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Type: Destination
Category: Service Excellence

Motivation for award: During normal seasons, one may not even be aware that there is a river flowing almost parallel with the entrance road as it is completely out of sight. During the two periods of high flow the past 12 months, the Park staff have been pushed to the limit and they have stood exceptionally strong. Everyone has done there bit and much much more without complaining, just helping out wherever help was needed. It has been an amazing team effort for such a small Park staff component to deal with such a high influx of visitors over a long period of time. The Augrabies Falls Restaurant and retail facilities re-opened its doors in April 2021 under new management, much to the delight of our visitors. Financially the park performed exceptionally well, already welcomed more than 88000 visitors in comparison to the 72601 in 2020/21 and the 55375 in 2019/20. The unexpected increase in water flow from approximately 100 cumec in mid-December 2021 to a massive flow of 3652 cumec in January 2022, was indeed the main contributing factor. The Park was privileged to host various events and activities which varies from old Ford F100 series vehicle enthusiasts to participants of the “Away for Repair” – SANParks TV Reality series shot over 3 days in the Park. Keen athletes from all over participated in the Klipspringer Running trail in April/May 2021 as well as the Trans-Augrabies MTB Cycle Challenge event in June 2021. The 1st Fly-fishing event held in August 2021 also needs to be mentioned as a highlight. The opportunity for youngsters from nearby communities to be exposed to responsible fishing as well as canoeing, as a spin-off of this fly-fishing event, was much appreciated. The Take-a-girl-child-to-work programme hosted in October 2021 emphasised the importance of youth development initiatives in tandem with our communities and local media. A giant step in enhancing stakeholder relationship building was taken in December 2021, when 5 tourism staff and portfolio members from the Riemvasmaak Hot water-springs spent 3 days in the Park engaging in a tourism empowerment programme, initiated by the Park. As the water flow rose and resulted in an influx of tourists to the Park, both permanent and non-permanent staff fired on all their cylinders by working tirelessly and almost made it seem effortless in order to ensure that a high standard of visitor experience is delivered. Herewith the efforts and dedication of all staff members are saluted. I am honoured to be part of such a formidable team. Team Augrabies wants to thank all visitors who supported the Park throughout the year and is fortunate to also have host the many South Africans who flocked to our Park. The 74mm of rain that the Park received in January 2022 contributed to the hype and literally led to greener pastures in what previously was quite dry and barren. The motivation is based on the fact that the park has highly excelled in the financial field over the past year. All tourism targets and income were exceeded substantially. The year on year increase of visitor numbers are a clear indication of this statement and this is also supported by the numerous positive comments and compliments received from visitors. The dedicated staff who undoubtedly going the extra mile, ensured that visitors had a positive tourism experience, need to be saluted.

Region: Northern Cape / ZFM Region/District


“AFNP – Stronger together”

The Park was initially proclaimed to conserve a small area of geological interest around the Augrabies Falls, which is the largest waterfall on the Orange River. The Khoi people called it “Aukoerebis”, or place of Great Noise, as this powerful flow of water is unleashed from rocky surroundings characterised by the 18km abyss of the Orange River Gorge.

The Park is divided by the Orange River into a small northern and a larger southern section; a total of approximately 51113 hectares.

There are various viewpoints and decks from which one can marvel at this amazing site. The waterfall is within walking distance from the Rest Camp.

There is only one public access point to the park, which is controlled by a manually operated access control boom manned by an outsourced security company. The main entrance gate is closing at 22h00 and re-opens for guests to depart at 05h00. No access is allowed after these hours except in cases of emergency and pre-arrangements. From 22h00 the rest camp is patrolled by a security guard until 04h45. The main entrance gate opens at 05h00 and is then again manned until 22h00 where after it is locked. The Reception desk opens daily at 07h00. Tourists are then able to enter. Day visitors need to leave at 6pm.

Tourism infrastructure in the Park:
– 59 chalets in the rest camp
– 40 camping sites in the rest camp
– Overnight accommodation with three swimming pools
– Conference center
– Laundry facility
– 2 overnight trail huts
– 1 picnic site for day visitors in the rest camp, with a swimming pool, braai and ablution facilities (currently closed due to high water damage)
– 1 remote picnic site with braai and ablution facilities in the game area
– 1 filling station
– 1 outsourced shop and restaurant
– 1 Gorge cottage at Oranjekom viewpoint

The Oranjekom Gorge Cottage is a secluded accommodation facility with a breathtaking view. This cottage is absolutely unique as it is located beneath the viewpoint of the spectacular Oranjekom Gorge, offering unrivaled vistas of the Orange River flowing 240m below. Visitors can look forward to a luxurious one bedroom apartment with a fully-equipped self-catering kitchen and separate ablution facilities.

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Tshegofatso Nyalungu – 02.05.2022
Request voucher

Lisa Gouws – 14.04.2022
I went here when I was in high school and won’t forget the experience. Beautiful, majestic, powerful and spectacular!

Rose Buhr – 14.04.2022
Absolutely unique experience

Eugenie Drakes – 30.03.2022
I can still hear the thundering sound of the cascading water. It is a quaint area and well worth visiting for the sheer grandeur of the falls and the areas around it.

Johan Blaauw – 17.03.2022

Lorraine Van Vooren – 15.03.2022
Absolutely beautiful destination, with amazing views and waterfalls.

Andrushka Kotze – 04.03.2022
At the Augrabies Falls National Park the Waterfalls is definitely a highlight.You will get the best experience with excellent camping sites and and chalets.Truly the place of great Noise as the Nama’s call it. It is a sound that attracts you to stare at this beautifully natural painting depicting a reflection of the masses of water from our unique Orange River. Love our Northern Cape!!!

Val Kidd – 03.03.2022
Thank you ?

Jennifer Titus – 22.02.2022
Augrabies Falls National Park is a nice and the staff is very friendly.

Genevieve Karsten – 22.02.2022
Beautiful Sunsets and breathtaking waterfalls

Prezela Beukes – 22.02.2022
breathtaking sunrise, spectacular waterfall, clean accommodation and very friendly staff!

Annake Moolman – 21.02.2022
This Park is very close to my heart. I just love the falls, massive rocks and beautiful gorge. Wonderful accommodation and very friendly staff!

Terri-Ann Nero – 18.02.2022
Absolutely, Breathtaking waterfalls, Gorgeous park!!!!

Alec – 18.02.2022
Augrabies National Park is a very beautiful and amazing park. It is definitely a very special place to visit and there is so much to see.

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