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Type: Guided Adventure Activity
Category: Unique Experience

Motivation for award: As entrepreneurs we strive to teach people more about what it is like to come from diverse intercultural backgrounds living in the same community. To provide locals and international guests with the opportunity to be immersed in our communities cultural and social activities. Over the last 6 years we have manage to build our own tour roots that were never there before our time and now based on our guests requests we are able to give best township tour that guests are looking for and the most important part is that we live in the same community.

Region: Western Cape / Khayelitsha

ABCD Travel

Township Immersive Experiences

ABCD Concepts is lifestyle marketing tourism start-up based in the heart of Khayelitsha. Our mission is to represent the cultural experiences, while fostering a learning opportunity for people and businesses within local communities through physical activity. To do this we offer various tour or experiences,
such as:

Runkasi: A 9km jogging route stretching from the most recent & modern spaces, to some of the oldest areas in the community.
Cycling: Guided cycle tour route which includes visits to local entrepreneurs and learning more about the history and the origins of our community.
Educational: Based on your interests we can customise an experience specifically for your group. Whether it be entertainment, entrepreneurial, academic or historical focused, we can work with you in creating memorable excursion. All options include food, a learning activity and entertainment.
As entrepreneurs we strive to teach people more about what it is like to come from diverse intercultural backgrounds living in the same community. To provide locals and international guests with the opportunity to be immersed in our communities cultural and social activities.

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Ayanda Bungane – 04.05.2022
Amazing cultural experience

Esona Maxhama – 22.04.2022
I love the work done by ABCD Concept

Ines Thomsen – 21.04.2022
I loved the experience we had with ABCD Travel! Buntu is just amazing!

Delicia Govender – 17.04.2022
Vote for ABCD, Sporting Code

Namhla – 17.04.2022
ABCD CONCEPT brought life into township tours. They deserve every win. They are such an inspiration to their community.

Buzwe Bonga – 15.04.2022
Let’s Go ABCD Travels

Noluvuyo – 15.04.2022
ABCD Travel is the best local tourism ever!The experience you get is just out of this world.

Thato Phiri – 11.04.2022
Khayilisha the best township

Nosphiwe Lushaba – 08.04.2022
They are great travels

Winnie Mngadi – 28.03.2022

Sharyn Jenkins – 28.03.2022
They are the greatest people

Mmamodise – 23.03.2022
Incredible experiences guaranteed with Buntu and Ayanda, their passion for what they do sets them apart!

Ariana Crockett – 18.03.2022
No comment

Vusumzi – 18.03.2022
Where do i start about this guy’s. They have turn tourists industry into something that thst is beautiful I’ve seen my self especially at place like khayelitsha were the world sees it like shaddy place but those guy’s change perspective about that they also do some activities if am correct 2016 they host tournaments for youth and the were some tourists.

Cicley Alexander – 14.03.2022
Best time ever with the guys at ABCD. Highly recommend!

Bukho Dem – 14.03.2022
They are amazing hosts

Tami Stemele – 13.03.2022

Caroline – 13.03.2022
The best!!!

Tirrany Thurmond – 13.03.2022
The experience with ABCD Travel was awesome! I learned so much about the township and thoroughly enjoyed the bike tour and the hospitality of our guides. They are committed to sharing their community with South African guests and its remarkable to be in their presence.

Femi – 12.03.2022
The absolute best! Thank you for everything

Theresa Garritano – 11.03.2022

Jamie Watson – 11.03.2022
Great introduction to South African culture and languages by Ayanda and Buntu – they added so much understanding to my time in country.

Sara – 11.03.2022
Ayanda and Buntu are amazing travel guides and leaders. They make up a passionate company eager to teach people about their home and culture. Vote for ABCD Travel!

Gerard – 11.03.2022
They ROCK! Great energy, great vibes, all the capetonian goodness oozing from their presence. Love these guys and am happy to go another few experiences with them, I would recommend them anytime for anything. Enkosi!

