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Type: Accommodation – Resort
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: Enjoy a dinner brought to your cozy abode while overlooking a magical view of the Drakensberg Mountains from your cottage, wine glass in hand, as you kick back and relax, listening to the evening sounds of the Zebra, Mountain Reedbuck and Nightjars in close proximity. A truly magical experience awaits you at this little mountain paradise.

Region: Kwazulu Natal / Drakensberg

Berghouse and Cottages

A little mountain paradise

A little mountain paradise situated high up on the foothills of the Northern Drakensberg mountains overlooking the Maloti, Northern and Central Drakensberg peaks. Cozy country cottages sprinkled lightly on the countryside provide accommodation for you, your family and friends. Well located midway between Johannesburg and Durban. We invite you to enjoy our amenities, on-site trails, wildlife and so much more. Your happiness is our pleasure!

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Sipho Mnyakeni – 24.05.2022
Awesome service

Sam Bezuidenhout – 16.05.2022
Phenomenal views, homely atmosphere, incredible service, and so many activities right on your doorstep! Absolute quality.

Lungile Mfusi – 06.05.2022
This place is beautiful with amazing views.

Fozia Makada – 05.05.2022
Looks amazing. Can’t wait to experience it for myself

Naseeba – 05.05.2022
Please may I have the voucher, I haven’t had a holiday in a really long time.Thank you.

Ravita Rambali – 04.05.2022
Amazing views and tranquil ambience!

Zahida – 04.05.2022
Wowzers ,thats such a majestical place

Waheeda – 04.05.2022
Stunning accommodation.

Alyssa Lewis – 03.05.2022
Beautiful Mountain Views

Lucille Couch – 03.05.2022
Beautiful location and a hid away from the hassle of the city

Rosemary Whelan – 01.05.2022
Beautiful location amd heart warming place.

Sunita Boodram – 01.05.2022
Brilliant area. The berg is rest for the soul.

Thandeka Ntombela – 01.05.2022
I love the Drakensberg especially for the winter romantic cozy getaways.

Simone Singh – 24.04.2022
Beautiful place heard amazing stories and would love to visit.

Suvasha Kander – 19.04.2022
Beautiful views

Sachiko oe – 18.04.2022
Wonderful views

Jonathan Ross – 08.04.2022
Fantastic accommodation with incredible views and amazing staff. I would definitely recommend this accommodation.

Melissa Chaney – 05.04.2022
The best place to stay on a MTB weekend!

Jo Georgiadis – 29.03.2022
Berg house cottages

Keletso – 27.03.2022
All the best this is a beautiful place

Asiaah Essop – 24.03.2022

Teagan Cunniffe – 24.03.2022
Wonderful, warm welcomes and the BEST views out onto the Drakensberg – Berghouse is a special place indeed!!

Dayanand Rhinesha – 23.03.2022
Love this area of the herg

Nozipho Madonsela – 22.03.2022
Love you

Pat Lynch – 22.03.2022
Accommodation Berg house and cottages

Kiara – 18.03.2022
Along with the stunning setting, the big hearts and genuine hospitality of the Piccione Family and their team make the Berghouse and Cottages my home away from home!

Neville de Villiers – 18.03.2022
Oh wow beautiful place

Daniela Lamparelli – 17.03.2022
Stunning views and cozy atmosphere at the Berghouse cottages!

Antoinette Van der Merwe – 16.03.2022
We had an unforgettable stay at Berghouse and Cottages, and look forward to going again in the near future. The view, peace, tranquility, and charming, well equipped cottages are highly recommended!

Cindy – 16.03.2022
Wonderfully beautiful berg house cottages

Gugulethu – 16.03.2022
The scenery in the Drakensberg is breathtaking, quite therapeutic. I love the velvet green mountains surroundings.

Marc Reitz – 16.03.2022
This has got to be one of the most superb offerings in the Western Drakensberg region. The tastefully decorated cottages that draw influence from traditional Freestate dressed stone homes and barns are a hit. Waking up to views that are spellbinding in the least while drawing in a fresh morning lung of Berg air will quickly dissolve the woes of the big city. This is a spot that sets one up for repeat visits as it’s an absolute home away from home. Your hosts Vaughn and Chantelle are some of the finest people we have known, resting you in the best hands for your weekend away. This is a must.

