07.04.2022
Marion … no words needed :-)

Ann – 07.04.2022
By all accounts it was an amazing trip Well done Birdlife SA – a great initiative

Penelope Brown – 07.04.2022
What a great adventure into the Southern Oceans and around the Prince Edward Islands (at last!), identifying the Tristan Albatros and so many other seabirds, listening to world class story-tellers and meeting up with wonderful people who love and care about the environment! Let’s hope the many generous contributions will result in in the demise of those ‘more than pesky’ invasive mice who are threatedning the very survivial of many species of seabirds!

Ian Richter – 07.04.2022
Unbelievable experience and good contributions to a great cause

Marthan Bester – 07.04.2022
Although a non-participant in the ‘Flock to Marion’ cruise, it is patently clear to me that the immense effort that has gone into it, and the super positive outcomes, must be acknowledged at the highest levels!

Lorraine Palm – 07.04.2022
We need more eco tourism and to promote our own country Well done

Ann Bradford – 07.04.2022
This was a unique experience under difficult circumstances. All credit to Birdlife South Africa for putting this together so successfully!

Jane – 07.04.2022
To see what our daughter has expewreincd would be an unbelievable experience

Lianne Fourie – 07.04.2022
What a great way to raise funds for conservation and have fun as well.

Elias A Loots – 07.04.2022
Proud South African unique efforts need to be recognized

Henning Malan – 07.04.2022
Excellent Tour!!

Judy Dixon – 07.04.2022
A trip of a Lifetime which surpassed expectations especially considering all the challenges the organising team had to face.

Dugald Ross – 07.04.2022
Best organised Birding event we have ever attended, truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, all kudos to Birdlife SA Team!

VIVIAN JONKER – 07.04.2022
BLSA is the greatest !

Valerie Mogg – 07.04.2022
Well done

Chris Franklin – 07.04.2022
Amazing effort – well done to all involved!

Ingrid Purdon – 07.04.2022
What a worthwhile effort! Well done!

Carol van Hoogstraten – 07.04.2022
Not only an amazing experience but a valuable contribution to conservation

Linda Abbott – 07.04.2022
You got my vote, well done

Patrick Reeves – 07.04.2022
BirdLife do such great work not just for birds but for biodiversity. They deserve and need all the publicity they can get.

Denise Slatter – 07.04.2022
Birdlife SA always endeavours to promote birds and birding in SA. This was a fine example of initiative and hard work. Congratulations on the success of the venture. You deserve to win.

Roger Day – 07.04.2022
Very innovative trip that is unique

Chris Sivertsen – 07.04.2022
This was really a once in a lifetime opportunity! Did not believe that BLSA could improve on Flock to Nowhere, but they certainly did! A big surprise was the number of “foreigners” on the trip – making this a real showcase for South Africa. Here’s hoping to another Flock trip in the next couple of years.

Marisa Swart – 07.04.2022
I vote for Flock to Marion

Reason Nyengera – 07.04.2022
The trip was so amazing.

Elizabeth Malan – 07.04.2022
What an exceptional experience it must have been! Should be on every bird lover’s bucket list.

Johan Simons – 07.04.2022
This trip is a unique and exemplary tourist opportunity with so many personal benefits, top world conservation advertisement and marketing opportunity.

Nick Prentice – 07.04.2022
Not only a great experience, but globally important to showcase the need for tacking invasive species on breeding seabird islands

Mark Cilliers – 07.04.2022
Incredible experience, exploring South Africa’s lesser known Marion Island!

Gerald Draper – 07.04.2022
No brainer to win this

Kathleen Garrity – 07.04.2022
From friends’ accounts it was indeed a wonderful and unique experience.

Belinda I’Ons – 07.04.2022
Wish that I could have made it.

Roy Andrew – 06.04.2022
Essential that wildlife be restored to the way nature intended.

oswald dittrich – 06.04.2022
An awesome unique experience of a lifetime to see endangered marine animals and sea birds and to make a contribution to conserve the unique habitat.

Sophie Banfield – 06.04.2022
Wish I was there!!

Margaret Hackett – 06.04.2022
I was on this fantastic trip.

Gerhard van Rooyen – 06.04.2022
Excellent initiative and excellent cause. Well done on bringing otherwise fringe issues into the limelight.

Helen Fleming – 06.04.2022
Exciting and informative way to bring the problems of our bird life on Marion Island to the forefront of the world.

Sandra Bryant – 06.04.2022
Hoping my vote will make a difference!

Johan Olivier – 06.04.2022
I am voting for Flock to Marion! Only heard good things and it is a worthy cause for birdlife awareness. !

Elize Rowan – 06.04.2022
Once in a lifetime dream

Sydney Cullis – 06.04.2022
Appropriate as it is exactly 250 years since Marion Dufresne charted the Island.

Nick Addey – 06.04.2022
Wow what a cruise…a chance of a lifetime experience.

Klaas Steyn – 06.04.2022
The work BirdLife South Africa does to protect the environment, not only birds, as well promote tourism in and to South Africa

JEANNE BULL – 06.04.2022
A most exciting initiative and a wonderful way to highlight the plight of very special birds. Unique and worthy of an award!

Pam Ellenberger – 06.04.2022
Brilliant brilliant brilliant Conservation DOES give you wings!

Namanyane Lucas – 06.04.2022
Birdlife South Africa has offered once in a lifetime opportunity, equity, equity and consciousness of south African socio-economic challenges were also well considered. Conservation and tourism provided key strategic aspects in exposing and providing diversity.

Laura Hofmeyr – 06.04.2022
What a wonderful sounding experience!

David Hofmeyr – 06.04.2022
Go for it! We would love to do that trip.

Adrian Haagner – 06.04.2022
Excellent trip, nothing else even close to it !

Peter Penning – 06.04.2022
Fantastic event!!!

Gordon Langman – 06.04.2022
Birdlife continues to maintain the highest standard

Hugh Corder – 06.04.2022
A wonderful opportunity to introduce tourists to Antarctic wildlife and awareness of the need to protect nature

Milly Thomson – 06.04.2022
Seems an amazing experience and trip. A worthy winner!

Awie Coetzee – 06.04.2022
Very worthwhile cause

Nick Jonas – 06.04.2022
only the best

Lenore Watermeyer – 06.04.2022
A unique and worthwhile experience and wonderful conservation initiative Well done

S Charter – 06.04.2022
Worthwhile experience,worthy of winning top award

Althea Pinkerton – 06.04.2022
Well done!

DON J COLLIE – 06.04.2022
very envious -seemed fantastic

George C. Ledec – 06.04.2022
A wonderful birding trip and conservation initiative!

K G Norman – 06.04.2022
Nice Trip

Eileen Morrison – 06.04.2022
Sounds like it was a very successful cruise!

Andre Marx – 06.04.2022
Unique experience to see Antarctic wildlife made possible by BirdLife South Africa.

Mike Rogers – 06.04.2022
A once in a life time experience

Val Pallister – 06.04.2022
Birdlife SA is unreservedly committed to preserve and improve the conditions for birdlife in this country. By doing this, they are bringing visitors from all over the world, and boosting tourism.

Ella Swart – 06.04.2022
This was the most memorable experience one could dream off – a once in a lifetime cruse that was organized and executed with utmost precision!!!

Cynthia Bremner – 06.04.2022
Certainly worthy of the winning award.

Jenny Jones – 06.04.2022
A very unique experience

Christel Hengst – 06.04.2022
Well deserving of top award.

Diana Callear – 06.04.2022
Tourism, birds, important environment, what a combination!

Herman Bloemhof – 06.04.2022
Let us all stand together and make this work

Marilyn Adan – 06.04.2022
BirdLife South Africa members are worthwhile avitourists to travel to Marion Island.

Zen Rankin – 06.04.2022
Fantastic trip and for a very good cause. Thank you Birdlife South Africa and MSC Cruises.

Stewart Clarke – 06.04.2022
Excellent birdlife

Truus Hedding – 06.04.2022
Great idea! Deserving of the award.

Sanjo Rose – 06.04.2022
Only heard good things about this amazing trip!

Riaan Potgieter – 06.04.2022
Few organisations do more for bird conservation and tourism than BLSA. Keep on doing it!

Jill Maeder – 06.04.2022
For BirdLife SA to be able to restore the ecosystem on Marion Island and save millions of seabirds threatened by invasive mice is a huge conservation success, as well as boosting South African Tourism which is in dire need of aid. If it were not for organisations such as BirdLife, nothing would be left for future generations’ eventual survival.

Cate Linden – 06.04.2022
Well deserving of top award. Good luck!

Adam Riley – 06.04.2022
This was a trip of a lifetime to a remote part of the world where no other tourists can venture.

Thomas Hope – 06.04.2022
The combination of an incredible holiday and the ability to help the planet is an adventure that ticks all the boxes! Well done on putting this together!

Sue Gordon – 06.04.2022
Best of luck and fly high, BirdLife, for Flock to Marion to take top honours!

Zach Simpson – 06.04.2022
What an incredible idea, and very well done.

Angus Anthony – 06.04.2022
BirdLife S A stepped into the international league by organizing Flock to Marion. Once again leading the way in bird conservation and biodiversity protection. Keep on flying BirdLife S A!

Steve Pearse – 06.04.2022
I had two friends who went on the trip and they told me it was an amazing experience, unfortunately I was ill at the time and unable to join them on this wonderful event, hopefully next time.

Sandra van Vuuren – 06.04.2022
once in a liftime experience

Charles L van Wyngaard – 06.04.2022
It is heart warming that we have an organization like Bird Life SA, who looks after the nature conservation inheritance of our children.

Merle Comninos – 06.04.2022
Birdlife SA – always innovative, always going all out for our precious birdlife and its Conservation. Thank you, great going!

Johann Engelbrecht – 06.04.2022
Congratulations to all who have contributed to the R3000000!

J.A. Pretorius – 06.04.2022
It was an amazing trip. Well organized and the speakers were excellent.

Shelley Addis – 06.04.2022
fantastically creative initiative

Kathy Sutton – 06.04.2022
Sounds like this was a trip of a lifetime for those who were lucky enough to go, and a great initiative for raising awareness and fundraising for conservation of seabirds and their environment.

Callie Diedericks – 06.04.2022
The best ever experience and adventure

Sheryl Heginbotham – 06.04.2022
I love the bird life in South Africa

Wilfred Mchunu – 06.04.2022
Hi colleagues. Just my personal concern isn that I have seen that guides attending this unique experience are the same. Let us have this on rotational basis for 7s pwhonare emerging to meet the experts guides in the field to well equipped us.

Dave Fawcett – 06.04.2022
Has to be a winner combining conservation with once in a lifetime tourism

Diana PARKER – 06.04.2022
Watched a presentation by our local club chairman who went on it in January…. quite mind blowing!

Ivor Matthee – 06.04.2022
A few friends did the trip. All raved about it!

Toitjie Cillié – 06.04.2022
What a great idea.

Estelle Watermeyer – 06.04.2022
Birdlife SA are totally dedicated to the conservation of South Africa’s birdlife, and a true inspiration to the people of South Africa to preserve and conserve our beautiful country

Genie Retief – 06.04.2022
Flock to Marion, was an incredible and awe-inspiring experience. A once-in-a-lifetime trip that makes one proud to be part of Birdlife South Africa and the South African community.

Mike Evans – 06.04.2022
Yet another great event organised by Birdlife South Africa

Anne Todd – 06.04.2022
Such trips increase the awareness, locally and internationally, of the dangers to their survival these most beautiful birds are faced with and not only on Marion Island. Each person on such trips becomes an ambassador for life for the conservation of these birds.