Zachary Little – 11.03.2022
ABCD Travel The BEST experience group ive ever been a part of ! They take let you see africa as a local and take care of you the whole way They are kind, attentive, and always ensure youre having fun Events are curated in a way that makes each experience unique

Daniel Schulman – 11.03.2022
These guys are great ambassadors for South Africa

Tue – 11.03.2022
Ayanda and Buntu bring such passion into sharing their neighborhood, culture, and country with the world. They are an absolute inspiration to watch in action and incredible visionaries who sincerely work hard to transform the lives of the people they live amongst as well as those who come to visit their home.

Cassie Loewen – 11.03.2022
Went on a cycling tour of Khayelitsha with these amazing people when traveling to South Africa. They are so full of love for their community and everyone they meet. A true embodiment of Ubuntu <3 much love to you all!

Xolani Shweni – 10.03.2022
Best township tourism

Lisa Sogiba – 10.03.2022
Personally know one of the guides, really cool guy. His passion for the community is impeccable

Lydia – 09.03.2022
One of our Cape Town’s very best tour and travel companies, these guys really know how to host the best tours around the township with sightings that will humble you and food that will touch the soul.

Nondumiso Lushaba – 09.03.2022
They are great on their hard working

Maria Maile – 08.03.2022
ABCD Travel is the best in our Tourism sector they give the best service in our Township they do their tour with pride we are very proud of them the passion and love they have made them the best in Khayelitsha excellent service punctuality and reliability

Francis – 08.03.2022
The best travel agency in SA!

Faith – 07.03.2022
Very Paunctual .skillfull and freindly

Nondumiso Lushaba – 07.03.2022
ABCD consepts they are the best .Very inspiring and great work wish them all the best

Attie – 07.03.2022
Buntu and Ayanda are exceptional. Their love for where they come from is infectious! Everything of the best guys!

Omphiwe Coko – 07.03.2022
All the best!

Nandipha Coko – 07.03.2022

Akholiwe – 07.03.2022
All the best guys

Akholiwe Matsotsi – 07.03.2022
I vote for ABCD travel

Akholiwe Matsotsi – 07.03.2022
I vote for ABCD travel

Vuyo – 07.03.2022
Congratulations ABCD Concepts, you Guys are the best.

Nosihle James – 07.03.2022
Congratulations to ABCD Travel for the nomination, they’re committed & dedicated to their great work.

Alabama Nondumo – 06.03.2022
It bring so much pride and joy to see Tour Operators from Kasi creating routes and experiences from Kasi. Having watched ABC Conceors from inception ,I have no doubt they deserve to win this award.

Imile – 06.03.2022
ABCD Travel!

Bruce Williams, Jr – 06.03.2022
Good luck.

Nicole Cahill – 06.03.2022
ABCD Travels is the best experience I have had when traveling around the world. These men are the absolute best.

Alshante Squire – 06.03.2022
Buntu and Ayanda are a world class team dedicated to creating experiences that are informative and enjoyable. Their service to the townships of Cape Town helps to build a narrative of dignity and pride for all who participate. I appreciate the work that they do for their community. They go above and beyond to ensure that their patrons have a great time during their experiences. It is a pleasure to know them and experience their mission.

Sipelele – 05.03.2022
It’s very adorable that we are changing the way the township are been observed as worst notorious place in terms of crime to change that look in way that the is more than can be done to remove that stigma so that the up coming young future leaders can see the development around them and embrace the change.

Kwanele Mnyameni – 05.03.2022
Keep up the good work guys.

Khaya Tshunungwa – 05.03.2022
Africa is the future. ABCD Travel’s thorough what was and offers what could, with there bold concepts. Led by charismatic views and philosophy, this evident in there operations. They have a refreshing scheme that will leave you satisfied in multiple degrees.

Nandipha Sintwa – 05.03.2022
I love your work guys, you have taken Khayelitsha to great heights and made it a tourist attraction! We are because of you! We love ABCD Travel

Esona Mtshengu – 05.03.2022
Great tours and initiative.

Sibusiso – 05.03.2022
Keep shinning #ABCDTRAVELS

Kristel Hamels – 05.03.2022
Fantastic experience and warm welcome in the hart of Khayelitsha.