Tsholo Bayi – 16.03.2022
Stunning views looks like heaven.

Mel Larsen – 16.03.2022
A unforgettable experience at Berghouse – Professional staff, beautiful views exceptional accommodation i cant wait to visit again – A special thank you to Vaughn & Chantel.

Petra Laubscher – 16.03.2022
This is a wonderful initiative Looks like paradise

Carrie-Ann Stewart – 16.03.2022
Most amazing place,great hospitality. Brilliant views

Willa Louw – 16.03.2022
The most romantic getaway in years service is a pleasure and one truely relax

Desica Schonken – 15.03.2022
Absolute hidden GEM! It was the most perfect getaway for us as a couple. We were treated with the most delicious meals served at our cottage. Every single detail of a perfect stay has been thought of. Berghouse & Cottages truly deserves to win

Lauren – 15.03.2022
We stayed for over a week at the Berghouse Cottages and it was one of the most amazing experiences we ever had. The most stunning views and location, wonderful staff, great outdoor experiences. It was the trip of a lifetime. 10/10 would recommend!

Bronwyn Kennedy – 15.03.2022
Berghouse & Cottages is a gem of a venue, with amazing views, food and team. We love staying there for romantic weekends.

Murray van Rensburg – 15.03.2022
Berghouse cottages!

Tony English – 15.03.2022
A little piece of heaven that is magnificent. Good for ones soul and mental health.

Megan Jenkins – 15.03.2022
Please let me win. I need a holiday!

Vanessa Muller – 15.03.2022
Wow! This place looks so awesome!

Almar Creighton – 15.03.2022
Definitely the place to travel too is Berghouse cottages. Majestical!

Garry Oftebro – 15.03.2022
Berg House & Cottages is situated in a most beautiful setting, with lovely comfortable accommodation. The owners and staff go out of their way with friendliness and catering to your every need. Definitely get my vote and recommendation.

Casey Korck – 15.03.2022
What an amazing place! The views are absolutely breathtaking.

Jana – 15.03.2022
Berghouse and cottages is a magical place!

Emma Fautley – 15.03.2022
Definitely voting for Berghouse and Cottages. Looks so beautiful and definitely on my bucket list. Such a lovely part of the world.

Jenna Riva – 15.03.2022
I have been waiting years to visit Berghouse Cottages. It looks gorgeous… All I want to do is jump in that glorious swimming pool!

Harriet English – 15.03.2022
Most incredible spot! Many happy memories there!

Jonathan Muller – 15.03.2022
Went for our honeymoon! What a magical place and setting!

Bernadene Wortmann – 15.03.2022
Berg house and Cottages, Paradise Indeed!!

Altus Booysen – 15.03.2022
Went there for our engagement and will definitely go back when we’re back in our beautiful South Africa!

Lucy De Villiers – 15.03.2022
So serene!!

Doreenĺ Jansen van Vuuren – 15.03.2022
Most beautiful place

Motshilisi Khechane – 14.03.2022
It’s like being in paradise.

Nora – 14.03.2022
We absolutely enjoyed out stay at the Berghouse and Cottages. The cottages are well appointed and have everything you need for a comfortable stay. The food was excellent!!! We looked forward to every meal!

Tave – 14.03.2022
Berghouse and cottages

Claire – 14.03.2022
Beautiful place

M Pain – 14.03.2022
Love the photos of the view. Comes highly recommended

Janine Swanson – 14.03.2022
The Drakensberg is one of the few places that has remained protected and pristine. The space to regenerate, rejuvenate and replenish the peace that we all need to keep us going. One of the most beautiful and majestic parts of our country and a place one never gets tired of going to. The beauty and serenity of the berg is something every South African should experience….. pure beauty that surrounds you and envelops you in its splendour.

Sash Rajkumar – 14.03.2022
I have never been to berghouse and cottage From the Instagram posts it looks absolutely beautiful and Tranquil. My mums birthday is coming up I will definitely make a booking

Demi Gouws – 14.03.2022
Berghouse and cottages

Petro Pretorius – 14.03.2022
I have been blessed to have stayed at Berghouse and cottages at couple of times, and have always had an exceptional stay. The hosts are so lovely, the setting to Tranquil and beautiful!!