Nicole Crisp – 06.04.2022
I think the conservation aspect of the trip was extremely important for ongoing tourism awareness in SA

Patricia Korrubel – 06.04.2022
A trip of a lifetime! Organization was incredible everything worked like clockwork. Well done.

Susan Smith – 06.04.2022
A wonderful and unique trip that raised a huge sum of money for MouseFreeMarion!

Tilana Susanna Hart – 06.04.2022
Wish we could have been on that voyage.

D Brandt – 06.04.2022
A unique and absolute unforgettable journey. The presence of the best bird guides and bird enthusiasts of South Africa contributed to the electrifying atmosphere and collective scientific results . It was an absolute privilege to listen to Peter Harrison and to share his awe of the monarchs of the ocean!

Wessel Swanepoel – 06.04.2022
Flock to Marion – awesome!

Peter Knevitt – 06.04.2022
I vote for a winning Tourism award for a superb organized expedition to Marion Island. Job well done. Congratulations

anli wilsenach – 06.04.2022
Most worthy experience and cause

Laurel – 06.04.2022
Well done BirdlifeSA. You keep raising the bar.

Helga Streicher – 06.04.2022
The best

Sandy Knevitt – 06.04.2022
Bird conservation in South Africa is a vital part of keeping our heritage and pride alive. Other countries can benefit and partake in the programs, birding tours. Do not forget the Fynbos of the West Coast and so much more. We live in the best country of the world. Proudly South African an Sandy

David Foyle – 06.04.2022
I have made the previous 2 Flocks but could not make this one. From the reports, stupid me. Well done all.

Marje Hemp – 06.04.2022
Great effort by Birdlife SA giving South Africans and International visitors a chance in a lifetime to witness the pelagic birding and wildlife around Marion Island.

Virginia Mes – 06.04.2022
that trip was a once in a lifetime experience feel very privileged to have been able to go. Thank you Birdlife South Africa…..

Shaun Schneier – 06.04.2022
The combination of marine wildlife viewing, a rewarding learning experience and an opportunity to contribute to conservation make the Flock to Marion trip a winner!

Norma Crampton – 06.04.2022
A trip of a life time!!! Many Lifers for me!!!

Arthur Webb – 06.04.2022
Let us remember this was not only about a potential tourism operation into the future but also about the survival of some of the most threatened species on our planet.

Gustav de Wet – 06.04.2022
Well done Birdlife SA!! You are true ambassadors for wildlife and specifically birdlife conservation!

Adele Muller – 06.04.2022
All The best! I am sure you are going to win!

Lyle Peters – 06.04.2022
Great initiative for a unique environment!

Kim Stevens – 06.04.2022
Congratulations BirdLife South Africa on creating an amazing opportunity for people to experience the wonder of the Subantarctic and raise awareness and funds for its conservation!

Keith Braatvedt – 06.04.2022
I truly magnificent lifetime experience.I added 26 birds to my life list.Lets do it again

Diana Wall – 06.04.2022
I am full of admiration for BirdLife South Africa for organising such an interesting cruise to inspire so many people; and for such a good cause – preserving the bird life of Marion Island.

Duke Nel – 06.04.2022
An amazing achievement.

Gino Primavesi – 06.04.2022
Truly once in a lifetime opportunity. Fantastic effort by Bird Life SA for the conservation of Birds. Keep up the good work.

Liezl Pretorius – 06.04.2022
Was an amazing opportunity for people to experience the Sub-Antarctic and all the creatures that call it their home. Great conservation value.

Alexis Osborne – 06.04.2022
What a great initiative! Well done. Birdlife for the win!

Anche Louw – 06.04.2022
Where did you ever hear about a cruise for such a good cause! BEST! SAVE THE BIRDS OF MARION ISLAND!

Hennie Visser – 06.04.2022
A fun way to learn more and become more aware.

Klaus Heyer – 06.04.2022
Activity that coupled an AGM with tourism and nature nature conservation and preservation.

Helene Acker – 06.04.2022
Top bucket list trip. Such a unique experience.

Nick Parsons – 06.04.2022
On My bucket list

Jaco Hanekom – 06.04.2022
Bravo Birdlife SA! I hope to join this awesome Flock at least once!

Nick Parsons – 06.04.2022
On my bucket list

Paul Hatty – 06.04.2022
What a wonderful event. Sorry I missed it, but all credit to BirdlifeSA for all the work done in making in possible to see wonderful birds which you help protect & foster.

Mokgatla Molepo – 06.04.2022
This is a great once in a lifetime trip that showcase our biodiversity and gives a boost to SA tourism.

Natalie Lubbe – 06.04.2022

Angela – 06.04.2022
Such a wonderful opportunity – I would love to go on such a trip if you ever go again.

Angela – 06.04.2022
Would love to go on such a trip!

Jimmy Rein – 06.04.2022
Fantastic effort by Bird Life SA for the conservation of Birds in South Africa. Keep up the good work.

Inéz Malan – 06.04.2022
Congratulations Birdlife SA with your sucessful mouse-Free Marion adventure. May there be many more in the future to us who couldn’t go with.

Jimmy Rein – 06.04.2022
Fantastic effort by Bird Life SA for the conservation of Birds in South Africa. Keep up the good work.

Andre – 06.04.2022
Great work you doing

Eric Pocock – 06.04.2022
To use of this trip to highlight the critical need to rid Marion of mice was a stroke of genius!!

Mike Murray – 06.04.2022
Magnificent initiative contributing to the conservation and protection of avifauna and biodiversity

Peter Thomas – 06.04.2022
A really worthy cause

Gerrie Jansen Van Rensburg – 06.04.2022
The best

Grant McLachlan – 06.04.2022
A wonderful initiative!

Alex Weaver – 06.04.2022
A once in a lifetime experience for those who could make it!

Andrew Argent – 06.04.2022
wonderful trip that combined conservation and remarkable experiences

Wonderful experience, excellent Guides that could ID sea birds with speed of flight! We got over new lifers birds. Strongly recommended for any Birder.

Menno Klapwijk – 06.04.2022
Fabulous trip – once in a lifetime experience!!

Bernard Richardson – 06.04.2022
An amazing initiative for the conservation of habitat for these wonderful seabirds

Varick Von Broembsen – 06.04.2022
Sorry we were unable to go on the last trip.

Sally Argent – 06.04.2022
This is a wonderful initiative which aims to protect extremely vulnerable sea birds and also show case a rare opportunity to draw international and local tourists to the South African coast

Roslyn Ambler – 06.04.2022
Being an avid birder (albeit a very forgetful one) ever since my then 2 year old wanted to know “these birds in our garden and in the bush mommy” in 1982 …. I followed the Flock to Marion through the eyes of a friend and many others on the trip. It was un-bloody-believable. Definitely want to get on the next trip to anywhere so far south. Definitely need to see an albatross or three before I shuffle off my earthly coil. Not long to go, I turn 70 this year. cheers

Pierre Pistorius – 06.04.2022
Conservation in action! Great initiative!

William Rapp – 06.04.2022
This was a truly wonderful fundraising effort and a chance for incredible birding

Shelley Addis – 06.04.2022
fantastically creative initiative

Henriette Sutcliffe – 06.04.2022
I was not on the flock….in hindsight …have missed an experience of a like time.. but I have relived all the experiences with Peter and Ineke, upon their return and also the Conservation Conversations Zoom meeting.

Cathy Fry – 06.04.2022
This sounds the most incredible trip. Would love to go. Thank you in advance for the voucher.

Marie Sorour – 06.04.2022
Once in a lifetime! Unbelievable experience!

Nick Baglow – 06.04.2022
Fabulous conservation focus and great timing as we all look to positively embrace a return to post-pandemic near normality :)

Melinda Smith – 06.04.2022
Incredible birding experience

Lesley van Niekerk – 06.04.2022
Birdlife SA works amazingly hard for our beloved birds

Shelley Addis – 06.04.2022
fantastically creative initiative!!

Frank Willems – 06.04.2022
Once in a lifetime journey!

Gary Allport – 06.04.2022
Trip of a lifetime, brilliantly organised and contributing to an important conservation project.

Gert Potgieter – 06.04.2022
Brilliant planning and execution of unique experience

Steve Roos – 06.04.2022
A brilliant and well organised trip

Andrew Diedricks – 06.04.2022
This is a very worthwhile cause to get rid of the mice on Marion Island. Some of the photo’s showing the damage they cause to the birds are heart-breaking.

Eleanor Peake – 06.04.2022
Birdlife South Africa Flock to Marion. A trip of a lifetime and fundraising for a very good cause

Amanda Hayes – 06.04.2022
A magic combination of an incredible trip and a huge plus for conservation – well done Birdlife!

Peter Ginn – 06.04.2022
Incredible birding

Jankees Sligcher – 06.04.2022
good effort

Chris Kruger – 06.04.2022
I love and appreciate all the hard work of Birdlife SA

Sieg Eiselen – 06.04.2022
Fantastic trip. Very professionally organised and executed. Can’t wait for the next one.

Gilly Smith – 06.04.2022
Birdlife SA does wonderful work, not only in research and conservation but also enjoyment and tourism. Flock to Marion fill both requirements with fund raising as well.

Geoffrey Lautenbach – 06.04.2022
A truly unique educational event with opportunities for people from all walks of life to get to know the wonders of the natural world first hand. A life-changing, once in a lifetime trip.

Nigel Stainforth – 06.04.2022
I was sad to miss out on a wonderful experience judging by the comments of those who did participate. Having been on a previous Flock I can imagine the tremendous emotional reward provided to those who sailed this time.

Chris Shinn – 06.04.2022
Wonderful, full support

Bronwen Cuthbert – 06.04.2022
Wonderful to see in inaccessible part of the world and its birdlife.

Peter Russell Jordi – 06.04.2022
Great experience and excellent value for money

Cary – 06.04.2022
I can’t wait to join the next trip as it looked incredible – a trip of a lifetime!

Vic Neilson – 06.04.2022
I am too old to go to sea again but the vision of those who put the Flock idea together creates a wonderful opportunity for birders to experience an environment and birds they would never otherwise see.

Don Mackay – 06.04.2022
Not on the trip but it certainly sounds great

Alastair Reay – 06.04.2022
Excellent trip.

Shona Sturgeon – 06.04.2022
A truly wonderful event

Coral Stewart – 06.04.2022
Birdlife SA has done so much to ensure and encourage eco awareness.

Laurent Couzi – 06.04.2022
Probably an incredible experience, and a good way to alert on alien species. Thank you so much BLSA

Gordon Cunningham – 06.04.2022
An excellent initiative with this journey

Marion Mengell – 06.04.2022
Well done to all the organizer’s and ships crew and captain for successfully carrying out this voyage.

Christopher Hunoldt – 06.04.2022
This must be one of the greatest travel events to have taken place in the the Southern Hemisphere in the last number of years and all this arranged during challenging times. Then to make it such a success, is no mean feat! Well done, Birdlife South Africa, you have done our travel industry proud!

Ian Isdale – 06.04.2022
support the vote for the fantastic birdlife trip to Marion Island

Anton Odendal – 06.04.2022
Wonderful project. BirdLife South Africa just keep on breaking new ground

Christina Human – 06.04.2022
WOwwwwwwww……. a once in a lifetime experience, and lifechanging too. A privilidge. Thank you BirdLife South Africa for making possible the impossible.

Alfred Schmid – 06.04.2022
Not being a true bird enthusiast, it was my pleasure to accompany my wife on this expedition. The cruise was an absolute treat ! The birding lectures were absolutely amazing. The guides were totally absorbed and keen to share their knowledge & sightings. I learnt a great deal…..may well become a bird enthusiast myself.