Phila Magidigidi – 05.03.2022
ABCD travel is the best

Thabng selogelo – 05.03.2022
What good initiative to have local township traveling side am looking forward to experiencing tour one day

Phiwe Njapa – 05.03.2022
All the best!

Thembakazi Xayiya – 05.03.2022

Sivuyile – 05.03.2022
ABCD bring it home guys

Sivuyile – 05.03.2022
ABCD Travel is the best of the best

Ashwin – 05.03.2022
Great work guy and bring this one home.

Unathi N – 04.03.2022
I vote for the ABCD Travel for the beautiful township culture that they present to the tourism industry.

Akisha Pearman – 04.03.2022
Good luck to all

Vuyisa – 04.03.2022

Mpilo – 04.03.2022
Exploring the nature and get to touch souls and share positive energies and get to learn different cultures is the Tourism in South Africa.

NTLAHLA – 04.03.2022
ABC concept

Dumisani Wambi – 04.03.2022
We’ve seen ABCD doing their work, they contribute to Khayelitsha tourism profile.

Autumn Righino – 04.03.2022
They are fantastic!

Nqabisa – 04.03.2022

Ashley A Brown – 04.03.2022
This was an absolutely amazing and emersive experience.

Sinovuyo – 04.03.2022
With my vote i want ABCD Concept to bring it home.

Cas – 04.03.2022
Awesome work guys!

Jason Woolf – 04.03.2022
Ayanda and Buntu are introducing the townships to the world in a way that is simultaneously laid-back and responsible/aspirational through ABCD Travel. Keep it up guys.

Christopher Clark – 04.03.2022
Love these guys! Great energy, great immersive experiences, social entrepreneurship at the core of that they do, and a very necessary addition to the tourism space.

Mluleki – 04.03.2022
ABCD Travel is one of the best Tourist guides bring bring tourism to the township and uplift small business.

Sisanda Mgaguli – 04.03.2022
Good luck, hope you bring it home*

Howard Richman – 04.03.2022
ABCD Travel is a must-do tour, we had an awesome experience

Faldela Tolker – 04.03.2022
Every informative educational and friendly tour best guides to do in khayelitisha. I would recommend it to international tourist and to our local people

Siyabulela Lengisi – 04.03.2022
Inspiration to the heritage of our country. They share a whole lot about township history and historical sites.

sinethemba christopher – 04.03.2022
Always grateful for they spirit.. even if you bring a +1 they don’t mind, is the joy of Township movement.

Anesimo – 04.03.2022
ABCD Travel the best

Sandiso Tsewu – 04.03.2022
The program is very good for local tourism as it also recognises township tourism like ABCD Travel which are doing a great job in the community of Khayelitsha in bringing local and international tourists there and in Cape Town as a whole.

Lindile Khetelo – 04.03.2022
These guys are doing an amazing job in our community. By exposing the greatness and development of people of Khayelitsha NATION to the world. Also showing the youth of Khayelitsha that crime is not the way out of poverty and unemployment, but young creative minds can make change in our disadvantage and poor community. I wish them more growth and wisdom going forward and for them to inspire more Khayelitsha youth to think WITHOUT the box… #WeAreABCDTravel

Molatelo – 04.03.2022
ABCD for their community drive.

Lunga Sogiba – 04.03.2022
It’s an amazing business and even more amazing that you are showing people how the other side lives. I hope you win.

Sithembele – 04.03.2022
Amazing crew….

Siyanda Kota – 04.03.2022
ABCD Travel are very professional in what they do… Their transport services are always on time in our events, and the drivers are always friendly and kind.

Patrick Mokgosi – 04.03.2022
These guys are the best in our country. They have proven to the sceptics who stigmatised Khayelitsha with negativity. Because of them, we now know that Khayelitsha is one of the best township tourism destination in the country. Salute!

Rebecca Campbell – 04.03.2022
ABCD Travel approaches everything they do with unmatched integrity, professionalism and passion. They are a remarkable enterprise!

Mthetheleli Mlungu – 04.03.2022
What a great value you guys bring to khayelitha, we were always known for all bad things crime and violence but now the youth is bringing some light bigup guys

Marianne – 04.03.2022
You are awesome!