Katy – 14.03.2022
Berghouse and cottages – most beautiful views

Melissa Verwey – 14.03.2022
Highly recommended – I vote for you!!

Kerry Buckthorp – 14.03.2022
Stunning place in the most majestic area of South Africa

Sean – 14.03.2022
Awesome place. Great hospitality

Jessica Odendaal – 14.03.2022
Berg house and cottages!!

Ilanie Wessels – 14.03.2022
We spent our honeymoon at berghouse and cottages… What a great place and amazing people ❤️

Liana van Rooyen – 14.03.2022
Berghouse and Cottages

Dustin Graham – 14.03.2022
Berg house for the win!!

Carrie Ann Stewart – 14.03.2022
Brilliant place

Kirsten Huntley – 14.03.2022
We have been visiting the Berghouse since 2012 and have loved every stay. Beautiful views. Peaceful. Stunning pool. Great hosts. Well worth a visit any time of year.

Kerryn Mullin – 14.03.2022
Most Magnificent escape, breathe taking views and awesome accommodation! A must visit spot!

Byron Piccione – 14.03.2022
Best place ever!

Guy English – 14.03.2022
Magical getaway for those that love the outdoors and nature

Ryan – 14.03.2022
Unbelievable getaway spot!!

Amy Brown – 14.03.2022
We LOVE Berghouse and cottages!! Such a hidden gem with amazing activities and views!

Di Timcke – 14.03.2022
Great spot.

Warren Humphries – 14.03.2022
Berghouse and Cottages

Lauren – 14.03.2022
Best tranquil getaway surrounded by the northern drakensberg.

Erin – 14.03.2022
Berg house cottage is the best

Lenandi Erasmus – 14.03.2022
This is a indescribable gem in the middle of South Africa. Unbelievable and jaw dropping views, friendly staff, cosy atmosphere and enjoyable for the entire family is a few statements that comes to mind. Will definitely recommend to anyone.

Alex – 14.03.2022
Best place ever !!!

Nicole Stewart – 14.03.2022
Just the best getaway spot with the most incredible views and activities

Moosa Mkansi – 14.03.2022
I would like to experience elegance that is in this place

Moosa Mkansi – 14.03.2022
Very clean and the view is out of this world

Tiffany Boardman Boardman – 14.03.2022
Awesome spot

Riana Bester – 14.03.2022
Would love to visit beautiful Berghouse and Cottages

Laure – 14.03.2022
Very beautiful!

Ruth Govender – 14.03.2022
Lovely place to have a family vacation

Ruth Govender – 14.03.2022
Lovely place to have a family vacation

Mandy Swanepoel – 14.03.2022
BERGHOUSE! Just the most beautiful little piece of the Drakensberg! Serene.

Paul Schultz – 14.03.2022

Juanita de Jong – 14.03.2022
A most gorgeous place with outstanding hosts!

Bridgitte Moores-Pitt – 14.03.2022
Berg House & Cottages is simply magnificent

Jenna de Croes – 14.03.2022
One of the best places I’ve stayed in. Beautiful views and friendly owners. And of course, the rock pool overlooking the drakensberg mountains.

Alan VanWyngarden – 14.03.2022
Berghouse is incredible.

Nicky – 14.03.2022

Jacques Sellschop – 14.03.2022
Best value for money in class, comfort and quality of accommodation, location and cuisine.

Alan VanWyngarden – 14.03.2022
BergHouse is incredible!

Leigh Cullinan – 14.03.2022
A place you loose your heart to. Beautiful!

Le Roux Lisa – 14.03.2022
Beautiful part of South Africa

Helen Renton – 14.03.2022
An amazing quiet and delightful establishment The views spectacular and the food after a days exploration beyond delicious

Lungile Mkhize – 14.03.2022
Berghouse Cottages is amazing

Craig de kock – 14.03.2022
Must visit location,absolute heaven!

Chantelle Watson – 14.03.2022
Number ONE

Diane Jansen van Vuuren – 14.03.2022
Voting for Berghouse and Cottages

Menzi Mhlongo – 14.03.2022
Such a beautiful and tranquil piece of paradise. Great staff as well!!!