Greg Garden – 06.04.2022
A world class event

Alan Stockill – 06.04.2022
A unique and once-in-a-lifetime experience to see the seabirds in the southern ocean.

Marienne – 06.04.2022
Perfect way to see what will be lost if the mice on Marion are not eradicated.

Liam Bebbington – 06.04.2022
Was amazing

Riaan Prinsloo – 06.04.2022
The best ever experience

Heather Gordon – 06.04.2022
An incredible project – never stop doing what you do.

Mark Winsloe – 06.04.2022
Whilst unique in its own right, the importance of seeing and understanding what is there is crucial to the science of the region. This will help inform policy and the very future of our natural world.

Steve Woodward – 06.04.2022
Adventurous and purposeful; Birdlife SA and partners deserve all the accolades for this achievement

Warren Kemm – 06.04.2022
Flock to Marion was a great opportunity for birders and lovers of outdoors to head to a very difficult part of the world to get to to be able to see some amazing deep sea birds, many of which are threatened species. This trip was also very successful in raising money and awareness for the project to rid Marion Island of invasive mice which are contributing to the decline in these beautiful species. The trip was fantastic and a wonderful experience!

Lesley Jeffrey – 06.04.2022
Bringing tourism and conservation together in support of such a critical problem facing the albatrosses is amazing! This may be the answer to solving some of our pressing environmental problems.

Barend van Gemerden – 06.04.2022
Perfect match of good fun and an important cause! Count me in for the next trip.

Janine Goosen – 06.04.2022
An unforgettable experience for a worthy cause.

Robin Zipp – 06.04.2022
Will have to join next trip

Joey Harwood – 06.04.2022
Loved the Flock, what an experience

Simon Du Plessis – 06.04.2022
A unique adventure, all birders should experience this

Jane – 06.04.2022
Amazing way to support conservation of Marion Island and have fun at the same time. This is what a holiday should be all about. It was the saddest day when I had to miss this trip but it must have been an awesome experience.

Tegan Carpenter-Kling – 06.04.2022
Flock to Marion was a once in a life time experience! The birding was out of this world! We had wandering albatross soaring past our bedroom windows and three different species of penguin poking there heads out to see what we were and to say hello.

Sven Carlsson-Smith – 06.04.2022
A once in a lifetime opportunity for birders

FRITHA DAVIDSON – 06.04.2022
Birdlife Flock to Marion is an amazing initiative!

Fred Spencer – 06.04.2022
Sublime, thank you.

Peter Chivers – 06.04.2022
Good luck and keep up the brilliant work Birdlife does for our avifauna.

Stephen van Lelyveld – 06.04.2022
Will be on the next one

Dave Duley – 06.04.2022
What a wonderful, unique adventure and birding experience! This has to be a bucket-list item for most birding and nature enthusiasts…. a give-and-take opportunity to support and restore Marion Island too. Perfect.

Graeme Horne – 06.04.2022
This was the most awesome, once in a lifetime experience. No tourism experience I have done previously in my life comes close

Jane Wormald – 06.04.2022
I hope to participate on one of the future trips Flock to Marion – Birdlife South Africa

Michael Nyenes – 06.04.2022
It was truly an experience of a lifetime

Jim Rankin – 06.04.2022
Thank you BirdLife South Africa and MSC Cruises for the wonderful experience.

Geoff Smith – 06.04.2022
Definitely worthy of the destination o the year award

Jean Mackeurtan – 06.04.2022
Brilliant and so interesting

Anton Wolfaardt – 06.04.2022
A wonderful experience, and a valuable contribution towards the conservation of this important island.

Amanda Haggett-Haagner – 06.04.2022
A trip enjoyed by young and old from all walks of life. Our youngest (8yrs) loved every moment and even refused to go to dinner because he’d rather have listened to the experts talking about birds and conversation. It was a trip that was a dream come true, made possible by BirdLife South Africa.

Shireen Gould – 06.04.2022
An amazing opportunity for birders!

Harald Leber – 06.04.2022
Absolutely stunning

Margie Mostert – 06.04.2022
Amazing professional tour

Catherine de Swardt – 06.04.2022
Trip of a lifetime. . Certainly deserves an award.

Keith Valentine – 06.04.2022
What a fantastic conservation initiative. Thank you to everyone at BirdLife South Africa for all your hard work to make it happen. So good to see so many old friends on board as well. An amazing experience all around!

Janine Schoombie – 06.04.2022
This unique cruise was such a fantastic idea! Using tourism to promote conservation is very clever, giving bird lovers the rare experience of witnessing what the ecologists see and what makes them passionate about saving seabirds. We all want the Mouse Free Marion project to succeed!

Murray Smith – 06.04.2022
Flock to Marion was truly an incredible experience!

Farrel Cohen – 06.04.2022
Such a brilliant idea in conservation

Tim Jobson – 06.04.2022
A brilliant initiative and well deserving of being the winner!

Glynis Coetzee – 06.04.2022
This is a once in a lifetime experience

Leon Swart – 06.04.2022
Great job! Please send me my R1000 travel voucher

Candess Kostopoulos – 06.04.2022
A literal trip of a lifetime!

Dael Stojakovic – 06.04.2022
Birdlife South Africa. Flock to Marion.

Corlia Ring – 06.04.2022
Amazing trip

Brian Ring – 06.04.2022
Once in a lifetime trip

Debbie Geach – 06.04.2022
Bird Life are doing such amazing work for conservation. This trip must be a once in a life time experience and it is certainly on my bucket list!

Elisabeth – 06.04.2022
An exceptional , exciting and an educational trip of a lifetime to visit the southern ocean. A wonderful successful adventure so well organised by Birdlife SA . Well done ! You deserve the award

Andries Mokgele – 06.04.2022
Fantastic expedition for birding specialist and enthusiast. A great conservation initiative.

Albert McLean – 06.04.2022
Flock to Marion has to go down as one of the most memorable trips I have taken. Being able to go To Marion Island was a dream come true. The birding was just the best as well. The organisation of this trip over a number of years was just amazing. Congratulations to Bird Life South Africa!

Bob Baigrie – 06.04.2022
A ultimately most successful ambitious project with the remarkable spin-off of raising huge funds for a pioneering conservation project “Mouse free Marion.”

Geraldine – 06.04.2022
Vote for Flock of Marion BirdLife SouthAfrica

Elsie Botha – 06.04.2022
Flock of Marion – an absolute unique experience!

Caroline – 06.04.2022
Excellent combination of tourism and conservation

Gillian van Zijl – 06.04.2022
by all accounts this is a trip to remember forever

Debbie Hopewell – 06.04.2022
Wonderful initiative!!

Cliff Peake – 06.04.2022
A wonderful entitative. Well done

Jacobus Du Pisani – 06.04.2022
A great experience for all participants.

Rick Kleyn – 06.04.2022
An experience of a life-time.

Sharon – 06.04.2022
After so many cancellations due to Covid, thought it would never happen. When is the next one?

Pieter Heslinga – 06.04.2022
What an amazing voyage, a once in a lifetime experience, to see so many Albatrosses close to the Prince Edward Islands. At one stage I had more than 10 in the viewfinder of my camera. To be out on the front deck, with the roaring wind ands to see the Albatrosses hovering over the sea effortless. Thank you Birdlife for organising this cruise, I will never forget the experience.

Meg – 06.04.2022
Good idea

Werner Smit – 06.04.2022
Amazing success story from Birdlife SA. Hope I can join them one day on this trip!

Cordi Botha – 06.04.2022
Well done!

Ed de Swardt – 06.04.2022
A great initiative

Richard Sherry – 06.04.2022
Outstanding adventure!

Reinhardt Fowler – 06.04.2022
Unfortunately I could note make it. Hope that there will repeat soon. “Awesome” summarizes the the comments from friends that participated.

Sybil Regan – 06.04.2022
Flock to Marion was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. BirdLife is to be congratulated for organizing this wonderful event in extremely trying circumstances

Clive Hoard – 06.04.2022
Deserves this award !

Claire Tucker – 06.04.2022
Sorry we couldn’t make it this time, amazing dedication by Birdlife and MSC to make it happen.

Marjorie Dalton – 06.04.2022
Excellent idea and well executed

Colin Barfoot – 06.04.2022
Flock to Marion was an amazing nature lovers trip together with their fund-raising, deserve to win.

Marlina Elburg – 06.04.2022
It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience, very well organised, simply amazing.

Poobalan Naidoo – 06.04.2022
A fun way to support a worthy effort.

Michelle – 06.04.2022
An excellent initiative by Birdlife SA under trying circumstances

Poobalan Poongavanum – 06.04.2022
I hope to travel to wild destinations, some day in the near future.

Alan Whyte – 06.04.2022
I was not on the trip, but would seriously consider going if there was another trip arranged

Ria Wills – 06.04.2022
An incredible initiative!, such dedication and tenacity to make a difference. There is no doubt that all the hard work must be recognized and celebrated!

R M Pearcey – 06.04.2022
This has to be one of if not the most incredible event ever organized.

Alastair Stalker – 06.04.2022
Really regret that I didn’t go. Hope that one day they will repeat


mike bridgeford – 06.04.2022
Largest single gathering of specialized conservationists

Lynda Johnson – 06.04.2022
Congratulations on a successful unique event benefitting tourism, conservation and education.

Brian Herman – 06.04.2022
The Flock to Marion project gets my vote because it combines ensuring the future of future generations of seabirds with a once in a lifetime opportunity for many bird lovers to visit a unique bird breeding site. Ecotourism at its best!

Antonio Tonin – 06.04.2022
The glowing descriptions from all friends who were on board make me certain that I would get myself onto the next such trip

Ineke Huggins – 06.04.2022
Best organize and most amazing trip. Can we go there again!!!

Dr John Tew – 06.04.2022
An important opportunity for a great cause

Jane Angus – 06.04.2022
Totally brilliant project.

Mandlamahle Dube – 06.04.2022
Unique opportunity

Eric – 06.04.2022
A wonderful cause.

John – 06.04.2022
So well organised and exceptional.

Larry McGillewie – 06.04.2022
Well organised, the best trip ever

Chris Gibbons – 06.04.2022
Tourism and conservation combined at the highest level.

David Ashby – 06.04.2022
I could not make it this time but certainly will be there for the next. Such trips tick all the boxes and are also a great personal learning experience.

Liz Szabo – 06.04.2022
Flock to Marion was an amazing, wonderful trip!!!!

Howard Broughton – 06.04.2022
Wonderful seabird cruise

Sheena Mare – 06.04.2022
What a worthwhile project! Well done to the organisers and to all who contributed to the success of this event!

Alan Sampson – 06.04.2022
Unique experience – awesome!

Natalie Way-Jones – 06.04.2022
I vote for the Flock to Marion experience as it is a unique opportunity to visit the Southern Ocean and to benefit the bird life of Marion Island.

Taryn Morris – 06.04.2022
Amazing amazing endeavour!

Kerry Buchanan – 06.04.2022
A trip of a life time and still on my bucket list. Birdlife SA needs to be applauded for all the incredible work they do for conservation.

Derick Labuschagne – 06.04.2022

Sune Janse van Rensburg – 06.04.2022
An unimaginably experience- We were whisked away into the magical world of albatrosses. Breathtaking beauty and sunsets. Birdlife and MSC pulled off an amazing, unforgettable adventure. Incredible initiative to raise funds as well for Mouse Free Marion project.

Wendy James – 06.04.2022
The opportunity to improve one’s knowledge through positive experience cannot be bettered!

Jane Rogers – 06.04.2022
Unique & Excellent initiative!

Peter Johnson – 06.04.2022
Most important survey regarding birding

Mark Higgins – 06.04.2022
Most worthy cause. Keep it up.