Xolisa Sonti – 04.03.2022
this is the best, I experience Khayelitsha very well

Ridge Bulose – 04.03.2022
Umsebenzi weABCD Concepts mhle kakhulu

Avishay Cohen – 04.03.2022
Wonderful people

Hafeezah Abrahams – 04.03.2022
Wonderful people and an amazing experience!

Fernando Antonio – 04.03.2022
Awesome guys full of vigor and enthusiasm.

Shannon Masterson – 04.03.2022
I did a tour with Buntu and had a great experience. I would recommend anyone to abcd travel.

Jessy – 04.03.2022
Great company. Best authentic cycling experience ever!

Nya – 04.03.2022
I believe in this business, that’s why I’m voting

Nomntu – 04.03.2022
Lots of love ABCD Travel.. You guys are consistently making sure we are happy and that makes traveling easy ❤️❤️

Lillian Bunu – 04.03.2022
Great concept by ABCD Travel, they are very consistent and innovative!!!!

Ilham Africa – 04.03.2022
Let’s bag this one !!

Nkosinathi Sopangisa – 04.03.2022
I have been meaning to travel for a while but it has proved to be a tricky task to plan a getaway with the country opening up and me trying to get a job in the entertainment sector again. It is really a much needed voucher! Thank you.

Vuko – 04.03.2022
Very good

Lihle Ngece – 04.03.2022
Let’s take it home ABCD travel

Siyabonga Mqatazana – 04.03.2022
I’m proud of you guys big ups.

Nombulelo Xamntwana – 04.03.2022
I recommend ABCD travels for their best services ❤️

Khaya – 04.03.2022
ABCD Concepts has been by far the best and up to dated to township tourism and especially the integrated changes to township economies connected to the City’s landscape.

Asamkele Nongwendu – 04.03.2022
ABCD travel is the best!

Shanaaz – 03.03.2022
ABCD Travel the best

Kat – 03.03.2022
Good luck y’all!

Joanna Barajas – 03.03.2022
Abcd travel

Katelyn – 03.03.2022
Buntu and Ayanda are so deserving of this award!

Andile Qolo – 03.03.2022
Bring it home

Siphenathi – 03.03.2022

Kinder Jae – 03.03.2022
ABCD is an amazing company! They will greet you with love and care for you like family.

Nigel Phiri – 03.03.2022
ABCD Travels its amazing. The two gentleman always have smiles on thier faces and explains the way black community as whole.

Daryl – 03.03.2022
This would be very well deserved. Good luck!

Jean Schafer – 03.03.2022
ABCD Travel is the most innovative and exciting travel group

Simnikiwe Xanga – 03.03.2022
I’d really appreciate getting this voucher for my well-being. I need time out into nature. Best wishes to the social entrepreneurs and founders of ABCD Ayanda and Buntu. So deserving to win :-)

Nonceba Cengani – 03.03.2022
ABCD travel is amazing

Sarah Schäfer – 03.03.2022
Bunti and Ayanda are amazing!

Bongeka Qhanga – 03.03.2022
ABCD concepts is the best.

Bongeka Qhanga – 03.03.2022
ABCD concepts is the best when it come to township tourism.

Bongeka Qhanga – 03.03.2022
ABCD concepts is the best when it come to township tourism.

Bongeka Qhanga – 03.03.2022
ABCD concepts is the best when it come to township tourism.

Marcel – 03.03.2022
Best experience ever, warm hearted and long lasting!

Nokuzola – 03.03.2022
All the best guys make Cape Town proud

Yamnkela Mqikela – 03.03.2022
ABCD is doing amazing work in developing the township of Khayelitsha!! I salute them for being the game changers for young people and our communities

Zikhona Siyo – 03.03.2022

Mlamli Heshula – 03.03.2022
They are very accommodating to their clients

Angelique Thompson – 03.03.2022
I am voting ABCD Travel ✔

Jody – 03.03.2022
All the best and I hope you win.

Simone Adonis – 03.03.2022
I am voting for ABCD Travel bring win home guys

Faifai – 03.03.2022
Ayanda and Buntu are passionate social entrepreneurs that on one hand promote Khayelitcha to tourists from different countries, and on the other hand, contribute to the community. I truly appreciate their effort!

