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Motivation for award: African Sunsets Travel has a huge interest in South African Tourism and have been apart of its growth for over 15 years, by its owner Dexter as a tour guide and a company for almost 4 years. African Sunsets Travel employs 3 staff members, outsources 2 services provider within Marketing and Finance, takes part in assisting 17 students inline with our skills development drive to develop and give access to skills of students within the tourism, hospitality, public relations, and communication industry. We have so far partnered with institutions such as Cape Peninsula University of Technology, University of Johannesburg and City Varsity and plan to grow this relationship with not only them but get new institutions onboard aswell. We are also working on projects to partner with local influencers that would boost visibility within the South Africa tourism region – which will be really helpful at this stage. Some of our completed projects lies within publication, bringing internationally, a first time experience in Africa and South Africa through reading. This is accommodating all ages. We believe that this exposure will assist the business recover financially and also encourage our continuous efforts to make an impact on South African Tourism as a whole. We have endured an extremely difficult time during Covid-19, like other businesses in the industry too, however this has not dampened our love and spirit for Travel and Tourism and we continue to come up with great ideas to keep this momentum going.

Region: Western Cape / South Africa

African Sunsets Travel

Authentic African Travel

We offer Authentic African Experiences and Personalised Travel.

We offer Tours, Safaris, Photographic Tours and exclusive, exhilarating experiences as add ons.

Tailor making group or individual experiences of Africa that is enjoyable, quality, combining luxury, style, service and authenticity to our clients with a unique, exhilarating and unforgettable experience.

Our Shop offers authentic merchandise and products will be available for purchase here. The products is uniquely African Sunsets Travel with the main objective being storytelling.

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Motlalepula – 24.05.2022
My first time experience was something I could write home about. The service was great as well as the food. The employees are friendly too

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