Hazel Nevin – 06.04.2022
A wonderful conservation exercise benefitting our natural world..

Hein Myers – 06.04.2022
What a great initiative to save wildlife and give guests the opportunity to view birds that they won’t be able to see off main land.

Koos Barkhuizen – 06.04.2022
Flock to Marion was an incredible experience

Pieter Bosman – 06.04.2022
By supporting Flock to Marion, one supports far more than a mere destination. It brings to a wider attention the valuable work done by Birdlife South Africa, in conjunction with various other bodies, including those in tourism.

Herman van der Walt – 06.04.2022
This is still on my bucket list. To be able to see the penguins and other birds species in there natural habit should be done at least once in your lifetime.

Karin Mitton – 06.04.2022
It was an incredible experience. Well organised and spectacular birding.

Bo Lennart Eriksson – 06.04.2022
A really fine effort to do real good for the world.

Sue Visser – 06.04.2022
Trip of a lifetime. Although I unfortunately could not make this trip, I have been on a previous one and by all accounts this trip was the best trip ever. Hoping there will be another to Marion

Barbara Wood – 06.04.2022
Although I did not go on this voyage I followed it avidly before, during and after its sail. Wonder excitement and pictures.

Carine Pienaar – 06.04.2022
A trip of a lifetime!

Wendy Mattison – 04.04.2022
A wonderful and awesome experience and a once in a lifetime blessing

Don Mattison – 04.04.2022
Trip of a lifetime. Enjoyed every minute of it!

Bart Fokkens – 04.04.2022
Best Life experience traveling on MSC Orchestra to experience the amazing birds of the Southern Ocean.

Jenny Bowman – 01.04.2022
Am voting for BirdLIfe South Africa’s “Flock to Marion” travel award!!!

ROBERT HOFMEYR – 01.04.2022

ROBERT HOFMEYR – 01.04.2022
This was an extraordinarily well planned cruise, with a specific set of purposes. It blended serious ornithology with cameraderie, good fun and a great learning experience.

Marion Hofmeyr – 01.04.2022
A trip of a lifetime and so well organised by Birdlife

Pieter Scholtz – 31.03.2022
The best holiday experience I have ever had in South Africa.

Guy de Bruyn – 31.03.2022
BLSA enabled me to experience this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon, otherwise only available to research scientists and their support teams.

David Lawrence – 31.03.2022
An exceptionally we’ll organised travel experience to a unique location, showcasing South Africa’s amazing seabirds, and showing how guests can be given spectacular world class entertainment. and leisure time.

Thomas William GILLON – 31.03.2022
We came all the way from the UK, anticipated for 2 years, delivered with impact and experienced with awe, this once in a lifetime showstopper!

PETER JOHN LEE – 31.03.2022
‘Flock to Marion’ was such a brave and visionary effort with a ver specific environmental goal.

PETER JOHN LEE – 31.03.2022
‘Flock to Marion’ was such a brave and visionary effort with a ver specific environmental goal.

Walter James Pauck – 31.03.2022
A wonderful experience, shared with 1500 like-minded people. The accommodation was great, the vibe was great and the birding was great.

Ria Mynhardt – 31.03.2022
I waited 15 years for the opportunity to participate in a pelagic birding experience. It certainly was worth the wait. BLSA & MSC Cruises certainly are master organisers. For me, at the age of 82 years, it was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much.

Heidi Whitman – 31.03.2022
Trip of a lifetime!

PATRICIA NURSE – 31.03.2022
it was a Once in a Lifetime experience and so well organised by Birdlife South Africa under very difficult Covid conditions.

Marthinus van der Merwe – 31.03.2022
The only change you going to see 20 wondering albatross at the same time. What an experience. Birdlife SA and MSC did a great job in creating this once in a life time experience.

Lynette Wood – 31.03.2022
A life changing event, well organized by BirdLife South Africa and an absolute pleasure to have been part of such a wonderful trip the thrilling experience was very unique. The trip certainly deserves to be given the South African Tourism Award!

Matt Whitbeck – 31.03.2022
My first trip to South Africa! I couldn’t resist this seabird cruise organized by BirdLife SA. Really well done. Experience of a lifetime!!!!

David Walker – 31.03.2022
My Kayak trip through the Grand Canyon of the Colorado river was my once in a lifetime trip for many years, now I have a second trip of a lifetime- on a BIGGER boat! If all I’d seen was the Wandering Albatross that would have been enough!

Mayur Prag – 31.03.2022
An incredible once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the southern ocean and all its unique wildlife. The trip was organised to perfection and Birdlife SA were able to deal with the multitude of difficult circumstances that arose!

Peter Lukey – 31.03.2022
This spectacular event should be recognized for what it was – a once in a lifetime opportunity for many of us to see the extraordinary beauty and biodiversity of our Southern Oceans.

Darren – 31.03.2022
What an amazing experience! Big congrats to MSC and Birdlife South Africa for managing to put the cruise together and still go ahead despite all the obstacles along the way!

Michael L Kokot – 31.03.2022
An incredible, once in a lifetime exper.

Michael Dryden – 31.03.2022
A true once in a lifetime experience – bring on my next life!

Kevin Westermann – 31.03.2022
An amazing voyage that was soul shifting. To have had a chance to witness the Wandering albatross and the beauty of the Southern ocean was a real blessing. Hats off to BLSA and MSC Cruises for pulling this off under trying times.

World Class experience. I cannot wait for the next tour

Cecily Salmon – 31.03.2022
Birdlife SA’s team were unflappable and made sure we all surfed the many waves of uncertainty together. I daresay they taught MSC a thing or two and may have inspired them to do very different kinds of `adventure’ cruises in future. Birdlife SA truly deserve to win this travel award. They put SA on the world map for birders and adventurers alike.

Diane Smith – 31.03.2022
When will I ever again stand on the deck of a luxurious ship, after a delicious buffet breakfast, gathered with my like-minded friends of all ages from around over the world, and look out on the majestic wonders of the Southern Ocean, seeing oceanic wanderers the likes of which only a handful of mariners get to enjoy?

Anneke Rheeder – 31.03.2022
This trip should be the “Hero” of tourism for thinking outside the box and enabling ordinary people to experience the extraordinary. Well done to everyone involved. Sadly had to miss the trip and sell my ticket. But wow, it must have been SUPERNATURAL.

Bas Kothuis – 31.03.2022
A unique experience. Very well organized despite numerous Covid challenges.

IAN NEIL WAGSTAFF – 30.03.2022
I fully support the Flock to Marion 2022 trip as a worthy nomination

Andri Marais – 30.03.2022
Visited Antarctica three times and watched Albatrosses at sea. They should be protected with earnest. Still wish to visit Marion and Gough Islands as well.

CARIN MALAN – 28.03.2022
The awareness that was raised for a Mouse free Marion, together with the comradery and new friendships that was formed, is why BLSA deserves this award. Total commitment from BLSA to avian conservation should be applaud.

Marilyn Ann Hoole – 26.03.2022
Flock to Marion 2022 was a thrilling and unforgettable experience; what a privilege to have been part of this iconic voyage to the Southern Oceans. Observing the magnificent “Nomads of the Seas”, the Albatrosses, soaring through the stormy skies, above the vast, wild ocean around Prince Edward and Marion Islands, will forever be etched in my memory. Kudos to Birdlife South Africa, a very special organisation, for their tremendous efforts in arranging this awe-inspiring voyage, against all odds, and in the middle of a pandemic, thereby providing a “trip of a lifetime” for +- 1500 birders, and raising R3 Million for the Mouse-Free Marion Project, to save the Island’s seabirds. This inspiring and life-changing experience, made possible by Birdlife South Africa, and which had a profound effect on so many, is certainly deserving of the Tourism Award!

Sally King – 26.03.2022
The persistence of BirdLife South Africa in organizing and hosting this unique voyage to the Prince Edward Islands and the Southern Ocean provided a truly once in a lifetime experience for more than 1500 bird watchers and scientists, many of them world leaders in their fields is one that should be acknowledged by the South Africa’n tourism industry.

Renald Radley – 26.03.2022
Great cruise, however after-cruise service from MSC was sadly very poor.

Pieter and Eike Diederichs – 25.03.2022
The size of the ocean, the abundance of the albatrosses and the wonderful talks will remain as our memories of this special cruise.

Jenny Wentzel – 25.03.2022
Flock was such an incredible trip. It brought birders from around the world with one common goal, to see birds we don’t normally see. I for one spent 12 days in KZN post the trip to bird in Northern KZN. Great tourism project.

Paull Lawrence – 24.03.2022
Amazing profiling of South African birding and sea mammals on the Flock to Marion, particularly for international birders.

Ingrid De Bruyn – 23.03.2022
What an incredible experience!

Rocco Nel – 23.03.2022
Once in a lifetime experience. Seeing my first Wandering Albatross compares with being present at the birth of my son! Cannot be erased from memory.

Jan de Wet – 23.03.2022
This was a wonderful experience

Maureen Taylor – 23.03.2022
A lifechanging experience

Esme de Beer – 23.03.2022
Flock to Marion is on my Wishlist for 2023 It is definitely worthy of a Tourism award.

Carl Swart – 23.03.2022
Birding is a great pass-time. Everyone should try it

Alyson Lea-Cox – 23.03.2022
The Flock to Marion voyage was a superb endeavour by BirdLife SA – avi-tourism and conservation all rolled into one ! Abundantly worthy of receiving this award !

Johan Slabbert – 23.03.2022
Amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Graham Leslie Wells – 23.03.2022
Sneaked in at the last moment!! Truly a class act. Congrats to Mark and team and to the MSC Orchestra crew. A blessing to experience the abundance of nature – long may we keep it that way – and the impact of the Roaring Forties!

Ray Dumbleton – 23.03.2022
It was a brilliant exciting adventure. It is wonderful to see such a proliferation of birds around the Prince Edward Islands……….it gives hope to the future of birds in this ever changing world.

Paul Bartho – 23.03.2022
Another successful BirdLife South Africa Flock. Over R3 million raised for the eradication of mice on Marion Island. Still a long way to go. BirdLife South Africa deserves the Tourism Award for all the work it does for not only Birds but also their habitats.

Philip Murton – 23.03.2022
I’m so sorry I missed it … it was a once in a lifetime experience I’m told

Celesta von Chamier – 23.03.2022
The awareness raised for mouse free Marion is why I think this deserves an award

Karen Fourie – 22.03.2022
Flock to Marion was the best travel experience of the pandemic

Paul Zaayman – 22.03.2022
I am so grateful to be able to participate in this once in a lifetime birding experience.

Renier Balt – 22.03.2022
Unique. Exceptional Never repeatable.

George J Skinner – 22.03.2022
Outstanding achievement by Mark Anderson and his team! If organised in the UK he would have received a Knighthood.

Cathy Nicholson – 22.03.2022
I regret having missed Flock to Marion. I believe that it is most worthy of a Tourism award

David Bath – 22.03.2022
Fabulous tourism offer.

Martin Stallmann – 22.03.2022
BirdLife SA does sterling work not only for the birds, but for our environment of which we are part and parcel. If you cannot donate your time, give your money to this worthwhile quest to make our planet a better habitat for all.

Anita Divall – 22.03.2022
Seeing all the Albatross’s was a mind blowing event. What a trip

Peter Divall – 22.03.2022
What a fantastic experience and a trip of a lifetime

Mrs PL Enslin – 22.03.2022
This was really a life-changing experience and I hope to have a chance to do it again!!!!!