Ncumisa Gxowa – 03.03.2022
I love what ABCD Travel ,

Lebogang Mokwena – 03.03.2022
ABCD Concepts offer inspiring guided tours in a township setting. The two owners, Buntu and Ayanda, approach their work with commitment, creativity, and a love for their community.

Dominique Rice – 03.03.2022
Love this company

Siyabonga Mfiki – 03.03.2022
I have been following you guys what a superb job you doing

Donnay Lee – 03.03.2022
I absolutely Love what these guys do in their community and thee wonderful experience that they give to our tourist.. Keep up the good work you are appreciated

Catherine Beachley – 03.03.2022
I vote for ABCD Travel! ❤️❤️❤️

Robert – 03.03.2022
They are an inspiration to all that have witnessed there journey over the last few years.

Zingiswa – 03.03.2022
ABCD Travel

Okuhle Mosiuoa – 03.03.2022
I love South Africa, however besides Eastern Cape and Western Cape. I have never traveled to other provinces I would love to

Dudu – 03.03.2022
ABCD Travel for the win!!

Zingiswa – 03.03.2022
This one goes to ABCD Travel Buntu and Ayanda are the best.

Mandiluve – 03.03.2022
Kasi traveling ride best ever in township

ivan – 03.03.2022
i loved my trip with these guys into Khayelitsha

KA TSUN CHOI – 02.03.2022
The experience is great, they let you know more about the local culture of the other side of Cape Town. And the tour guide is super nice as well!

Rebecca Bornstein – 02.03.2022
ABCD travel

Mbulelo Billie – 02.03.2022
Voting for ABCD Travel

thandolwethu – 02.03.2022
ABCD Concepts is a best tourism in the township of khayelitsha

Xoliswa – 02.03.2022
Wishing you all the best.

Bulelwa Ngcetani – 02.03.2022
I voted because I know Buntu and the way they excel in their job

Amy-Rae Rispel – 02.03.2022
ABCD TRAVEL for the win. Go get em! Best of luck

Amana Kili – 02.03.2022
I vote ABCD Travel

Rudi Goddard – 02.03.2022
Buntu and Ayanna run amazing travel experiences that help visitors connect with Capetown’s history, culture, and people!

Tracey – 02.03.2022
Best of luck!☺

Nontokozo – 02.03.2022
Wow what can I say.True Southb African experience led by Buntu and Ayanda.The pair are an epitome of resilience and passion for the work they do..Not only for themselves but the clients and the community..if anyone deserves the accolades it none other ABACD Travel

Rusne – 02.03.2022
The best guides in Africa!

Sara Hennings – 02.03.2022
Buntu and Ayanda are incredible entrepreneurs. They are very deserving of this award

Thembakazi – 02.03.2022
I wish you all the best ❤

Rethabile Sonibare – 02.03.2022
I love Ayanda and Buntu. Keep shinning the light on Khayelitsha.

Odwa – 02.03.2022
Abcd you guys are doing a great job

Jo Faulkner – 02.03.2022
Party in a Township through Air BnB – they are excellent!

Bart van der Steenstraten – 02.03.2022
Ayanda and Buntu do an amazing job! Truly outstanding and an unforgettable experience. Such gentlemen in every sense. My hat off to them.

Vuyo Ngaye – 02.03.2022
ABCD are the best!

Entle – 02.03.2022
Local is lekker!

NICKLON CANNON – 02.03.2022
Best ever they sort you out all the way

Lebohang Molefe – 02.03.2022

Laura – 02.03.2022
Truly a unique experience. These guys know what they’re doing and enjoy sharing their hometown experience.

Sebolelo – 02.03.2022
No one can give you the Best Kasi experience lile ABCD Travel

Amiena – 02.03.2022
ABC travel are the best out here

Lunga mtwetwe – 02.03.2022
I loved ABCD travel to win and work with them on other traveling places around Cape flats

Daniel De La Rosa – 02.03.2022

Victor Ramirez – 02.03.2022
My experience of Cape Town would not have been anywhere near the same without ABCD Travel. It was a deep, immersive, enriching experience that made me fall in love with Cape Town and its people. I can’t wait to go back and go on another tour with Buntu and Ayanda!