Louise Bennetts – 14.03.2022
We looking to get the berg and This win would be amazing

MK Nguz – 14.03.2022
What a beautiful place!

Samuel Phatlane – 14.03.2022
Voting for Berghouse & Cottages in The Drakensberg

Tanya Botha – 14.03.2022
What a beautiful majestic place! Perfect getaway for an awesome weekend away.

Fayrush Khan – 14.03.2022
Escape the stresses of city life, and enjoy the serenity of Berghouse and cottages, unimaginable views are waiting to rejuvenate your soul.

Irma Wilson – 14.03.2022
Awesome nature reset hosts! Switch of, turn on, tune into Life

Sandile Mnyayiza – 14.03.2022
Its a beautiful place. When you want to get away from the hussle and bussle if Cuty life. Perfect explaining is it feels like home

Karabo Mnyayiza – 14.03.2022
I vote for berghouse cottages

Megan White – 14.03.2022
A lovely, tranquil setting

Visham Maniram – 14.03.2022
Topz …well done Berghouse and Cottages ….Seems to b an awesome place ….All the best for the Award .

Albert Wessels – 14.03.2022
I vote for Berghouse Cottages. Good luck! I also request a R1000 travel voucher. Thank you.

Elmarie Benadie – 14.03.2022
Most beautiful views from the cottage and surroundings, friendly and helpful owner and staff, good food and overall a wonderful relaxing experience in the tranquility of nature. Will definitely recommend Berghouse and cottages to everyone.

Kim – 14.03.2022
Berghouse And Cottages the best choice

Taryn Paola – 14.03.2022

Teyla – 14.03.2022
An amazing and tranquil place!

Elsa – 14.03.2022
Wow wow and magical… Breathtaking views… little miniature horses a charm and if you want to order good that was a treat aswell

Bonnie Minnaar – 14.03.2022
Looks like a beautiful piece of heaven

Nellie Lindeque – 14.03.2022
Best wishes for an award well deserved

Samantha Kwirirayi – 13.03.2022
The best✨✨✨✨

Elsabe van Vuuren – 13.03.2022
All the best to berghouse cottages with this nomination

Waldo – 13.03.2022
Place looks very beautiful. Have never visited there, but I would love to visit it someday.

Saralee Gunns – 13.03.2022
Such a magical destination!

Amanda Van der Westhuizen – 13.03.2022
Looks amazing.

Raymond lavis – 13.03.2022
Best place to be with world class hostes

Jolandé Duvenahe – 13.03.2022
Voucher request please.

Jennifer adams – 13.03.2022
Stunning place

Bernice Drake – 13.03.2022
The Berghouse and Cottages look like a dream!

Emmerentia Du Plooy – 13.03.2022
Who doesn’t need a bit of magic in their lives! Certainly looks like you can get it here at Berghouse and Cottages.

B Aitken – 13.03.2022
Sounds fantastic. A must visit in the near future.

Martie van Wyk – 13.03.2022
What a stunning view!!!

Greg Simpson – 13.03.2022
Looks like a great place to get away!

Henno Jansen van Rensburg – 13.03.2022
Amazing views, great food, friendly staff & beautiful trails. Everything you can ask for in the Drakensberg.

Hugh Getkate – 13.03.2022
Berghouse cottages amazing

Nicki Anthony – 13.03.2022
Amazing views and lovely place to visit

Anne Verbist – 13.03.2022
Beautiful spot. Wonderful for hiking.

Dominique Fuller – 13.03.2022
Peaceful place to just relax and recharge.

Miles Nel – 13.03.2022
Awesome spot

Suvi – 13.03.2022
Was here 2 years ago and had a phenomenal peaceful time

Liza Whitcomb – 13.03.2022
Would love to visit on our next holiday to the berg!!! Looks stunning!!

Shibe – 13.03.2022
What a beautiful place to go for a vacation with family and friends

Cheryl Retief – 13.03.2022
A little bit of paradise.

Siphiwe Ngalo – 13.03.2022
What a beautiful place,I usually go in Bergville for hiking, wish to visit this place.