Peter Mundy – 22.03.2022

Graham Pringle – 22.03.2022
From all accounts it was a well organised and incredible experience which I regret having missed. Well done BirdLife SA

Arno Ellmer – 22.03.2022
Although I could not attend , I am aware that this trip was organised in a most professional way , enjoyed by everyone and is testament to the superb leadership and organisational skills of the Management of BirdlifeSA

Alan Taylor – 22.03.2022
Flock to Marion as organized by BLSA was a once in a lifetime experience and may not be repeated for many years to come. BLSA needs to be rewarded for this life-changing experience.

Elaine Erasmus – 22.03.2022
A once off and life-changing experience!!

Eugene Ernst Schoombie – 22.03.2022
To have been privileged to join this unique trip has been an experience shared by very few people in the world. It further ticked all the boxes of a travel experience that created indelible memories as well as contributing to better management of our fragile natural resources. A great success for tourism and conservation!

Pamela Isdell – 22.03.2022
Flock was a great event. Well organized and unique destination Gets my bite!

Sally Stretch – 22.03.2022
Sorry I missed it, but clearly worthy of a tourism award, combining, as it did, tourism and conservation.

Lesley Jeffrey – 22.03.2022
BirdLife SA does superb work for bird conservation in South Africa, often against tremendous odds. To cast their net as far afield as the Prince Edward Isles, educating and entertaining tourists as well as raising funds for a very important conservation initiative, deserves recognition and support of the highest order.

Carmin Mohr – 22.03.2022
BirdLife SA is a wonderful stalwart for the conservation of birds and their environments. Thank you and Keep it up!

Tony Phelp – 22.03.2022
Viewed the Video Sorry to have missed the opportunity

Esme Van den Berg – 22.03.2022
A life-changing experience

Tjaard du Plessis – 22.03.2022
Dit was ‘n wonderlike trip en uitstekend georganiseer. Baie geluk aan Mark en sy span en MSC. Om alles met Covid en weertoestande te kon doen, verdien ‘n medalje. Baie geluk

Kenneth Bruce Kemp Jones – 22.03.2022
unfortunately due to being disabled I was unable to join the trip but followed with keen interest.

Craig MacFarlane – 22.03.2022
A very worthy nominee project and worthy of a Winners medal!!

Clare Mitchell – 22.03.2022
The trip was truly an organisational triumph in very difficult conditions

Hugh Preston – 22.03.2022
A fantastic experience

BRIAN GUERIN – 22.03.2022
This annual event(run this year under pandemic conditions) is a wonderful opportunity for birdwatchers and nature lovers generally to enjoy this unique area. A number of indigenous bird guides were sponsored for the trip, a commendable way to broaden their birding general knowledge and meet other like minded people.

Jeremy Rice – 22.03.2022
We need more initiatives that combine tourism with conservation so that both win. Well Done, Birdlife SA for putting together this special experience that promotes a unique travel experience whilst driving conservation initiatives. Real Tourism experiences change lives, this voyage did just that.

BRIAN GUERIN – 22.03.2022
This project is a wonderful exercise to promote SA birding, arranged each possible year, by BirdLife South Africa and is to be applauded by all. A number of trained indigenous bird guides are sponsored to broaden their avian background knowledge, a commendable feature.

Carryn Smith – 22.03.2022
Flock to Marion was definitely a unique experience that promoted conservation in a very different setting.

LC Harraway – 22.03.2022
Unforgettable trip. I have become a richer person!

Daniel Erwee – 22.03.2022

Jean Mackeurtan – 22.03.2022
A unique experience – wish I could have been there, sounds amazing

Menno Klapwijk – 22.03.2022
A once in a lifetime experience!!!

Rolf Wiesler – 21.03.2022
An awesome experience! Would love to repeat this trip.

Jack de Swardt – 18.03.2022
What a way to “come out” of Covid

Ticky Forbes – 17.03.2022
What a trip it was – let’s see them win

Rachel Parker – 17.03.2022
Deserve to win

Karin Wielser – 16.03.2022
BirdLife and MSC did an amazing job arranging this once in a lifetime experience!

Ross Mahaffey – 16.03.2022
Trip of a lifetime

Liz Harris – 15.03.2022
Awesome once in a lifetime cruise to Marion Island Excellently put together by MSC Cruises and their staff, brilliant service and so well coordinated with Birdlife SA staff and volunteers!

Félicie Nelson – 15.03.2022
Unique experience

Ros Conrad – 15.03.2022
This event deserves to be recognised as the fantastic effort to promote and encourage avitourism.

Charles Snell – 15.03.2022
Amazing event extremely well organised under difficult conditions.

Heather Thompson – 15.03.2022
An unbelievable oce in a life time experience. Wish I ciuld have.6

Adrienne Lubbe – 15.03.2022
Great to have cruised in waters less travelled and to have seen such amazing birds.

Graziella Schmid – 14.03.2022
A truly Once in a Lifetime adventure perfectly orchestrated by the organisers, volunteers, sponsors, and the belief held by passengers that besides all challenges this TRIP would go ahead.

Colin Pinker – 14.03.2022
It was fantastic. I now have a love affair with Albatross and Mollymawks

Beth Muller – 14.03.2022
Awesome birding experiences

Jill Ovens – 14.03.2022
Most wonderful first in a life time experience!!

Maans Booysen – 13.03.2022
It was a great life experience well organized and implemented, weldone.

Hannes Visagie – 13.03.2022
Trip of a lifetime.

Vincent Seccareccia III – 13.03.2022
Amazing trip for an amazing cause!

Gerhard Barnard – 13.03.2022
“I’ve joined a higher cult of humanity. I’ve seen my first Albatross.”

Lesley Bust – 12.03.2022
The best unique tour ever – BirdLife MSC cruise to Marion Island surrounds!

Peta-Ann Drake – 12.03.2022

Lydia Keppler – 12.03.2022
Best event and well organized

Stephan Terblanche – 12.03.2022
Excellent nominee!

Simon Holland – 12.03.2022
BirdLife South Africa is the acknowledged bird and habitat conservation entity to save these for future generations of South Africans and visitors from all over the globe who come to enjoy them too !

Jenny Preston – 12.03.2022
Birdlife deserves the award for it’s dedication to conservation and the survival of so many threatened species

Mitchelle Mhaka – 12.03.2022
This is so so cool! Would’ve been great to be on the voyage :)

Gillian Hemphill – 12.03.2022
Definitely want to add my name to the voters role

Diene -Marie Brandt – 12.03.2022
Once in a lifetime experience…..

Ngoni Kamhuka – 12.03.2022
This is pretty awesome!

Verona Govender – 12.03.2022

Shamiso Banda – 12.03.2022
This was an exceptional initiative.

Sherry Goodwin – 12.03.2022
Flock to Marion stunning

Dylan Vasapolli – 12.03.2022
Wonderful experience – truly once in a lifetime!

Nikki McCartney – 12.03.2022
Well done BirdLife South Africa and all the organizers. 100% Flock to Marion

Mariette Oosthuizen – 12.03.2022
Flock to Marion was the best adventure we ever had! It was truly an amazing voyage and a once in a lifetime experience.

Len Stoltz – 12.03.2022
What an amazing experience this was. Something I’ll always remember with awe. Having been able to witness the marine wildlife in the Southern Ocean was a dream come true.

Bernadette Gray – 12.03.2022
I believe that the “Flock to Marion” ticks all the boxes required to win the coveted SA tourism award. I was one of the avitourists on board and agree that this “once in a lifetime voyage exceeded all my expectations of the variety of marine wildlife I would see as well as being able to attend a variety of different and very informative and interesting lectures given by experts in their different fields. The hospitality of MSC Cruises is to be recommended as well.

Alice Möller – 12.03.2022
What a special experience this trip was!!

Carel Diedericks – 11.03.2022
The best ever!’!!’!!

Annalie Nel – 11.03.2022
100% for Flock to Marion

Ineke Huggins – 11.03.2022
Birdlife Flock to Marion… a once in a lifetime cruise, which we’d do again at the drop of a hat.

Liz Szabo – 11.03.2022
Fantastic trip!!!!

Eduard Drost – 11.03.2022
A once in a lifetime trip and a dream come true to experience many of the fantastic life in the southern ocean. Amazing conservation awareness brought to many as well.

Dorette Drost – 11.03.2022
I vote for Birdlife SA Flock to Marion, it was an unique and fantastic holiday opportunity enjoyed by many birders. It went beyond all expectations!

Raymond Lautenbach – 11.03.2022
A great experience for those that participated

Bryan Donkin – 11.03.2022
Fantastic trip superbly organized with absolutely unique experiences of the southern oceans and the Prince Edward Islands group.

Bruce Field – 11.03.2022
Unique and fruitful event

Debbie Pedlar – 11.03.2022
One of the best experiences I’ve ever had. 10 out of 10 for perfection in every aspect!

Lance Robinson – 11.03.2022
Indelible experience of note

Steven Segang – 11.03.2022
Attended the flock for the first time and it was indeed lifetime experience

Christiaan Brink – 11.03.2022
Amazing experience!

Philip Calinikos – 11.03.2022
Once in a lifetime voyage to a spectacular place which is the breeding grounds of some of South Africa’s iconic bird species such as the Wandering Albatross

Reason Nyengera – 11.03.2022
Great expedition

Ernst F Retief – 11.03.2022
Best trip ever!!!

Kirsten Day – 11.03.2022
Great combination of adventure travel and conservation.

Johan Marais – 11.03.2022
Flocking great experience, kudos to BLSA!

Lynette Eyssen – 11.03.2022
Fantastic, once in a lifetime experience!

J Stead – 11.03.2022
A unique experience!

Patrick – 11.03.2022
Vote for you at any given time ❤️

Stefan Toerien – 11.03.2022
Once-in-a-lifetime experience and while I couldn’t attend it this year, it is high on my bucketlist

Sandiswa Kula – 11.03.2022
Such a pity I missed it, but it was an amazing initiative and enjoyed immensely by those who attended. Good luck.

Kyrone Josiah – 11.03.2022
From what I gather, based on social media posts and the Conservation Conversations webinar (, this was an event that has no equal in terms of an amazing and unique wildlife experience.

Julia Blain – 11.03.2022
A wonderful opportunity to experience a magnificent natural and unspoiled world

Hester Neethling – 11.03.2022
I was on this cruise! Just one word: AONCEINALIFETIMEEXPERIENCE!!!

Peter Green – 11.03.2022
A winning combination. Wish I was there.

Chris Neethling – 11.03.2022
Wonderlike emmer skop ervaring wat ek nooit sal vergeet nie EN BAIE graag weer sal wil doen!!!

John-Henry – 11.03.2022

EJ Bartlett – 11.03.2022
Fantastic trip!

Warren Goodwin – 11.03.2022
A great initiative.

Karen Ward – 11.03.2022
Unique tourism opportunity that brought together like minded people from all over the world and showcased what South capable of organizing.

Nicolette Forbes – 11.03.2022
Definitely worthy winner

Anton Maree – 10.03.2022
A once in a lifetime experience.

Lindy Nicholls – 10.03.2022
A unique birding experience on a luxury cruise liner, a winning combination.

Pippa Parker – 10.03.2022
Superb from beginning to end.

Catherine Savage – 10.03.2022
What a magical and incredible experience!

Priscilla Beeton – 10.03.2022
An incredibly exciting trip. BirdLife deserves to win this award for giving its South African and international guests an amazing South African experience.

David Walker – 09.03.2022
A superb trip and all the more remarkable given the covid situation over the last two years. A fantastic effort. Hopefully there will be more trips like this to come.

Robert Buchmann – 09.03.2022

Lloyd Nelson – 09.03.2022
Magical Experience!

Sandra Dantu – 09.03.2022
An awesome trip.

Johannes J van Eeden – 09.03.2022
It was my best sea trip ever and it was a very special experience.