Lesego Konupi – 02.03.2022
I would actually love to visit

Bonita Jooste – 02.03.2022
ABCD travel is a good organisation big ups

mawande sobethwa – 02.03.2022
Love these guys work.❤️

dillion s phiri – 02.03.2022
ABCD Travel are true pioneers in this space.

Eunice – 02.03.2022

Cindy Mkaza-Siboto – 02.03.2022
ABCD concepts is doing a great job in showcasing the good of Khayelitsha. May they continue the great work!

Ross – 02.03.2022
Best wishes to the ABCD team

Edith Gubiotti – 02.03.2022
Outrageously passionate group who goes over and above for their customer and community! I’m proud to cast my vote for their excellent contribution to the travel community showing the real life of the average Captonian African life. It’s hard to find a passionate for the people team on a mission to show real Africa to the outsider.

Tebogo – 02.03.2022
All the best for ABCD travel

Jonty Fisher – 02.03.2022
These guys manage the best and most unique tourism activities in Cape Town. Loved it!

Ululutho – 02.03.2022
ABCD Travel… Ya’ll are doing an amazing job

Nonjabulo – 02.03.2022
Abcd travel

Dion Foxworth – 02.03.2022
The guys are amazing! Have been back to SA several times and they show me and my family so much love and immerse us in the culture every single time.

Katrina Stradford – 02.03.2022
Love you guys!

Marta – 02.03.2022
This is an amazing work! I always recommend my students to visiting with them and they love it as much as I love it.

Amber Foxworth – 02.03.2022
Buntu and Ayanda of ABCD Travel go above and beyond! We’ve toured with them multiple times and I can’t recommend them highly enough! They’re the best!

Luvuyo – 02.03.2022
They present Khayelitsha so good that it’s not far away from it is based on the activities they provide.

Regan Davids – 02.03.2022
Passionate about teaching the world about our heritage

Laura Grip – 02.03.2022
Ayanda and Buntu from ABCD concepts are amazing and deserve every award!

Thembani – 02.03.2022
They are the best at the moment

Mihlali – 02.03.2022
My vote goes to ABCD, they are the best!

Lisa Marsden – 02.03.2022
Best cultural tour in Cape Town. The heart and soul of Khayelitsha experiential tourism

Asanda Xayiya – 02.03.2022
Very passionate and knowledgeble about their experiences, all the best

Liyabona Nkosiyaphantsi – 02.03.2022
Greatest Ever!

Asithandile – 02.03.2022
They are the best in service excellence

Siphesihle – 02.03.2022
I love the idea of bringing people with different intercultural backgrounds together and I would love to be part of that beautiful experience.

Samkelo – 02.03.2022
Good luck team ABCD

Gale Robertson – 02.03.2022
Buntu..and the team are awesome

Sibabalwe – 02.03.2022
Very nice place

Bandile Paul – 02.03.2022
They do one of the most fun and most citing tours around impoverished communities

Geert Kroos – 02.03.2022
Great concept and reliable quality driven organization putting People & Community first!

Zandile Tlhapi – 02.03.2022
I am voting for ABCD Travel from Khayelitsha!!!

Athenkosi Nkosiyaphantsi – 02.03.2022
Providers of unforgettable experiences

Jill Swain – 02.03.2022
Best tour group. Fun up beat. Educational and safe.

Azola – 02.03.2022
Good luck you guys!!! My vote compliments your service…

Rachel – 02.03.2022
Ayanda and Buntu are amazing guides with a wealth of knowledge and cultural pride! They’re so passionate about helping their community through spreading knowledge and information and hosting authentic experiences with locals. They also bring the best energy to each and every experience and are so much fun to be around! I’ve loved every experience with them so far!

Nangamso Mandara – 02.03.2022
They are the best in the business… 5 stars all the way.

Mlungiseleli – 02.03.2022
Had an amazing experience!

Zanethemba – 02.03.2022
Thanks for the lovely & very friendly stay!. Great place to stay, good location, view & food. Thank you! Wonderful room, great view!!

Nosizwe – 02.03.2022
Great Service!