Allison – 13.03.2022
Amazing hosts and incredible spot

Francois van der Merwe – 13.03.2022
The Drakensberg is a great destination. From afar, but even more so when you are up there and you look down onto the land below. The fresh air, the green valleys and the the thunder. I must go there again!

Lorna Hamman – 13.03.2022
Heaven on earth

Lorraine Gace – 13.03.2022
I would love to try out your cottages & love your views and also interested in your trails.

Kelly Robertson – 13.03.2022
Beautiful views!

Neil – 13.03.2022
One of South Africa’s most amazing spots to stay. True paradise and beauty

Janice Robertson – 13.03.2022
Beautiful spot, great hosts, highly recommended

Kelly Waterworth – 13.03.2022
Beautiful cottages and the owners are wonderful

Karl – 13.03.2022
Love the Berghouse and Cottages, it’s my favourite place to stay

Shaun Maitre – 13.03.2022
If you are needing a real holiday ithese cozy cottages with magnificent mountain views and the best hospitality are the place to chill and unwind.

Kenau Botha – 13.03.2022
A lovely place

Mervyn Mayer – 13.03.2022
Home from home with absolute beauty. Incredible hosts.

Zanri Grobler – 13.03.2022
Beautiful place!

Kate Tharratt – 12.03.2022
The view says it all and the outdoor experience sublime. 5 star experience *****

Nombu – 12.03.2022
My vote goes to berg cottage

Janet – 12.03.2022
Look forward to a beautiful break

Kirsty Miller – 12.03.2022
Absolutely amazing and so accommodating!

Cecile de Scally – 12.03.2022
Amazing place and we will be back

Sharron Barber – 12.03.2022
Would love to be able to win a voucher to plan another getaway

Kyle Joynt – 12.03.2022
The resort is surrounded by beautiful imposing mountains that look different throughout the day with the constant changes in light. Well appointed cottages, excellent service and a friendly helpful host. The Royal Natal National Park is close by and has great hikes, although there are numerous trails for hiking and mountain biking on the Berghouse and Cottages estate. Highly recommended and has my vote.

Riaan – 12.03.2022
Awesome , tranquil location !!!! So peaceful and lovely just perfect.

Paul Maitre – 12.03.2022
Lovely accomodation in the mountains. Very friendly hosts. Beautiful rock swimming pool and majestic views.

Claire Long – 12.03.2022
One of my favourite places on earth!

Joelene wessels – 12.03.2022
Absolutely beautiful place for a breakaway

Ncebakazi Dyani – 12.03.2022
Type: Accommodation – Resort Category: Unique Experience Enjoy a dinner brought to your cozy abode while overlooking a magical view of the Drakensberg Mountains from your cottage, wine glass in hand, as you kick back and relax, listening to the evening sounds of the Zebra, Mountain Reedbuck and Nightjars in close proximity. A truly magical experience awaits you at this little mountain paradise. Region: Kwazulu Natal / Drakensberg

Alex Kirkman – 12.03.2022
My family from jhb and love Berghouse cottages as a beautiful half way meeting spot between Durban and Jhb

Dale Linstrom – 12.03.2022
We spent our honeymoon at Berhouse cottages and fell in love with tge mountains, and ofcourse berghouse cottages’ hospitality <3

Paul Maitre – 12.03.2022
Lovely accomodation in the mountains. Very friendly hosts. Beautiful rock swimming pool and majestic views.

Carolynne Van Reenen – 12.03.2022
Definately will be on my wish list to visit !

Paul Maitre – 12.03.2022
Lovely accomodation in the mountains. Very friendly hosts. Beautiful rock swimming pool and majestic views.

Paul Maitre – 12.03.2022
Lovely accomodation in the mountains. Very friendly hosts. Beautiful rock swimming pool and majestic views.

Paul Maitre – 12.03.2022
Lovely accomodation in the mountains. Very friendly hosts. Beautiful rock swimming pool and majestic views.

Paul Maitre – 12.03.2022
Lovely accomodation in the mountains. Very friendly hosts. Beautiful rock swimming pool and majestic views.

Tersia Grobler – 12.03.2022
So pragtig mooi in die natuur met groot vriendelikheid

Paul Maitre – 12.03.2022
Lovely accomodation in the mountains. Very friendly hosts. Beautiful rock swimming pool and majestic views.