Cathy Jenkins – 09.03.2022
a once-in-a-lifetime-experience

RD Jaspan – 09.03.2022
BirdLife is excellent

Trudi Malan – 09.03.2022
‘n Ongelooflike ervaring wat nooit vergeet kan word nie. Van die uitstekende gidse van Birdlife, die puik organisasie en uitstekende diens van MSC Cruises!!! Forever thankful!

Mike McAra – 09.03.2022
BirdLife SA is awesome! Well done on your conservation efforts.

Lynette Polson – 09.03.2022
A once in a lifetime trip, contributing expansively to conservation!

Spike Taylor – 09.03.2022
A truly remarkable voyage

Dianne King – 09.03.2022
The fact that FLOCK happened at all is testament to the determination and hard work of BirdlifeSA and MSC. Those hours spent in the waters around Prince Edward and Marion Islands were not just exceptional, they were magical!

Nadine Van Zijl – 09.03.2022
Best trip ever – greate cruise liner, wonderful bird sightings

Corne Prinsloo – 09.03.2022
Was the adventure of a lifetime!!

Jenny Parsons – 09.03.2022
Bucket list adventure to the Southern Ocean and the home of the Wandering Albatross!

Helen Gatley – 09.03.2022
An amazing time. An experience never to be forgotten.

Willem Visser – 08.03.2022
Flock to Marion was a unique opportunity to see SA from a perspective that few have ever experienced – it was an unforgetful experience

Christine Rodrigues – 08.03.2022
BirdLife SA is awesome! Well done on your conservation efforts.

Patsy Mockford – 08.03.2022
A dream of a lifetime trip

Mel Tripp – 08.03.2022
To experience so many of our wonderful seabirds was a counterpoint to the support and funds raised (+-R5million) to eliminate mice form Marion Island… privilege to have been there!

Silvio Breno – 08.03.2022
Incredible experience.Once in a lifetime experience. Not to be missed if ever repeated

Robert Whitecross – 08.03.2022
A unique voyage to the Southern Oceans. Seeing birds and sea mammals many on the planet will never get to experience. Thank you BirdlifeSA.

Annatjie – 08.03.2022
Most incredible experience!

elba Swart – 08.03.2022
This was the best experience I have ever had and I will remember the awesome Albatross sightings for as long as I live.

Jeanette Curling – 08.03.2022
A trip of a lifetime. Birdlife is an exceptional organization. Thank you for organizing this amazing trip.

David Scheiby – 08.03.2022
Brilliant to participate – even from a distance!

Marco Verschoor – 08.03.2022
Incredible voyage! Great organisation!

Elizabeth van Wyk – 08.03.2022
Best trip at sea ever! Hundreds of birds around Prince Edward Islands…..only way for someone like me to see them!

Sandy Francis – 08.03.2022
Flock to Marion not only was an amazing experience but was for an excellent cause to the Mouse Free Marion project. Well done all. So grateful I was fortunate enough to be there

Jen Bedford-Shaw – 08.03.2022
Had a wonderful trip and saw lots of birds and mammals that I had not seen before. I really enjoyed the excellent lectures, great guides and hospitality

Paul Horn – 08.03.2022
Most life-changing experience ever!!!

Jane Doherty – 08.03.2022
Incredible to witness nature at its most beautiful, and benefit from the formidable knowledge of so many experts.

Rita Henn – 08.03.2022
Absolutely awesome trip!

Genie Retief – 08.03.2022
Lifetime opportunity. Unbelievable!

Jennifer Marwick – 08.03.2022
Flock to Marion was an amazing once in a lifetime experience. It was an enormous undertaking, logistically and on an organizational level which was first class. Truly memorable!

Jonathan Stratford – 08.03.2022
Superb trip, excellent organisation

Tracy Bromfield – 08.03.2022
Flock to Marion was the most incredible, unique travel experience we have had thus far. Thanks to BirdLife SA and MSC for making every effort to ensure this once in life time tour took place and we had an awesome guest experience. Everything was beyond our expectations and we will remember it for a very very long time.

Dave Bishop – 08.03.2022
Simply awesome

Dawid Fourie – 08.03.2022
Never ever will anybody who have been on the Flock to Marion cruise forget this unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience that filled everybody with awe and wonder, especially the magnificent birds around the Prince Edward Islands.

Elaine Erasmus – 08.03.2022
Indeed a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Unique and extremely well-organised!!

Dave Rimmer – 08.03.2022
Had to watch this trip virtually unfortunately – but I’ll make damn sure not to miss the next Flock Voyage to Wherever.

Piet Groenewald – 08.03.2022
Great way to experience our sea birds.

Margot Livingstone – 08.03.2022
Trip of a lifetime!

Roy Jennings – 08.03.2022
And it’s a YES from me, with the GOLDEN BUZZER! BirdLife South Africa goes straight though to the FINAL ROUND .

Enone Pauck – 08.03.2022
Exceptional organization and experience of a lifetime!

Paula Hough – 08.03.2022
Well done to Birdlife South Africa and MSC cruises for making this trip so special after all the covid rules. Now I am a birdwatcher too, I’ve learned so much. Kill those mice!!!

Francois Smit – 08.03.2022
Amazing trip, Well done to the Birdlife Africa and MSC team.

Michael Heyns – 08.03.2022
Fantastic once-in-a-lifetime experience. Extremely well-organised.

Liam Taylor – 08.03.2022
Flock to marion was the best tourism event of the year. Once in a lifetime experience.

HEATHER LOWE – 08.03.2022

ann Wanless – 08.03.2022
A unique experience, made all the more special by the extraordinary good organisation, and the opportunity to see rare albatrosses and other birds.

Clive Rodney Pinker – 08.03.2022
Experience of a life time.

C.E. Pinker – 08.03.2022
loved it

Min Mackenzie – 08.03.2022
A truly once in a life time experience!

Helen Jones – 08.03.2022
Absolutely fantastic trip organised briliantly against “ALL ODDS.”

Ivy Wordsworth – 08.03.2022
A wonderful experience, lots of birdsseen and some great talks. Thank you Birdlife and MSC for an amazing birding trip and the memories to last a lifetime.

JEANNE THOMAS – 08.03.2022
Trip of a lifetime. Thanks Birdlife SA and MSC for all the effort which was required to bring this trip about.

Bryony van Wyk – 08.03.2022
What an amazing opportunity! A once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Adriaan van Wyk – 08.03.2022
Amazing opportunity to experience something truly unique.

Mike Schulze – 08.03.2022
An unforgettable, once in a lifetime experience, and an incredible privilege to visit this remote and wonderful South African territory

Beth Hackland – 08.03.2022
I participated in this event which was superbly organized with multiple activities which kept us entertained and interested fir the whole week

Val Thomas – 08.03.2022
Flock to Marion was more amazing than the pre-trip advertisers claimed!

Barbara Torrente – 08.03.2022
A unique experience ~ memories to last a lifetime.

Martin Alexandersson – 08.03.2022
World class tripp!

Kay Robinson – 08.03.2022
This is a most inspirational and educational opportunity to enjoy the wonders of pelagic birding whilst simultaneously experiencing the delights of a classy sea cruise. The social interaction of like minded birding enthusiasts who so generously share their knowledge is an added bonus. Definitely bucket list material for me!

Terrence Anderson – 08.03.2022
Unfortunately did not go, but wont miss out on the next one. Looks like a amazing experience.

Janice Isom – 08.03.2022
Once in a lifetime experience

Jacques Malan – 08.03.2022
A unique and unforgettable experience. Being able to experience that remote and rarely visited region, observe incredible wildlife, and contribute to its future protection and conservation, made this the most amazing trip.

Imran – 08.03.2022
Such a trip is beyond bucket list, because few people could even imagine that it is possible.

Jane Grindley – 08.03.2022
This Birdlife South Africa cruise was extraordinary and a completely Unique Experience in a number of ways. My mother of 82 years, found her life could still be exciting, thanks to this voyage. She still weeps at the beauty of the memory of albatrosses wheeling around the ship with a mist-cloaked Prince Edward Island as the backdrop. Please, South African Tourism Awards, go to the ‘Flock to Marion’ Facebook page and read the passengers’ comments – they are still in awe of this once-in-a-lifetime trip, and what mammals, fish-life and birdlife they saw, living in our Southern Ocean and flying above it. Their lives and their commitment to conserving the Southern Ocean and especially Prince Edward & Marion Island, will forever be altered and strengthened in purpose. Firstly, it took Years of planning! Secondly, Birdlife South Africa & MSC Cruises managed to make it work in the middle of the Pandemic (with vaccinations being obligatory, + a negative PCR test 48hrs before boarding, + a negative antigen test upon boarding the cruiseliner.) Thirdly, it focussed upon Conservation – the passengers raised money (over R3 million!!!) for a groundbreaking project, called “Mouse-free Marion”, which will save various species of seabird including the magical Albatross, which South Africa is responsible for, as they breed on our special Southern Ocean island of Marion Island. And lastly, it has never been done done before! Birdlife South Africa and MSC cruises bravely partnered to take 1500 birders and sealife enthusiasts into the Roaring 40’s of the Southern Ocean, which is known for its storms and wild seas, on a mission of conservation and delight in watching the rich birdlife (rare Tristan Albatross) and the varied sealife (from blue whales to flying squid) from onboard ship. There are not many ‘tourist attractions’ that leave your life altered, your horisons broadened, your conservation will strengthened, your mammal, sea-life and birdlist lengthened by many ‘Lifers’ (things you see for the first time in your life), and most importantly, the overwhelming desire ‘to do it again’!

Bruce Paterson – 07.03.2022
….Despite Covid, a one year delay, PCR’s , lateral flows, boosters and inclement weather………‘Twas a trip like no other……plus 1200 images in one day at the Prince Edward Islands…….this was eco tourism at its very best….a few more hours a bit closer in shore would have been magic…… I pray we did enough to succeed in ridding the island of mice so that my grandchildren can participate in Flock 2042 and enjoy the same spectacle that we have enjoyed in 2022.

Nyika Nyika – 07.03.2022
I like bird life South Africa

Nyika Nyika – 07.03.2022
I really enjoyed the voyage

Nyika – 07.03.2022
Once in a life time experience

Robin Naude – 07.03.2022
A once in a lifetime trip. Absolutely wonderful, interesting and exciting.

Nick de Blocq – 07.03.2022
Best travel experience of my life!

Charmaine Slabbert – 07.03.2022
This was a truly unforgettable experience.

Lynn-Marie de Blocq – 07.03.2022
This was a unique experience and worth this nomination

Meredyth Brown – 07.03.2022
best birding experience imaginable

A. Brüggemann – 07.03.2022
Yes, I honestly hope that Birdlife SA will win this award! I had the privilege to be on the Flock to Marion cruise and it was DEFINITELY an incredible adventure …absolutely what dreams are made of! Thank you Birdlife SA for making this trip possible for so many birding enthusiasts with their cameras and friends!

Marietjie Smit – 07.03.2022
Unforgettable experience ánd blown away by the funds raised!

Linda O’Kelly – 07.03.2022
Definitely the best adventure of my life!!!

Lynette Wood – 07.03.2022
Wow! So lucky to have been able to go. A big thanks to Birdlife South Africa and MSC!

Patricia Jonsson – 07.03.2022
Birdlife South Africa’s Flock To Marion was an absolutely unique and amazing experience. It was well planned, highly organized, and offered a once-in-a-lifetime experience to birders worldwide who are passionate about birds and their conservation. BLSA deserve recognition for their fantastic achievement and contribution to South African tourism.