Onke – 02.03.2022
Amazing stuff and an amazing experience!

Vusumzi – 02.03.2022
They are simple the best. That’s all I can say.

Azukiwe – 02.03.2022
They’re the best in the business, service top notch and an unforgettable experience!

Siphamandla Mandara – 02.03.2022
They are the best in the business.

Mpumelelo – Manqoba – 02.03.2022
ABCD Travel are the best

Roger PELLEMANS – 02.03.2022
Awesome adventure with authentic vibes!!!

Aphiwe Menziwa – 02.03.2022
These guys are great tour guides in the country. They take you through the history the history of the Township in a very fun and informative way. Keep up the great work ABCD CONCEPTS.

Noluvuyo Ntombizamathole Tunguntwana – 02.03.2022
ABCD Travel is our best travelling experience with local tours and more, their reviews says it all.I vote for them for their best tour experience ever!!

Lisakhanya – 02.03.2022
Great service

Angelique – 02.03.2022
Good Luck guys!! Your passion shines through your engagements with your tours :)

Sivu Nomana – 02.03.2022
Amanda and Buntu are very passionate about the work they do. Super proud to see their consistent throughout the years.

Tracy Buckland – 02.03.2022
They came a long way with their sincerity and hard work! Vibrant entrepreneurs who deserve to be recognized for their initiatives in bettering the community.

Clive Robertson – 02.03.2022
I enjoy myself with people like them , good company and friendly people good food , I will regiment my friends to go and visit them for tour guides

Cassandra Layman – 02.03.2022
Had an awesome experience with Ayanda and Buntu at ABCD. Loved tin

Olwethu – 02.03.2022

Monde Gcakeni – 02.03.2022
I have been on a few of their experiences, ABCD Travel is the best in Khayelitsha

Warda Gertse – 02.03.2022
Incredible people and passion, well deserved nominee for this award. All the best!

Stoan – 02.03.2022
ABCD Concept all the best guys and you deserve this one!!

Zoliswa Twenani – 02.03.2022
Gud luck ABCD Concepts !!!

Rüttger Mügge – 02.03.2022
Definitely the best in the west hands down

Dominique Liebowitz – 02.03.2022
Innovative amazing bunch of people. They really have done amazing things to uplift the community and innovate tourism in South Africa.

Shaun – 02.03.2022
Sons of the soil…Khayelitsha is well represented.

Mbuli – 02.03.2022
Good luck guyz

Sinovuyo Jiya – 02.03.2022
ABCD are the best

Klarissa Carelse – 02.03.2022
Love ABCD Travel <3

Kurt Tyler – 02.03.2022
I believe ABCD has the strength, character and is the embodiment of hard work. I firmly believe that are deserving of these awards!

Carel Stadler – 02.03.2022
Done their tours! Professional and very interesting content

Lungiswa Khethelo – 02.03.2022
Good luck Ayanda and Buntu

Anja Bos – 02.03.2022
Both fun and impressive to Experience the arise and the current developmenf of cape town townships. Professional guide who invites us to his home and we interchanges cultural difference and recemblances. This is how tourism helps to bring people together and understand each other. .

Bongani – 02.03.2022
They are the best from our black township

Randy Januarie – 02.03.2022
They’re the best! Very inspiring story and great work that they’re doing.

Linda Mnaphi – 02.03.2022
All the best!

Fikile – 02.03.2022
Best in township tourism

Namhla Tumetume – 02.03.2022
ABCD concepts is the best. Wishing them all the best

Ayanda Cuba – 02.03.2022
One of the best tour operators around South Africa.

Nazreen – 02.03.2022
ABCD Travel

Nwabisa – 02.03.2022
They deserve to win this award.

Johan de Meyer – 02.03.2022
ABCD are the best!

Luzuko – 02.03.2022
The best township Torism company

Zizipho Dyubeni – 02.03.2022
ABCD Travel

Grace – 02.03.2022
I have been on their trips and loved every minute of it.

Gugu – 02.03.2022
These guys are amazing and definitely deserve this award!!

Buntu Matole – 02.03.2022
ABCD Travel has a bright future ahead

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