Paul Maitre – 12.03.2022
Lovely accomodation in the mountains. Very friendly hosts. Beautiful rock swimming pool and majestic views.

Paul Maitre – 12.03.2022
Lovely accomodation in the mountains. Very friendly hosts. Beautiful rock swimming pool and majestic views.

Paul Maitre – 12.03.2022
Lovely accomodation in the mountains. Very friendly hosts. Beautiful rock swimming pool and majestic views.

Paul Maitre – 12.03.2022
Lovely accomodation in the mountains. Very friendly hosts. Beautiful rock swimming pool and majestic views.

Paul Maitre – 12.03.2022
Lovely accomodation in the mountains. Very friendly hosts. Beautiful rock swimming pool and majestic views.

Craig Mottram – 12.03.2022
Excellent accommodation, hosting & hospitality

Serena Pearce – 12.03.2022
A magic spot with lots to do, beautiful views and wonderful hospitality.

Louisa Brownell – 12.03.2022
Amazinggggg getaway spot!!

Rachelle Inocco – 12.03.2022
Love Berghouse Cottages. Such a special getaway

Amy Kamhoot – 12.03.2022
The best place to stay to regroup

Loëlann – 12.03.2022
Stunning views with very nice cottages

Tanya De Bruyn – 12.03.2022
Total tranquility

Jenny Skeen – 12.03.2022
We had a great weekend away here several years ago. Ponies. Toddler friendly. Magnificent views. Very close to Royal Natal.

Viv Ruiter – 12.03.2022
Most beautiful and tranquil setting. Lovely hosts, and the mountain views are awesome

Bronwyn Parsons – 12.03.2022
Beautiful scenery. Attention to detail and friendly service from Berg House Cottages

Jooce Garrett – 12.03.2022
Beautiful place and beautiful people. South Africa at its best.

Frits Kamhoot – 12.03.2022
Great place great people. Little piece of Berg heaven

Nthabi Sonono – 12.03.2022
I had the best stay here in August 2021. Gorgeous cottages they had everything you could ever need, from heaters to electric blankets.the kitchen had all the utensils you could ever need. The food was superb.

Brian Pearce – 12.03.2022
Wonderful stay. Great hospitality.

Cheryl Borresen – 12.03.2022
What a piece of paradise! Certainly worth many more than one visit!

Brenden Baxter – 12.03.2022
Absolutely fabulous venue that provides all that is advertised. Tranquil, peaceful amazing service.

Kat bladen – 12.03.2022
Stunning! Hope to stay there soon

Lindsay Lewis – 12.03.2022
Fantastic welcoming Place. With wonderful options of hiking trails.

Annie Stiebel – 12.03.2022
Just love this place!! Everything from the stunning views, lovely accommodation, fantastic hosts and much more… Look forward to many more visits.

Renee Stockil – 12.03.2022
A truly unique experience!

Theresa Jager – 12.03.2022
Berghouse and Cottages is the perfect getaway! It’s Paradise….

Lance Luffingham – 12.03.2022
What a magical and relaxing place.

Gail Pedlar – 12.03.2022
Stunning setting, lovely cottages and such hospitable hosts

Tersia Grobler – 12.03.2022
Berghouse and Cottages dis n pragtige plek, berge en ontspanning Vol van die natuur se mooi

Matthew Wilkes – 12.03.2022
The most magical getaway, breathtaking views in well thought out accommodation. Did I mention the hosts are the warmest and most hospitable people around?

Sherry Rattray – 11.03.2022
Wonderful accomadation and amazing views. I would recommend it highly

Cathy Buchanan – 11.03.2022
Stunning place!!!

Peter Piccione – 11.03.2022
Best accommodation in the Drakensberg!

Gary Hill – 11.03.2022
Amazing stay! Arrived as guests and left as friends. 5 star service and accommodation at an affordable price. Will be back for sure.

Sheryl – 11.03.2022
I’ve followed Berghouse and Cottages on Instagram for some time and put it on my bucket list! It looks just amazing for a pecial treat and a relaxing break away from city life!

