Why sustainable tourism is important when you choose your holiday destination.

travel sustainably

Sustainable tourism is, in a nutshell, the concept of visiting a place as a tourist and trying to only make a positive impact on that location’s environment, society and economy. So I am asking you to think about this when you book your next holiday. A sustainable holiday destination commits to: Protecting our environment, natural […]

The grand prize is coming together nicely

Win a holiday in South Africa worth R65000

We would just like to thank the generous offers of these tourism establishments contribution to our grand prize giveaway. The prize will go 1 lucky consumer who has helped to make the South Africa Tourism Awards successful through either nominating a tourism venue they love or by sharing the awards platform with their friends and […]

South Africa Tourism Awards

About the South Africa Tourism Awards

Its taken 372 cups of coffee, a lot of swearing and a few tears but finally the South Africa Tourism Awards website has come to life. The development stage is over and we almost have the dream holiday prize giveaway in place. The date to announce the opening of nominations has been set for 3.1.2022. […]