Ken Buchanan – 07.03.2022
Fantastic BirdLifeSA Flock-to-Marion cruise to raise funds for the Mouse-Free-Marion Project to save the greatest sea birds in the world.

Meryl-Lynne Harwood – 07.03.2022
Once again Birdlife and Mark Anderson pulled off the most amazing feat, the cruise of a lifetime. To experience the magnificent birds in their natural habitat is never to be repeated again. Professional, friendly and well organised ! Congratulations!

M M Streicher – 07.03.2022
Definitely a most magical experience, a life enriching experience. Good for the mind and the soul. I feel so privileged for being part of this unique trip. The talks was not only brilliantly informative, inspiring and educational; some of the speakers gave a show, hard to beat by the best of actors!!

Godfrey Budler – 07.03.2022
Birdlime SA is amazing and this organised trip proves their willingness to engage so many more than just South African Birders

Cheryl Attree – 07.03.2022
The trip of a lifetime!

Tracey Cooper – 07.03.2022
Once in a lifetime experience!!

Marc – 07.03.2022
Fantastic trip for conservation.

Bill Cairns – 07.03.2022
A very well organised trip.

Janet White – 07.03.2022
This was a once in a lifetime experience.

J. Christopher Haney – 07.03.2022
Impossible to even imagine a better trip put together and implemented by BirdLife South Africa. And I’ve been a seabird researcher and conservationist my entire life…

Karen Birkenbach – 07.03.2022
The experience of a lifetime!

Eike Diederichs – 07.03.2022
I vote for Flock to Marion. It was a wonderful trip!

Wynand Sauerman – 07.03.2022
A great trip and a unique experience. Well done BirdLife South Africa !

David Grant – 07.03.2022
Definitely the best tourism idea of the year. All the ingredients were there: education, conservation, luxury, a cruise on a ship, and an unusual adventure. Congratulations to BirdLife South Africa.

Diane Stack – 07.03.2022
A fantastic trip, well organised by Birdlife Africa under tremendous pressure due to the Covid restrictions. Well done Birdlife Africa

Alan Bedford-Shaw – 07.03.2022
Fantastic, informative voyage with like-minded nature-lovers

Mark Boorman – 07.03.2022
Has to be the winner!

Bronwyn Maree – 07.03.2022
Once in a life time opportunity and will organized!

Julia Coldham – 07.03.2022
Well organised, magical, once in a lifetime cruise combining Conservation with travel

Arulene – 07.03.2022
This was truly a once in a lifetime trip and so thankful that I got to experience it.

Andries Meyer – 07.03.2022
Fantastic experience and a wonderful chance to support Mouse Free Marion

Dorothea De Jager – 07.03.2022
I strongly support Flock to Marion to receive the SA Tourism Award.

Clive Prior – 07.03.2022
Birdlife SA deserves to be #1

Cassia Gallagher – 07.03.2022
A fantastic experience and wonderful fundraiser. BirdLufe SA truly deserves to win

Julia Friskin – 07.03.2022
An exceptional pelagic birding experience.

barbara stowe – 07.03.2022
Once in a lifetime experience with great experts

Amanda Haggett-Haagner – 07.03.2022
BirdLife SAYS Flock to Marion was a once in a lifetime experience.

Natalie Fourie – 07.03.2022
Most amyzing experience ever on this trip to the Southern seas.

Mark Friskin – 07.03.2022
Excellent once in a lifetime trip.

Diana Hobday – 07.03.2022
Best trip ever

Judy Johnston – 07.03.2022
The most exceptional specialized trip of a life time, totally unique to experience the southern ocean birds with the best bird specialists in the world, a trip that can’t easily be equalledon all levels.

Johnny Wilson – 07.03.2022
A fantastic unique experience.

Ken Findlay – 07.03.2022
Unique experience in ecotourism, conservation and education.

Michael McSweeney – 07.03.2022
Once in a lifetime experience and so beneficial for seabird conservation.

Alison Blignaut – 07.03.2022
A once in a life time experience to help to make Maron Island MOUSE FREE.

Sally-Anne Schulze – 07.03.2022
The BirdLife South Africa cruise to the Prince Edward Islands was an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience, one that I’m so grateful to have had. Once again, well done to every single one of you who made it possible!

Julie Bayley – 07.03.2022
A once in a lifetime experience!

Sarah Arnot – 07.03.2022
What an experience! Albatross Thursday was one of the most remarkable days of my life. The immensity of sharing these waters, so rarely travelled, with such magnificent birds who glided past as though to welcome us into their kingdom: the roaring 40s. Brilliantly organised by Birdlife SA and for such an important cause.

David Swanepoel – 07.03.2022
The first time in history that a cruise ship was chartered to the Prince Edward Islands, for a noble cause, including over 1500 bird enthusiasts – a once-in-a-lifetime event.

Brian Holmes – 07.03.2022
Great initiative and sponsorship

Leslie Moffitt – 07.03.2022
Trip of a lifetime

John Human – 07.03.2022
Fantastic trip – best ever!

Teresa Budler – 07.03.2022
Viel life tour for sure!!

Susan Miller – 07.03.2022
This was an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime experience for a great cause

Maelle Connan – 07.03.2022
Can’t have a better winner! Will also support a great organization for bird conservation in southern Africa

Stephen Mostert – 07.03.2022
Well organized. Informative talks.

Willem Van der Walt – 07.03.2022
Good luck!

Peter Rosewarne – 07.03.2022
It was billed as a trip of a lifetime and it was!

mike brokenshire – 07.03.2022
Well done to everybody involved.

Natasha Shilubane – 07.03.2022
To say that BirdLife South Africa is a worthy nominee would be an understatement.

Steve Davis – 07.03.2022
Fantastic experience for birders to experience birds that most would never see and also to contribute to an important conservation action.

Dale Wright – 07.03.2022
An incredible tourism experience – impossible to beat!

Aldo Berruti – 07.03.2022
No better winner, contributing yo the future st multiple and do innovative.

Wish we can do it all over again! Most organised, enjoyable, memorable trip ever!

Ronel Bestbier – 07.03.2022
Guides, talks, everything was superb.

Wiles Wendy – 07.03.2022
The photos I’ve seen make this trip seem unforgettable and has given me enormous vicarious pleasure.

Liz Blomeyer – 07.03.2022
Brilliantly organised trip 10 out of 10

Tania Anderson – 07.03.2022
A most inspirung, educational and awesome birding experience! Exceptional organisation during a pandemic and guests were blown away by the experience.

Clive Curtis – 07.03.2022
An absolute epic once in a lifetime journey filled with conservation, education and science initiatives! A truly worthy recipient of this award! It was a privelage to be a part of this amazing experience! Congratulations to all the organisers, especially under all the dynamic circumstances!

Anneke Pienaar – 07.03.2022
The protection of the future of birds in SA is in the best hands, namely BirdLife South Africa!

Michele Walters – 07.03.2022
This was an inspiring experience!

Patricia Milliken – 07.03.2022
BirdLife South Africa reaches across all communities to educate us on our environment, how to preserve it and our unique BirdLife.

Patricia Milliken – 07.03.2022
BirdLife South Africa is tireless in its quest to educate us and save our BirdLife and their environments.

Marina Voges – 07.03.2022
Most enjoyable and insightful trip ever experienced

Grant Vrey – 07.03.2022
I have been birding for around 25 years, and can say with confidence that the boat trip to Marion Island with Bird Life was the best birding experience I have ever had. It was well organized and an experience to will be very had to beat.

Nicole Clark – 07.03.2022
Best well run entity

Laura Klapwijk – 07.03.2022
A trip of a lifetime !!!

Dewald Swanepoel – 07.03.2022
MSC is awesome, BirdLife SA is awesome, Marion Island is awesome, birds are awesome.

Wilma Van der Walt – 07.03.2022
An epic journey of a lifetime! Well done Birdlife SA.

Lynette Rudman – 07.03.2022
Best birding trip ever deep into the southern ocean! A very well organised voyage, efficient, friendly staff and it was good to see the work being done to rid Marion Island of the mice.

Lydia Mc Intosh – 07.03.2022
I booked this Birdlife once-in-lifetime cruise to Marion Island 2 years ahead. Then with Covid lockdowns etc I never thought the trip would actually take place. So when we finally set sail, I was already blown away by the level of pre- organization and the most amazing handling of Covid protocols to enable this to go ahead. No “obstacle” was insurmountable for the organizers or the MSC staff. The result was an incredible trip all round – from the fact of being the 1st cruise liner to Marion Island, all the informative talks by experts, the incredible sightings of seabirds and amazing experiences I shall treasure for ever.

Tarryn Vrey – 07.03.2022
This was the most amazing trip for birding that I have ever done. I can’t wait for the next one.

Prentice Prentice – 07.03.2022
A magnificent expedition.

SHERYL VENTER – 07.03.2022
I vote for Flock to Marion as the greatedt tourism event.

Marietjie Strydom – 07.03.2022
Unreal value-for-money experience filled with wonderful sightings of the big and small featherly friends of the open seas, enriching lectures, mouth-watering meals and a luxurious vehicle with comfortable rooms and great entertsinment. What a wow experience@

Linda hering – 07.03.2022
Flock to Marion has to be the winner – fantastic international support Brilliant organisation Unbelievable experience

Norman Lok – 07.03.2022
The trip of a lifetime – An epic voyage to the southern ocean arranged by BirdLife South Africa. #MouseFreeMarion – Lets all do our part to rid the mice off Marion Island.

Barbara Clulow – 07.03.2022
Absolutely incredible organizational skills required to pull something on this scale off Admirable!!!

Tersia Jacobs – 07.03.2022
Amazing fundraising project and experience.

Miche Kent – 07.03.2022
Hi I would like to vote for Flock to Marion Thank you

Sue Visser – 07.03.2022
Sadly had to miss this trip, but was on the 2017 Flock which was the experience of a lifetime.

Rolene Grant – 07.03.2022
Birdlife SA is doing an extraordinary job for Marion Island, and the cruise was absolutely fantastic.

Stephen James – 07.03.2022
A really excellent trip in quite trying circumstances. The amount of organization beggars belief & it went very smoothly. Wonderful birds & wonderful people!

Robert van Bulderen – 07.03.2022
Was not on trip but all the photos and stories was like I was there.

Janet Venables – 07.03.2022
I vote for Birdlife and Flock to Marion. It was superb. And request R1000 travel voucher

Kim Porteous – 07.03.2022
What better than to have a completely unique, fun, interesting holiday as well as support an organisation doing incredible work for the environment and our communities!

Abigail de Swardt – 07.03.2022
An amazing trip that took planning and skill from all involved! The team on shore and on board went above and beyond!

Cathy Kent – 07.03.2022
Was somewhat apprehensive about going through the Roaring Forties, but oh, what an experience seeing Prince Edward Island through the mist and the hundreds of seabirds gliding past us. So glad that I can say “we were amongst the privileged few” to embark on this awesome “Flock to Marion”. Thank you BLSA, MSC and all those involved in making it happen in spite of all the obstacles thrown in your way.

David Letsoalo – 07.03.2022
Life time experience of been able to go remote south African water and been able to see most of deep sea and island bird’s. Never to forget voyage of the life time.

Carel Diedericks – 07.03.2022
Simply the best

Raymond Rampolokeng – 07.03.2022
I now belong to a higher cult of mortals for I have seen the albatross A memorable voyage in 2022 against all odds #BirdLifeSouthAfrica

Cheryl Webber – 07.03.2022
Flock to Marion was a once in a lifetime experience

Jennifer Naude – 07.03.2022
This trip contributed significantly to the conservation of endangered bird species and was arranged successfully under extremely difficult circumstances during the pandemic.

