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Type: Media
Category: Child Friendly

Motivation for award: The publication’s main reader demographic is educators that have to take children on excursions, tours, and programs. School Travel and Tourism activate children’s understanding of the value of learning through the experience they go through. A child at a school camp/retreat gets exposure to various activities and geographical locations of venues, via a sports camp/choir camp or just a basic adventure camp. Living the experience activates the interest of that child. That child will become a broad-based Tourism client in the next 10 years. As a crucial part of the activation of future clientele, we pride ourselves in being the voice and information platform for our niche sector.

Region: Nationwide / All

ALLES Magazine

ALLES School Travel & Tourism

We are “ALLES” about School Travel and Tourism. Adventure Leadership Lifestyle Education and Sport are the five pillars the experiential education sector of South Africa is built on. In our publication, we showcase the best on offer in a sector of tourism that acts as the incubator for all future tourists. We cultivate the love for travel and adventure with a consumer that is still very young. Our aim is to create a sustainable future in tourism through the continuous development of youth in this sector.

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Moenyane – 25.03.2022
Well presented information

Selaelo Kgoale – 25.03.2022
Would like to receive monthly school magazine

Moenyane – 25.03.2022
Thanks for the information recieved

Moses Ndlovu – 25.03.2022
Nice exhibition stand and nice people

Tutu Kgobane – 07.03.2022
I vote fo then and request a 1000 voucher

Sandile – 02.03.2022

Wally Pelser – 02.03.2022
Alles Magazine did not only market their industry… they acted as a support system and shoulder to lean in when times are tough…. They deserve to win!

Gerhard Olivier – 27.02.2022
The best youth publication!

Lanie Olivier – 25.02.2022
Mona and her team single handedly carried our Youth camp industry during covid. Sheput us in her publication for free, send us all the relevante information during covid, rules, free posters, to put up at our camps send us government info on Camps, went and talked to ministers in education and tourisme and when she her self had nothing and almost lost her ALLES magazine and publication company, she was still there to encourage us to keep believing and to carry on. What a remarkable professional and dedicated person she is. She MUST be rewarded with this. No doubt about this.

Andrias Kemp – 24.02.2022
I am voting for Alles magazine for serving our tourism comunity with truth and amazing articles that are informative, new and fresh every month. Going out of their way to serve the best advice help and support through their articles. Go Alles!!!!!!! .

Nonhlanhla Makola – 24.02.2022
Am a very adventurous person I love traveling I love nature traveling helps me learn about other cultures and I also learn more about all types of trees and nature helps me to refresh

Pearl Sekwati – 24.02.2022
Travelling helps learn new things as I go to new places with different cultures and also meet new people.

Thovhodzo Deon Mungadi – 23.02.2022
I love traveling

Thovhodzo Deon Mungadi – 23.02.2022
I would like to vote for Alles because they’re very informative and as a fanatic traveller I always looking for a best place to go

Dikeledi Alinah Masekoameng – 23.02.2022
Find the contents interesting, keep it up and more people will eventually get to interact. Competitions like this keep it interesting and increase exposure.

Happines MAKOFANE – 23.02.2022
I love adventure

Susan – 23.02.2022
Alles Magazine is awesome and fills a much needed gap in the market

Nadia – 23.02.2022
Education Travel Sport what better combination.

Tabkey Solutions – 23.02.2022
A lot of attention to detail, passion driven work, definately award winning material!

Sandra Coetzee – 23.02.2022
Love reading it, content rich and makes you want tovisit all the places that are showcased.

RCSA Rugby – 23.02.2022
Love the content and exposure that product gets, job well done.

Luka du Toit – 23.02.2022
Amazing magazine!

Ettiené du Toit – 23.02.2022
Komplimenteer die toerisme industrie, rêrig die moeite werd!

Adéle du Toit – 23.02.2022
Fantastic magazine – LOVE it!!!

Dirk Calitz – 23.02.2022
The Alles Magazine team fulfills a very important role in promoting outdoor education and other related programs to the educational sector in South Africa. Well done for excellence and quality in every publication!

Andrew Gunn – 22.02.2022
Alles Mag is awesome. Such high quality and amazing dedication.

Michael Olivier – 22.02.2022
They really deserve this award, for what they have done for our school and schurch group camps and the whole industry

Wae Jansen – 22.02.2022
Thank you Alles Magazine for your devotion to our industry. Always “going the extra mile!

Lanie olivier – 22.02.2022
They are absolutely the best!!!! They carried all our whole youth camps industry through Covid with information, regulation updates, meetings, speaking to roll players in tourisme, governments, schools, churches etc on our behalf. They are amazi g people that really really need this award……

Trevor Keith – 22.02.2022
A great publication! Current and informative. Thank you for the effort & contribution to the school, adventure camps & the tourism industry.

Judy Zwaan – 22.02.2022
Excellent always!

Mark Gordon – 22.02.2022
Dedication to and passion for the school and church camp industry and the tourism industry as a whole is incredible.

Tony Clarke – 22.02.2022
Alles Media is amazing, always friendly, professional and of great support!

Paul – 22.02.2022
Simply the best and most informative platform in the industry supporting all role players and making big progressive impact toward its future

Silke – 21.02.2022
The best outdoor education and school camp magazines i have ever seen… So much usefull information about camps and education based camps and activities.

Mona May Preller – 17.02.2022
What a wonderful initiative to enable the return of tourists from within our own country! Fun and informative, plus one gets an awesome travel reward just for making the effort on clicking.

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