Terence Bedser – 11.03.2022
Berghouse And Cottages for the win

Talia Kilfoil – 11.03.2022
Loved our stay at Berghouse and Cottages. The location is perfect, not far from Jhb but you’re transformed into paradise. The tastefully decorated rooms, magnificent views, coupled with log fire and yummy heart meals makes this paradise. Take me back!

Philip Day – 11.03.2022
Magical setting and great hosts.

Mark Brownell – 11.03.2022
Awesome spot! The perfect place for the your wife to tell you she’s pregnant!

Claire – 11.03.2022
Warm hospitality, stunning views and the most delicious food!

Brent Trodd – 11.03.2022
Best hosts ever

Prayleen Bailey – 11.03.2022
The place looks amazing and should win

Chantal Baxter – 11.03.2022
Magical place. A gem that everyone should visit

Pam Essery – 11.03.2022
The Berg House Is a real unique experience. The accommodation, food and views ard hard to beat anywhere. The Host and Hostess, Vaughn and Chantal are a lovely special couple who are their to guide you any time during your stay.

Vicky Justine Lam – 11.03.2022
This place has been my second home. I love everything about it from the Amazing owners who are welcoming and warm hearted, to the staff who make you smile. The mornings where the sun greets you with a breathtaking view. The ponies that come to you door. The sounds of birds, and the smell of fresh air. Hiking down to the river for a swim, or going for a horse ride. Waiting for the buck to emerge onto the hill tops. This place and people give you blessed moment and shared memories.

Laura Cole – 11.03.2022
Most incredible spot, amazing views, incredible food, comfortable beds, friendly staff, amazing hosts!!! 100% worth a stop!!!!

Eric Stratford – 11.03.2022
Great views. Very quiet and accommodation is cottagey and cozy. Great hosts are there but are only seen when wanted. My choice for berg accommodation every time.

Julian – 11.03.2022
What an amazing place to stay. Wonderful hosts and phenomenal views of the Berg. A real gem!

Warren Baynes – 11.03.2022
My family and I have been frequent visitors to this incredibly beautiful place. The views, food , hospitality and atmosphere created by the staff are at a world class level. Truly our home away from home.

Lyn Baxter – 11.03.2022
Amazing service and attention to detail. Stunning views and peace and tranquillity

Helen Wilkes – 11.03.2022
This is a perfect gem for accommodation and relaxation. Friendly staff delicious food and spectacular views.

Carla – 11.03.2022

Carmen – 11.03.2022
Spectacular place.

Alexandra Van Reenen – 11.03.2022
The most beautiful little piece of heaven in the berg

Pippa Hattingh – 11.03.2022
Magnificent views over-looking the amphitheater with great service and a memorable experience

Michelle Garrett – 11.03.2022
We come all the way from Switzerland to visit as often as we can and love every minute! Perfect hosts, accommodation and setting wrap you in a warm hug.

Charne Jones – 11.03.2022
Amazing space and should win! Hands down :)

Landiwe – 11.03.2022
The best home away from home.

Lindsey MacSymon – 11.03.2022
Had the most wonderful time here – and going back in April. Can not wait.

Rob Hargroves – 11.03.2022
It is truly a place to find your soul. My home away from home.

Gareth – 11.03.2022
You couldn’t ask for a better place to stay! Incredible views of the mountains, friendliest staff around and food spoils that will bring you back time and time again.

Gavin Lubbe – 11.03.2022
Love this place!

Mariella Filippa – 11.03.2022
The most incredible little slice of Paradise with the most wonderful hosts, friendly staff, super comfortable accommodation and exceptional food! Easily my most favourite get away location in South Africa.

Miles Bisset – 11.03.2022
Amazing location, best hosts and incredible scenery

Catty Goos – 11.03.2022
We have been sending clients to The Berghouse for over 10 years and all of them are very impressed with the accommodation, service and food. Well done to the Berghouse, a perfect place to stay when in Drakensberg!

Rakhee Shah – 11.03.2022
We have had multiple visit during covid and also seen other beautiful places in SA. But we keep going back to Bergehouse. Super special place with the most breathtaking views. So good for the soul

Vaughn Piccione – 11.03.2022
A magical and unique experience awaits you when you visit this Little Mountain Paradise in the Northern Drakensberg mountains of South Africa

Gayle Munstermann – 11.03.2022
The most georgous cottages, with amazing linen and decor, not to mention a super fireplace for those cosy burg evenings. The view just makes this venue one of the best setting in the country.