Philip Buxton – 07.03.2022
Excellent unique trip not offered by anyone else

Nicola Smith – 07.03.2022
“Albatross Thursday”, the new buzzword!

Jackie Oosthuizen – 07.03.2022
This trip was Albatros heaven for all the birders

Gillian Harebottle – 07.03.2022
Wonderful trip

Ronald Harebottle – 07.03.2022
Wonderful, once in a lifetime pelagic cruise experience

Chris Malan – 07.03.2022
“Flock to Marion” was an exceptional journey, which lifted a veil on the remote southern oceans and their enigmatic inhabitants to a shipload of enthusiasts, and which paid back handsomely in millions raised for the conservation of this vast, yet fragile world: Citizen-science and Eco-tourism at its best!

Darryl Clifford – 07.03.2022
What a wonderful experience!

Karin Jacobs – 07.03.2022
It was the most amazing experience. Thank you everyone involved in organising this trip to Marion Island.

Heather Hodgson – 07.03.2022
Thank you to BLSA and MSC for an amazing birding experience

Izelda Warne – 07.03.2022
I was the best trip of my life – a once in a lifetime experience thanks to the amazing team at BirdLife South Africa

Gill Hollamby – 07.03.2022
A brilliant trip!

Ben Baxter – 07.03.2022
Fantastic, world class!! Bringing together international and local birders for a once in a lifetime experience!

Olwen (Ally) Ditchfield – 07.03.2022
A once in a life-time magical experience & beyond fantastic logistical organisation.

Ian Calderwood – 07.03.2022
A fantastic trip

Gary Allport – 07.03.2022
A thrilling and unique experience

Yvonne Pennington – 07.03.2022
An extraordinary week that will be a treasured memory for ever.

Jennifer Norman – 07.03.2022
Each Flock is better than the previous, don’t know how you do it BLSA but keep it up. I’m on the next one for sure!

Warren Cremore – 07.03.2022
Wonderful experience thank you!

Olivia Krishna – 07.03.2022
Well done.

Tania Cremore – 07.03.2022
It was such an awesome experience thank you!! Still get emotional when I think of Albatros Thursday! So worthy of an award.

Leon Strydom – 07.03.2022
Awesome once in a lifetime experience

Barend Esterhuizen Pr Eng – 07.03.2022
Well done BLSA & MSC!

Nisha Chetty – 07.03.2022
well done

Sharika – 07.03.2022
Well Done!!!

Patsy Copeland – 07.03.2022
A special voyage into the the deep blue sea with wonderful sightings of the birds and mammals inhabiting it, while enjoying the comfort of professional services on a well run ship. Thank you BLSA.

Fantastic experience

Nick – 07.03.2022

Huw Collett – 07.03.2022
A terrific experience, superbly organised, exceeded all expectations.

Annemarie du Plessis – 07.03.2022
Thank you for the best planned trip ever!

Gerrie Jansen Van Rensburg – 07.03.2022
Beste ooit. Weke later en die koors loop nog hoog tussen die meemakers.

Melissa A Whitecross – 07.03.2022
Literally one of the best birding experiences of my life! Words cannot do justice to the feeling of watching hundreds of seabirds glide effortlessly around the boat, living out their days in a part of the world most humans will never have the privilege to enjoy.

Crystelle Wilson – 07.03.2022
Flock to Marion ranks as a show-stopper conversation topic. People say, “Wow!” and immediately want to know more

Digby Cyrus – 07.03.2022
An absolutely awesome experience.

Marie Sorour – 07.03.2022
The experience of a lifetime!

Arrie – 07.03.2022
Simply the BEST organized trip ever. Everything worked like clock work. Thanks BirdLife South Africa and MSC. An opportunity-in-a-lifetime! and the tip did live up to all the expectations.

Gaynor Donovan – 07.03.2022
It was a fantastic trip Seeing so many Albatrosses around the boat as we neared Marion Island will be a lifelong memory

Charl Durand – 07.03.2022
What a fantastic learning experience, in the company of so many passionate birders! The abundant expertise, plentiful birdlife and the well-organised logistics and amenities made this a very, very special occasion. We’re happy to know it raised substantial funds for conservation, too. Thanks to Birdlife SA and their partners.

Peter Sullivan – 07.03.2022
The best week of my birding life

Karel Marais – 07.03.2022
An amazing trip!

Adeline Du Plessis – 07.03.2022
This was an experience of a life time. It was well organised and the albatrosses left us in awe. It was a unique learning experience and great to know that it contributed to the conservation of the breeding colonies on Marion island. Well done Birdlife SA!

mark liptrot – 07.03.2022
Fantastic trip on all fronts!

Sylvia Crichton – 07.03.2022
A thoroughly enjoyable trip – fascinating lectures, great company and so well organised.

Ronel Peacock – 07.03.2022
What an awesome experience! Thank you for a wonderful week shared with birders on board

Taryn Gilroy – 07.03.2022
This was the most remarkable trip for our family of four – an absolute privilege that exceeded every expectation. Fascinating on-board lectures, brilliant entertainment, wonderful staff, incredible scenery, exceptional birding, delicious food, and a fantastic group of people. This voyage is so deserving of recognition.

Penelope Preston – 07.03.2022
A very special trip – combining serious twitching, world-class series of lectures, meeting up with wonderful people, being throughly induldged and raising money for such a good cause – thank you!

Margaret Gamble – 07.03.2022
It was a fantastic trip for a world important cause. Which required in the circumstances determined organisation!

Anneli Mynhardt – 07.03.2022
No can describe the feeling of seeing so many seabirds and especially the Wandering Albatross. And the that proud feeling of making a difference how ever small. Well done Birdlife and MSC.

Leonie Fouché – 07.03.2022
BLSA‘s Flock to Marion cruise in January 2022 was simply the most amazing and unforgettable adventure! Mark Anderson and his team, as well as MSC Cruises, bent over backwards to make it an enjoyable and memorable trip. I felt so privileged to be on board and to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience, for a very worthy cause, with 1,500+ other birders and conservationists.

Peter Morris – 07.03.2022
If you have never seen a wandering albatross soaring off the wave crests, you have not lived. The birds, the lectures, the ship – all were perfect.

Davren Venter – 07.03.2022
What an experience of a life time. So well organized and choreographed. Even the birds played their part. And the food was most enjoyable. I especially enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere.

Glenice Ebedes – 07.03.2022
An incredible adventure that had the perfect balance of education, entertainment, inspiration and relaxation.

Alex Aitkenhead – 07.03.2022
This voyage into the Southern Ocean was very special indeed, the experiences will last a lifetime. From the moment we set foot aboard the MSC Orchestra we were in good hands, professional service, great entertainment and a birding spectacle. We will be first in line when they announce the next Flock. Well done to Birdlife South Africa for making this trip so special.

Janine Goosen – 07.03.2022
A privilege to have been part of this unique conservation experience. Well done BirdLife South Africa and MSC!

Susan Visagie – 07.03.2022
Well organised, most enjoyable journey.

Ronnie Herr – 07.03.2022
Fantastic trip, I’m on the next trip for sure

Michael Heritage – 07.03.2022
Never expected to have such a wonderful experience as this, seeing birds one only hears about. Thanks to Birdlife and Mark Andersons team for all this.

Corlia Ring – 07.03.2022
Fantastic trip

Victoria Roetger – 07.03.2022
What an epic trip!

Brian Ring – 07.03.2022
This was a once in a lifetime trip.

Philippus Schonken – 07.03.2022
The best educational adventure ever.

Bridgit Davis – 07.03.2022
This went to an unusual destination and gave tourists an opportunity to contribute to the conservation of what drew them to the trip.

Adrienne Lubbe – 07.03.2022
Deserved winner. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Renee Botha – 07.03.2022
Wonderful trip to see rarely seen ocean Bird life. A truly magical experience

David Hurwitz – 07.03.2022

Leon Bruggemann – 07.03.2022
Birdlife “Flock” cruises just get better and better, together with the awesome MSC service, an experience to be remembered for life!

Janita Vermeulen – 07.03.2022
What can be better than an adventure half way to Antarctica (with 100km/h winds and 5m swells!) humbling magic moments being surrounded by albatrosses, learning about seabirds from a master storyteller but also having the luxury of a cruise ship?! This was an adventure of a lifetime!!!

Aloma Stevens – 07.03.2022
A once in a lifetime voyage

Frances Morris – 07.03.2022
This was the happiest and most fulfilling week, we have done many exciting and adventurous travels, but this week gave us the wonderful “albatross day” something we will dream about regularly. It was a hallowed day and an extraordinary week.

Christiane Maluche – 07.03.2022
Flock to Marion was an experience and will never be forgotten. Thank you very much

Mariè Ueckermann – 07.03.2022
Most unique tourism and conservation experience ever

Jenny Wentzel – 07.03.2022
A unique experience which will never be forgotten. Hopefully we have assisted the birds on Marion Island to increase in volume.

Brian Taggart – 07.03.2022
What a wonderful experience. Cannot wait for the next adventure.

Lizanne Heyns – 07.03.2022
Request for Travel Voucher please.

Amour Venter – 07.03.2022
A memorable experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Delana Louw – 07.03.2022
Fantastic once in a life time trip.

Rosemary Cyrus – 07.03.2022
The Flock to Marion cruise with MSC cruises, organised by Birdlife South Africa, was a phenomenal experience, bringing folk from around the world together, and showcasing South Africa, and the incredible potential this country has. I was so proud to be South African, and part of the voyage, and to participate in raising funds for such a worthy cause.

Daphne Devey – 07.03.2022
Trip of a lifetime! To see not just one but so many Wandering, Sooty and Light Mantled Albatross was truly breathtaking! The memories will last forever.

Andre Marx – 07.03.2022
The Flock to Marion Cruise was a once in a lifetime experience to the southern ocean in Antarctic waters with it’s unique wildlife. It also presented an opportunity to raise funds for the Mouse-Free Marion Project, an important conservation initiative fir the region’s birds.

Johan Mocke – 07.03.2022
Privileged to be part of a group of enthusiasts who combined passion, fun, and contribution in an adventure towards one cause!

sue lipschitz – 07.03.2022
Best contender for the Tourism Award by far

Roy McGrath – 07.03.2022
An awesome experience that will be treasured for the rest of my life. We can’t wait for the next Flock!

Gisela Ortner – 07.03.2022
Absolutely fantastic adventure. Cannot wait for Birdlife’s next Flock

Marie Paterson – 07.03.2022
Prince Edward Island was suddenly there! The mist curtain lifted and the albatross show began. Indelibly printed in my memory. It was was better than a prehistoric movie and orchestrated with a stunning array of birds. I would be back in a flash and do it all again.

Theuns Germishuys – 07.03.2022
A once in a lifetime experience, never to be forgotton !

Linda Rose – 07.03.2022
I had the most wonderful time on this trip.

FREDERIK ENSLIN – 07.03.2022
Best holiday experience ever

Cheryl Attree – 07.03.2022
Flock to Marion gets my vote!

Gill Tommasih – 07.03.2022
Hopefully, Flock to Marion is not a once in a lifetime experience.

Rika du Plessis – 07.03.2022
Conservation in action on the Flock to Marion! So much info and knowledge gained…

Andy Wassung – 25.02.2022
I am so glad I was fortunate enough to join this truly special experience with BirdLife South Africa, 2000kms out at sea with 1500+ fellow birders.

Mark Anderson – 21.02.2022
Well done BirdLife South Africa. Flock to Marion was an opportunity-in-a-lifetime!

Helenor Whitecross – 07.03.2022
The most awesome experience I have had. To see so many different types of Albatrosses and other sea birds was unforgettable.

Karen McGrath – 07.03.2022
An incredible experience for birders and non birders alike!!

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