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Type: Tour operator & agents
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: Most travellers to Southern Africa would predominantly do so in a group format. This poses pro’s and cons when it comes to group dynamics. We however choose to teach our guests about the ins and outs of overlanding whilst travelling through some of the most spectacular regions in Southern Africa by means of 4×4 vehicles. We love sharing our passion, experiences as well as our knowledge to ultimately give our guests the best, professional tour experience they could ever expect.

Region: Gauteng / Multi National, Southern Africa

African Convoy Safaris

4×4 adventure tours

We are a 4×4 adventure tour company that specialises in guided 4×4 overland tours.

We cover South Africa, Botswana as well as Namibia.

Group tours are available on all our itineraries as well as bespoke itineraries that caters for specific interests.

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FANNIE GEORGE – 28.05.2022
To see beauty and adventure that Africa has

Jinnet Muthoni Migwi – 26.05.2022
Dream vacation holiday

Carl Steinmann – 24.05.2022
Adriaan is the personification of passion for work, people and life. There is no beter person for this job than Trompie.

Jaun – 22.05.2022
Best tour guide company in the world. Adriaan (trompie) our guide was incredible in knowledge.

Mia Verbelen – 21.05.2022
Trompie is a great guide and human being .

Johan – 19.05.2022
African Convoy, 100% Adrian is the real deal!

Jimmy Westerheim – 19.05.2022
Great experience and especially the natural feel of the guides. Adriaan our guide was incredible in knowledge, energy and spirit, but also the connections with both local and other actors :D

Simon Aldridge – 19.05.2022
African Convoy Safaris are a great adventure company to go on tour with. The staff are possibly the best of the best. Their knowledge and attention to detail surpass the norm. The guides come all sorts of backgrounds who have perfected there trade not only general guiding, each specialising in some form of speciality giving the customer that much more of an in-depth look in our fauna and flora and wild life. I recommend them for this award based on their overall experiences and their leadership in a highly competitive environment.

Riaan – 18.05.2022
Fantastic THANKS

Vilene Joubert – 18.05.2022
Great experience Greater guide

Andre Du Buisson – 18.05.2022
You will be hard pressed to find a better guide for a true wildlife experience .

Hans Christensen – 18.05.2022
Trompie is the best!

Dennis Howard – 18.05.2022
Truly amazing. They don’t make guides like that anymore. Very special.

Antoinette Van Dyk – 18.05.2022
African Convoy

Heinrich Bosch – 18.05.2022
Trompie is an absolutely fantastic guide and ambassador for the African wilderness. His devotion to the industry and his can do mentality is second to none.

Ella Grobbelaar – 18.05.2022
Best tour operator

Simone Van Antwerpen – 18.05.2022
African Convoy Safari’s

Nicolas Borgmann – 18.05.2022
Trumpie best driver & African Nature lover ever

Adriaan Koelman – 18.05.2022
Fantastic all round.. Perfect customer service..

Dirk Wacker – 18.05.2022
Looking forward to my next visit to Southern Africa !

Estie Wepener – 18.05.2022
Simply the best!

Zyne Van dyk – 18.05.2022
African Convoy Safari’s

CS Steyn – 18.05.2022
I think Afrivan Convoy Safaris is the best Overland Touring Company in Southern Africa, and can gladly reccomend it to anyone who wants to tour Southern Africa.

Dallas Baumler – 18.05.2022
African Convy Safari

Gavin Adcock – 18.05.2022
Adriaan is a phenomenal guide, he has many years of experience running guided tours and this shows in the way his tours are laid out as well as his professionalism and the manner in which he deals with his guests. His knowledge base when it comes to the fauna and flora of southern Africa is incredible. I highly recommend Adriaan Tromp and African Convoy Safari’s!

Colin Holman – 18.05.2022
Rightful winners..

Gideon Joubert – 18.05.2022
African Convoy Safaris the best in the business!!!

Jenny Decaux – 18.05.2022
A great company to travel with !!

Hanno – 18.05.2022
When it comes to an authentic experience, there is no better company. African Convoy Safaris is passionate about travel and taking their guests on an adventure unlike any other. Adriaan has years of experience and will take you on a journey to explore hidden gems that not many people know about.

Alessia – 18.05.2022
Absolutely recommended!!

Margaret Hall – 18.05.2022
Fantastic company, very professional. Highly recommended

Philni – 18.05.2022
African Convoy safaris is the best !!

San-Marie Rossouw – 18.05.2022
One of the best!!!

Tanya van Reede van Oudtshoorn – 18.05.2022
My Vote is going for African Convoy Safaris. They have so much passion for the industry, friendly staff and guided 4×4 overland tours are just the best… good luck African Convoy Safaris. :)

Wilma Pretorius – 18.05.2022
Amazing and worth while company. Makes dreams come true

Adriaan of African Convoy Safari’s really goes the extra mile to ensure that his clients have a unique overlanding experience! He is a truly passionate 4×4 tour guide and leader.

Roelene Jacobs – 15.05.2022
Brilliant company!

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