Melissa Gelling – 11.03.2022
I absolutely loved my stay at Berghouse and cottages.. Can’t wait to go back soon

P MASHILOANE – 11.03.2022
Wonderful scenery!

Lee Fuller – 11.03.2022
The best spot in the Berg!!

Juané Visser – 11.03.2022
Absolutely stunning! Beautiful views, great service, cosy and comfortable accommodation.

Sam Reiche – 11.03.2022
Stayed there in June last year and loved it. So quaint, phenomenal views and stunning food to boot.

Barbara – 11.03.2022
Best treat- views, comfort, great food !

Nicole Kleinsmidt – 11.03.2022
One of the nicest getaways we had. It was relaxing and beautiful.

Mark Lotter – 11.03.2022
Berghouse Cortages isn’t gem. Top service and brilliant location makes this spot an experience.

sudheer gareeb – 11.03.2022
Beautiful getaway with alot of activities , peaceful experience

Kayla Tagg – 11.03.2022
We enjoyed an amazing romantic getaway at Berghouse and Cottages for our wedding anniversary. Phezulu cottage was just perfect, with beautiful views over the mountains, without even getting out of bed. The fireplace and the delicious dinner brought to the cottage just made the experience even more beautiful. Highly recommended.

Karen Burnett – 11.03.2022
Voting for Berghouse and Cottages… that view!!

Jacob – 11.03.2022
Berghouse and Cottages!

Barbs BURTON – 11.03.2022
Amazing setting , service and accomodation.

Barbara Rogers – 11.03.2022
Best spot to completely chill. Views incredible.

excited for my stay at the Berghouse this April , the place is beautiful and so soulful

Jacinta – 11.03.2022
Berg house and cottages is truly a magical piece of heaven! Magical views and delicious food, allow for prime relaxation. Wonderful memories have been made at Berghouse and Cottages!

Long Debbie – 11.03.2022
Berghouse Cottages are honestly the BEST holiday destination in the Drakensberg. Beautiful views, stunning cottages, delicious food and the warmest hospitality.

Linda Eyre – 11.03.2022
Wonderful accommodation.

Michael o’Flattery – 11.03.2022
Beautiful accommodation and setting.

Matt Dove – 11.03.2022
Amazing place to relax and unwind.

Phindile Khumalo – 10.03.2022
I love Drakensberg mountains because I am from that side. I would really like to have a getaway holiday on the mountains.

Mafhee moila – 10.03.2022
I think this is the best place to visit

Victoria – 10.03.2022
The most beautiful hosts and the most magical place!

Dina-Marie Swart – 10.03.2022
Exceptional in every way.

Ian Piccione – 10.03.2022
Wonderful place to stay!!

Ané Carter – 10.03.2022
This place is a dream !! So amazing, the food is delicious, views are spectacular! You won’t regret booking this place for an all inclusive!!

Jessica Boshoff – 10.03.2022
Dying to go looks beautiful

brian wilkes – 10.03.2022
If you are looking for spectacular views, great walking trails and a whole lot of peace and quite, this is it.

Vickie – 10.03.2022
Looking forward to our trip here for our Anniversary in April!

Luzaan Roodt – 10.03.2022
We will visit berghouse in 3 weeks time, spending our honeymoon there. Very excited and can’t wait!

Chanel Roos – 10.03.2022
“A little mountain paradise” for sure!! The Berghouse & Cottages has THE BEST view of the Amphitheater and the highest waterfall in the world! They have hiking, horse riding, fishing at the river, all in walking distance from your cottage! Beautifully curated home-made meals brought to your cottage – who could ask for more? Cannot wait to go back!

Cyndy – 10.03.2022
A little bit of paradise with great hospitality, beautiful scenery, comfortable accommodation and the best swimming pool in the world!

Thohirah Rhode – 10.03.2022
This places sounds like a piece of heaven.. Looke amazing

Janeen Cole – 10.03.2022
Friendly staff, great accommodation, masses to do and the most magnificent views!

Callum Piccione – 09.03.2022
Best in the Berg !!!

Author – 09.03.2022
Spectacular views and great value for money

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